Top 8 Best Wood Routers – Detailed Comparisons & Reviews

Top 8 Best Wood Routers – Detailed Comparisons & Reviews

Top 8 Best Wood Routers – Detailed Comparisons & Reviews

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A router is a must have tool for genuine woodworking enthusiast. The tool set of any carpentry enthusiast cannot be complete without a wood router. The best wood router will give you the ability to create intricate designs, create joints, hollow out groves, and shape wood edges, among other tasks.

Understanding the diverse types of woodworking routers and router bits enables buyers to pick the kind of tool that can play out the tasks they want to finish. Router design is imperative to the kind of woodworking undertakings you intend to utilise the router for.

Wood routers can be bought at tool stores, hardware stores, home improvement warehouses, various discount retailers, but are often more affordable from online stores such as Amazon and eBay. We have compiled a list of 8 best routers on the market and hopefully by the end of this article, you will be able to know exactly what to pick to get the best results and the best value for money. There is also a buying guide that will educate you on how to choose the best wood router for the job you have at hand.

After hours of research we decided that the Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router was the best choice for most people and awarded it our 'Best Pick'. It's a mid range model with some of the best features and is easy to use making it ideal for both beginners and professionals.

Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router Review

Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router

  • Ergonomic design with softgrip for easy handling and comfortable working.
  • Constant electronic control that keeps the selected speed constant at all times and guarantees a high quality finish.
  • Integrates a spindle lock for easy router bit changing.
  • Bosch SDS system enables easy insertion of the template guide without additional tools.
  • Electronic pre-selection speed with setting wheel and accelerator switch.
  • Dust extraction adaptor for clean and safe working environment.

Wood Router Mini Buyers Guide

There is a lot that you must know before you go out in search of a wood router. Wood routers come in different designs and they work differently to deliver different results.

Below is a quick overview of what to think about when choosing a new wood router but you will find our detailed full buyers guide after our detailed reviews belo?w.

Importance of a Woodworking Router

  • Diversity - a router enables you to work on various kinds of furniture including desks, racks, furnishings and the sky's the limit from there.
  • Versatility - with a router, you can cut a wide range of shapes that a craftsman frequently needs to cut effectively and rapidly. These include circles, mortise cuts, and many more. They likewise allow you to duplicate patterns and wood tracings.
  • Efficiency - a router gets the job done faster and your work is additionally more precise and consistent. Accuracy is a carpentry quality that no experts can be willing to gamble with.
  • Quality - routers enable you to make straight, smooth and adorable shapes that you can’t accomplish in any other way.
  • Strength - a router is an absolute necessity if you are hoping to make furniture with solid joints. It is integral to ensuring strength and furthermore gives your wood an incredible finish making them extra durable.

Wood Routers Reviews

Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router Review


Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router Review

Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router

  • Enhanced ergonomic shape with softgrip and work light for convenient, safe and secure working.
  • Incorporates a dust extraction port and routing depth of 55mm accurate to 1/10 mm.
  • Features constant electronic that maintains the selected speed constant at all times and guarantees a high quality finsish.
  • Easy and precise router bit changes due to incorporated spindle lock.
  • Comes with Bosch SDS system which enables easy insertion of the template guide without tools.
  • Features electronic pre-selection of speed with setting wheel and accelerator switch.
  • 2 Years warranty which can be extended to 3 years by registering your purchase online.

The heart of the Bosch POF1400 ACE Router is its motor which makes the cutter turn at speeds of up to 28,000 rpm. The motor is located on top of the milling confine, a sort of edge that allows the switch bit to enter the material accurately from above the most extreme stroke of 55mm.

The cutting depth has a fine alteration knob, which is accurate to 0.1mm which allows exact depth settings even in the plunged position. The easily noticeable depth pre-adjustment with zero point setting is outfitted with a scale in millimetres and inches for accurate marking.

The depth stop of this router can also be adjusted in three stages. This way, you can pre-program progressive cutting depths at once. A spring-born lever guarantees that the processing cage can be securely and effectively loosened and tightened with ease.

The Bosch POF 1400 features electronic pre-selection of speed. The speed selections ensures the accurate setting of the cutting speed, particularly when working with hard materials such as aluminium or hardwood.

The parallel guide permits fine modification in 1/10 mm steps. The Bosch SDS framework allows speedy template guide changes without an extra tool for extra convenience.

There is a guide rail connector as an accessory and it allows accurate work and secure guidance when dealing with larger work pieces. Just like all other Bosch routers, the POF 1400 features a unique SDS bayonet fitting for template guides, which lets you work with pre-fabricated templates with ease and little effort.

An extraction adaptor is usually a prerequisite for clean work, so this machine’s dust exaction adaptor is a great addition. The adaptor connects to the base using two knurled screws and it then links up to a vacuum cleaner via a hose. This also connection works with Bosch all-purpose vacuum cleaners or even any ordinary household vacuum cleaner. Dust is specifically extracted at the router bit through the extraction pipe using the vacuum cleaner.

As an extra safety precaution there is a transparent chip guard that shields you from chips flying around and leaves an unmistakable view of the workpiece.

The durable aluminium footplate comes with an advanced removable plastic gliding shoe that guarantees friction-less working.

There is also a convenient lamp for illuminating the working area to ensure only the best results.

Finally the ergonomic design with it's softgrip handles help you to adjust the focal point of gravity. This ensures safe direction of the machine and higher convenience. The on/off switch is incorporated with the handle grip for safe and agreeable handling and counteracts incidentally moving the machine off track as you work.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • The supplied bit and appropriate collet are not easy to use which is the only real complaint. The collet doesn’t seem to fit correctly, we would recommend buying a decent set of Bosch router bits such as this Bosch 15 piece set.

Would we recommend - The Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router is a very good quality router which has been made incredibly well and efficiently.

It is powerful and very easy to use thanks to the ergonomic firm design and well balanced weight.

This wood router gives you the ability when used with router bits to create engravings, skirting boards and even the whole flash looking set of furniture.

In terms of performance, reports confirm It cuts really well without to much effort, the easy depth adjustment is really useful and the built in illumination light makes what you are doing clear.

Unfortunately, the supplied bit and collet doesn’t work well which is the only real downside of this model, this means you have to buy separate bits which require the smaller collet. 

All in all, this Bosch 1400W is a worthy tool to take care of your furniture needs and has plenty of power when compared to cheaper models.

Don’t forget there is a 2-year warranty on this product for further peace of mind, on we noticed this model has over 170, mostly exceptional reviews which is what we like to see. Because this model is so impressive while still being affordable, we decided to name this model our 'Best Pick' as it appeals to all people both beginners and experienced while offering excellent value for money without compromising on quality or performance.

 Bosch POF 1200 AE Router Review


Bosch POF 1200 AE Router Review

Bosch POF 1200 AE Router

  • Ergonomic design with a softgrip handle which allows convenient and safe working.
  • Includes on/off switch on handle.
  • Features SDS system for easy insertion of the template guide.
  • Electronic selection of speed with speed adjustment via a setting wheel.
  • 2 Years warranty which can be extended to 3 years by registering your purchase online.

The Bosch POF 1200 AE Router is a highly versatile and creative power tool. It has an ergonomic design with softgrip which helps you to balance the centre of gravity thus ensuring safe guidance of the tool and maximum convenience.

The on/off switch of this machine is built into the handle grip and this ensures safe and comfortable handling. It also prevents the machine from twisting accidentally of track whilst you work.

The electronic pre-selections are pretty easy to insert and adjust via a setting wheel. When dealing with hard materials such hard wood, aluminium, and mineral-bonded plastic, it is easy to select an ideal cutting speed for the best results.

It features SDS system which allows easy insertion of the template guide and quick template guide changes without the need for additional tools. Template guides usually allow you to work with pre-fabricated templates.

There is a spindle lock that lets you block the motor drive shaft. This assists in changing the router bit with just one tool without countering.

This machine has a depth stop which permits accurate depth settings even in the plunged position. The depth stop is easily adjustable and has a zero point setting with a scale in millimetres and inches. It can be adjusted in three phases and along these lines you can pre-program successive cutting depths in one go. There is a spring loaded lever which ensures that the plunge system can be securely and effortlessly extricated and tightened.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • There are a few flaws with this machine. First, the instruction manual is a bit confusing and most of the time you just have to figure out one or two things or what YouTube videos.
  • Another issue is with the provided guide which is quite fiddly and awkward to adjust as well as the depth meter. Lastly, changing the bits is a little awkward due to the bad placement of the spindle lock.

Would we recommend - The Bosch POF 1200 AE Router is medium sized router suitable for standard wood working.

It is good looking with an ergonomic shape that makes it easy and comfortable to work with. What we do like is that the router has a lot of power and it doesn’t seem to have any issue cutting through most types of wood that you can throw at it. We also like the fact that you can adjust the cutting speeds.

We think this model is also fairly priced with the kind of features it offers specially at under £80. It’s not the cheapest nor the most expensive power tool so value for money is guaranteed and you want be disapointed, recommend this is a fantastic choice if its your first router and your still learning what you can do with it.

Overall fantastic value and certainly worth considering, our 'Best Pick' has a little more power which is why the 1400 model came out on top and won our 'Best Pick' Award. We dot feel its worth investing in the extra cost for a more powerful motor as its gives a slightly better performance, however if the 1400 model is a little out of budget then this 1200 model will also do an excellent job and is a good cheaper alternative with all the same great features.

 Wolf 52mm Plunge Router With Table Kit Review


Wolf Plunge Router Cutter Spindle With Variable Speed and Table Kit

Wolf Plunge Router Cutter Spindle With Variable Speed and Table Kit

  • Supplied with router bit set with ¼’’ shanks. They are TCT tipped bits and can be re-sharpened for added convenience.
  • Supplied with: 6mm, 8mm and 1/4" collets.
  • Comes with parallel guide, adjustable depth stop control and gauge for convenient operation.
  • Includes a precision plunge depth of 52mm which provides maximum control plus giving a professional finish.
  • It has a unique size with extensions and fits most routers with up a 155mm base plate.

This powerful 1200W Router will enable you to make intricate cuts, holes, shapes, and grooves with the greatest of ease. The Wolf 1200 Watt Router features a precision plunge depth of 52mm which provides maximum control and delivers a professional finish. Aside from that, the machine has ergonomically designed handles and integrate a rubber inlay which makes them comfortable and easy to hold.

The machine includes a detachable parallel guide which enhances precise crafting. There is an adjustable depth stop control and gauge which prevent the insertion of form drills past the set depth. This router has an aluminium base which gently glides over the work piece without damaging the surface.

With this router, there are no chances of dust flying around everywhere. It has a dust extraction port which allows you to connect to the appropriate vacuum cleaner for dust free working.

The router is supplied with three collets (6mm, 8mm and ¼’’ inch) to use with the relevant set of bits. Normally it uses TCT tipped bits which can be re-sharpened when necessary. The bits deliver smooth accurate cuts and the set is contained in a wooden storage case.

Perhaps the most lovable attribute with this router is its unique versatility. It converts into a spindle mould holder when used with the included die cast aluminium top router table.

The router is easily attached while the sturdy table is perfect for holding the router steady whilst carrying out elaborate tasks. The table dimensions are 860mm x 335mm and suits most routers with up to 155mm base plates.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • There are a few issues with the router table. Mounting the router to the table is difficult and you might need some extra tools to drill holes or do some grinding for the table to fit. Even the instructions that relate to the fixing of the router to the table are not straightforward.

Would we recommend - The Wolf 1200 Watt Router is a great tool for DIY. The fact that it comes with accessories such as router bits is a plus as you may not buy any.

It is designed to work on a table and its ergonomic handles make it easy and comfortable to work with. You will also love the precision plunge depth of up to 52mm for great control and top-notch finish.

The table is the let down for this machine as it is hard to attach the router to the table. The instructions themselves can’t help enough either.

Up to that point, the Wolf 1200W is a quality tool and if you want it, then be prepared for some challenges in regards to the table.

It needs a bit of common sense plus re-engineering solutions before you can start using it. You can’t get any router, a table and a dozen router bits any cheaper than this model so its offers extra value there.

Remember you get the whole set for the price of an average standard router. If you don't expect to much from the table and just getting into using a router then this is a good option that offers excellent value for money.

 DeWalt D26200 Compact Fixed Base Router Review


DeWalt D26200 Compact Fixed Base Router Review

DeWalt D26200 Compact Fixed Base Router

  • Features full wave electronic speed control with feedback which ensures the selected speed is maintained under any load.
  • Adjustable speed control from 16,000rpm to 27,000rpm enables router bit to be optimised for application.
  • A depth ring and clamping mechanism combine to guarantee motor precision.
  • Motor is sheltered by an aluminium housing to ensure it lasts long.
  • It has a large D-Base design which gives the user maximum router support on the workpiece.
  • Dual LED lights increases visibility around the working area for enhanced accuracy.
  • Includes multiple spindle lock detents which enable quick and easy router bit changes.

The DeWalt D26200 Compact Fixed Base Router is a remarkable router with a motor that features a full wave electronic speed control with feedback that monitors and ensures the selected speed remains constant while working on your work pieces. The motor has a speed range of 16,000-27,000rpm which gives you the ability to work with precision on a variety of applications.

This machine combines a depth ring and clamping mechanism to ensure the motor remains accurate when operating.

An aluminium housing is used to shelter the motor from external elements that might cause damage thus making sure it lasts long. Even better, the aluminium motor housing can be transformed into a plunge router attachment thus increasing the versatility of the unit.

The ability to see the working area is a gate pass to clean work and the DeWALT D26200 features dual LED lights for increased visibility around the router bit during operation. It also makes it perfect for those dark days when accuracy is difficult to achieve. There are multiple spindle lock detents which enable fast and easy router bit changes.

Great support on any router is also handy when perfect results are needed. On this note, this router has a large D-base design giving you maximum router support on the materpieces.

Possible concerns to be aware of

Would we recommend - Whether you are a professional wood worker, DIY enthusiast, or a beginner, the DeWalt D26200 1/4in Compact Fixed Base Router is probably the best router as its fits perfectly in your hand and is very easy to use.

The electronic speed control along with variable speeds is something you will appreciate as it will allow you to work on different grades of wood, aluminium and plastics.

The tool itself is very sturdy and has clearly been manufactured to a very high standard but we would expect no less from DeWalt.

Overall, one of the best routers we have seen which is very impressive and will not disappoint. Note that you get this by spending in excess of £170, however it is worth the investment if within your budget. A very impressive piece of kit.

 Silverline 264895 Plunge Router Review


Silverline 264895 Plunge Router Review

Silverline 264895 Plunge Router

  • Comes with 4 collects which include 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, 8mm and 12mm, allowing for flexible operation.
  • Includes a soft start switch along with electronic speed adjustment of 6000-26000rpm and lock-off button for increased convenience.
  • 50mm plunge depth with precise adjustment diameter and 7-stage turret stop.
  • Includes parallel and circle guide for flexible cutting of joints and edges.
  • 3 Year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

The Silverline 264895 Plunge Router is equipped with a 1500W motor along with 7 speed settings, this router can tackle the toughest of jobs such as kitchen countertops. Another thing that adds to its great performance is the integration of 4 collects including 1/2’’, 1/4’’, 8mm and 12mm, making it able to accept up to 1/2'’ shank bits.

It additionally comes with several guides including a parallel guide, a circle guide, a roller guide, and a template guide, making it perfect for cutting all sorts of shapes.

The soft start on this router is a handy feature that prevents the machine from snatching into action when starting up.

There is also a lock-off button for keeping the machine securely locked when not in operation. It also includes a spindle lock and spanner to enable easy bit fitting and 50mm plunge depth with variable heights.

There is a dust extraction port which can attach to most ordinary vacuum cleaners to get rid of the worked chips instead of them flying everywhere. This also means your workstation can stay as tidy as possible.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • The springs that enhance resistance to the plunge action are quite stiff, therefore, it requires strength to control the depth of the cut.
  • Another flaw is the poor quality especially with the plastics used in some places – they are a bit brittle and look like they could easy break.

Would we recommend - As you would expect, this Silverline model is one of the cheapest plunge routers available. It has some good features though.

This includes a powerful 1500W motor, 7 speed settings, adjustable plunge depth, 4 collets, soft start and lock-off button.

You will likely find some of these features in most expensive models yet the Silverline 264895 Plunge Router comes at a fraction of the price at under £60 at the time of our review. 

The quality of the router, however, is questionable. The plastic used in some parts seem a little weak and could break easily if not careful. Concerning the stiff resistance springs, they can be replaced with softer springs from a nearby hardware sore if you find it necessary. As such, we do recommend it for DIY but you have to be careful with this.

If your looking for your first wood router then this model is worth considering, at the price it comes cheap while still having some excellent features.

Overall we would recommend you invest a little more and go for the Bosch 1200 Router if your budget does stretch, however not a bad router for the price.

 Makita 240V Plunge Router Review


Makita 240V Plunge Router

Makita 240V Plunge Router

  • Compact, lightweight router (2.6kg) and easy to use.
  • Features a variable 3 position depth stop with a maximum 35mm plunge depth.
  • Includes collet capacities of 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch.
  • Can be attached to dust extraction through an optional accessory.
  • It has ergonomic grip handles for maximum tool control when in use.

The Makita Plunge Router comes packed with outstanding features that add to exceptional performance. It boasts an ergonomic design with comfortable grip handles that allow maximum control of the router.

You will love the compact and lightweight design of this router that weighs only 2.6kg, making it ideal for longer jobs that require and easy to shift between workstations. It includes 1/4’’ and 3/8’’ collet capacities which is in range with most industry standard bits. There is a depth stop that includes 3 adjustable positions with a maximum 35mm plunge depth.

With an input wattage of 900W and one speed of 27,000rpm, this plunge router is ideal for standard workshop and site usage. Talking of durability, you can expect this router to give several years of service its double insulated motor housing. Worth mentioning is that some body components of this router are made of metal while others feature plastic. The chips that result from cutting can find an easy way via the extraction port that connects to a vacuum cleaner.

There is also a straight guide for accurate cutting along edges and 13mm and 22mm wrenches. This router comes with a carry case which provides storage for the machine and acts as a transportation medium.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • The storage compartment has a poor design as there are no panels to hold everything in place. For instance, it is very easy for the spanners to fall behind the space behind it. There is also no space for the plug to sit in and some tiny components can get lost in the back of the internal moulding.

Would we recommend - The Makita 1/4-inch/ 3/8-inch Plunge Router is an entry-level plunge router that works like most other established models. We mostly loved the compact and lightweight design of this router accompanied by 900W motor which operates at 27,000rpm.

The maximum plunge depth of 35mm is quite reasonable for standard jobs and the ability to adjust the depth is a huge plus. Ergonomic handles, 2 collets and a dust extraction capability are also remarkable features that improve the performance of this tool.

There is handy carry case but unfortunately it is poorly designed and things don’t fit in perfectly. Except from this, the Makita 1/4-inch/ 3/8-inch 240V Plunge Router is an excellent router that delivers smooth output.

We feel the price is fair for a router of this quality and performance and is worth'considering.

The only real downside is we don't think it can be fastened to a table as the control switch cannot be locked into position. Overall though, another great router from a brand we have come to trust.

 Hitachi M12VE/J6 1/2-inch Variable speed router Review


Hitachi Variable speed router Review

Hitachi Variable speed router

  • Powerful 2000W router for increased cutting efficiency and performance.
  • Features ergonomic soft-grip adjustable handles for optimum comfort.
  • Includes variable speed dial on side handle and improved collet chuck for higher bit security.
  • Carry case included to provide storage and easy tool transportation.
  • Comes with a variable speed motor with constant speed control for optimum results when working on different materials.

The Hitachi M12VE/J6 Variable speed router is a well-made router that is much bigger and heavier than you may expect but looks ready for anything that is thrown at it.

Its powerful motor delivers an overwhelming 2000 watts, making it ideal for heavy duty jobs. Ergonomic adjustable soft-grip handles on this router make it easy to control and ensure optimum comfort even when working for long hours.

Featured in this router is a variable speed dial located on the side handle for convenient reach. You can easily adjust the speeds in between 8000 to 22000rpm depending on the material you are working on to achieve optimum results. It also includes two collet chucks of 1/4’’ and 1/2'’ for two gauges of router bit shank. The plunge travel on this router is 65mm and it has a spindle lock for easy changing of the bits.

It includes a parallel fence which facilitates smoothing the edges of workpieces and there is a 30mm guide bush which increases the accuracy of bit placement.

A soft start feature is available to prevent the router from jerking into action during start up which is a nice feature and the router also comes with a large carry case to protect the tool from outside damage when not in use.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • The supplied carry case is somewhat difficult to pack the router into. The speed dial is not marked and it is a bit flimsy as it adjusts itself when the machine starts vibrating. It also does not include a dust shroud.

Would we recommend - What we like about the Hitachi M12VE/J6 1/2-inch Variable speed router is an extremely powerful 2000W motor and the ergonomic soft-grip handles which allows you to work comfortably with the machine.

We like where the speed dial is also strategically placed on the side handle for easy operation which is better than some models we looked at.

It looks solid and we can only hope it provides years of service but only time can tell but we don't see what it wouldn't.

One of the downsides is the supplied case is hard to fit the router inside it. We also realise this router lacks a dust shroud so you might have to buy a separate one from a spare parts retailer and hope that it fits.

Up to this point, we recommend this router for heavy tasks and it is probably the best 2000W you can get for less than £200 as most of such calibre are quite expensive.

The also noted comments during our research in regards to the customer service from Hitachi being excellent in case you need to contact them for an issue.

Overall, another very impressive router which is perfect for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiast. alike.

 Triton TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Review


Triton TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router Review

Triton TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

  • Dual-function router with plunge and fixed-base versions.
  • Comes with a powerful 2400W electronically controlled motor.
  • Features soft start and variable speed which provides the perfect speed for all cutter types.
  • Includes micro winder that enables consistent fine depth adjustment.
  • Includes 3-stage turret with direct reading scales for accurate pre-set cut depths.
  • Automatic spindle lock included for enabling wrench bit changes.
  • 3 year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

The Triton TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunger Router comes with a hefty 2400W motor giving it more than enough power for any woodworking jobs. The most significant feature of this machine is the ability to transform from a conventional plunge router to a fixed-base version router. For this functionality, it comes with quick-fit pins for quick attachment of the fence and compatibility with the router table (??RTA300??).

It has electronic speed control with adjustments between 8000 – 21000 rpm, providing ideal speed for all cutter types. In addition, it includes 3-stage turret with direct reading scales which ensure precise pre-set cut depths.

For information, the plunge range for this machine is 0 – 68mm. It also includes a micro winder which enables continuous fine depth adjustment. There is an automatic spindle lock for single wrench bit changes with the maximum cutter shank of 1/2’’.

A soft start button on this router ensures it doesn’t jerk into operation when starting up. Safety has also been carefully considered when working with the router, thanks to the safety switch that locks the router making sure it doesn’t accidentally switch on during the bit changing process. This reduces the risk of damage and potential user injury.

Accuracy is at the very heart of the Triton TRA001 with the integration of 3-stage turret that has direct reading scales for precise pre-set cutting depths. The router includes an excellent dust extraction port to ensure a cleaner and safer working environment. The port can easily connect to most ordinary home vacuum cleaners.

Worth mentioning is that a 3-year guarantee is offered on this product which covers repairs and replacement of any faulty parts. Be aware that you have to register your model with within the first 30 days of your purchase for the warranty to apply.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • Perhaps because of the substantial power, this router vibrates heavily causing various knobs to work loose. The plunge height adjustment knobs are also stiff and needs some strength to adjust.

Would we recommend - The 2400W of power on this router is ideal for most woodworking tasks including the simple and heavy ones. But for the hefty price on it, we think it will offer better value for professionals. You are probably better off looking for a cheaper model such as our 'Best Pick' for simple applications.

Nonetheless, you will appreciate the features on the Triton TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router. The multi-functionality between working as a plunge router and a fixed-base router is a major selling point as well as the extra power it offers.

If you plan to use it with a router table, then we recommend it 100%. 

Overall, the Triton TRA001 is an ace for table-routing; easy to install, brilliant ergonomics and it got stacks of power.

The warranty given on this model is quite generous and speaks volume about the trust Triton have on their product. Great quality product but very expensive.

Our Detailed Router Buyers Guide

Understanding the various types of wood routers

Generally, wood routers come in two basic types; plunge routers and fixed base routers. The router design determines the sort of jobs for which the router is most appropriate and how it works. The router design basics and construction as well as the distinctive types of routers are clarified below.

Router Design

Woodworking routers comprise of a case that houses a motor that turn the router’s blade or bit. The case protects the motor and comes furnished with handles to control the router over the material to be shaped or cut. A metal clamping sleeve or collet holds the bit setup at the base of the router. The router platform can be either a fixed attachment or a spring-loaded base which is the case of a plunge router.

Wood routers come with different horsepower (HP) motors; common torque capacities with respect to router motors are 7/8 (HP), 1/2 HP, 2HP and 3 1/2 HP. Routers likewise have diverse shank measured bits so collet sizes change; basic sizes are 6mm, 1/4 inch, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 1/2 inch.

Some routers are outfitted with variable speed motors, and wood router speeds range from 8,000 rpm, to 30,000rpm depending on the size of the router and HP of the motor. Quality wood routers have measurement scales that enable the user to accurately set the depth of the router bit without playing out a manual estimation.

Plunge Routers

These wood routers have a spring-loaded base that enables the bit to be pushed down into the wood. The spring-loaded base can likewise be bolted at a particular depth by the woodworker. Plunge routers allow the user to change the bit depth while running by opening the depth discharge and moving the base in or out.

Plunge routers give an advantage when the cut starts amidst a piece of wood rather than the edge. They also provide greater flexibility to the user yet are more costly than fixed base routers and they can be harder to utilise.

Fixed base routers

With this type of router, the woodworker must set the depth of the sharp edge before using and is not customisable when the router is running. Alterations regularly include twisting the housing to fasten or unscrew the router in the base, in this manner moving the router bit up and down.

Fixed base routers are perfect for cutting edges and molding designs that require straight line accuracy. They are generally lighter and less demanding, making them a popular choice for woodworking beginners. They even perform extremely well when fitted to a router table.?

Woodworking router accessories

Playing out the different tasks that a woodworker has in store for the router requires some accessories. At the very least, one needs a choice of switch bits to perform cuts and make outlines. Router tables, clamps, fences, jigs, speed controls and switches, are just a few of the adornments one ought to consider as supportive tools when working with a router.

Router Table

It offers a working surface on which to set your router and other router accessories. Most router tables come in tabletop forms that can be set on a workbench while freestanding tables are also common.


Router bits are ostensibly the most imperative accessory; without them you can’t in any way use your router. There are various types of bits for a wide range of tasks.

Here are some common bit types and the kind of cut they make:

  • Chamfer: it cuts a straight edge at an angle along the edge of the wood.
  • Beading: places a convex circular edge on the wood just below the level of the sides of the wood.
  • Cove: cuts a concave quarter circle along the side of the wood.
  • Dovetail: cuts a groove across the wood where the bottom of the groove is wider than the top.
  • Dado: creates a box groove across the wood.
  • Rabbeting: places a 90-degree square cut along the edge of the wood.
  • Round Noise: cuts a half circle groove across a piece of wood.
  • Roman Ogee: creates an s-shaped outline along the edge of the wood.
  • Round Over: creates a circular edge on the piece of wood without the recessed edges.
  • V Groove: forms a V-shaped groove across the wood.

Router Jig

When cutting pivot breaks, dado, box joiners and dovetail joints, the router jig assists with holding your workpiece solidly.

Router Fence

For the non-moving piece, guide to slide your wood along, and desired precision amid cuts, the router fence is an unquestionable requirement to have.


The power switch that comes with your router is not precisely permanent. It experiences the standard wear and tear and its substitution is inescapable.


They assume an indistinguishable part from jigs except their role is broader. Once again, they can help hold the jigs setup while you are grinding away.

Speed Control

A speed control helps you adjust the router speed for various applications especially when your hands are locked in and you would prefer not to continue switching the router on and off.

Things to consider when buying a wood router

Going through wood router reviews is not enough to determine the best wood router, knowing the critical considerations before you buy will go far into helping you settle on an informed decision.

Take a look at the most important factors to consider when choosing a router for your woodwork:

  • Horse power - the best wood router will have about 2HP motor rating. If you plan to use larger bits, you may have to invest in a more powerful router.
  • Variable speed - the router ought to be able to adjust its speed to various levels of flexibility. Note that single speed routers can be somewhat limiting.
  • Collet measurement - router bits come in 1/4inch and 1/2inch diameters and you should get one that can work with both sizes.
  • Power switch - it is critical that this switch be sufficiently accessible for your thumb to reach it effectively for a snappy on and off turn.
  • Comfortable grip - this is especially important in the event that you work as often as possible or for extended periods. A comfortable grip, usually termed as ergonomic, goes a long way to make your work easy and convenient.
  • Dust extraction - wood routing and smoothing work pieces involves a lot of wood dust, so it is essential to find a wood router with built in dust control system to save you clean up time.

Finals Thoughts and Conclusion

Purchasing a wood router is most likely far less demanding than figuring out how to use it to its full potential. Yet, once you have mastered the skills, the furniture and designs you can create with a router are worth the effort you input in refining the skill. Its probably one of the best power tools you will purchase.

By utilising the diverse router bits that are available, one can cut intricate designs, build wood joints, cut table and furniture edges to style, and hollow out wood for a wide range of projects. They are truly amazing tools.

Understanding the different types of wood routers helps buyers to choose the router that best meets their ability level, needs and budget.

Using the different router accessories designed to facilitate the routing process helps to deliver excellent outcomes even for those with insignificant carpentry experience.

Hopefully our guide and wood router reviews will help you land the best wood router.

Below is a quick roundup of some of our favourite models?

Our Best Pick

In our opinion, the Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router is the best wood router for most people. It looks solid from the go and many will be satisfied from the long term service this product will deliver.

Its ergonomic design with a softgrip handles makes working with it a breeze especially for long working hours. In addition, the router has easy electronic controls which are conveniently placed for quick reach out; the on/off switch on the power handle is a perfect example.

Again, wood waste can be a nuisance while working, and the Bosch POF 1400 has a good way of dealing with it thanks to the dust extraction adaptor. The 1400W motor is also enough for various woodworking tasks. Additionally it comes with a carry case for easy storage and transportation. Talking of the price, it is pretty much affordable and offers excellent value for money and the 3 year warranty makes it an easy model to invest in.

Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router Review

Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router

Our Runner Up Wood Router

Coming close to the Bosch POF 1400 is the younger brother, the Bosch POF 1200 AE Router (Energy Class A).

While it has a lower horsepower, most of the other features are pretty much the same including ergonomic shape, dust extraction system, and adjustable speeds.

Yet, it comes at less than £100, way cheaper than our Best Pick model. When you can’t flex enough to get the Bosch POF 1400, this is an excellent option that guarantees value for money with the same 3 year warranty if you register it online with Bosch.

Bosch POF 1200 AE Router

Best Fixed Base Router

While the two Bosch models work as plunge routers, we picked the DeWalt D26200 1/4in Compact Fixed Base Router 230 as our 'best fixed base router'.

The depth and clamping mechanism on this router is perhaps the major selling point which ensures optimum precision when working. It also has adjustable speed control, collet, and parallel fence and dust extraction adaptor, all of which make it convenient to use.

It comes with an expensive price tag but we feel its will be worth every penny when you see how well built it is and how smooth it is you use. An amazing model.

DeWalt D26200 Compact Fixed Base Router

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