Top 5 Best Drill Bits For Metal – Detailed Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Last updated on February 19th, 2022

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The best drill bits for metal reviewed and which ones we would recommend

Drill bits are at the heart of a good drill setup. They are made of different materials, cut types and designs because different materials require different bit strengths to make holes successfully.

Selecting what kind of drill bits to buy depends on the drill itself, the material that requires drilling, among other things.

Some of us who are new to this topic assume that all drill bits can be used for any kind of work. This is simply not the case, however, there are different bits and screws that support commercial and individual purposes.

In this case, we are looking at the best drill bits for metal. You will get to see the best of what most brands have to offer when it comes to drilling bits. You will discover what to look out for so that you get value for money. We reveal five of the very best drill bits from a range of budgets so you are sure to find find the right drill bit set for your needs and budget.


Bosch 25 Piece Metal HSS-R-Drill Bit Set

  • Comes with varied unbreakable bit sizes from 1 to 13mm for more options as you work.
  • The 25 strong high speed steel constructed bits are protected by a steel protective box for easy storage.
  • Ideal for a range of jobs from drilling sheet metal to tougher jobs some bits simply cannot handle.

The best drill bits for metal that we have included in our review are listed below

  1. Bosch 25 piece HSS-R-Drill Set – BEST PICK
  2. DeWalt DT7920B Extreme 13 piece Bit Set – RUNNER UP
  3. Sealey AK4701 19 Bit Cobalt Drill Bits – PROFESSIONAL PICK
  4. Bosch 2607010538 135mm HSS-G-Drill Bits – BEST DIY PICK
  5. DeWalt HSS-G DIN 338 Jobber Metal Drill Bit Set – BEST FOR ALUMINIUM AND THIN SHEET METAL


Sealey AK4701 Cobalt Drill Bit Set
They are adaptable to working with metal and other materials which is a bonus. Although they cost slightly more than our Best Pick, they are better quality and will tackle the more demanding jobs that the Bosch set may struggle drilling through.


DeWalt DT7920B Extreme Drill Bit Set
These versatile bits can work perfectly with wood, plastics and metal which covers the basic materials available. A great set of drill bits, very well made, excellent all round.

Our Top 5 Drill Bits for Metal

1. Bosch 25 Piece Metal HSS-R-Drill Bit Set


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Bosch Accessories 2607019446 Bosch Accessories 25 Piece Metal HSS-R Drill Bit Set, Black

This Bosch HSS-R-Drill 25 piece bit set comes highly recommended and is the winner of our Best Pick because of its high quality and reasonable price. 

They are made of high-speed steel and are great at working with different materials. This is because the steel is able to maintain its temper as the bit continues to drill deeper. This is very important because bits made from low-grade materials tend to give in to the pressure and break. This is not one such product thanks to the high-grade steel design.

The Bosch HSS-R-Drill comes with 25 bits that will cover most of the diameters needed for projects. The various bit sizes give you options to work with every time you are faced with a new project without the need to invest in new sizes.

This product offers excellent cuts and comes well packaged in a metal protective box. The box will make certain that your bits stay put. They will be kept safe from the elements and from getting lost. For such an affordable price we do not see any real reason these could not ideal for home DIY projects as well as tradesmen.

For lubrication, during cutting, it is recommended that the Bosch coolant be used. These bits are durable and will provide you with value for money.


  • Comes with varied unbreakable bit sizes for more options as you work.
  • 25 strong bits from 1mm to 13mm for a range of drilling diameters.
  • Ideal for a range of jobs from drilling sheet metal to tougher jobs.
  • Includes sturdy steel protection case.


  • The box that comes with the bits is a bit flimsy and we think Bosch could of done better. Overall though, it does the job of keeping all the drill bits neat and tidy.

Our recommendation

We are overly happy with the Bosch metal HHS Drill Bit Set. They give you 25 bits for an affordable price so are within most people’s budgets.

The bits are strong enough to work through metal without going blunt but be sure you use coolant and go nice and slow, something we always recommend when drilling metal.

What we really like is that these drill bits offer excellent value for money when you consider you get 25 bits for the price. Overall these are great for lighter trade work and home DIY projects and will get the job done. For this reason, they won our ‘Best Pick Award’ for quality, performance and value for money.

However, professional tradesmen would be better off spending a little more and investing in the slightly better Sealey Cobalt Drill Set, which is very similar but slightly more expensive.

However, they are slightly stronger and would have won our ‘Best Pick’ award had Bosch not won bonus points for value for money and being more affordable. In general, the more expensive sets are of better quality, however, they are usually out of reach in terms of budget for most home DIY projects.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

2. DeWalt DT7920B Extreme Drill Bit Set -13 Pieces


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DeWalt DT7920B Extreme Drill Bit Set (13 Pieces)

The DeWalt DT7920B Extreme Drill Bit Set comes in offering you 13 bit pieces that are strong and up to the job. These bit pieces are made of durable material that can is able to withstand stress.

Easily breakable bits are caused by unstable construction materials. With this product, you do not have to worry about that. The Extreme drill bits are designed for extreme action. The bits facilitate a smooth burr free hole which is every workman’s dream. Neat cuts make for neat products. Be sure to check if the bit pieces are sharp enough before pursuing an activity.

These versatile bits can work perfectly with wood, plastics and metal which covers the basic materials available. You can choose to have it in your home for DIY projects or if you are a handyman, you can carry them to work.

They are affordable and their strong protective casing will prevent the bits from falling out. Overall, not a bad product at all and worth the investment for a good set of drill bits.


  • Can work with wood, plastics and metals which give you more drilling options.
  • Facilitates accurate burr free holes.
  • Manufactured from tough and resistant material for better drilling performance.
  • Comes with a resilient storage box to keep them safe and organised.

Our recommendation

The DeWalt DT7920B Extreme Drill Bit Set is commendable. It offers you amazing robustness when working with most metal materials. The secret is in the design and the construction materials. Compared to our best pick it offers less range in bit sizes but can be picked up with less investment.

These prove much more convenient when you need a wider range of bit sizes. Apart from that, the DeWalt DT7920B is a welcomed addition to your toolbox.

The storage box is not as flimsy as the other DeWalt set in this review. This is another plus for this product although the slide catch is a little flimsy if we are being completely honest.

Overall these are great value for a decent set of drill bits for drilling metal from a brand you can trust, as with most things, you get what you pay for and these will not disappoint.

An excellent set for a brilliant price, a great addition to your toolbox.

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3. Sealey 19pc AK4701 Cobalt Drill Bit Set


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Sealey Ak4701 Cobalt Drill Bit Set 19Pc Metric

The Sealy AK4701 Cobalt Drill Bit Set comes in with 19 bits for you to use. These bits are made of a strong durable material that can work efficiently. The quality of the materials the bits are made from will determine how long they will serve you.

High-end materials like cobalt (which this Sealey Drill set is made from) and high-speed steel are known to handle stress very well without breaking.

These 29-bit sizes, thanks to their cobalt design, will ensure that you can switch up hole sizes as you work for the perfect fit and they will drill through even the most demanding metal materials. If you need to remove sheared bolts, drill through thick steel, the Sealy cobalt drill set will do this with ease.

The Sealey AK4701 Cobalt Drill Bits can easily be sharpened without losing their edge. This is beneficial, especially if you are engaged in strenuous work daily because it ensures a long life expectancy.

To keep the bits in place, this product comes with a protective box to keep them safe and dry.


  • Comes with 19-bit pieces for more size options.
  • Made of cobalt and steel to work on difficult materials and deal with the most demanding jobs.
  • Bits can be easily resharpened without deforming.
  • Comes in a protective box to keep them safe and organised.

Our recommendation

The Sealey AK4701 Cobalt Drill Bit Set is a good product. We like that they give you 19 bit options to work with and will tackle the most demanding drilling jobs, even on thicker materials.

They are adaptable to working with metal and other materials which is a bonus. Although they cost slightly more than our Best Pick, they are better quality and will tackle the more demanding jobs that the Bosch set may struggle with.

The only real downside to this set is the price and it does contain less sizes than our best pick. We would recommend that professionals or anyone drilling thicker more demanding materials pay the extra and invest in the Sealey Cobalt drill set for peace of mind.

If these are not within your budget, which may be the case for some, especially for home DIY projects, then our ‘Best Pick’ by Bosch would be the next best alternative.

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4. Bosch 135mm HSS-G-Drill Bits 13-Piece

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Bosch Professional 13-piece Robust Line metal drill bit set HSS-G 135° DIN 338 (for metal, Ø 1.5 - 6.5 mm, Accessory Drill Driver)

The Bosch 2607010538 135 mm HSS-G-Drill Bits are a set of good performing bits from the industry giants Bosch. These bits are made from the highest quality of steel to ensure that you get the best performance out of them. The high-speed steel (as mentioned before) has become popular for its robustness and ability to hold a temper during high speed.

They work incredibly well with wood although they are designed for metal, which they do an excellent job on.

The 13 bits do offer you a limited range of sizes to work with compared to some of the other sets we have reviewed, however, if you only need 1.5 to 6.5 then these will fit the bill.

These bits are, however, of high performance and they come in an attractive and durable case to keep them protected and well organised.


  • Comes with 13-bits for your choosing.
  • Made of durable high-speed steel for high performance.
  • Comes in a protective box with a plastic view case for protection.

Our recommendation

The Bosch 2607010538 135mm HSS-G-Drill Bits are impressive, just like the other Bosch products in this review.

We love that the material is strong and durable enough to work through different kinds of materials. 

It is a pocket-friendly product that will come in handy in your home and offers excellent value for money and one of the cheapest sets to make it onto our list.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

5. DeWalt HSS-G DIN 338 Jobber Metal Drill Bit Set


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DeWalt DT5921QZ Extreme Metal Drill Bit Set (10 Pieces), DEWDT5921QZ

The DeWalt HSS-G DIN 338 Jobber Metal Drill Bit Set comes with 10 bit pieces that are adapted to working especially well with thin metals as well as being great for wood and plastic.

The steel frame is capable of handling different materials without giving in and breaking. Steel is durable and will make certain that the bit sets remain in your service for many years. The bits work well with thin metals and they are also very adaptable to cutting holes without burr. This provides a smooth accurate cut always.

To prevent the bit teeth from walking when the drill is moving. The bits are designed to have split pilot points. These points help hold the material in position. This way you can make precise cuts and never need to worry about going off aim. Just like the good bit sets, it comes with a protective plastic box. This box acts as storage and keeps your bits from getting lost one by one.


  • Comes with 10-bit pieces for diameter options from 1 to 10mm.
  • Provides clean precise cut for holes on steel, alloyed and non alloyed up to 900N/mm.
  • Comes with a ‘split pilot point’ design to facilitate easier cutting.
  • Comes in a plastic protective box to keep them neat and tidy.


  • Not suitable for tougher more demanding jobs.

Our recommendation

The DeWalt HSS-G DIN 338 Jobber Metal Drill Bit Set is capable of handling metals to a certain extent. While it does not provide you with as many bit size options as some sets in this review, it is efficient.

You can manage small projects with ease. They are not expensive so you can grab yourself this set if you don’t have much work to deal with.

These are perfect for light DIY projects and will drill through aluminium and thin sheet steel no problem, we would recommend a small pilot hole first with the 2 or 3mm drill bit first before drilling the hole size needed. 

Overall these are a great set of drill bits that also offer excellent value for money.

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Drill Bits for Metal – Buyer’s Guide

Indeed, there are many bit manufacturers from leading brands such as Bosch, DeWalt and Sealey. To find the right drill bits for your drill there are a couple of factors to consider. The most important thing at the end of the day is to select drill bits that are compatible with your needs and the type and thickness of metal you are drilling.

How, do you ask? Continue reading below to explore more about drill bits designed especially for metal.

Types of metal drill bits

There are various types of drill bits available on the market. To facilitate an easy working environment for yourself. You need to understand the different types of drill bits and which have the ability to work through different materials with ease.

  • Split point – These types of bits are better suited for working with metals. The main difference between the split-point and twist bit is that one has better support features. The split point is designed to help maintain balance to the drill when working on difficult materials. The various drilling points are made sharper to facilitate a smoother cut.
  • Twist bit – This versatile bit can work with various materials. It is especially adaptable to metals but can be used on virtually any materials. It is, however, challenging to use the bit for precise drilling acts due to its high speed. It is also popularly known as the Morse bit.
  • Hole saw bit – Popularly attributed to cutting the smoothest holes. The design is to be credited to this. The circular saw cuts through as the drill feature holds the saw teeth for moving unnecessarily. They can be created to cut through different kinds of materials.

Purpose of drill bits

When you are on the lookout for drill bits, make sure that they suit the purpose. What hole size are you looking to create and what material you are working with. This way you can pick bits that have the right diameter and finish. There are materials that require a special bit, or bits that are only compatible with certain drills such as SDS Drills. Be sure to identify the function and compare it with what is on the market. If you aren’t sure about which works best with your drill, you can seek advice from many online forums or specialist retailers. In general, most drill bits fit the standard drills that most people have, all our top picks are designed to be used in standard drills.

Bit material

The bits can be fashioned from different materials in order to penetrate through various materials. There are those made from low carbon steel which is inexpensive and requires regular sharpening. Others are made of High-Speed Steel (HSS) that are great at working with metal, ceramic and wood. HSS drill bits are the most popular and can be purchased at reasonable prices. Carbide-tipped bits are among the most robust bits made. It can go through most available materials, even stone.

Additional accessories

There are manufacturers that give you extra features with your bits just to make the job easier for you. These extra features will cost you extra pounds, but they will not break your bank. Some of these features as mentioned include bolt extractors, extensions for wider and longer reach, amongst other things. Just make sure that you conduct your research to find out if indeed you need the additional features. These are usually included in larger sets, which our reviews don’t include because we are focusing solely on the best drill bits only.

Price of the bits

How much you are willing to spend depends on the work that you need to get done. There are bits that are sold separately simply because they accomplish a certain special function and are generally expensive so would cost a lot of money as a set. If you need a basic package of a few bits to get some work done, it is possible. There are those professionals who require an entire set of bits. These come at a different price depending on the manufacturer and more important the quality. Look at the budget that you are working with and decide. You can decide to buy the bits in stages until you get the whole set all though this can be more expensive. If you only need a couple of sizes, it can be cheaper to invest in just the sizes you need instead of shelling out on a set that includes sizes that you will probably never use.

In terms of prices, sets can range from £10 for a good set ideal for home DIY projects to over £50 for a decent professional set, specialist drill bits can even cost in excess of £20 per bit if not more. We found that a good set of around 10 drill bits would cost around £15 to £25 and would be perfect for most people.

Now you know what to look out for when purchasing drill bits, below is our Top 5 Recommended Drill Bits For Metal, which after looking at over 20 potential sets and doing many hours of intensive research, we have narrowed down to just 5, of the best sets which we think, are the best drill bits for drilling through metal.

Final Conclusion

Seeing that drills are not going anywhere in the near future. It is only feasible that all drill related features need to be top of the range. A powerful drill and powerful bits are a match made in heaven.

You will find yourself working with such pleasure that it might not seem like work anymore. Remember, the stronger the bit the more penetrative power it has.

Below is a quick round up of some of our favourite drill bit sets:




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