Best Electric Staple Gun Reviews – The Top 5 Models and Comparisons

Last updated on June 21st, 2021

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Electric staple guns come in many forms, from tacking fabrics with simple staples to more commercial tasks such as using nails instead of staples, we look at the 5 top models and see how they compare.

Perhaps you are more acquainted with the traditional manual stapler, and you will notice that it differs greatly from an electric stapler. Unlike manual staplers, electric staplers don’t require physical force to get the job done. In fact, the biggest advantage of an electric stapler is the ease of use and convenience they provide. They also have a high level of precision. As such, you’ll not have to worry about jamming or staples not penetrating into the materials. Those with joint aliments or arthritis will especially find these tools quite handy as unlike manual models that do require a lot of pressure to pull the trigger, electric models do not.

If you use a manual stapler several times a day, it can lead to sore hands, fatigue and even wrist problems in the long term. That’s why you need to upgrade to an electric stapler as soon as possible, of which there are both corded and cordless models available. Whilst it may be tricky to choose amongst the various brands available, our guide and electric stapler reviews will simplify things for you.

We’ve narrowed our lineup to the 5 best electric staplers on the market today. Before we continue to the reviews, let’s take a look at why electric staplers have become so popular. To those who haven’t used this tool yet, we’ll explain how to use an electric stapler safely later on.

Before we do, you will see we have awarded the ‘Stanley TRE550Z Electric Stapler’ the winner of our ‘Best Pick’. After hours of research, we came to the conclusion that it would be the best model for most people. Want to see more options for DIY enthusiast and professionals, carry on reading!


Stanley TRE550Z Heavy Duty Electric Stapler
Perfect for a range of jobs as it can be used with both staples and nails. An ideal electric staple gun that is brilliant on a wide range of materials thanks to its high and low adjustments. Features an anti-jam function that is sure to save you time and hassle when using. The only model that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The 5 best electric staple guns for DIY and professional projects

  1. Stanley TRE550Z Heavy Duty Electric Staple Gun – OUR BEST PICK
  2. Rapid Electric Staple Gun – RUNNER UP
  3. Tacwise 1038 Electric Staple Gun
  4. Bosch PTK 3.6 LI Cordless Tacker – BEST CORDLESS PICK
  5. Tacwise Duo 35 Electric Staple/Nail Gun

Electric Stapler Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best electric stapler requires some extra knowledge of these tools and that way you’ll be in a position to differentiate the best electric staple gun from the mediocre staplers.

Basics of an electric stapler

Modern innovation has made electric staplers compact and lighter than ever, which implies they can be used by more people than before. They have one major advantage over heavy manual staplers, ease of use and convenience. No more sore hands.

Rather than requiring manual force to get the staple or nails through materials such as fabric, leather and more importantly into the wood in situations such as fastening fabric to furniture etc.

Electric staplers are usually corded electric or cordless (these are usually more expensive but offer more freedom) and the battery-powered staple gun either use alkaline batteries but the best models are fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which has a longer run time and faster charging time. We found that a single charge can give you a huge number of stapling events and that’ll be a great incentive for your money.

Advantages of an electric stapler

  • Easy to use when compared to manual staplers: if you have ever used a manual stapler you will know that it can be very hard to pull the trigger, especially if you have smaller or weaker hands. They really do take a lot of pressure and force to use. However, electric staplers require very little pressure to fire the staples into materials and less force making them much easier to use.
  • Speed: As they take less effort you can usually finish a task much more quickly than you can with a manual model as you can work at a faster pace with ease.


Rapid Electric Staple Gun
Nothing beats the Rapid Electric Staple Gun for achieving those high-end DIY applications. This cordless staple gun fires both staples and nails into a variety of materials with maximum power and, of course, gives you freedom of movement. Furthermore, it’s supplied with ready to use staples and brad nails of varying lengths along with a battery charger and carry case. The overall build of this tool is also exceptional and it’s covered with a 2-year warranty.

The Top 5 Electric Stapler Reviews

1. Stanley TRE550Z Heavy Duty Electric Staple Gun


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Stanley 0-TRE550 Heavy Duty Electric Staple/Nail Gun

The Stanley TRE550Z Heavy-Duty Electric Stapler is a corded electric heavy-duty stapler and brad nail gun that will enable you to complete various diverse projects easily. It offers two power settings (high and low) to enable you to get the best attachment outcomes on various distinctive materials whilst having a pretty affordable cost.

Is stapling in tight spots a problem? The Stanley TRE550Z has a flush-nose design that allows it to staple into such areas. It has a contoured grip that makes it easy and comfortable to handle. You can drive staples into hard and soft surfaces with the push of the trigger and your hand won’t get tired after only a few stapling events like is the case when using a manual staple gun. The tool also weighs slightly under 1kg so you won’t feel fatigued quickly which is a common problem when using heavy manual staplers.

The power of this staple gun is enough to drive down staples and brads of 1/2’’, 9/16’’ and 5/8’’ into plywood and MDF. The gun has been specially designed to accept heavy-duty 0-TRA7 series staples and brads and they can be easily inserted for faster loading. It even has a low-brad indicator window which gives you the ability to see when to reload which is a very useful feature.

Most of the time when using a staple gun, you might have some issues with staples that get stuck inside instead of being driven into the surface. The Stanley TRE550Z is equipped with an anti-jam mechanism that prevents jamming. As a corded model, it comes with an 8ft cord which makes it quite useful in a standard office, at home or even in a small workshop.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty but you have to be careful as improper use of this tool can invalidate the warranty.


  • Comes with an extra-long cord for ease of use.
  • Features an anti-jam mechanism.
  • It can be used as a stapler or nail gun.
  • It offers improved comfort due to its ergonomic soft-grip handle.
  • Easy and quicker loading of staples and brads.
  • Adjustable Hi/Lo setting for use on hard or soft materials.
  • Features a low-brad indicator window so you know when to reload.
  • Lifetime warranty for full peace of mind.


  • It vibrates slightly when you are pressing down to insert a staple or brad.
  • Not ideal for thicker surfaces or in professional trade situations.

Our recommendation

The Stanley TRE550Z Heavy Duty Electric Staple is a great addition to anyone’s toolbox. It is ideal for light to medium-duty DIY jobs around the house but not for industrial application. The advantage of this tool is that it can be used as a stapler or brad gun and it offers easy loading of accessories. You can use this tool on hard or soft materials due to its adjustable settings but we don’t recommend it for thicker materials.

The only issue with this tool is a slight vibration that may cause your first few insertions not to go in as deep as intended. But once you get used to the tool, you’ll be able to complete your projects quickly.

For the price of this multi-purpose tool, we feel you are not going to find any other high-powered and effective gun for the money. The Stanley TRE550Z offers excellent flexibility that can get a lot of your projects done. You also cannot ignore the very impressive lifetime warranty Stanley also include with this model.

Overall, good quality, effective for most tasks and offers excellent value for money, with this in mind it was difficult not to award this model our ‘Best Pick’ award, as it is a brilliant little staple gun if not abused.

If you are looking for a more heavy-duty model we would recommend considering the Rapid Electric Staple Gun (we have reviewed this further down the article) or the cheaper but also impressive, Tacwise 1038 Stapler.

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2. Rapid Electric Staple Gun


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Rapid BTX530 Electric Staple Gun, Battery, For Furniture Upholstery, Textiles, Carpet and Leather. No. 53 Staples and No.8 Brads

The Rapid Electric Staple Gun is a battery-powered tool designed for the DIY enthusiast that is looking for a quality staple gun. The range of applications of this tool are unlimited and include fixing upholstery and textile, fixing carpets and tin wood materials and even leather.

Designed for everyday use, the tool features an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue compared to a manual staple gun. The tool accepts both staples and brad nails; no. 53 staples 6-14mm length and no.8 brad nails 15mm length respectively. Whilst sometimes you might get confused about which staples or nails to buy for a staple tool, this Rapid model features a colour-coded system for easy selection of accessories and purchasing.

It uses 1 Li-ion battery (included) and that gives you free movement wherever you want to work. The battery lasts quite a long period of time and can take weeks to run out if it is only used occasionally. Adjustable pressure allows you to drive staples and nails into materials of different thicknesses while using the ideal pressure. A safety nose prevents accidental firing for added safety.

The overall build of this tool is excellent as it features a high quality plastic and steel body for durability. On top of that, it comes in a practical carrying case along with useful accessories. The box contains one battery pack, charger, 200 staples and 200 brad nails. With a weight of 1.1kg plus an ergonomic handle, the tool enables you to work with maximum comfort.

The tool comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind so should anything go wrong you can get a replacement without too much hassle.


  • Long battery life.
  • Adjustable pressure for different material and thickness.
  • Supplied with a storage case.
  • Comes with staples and brad nails.
  • Battery and charger included.
  • Durable plastic and steel body.
  • 2-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • During storage, the battery must be removed from the body.
  • It doesn’t come with a spare battery.

Our recommendation

The Rapid Electric Staple Gun is quite a powerful and easy to use machine that lets you work almost everywhere, thanks to the integrated battery. It comes with staples and nails which means it’s a ready to use tool and its adjustable pressure mechanism makes it ideal for working on different materials.

We like the sturdy construction of this tool of which the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty to show their confidence in the quality. The supplied carry case will be extremely useful during storage and seems to be of decent quality as you would expect from higher quality tools.

The major downside of this tool concerns the battery. For one, it must be removed from the tool for proper storage in the carrying case. Secondly, it would have been better if it came with a spare battery because sometimes the battery runs out while you still need some extra minutes to finish a job. However, that does not distract from the performance of this tool. If you are looking for a powerful, durable and high-performance tool, the Rapid Electric Staple Gun is a great choice for the price.

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3. Bosch PTK 3.6 LI Cordless Tacker


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PTK 3,6 LI

The Bosch PTK 3.6 LI Cordless Tacker is powered by an integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery and it is a portable stapler that will help you fasten a wide range of materials including fabrics, card and other materials. In fact, the range of applications extends to fixing carton, canvas, felt, foil, wood, foamed material, paper, leather, cork, textiles, and more, in fact, any materials that not too thick or too hard will staple with ease.

The tool comes with an integrated 3.6V Li-ion battery that will drive more than 400 staples with a single full charge. We really like that it has a brilliant green-red LED signal that indicates the status of the battery. It shows green when the battery has enough power and turns red when the charge level goes below 30%, so you know when it’s about to run out. Also supplied with this tool is a power supply unit for recharging the built-in battery.

It features a two-stage Push and Release system that enables complete control of the stroke release for the precise positioning of staples. The trigger only releases the shot by pressing down the tacker nose onto the material. It features a bottom loading magazine that allows easy loading with exactly one strip of staples and rules out overfilling. There is even a viewing window that shows the filling level of the magazine.

The Bosch PTK weighs only 0.8kg which makes it an incredibly lightweight tool. It is even much more manoeuvrable due to its ergonomic and compact design. There’s a soft grip on the top of the machine which minimises the risk of the user losing grip and thus control of the tool. Actually, the entire design of this tool reveals the professionalism behind the Bosch brand.

There is a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product that can be extended to 3 years upon registration after purchase, so ensure you do this to take advantage of the full 3 years.


  • Unlimited area operation due to its cordless nature.
  • Ideal for a wide range of materials.
  • Lightweight stapler with only 0.8kg weight.
  • Convenient handling due to its ergonomic and compact design.
  • Drives many staples with one full charge – 400 staples.
  • It has a battery status indicator.
  • Supplied with 1,000 Bosch staples 53, 8mm.
  • 3 Years warranty when you register online.


  • Can be difficult to get into tight areas.
  • Low battery life but does have a warning indicator are fast charge time.
  • No power adjustment feature.

Our recommendation

The Bosch PTK 3.6 LI Cordless Tacker is a great tool for its wide application on a range of materials. The tool is cordless and that means it can be useful anywhere at home or in an office. Another positive thing is the lightweight and ergonomic design which adds to the general user comfort. A battery status indicator is quite a handy feature so you can always know when to charge it, a simple but very useful feature to ensure your not caught out.

There are some downsides to it too. For instance, it’s a bit hard to work in tight spots but may not be an issue for most people. The battery also doesn’t last long so you can’t escape frequent recharging, not too much effort but you obviously don’t have this problem with corded models.

Another thing is that there’s no power adjustment feature and in any case, the tool is not the most powerful stapler we have reviewed. However, if you are looking for a tool that will enable you to staple various materials, the Bosch PTK 3.6 LI Cordless Tacker with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery is an excellent selection and very well priced making it excellent value for money and probably within most peoples budgets.

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4. Tacwise 1038 Electric Staple Gun


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Tacwise 1038 Staple gun Hobby 53EL Kit with a Staples remover and 4000 fixings

The Tacwise 1038 Electric Staple Gun is among the very best in performance across a comprehensive range of fastening tools. The gun fires 53 Type DIY staples in sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14mm are perfect for fastening upholstery, fabrics and other materials. It can also be used with 180/15mm nails which are ideal for fixing carpet underlays and other heavier tasks. The easy-to-hide staples are also ideal for applications such as canvas and upholstery where a discrete finish is required.

The tool is compact with an ergonomic handle which makes repetitive stapling tasks easy and comfortable. Jobs such as insulation, picture framing, wire fencing, carpeting, and insulation will find their match. At 1.6kg, it’s light yet a bit heavier than some other models on our list. Still, this tool will allow you to work comfortably without fatigue.

Another useful addition to this tool is the staple remover. This might be useful when you want to remove staples from previous work or undo mistakably done staples. It also comes with 4,000 fixings along with 53 staples and 180 nails. Driving staples or nails using this tool requires very little pressure, unlike a manual staple gun.


  • Supplied with a staple remover.
  • Comes with 4,000 fixings including 53 staples and 180 nails so ready to use for most jobs out the packaging.
  • Ideal for a variety of applications.
  • Easy to use and has a comfortable handle.


  • The cord isn’t that long and would be better with a longer cable for better reach.

Our recommendation

The Tacwise 1038 Electric Staple gun is a great DIY electric staple gun and the fact that it’s described as “perfect for hobby crafts” implies that it’s not meant for heavy-duty jobs. Nevertheless, it comes with essential accessories that will get your jobs done quickly. The staple remover is also a great addition whilst the tool is also easy to use and feels comfortable in hand.

However, the cord is quite short and that’s a bit limiting since you must be near mains power to use the tool or use an extension lead. It is also not the most powerful staple gun that you’ll utilise for tough projects yet it’s an excellent choice for casual jobs.

Overall a great alternative to our ‘Best Pick’ and includes a good range of staples and nails so you can get to work straight away.

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5. Tacwise Duo 35 Electric Staple/Nail Gun


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Tacwise 1165 Master Nailer Duo 35, Type 91 & 180 Electric Staple/Nail Gun

This is a next-generation, higher spec stapler and nailer tacker from one of our favourite manufacturers Tacwise. The Tacwise Duo 35 Electric Staple/Nail Gun is an impressively versatile and high-performance tool for jobs such as woodworking, shopfitting tasks, fastening down flooring, erecting garden buildings (such as sheds) and kitchen assembly applications making it perfect for kitchen fitters and joiners.

With a magazine capacity of 100 staples and 100 nails, the Tacwise Duo 35 has been designed with a quick-release catch that makes reloading simple and quick. The dual functionality of this tool allows you to fire Tacwise 91 series staples 15-30mm as well as Tacwise 180 nails 15-35mm with stunning results and a good firm hold. You can easily switch between staples and nails without any tool adjustment, thus increasing the range of capabilities of this tool making it a true multi-purpose tool.

There is a flip-open nail gate that allows you to eliminate the unlikely jam of staple or nail easily and quickly and thus minimising downtime. You can simply flick it open, clear and get rid of jammed fixing and you’ll be ready to proceed within seconds.

Tacwise regards safety as a top priority (as do we) when choosing the best tools and so its good to see they have installed a 3-Tier Safety System which includes; an on/off switch, a power light indicating on/off and a nose safety device that must be pressed against the material for the machine to fire. The total weight of the Tacwise Duo 35 is considered manageable, however, there are other more lightweight tools than this but these are aimed more at domestic tasks. Also worth mentioning is that it comes in a compact carry case which provides convenient storage when you’re done using the tool.


  • Large magazine capacity; 100 nails and 100 staples.
  • Supplied in a carry case.
  • Features a 3-Tier safety system.
  • Designed to minimize downtown thanks to an open nose gate.
  • Versatile and easy to use.


  • Some reports of jamming, this could be caused by improper use though.
  • Not usable with one hand if you want to fire nails.

Our recommendation

The Tacwise Duo 35 Electric Staple/Nail Gun looks great on the first impression and it comes in a nice case. It packs some awesome features such as a large magazine and a 3-Tier safety system. Furthermore, it offers dual functionality. Great.

Diving into the real work, this tool has been found to jam more frequently than you might expect. You’ll probably waste a few staples and nails at the hands of the Tacwise Duo 35. Flushing nails is also not possible with one hand while it can leave marks on some materials as well.

Tacwise says the tool is a great choice if you need a versatile machine to cover a wide range of fixing tasks but you will have to put this to the test and see how it performs. Overall not a bad product but certainly not faultless.

We would still recommend this model as it does have plenty of power and is very versatile and hard to find a similar model that is better without shelling out on the much more expensive full-blown nail guns.

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Our Final Conclusion

With our guide and reviews, we trust you’ll now be able to find the best electric stapler for your specific needs and get the best value for your investment.

Despite the fact that staplers may appear to be identical, they’re not, and the quality of the stapler should never be overlooked. Below is a quick round up of some our favourite and top recommended picks.



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