Top 6 Best Scroll Saws – Detailed Comparison and Detailed Reviews

Top 6 Best Scroll Saws – Detailed Comparison and Detailed Reviews

Top 6 Best Scroll Saws – Detailed Comparison and Detailed Reviews

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Best Scroll Saws and Reviews

When you see some stunning wooden craft pieces, you probably wonder how they were made. It is a scroll saw that professional woodworkers uses to design astonishing projects. Scroll saws are small power tools that are very handy for cutting and creating intricate designs and curves.

The tool can either be electric or pedal-operated. It can also be used by DIY enthusiasts since they are user-friendly, allowing easy control for amateur woodworkers. Besides from wood working, scroll saws can also be used for cutting other materials too such as metal and plastic. The accuracy of a scroll saw gives you complete control over your workpiece. They are also relatively low in noise output so they do not distract other people within the surrounding.

As good as they are, choosing the best scroll saw can be a bit confusing. With our scroll saws buyer’s guide and scroll saw reviews, you will be in a good position to select a standout scroll saw for your project. Now dive into the meat and learn more about these tools. Below is a gist of our best pick which we consider the best scroll saw for most people bath amateur and professional.

Scheppach Sd 1600F Decoflex Scrollsaw Review
  • Features variable speed: 550 – 1650RPM.
  • Tiltable table for making bevel cuts.
  • Work light for enhanced visibility.
  • Highly multi-functional tool: used for cutting, grinding, polishing and more.
  • Accepts all pins and coping saw type blades.
  • 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Scroll Saw Buyers Guide

There are numerous aspects to consider before buying a scroll saw. Cost is not the most determining element. This short buyer’s guide will enable you steer in the right direction in the event that you are looking for a decent, if not the best scroll saw in your budget range.

If you want to jump straight to the Top 6 Scroll Saws just quickly scroll down to see how reviews and recommended models

What to look for when buying a scroll saw

  • Adjustable speed control - A variable speed is vital when working with tools that cut various materials. This is simply on the grounds that different materials require different cutting speeds for a smooth and expert cut. Any decent scroll saw gives a cut that requires little to no sanding because the cut is already clean and shiny. You can alter your ideal speed by taking visual cues on the completed cut.

    It is not just the materials that need variable speeds, woodworkers scroll at different speeds too. Some like to take things slow while others like operating at maximum speed. The speed control switch/knob should also be located right next to your power switch. However, it is a good idea that the speed switch and power switch are separate rather than having a combo switch.
  • Throat size - The primary term that you need to know in a scroll saw is “throat size”. You may look at the product description and see “30-inch scroll saw” or “16-inch scroll saw”. This specification refers to the distance from the rear of the blade to the “back” of the saw. You need to know this measurement because it determines the length that you can cut – usually double the length of the throat measurement. For instance, a 30-inch scroll saw will make a 60-inch cut on wood.

    Beginners are better off with a 16-inch scroll saw while experienced woodworkers can go for 20-inch or 21-inch scroll saws. In the event that you buy a 30-inch scroll saw, you will simply be flaunting. In any case, go for whatever that suits your needs.
  • Table tilt - Most scroll saws come with a tiltable table that enables making angled cuts. They can regularly be tilted to a 45 degree for achieving those calculated cuts. In spite of that fact, you don’t really need to pick a model with a tiltable table. Since you can without much of a stretch tilt your material for a similar outcome, it can be a smart idea to have this choice.
  • Working table - You also need to consider the size of your work table. Does it provide enough room to work on a piece comfortably? This is important since you need to be able to spin the workpiece freely and have it completely supported whilst you are cutting.

    In addition to size, you should make certain that the material and surface of your work table is extremely smooth so as not to create resistance when trying to work and move a workpiece. Still, the table should be sufficiently solid to hold the material you are cutting. Try to avoid a wooden table and go for steel or aluminium.
  • Dust disposal - Working with wood will perpetually create a considerable amount of sawdust. Since a scroll saw has a small blade, it does not necessarily create a lot of dust but will eventually accumulate with a great deal of cutting. Therefore, pay attention to models that have a dust disposal mechanism that removes the waste from the cutting line making it easier to see what your doing.
  • Blade types - There exist different types of blade for scroll saws and each type is adapted to a particular kind of cutting on certain materials. The finish cut will majorly depend on the blade you are using. Standard tooth blades have their teeth spaced out evenly. Others skip one tooth after every other and thus known as skip-tooths. Double-tooth blade types have larger spacing and good when using lower speeds. Most blade packings have the blade specifications and tell you what they do exactly.
  • Blade change mechanism - Just like any material cutting tool, you will come to a point when you will need to change the blade. Pick a model that makes it easy for you to replace an old blade with a new one. The best models make blade changing a bliss and without the use of any tools.
  • Blade tensioning - Every good scroll saw ought to have a way of tightening or loosening the blade. It is important that the blade isn’t too tight or loose. A very tight blade is likely to snap off while the opposite will lead to inaccuracy and less straight cuts. However, you can never if the blade is properly adjusted other than using it. Blade tensioning is a skill that you’ll have to learn over time.

    The mechanisms for blade tensioning are also different; some have levers, some feature cams while others have knobs. Once you have an optimal tension on the workpiece on the table, you will realize that you achieve a clean and professional cut. Most often, you won’t even need to finish sand the piece because of the glossy cut.
  • Blade storage - Considering you will have many different shapes and styles of blades for your scroll saw, you will have to figure out where to store them. If you find a model with a built-in storage for blades, then that would be a plus.
  • Blade rocker arm type - This is the thing that gives the blade the up and down motion or simply the strokes. Some tools have one solid arm that stretches from the front to the back and handles the movement of the blade. Scroll saws with a single arm tend to be a bit budget friendly. Other scroll saws have smaller arms which also create less vibration on the working table.
  • The hold down foot - Is the hold down foot strong enough to hold the work-piece? It’s also good that it is adjustable. This feature is especially handy for beginners while pros may feel no need to use it as it may break delicate pieces rather than help handle the work piece.
  • Tool support - Most scroll saws come with their own stands. You want to be certain that you work at a comfortable height, not too high or too low. You can also find commercial stands with adjustable legs or even make your own stand.
  • Work lights - It is not a must-have feature but when if available, it can be really useful when working in a dim room. If you have a bright work room, then you don’t necessarily have to look for this bonus feature.
  • Lubrication - This might possibly be an issue, yet we unquestionably need you to be all around informed. Some scroll saws have greaseless bearings and bushings while others need lubrication or recommend it after several uses.

Best Beginner’s scroll saw

Dremel Moto-Saw MS20 - 2-in-1 Compact Scroll Saw Review

If you’ve just started woodworking, the Dremel Moto-Saw MS20-1/5 2-in-1 Compact Scroll Saw is a neat and well-made tool that will take you through orientation. It is generally easy to use and this includes setup, accessory changing and storage.

It is a dual function model that you can use on a stationary workbench or as a handheld tool somewhere else. It doesn’t vibrate a lot, at least if you go with slow speeds, so you will make precise cuts.

The guide rails and parallel guide will also be useful for accuracy. In general, this scroll saw has some interesting features and you probably can’t get any other better at less than £100 and it comes with a 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.


Scheppach Sd 1600F Decoflex Scroll Saw Review


Scheppach Sd 1600F Decoflex Scrollsaw Review

Scheppach Sd 1600F Decoflex Scrollsaw

The Scheppach Sd 1600F Decoflex Scrollsaw is different from others scroll saws in one extraordinary component that is intended to enhance the cutting precision additionally abbreviate the time required for cutting diverse subtle elements. All things considered, this idiosyncrasy is an adaptable drive shaft with a collet chuck that can be attached to the tool’s motor. By so doing, you can transform the scroll saw into a dremel tool that you can utilise for cutting, grinding, finishing and removing some minor burrs from wood.

That’s not all; the tool comes with a set of different accessories that will enable you to transform your carving ideas to reality. The Scheppach Sd 1600F Decoflex Scrollsaw comes with adapters for pin-less blades clamping. In the event that you spend some time to fix the blades in the adapters in advance and put them in special groovings, you will dependably have them at hand and will have the capacity to change them in a matter of seconds.

There is an electronic speed control that ensures that you match an ideal speed to a corresponding material. A sturdy parallel arm along with a large, polished, aluminium table top, together with a workpiece holder ensures optimum safety while working. The scroll also features an adjustable work light (switched on separately) which guarantees great visibility and a suction connection piece which ensures a clean work environment. It should not go unspoken that this product comes with a 2-year warranty.

Other specs

  • No load speed – 400 – 1600RPM
  • Cutting length – 405mm
  • Cutting height – 50mm
  • Sawblade length – 133mm
  • Table tilt – 0 – 45 degrees
  • Weight – 15kg


  • Solid construction.
  • Variable speed.
  • Possible to make angled cuts due to a tiltable table.
  • Comes with a work light for improved visibility.
  • Accepts all pins and coping saw type blades.
  • Fitted with a standard dust blower.
  • Guaranteed clean work thanks to a suction connection.
  • 2 year warranty.


  • The adaptors for the pin-less blades are a bit fiddly.

Final conclusion

The Scheppach Sd 1600F Decoflex Scrollsaw is a solid tool for scrolling but what even makes it interesting is the way it transforms to perform some other handy tasks. Aside from that, it does have some crucial features that you need in the best scroll saw.

The standouts are the work light, air blower and adapters for pin-less blades clamping. However, the last poses a bit of a challenge since it has some awkward small grub screws tightened with Allen keys. Apart from that little flaw, the Scheppach Sd 1600F Decoflex Scrollsaw is an iconic tool with many innovative features.

With all things considered, we felt it only right to name this model the winner of our 'Best Pick Award'. Its a little more expensive then some of the other models but well worth the extra investment.

Dremel Moto-Saw MS20-1/5 2-in-1 Compact Scroll Saw Review

**Perfect For Small Scale Craft & Beginners**

Dremel Moto-Saw MS20 - 2-in-1 Compact Scroll Saw Review

Dremel Moto-Saw MS20 - 2-in-1 Compact Scroll Saw

The Dremel Moto-Saw MS20-1/5 2-in-1 Compact Scroll Saw is an easy-to-use and compact tool for making intricate cuts in different materials. It comes with a range of different blades which ensures that you can cut a variety of materials; softwood, hardwood, laminate, PVC and soft sheet material. The largest blade is the sturdiest and best for wood. The finest is good for metal and will not cut wood precisely since it sheers off at an angle.

This scroll saw is mains-driven so it generates so much power and for long periods. A standout feature of this scroll saw is its detachable fretsaw which allows the tool to be used not just stationary but also in-hand anywhere. It additionally comes with a clamp that holds it firmly on a workbench.

You will have to be patient with this tool when it comes to making straight cuts. The good thing is that it comes with a parallel guide attachment to assist in making straight cuts up to 18mm. The worst mistake you can do is to force the material into the blade. Simply allow the blade to do the work and it’s pretty quick. It is also easy to make curved cuts while holes need pilot drilling first before fitting the blade through.

The saw features variable speed control, from 1.500 to 2.250 RPM, which means you can match an ideal speed to the project at hand. A vacuum cleaner nozzle is another great addition. It fits perfect to an external vacuum cleaner to ensure that all the dust or shavings are collected effectively.

This tool is generally easy to use, from setup to accessory change. A carry case is included in the package and it offers a great way to store the saw, unless you are lucky enough to mount it permanently on your work table. There is also a hold down foot which helps a lot in reducing vibration. The box comes with the following:

  • 1 Moto-Saw
  • 2 General purpose wood cutting blades
  • 2 Fine wood cutting blades
  • 1 Metal cutting saw blade
  • 1 Parallel guide
  • 1 Base
  • 1 Clamp


  • Variable speed.
  • Supplied with a range of blades for cutting different materials.
  • Quick accessory change.
  • Easy setup.
  • Comes with a parallel guide attachment for straight cuts.
  • Comes with a clamp for firm placement.
  • Dual functioning – works as stationary and handheld tool.
  • Includes a vacuum cleaner nozzle for dust extraction.


  • There’s no guide to tell what speed is ideal for what material.
  • The user guide could be better.

Final conclusion

The Dremel Moto-Saw MS20-1/5 2-in-1 Compact Scroll Saw is a well-built, easy-to-use and compact tool meant for making detailed cuts in a variety of materials, thanks to the numerous blades supplied with the tool. Supplement that with its variable speed and a parallel guide, the tool will allow you to effectively cut on different pieces and achieve clean cuts.

The clamp is also a good feature for holding your tool firmly in place. Furthermore, this scroll saw performs as a stationary and handheld tool so you’ll have enough freedom to work about anywhere. Dust disposal is also possible thanks to the vacuum cleaner nozzle.

What we didn’t like is the lack of a speed guide so basically you don’t know the correct speed for a particular operation. The instructions are also not the best.

That said, the Dremel Compact Scroll Saw is an ideal tool for small-scale craft or hobby applications. It is better than good when used as intended but not perfect. You will find this at a pretty affordable price making it a great option for anyone on a budget.

On amazon this model has over 90 reviews most of which are very good and positive further confirming how good this tool is.

Einhell TC-SS 405 E 120W Scroll Saw Review

Another Great Budget Pick at under £100

Einhell TC-SS 405 E 120W Scroll Saw Review

Einhell TC-SS 405 E 120W Scroll Saw

The Einhell TC-SS 405 E 120W Scroll Saw is known for its easy operation, safe handling and precision cuts. First, it’s made with a solid base which promotes stable placement. Stability is very important when precise cuts need to be made. Second, the metal work table is tiltable to 45 degrees and 90 degrees so making those angled cuts and sharp edges is possible. It offers a maximum cutting height of 20mm at 45 degrees while 90 degree cuts go to a max of 52mm.

Another thing that makes this scroll saw quite useful is the provision of 2 blades. To be precise, the tool works with saw blades with T-shaft and coping saw blades, so it’s quite versatile. The coping saw blades are usually designed for precise cutting of intricate or irregular shapes with accurate control. The blade can be electronically controlled to adjust its speed from 400 to 1600 strokes per minute so as to achieve accurate results. A quick release clamp makes blade change easy without the need for extra tools.

It also comes with a workpiece hold-down accessory which ensures the workpiece is securely held in place. Even more, the tool can be affixed directly to a workbench to encourage even more accuracy cutting. A blow-off function keeps the workpiece free of chips and this gives a great view to the workpiece. Therefore, you can easily cut exactly along the marked contours on workpieces. Furthermore, there’s a dust extractor adaptor which will ensure that your workplace is agreeably clean.

Other specs

  • Mains supply – 230V
  • Max power – 120W
  • Stroke height – 14mm
  • Throat – 406mm
  • Diameter of suction adapter – 36mm
  • Size of working table – 408 x 250mm


  • Comes with a tiltable table for easy angled/curved cuts.
  • Easy blade change thanks to a quick-release clamp.
  • Comes with a practical hold-down device.
  • Cuts a variety of materials; wood, metal and plastic.
  • Includes a dust extractor adaptor.
  • Comes with a blow-off device for clear cutting.
  • Adjustable blade speed.
  • Has a solid base for improved stability.
  • Supplied with saw blades.


  • It vibrates at high speeds so workpiece contours can become blurred.
  • The blower function could be better is is adequate.

Final conclusion

This machine comes with some handy features but it’s unfortunate that not all of them are handy in reality. On the good side, the blade speed is adjustable, it has a sturdy base, cuts through various materials, is supplied with 2 blades and cuts perfect at 45 degree and 90 degree angles. However, this you have to do at lower speeds if you want the cuts to be accurate.

On the bad, the tensioning is a bit weak so blades sometimes fall out meaning you have to deal with it carefully. High speeds are also not good with this tool because it starts vibrating then and that will lead to inaccuracy. Even dust extraction and blow-off function are not that good according to some previous users.

Up to that point, we think the Einhell TC-SS 405 E 120W Scroll Saw can be a great choice for making those angled cuts, yet you’ll have some issues to deal with. The tool will work great once you figure out how to cope with its flaws. Not the best model we have seen but does offer excellent value for money at under £100. We have probably been a little harsh and would probably rate it at 4 stars rather then 5. 

Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw 16-inch Review

Unmatched 5 year guarantee included!

Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw Review

Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw

The Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw 16-inch is a solid, accurate and versatile piece of equipment that will be useful in any workshop. A genuine benefit of this saw of this saw is the variable speed which offers the flexibility of cutting a range of different materials. Faster speeds can be used for cutting wood up to 50mm thick while slower speeds are ideal for cutting plastic and non-ferrous metals. Even if you have the speed right, the key to accurate cutting is to watch the blade carefully as it progresses through the workpiece and not push the piece too hard.

Blade changing is pretty quick and easy which is exactly what you need to jump on to the next different workpiece and reduce interruptions to your workflow, especially when cutting intricate pieces. An integral safe feature to this machine is the hold-down clamp which holds the tool in place, making sure the blade stays focused on the marked contours. Another safe feature is the dust blower which eliminates shavings from the workpiece to give you a clear view of the cutting area.

This scroll saw comes with a work light and it’s quite flexible. You can adjust the light to the piece and get rid of infuriating shadows, which can be a stumbling block to precision cutting. The scroll saw comes with a tiltable table that adjusts up to 45 degrees, allowing you to make bevel cuts and even make bowls. There is a dust extraction outlet which when attached to an external vacuum, it helps in getting rid of sawdust and other small chippings.

Last but not least, the Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw 16-inch comes with a 5-year warranty and that tells you that the manufacturer has enough confidence in the quality of this tool.


  • Variable speed.
  • Quick and easy blade changing.
  • Comes with hold-down clamp for stability.
  • Includes a dust blower to promote visibility of the marked contours.
  • Features a flexible worklight.
  • Comes with a tiltable table for making bevel cuts.
  • Includes a dust extraction outlet.
  • Comes with a 5 year guarantee.


  • The dust blower is not effective.
  • Vibrates at full speed.
  • The supplied blades are coarse and not the finest ones in the market.

Final conclusion

The Record Power SS16V is on our list majorly because of its solid construction and we think that’s one of the reasons why it has a impressive 5 year guarantee, 3 years more than most other models. Features such as flexible work light, adjustable speed and tiltable table will generally make for easy cutting and on any angle up to 45 degrees.

However, some of the features don’t execute their functions effectively. For instance, our research found several negatives on the dust blower, something that would’ve been a bonus if it works well. You can’t escape the tool’s vibration at full speeds and so you will have to find an optimal speed that also achieves precision.

So our final word on this tool; it’s a solid scroll saw with great features but needs some improvement. Durability of the overall product, however, is unmatched as if is the 5 year guarantee it comes with.

Proxxon Micromot DSH 2-Speed Scroll Saw Review


Proxxon Micromot DSH 2-Speed Scroll Saw Review

Proxxon Micromot DSH 2-Speed Scroll Saw

The Proxxon Micromot DSH 2-Speed Scroll Saw finds a spot in our lineup as one of the most versatile scroll saw available on the market. The first impressions give an idea that the tool is solidly built for the price. It takes about five minutes to setup on a workbench and get it running. This scroll saw accepts both pin-end and pin-less blades and regardless of the blade you’ll want to clamp, the process will be quick and easy. Furthermore, you will not even require any tools for blade replacement. The scroll saw comes with a set of 5 coarse and fine blades.

This tool is known for superior performance and it has been a popular choice in many setups and applications. The 2-Speed Scroll Saw is said to be the right tool for model building, precision mechanics, mould construction, architectural model building, designing, carpentry (refurbishing antique furniture) and toy manufacturing (puzzles). It is also ideal for learning institutions and training workshops when used with standard saw blades with pin ends. Normal fretsaw pin-less blades can also be securely clamped.

The versatility of this tool extends to cutting various materials which include wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals, Plexiglas, glass fibre, foam, rubber, reinforced plastic, cork and leather. The cutting depth in wood in up to 50mm in wood, 30mm in plastic and 10mm in non-ferrous metals. A slender saw arm of die-cast aluminium allows clear views on the cutting line from the top. In addition, an integral air blower with adjustable air nozzle blows off saw dust for clear visibility.

To make angled cuts possible, the scroll saw features a die-cast aluminium tiltable table (360 x 180mm) that adjusts up to 45 degrees for mitre sawing. There is base housing made of cast steel and it ensures scrolling without vibrations. Another useful feature is the suction connection with vacuum cleaner adaptor for dust-free and clean working.

Other technical specs

  • Mains output – 230V
  • Power output – 205W
  • Speeds – 900 or 1400RPM
  • Stroke length – 19mm
  • Throat length – 400mm
  • Max cutting depth at 45 degrees – 25mm
  • Approximate weight – 20kg


  • Variable 2-speed operation.
  • Accepts both pinned and pin-less blades.
  • Can be used to cut a wide range of materials.
  • Ideal for use in various setups.
  • A slender arm and air blower promote clear visibility.
  • Comes with a sturdy titable table for bevel cuts.
  • Low vibration, high stability and accuracy thanks to a sturdy base.
  • Supplied with a set of coarse and fine blades.
  • Equipped with dust extraction mechanism.
  • 2 Year warranty.


  • Comes with a 2 pin plug so you need to but a earthing adapter plug. Not a deal breaker but something to be a where of.

Final conclusion

There are many scroll saws out there but very few of them are highly versatile. The Proxxon Micromot DSH 2-Speed Scroll Saw makes the cut by offering a 2-speed operation and a range of blades that allow it to cut on a wide range of materials. While most other scroll saws are only limited to cutting wood, some going an extra mile to cutting plastics and non-ferrous metals, this scroll saw does more than that by some distance. Backing up its versatility is a range of features that make for its overall usefulness.

We do have a concern about the durability of the provided Allen key that make it possible to change blades but apart from that, the Proxxon Micromot DSH 2-Speed Scroll Saw is probably one of, if not the best scroll saw out there. The only reason this model was not awarded our best pick is the higher price tag.

Clarke CSS400B 16" Scroll Saw Review

Clarke CSS400B 16inch Scroll Saw Review

Clarke CSS400B 16inch Scroll Saw

The Clarke CSS400B 16” Scroll Saw is ideal for making precise cuts in in wood up to 50 millimetres thick. To make that possible, the scroll features a 400mm throat size with 50mm cutting height. There is an accurate tensioning knob tucked right the bottom back for tightening or loosening the blade to achieve the best results.

It comes with TPI blades of different sizes including 10, 15 and 20 and they all come in packs of ten. This means you can make cuts of different sizes and on different materials. Changing the blades is a breeze and does not require any tools whatsoever. Therefore, with the scroll saw, you can perform even the most delicate craftsmanship faultlessly and change the blades within seconds. The tool can also make angled cuts up to 45 degrees as it comes with a tiltable table. In addition, it has a cast iron solid base that ensures stability, rigidity and precision.

A variable speed control makes it easy to match to a workpiece you are working with and thus assures accuracy and quick performance. Basically, this scroll saw offers efficient operation along with your safety in mind. It’s designed with an adjustable blade guard which protects the user from hand injury and ensures that wooden chips won’t get into your eyes. It additionally integrates an air blower that uses the reciprocating action of the saw to ensure the cutting area is free from debris and dust.


  • Fast and easy blade tensioning.
  • Enhanced safety because of the adjustable blade guard and integrated air blower.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Easy and tool-less blade changing.
  • Supplied with blades of different sizes.


  • Only works well at slow speeds.

Final conclusion

The Clarke CSS400B 16" Scroll Saw is a good scroll saw that comes with essential cutting features but it needs patience. It is especially well-equipped with safety features you would imagine it’s meant for tough cutting jobs yet we find it ideal for hobbyists. It offers some great features for beginners such as variable cutting speeds, easy blade tensioning and tool-less blade changing. You will also be able to make angled cuts up to 45 degrees.

However, this scroll saw will only give you near perfect results if you operate at slower speeds. Also, make sure you countercheck the entire package carefully as some previous users have complained about some items missing, or re-used and such.

Our Final Conclusion

Buying a scroll saw is a brilliant idea for those who need to make sophisticated cuts in a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. If you want to create wood carvings that include edges, it doesn’t get easier than using a scroll saw to achieve the desired angle or edge.

We’ve done our best at providing our honest and unbiased opinions on the scroll saw reviews and we hope you find the best scroll saw for your projects. Below is our summary from the reviews.

Our Best Pick

Scheppach Sd 1600F Decoflex Scrollsaw Review

The Scheppach Sd 1600F Decoflex Scrollsaw is our best scroll saw. It has one unique feature that make sit useful for various applications including cutting, grinding, polishing and others.

Precision cutting is achieved with the help of a work piece holder, flexible work light and air blower. Variable speed control will let you conform speed to the material at hand. You can also make bevel cuts thanks to the tiltable work table.

It also comes at a fair price.

Best Beginner’s scroll saw

Dremel Moto-Saw MS20 - 2-in-1 Compact Scroll Saw Review

If you’ve just started woodworking, the Dremel Moto-Saw MS20-1/5 2-in-1 Compact Scroll Saw is a neat and well-made tool that will take you through orientation. It is generally easy to use and this includes setup, accessory changing and storage.

It is a dual function model that you can use on a stationary workbench or as a handheld tool somewhere else. It doesn’t vibrate a lot, at least if you go with slow speeds, so you will make precise cuts.

The guide rails and parallel guide will also be useful for accuracy. In general, this scroll saw has some interesting features and you probably can’t get any other better at less than £100.

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