6 Best Cordless Screwdrivers – Tested & Reviewed

Last updated on November 29th, 2022

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Have you ever struggled driving screws into the wall to hang a shelf? Or perhaps you’ve faced a room full of flat-pack furniture with hundreds of screws. With a cordless screwdriver, never again will you have to fight with screws or lack the appropriate size screwdriver.

My best cordless screwdriver review takes a look at models for all levels of DIY projects and expertise. I review the best cordless screwdrivers with regard to these features and discuss their pros and cons. I also look in detail at the different features of a cordless screwdriver in my buyer’s guide and explain in what circumstances the features are useful.

Been testing the Bosch PSR Select for well over a year now and never disappoints
I have been testing the Bosch PSR Select for well over a year now and it never disappoints

My Best Pick and the model I now use myself is the Bosch PSR Select Cordless Screwdriver. I love that the attached rotating cylinder of 12 bits means that I am always able to find just the right size bit. For general use, I think this model is probably the best choice for the majority of people and this is why I also chose to use this model myself.

The Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 Cordless Angle Drill is our Professional Pick. Being a drill, it has enough power to be an excellent cordless screwdriver.


My best pick the Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver
Bosch PSR Select Cordless Screwdriver
The Bosch PSR Select makes looking for the right bit a thing of the past as it arrives with a built-in cylinder with 12 different bits that work with most screws, the perfect screwdriver for the home user and DIY enthusiast. With its EasySelect technology, you can change bits by rotating the cylinder until the right one appears. Powered by 3.6V Li-Ion battery, this tool drives up to 90 screws on a full single charge which is more than enough for the average user, plus it features a convenient charge indicator. Also including a work light, automatic spindle lock, and with it's compact and lightweight design, there’s every reason to invest in this cordless driver.

The best cordless screwdrivers that we have reviewed are listed below:

  1. Bosch PSR Select Cordless Screwdriver – MY BEST PICK
  2. Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 Cordless Angle Drill – Professionals Pick
  3. WORX WX255.1 Slide Driver
  4. Makita DF001DW Cordless Screwdriver
  5. Bosch Professional Mx2Drive Cordless Screwdriver
  6. DeWalt DCF680G2 Cordless Screwdriver

Best Professional Choice

Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 Cordless Angle Drill
Our Professional Pick for Best Cordless Screwdriver is the Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 Cordless Angle Drill. This tool has features that let you move beyond just straight driving in of screws.

The batteries of this screwdriver (10.8V or 12V) are compatible with those of the other 12V power tools by Bosch. If you already have a selection of tools by this manufacturer, then this one is a serious consideration.

The awkward and strangely angled areas into which you have trouble placing screws can be accessed now with the Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10. Its relatively slim body, small head (10cm) and five head angles enable you to get into tight spaces at inconvenient angles. The head adjusts from 0 degrees to 90 degrees to cover all contortions needed.

The Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 Cordless Angle Drill is our Professional Pick for the features that make your construction life more convenient and for its powerful 13,000rpm motor.

Also great

WORX WX255.1 Slide Driver
Just like our Bosch model, this too has screwdriver pieces ready to go which can be changed by twisting the barrel and you can change the bits in the cartridge according to your needs which is handy, very well made overall.

It also comes with a screw holder which is handy and makes life much easier.

Probably not the best choice for professional tradesperson but perfect for the DIY enthusiast and has a little less torque than our 'Best Pick'.

Best Cordless Screwdrivers

1. Bosch PSR Select Cordless Screwdriver

BEST PICK – Perfect for the DIY enthusiast

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Bosch PSR Select Cordless Screwdriver test and review
  • Powered by a 3.6v Lithium-Ion battery that provides a long-lasting performance and recharges in only 1 hour.
  • Incorporates 12 ready-to-use bits that are easy to change by rotating the cylinder.
  • Built-in LED work light ensures you are able to see in dim conditions.
  • Fairly compact design and lightweight body – weighs just 500g.
  • Soft-grip handle for comfortable tool handling.
  • Includes an automatic spindle lock, this makes it easier to tighten or loosen screws manually if required.
  • Comes with nice carry case and USB charge cable.
  • 3 Years warranty if you register online (Please note this excludes professional use).

First off, this is the model I now use around my home. The stand out feature here is that it integrates 12 different standard bits that make it very convenient for all basic screwdriving jobs around the house. This covers everything from when I recently built a new log store, driving in 75mm screws to hang my new automatic hose on the wall as well as building a new wardrobe in my daughter’s bedroom. It just makes everything so much easier and faster to do.

Screwing 75mm screws into log store to secure roof with Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver
Screwing 75mm screws into log store to secure the roof with Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver

So what it actually comes with is PH0, PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2, S4, S6, T10, T20, T25, H4 and H5, plus the IKEA bit so it is perfect for building Ikea furniture like I am doing below building a new desk for my daughter’s bedroom.

Using Bosch cordless screwdriver to assemble Ikea furniture

All these can be used for screws up to 5mm in diameter making it perfect for use within the home and most DIY jobs too. 

I find changing the bits is incredibly easy and straightforward to do thanks to Bosch’s innovative EasySelect feature. I really like this and it saves searching around for the screwdriver bits and losing them.

The Bosch PSR Select integrates 12 different standard bits with its quick change barrel
Turn the black barrel to select the right driver bit

This works by rotating the cylinder that is holding the bits until the right bit appears in an opening on the top of the tool. It is quicker and more convenient than conventional screwdrivers that allow the ‘manual’ changing of bits and often fall out.

See which drill bit is selected easily
See which drill bit you have selected

As already mentioned the EasySelect technology also ensures that you have bits at hand, significantly reducing the chance of losing any, plus it saves time searching for the right accessory.

Long-lasting performance and extra torque compared to cheaper models

Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver recharging the light flashed green and go out when fully charged
Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver recharging. The light flashes green and goes out when fully charged

The Bosch PSR Cordless Screwdriver operates on a 3.6V (1.5Ah) Li-Ion battery that can drive around 90 decent-sized screws with one single full charge. There’s an LED battery charge indicator on the top of the PSR and it shows the battery charge condition.

Included charge cable on PSR SELECT - Doesn't include actual plug, I just one of my many USB plugs from smart phones etc.
Included charge cable on PSR SELECT – It doesn’t include an actual plug, I just one of my many USB plugs from smartphones etc.

The power light turns red when the charge is very low, therefore informing you quite easily when it is time to recharge the battery. It will still have some charge left to finish off the screw before charging, again it is better than it going completely dead without giving you any notice.

LED light on Bosch PSR Select screwdriver

In addition, the LED work light comes in handy if you need to illuminate your workpiece. The tool’s 4.5Nm torque is much better than cheaper models that tend to have around 3Mn and a screwing speed of 210rpm provides enough speed for most jobs.

Compact Design with a soft-grip handle

Putting the Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver test
Putting the Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver to the test

Weighing just 500g, this model is less likely to fatigue your hand even if you are working for several hours thanks to its compact design. It is a little bulkier in comparison to some models but this does not seem to affect how comfortable it is to use.

This enhances its ease of use and saves you a lot of effort when undertaking DIY tasks. A slim soft-grip handle with a two-finger trigger, combined with the compact and lightweight design provides a good and comfortable grip on this cordless screwdriver. Consequently, you will have no trouble tackling overhead jobs in confined areas.

One possible concern to be aware of

  • Probably not a problem for the home user, but it is worth noting that this tool has no variable speed setting. With its single-speed and torque, this screwdriver can only do so much, however, it is more than adequate for home use and the odd DIY job.


With easy bit changes being my favourite feature along with the extra torque when compared to cheaper models, the Bosch PSR Select Cordless Screwdriver is one of the easiest to use tools and my top recommended model for the DIY enthusiast looking for a good home use screwdriver. Something better than the average home-type model I have purchased and used in the past.

Cordless screwdriver is less tiring to use than my Ryobi brushless driver
The cordless screwdriver is less tiring to use than my Ryobi brushless driver

I also noticed the lightweight construction of this screwdriver makes it handy to use for extended periods. This is in comparison to my Ryobi brushless drill that I have also been testing at the same time. It feels comfortable in hand due to its soft-grip handle although it does at times feel a little bulky. 

Driving in screws with cordless screwdriver
Driving in screws with the cordless screwdriver

I also like the charge level indicator and power light that are both convenient in their own right. One full battery charge can drive up to 90 screws, not bad for a domestic use model and the battery recharges in around an hour. Let’s not forget how handy the automatic spindle lock can come in at times and this really is a standout feature and worth the extra cost.

Even without variable speed control, this tool is still worth every penny, especially if you are a DIYer like me usually fixing things around the house. Overall, a great cordless screwdriver that I would highly recommend.

Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver in case

2. Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 Cordless Angle Drill


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Info about image for alt text

The Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 Cordless Angle Drill has the features that a serious DIYer or a professional builder wants in a drill/screwdriver.

Electronic Cell Protection technology protects the battery against overloading, overheating or total discharge. The battery has no memory so you can top up its charge whenever you like. The battery charge level indicator has three LEDs to show how much charge you have left in the screwdriver. If you use Bosch HyperCharge, the batteries will charge to 75% of their capacity in half the usual time. 

The Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 is built to make your life easier. At 11mm (4.25 inches) the adjustable head is small enough to get you close to the action. With five different positions, from 0 degrees to 90 degrees to choose from, you can drill a hole or drive in a screw within awkward spaces and at previously inconvenient angles. The motor brake helps you be precise and more efficient when you’re driving in lines of screws.

This drill/screwdriver has one variable speed that goes up to 1,300rpm. This model doesn’t have pre-set torque settings but the torque ranges from 3Nm to 11Nm according to the speed. This is enough power for most professional jobs. The trigger is speed-sensitive; you press lightly to go slowly and harder to go faster, in forward or reverse directions.

  • Needs two 10.8V or 12.0V batteries, these are not included.
  • Weighs 1.2kg (2.6 pounds).
  • Compatible with 10.8V and 12V batteries in the Bosch line of tools.
  • Five head positions from 0 degrees to 90 degrees so you can use it for work at any angle.
  • Short adjustable head (11cm; 4.25 inches) lets you get close to the job underhand.
  • Auto-lock keyless chuck (10mm; 0.4 inches) holds the bits securely.
  • Single variable speed up to 1,300rpm for placing screws or drilling holes in a controlled way.
  • The maximum torque of 11Nm drives through wood easily.
  • Motor brake gives precision when driving in lines of screws.
  • Three-year premium service warranty, including for the charger, if you register online.


  • Screwdriver body is a little bulky and long compared to other makes of similar drills/screwdrivers.
  • No manual torque setting so you have to use the variable speed to control the power.


The Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 Cordless Angle Drill is a professional drill in which you can also drive in screws. As such, it has features for professional work tasks that the average DIY enthusiast may not use.

This is a compact drill/screwdriver that is built to make your job easier. The short head (11cm) has five adjustable settings that range from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. This enables you to get close to the action in difficult or cramped spaces. The keyless auto-lock chuck ensures that the bits remain firmly in the tool.

Pressing the trigger of the Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 starts the drill at a slow speed and pressing it harder increases the speed to a faster 1,300. The torque goes from 3Nm to 11Nm; however, you can’t adjust this manually. Some reviewers have stated that they need to carefully control the speed and power of this screwdriver so they don’t strip the screws. The size and weight of this screwdriver has mixed reviews, with some people finding it bulky and heavy and others saying that it’s alright to handle.

The Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 Cordless Angle Drill makes the work of professionals and home renovators/DIYers easier and more comfortable. This makes it our Professional Pick for cordless screwdrivers.

3. Makita DF001DW Cordless Screwdriver

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At 0.36kg (0.8 pounds) and 28.7cm (11.25 inches) long, the Makita DF001DW is a lightweight and compact cordless screwdriver that is more than capable of any task you have for it around your home and garden.

This screwdriver has a 3.6V/1.5Ah lithium-ion battery for efficiency that provides a speed of 200rpm. The battery is built-in so you won’t lose it where you might if it is kept separately from the screwdriver. The battery protection unit stops the battery from overheating and over-discharging. You can keep everything together – screwdriver and bits – in the carrying case that comes with your purchase. A micro USB-type AC adapter and a cable ensure that you have the right charging equipment for this cordless screwdriver. Charging time is a reasonable one hour.

Included with this model are 81 bits, including hex, Torx, Philips, Pozidriv and crosshead bits, along with the usual array of regular screw bits. You may think this is overkill, but you can confidently be sure that you will be able to screw in whatever comes your way – even flat-packed furniture. The bits are held onto the screwdriver by a magnetic bit holder.

The Makita FF001DW operates in both forward and reverse directions, so removing screws is as easy as screwing them in. You have a choice of two grip positions. For the straight grip, pull out the adjustable hinged handle so the screwdriver is one long tool. This enables you to get into narrow spaces that aren’t wide enough for the pistol grip because the handle is almost perpendicular to the body of the screwdriver. 

The two grip positions, along with the soft-grip handle, add ergonomically to your comfort when using the screwdriver, especially for prolonged periods. For added convenience, the LED job light, with a separate on-off switch, lets you work in dark places such as at the back of a cupboard or under the floorboards.


  • The LED job light lets you undertake DIY jobs in dark corners and in cupboards; has a separate on-off switch.
  • Soft grip handle so your hand muscles won’t cramp up from prolonged use.
  • Speed of 200rpm and torque of 6Nm; more than powerful enough for everyday use.
  • Weighs 0.36kg (0.8 pounds) for a compact tool.
  • Powered by a built-in 3.6V/1.5Ah lithium-ion battery for environmentally friendly use.
  • Battery protection circuit to prevent overheating and over-discharging.
  • Micro USB-type AC Power adapter for charging the battery in 3-5 hours.
  • Bit set of 81 pieces included with this screwdriver that will cover all the jobs that you might need to do.
  • Magnetic bit holder secures the bits in place so you don’t have to search for the one that has fallen out of the screwdriver.
  • Forward and reverse rotation for bi-directional work.
  • Two operating positions – pistol grip and straight – so you can get into odd angles and narrow spaces.
  • A sound level of 70dB is not too noisy for close-up work.
  • Comes with a carry case to store everything in.


  • No battery charge indicator so you don’t know if you’re close to running out of power.
  • Only one speed and one torque setting so you have to run it at full speed and power.
  • Uncomfortable to use in the straight grip position because of the position of the trigger and of the rear switch.


The Makita DF001DW Cordless Screwdriver is a compact and lightweight cordless screwdriver that gives you the ability to do all the tasks around the house involving screws. The 81 bits that come with this screwdriver cover most, or indeed all, of the screws you will probably use in your DIY projects. The LED job light illuminates the dimmest places you need to use the screwdriver in. Alternating between the pistol and straight grip positions on the soft grip handle reduces any stress that you feel on your hand when using it.

This cordless screwdriver has one speed (200rpm) and one torque setting (6Nm) so you don’t have to worry about setting those. However, online reviewers have said that, with this amount of power, you have to be careful not to strip the screws. The lack of an indicator light that shows how much charge is in the battery is a frustration to some reviewers. You only know you need to charge the battery when the screwdriver stops working. And you have to guess how long to recharge the battery for, though reviewers say that 3-5 hours should be enough time. 

The Makita DF001DW Cordless Screwdriver is a solid choice if you are a DIYer and want a powerful cordless screwdriver for your tasks around your home.

4. Bosch Professional Mx2Drive Cordless Screwdriver

Best for trade use

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The Bosch Professional Mx2Drive is a great product that you can carry around with ease, thanks to it's compact size.  If your in the trade then this is ideal, easy to carry, store and up to even the most demanding jobs, At a little under £80 its not cheap, however but if you looking for a reliable cordless screwdriver to use on a daily basis this is ideal.
  • Innovative 2-speed gearbox – fast driving in 2nd gear at 0 – 580 rpm. Precise and flush driving in 1st gear at 150 rpm.
  • Easily sits into your pocket making it easy to carry around on jobs.
  • Lockable bit holder to prevent bits falling out during use.
  • The included multi-charger can charge both 3.6 volt and 10.8-volt batteries within one hour.
  • Includes 2 x 3.6v – 1.3 Ah Li-Ion batteries to ensure you always have power on hand. Charges in only 1 hour too.
  • Very lightweight at only 500g making it easy to use for longer periods of time.
  • 2 Year warranty for full peace of mind, including trade use.

What makes us like this model a lot is that despite it being such a small screwdriver, it produces a lot of power and it has a few very useful features. Many people do not expect these and are impressed from the get-go.

Made to cater to small jobs, the Bosch Professional Mx2Drive Cordless Screwdriver has compact power supplied by Lithium-Ion batteries of which two are included, which is unusual. These batteries are also compatible with other power tools from the same range. Although it comes with the 3.6v batteries and not the 10.8v batteries (which are also compatible) the batteries last for a fair amount of time and can support the power tool for long periods of time. It also features a creative 2 gear speed system that allows two-speed settings, giving you better control. This screwdriver provides a solid 10Nm impact when working on projects so has plenty of torque, much more than home-use type tools.

This screwdriver has an impressive speed permitted by its optimised gear ratio. The first gear delivers 0-150 rpm with precise and flush driving and the second gear delivers an eye-watering 0-560rpm that is capable of delivering the necessary impact needed to drive in your screws. It is extremely compact with its length coming in at around 158mm. It is light to use making it adaptable to be used whilst working for extended periods of time. You can easily just slide it into your pocket and carry it to wherever you need it. It is a very tidy tool to have around.

This tiny screwdriver has the capability of multi-charge. Within the hour you can manage to charge two 3.6V (included) and compatible 10.8V Lithium-Ion batteries (not included) that you may have in other tools if you have other models from the professional Bosch range. This is incredibly handy as you can charge your batteries as you go along working.

The screwdriver powered by these Lithium-Ion batteries has a lockable screw/bit holder that makes sure the bits stay in place during work. Usually, bit holders use different methods of making sure the attachments stay secured during work. If the screwdriver has a loose locking system, or no locking system, just a push-fit for example, common on cheaper models, you can be sure you will get frustrated every time those bits fall to the floor.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • Surprisingly no problems to report with this model, the only real downside is the expensive price tag.


The Bosch Professional Mx2Drive cordless Screwdriver is a great product that you can carry around with ease thanks to its compact size. It is our top pick for anyone looking for a compact, yet powerful cordless screwdriver for professional use.

If you are in the trade then this is ideal, easy to carry, store and up to even the most demanding jobs. It isn’t cheap, however, if you looking for a reliable cordless screwdriver to use on a daily basis this is ideal.

It is a powerful screwdriver that, if properly taken care of and maintained, can serve you for many years to come.

Overall, this is probably one of the best cordless electric screwdrivers within its price range.

A very impressive little compact power tool, we also like the fact that it comes with 2 batteries ready to use and a 1-hour fast charger, essential for a busy tradesman and the 2-year warranty makes it an easy choice to make.

We noted it also had glowing reviews on which we always like to see.

5. WORX WX255.1 Slide Driver

Runner-up home pick

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The WORX WX255.1 Slide Driver is a regular screwdriver with an additional screw holder that many will appreciate. It grips any size screw and lets you work with one hand, and the tool itself is such ergonomic. The supplied bit cartridge with 6 bits is very easy to use in terms of selecting a bit and replacing bits. Li-Ion battery technology is unbeatable and the 4V battery can last through a project without any hiccup. The featured LED lights are pretty useful too.
  • Comes with a retractable screw holder to enhance single-handed operation.
  • Smooth changing between bits with simple slide action.
  • Includes a removable and replaceable bit cartridge, allowing you to customise it to your needs.
  • Uses 4V Max Lithium-Ion battery that recharges quickly.
  • Max torque 3Nm.

For our runner-up model, we are going with the WORX WX255.1 Slide Driver. It doesn’t have quite as much torque as the Bosch model but it does feature a handy screw holder attachment. We think is very useful and it also features a cartridge with 6 driver bits stored in it. This cordless screwdriver runs off a 4V MaxLithium battery that holds its charge much longer than standard batteries. The innovative Li-Ion technology ensures the battery can stay ideal for up to 12 months and be ready for the next job immediately after, which is great for home use as you may only use it occasionally as with all domestic type tools.

It even has an LED power indicator so you know when it needs to be recharged. There’s another LED light mounted at the front for illuminating your work, therefore increasing accuracy in darker work areas such as the dark corners of a cupboard. The reverse function is also available just in case you want to remove a screw for any reason, which is pretty standard.

Detachable cartridge with 6 essential bits

This WORX screwdriver comes with a preloaded cartridge carrying the most common bits including Philips, Torx, Hex, Square recess and Slotted bits. The cartridge holds up to 6 bits and is easy to swap between them. By pulling back the slide top and pushing the cartridge out, you’ll be able to change your bits with any standard 25mm hex bit.

This WORX screwdriver comes with a preloaded cartridge carrying the most common bits including Philips, Torx, Hex, Square recess, and Slotted bits. The cartridge holds up to 6 bits and it’s easy to swap between them.

Removable screw holder

A unique accessory supplied for use with this tool is a retractable screw holder and this is the only model we have seen with this handy feature. This simply attaches to the base of the tool near the head and holds the screws you want to drive in place – perfect for one-handed operation.  Other accessories include a charger and a holster for keeping the tool secure when not in use, which is also handy. 

A unique accessory supplied for use with this tool is a retractable screw holder, this is the only model we have seen with this handy feature. This simply attaches to the base of the tool near the head and holds the screws you want to drive in place – perfect for one-handed operation.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • With a maximum torque of 3Nm, this screwdriver is less powerful than models such as the Bosch PSR Select (4.5Nm).


The WORX WX255.1 Slide Driver is a regular screwdriver with an additional screw holder that many will appreciate. It grips any size screw and lets you work with one hand and makes inserting screws much easier in tight spots, this really comes into its own where you can’t quite get your hands in hold the screw. The tool itself is also very ergonomic and compact compared the to Bosch Model we have reviewed.

The supplied bit cartridge (with 6 bits) is very easy to use in terms of selecting a bit and replacing bits. Li-Ion battery technology is unbeatable and the 4v battery can last through a project without any hiccup. The featured LED lights are pretty useful too. 

All in all, this screwdriver doesn’t have the bells and whistles like the Bosch PSR Select and lacks the extra toque, but it will work for most regular screwdriving applications and is perfect for home use and is a great alternative, especially if you find the Bosch PSR a little bulky.

6. DeWalt DCF680G2 Cordless Screwdriver

Also great for trade

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If your serous about getting the best cordless screwdriver then this model should be carefully considered. Unlike most models which use a trigger, this model is motion activated which takes some getting use to, however it also brilliant and works very well.
  • 16 torque settings so you can set the correct amount of torque.
  • Max torque: 4Nm.
  • Motion-activated, turn right to screw, left to unscrew. (The more you turn, the faster it screws).
  • Powerful long-lasting 7.2v Lithium-Ion batteries (Includes 2).
  • Fast screwing speed at 430rpm.
  • Twin LED lights to make it easier to see in dimly lit areas.
  • 3 x Battery charge indicator led to show how much charge is left.
  • Offer ergonomic solutions so is comfortable to use.
  • Forward and backward motion.

When working with the DeWalt DCF680G2 Cordless Screwdriver you know instantly you are working with a high-quality tool. Cheaper models don’t even come close in terms of power and torque control. It is powered by a powerful 7.2v Lithium-Ion battery and is a very versatile and easy-to-use tool. It takes a little time to get used to using as unlike any other models its actually motion-activated, turn right to screw, left to unscrew, as simple as that.

DeWalt Akkuschrauber DCF680G2

It produces a maximum torque of 4Nm and this is sufficient power to drive in small screws on a simple project. Its design is wonderful and features ergonomic functions that make for easier handling whilst working. It is fairly lightweight at around 500g and can be carried anywhere with ease. It comes with a nice protective case and includes a battery and charger.

This screwdriver has two twin LED spotlights that act as illuminators when working, making it easier to see in dimly lit areas.

It also comprises 16 torque settings, more than any other cordless drills we have reviewed so far. Thanks to the torque settings it has the capability of delivering compact torque and continued accuracy throughout as you are working.

The DeWalt DCF680G2 works at a speed of 430rpm delivering a fast and accurate screwdriver. You won’t spend a lot of time working to get your screws in.

DeWalt Akkuschrauber DCF680G2


This is the most expensive cordless screwdriver on our list. However, it is also one of the best models and being manufactured by DeWalt this is no surprise.

If you are serious about getting the best cordless screwdriver, then this model should be carefully considered. Unlike most models that use a trigger, this model is motion-activated and this can take some getting used to, however, it is also brilliant and works very well.

We especially like the 2 position pivoting handle that gives increased versatility and control. This means it can be used straight like a normal screwdriver or in the drill position like all the other cordless models we have reviewed.

This design is unique and been well thought out, a great model and worth the extra investment if you are after a model to use daily.

It also has the most powerful battery at 7.2v and the most torque settings with 16, so it is very versatile. This model will not disappoint and is the best model overall but it comes at a price.

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How to choose the best cordless screwdriver, buyer’s guide and understanding what the different features mean

Choosing a cordless screwdriver is a fairly easy process for professionals as they have years of experience in using power tools (such as combi drills) even if they have not used cordless screwdrivers before, it means they have an understanding of what all the features mean such as torque, spinal lock, rotation speed, chuck sizes etc.

For those with less experience or just getting into DIY, maybe you just getting started with your first piece of Ikea furniture, we have put together a detailed buyer’s guide that explains the features in more detail so you have an understanding of which features you may need, or in some cases, do not need.

Using cordless screwdriver for testing and comparison

Whatever your budget or skill, we have selected only the best models from a range of prices so whether you are a homeowner, DIY enthusiast or professional tradesperson we have the best cordless screwdriver recommendations for you.

As we have already highlighted our ‘Best Pick’ for the home user and DIY type people, below is a quick summary of our ‘Top Recommendation’ for the professional person looking for a versatile, compact, yet powerful cordless screwdriver for daily use.

Cordless Power Screwdriver Buyer’s Guide

When in search of a cordless screwdriver, ultimately you will have to decide what you will use them for. The smaller screwdrivers are adaptable to small jobs that do not need high impact. They are more portable and handy around DIY projects. The larger cordless screwdrivers tend to weigh more although some are still fairly lightweight at under 500g and compact, they do cost a little bit more. They are more adaptable for heavier projects too and mostly for commercial and professional handymen who work day in, day out.

If your are just looking for an affordable model for home use, you only really need a small compact screwdriver with a built-in rechargeable battery, maybe a rotating drill bits cylinder for extra convenience and a single-speed model should do fine. However, if you need something more advanced, maybe you’re planning your next DIY project then take note of the features below as many could come in handy and are worth taking into consideration.

What will you use it for? Do you need an affordable home model or a professional high-powered model?

Powerfull cordless driver by Ryobi

Your electric screwdriver should be adequate to carry out the tasks that you need it to do. Let’s assume you are in need of a screwdriver that will be able to assemble the furniture that you have just ordered and will be delivered as a flatpack, could be a bed, cupboard, table maybe you are fitting your own kitchen. You need a screwdriver that can ensure you securely fix the furniture together, a home-use model that usually costs around £40-50 will have more than enough power for DIY jobs around the home.

If you are in the market for a heavy-duty power screwdriver for professional use, you will have to consider the voltage, torque and rpm that can provide you with enough impact. You require a lot of impact power to drive in larger screws into more demanding materials such as hardwood or masonry. The higher the torque and speed available, the higher the impact, generally a cordless screwdriver of this calibre will cost you upwards of £60 to well over £100. Any cheaper and it likely will not have the power needed for demanding jobs and driving in longer screws.

Battery life – Built-in batteries vs removable batteries

At times you are put in situations where you require to use your screwdrivers for longer periods. In these cases, you need batteries that can hold power for longer. You want screwdrivers that use durable environmentally friendly batteries. The use of Lithium-Ion batteries is popular in most models as older batteries have been replaced. They are more compact, more efficient, reliable and recharge much more quickly, usually within the hour. Other popular battery types are the ones that use NiCad but these take much longer to charge and are generally heavier. They are more cost-effective for smaller jobs but we would highly recommend you stick to cordless electric screwdrivers with lithium-ion batteries if you can.

Battery charger for Ryobi 18v cordless tools

Some models have built-in batteries whilst some have removable batteries. Models with built-in batteries are perfect for home and DIY use, however, you cannot obtain spare batteries and have one charging whilst you are using the other one. Models that come with removable batteries, usually associated with professional models, are perfect for professionals as you can have multi batteries and even share batteries from other tools that use the same batteries. This is very handy if you already have tools from the same power tool range.

Compact design for fitting into a pocket or onto work belt

Best Cordless Screwdriver Reviews - I have reviewed 8 of the best cordless screwdrivers available in the UK.

The size of your screwdriver will affect its efficiency and portability. There are designs on the market that can fit into your jacket pocket. As stated before, the smaller screwdrivers are appropriate for smaller jobs, for example, fixing the hinges in your cardboard. The larger they get, the heavier they get. These are adaptable to heavier jobs such as driving in lots of long screws into harder materials. Think about the amount of work you need to do and select accordingly.

How much power do you need?

The screwdriver you select should have enough power for the jobs you have planned. For small projects like DIY’s, you require tools that utilise between 3V-4V. Using screwdrivers with a higher impact on objects with weak structural support will cause breakages or over-screwing. The higher voltage screwdrivers use between 12V-14.4V and this allows them to have sufficient impact. If you use one on a daily basis fixing small-medium projects, you can settle for midrange voltage which gives you the best of both worlds.

The new lithium-ion batteries (even the 3v-4v) now have adequate power for most screwing jobs and even some of the professional range now also use these batteries because they can still produce plenty of speed and torque whilst keeping the screwdriver small and compact. They also charge quickly.

Speed setting & Torque control

Speed and torque determine the overall impact that is generated by a cordless screwdriver and are probably two of the most important features to look out for. Torque generally refers to the force that pushes the screws into place. Speed determines how fast this action is to be undertaken.

Comparing cordless screwdriver torque and power

For more versatility in speed and torque, be on the lookout for screwdrivers that have the capability to regulate the torque and speed. Torque is measured in Nm and some models have 2 or more torque settings, for example, the Bosch Professional has a soft and hard torque setting of 5Nm for more delicate screwing jobs and 10Nm for more demanding screwing into harder materials.

It also has 2-speed settings for precise control. Most cheaper models just have one speed setting and one torque setting. This is fine for most home DIY jobs but for professional work, you will almost certainly need more versatility, in reality, the home user would also benefit from paying a little more as it does make driving in screws easier overall.

Lockable chucks and screw types

Depending on the type of cordless screwdriver, you usually get two sizes of screwdriver bits, 1/2 inch and the more common, 3/4 inch. The chuck size determines which size of drill bit fill fix into the cordless screwdriver. The best cordless screwdriver has toolless lockable chucks that enable you to change the screw bits with ease and stop them from falling out while in use.

Cordless screwdriver bit holder

Cheaper models just have push-in bits that can fall out if you aren’t careful. Not a major problem for occasion home use but you will probably lose many bits if you work with your cordless screwdriver on a regular basis. Some also have chucks that use tools to tighten the bits into the chuck. We recommend going for the tool-less chuck models as they are the best design because the bits cannot fall out and they are super easy to change within seconds. Screw types just refer to the drill bits, Philips and flathead pieces, some models hold universal drill bits as well for drilling holes.

Ergonomic design for comfort and spindle lock design

While busy operating your cordless screwdriver, you don’t want it slipping from your hand and causing unnecessary injury. You want a screwdriver that is covered in a material that enables you to firmly grip your tool and it needs to be ergonomically designed for comfort. This is where most of the more expensive models really excel over the cheaper models. Another thing to look out for is the spindle lock as this feature can be really handy. This is the mechanism that locks the spindle and it allows you to screw by hand if needed. Sometimes this is handy for getting that last turn just right by hand.

The clutch setting for extra control of torque

Most cordless screwdrivers don’t have an adjustable clutch setting but some of the most advanced models do. Basically, it works in the same way the clutch setting does on a good cordless drill. You can adjust the amount of torque and some models have up to 21 clutch settings. This is a handy feature for professionals as they work with lots of different materials that require different levels of torque to avoid over-screwing or stripping screw heads.

Our Verdict

Putting together flat-pack furniture or putting up a shelf need no longer involves hunting for just the right size and shape of screwdriver, only to find that you have to really strain to drive the screw into the table leg or wall.

This review of the Best Cordless Screwdrivers highlights models for light DIY through to professional screwdrivers that are strong and powerful enough for regular work in tough construction situations.

My Best Pick is the Bosch PSR Select Cordless Screwdriver. Its attached rotating cylinder holds 12 screwdriver bits that work with most screws. You no longer have to search through your toolbox or junk drawer for the right size bit. This screwdriver drives in up to 90 screws on a single charge.

Professional construction workers and serious DIY people will be interested in our best Professional Pick. The Bosch Professional GWB 12 V-10 Cordless Angle Drill is marketed as a drill and, with a maximum speed of 13,000rpm can certainly do the work of that power tool. Its speed and torque ranges make it suitable as a screwdriver as well, and the motor brake feature lets you accurately and efficiently drive in lines of screws.

If you decide that a cordless screwdriver is just too much for your DIY tasks, check out my review of the Best (manual) Screwdriver Sets.

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