Top 8 Best Cordless Screwdriver For Home Use & Trade – Detailed reviews and comparisons

Top 8 Best Cordless Screwdriver For Home Use & Trade – Detailed reviews and comparisons

Top 8 Best Cordless Screwdriver For Home Use & Trade – Detailed reviews and comparisons

Best Electric Screwdrivers 2017

Batteries are intrinsically the heart of the tool. A tool without efficient power can make it useless despite having brilliant design. The emergence of Lithium-Ion batteries in the world of teGone are the days of dragging around power tools and their lengthy wires. Technology has made it possible for us, to carry our power tools wherever we need them. May it be for commercial or personal uses; power tools have made themselves an essential part of our day to day lives. The screwdriver,is one of the tools that never lack in one’s tool box. This is simply because we need it to fix and install most things.

When in search of a cordless electric screwdriver, there are a number of factors that you have to note. You of course have your preferences, but in order to ensure that you pick the best cordless screwdriver, you need to consider speed and torque among other things. Below are some few guidelines on what you should look for.

Best Cordless Screwdriver pick - WORX WX252 4 V XTD Extended Reach Cordless Screwdriver Review



After exclusive research into the different cordless screwdrivers available on the market, we have concluded that the WORX WX252 4 V XTD Extended Reach Cordless Screwdriver is the best choice for most people. Its greatest feature is its reach, offset chuck and 3 year warranty.

We shall expound on the other features later in this article.


  • Innovative 2 speed gear box - fast driving in 2nd gear  at 0 - 580 rpm and precise and flush driving in 1st gear at 150 rpm.
  • Easily sits into your pocket making it easy to carry around on jobs.
  • Lockable bit holder to prevent bits falling out during use.
  • The included Multi charger can charge both 3.6 volt and 10.8 volt batteries within one hour.
  • Includes 2 x 3.6v - 1.3 Ah Li-Ion batteries to ensure you always have power on hand.
  • very light weight at only 500g
  • 2 Year warranty for full peace of mind including trade use.

What you will learn from our buyers guide and cordless screwdriver recommendations

Below we get straight into it and reveal our top 8 recommended cordless screwdrivers which we have carefully selected after comparing over 25 models from brands we have come to trust and spent over 5 hours on research. After this we have a buyers guide which explains what all the features do and a final conclusion which includes some of our favourite picks and who they are best for. 

What ever your budget or skill, we have selected only the best models from a range of prices so whether your a home owner, diy enthusiast or a professional tradesmen we have the best cordless screwdriver for you.

Cordless Screwdriver Reviews

WORX WX252 4 V XTD Cordless Electric Screwdriver Review


Best Cordless Electric Screwdriver pick - WORX WX252 4 V XTD Extended Reach Cordless Screwdriver Review

Best Cordless Screwdriver pick - WORX WX252 4 V XTD Extended Reach Cordless Screwdriver

  • Automatic spindle lock.
  • Extendable shaft for longer more precise reach.
  • Offset chuck for easy access in tight corners
  • Utilises a 4v Lithium-Ion batteriey for longer run times, shorter charge times no self-discharge over time or memory effect.
  • Light weight at only 500gms.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Includes 6 of the most popular screwdriver bits so you always have the bits you need to hand,
  • 3 Years warranty if you register online (Please note excludes professional use)

We are in love with the simplicity of this product. The Work WX252 has an easy to use interface which is super comfortable in your hand. This allows you to access different angles, lengths and screws while installing components with hard to reach corners. Most designs in the market, do not include this extendable shaft feature will we think its absolutely brilliant and very useful, it's surprising other manufactures have not started adding this feature.

Extendable shaft for reaching those hard to reach places

If you are working with projects that need variety in reach, look for a screwdriver with both, enough torque and reach. When one is working in most cases, you, might forget to keep recharging your batteries.

Low battery LED warning

An added feature in the WorkWX252 ease of use, is that it includes a low battery gauge. When your tool is starting to run out of juice, the indicator will indicate that it is time to recharge. This may seem like a simple feature but its surprising how many tools don't have this feature.

Another cool feature about the Work WX252 screwdriver, is that it has an offset chuck. This comes in handy when accessing tight areas on smaller or more intricate projects.

Another thing that comes to our notice is the light body that the screwdriver has. The light weight makes working for longer periods, more tolerable to your hands. The light weight and design also makes it easily portable in your tool box and to place in your jacket pocket.

The screwdriver is also equipped with an automatic spindle lock that makes sure your screws/bits are locked into position safely. When working it is rather inconvenient dropping your bits/screws all the time. You need them to stay put regardless of the impact.

Lastly as with all modern power tools, this screwdriver uses Lithium-Ion batteries. They are low maintenance batteries and have a considerably higher energy density and are a must for any cordless tool.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • It lacks torque control which can be essential when working on projects that need different speed and impact force. Look for a more expensive professional model to make use of this feature.

Would we recommend - The Work WX252 is an excellent screwdriver for domestic, light-medium weight projects around the home and tackling DIY projects.

Overall it has great handy features such as the extendable shaft? and offset chuck which you only really appciate when you come to take advantage of them which is more than you would think.

It is affordable, specially when compared to similar spec Bosch models and comes with a 3 year guarantee, if worth noting that the warranty does not cover professional use, however we would not recommend it for trade use so no issues there.

It does lack torque setting which is probably not going to be an issue for most home use and general DIY projects?, however if are looking for this feature you will need to spend a little more, the Bosch model reviewed below may be more suitable if you require torque setting without spending to much more.

Because of these great features, quality, lengthy warranty, we named this our 'Best Pick', simply unbeatable in terms of design. Worx really have got everything covered.

Bosch Professional Mx2Drive Cordless Screwdriver Review


Bosch Professional Mx2Drive Cordless Screwdriver Review

Bosch Professional Mx2Drive Cordless Screwdriver

  • Innovative 2 speed gear box - fast driving in 2nd gear  at 0 - 580 rpm and precise and flush driving in 1st gear at 150 rpm.
  • Easily sits into your pocket making it easy to carry around on jobs.
  • Lockable bit holder to prevent bits falling out during use.
  • The included Multi charger can charge both 3.6 volt and 10.8 volt batteries within one hour.
  • Includes 2 x 3.6v - 1.3 Ah Li-Ion batteries to ensure you always have power on hand.
  • very light weight at only 500g
  • 2 Year warranty for full peace of mind including trade use.

What makes us like this product, is that it is such a small screwdriver, but it produces a lot of power. Many people do not expect that and are impressed from the get go. Made to cater to small jobs, the Bosch Professional Mx2Drive has compact power supplied by Lithium-Ion batteries of which it includes two which is unusual. The batteries last longer and can support the power tool for long periods of time. It includes a creative 2 gear speed system, that allows for speed changes. This screwdriver provides a solid 10Nm impact when working on projects.

This screwdriver has impressive speed permitted by its optimised gear ratio. The first gear delivers 150 rpm with fast and precise motion. The second gear delivers 560rpm, which is capable of delivering the necessary impact needed to drive in your screws. It is extremely compact with its length coming in at around 158mm. It is light to use making it adaptable to be used while working for extended periods of time. You can easily just slide it in your pocket and carry it to wherever you need it. It a very tidy tool to have around.

This tiny screwdriver has the capability of multi charge. Within the hour, you can manage to charge two 3.6V (included) and 10.8V Lithium-Ion batteries (not included). That is very handy. You can charge your batteries as you go along working.

The screwdriver powered by these Lithium-Ion batteries, has a lockable screw/bit holder, that makes sure the bits stay in place during work. Usually bit holders use different methods of making sure the attachments stay secured during work. If the screwdriver you have access to, has a loose locking system. You can be sure to get frustrated every time those bits fall to the floor.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • Surprisingly no problems to report with this model, the only real downside is the more expensive price tag.

Would we recommend - The Bosch Professional Mx2Drive is a great product that you can carry around with ease, thanks to it's compact size.

If your in the trade then this is ideal, easy to carry, store and up to even the most demanding jobs, At a little under £80 its not cheap, however but if you looking for a reliable cordless screwdriver to use on a daily basis this is ideal.

It is a powerful screwdriver that if properly taken care of, and maintained, can serve you for many years to come.

Overall, this is probably one of the best cordless electric screwdrivers within its price range.

A very impressive little compact power tool, we also like the fact that it comes with 2 batteries and a 1 hour fast charger, essential for a busy tradesman and the 2 year warranty makes it an easy choice to make.

Wee noted it also had glowing reviews on which we always like to see.

Bosch PSR 7.2 LI Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver Review


Best Home Cordless Screwdriver - Bosch 603957770 PSR 7.2 LI Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver Review

Bosch 603957770 PSR 7.2 LI Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver

  • 10 torque settings so you have the correct torque and power for the screw type and size at hand and helps avoid over screwing.
  • Cordless screwdriver that can accommodate different screw types and sizes.
  • 7.2v Lithium-Ion technology battery for better performance, longer run times and shorter charge times compared to old battery types.
  • Features LED indicator for forward and reverse.
  • Features an LED powerlight to ensure you can see what you are doing even in darker situations such as inside cupboards and draws etc.
  • Employs the Bosch cell protection technology giving you power when you need it most and ensures longer battery life.
  • Variable speed for controlled screwing.
  • Screw up to 250 screws from a single charge.
  • Includes 10 screwdriver bits for a variety of popular jobs.
  • Weight: 1.2kgs
  • Includes 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Another mighty product from Bosch has made its way to our shelves. The Bosch 603957770, has impressed us with its ability to regulate its torque setting. Thus, you can easily regulate the amount of power that you require at a given time. That feature alone endears us to this screwdriver. Its ability to use a wide range of different screw sizes makes it handy when immersed in a project with different screw requirements. With the current variety of tools in the market. You need to make sure you get value for your money.

The lithium-ion batteries have the capacity to hold power for long periods of time. The Bosch 603957770, uses the Bosch cell protection mechanisms that are designed to ensure longer battery life. You have the assurance that when you are working your power needs are covered.

We like manufacturers who take their time to produce products that have their customers comfort, and ease of use, in mind. The Bosch screwdriver has incorporated an LED indicator that notifies you if the power in the batteries is getting low.

The LED indicator is also put there to tell you if you are in reverse or forward mode. So this tool can handle a variety of projects. It is not too much on the heavier side and can be easily moved around. It makes a powerful ally.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • Sometimes, the screwdriver is not able to access smaller areas due to its limited bit holder length. This is where our 'Best Pick' excelled but it does lack the torque setting.

Would we recommend - Despite its few pitfalls, the Bosch screwdriver PSR 7.2 LI cordless screwdriver is a great tool to have around your home. 

When you are looking to work on projects of small to medium size, this can really be of good help.

If your after a general cordless screwdriver for easy to reach jobs, this model is brilliant choice, we really like the 10 torque setting and powerful 7v battery power which is what our 'Best Pick' did lack.

Overall a great choice for anyone who needs torques setting and that bit extra power and at under £60 it offers excellent value for money. 

BLACK DECKER KC460LN Compact Cordless Screwdriver Review


BLACK+DECKER KC460LN 3.6 V Compact Cordless Screwdriver Review

BLACK+DECKER KC460LN 3.6 V Compact Cordless Screwdriver

  • Ergonomically designed for a firm grip.
  • Features 3.6v Lithium-Ion battery that compacts the power into a small screwdriver for working in hard to reach places.
  • Impressive screwing speed at180rpms.
  • Reverse and forward function.
  • Easy to control single speed
  • Torque power 3.2/7.7) Nm for even the toughest household jobs
  • Screw diameter limits 10mm
  • Features LED work light so working in dimly lit areas such as under cupboards is easy.
  • Light weight at only 821g making it easy to use over longer periods of time.

The Black Decker KC460LN is an excellent product to use when fixing up things that are located in tight corners. This is made possible by the easily accessible screwdriver and compact size. Assuming that you are not working with screws that need more reach than usual, the Black Decker can handle any job. The manufacturers put in mind the ergonomic factors and designed a screwdriver that has comfortable handling. So whether you are working in excessively moist, or dry conditions, the grip around your power tool won’t budge.

The torque on this screwdriver is powerful enough to handle a bit of DIY projects or fixing the loose hinges on your door. It relies on Lithium-Ion technology that offers compact power and longer usage. You can work on longer shifts without having to worry that your screwdriver will die on you. Also, these barriers allow for faster recharge. Which, will be very convenient assuming you use your power tools often. Working with a speed of 180rpms, this screwdriver is robust enough to handle a couple of activities and perfect for around the home.

To assist in the ease of use, the screwdriver has a LED indicator that points out battery life and whether you are in forward or reverse motion. The indication is made visible by noting if the LED indicator goes on. This is just to make work easier for you especially when under a lot of pressure.

It is light in weight and can easily be underestimated. However, its size produces adequate power. The LED provides sufficient illumination when working in dark spaces such as inside cupboards. That is definitely a plus.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • The screwdriver takes quite a long time to recharge. Even for the most patient people,12 hours is a lot to wait for a device to recharge. Another disadvantage is that it has no speed or torque settings. You just use it as it comes. Some purchasers pointed out that the battery life was shorter than expected.

Would we recommend - This is recommended for light weight projects only. Things like the odd DIY task, putting up shelves or fixing a bracket to a wall.

If you try it for heavier projects, you will be disappointed so we recommend you spend the extra a get something more substational with more power.

If your after a cheap cordless screwdriver for doing the odd job around the house its perfect and at under £30 is does offer excellent value for money. That being said, we feel you get a lot more for your money with our 'Best Pick' the Worx Cordless Screwdriver with all the added benefits of extra reach and more power for less than a tenner more.

Ryobi CSD4130GN cordless screwdriver 4V Review


Ryobi CSD4130GN 4V 1.5Ah Li-Ion Electric Screwdriver Review

Ryobi CSD4130GN 4V 1.5Ah Li-Ion Screwdriver

  • Uses a powerful integrated 4v Lithium-ion batterey
  • LED light so you can still work in dimly lit areas.
  • 12 Torque dial setting so you can set the correct torque for the job at hand.
  • Torque: 5.4Nm
  • Reverse and forward gear box so you can remove screws just as easy as screwing them in.
  • Includes a 30 pieced-bit set and case
  • Comfortable grip so you always have a firm grip.
  • Automatic spindle lock to prevent bits coming out when in use.
  • 3 year warranty for extra peace of mind.
  • Single speed at 180rpm.
  • Light weight at only 470g.

This little guy packs quite a punch. The Ryobi CSD4130GN, is designed to deliver powerful impact that is useful in DIY projects. When you are putting up shelves for your books you can be sure you picked the right tool, its also a great choice for lighter trade work such as building cupboards so would be a great choice for kitchen fitters etc.

It relies on 4v Lithium-Ion batteries which are good at keeping or maintaining power levels for extended periods. For you to access the maximum torque of 5.4Nm, you just need 4 volts. You can comfortably drive 1.5mm screws into drywall or assemble small DIY boxes. It has a single gear which is unfortunate for some. It offers a speed of 180rpm which is highly efficient in producing results.

When working in dimly or poorly lit areas, you have to be sure that your doing the right thing. That’s why the Ryobi CSD4130GN, is designed to light up these dark areas with its bright LED light. Its brightness light the area and holds the light for as long as you need it. Coupled with this handy feature, is its automatized spindle lock mechanisms. Your bits can be easily attached and detached depending on the demands of your project even with just one hand. The bits/screws that you need are firmly secured on the spindle lock so that you can work without damaging your projects or dropping the bits every once in a while, something that is unfortunately common with cheaper models.

While shopping for a screwdriver, keep in mind to look for the brands that provide reverse and forward functions. You might purchase a single function screwdriver and still have to go shopping for another one. What a waste of time and resources.

Some manufacturers sell their bit sets separately from the screwdriver itself. This can be inconvenient in a number of ways. One, you have to shell out more of your hard earned cash and secondly you might get the wrong fit. To save you some of this frustration, just look for brand that come with its own bit set accompanied, which of course this model does, in fact it includes 30 bits which are all enclosed in the nice case with the cordless screwdriver itself..

The Ryobi CSD4130GN has 12 torque settings that allow you enjoy compact power without damaging some of your more delicate projects.

To show you that they trust in their design and their products performance, they give you a 3 year warranty. This is not unusual at all and it will make you feel more comfortable with that level of surety. It counts as a good investment to us.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • Takes around 3 hours to charge, lengthy compared to the Bosch Professional which charged in only 1 hour.
  • Also lacks variable speed control which some professionals may find essential.

Best Cordless Screwdriver Drill

This models is the only one on our list to include drill bits for drilling holes making it our best cordless drill screwdriver.

Would we recommend - The Ryobi CSD4130GN is a well-designed piece of kit. Its boisterous and robust and very easy and comfortable to use.

You can depend on it while working on smaller projects such as kitchen fitting, building cupboards, putting up shelves, building flat pack furniture.

Overall its a brilliant little tool and the 30 piece bit set and case only make it a great choice, this combined with the built in quick change chuck make it brilliant for professionals and trade use.

At under £60 and with 3 year warranty you really do get excellent value for money and peace of mind.

Apollo 3.6V Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver Review


Apollo 3.6V Cordless 1300 mAh Lithium-Ion Screwdriver Review

Apollo 3.6V Cordless 1300 mAh Lithium-Ion Screwdriver

  • Comes with a comprehensive 102 bit set all nicely packed in a aluminum storage box.
  • Powered by a Lithium-Ion batteries 3.6V / 1300mAh
  • Light weight and portable
  • LED indicator
  • Magnetic bit holder to help prevent bits dropping out during use.
  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee for full peace of mind.

The Apollo cordless screwdriver comes with an attractive package containing a comprehensive bit kit. You don’t have to shop around to get the bit/screws. They come with the package, so you can work any angles that you want. The screwdriver, just like most modern power tools and battery enabled devices, use Lithium-Ion batteries. The batteries provide compact power output. Due to its optimised motor and other mechanisms. It produces an estimated 30% more torque than the peer NiCad battery powered systems. This is a bonus of course if you need that extra umph!

The screwdriver is light in weight so it provides a comfortable grip. Don’t accept feeling the exhaustion around your arm muscles as normal. You can fit it in your tool box or smaller spaced compartments. The LED light can be used to indicate if the device’s battery is full or to illuminate dark areas when working. This feature becomes convenient when working in dimly lit rooms. All in all, we love its portable ability.

The bit holder has strong magnets that hold your bits in place while engaged in an activity. The bit holder, has been created in such a way that makes attaching and detaching an easy process. The Apollo team, are very confident in their product and offer you a two-year warranty. This is just to show you as a customer that you can trust in their product. This goes a long way in winning us over. Still its extremely cheap, we wonder how they produce a model so cheap, specially when you take into account the case and bit set it includes. 

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • This product seems to have one little flaw, the screwdriver lacked torque control and seems unable to work on high impact bobs that require reach.

Would we recommend - The Apollo cordless screwdriver is ideal for small projects like DIY’s and putting together small furniture.

We noticed dome people had made comments that the bits tended to fall out when more force was applied but seem to work well regardless.

This model is cheap so don't expect to much from it, however it does come in a nice case and has lots of driver bits so its probably worth the cost just for this. Overall excellent value for money for doing odd jobs around the home.?

Surprisingly it also comes with 2 year warranty, usually cordless screwdrivers of this price range would only guarantee them for 1 year so the extra year is a bonus.

Personally we would recommend paying a little more, after all will you use 102 bits.

Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver Review


Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver Review

Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver Review

  • Uses Lithium-Ion technology for longer run times and shorter charge times.
  • New micro-USB charging for faster charger, charges in only 3 hours.
  • Strong LED spotlight for working in dimly lit areas.
  • Charge and direction indication.
  • Reverse/forward function.
  • Light weight at only 621g
  • Speed:215rpm
  • Powerful 3.6V - 1.5 Ah lithium-ion battery which does not loose charge when not in use.
  • Comes in a strong aluminium slimline case for easy storage and transportation.
  • Set includes popular bit pieces which are stored in the carry case with the screwdriver so you all ways have your bits to hand.
  • 2 year guarantee which can be increases to 3 years by registering online at Mybosch.

The Bosch IXO won us over with its light construct for comfort while working. It is small enough to be handled by even the smallest hands. Its size and weight allows it to be carried anywhere without being too bulky or getting in the way of other tools.

It comes with an aluminium casing that is easy to store and carry. We love that it gives you enough targeted power to do chores around the house. It can handle small to medium projects without running out of power. The 3.6V Lithium-Ion batteries last long and can easily be recharged in only 3 hours.

The screwdriver works at a speed of 215rpm delivering fast and precise action. You can carry it and use it for small commercial activities such as reinforcing fixtures. It works both the forward and reverse function. You can work fast, and have fun while handling the fun size design.

Technology has advanced very much so, that you can charge this screwdriver using the included micro USB charger. That is very convenient, you can plug it into any device that is USB compatible and charge your tool.

The LED spotlight is used to illuminate the darker areas of the working space. You can work dark corners with utmost ease and visibility.

They give you a two year warranty which can be increased to 3 years by registering online. If something is amiss with the tool and it seems like an issue from the manufactures side. They can fix it for you. It is a handy tool made with the best of materials.

Possible concerns to be aware of

  • Lacks enough clutch control, the driver keeps going, even though the screw is fully in so care needs to be taken while more fragile jobs. It also lacks a torque setting that can be inconvenient but not essential for home use.

Would we recommend - Like most of the other screwdrivers in this review, it is fitted for smaller home projects and is a nice little cordless screwdriver which is well made and looks the part.

Its nice to see it comes with a nice aluminium case and includes some essential screwdriver bits for the most common screw types.?

Overall its a great tool for keeping around the house and you can't beat the 3 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

We noticed that, when we reviewed this model it was also the best selling cordless screwdriver on with over 500 reviews.

For the price its simply amazing which is why its probably a best seller.

A word of warning, do not try and work with them on sizable projects, it will disappoint and will lack the power. Look for something a little more powerful.

DeWalt DCF680G2 Cordless Screwdriver Review


DeWalt DCF680G2 Dewalt 7.2 Volt Screwdriver Review

DeWalt DCF680G2 Dewalt 7.2 Volt Screwdriver Review

  • No loading speed
  • 16 torque settings for you can set the correct amount of torque.
  • Torque:4Nm
  • Motion activated, turn right to screw, left to unscrew. (the more you turn the faster it screws)
  • 7.2V Lithium-Ion batteries ( includes 2)
  • Speed:430rpm
  • Twin LED lights
  • 3 x Battery charge indicator led to show how much charge is left.
  • Offer ergonomic solutions
  • Forward and Backward motion

When working with the DeWalt DCF680G2 Cordless Screwdriver you can be sure that there is no loading speed. You won’t have to wait to the right amount of power. It consumes power from 7.2V Lithium-Ion batteries that promise to provide enough power.

You can expect a maximum torque of 4Nm this is sufficient power to drive in small screws or simple project. Its design is wonderful, and features ergonomic functions that make for easier handling while working. It is light and can be carried anywhere with comes with a protective case.

This screwdriver has two twin LED spotlights that act as illuminators when working. The spotlight casts bright and direct light toward dark surfaces. Ensuring that visibility is not a problem.

It also comprises of 16 torque settings, that have the capability of delivering compact torque and, continued accuracy throughout as you are working. Some brands lack this feature and this usually ends up costing you a great deal of annoyance. Be sure to select those with an adjustable torque and speed settings.

The DeWalt DCF680G2 works at a speed of 430rpm delivering fast and accurate action. You won’t spend a lot of time working to get your screws in. The bits/screws can be easily attached and detached according to the bits/screws you need. The bits stay in place while working ensuring that you save time and energy. It assumes the ‘drop and load’ technology which just eases your work process.

Would we recommend - This is the most expensive cordless screwdriver on our list. However it is also one of the best models and being manufactured by DeWalt this is no surprise.

If your serous about getting the best cordless screwdriver then this model should be carefully considered. Unlike most models which use a trigger, this model is motion activated which takes some getting use to, however it also brilliant and works very well.

We specially like the, 2 position pivoting handle which gives increased versatility and control. This means it can be used straight like a normal screwdriver or in the drill position like all the other cordless models we have reviewed.

This design is unique and been well thought out, a great model and worth the extra investment if your after a model to use daily.

Its also has the most powerful battery at 7.2v and the most torque setting with 16. This model will not disappoint. Just be sure to read the instructions before using it as it does work in a different way which isn't always simple straight away.

Cordless Screwdriver Buyers Guide

When in search of a cordless screwdriver, ultimately you will have to decide what you will use them for. The smaller screwdrivers are adaptable to small jobs that do not need high impact. They are more portable and handy around DIY projects. The larger cordless screwdrivers, tend to weigh more and cost a little bit more. They are more adaptable for heavier projects. Mostly for commercial and professional handymen. Below are a few more factors you can look into.


Your screwdriver should be adequate to carry out the tasks that you need. Let’s assume you are in need a screwdriver, that can be able to assemble furniture that you just ordered in. You need a screwdriver, that can ensure you securely fix the furniture together, for home use a model which cost around £30 would have more than enough power for DIY jobs around the home.

if you are in the market for heavy duty screwdriver for professional use, you will have to consider the voltage that can provide you with enough impact. You require a lot of impact power to drive in larger screws in more demanding materials. The higher the voltage the higher the impact, generally a cordless screwdriver of this calibre will cost you upwards of £60 to well over £100, any cheaper and it likely will not have the power needed for more demanding jobs.

Battery life

At times you are put in situations where you require to use your screwdrivers for longer periods. In these cases you need batteries that can hold power for long. You want screwdrivers that use durable environmentally friendly batteries. The use of Lithium-Ion batteries is popular in most devices. They are more compact, more efficient, reliable and recharge quickly. Other popular battery types are the ones that use NiCad but these take much longer to charge. They are more cost effective for smaller jobs but we would highly recommend you stick to cordless electric screwdrivers with lithium-ion batteries if you can.


The size of your screwdriver will affect their efficiency and portability. There are designs in the market that can fit into your jacket pocket. As stated before, the smaller screwdrivers are appropriate for smaller jobs for example, fixing the hinges in your cardboard. The larger they get, the heavier they get. These are adaptable to heavier jobs such as tightening heavy chandeliers on ceilings. Think about the amount of work you need to do and select accordingly.


The screwdriver you select should run on enough power. For small projects like DIY’s you require tools that utilise between 3V-4V. Going any higher would prove disastrous for your crafts. Using screwdrivers with higher impact on objects with weak structural support, will cause breakages or dents. The heavier voltage screwdrivers, use between 12V-14.4V for them to have sufficient impact. If you use one on a daily basis fixing small-medium projects, you can settle for midrange voltage which gives you the best of both worlds.

Speed and Torque

Speed and torque determine the overall impact that is generated by a cordless screwdriver. Torque generally refers to the force that forces the screws into place. Speed determines how fast this action is to be undertaken. For more versatility in speed and torque, be on the lookout for screwdrivers that have the capability to regulate. Usually, light chores require speed around 180rpms. The further you go up in drill speed, the more torque control and support your screwdriver will need.

Chuck and screw types

Depending on the types of cordless screwdrivers, there can be a difference in production sizes. There are manufactures that design screwdrivers, which have chucks that are effortless to attach and detach. There are those however, that require special tools to remove the chucks from the main body. If you are regularly involved in activities that require a variety of screwdriver heads, consider a brand that provides different screwdriver bits. This way you can easily switch them when you need a different function bit. The good news is, In general, most cordless screwdrivers don't use special tools or chucks and have quick release systems fitted for changing screw driver bits easily.

Grip and spindle lock

While busy operating your cordless screwdriver, you don’t want it slipping from your hands and causing unnecessary injury. You want a screwdriver that is covered in material that enables you to firmly grip your tool.

Another thing to look out for is the spindle lock. This mechanism, assures you that the bit piece you have installed in place, stay in place as you work. Most cordless screwdrivers just have inserting screwdriver bits that don't lock.

Finals thoughts and conclusion

We can all come to an agreement that these cordless screwdrivers are quintessential to our daily lives and we simply could no longer be without one, specially anyone in the trade or who does their own DIY projects. The brands discussed above all have fantastic features and its really comes down to your own budget and what you intend to use it for.

We started our? research with over 20 promising models, it was actually 26 modles when we started. The 7 models reviewed above all came out on top when compared to similar models with similar specifications and price points.

It is just up to you to decide which one works best for you and is within your own budget. Below are the 3 top models we think really do stand out from the crowd, of course, all the models we included are still worth considering.

Our best pick (Best Electric Screwdriver for most people)

Best Cordless Screwdriver pick - WORX WX252 4 V XTD Extended Reach Cordless Screwdriver Review

From our cordless power reviews, we have come to the conclusion that the WORX WX252, is the best cordless screwdriver in our review for most people.

We are completely impressed by its extendable shaft that enables you to reach further and also its offset chuck. This features make working with intricate screws a bit easier to work with around tight corners.

It packs a powerful punch for small to medium projects and would be more than adequate for home jobs and DIY as well as light trade work.

Our top speed screwdriver for tradesmen

For our cordless screwdrivers that have top speed while working, the Bosch Professional Mx2 cordless screwdriver takes the place. It has a creative gear that delivers enough speed and many torque setting to ensure you have the power for a variety of jobs.

You can trust that this screwdriver will deliver a good, fast and precise performance.

This is a great choice for trade and professionals or anyone looking for something with a few more features and more power.

We were really impressed with this model, just a little to expensive to be our 'Best Pick' as it probably would not be within the budget of most home users.

Our runner-up screwdriver

Ryobi CSD4130GN 4V 1.5Ah Li-Ion Screwdriver Review

After analysing all the available brands in this review we came to the conclusion that the Ryobi CSD4130GN is our second best.

We love its ingenuity and it comes with its own complete bit set.

It gives out a good performance at a good speed. You would thoroughly enjoy it doing activities around the house and even lighter professional use such as kitchen fitting.

Well, that is all we have for today. We hope this information has proved valuable to you. We wish you all the best in your selection and hope our review has helped you make a better decision on which model is right for you.

Best Cordless Electric Screwdriver pick - WORX WX252 4 V XTD Extended Reach Cordless Screwdriver Review



After exclusive research into the different screwdrivers available in the market, we have concluded that the WORX WX252 4 V XTD Extended Reach Cordless Screwdriver is the best. Its greatest feature is its reach. We shall expound on the other features later in this article.

  • Automatic spindle lock
  • Extendable shaft for longer reach
  • Offset chuck for easy access in tight corners
  • Utilises Lithium-Ion batteries (included)

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