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Last updated on February 17th, 2022

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Best Socket Set Reviews

Getting the job half done is as good as not getting the job done. In both domestic and professional capacities, having a socket set is always a good idea. You are able to tighten your nuts and bolts much more effectively than using a regular spanner and often in places where using a spanner is simply not possible, for example, changing a car tyre and they have many uses, even for regular home use with DIY projects. A reliable socket set will come with a case to contain all the tools and provide good organisation. It will also contain sockets of different sizes and a comfortable ratchet to use.

Below we have assembled a list of reliable socket sets, those with a proper fit and manufactured to a high standard. Depending on the work you want to do, these different sets may qualify as the best socket set. They all have different features to offer that may be of interest to you. We went further ahead to select our best pick and runner up models that are listed below. Read the detailed reviews because they offer more of an insight into the products.


Bahco S240 Socket Set
Made from steel alloy, this product guarantees the highest level of durability. The set is not so extensive in terms of the number of items provided but the 24 pieces available are as good as gold. Designed to handle heavy-duty tasks, this set will be of help even when light tasks come into play. To add the cherry on top, this socket set is sold at an affordable price and you get value for your money. The durable metric set can serve both professional and domestic purposes without crumbling to pieces or rusting.


VonHaus 104 Piece Socket Set With Screwdriver & Bits
This offers plenty of choices due to the number of tools provided. For those who work on intricate projects, a set with 104 pieces will provide more room for accuracy. This set created of chrome vanadium steel can handle light tasks well as it is not the strongest set you can find on the market. You may have to pay a lot more to get industrial strength socket sets. In the meantime, you can enjoy the services of this extensive set that comes with a 2-year guarantee.

 Socket Set Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a socket set, you not only look at the contents of the box, you also need to look at the packaging and the overall quality of the product. You will come across various brands that have taken the time to present worthy goods. The only way to differentiate between the good and the better brands is to look at the features and more importantly the quality. You will have to access all the specifications to identify which socket set will suit your needs perfectly.

Below are the factors that you need to consider.

If you want to jump straight to our eight recommended socket sets, quickly scroll further down to see our detailed reviews and recommended models.

Types of socket types

In the market, you will run into three kinds of socket sets that will be available to you. These variations include the following (listed below) and the thing to understand is that the difference is not as notable, it’s just according to preference.

  • Metric sets – Usually, measured in millimetres, metric sets are popular all around the world. You will find that most automotive pursuits use metrics sets.
  • SAE sets – A bit backdated but still effective. The SAE sockets depend on the imperial way of measurements. They can be found in older automotive models.
  • Whitworth sets – These kinds of sets are fashioned specifically for the British automotive industry. They are usually measured in inches. You may not run into these often unless you have access to British automotive systems.


Sealey AK693 1/2-inch Square Drive Metric 6-Point Socket Set
This title is bestowed upon the Sealey AK693 1/2-inch Square Drive Metric 6-Point Socket Set. This is because it has industrial-strength tools that come in a wide range of pieces.

The set can survive constant use in hard-wearing applications. The price is affordable for such a robust set. For this reason, you might find it a bit heavy to move around on a whim.

However, this set will give you excellent service and will last for many years.

What is the drive size?

Within the two common sockets, you find mostly three drive sizes. The sizes determine the ratchet size that is to be used. Usually, you find 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch. Depending on the project that you are working on, you may need to look at the specifications. If you are working with smaller drives, smaller sockets are advised. If you are working with larger drives, the socket’s size has to correlate.

What points are you working with?

This again correlates to the project that you are working on. If you observe carefully most sockets are either 6-point or 12-point. You can ask for advice if you are not sure of the bolt design. The 6-point socket is more favourable due to its ability to latch on. The 12-point socket is advantageous because it requires less effort to find the right lineup. They are also very efficient for undertaking smaller amounts of work. The 6-point can handle large applications with ease. It is possible to find sets that combine both the 6-point and the 12-point sockets.

Consider the socket depth and compatibility

The only thing that is constant in this life is change. The nuts and bolts you are working with may change from day to day. That is why you need to have both shallow and deep sockets in your set. This is because it will facilitate convenience as it might prove a tad difficult trying to remove or completely tighten a bolt with the wrong socket. Be sure to analyse the frequency and type of your work. This way you will determine the possibility of ever running into deep socket situations.

Another thing you need to look out for is compatibility. If you are a regular pneumatic tool user, be sure that the sockets are compatible. The material should be able to withstand these pneumatic or electric-based tools. There are those that will be delivered with extension mechanisms. Be sure to be on the lookout for these features.

Look at the price and packaging

Sometimes the packaging can sway the buyer’s choice. To say the truth, most of us usually use this method to select our purchases. So with this is mind, be sure to look at the packaging itself. Are the sockets and bits well managed? Is the casing durable? These are all things that contribute to the value of the product. Look for a metal casing or hardened plastic to protect the contents from spilling.

The price you pay for the set will depend on the number of pieces you are paying for and the quality of the pieces. You may find brands that are less than £100 and find other brands that charge higher than average prices. If you are working with a budget, seek the best product in that price range. There is a large range in prices with sets starting at £30 to well over £150 for professional sets for industrial use.

Top 8 Socket Set Reviews

1. Bahco S240 24 piece Socket Set


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Bahco S240 New Belzer Socket Set, size 1.3cm, 24 pieces

The Bahco S240 24 piece Socket Set is of very high quality. Being that the tools are made of a strong steel alloy, you will never need to worry about rust or unnecessary damage. The sockets and the other components have been marked for easy identification. The 24 pieces do not provide you with a wide range to work with but the quality has not been compromised and enough here have been provided to undertake the most popular jobs that most people encounter.

The set comes with ½ inch drive that will cater to the current needs. The set lacks a ½ inch drive but that is workable. This set is made for those looking to work with a ½ inch drive. The ratchet is ergonomically designed to provide enough grip and support as you work.

With 6-point sockets, the set allows the user to work on heavier set projects. As pointed out before,12-point sockets are adapted to light work. The sockets will be able to hold in place either to tighten or remove a bolt.

The metric-based set comes with an appropriate plastic that is able to ward off damages. The hard-wearing plastic protects the contents of the set from element caused damage. The box keeps the moisture and dust at bay.


  • Great quality of tools thanks to their alloy steel construction.
  • Quick-release socket button on ratchet for quick changing.
  • Affordable price.
  • Well-designed carriage box for easy storage and transportation.
  • Lifetime warranty included.


  • Doesn’t provide a wide variety of pieces.

Our recommendation

The Bahco S240 Socket Set offers quality over quantity. The set has been well designed so that every piece has a specific location. This is advantageous to those who tend to lose their tools easily and the quality is nothing short of fantastic making it ideal for more heavy-duty tasks.

The 24 pieces will give you options and if you are in search of a simple but dependable set you can consider adding this to your list. You can rely on it for home functions or some commercial settings.

The price is decent enough for the quality that has been provided in these tools and it does come with a lifetime warranty, as all Bahco tools do.

Overall a great set that will not disappoint and a very popular set on

2. VonHaus 104 Piece Socket Set with Screwdriver Bits


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VonHaus 104 Piece Socket Set with Screwdriver is the best budget socket set we have reviewed

The VonHaus 104 Piece Socket Screwdriver & Bit Set comes baring an incredible 104 pieces. The 104 pieces give you the option of working with a wide range of pieces at any given time. The pieces are made from chrome vanadium steel which is popular thanks to its durability and hard-wearing properties.

The set also includes ¼ inch and ½ inch drives. The drives are made available to aid you depending on the reach that you need. The drives are accompanied by screwdriver bits, spanners and ratchet wrenches. The handles of the wrenches are insulated to provide comfort for your hands. For a handyman on the move, this set can be of help, especially if the work is not heavy-duty.

The packaging, as we already stated, is as important as the product itself. The box acts as a storage and protective unit. The packaging is well presented making sure that every piece is fitted in the right slot. The tools have been marked for easy identification. The storage box is hard-wearing and can manage an incur a few accidents without any real damage.

The 72-teeth socket wrench comes at an advantage because it lets you facilitate tighter bolts without having to realign the wrench. The wrenches are made of similar durable material thus they will provide you with excellent service.

The 2-year warranty is an assurance from the manufacturer that the product is of quality.


  • Larger 104 piece set gives you many options.
  • Very affordable price for the number of pieces.
  • Comes with a ¼ inch and ½ inch drives for better versatility.
  • Great for working on cars.
  • Comfortable and well-made casing.
  • 2-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Lacks a screwdriver extension bar.

Our recommendation

The VonHaus 104 Piece Socket Set with Screwdriver Bits is appropriate for home users and lighter professional use. A heavy-duty professional kit would require stronger quality of material to handle the amount of pressure that comes with commercial applications, however, for home and amateur use, it’s perfect.

This socket set offers you 104 pieces for the affordable price. The packaging is well presented making certain that the tools remain in position. With this set, you will comfortably be able to handle DIY functions effectively. For those with motorcycles, this set can be considered a dependable one.

The chrome vanadium steel bits will be able to handle most of your requirements. The screwdriver extension bar is lacking but that is a fault that can be overlooked.

Overall, this set has everything most people will need and quality to match, it may not be the best option for more intensive industrial tasks but for most people this set is more than adequate. 

3. DeWalt DT71516-QZ 1/4-Inch Socket and Screwdriver Set – 24 piece

Great for working in confined spaces

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DeWalt DT71516-QZ 1/4-Inch Socket and Screwdriver Set - 24 piece

The DeWalt DT71516-QZ 1/4-Inch Socket and Screwdriver Set come with attractive packaging. The screwdriver/socket set is made from the right materials to facilitate durability. The sockets provided are 6-point sockets and they range from 6mm to 13mm, which are very handy sizes for getting into smaller spaces. A socket adapter has also been provided to make use convenient.

The 24 pieces provided are adequate for the price that you will be charged. The quality of the sockets and bits is fantastic, as you would expect from DeWalt.

This product is supplied with a carry case with a clear top. The clear top makes for easy spotting and identification of tools. The contrast makes the package even more appealing to the eye. The case is supplied with a belt clip that you can take advantage of when you need immediate access.

The magnetic capabilities are enforced to aid with the bits. You can work with the bits in place with no issues at all. The ratchet has forward and reverse functions that come quite handy. This little set is light enough to be carried wherever you go.


  • Affordable price.
  • Sockets from 6mm to 13mm.
  • Includes Screwdriver Bits and a Reversible Geared Ratchet.
  • Comes with a magnetised bit holder.


  • Offers less range to work with.

Our recommendation

The DeWalt DT71516-QZ 1/4-Inch Socket and Screwdriver Set is a very good product and this is immediately noticeable. The contents are made from high-quality materials and are well packaged. We love the clear top on the carry case because it enables easy visibility. The price is very affordable for the pieces that you get.

The magnetised bit holders will make it easy to work with different bit sizes and types. With this product, you will enjoy working on any project.

Overall a brilliant set for trade and DIY and well worth adding to your toolbox.

4. Mannesmann 130 piece Socket and Bit Set

Great budget set with plenty of choice

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Mannesmann 130 piece Socket and Bit Set

The Mannesmann 130 piece Socket and Bit Set give you many options. For a ¼ inch drive set, this set will definitely keep you busy. A large number of pieces will allow you to work with intricate projects without getting flustered. The price you pay for all these pieces is jaw-dropping. It’s very affordable and the 6 point sockets will offer a firm grip as you work on different bolts.

The carry box is well designed to hold the pieces together in the right position. The box can sustain a few bumps and bruises without any real damage. Both the product and the box have been created to withstand regular use. The ratchet and the drive have padded handles so that you do not get calluses when you are working for long periods of time.

Like all good socket sets, this set comes with an extension bar. The extension helps those who need to access tight corners if they are working on a project that needs a little bit more reach, this set will come through for you. The ratchet comes with a reversible handle just for convenience, however, it doesn’t come with a torque wrench and you will need to purchase this separately or seek another model.

You know that the manufacturer is confident in their product through the warranty that they provide and this set comes with a staggering 10-year warranty. The warranty will be your access key if anything is to go wrong with the product. Any issues with the product will be addressed by the warranty.


  • Great for home use and light DIY work.
  • Offers an impressive 130 varied pieces.
  • Amazing price for quantity.
  • Well packaged and presented.
  • 10 year warranty.


  • The ratchet and bits have been known to break under pressure.
  • Cannot handle heavy-handed projects.

Our recommendation

The Mannesmann Socket and Bit Set offer value for money through quantity. The quality of the contents needs to be a bit stronger and this is because the material tends to deform or break if too much pressure is applied. This set is not to be used for heavy projects but a great choice for light home use where it is undertaking the odd job or two.

This set is appropriate for intricate but small projects. DIY enthusiasts may have a blast using this low impact set. If you are looking for something a bit stronger but still ¼ inch drive-based then we recommend looking at the DeWalt DT71516-QZ 1/4-Inch Socket and Screwdriver Set-24 piece. It can handle heavier projects and is around the same price range. If this fits your functions, then why not?

5. Sealey AK693 1/2-inch Square Drive Metric 6-Point Socket Set with 32 pieces


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Sealey AK693 1/2-inch Square Drive Metric 6-Point Socket Set with 32 pieces

The Sealey AK693 1/2-inch Square Drive Metric 6-Point Socket Set is very strong, professional-grade strong. This 32-piece set is categorically designed for the automotive industry. However, this does not limit its use only to one industry and those in need of such a set should feel confident considering it. The imperial/metric-based set is an asset to any workman. You can work on any project whether it needs standard or metric sockets.

The vanadium chrome steel components ensure durability. There are many brands that skimp on the quality of their products. This, in turn, causes the pieces to crack making them useless to you. The ratchet function can be flipped in reverse and be manipulated according to the consumer’s needs.

The metal carrying case makes this product even more appealing. This is because the metal case can incur more impact than plastic counterparts. If well taken care of, the set can serve you for decades to come. The 6-point socket will provide grip and make tightening functions easier on the user’s hands. The handles have been padded and ergonomically designed to provide comfort for the handyman. You can even work comfortably with gloves on.

This set can handle heavy-duty work because the automotive industry cannot rely on weak products. This ½ inch set will definitely excel in professional environments. The tools are well arranged and make it easy for a consumer to identify what they want.


  • Good quality tools.
  • Offers appealing packaging and tool organisation.
  • Duo-metric design.


  • The mould that holds the tools in place needs to be made stronger.

Our recommendation

The Sealey AK693 1/2-inch Square Drive Metric 6-Point Socket Set-32 piece offers you the very best quality. The hard-wearing sockets and wrenches provide you with the strength you need to work on heavy-handed projects. The 32 pieces offer quite the range to work with.

You can comfortably work on your bike or your car with this set. You do not need to worry about the ratchet or wrench bending under duress. The packaging is also built to last longer than the normal plastic cases. You can keep your tools safe and easily maintained in the box provided.

It is definitely one of the sets that can be considered as one of the best socket sets to be used for professional use.

6. Mannesmann 215 piece Socket Set

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Mannesmann 215 piece Socket Set

The Mannesmann 215 piece Socket Set is perfect for anyone into DIY and has even been designed for industrial use. This set comes equipped with ½, ¼ and 3/8-inch drive. If you need to use any of these drives at any given time, you will have no problem. The handles are padded for comfort and extra grip. That way, even handymen wearing thick gloves can access the drives.

The manufacturer gives you the option to work with 215 different pieces. You can imagine that with this range you will be able to cater to many different projects. You can work with both intricate and simple projects with this expansive set. The chrome vanadium steel will make certain that the tools remain usable and resistant to wear and tear.

The socket set has VPA / GS approval meaning that you can trust this product to provide you with service as specified. This set comes packed in an attractive box that can withstand constant use. This heavy-set is organised in such a way that each component has its own space. The bits are also neatly arranged with their sizes indicated. This makes for ease of use, even for a simple-minded person. Extension bars are also provided so that you can extend your reach in tight corners.


  • Large number of pieces to work with.
  • Durable and robust tools provided.
  • Affordable price for the wide range.
  • Comes with ½, ¼ and 3/8 inch drives.


  • Carrying case needs an upgrade and could be of better quality. 

Our recommendation

The Mannesmann 215 piece Socket Set is another that offers quantity. This set can be used for home or professional applications. The material that fashions the tools is chrome vanadium steel. This material is known for its resilient and weatherproof capabilities. You will not have to worry about matters like rust. The only real downside is that the case is rather disappointing.

We believe that this expansive set can be relied upon to deliver what has been advertised by the manufacturer. The ten-year warranty still applies to this product which always helps to give a little peace of mind when buying a product this expensive.

Overall if you want a large set, this is a great option, just a shame about the case not being as good as it could be.

7. Bahco S106 1/4 & 1/2 inch Socket Set (106 pieces)

Life time warranty

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Bahco S106 1/4 & 1/2 inch Socket Set

The Bahco S106 – 1/4 & 1/2-Inch Drive Socket Set is a bargain for such quality tools. This set comes with 106 pieces at your disposal and these pieces have been fashioned from chrome vanadium steel which makes them able to handle the pressure. If you have met products that are poorly made, you will understand that this not only wastes your money but they become useless and luckily that is not the case with this socket set.

The socket set is equipped with ¼ and ½ inch drives and this gives you, the user, the choice to pick what to work with. The socket sizes vary from 4mm to 34mm which is an adequate range for you to work with.

This set comes packaged in a plastic carriage box. The carry box serves to keep your tools in position and to protect them from the elements. The design of the contents of the box allows the user to organise and identify what pieces they want to use. The box is robust so you will not see the cracks that are usually found on cheaper models.

The socket set has 6-points. This indicates that you can work on heavy-handed projects compared to the 12-point socket. This set can only cater to 6-point bits and bolts. The screwdriver has magnetised ends to where the bits can be attached. This handy feature can be found in most socket sets.


  • Wide range of pieces (106 pieces).
  • Top range quality product thanks to the alloy steel construction.
  • Lifetime warranty for full peace of mind.
  • Sturdy quality carry case.


  • Expensive for the home user

Our recommendation

The Bahco S106 Socket Set is a fantastic set with a good range of sizes and is perfect for the more heavy-duty jobs that the cheaper sets simply cannot handle. 

The components are of high quality thus breakages and damages can be avoided and are unlikely to happen.

This is a generally good socket set that can prove valuable for both home and workshop use, the lifetime warranty is also a huge bonus and speaks for the quality. If you’re looking for a good quality extensive set, this is certainly the winner.

8. Extol Premium 45 piece 1/4-Inch Socket Wrench Set

Great budget set

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Extol Premium 45 piece 1/4-Inch Socket Wrench Set

The EXTOL PREMIUM 8818360 1/4-Inch Socket Wrench Set is lightweight and this little socket set houses 45 pieces that you can use to accomplish your task. This metallic-boxed set is a sight to see. It reminds you of the olden days.

The set houses ¼ inch socket set that uses the metric system. The set has every piece allocated in its own space and this makes for easy organisation after a hard day at work. Everything is marked so that you can see what piece you are selecting.

Comfort is an important factor when working with any kind of tool and it is good that this set has its ratchet and driver padded. The padding serves to provide a layer of protection from the metal because direct friction would only cause you to have rough hands.

The 6-point sockets are easy to work with. You will be able to work on basic projects with this set. The price is affordable and would do well with light applications although you will find that this set may break under pressure.


  • Affordable price.
  • Durable metallic case.
  • Good quality tools.


  • Small in size.
  • Some users have reported finding it difficult to detach the socket from the ratchet.

Our recommendation

The EXTOL PREMIUM 8818360 1/4-Inch Socket Wrench Set is a bargain and you get 45 quality pieces for a good price. The quality of the tools cannot be questioned. There is no bending or breaking of bits in this set.

The only problem is that it is limited to ¼ inch drive functions. If you need one with both functions, you can look at the Mannesmann Socket Set-215 Pieces or the VonHaus 104 Piece Socket Screwdriver & Bit Set.

This set, however, is adaptable to those DIY functions amongst other basic activities. You cannot go wrong with this product. It has a few flaws but we can work around that. A great affordable set.


Below are some common questions associated with purchasing socket sets.

Is a 6 point or 12 point socket better?

It depends on the tasks that you want to accomplish. Light tasks work well with 12-point sockets because they get the job done easily. The 6-point sockets are best when dealing with heavy-handed work. If you need to tighten bolts to the max then it is easy to use the 6-point sockets because they have better grip.

Can impact sockets be used as regular sockets?

Yes, they can be used as regular sockets, especially when utilising a normal hand ratchet.

What are the most common ratchet sizes?

The most common ratchet sizes on the market are ½-inch, 3/8-inch and ¼-inch. Most socket sets being sold avail these ratchet sizes to handle different work.

Can you use regular sockets with a torque wrench?

No, you cannot. This is because regular sockets are designed to work with a socket wrench. A torque wrench is designed to aid in torque readings.

Final Conclusion

Now that you have all the information at your fingertips, selecting a socket set should be as easy as pie. It is all up to you regarding the set that will satisfy your work needs and your budget. Just remember not to compromise on the quality of the set. That way you can avoid going back to repurchase another set. That is all for now, come back for another informative review on the best products on the market.


Bahco S240 Socket Set
Made from steel alloy, this product guarantees the highest level of durability. The set is not so extensive in terms of the number of items provided but the 24 pieces available are as good as gold. Designed to handle heavy-duty tasks, this set will be of help even when light tasks come into play. To add the cherry on top, this socket set is sold at an affordable price and you get value for your money. The durable metric set can serve both professional and domestic purposes without crumbling to pieces or rusting.

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