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Qualcast Lawn Mowers Reviews – Comparison & Reviews

Best Qualcast Lawn Mowers with Reviews

The Qualcast Company has been producing high quality lawn mowers since the 1920s so if anyone knows how to make a good lawnmower you would think it is Qualcast. But is this still the case?

In all that time, the brand has acquired quite a loyal following. Whether you are a loyal customer or trying their lawn mowers for the first time, you will not be disappointed. There are dozens of high quality lawn mowers in the market but we are here to select the best Qualcast lawn mower out of the few selected. We hope after all this you will be able to make a valid selection.

Once more detail to add, Qualcast is actually now owned by Bosch which has been the case since 1996.


Qualcast 1600w Electric Rotary Lawnmower Review
  • Powerful 1600w output for optimum torque and performance.
  • Wider 40cm cutting with to facilitate faster coverage and a larger 40 litre collection box.
  • Includes a roller for that perfect striped lawn finish.
  • Fitted with 6-height position which can be set between 2cm and 7cm.
  • Ideal for small and medium sized gardens.

Below are the 4 Qualcast lawnmowers which are included in our review:

  • Qualcast 1200w Electric Rotary Lawnmower

  • Qualcast 1400w Electric Rotary Lawnmower

  • Qualcast 1600W Electric Rotary Lawnmower (BEST PICK)

  • Qualcast 400w Cylinder Lawnmower

Here you will find 4 Qualcast lawn mower models that have met quality standards. We will highlight the features of the lawn mowers together with the various pros and cons.

The guide provided afterwards will indicate the role of these features and their importance. This is in hope that you will find one that catches your eye. Let’s dive right in and we will start with what e consider to be the best model.


 Qualcast 1600W Electric Rotary Lawnmower Review


Qualcast 1600w Electric Rotary Lawnmower Review

Qualcast 1600w Electric Rotary Lawnmower

The Qualcast 1600W Electric Rotary Lawnmower is what we consider to be the best lawn mower in this review. It offers the user an easy time accessing the controls since they are well positioned and clearly been though out. The elderly with difficulties bending frequently and reading small letters/numbers will appreciate this unit as its easy to see the cutting height and just as easy to set

Designed with a more an adequate 1600 watt motor, the unit supports a cutting width of 40cm which is great for mowing smaller tight spaces but large enough to mow a medium sized lawn without having to do to many runs. It creates a nice finish thanks to the powerful 1600w motor an rear roller which even makes those nice green stripes on the lawn of which is does a great job.

If you feel that the cutting height you are operating on is inadequate. You can reach out for the height adjustment lever that is well marked for easier visibility. You can adjust the 6 height positions between 20-70mm without any difficulties giving you plenty of choices no matter how long you prefer to have your lawn.

To help raise the 14.7kg unit from the ground when moving it around the garden or down steps it has two handles fitted. One handle is adjustable to suit the user’s height requirements and the other is stationary and centrally placed. This is only a small detail but one that has been perfectly though out.

As we have all ready briefly mentioned, at the back of the mower, you will find a roller that can be used to give your lawn a perfect stripped look, this is a great feature and one that a lot of electric lawnmowers from other brands don't seem to have so its good to see.

Its got a fairly long 10 meter ( around 32ft) cord will serve you well when trying to evenly mow your lawn.

For grass collection, the manufacturer installed a 40 litre collection box. While not as large as some models are able to offer, it is adequate for small-medium gardens. Emptying frequently will not be such an issue, therefore, saving you time.

Finally it comes with a 2 year guarantee for full peace of mind.

  • Perfect for small to medium sized lawns thanks to the 30ft power cord.
  • Wider 40cm cutting with and with a 40 litre collection box.
  • Supplied with a rear roller for a neat finish to produce a striped lawn.
  • The adjustable handle lets the user find the right working posture.
  • Well positioned height adjustment mechanism for easy reach with 6 different height setting.
  • 2 year guarantee for full peace of mind.
  • Cable could be longer to provide more reach.

Final Conclusion

The Qualcast 1600W Electric Rotary Lawnmower is a reliable unit adaptable to small and medium lawns making it a great choice over other models as there only really suitable for small lawns making them some what restricted. T

he 1600w motor is capable of functioning exceptionally well. What is attractive about this unit is that it is able to cover more ground. Compared to the Qualcast 1400w Electric Rotary Lawnmower, this unit offers a wider cutting width and a larger collection box for the grass which means less emptying. We just wish it has a slightly longer cable is a bit short thus needing the support of extension cables for larger lawns that are just that little bit bigger.

Overall, this unit can be considered a better version of the Qualcast 1400w Electric Rotary Lawnmower as it has more power and a wider cutting width. It is a unit that offers quality and quantity for those who want to spend a bit more. The longevity and power will make it worth your while. You want be disappointed.

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  Qualcast 1200w Electric Rotary Lawnmower Review

Qualcast 1200w Electric Rotary Lawnmower review

Qualcast 1200w Electric Rotary Lawnmower

The Qualcast 1200w Electric Rotary Lawnmower is equipped with a smaller 1200w motor that is responsible for rotating the blade. The metal blade needs adequate force behind it in order to cut the grass successfully of which it does well. The motor is protected from overloading or overheating, therefore, is liable to give high performance and long service.

Equipped with a 32cm cutting width the mower can only cover so much area at a given period. To adjust the cutting height, move the axle to the required position. This model can adjust the cutting height from 20-60mm which equates to 3 adjustable position settings which is less than the bigger models available but probably adequate for small lawns for those looking for a light weight easy to use mower.

Most people prefer to dispose of the trimmings rather than let them lay around. This is the reason that you will find most lawn mowers with collection bags. The collection bag capacity for this model is 30 litres. This is comparatively small compared to larger models but it will have to suffice.

This lawn mower weighs roughly 8kgs which is super lightweight for a mower. That means that the mower will be easy to move around. The four wheels provide adequate support when moving the lawn mower over different terrain an it fairly smooth. The handle can be adjusted to help the user find the perfect working position despite the height differences. A secondary handle is installed to help lift the machine off the ground when it is time for storage.

A safety switch is a common feature in lawn mowers. It keeps children and pets from getting hurt by accidentally activating the machine. After activating the safety switch you can take advantage of the 10 meter cord and get to work. If any problems arise its good to see that it comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • Perfect for smaller lawns with its 32cm cutting width and 30 litre collection box.
  • Very lightweight at around 8kg, thus easy to manoeuvre around the lawn.
  • The safety switch is included to avoid any accidents which means you need to hand to start the motor which avoids accidental starts.
  • Designed with adjustable handles to provide optimum support.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.
  • Lacks a roller for the stripped lawn finish.
  • Wheels may be a bit stiff at first before adapting to smooth motion.
  • Lacks a collection box level indicator to let the user know when it is time to empty.

Final Conclusion

The Qualcast 1200w Electric Rotary Lawnmower will adapt well to small lawn and a great option for anyone with a small lawn they want to keep maintained and is not worried about having a striped lawn.

This is because the motor is a little underpowered to cover larger areas and the cutting width is not so wide. However we love the lightweight factor as it makes operating the lawn mower around tight corners easy. We appreciate that the handle can be adjusted since not many models in this price range offer this option. Storage won’t take up much space since the unit is not large.

Those who love lightweight lawn mowers that are friendly in the pocket will appreciate the services of this model. For a more powerful lawn mower check out the Qualcast 1600w Electric Rotary Lawnmower. Overall a great lawnmower for smaller gardens but does have limited cutting heights and no roller so you want get that perfectly striped lawn.

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Qualcast 1400w Electric Rotary Lawnmower Review

Qualcast 1400w Electric Rotary Lawnmower Review

Qualcast 1400w Electric Rotary Lawnmower

The Qualcast 1400w Electric Rotary Lawnmower offers you more power, a wider cutting width and even has a rear roller for a striped lawn. Equipped with a 1400w motor you have access to enough power to spin that steel blade appropriately giving the perfect cut. The more torque that is produces the more effective the blade becomes. For a small lawn this is adequate, just activate the safety switch and begin mowing and you will see how good this mower is.

Weighing around 10kg, its still fairly light weight making it easy to manure and carry when needed. You will notice that the rear wheels are wider than the front wheels. This is just for steering reasons and works well. Since the bulk of the weight is positioned almost at the back, you don’t want deep tracks on your lawn. The wide wheels balance out the weight and enable easy manoeuvrability.

The cutting width of this lawn mower is 37cm which is wider than the previous model featured here but smaller than our best pick model by 3cm so not to much smaller. This means that you can cover more ground and finish your work as quickly as possible. The unit also features cutting height that can be adjusted from 2-7cm. The level of grass growth will determine the appropriate cutting height to choose and its also very easy to adjust the cutting height with just one hand so its been well designed.

You have the option to let your grass trimmings fall back to the lawn or collect them. If you decide to collect them which most people probably will, a 35 litre collection box at your disposal. When working hours are over, you can fold the height adjustable handles to create a compact form. The compact from is what makes convenient storage possible. A secondary handle is available in the case that you want to lift the mower off the ground.

As we have mentioned this model also has a roller that is preferred by some it not a feature most people would choose if they had a choice. It gives your lawn that stripped professional look that is aesthetically pleasing. The roller in this unit works with the weight of the lawn mower to create the stripes.

These features are supplied with a 10 meter cable that can be wound for convenient storage. A 2- year warranty is also guaranteed when you purchase this unit. For 2- years you will be able to hold the manufacturer liable for any production related flaws but hopefully it should not come to this but its nice to know you have the option should you need it.

  • Powerful 1400 watt motor and wide 37cm cutting width and 6 cutting height setting which can be set with just one hand.
  • The handles are adjustable to the user preferred height for comfort and they can be folded down  to create space for convenient storage.
  • Supplied with a roller for final lawn finish applications to give you them much loved stripes.
  • Large capacity collection box to prevent frequent emptying.
  • The safety switch is included for safety purposes.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.
  • Some report of the cutting height adjustment mechanism being a little stiff to manoeuvre easily.

Final Conclusion

The Qualcast 1400w Electric Rotary Lawnmower certainly offers more in term of power compared to the Qualcast 1200w Electric Rotary Lawnmower. This unit also comes with additional features like a roller and foldable handles for storage options. We love how well the unit folds to take up less space despite its 10kg weight.

This lawn mower is for those who need additional features for a small lawn at affordable prices. The lawnmower in itself does not have many faults to deal with thus you can trust in the quality of the product. A little bit more power with additional features sounds like a perfectly good bargain. You will not regret purchasing this unit and we would recommend this model over the smaller 1200w model even if you have a smaller lawn as the extra power and features are worth the extra cost.

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 Qualcast 400w Corded Cylinder Lawnmower Review

Qualcast 400w Corded Cylinder Lawnmower Review

Qualcast 400w Corded Cylinder Lawnmower

The Qualcast 400w Corded Cylinder Lawnmower is one that looks adequately fragile but offers power that can deal with different lengths of grass. Do not be fooled by the 400w motor to think that it is inadequate like we did. After much research it soon became clear that the motor is powerful enough to produce enough speed and torque for the precision diamond ground blades to produce them much loved stripes.

With a cutting width of 32cm which can comfortably cover small to medium lawns. Just like any good lawn mower, adjustment features never lack. A lever can be adjusted between 18 and 45mm. The 3-step lever is designed in such a way that it is difficult for the lever to move without resistance but securely.

Pressed for space? No need to worry. This unit has the ability to fold into a compact form and is very well designed. This is facilitated by the folding and adjustable handles. The main handle is folded over the hood and the secondary handle can be used to carry the unit to storage. The handles offer comfort and function due to their ergonomic design provided.

A 12 meter cord is supplied to facilitate the user to access the whole lawn with ease. The cord can be wound and placed on top of the hood for storage purposes. The roller at the front depends on the weight of the unit to leave the stripped effect. Since this lawn mower only weighs 12kgs, the stripes may not be as visible as you may expect, not like the good old but expensive older models anyway.

To collect the various clippings, a 45 litre collection box has been availed. The capacity of the collection box is adequate for the size of the model and so is the 12 meter cord. All these features come with a 2- year warranty. Any mishaps with the lawn mower can be addressed by the terms and conditions of the warranty.

  • 400w motor and 32cm cutting width with large 45 litre collection box
  • Features 4 precision diamond ground blades for excellent cutting
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
  • The adjustable handles can be folded to create a small foot print for storage.
  • Adequate collector box that saves time from frequent emptying.
  • Rear roller for a striped lawn.
  • A bit underpowered for large lawns.

Final Conclusion

The Qualcast 400w Corded Cylinder Lawnmower will do well for those who need a top range lightweight unit. It is space conscious since it can be folded into a compact unit which is very impressive when you see just how small it folds down to.

The interesting thing is that the rollers have been placed at the front. While it might have been an interesting concept, it does not seem to leave teh stripes you might expect which lets it down a little. If the grass happens to be long, the roller flattens the grass. This prevents the blade from effectively cutting the grass but on shorter well maintained grass it does a great job.

Overall e love the design but we think it could be better design and is not as good as the older models which many gardeners have had for many years. If were totally honest we would advise on getting the 1400w rotary lawnmower instead as it does a better job and is more reliable.

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Most of us have seen and used lawn mowers but our information on them is limited. This is the place where you get to understand what the features do and how that affects the overall performance. The differences might be minimal but they make a huge impact on the final product that you experience and which mower is the right choice for you.

Here is what you need to know.

Power output levels

The scale of work to be conducted determines the amount of power that is required. If you happen to be in the possession of a large lawn, you will need a unit that has a high wattage and a long cord. Smaller units that operate between 400 - 1000w will serve smaller lawns better. Larger units need more than 1800 watts to cover large areas effectively as they generally have a wider cutting width to power through. If you want to play safe, read online reviews to see what previous customer’s perspective on the lawn mowers performance is.

Cutting performance

The first thing to look at is the blade. The blade can be plastic or metal so ensure that you confirm. Metal blades are preferred since they durable and don’t bend easily. The second thing to watch for is the cutting width. The larger the cutting width the better for wide coverage. A small cutting width limits you especially if you have a wide area to cover. A cutting width of 40-50cm is usually found on large units that handle heavy work. Smaller units vary from 25-49cm.

Grass tends to grow fast especially in spring and summer. If you have been away for a while your lawn may look unruly and gotten a little out of control. You need a lawn mower whose cutting height can be adjusted. Whether you prefer really short grass or medium height, you can adjust accordingly. The mode of control can vary from levers to knobs. We would like to note that all the Qualcast lawnmowers come with metal blades which is an added bonus.

Clean-up options

In the present market, you will find models that collect grass trimmings into a collection box. These collection boxes vary in size depending on the model. Most models vary from 30- 50 litres. A large bag will save you the time and frustration of empting constantly. Alternatively, you can remove the collection box and let the trimmings lie on the lawn. Be warned however it may look rather disorganised.

The other option is finding a unit that can mulch. Lawn mowers that can mulch cut the trimmings even further then ejects them back to the lawn. This is an eco-friendlier way to mow your lawn. Most people worry that the mulch will appear on the surface. This is very misinformed. Unfortunately none of the models we reviewed have the mulching option so your best collecting.

Mobility and storage options

Lawn mowers are not traditionally lightweight machines. That is why you find that they have wheels with the exception of hover mowers. The wheels balance the weight of the lawn mower during movement. The durability of the wheels’ is important especially if the lawn mower is used frequently. Weak wheels usually give out early in comparison to the rate of use.

Space is squeezed especially for those of us who live in urban areas. The best Qualcast lawn mower can fold into a compact form. This ability is facilitated by the handles that are designed to fold onto the hood. A smaller footprint will save space and keep the unit from being susceptible to damage. Many models are designed to have two handles. This, in turn, makes lifting the lawn mower to storage possible.

Additional features and overall cost

Rollers and cable managers are some of the additional features you can find in a lawn mower. The roller is important when you want to give your lawn a patterned finish. Many people prefer the stripped look for decorative purposes.

Cable managers are more of s safety feature. The cable managed lets the user adjust the length of cord they need. It also assists in keeping the cord from getting tangled with things as you work. Not all lawn mowers have this feature but be sure to check for it. It may save you a few tripping scenarios.

Overall cost is affected by the quality and quantity of the features. The higher the quality of the features, the more you are likely to spend. Look around to see what models are within your wallet limit and proceed to inspect the features. If the features meet your approval purchase the unit. There is not much to it. Ratings and reviews will assist you to gauge the performance of the unit and thus determine the value of it.

Final Conclusion

In the case of Qualcast lawn mowers, selecting should be a simple process. When you have such brands as the Qualcast brand, you are spoilt for choice.

All the models that have been featured here are of high quality build and they are capable of longevity with the exception of the 400w cylinder mower which we have doubts about.

All you have to do is select the model that fits the size of your lawn, the other features will fall into place after that. Remember that in today’s world, what you spend is what you get but they all have a 2 year warranty which is great for peace of mind.

Our Best Pick

Qualcast 1600w Electric Rotary Lawnmower Review

We compared all the models presented in this review and found that the Qualcast 1600W Electric Rotary Lawnmower was the better choice. This is because it has higher power output and cutting width that is needed to deal with most gardens.

It is also designed to house a roller which is an important feature for the perfect finish. The lawn mower has the required adjustable features that offer the user options for easy operation. For a unit that makes life so easy, it is bound to make your landscaping endeavours successful.

Best For Small Lawns

Qualcast 1400w Electric Rotary Lawnmower Review

The products presented all had good qualities that would serve any user well. The Qualcast 1400w Electric Rotary Lawnmower was our first runner up. This is due to the fact that it has the second highest power output and quality features.

The 1400watt motor boasts of a 37cm cutting width that can manage small-medium sized gardens. The handles can be retracted to a compact form for convenient storage.

Generally, it is a dependable high performance lawn mower. The only fault was that it wasn’t as powerful as the best pick although it came close.

Best For a Small Lawn

Qualcast 1200w Electric Rotary Lawnmower review

Another lawn mower that deserves mention is the lightweight and simple Qualcast 1200w Electric Rotary Lawnmower. It is affordable therefore accessible to many people. We like that it only weighs a mere 8kgs compared to the rest. 

Since it has a cutting width of 32cm, it can handle small lawns very well but us not suitable for anything bigger. It is bestowed with all the necessary features apart from the roller which is a shame but not essential.

With those few remarks, we hope that you have taken notice of the Qualcast lawn mower of your dreams. You can visit more of Qualcast lawn mowers reviews to get information on models you have not seen here but we think we have reviewed the best. Information is power and we just empowered you. All the best and we hope you found our guide helpful.

Last updated on April 21st, 2021

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