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Best professional lawn mower for daily commercial use – Buyers guide and reviews

Last updated on April 20th, 2023

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Whether you’re a professional gardener with many lawns to cut, day in and day out, or you’re a serious gardener with a large lawn like I am these days, a premium lawn mower saves you time, energy and effort in mowing the grass.

Professional lawn mowers are designed for commercial grass cutting, done every day. The mowers have heavy-duty construction, a wide cutting width and other features for your convenience, safety and comfort. If keeping your lawn looking green and cared-for is becoming too much of a hassle, read on in our review to find the best lawn mowers for large properties.

One of my recommended lawn mowers for professionals the Hyundai self propelled lawnmower
Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower
Amazing piece of kit for professional gardeners looking for a more affordable alturnative to expensive mowers

I review the best professional lawn mowers, and then explain the features and functions of each. We let you know why I recommend a particular lawn mower. My Buyer’s Guide informs you of the features to look out for in your lawn mowers for trade and gardeners.

It’s worth noting that many professional-grade lawn mowers are best purchased from a specialist lawnmower retailer, many are simply not available from online stores such as Amazon and you get the benefit from buying from a company that knows about the mowers they selling. Saying that I did buy my favourite model from Amazon.

My Best Pick had to be the Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower. A powerful 196cc 4-stroke Hyundai motor powers this petrol mower and it’s proved very reliable for me. Mowing the grass takes less effort on my part with this self-propelled mower and I love that it has 4 speeds plus an electric start. A great choice for those just getting started on a smaller budget but still in need of a mower ideal for commercial use thats actually still backed by the warranty it comes with.

My Runner-up is the Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower. This petrol mower has a 4-stroke Kawasaki engine and a 56cm cutting width that make short work of your mowing job. It also comes with 3 years commercial warranty but it’s more expensive although the build quality is hard to beat.

The Best Cordless Pick recommendation goes to the EGO Power + LM2122E-SP Cordless Self-Propelled Mower. Your mowing session can be 50 minutes long (battery life), and your mower will be ready to go again in one hour. The only downside is you need some backup batteries to get a day’s work out of this model, but it’s certainly up to the job and requires much less maintenance than petrol alternatives.


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Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower my best pick lawn mower for commercial use
Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower
My top recommended pick is the Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke 196cc Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower and its the model I now use myself. This self-propelled mower lets you complete your mowing tasks with minimal effort. It's got the extra features I often assocciate with the more expensive mowers I've used in the past but more resonable priced. The cutting width is 51cm (20 inches) and you have a choice of six pre-defined cutting heights which are easy to change with a single lever. The hardtop collection bag holds a decent 70 litres of grass clippings so you spend more time mowing and less emptying. This mower cuts and mulches, and you have a choice of discharging the grass to the side or mulching and returning the clipping to the lawn, all great features that have there use in certain situations. It’s also the least expensive of the lawn mowers in my review making it a great choice for those who want to set up a lawn mowing round on a budget to get started or someone looking for a commercial grade mower for more domestic use. I've been using this model myself and have always been impressed. Last couple of features I also really like is that it had 4 speed settings for the self propulsion and also electric key start for easy starting. Finally it even comes with 3 years warranty for domestic use but is still covered for commercial use for 1 year too. Overall a mower well worth considering.


Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower

Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower

The Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower is a petrol walk behind mower whose Honda GCVX170 engine produces low emissions. The aluminium cutting deck won’t rust and the mower comes with a significant 2 year professional use warranty. With the 48cm cutting width and the extra-large (70L) collection bag, your mowing tasks are efficiently done. The rear roller puts those looked-for stripes in the lawn for that professional finish. A true workhorse for professionals who needs a very reliable lawn mower, if looked after correctly, it will pay back the investment and is backed by one of the best warranties of any mower brand.

Best Cordless Pick

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EGO Power + LM2122E-SP Cordless Self-Propelled
The EGO Power + LM2122E-SP Cordless Self-Propelled Mower is our Best Pick of cordless lawn mowers for professionals. Quieter than petrol mowers and with zero emissions, this battery mower is also self-propelled, one of only a few cordless models that are. With the headlights on the front of the mower and its whisper of sound, you can mow your lawn in the evening or early morning perfect for professional gardeners getting an early start. The battery lasts for 50 minutes and the recharging time is only one hour although you will probably want a couple of spare batteries if using it commercially. During your mowing session, the mower automatically adjusts its speed to fit the ground and the grass conditions. This may be your choice if you’re looking for a non-petrol mower that takes minimal effort to operate. Its also backed by a 12 month warranty for trade and 5 years from personal use

Top 5 Lawn Mowers For Professionals Reviews

1. Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower 


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Hyundai HYM51SPE Self Propelled Petrol 4-in-1 Rotary Lawn Mower which is my best pick and probably the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens
Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower

The Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is a mower that you assemble without the use of tools and you can have it up and running in around 10 minutes from what I remember. I have been using this latest mode for around 12 months (did last season with it) so here is why I think it is one of the best mowers for professionals or those looking for a decent mower for their own garden.

speed selector for choosing the speed you want the mower to mow at .
Speed selector 1 to 4 to change the speed of the self propelled mower

This is a rear-wheel drive, self-propelled mower so you just need to guide it along the path you want it to travel. What I really like about it is that it also have 4 different speeds whereas most just have one single speed. This means I’m able to use the slower speeds for mowing around flower beds and tight corners and then the faster speeds for mowing across the lawn. This not only makes it easier to use but also speeds up mowing times as I can change from a slow walk to a fast-paced walk for most lawns.

Mowing large lawn with a professional lawn mower model to test and see how well it cuts and collects
Mowing large lawn ready to treat with a moss killer

It’s worth noting it’s also the least expensive professional lawn mower in my review and a great choice for those just starting out or on a budget. I think it well outperforms its price and really is an amazing machine plus you are still covered for 12 months by the warranty and 3 years if you’re just using it for your own personal garden.

Electric start that allows you to start the engine without using the recoil pull start. Gives you around 100 starts from a single charge
The electric start button can also be removed and added to a keyring or just left on the machine – gives about 100 starts from a single charge

The other feature I really like is the electric start which is also a key, this allows me to start the mower without having to use the recoil pull cord although it does have one in case the battery is flat. I ave only every used the recoil start a couple of times but its always started well with this.

Charge point to recharge battery for electric start
Charge point to recharge the battery for electric start

The battery for the electric start lasts around 100 starts from a full charge so it only needs recharging now and again using a simple 3 pin plug.

refuelling 196cc 4-stroke engine on my Hyundai self propelled lawn mower
refuelling 196cc 4-stroke engine

The powerful 196cc OHV 4-stroke Euro 2 low emission engine is a high performance, low maintenance and seems to be fairly economical. The engine is also low emission and conforms to Euro 2 guidelines. The CDI ignition system means that you can easily start the engine even with the pull cord should you need to as already mentioned.

It’s also simple to use as you engage the drive to the rear wheels by using the rear mounter control on the handle. The Operator Presence Control cuts out the engine if you let go of the handle, a useful safety feature.

Handle as everything you need on it - left lever is the choke for cold start, the right lever is the speed selector, red push start button and two cup holders
The handle has everything you need on it – the left lever is the choke for cold start, the right lever is the speed selector, the red push start button and two cup holders

Something I really like about this mower is that all the controls are actually on the handle, this includes the choke, speed selector for the self-propelled feature and start button plus the two drink holders, useful on very warm days.

The cutting deck is made of steel so commercial quality too. Another feature I really like is that you can clean the cutting deck easily after every use by attaching a garden hosepipe to the cleaning deck connection on the mower using a simple Hozelock style click adapter often already fitted to the end of hose pipes. This alone is a nice little useful feature and just helps keep it clean over summer between uses.

Height adjustment lever to select between the 6 different cutting heights
Height adjustment lever to select between the 6 different cutting heights

The cutting width of this mower is 51cm which is 20 inches and suits large gardens or lawns in parks as well as different terrains. The cutting height is adjustable, in six steps, from a low 25mm for a close cut to a high 73mm which is ideal for long grass to bring it down gradually. You can easily change the height using a single lever that adjusts all four wheels at the same time as most other models do as pictured above. 

Large 70 litre collection bag is bigger than collection bags on most other models
A large 70 litre collection bag is bigger than collection bags on most other models

You can cut-and-drop the clippings or cut-and-collect them in the 70L hard-top collection bag on the back of the mower as I usually do.  The collection bag has an indicator that tells you when the bag is full so no more checking to check if it’s full. It does work but it’s not something I personally take much notice of.

Mulching plug which allows the mower to cut the grass clipping into tiny pieces and returns them to the lawn
Mulching plug which allows the mower to cut the grass clipping into tiny pieces and returns them to the lawn

Instead of collecting the clippings, you can also discharge them back onto the lawn mulched, simply cut and drop using the mulching plug which you can see above or discharge from the side which is ideal for extra long grass so you can let the clippings fall to the side of the mower so you don’t have to walk through bits of grass as you mow.

Side dispatch is handy for cutting long grass and ten either leaving or clearing up after mowing
Side dispatch is handy for cutting long grass and ten either leaving or clearing up after mowing

As mentioned, the Hyundai HYM510SPE mower both cuts grass and mulches it. It comes with a mulching feature that spreads finely cut grass clippings back onto the grass as fertiliser which helps adds nutrients back onto the lawn. Make sure the mulching plug is inserted when you want to use that feature, the same goes for the side dispatch chute. 

Despite being a large mower it does fold down to be quiet compact
Despite being a large mower it does fold down to be quiet compact

The ergonomic handles have soft grips to protect your hands and arms from vibrations. The handles fold forward and down over the lawn mower to reduce the amount of storage space it takes up making it easy to transport from job to job.

Rear wheel drive petrol lawn mower

This mower comes with Hyundai’s 3-year platinum warranty which covers domestic use for the full 3 years but this drops to only 1 year or 1000 hours of use for professional use. This is enough to get you through the first season and established before you invest in a more robust lawnmower such as that by Hayter and of course Weibang but I think tis will easily do a few good years professionally if you look after it and service it. If it’s for personal use it will, of course, last many many years I have no doubt.

Our recommendation

The Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn is worth a look if the effort of using a walk behind lawn mower becomes uncomfortable during your mowing session or you’re just getting started but need a decent good quality model. This self-propelled lawn mower just needs to be guided along and has all the best features, minus a roller for anyone just getting started as a professional gardener.

Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn is a great model for professionals looking for a more budget friendly model and is the mower I personally use myself

It’s my best pick in this review of the best lawn mowers for professionals as it’s a good starter mower or even a back-up mower. This is the mower I now personally use as it does a great job and has some excellent features including 4 speeds and an electric start. It really has been a real workhorse which is why I highly recommend it, never let me down yet.

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2. Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower


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Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower

The Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower is a petrol mower that’s a 2020 update on the previous model in this line of mowers. The improvements include an improved torque Honda engine although the previous Honda engines were already excellent and a redesigned cutter blade.

The engine is the Honda GCVX170 with improved 11.1 Nm torque. The crank-safe BBC system uses the blade brake clutch to stop the blades without shutting off the engine. This safety and convenience feature is one to look out for on professional lawn mowers as it means you can empty the collection bag without having to shut down and restart the mower every time.

The cutting deck is made of aluminium cast in one piece. This improves the mower’s performance and the service life of the mower just like that of our best pick by Weibang. This Hayter Harrier mower travels at just one speed – 5 kph which is where it’s not quite as higher spec out as much as our best pick. The front and rear bumpers make lifting the mower easy which is a simple but useful feature for a gardener always on the move from job to job.

Slightly narrower than some other lawn mowers for large properties, the cutting width of the Hayter Harrier is 48cm although they do have larger versions. The cutting height moves in seven steps from 13mm – 60mm by adjusting a single lever. This range gives neither the shortest nor longest grass cut of other mowers. A 70L fabric collection bag at the rear of the mower prevents the clippings from returning to the lawn and ensures you do more mowing and less emptying.

One feature we do like is the trim side feature lets you cut right up to the edge of the lawn with the right side of the mower. This feature lets you mow around borders or beds without having to go back and strim the missed grass later. The steel rear roller is in two pieces with one of this mower’s improvements – the new differential and bearing mounting support system. The roller reliably makes the desired stripes in your lawn which many customers prefer so this mower has you covered there.

Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower rear view

For convenience, a wash port is integrated into the cutting deck just like that if the budget Hyundai model. Attach your garden hose and directly wash off any grass or debris clinging to the blades and the underside of the mower.

The Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower comes with a warranty of 2 years for domestic use and also for professional use. These conditions are based on servicing the mower annually and apply only to the original owner. It’s worth noting that the crankshaft does have a lifetime warranty.

With your purchase, if you buy from, you receive a free starter kit of a fuel container, a fuel funnel and a bottle of engine oil.

Our recommendation

The Hayter Harrier 48 Pro FS BBC Rear Roller Lawn Mower has an engine from Honda who is known for the quality of their products. This model is the updated version of the previous model with some significant changes. The cutting height range isn’t as wide as with some other lawn mowers but you can trim right up to beds, borders and walls.

This could be your dream petrol lawn mower for large areas if you have many obstacles to mow around. If we had to recommend just two lawnmowers putting reliability first, this would be a very close second to our best pick.

3. Weibang Legacy 56 Pro 3 Speed Kaw Rear Roller Lawn Mower

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Weibang Legacy 56 Pro 3 Speed Kaw Rear Roller Lawn mower review

The Weibang Legacy 56 Pro 3 Speed Kaw Rear Roller Lawn Mower delivers a combination of power and environmental awareness. This mower is a walk-behind petrol mower with a powerful and reliable Kawasaki FJ180 – AM74 engine. The 4-stroke engine delivers high performance and low emissions and is the perfect model for professional gardeners looking for a workhorse that is both powerful and reliable, two of the most important consideration for professional gardeners.

The cutting deck is aluminium that won’t rust, so cutting damp grass is an option for you and something that can not always be avoided for professionals as you usually have to mow in all weathers.

The cutting deck has an impressive 25-year warranty, so you won’t worry for a long time about its service life. The crankshaft system protects the mower from accidental damage. The fins at the front of the mower direct extra air to the deck for more efficient cutting which makes it extremely efficient at cutting and collecting the grass, its little features like that which make all the difference.

Impressive 25-year warranty on cutting deck

Cutting lawns with the Weibang Legacy 56 Pro is straightforward. The cutting width of this mower is a generous 56cm that lets you finish the task quickly. Your choice of cutting heights is from 13mm – 67mm in 11 steps which you adjust with a single lever. You won’t have to go to the compost heap or your van to empty the collection bag too often as it holds 85L of grass cuttings. The bag is made from fabric that allows air to flow through and has an indicator that tells you when the bag is full, reducing the need to stop and cheap, again saving even more time. 

The rear roller puts those two-direction strips in your lawn, which all customers love. The manufacturer states that this roller has the industry-leading roller ratchet system with over 10 times the strength of other rollers. Again something that is needed at they take a lot of abuse mowing day in day out.

You have a choice of three speeds with this Weibang Legacy 56 mower. The variable speed PRO gearbox lets you adjust how quickly you mow according to the terrain and the length and type of grass. Your comfort is also thought of with the anti-vibration mounts for the handlebar. You can mow for longer periods without being too fatigued. The handlebars are ergonomically designed, heavy-duty and adjustable in height. The mower has a service and storage position so it won’t take up too much space in your shed as shown in the picture below.

Weibang Legacy 56 Pro 3 Speed Kaw Rear Roller Lawn mower folded for transport

The Weibang Legacy 56 Pro 3 Speed Kaw Rear Roller Lawn Mower comes with a 3-year professional warranty and a 5-year domestic warranty for those looking for a quality lawnmower for home use, both subject to annual service which is essential for any petrol powered machine. You also receive a free bottle of engine oil with your purchase so all you need I fuel and your good to go.

Our recommendation

We selected the Weibang Legacy 56 Pro 3 Speed Kaw Rear Roller Lawn Mower as our Best Pick of lawn mowers for professionals in this review. We like that its motor is from a well-renowned company and that it has three speeds. The rear roller is also a plus so you achieve a formal looking lawn every time. Not to mention the extra-large 85L collection bag.

The Weibang Legacy 56 Pro Lawn Mower could be for you if you mow grass extensively and want a strong and durable mower with some excellent features. Weibang lawn mowers are at the top of there game and for professionals who have the investment, it would be either a Webang mower or Hayter which we have also included further down in this review.

4. EGO Power + LM2122E-SP Cordless Self-Propelled Mower  

Best Cordless Pick

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EGO Power + LM2122E-SP Cordless Self-Propelled Mower

As a cordless mower for professionals, the EGO Power + LM2122E-SP Cordless Self-Propelled Mower is much quieter than its petrol competitors are. Its lower service costs and zero emissions make owning the mower and using it a pleasant experience. Being self-propelled, the mower enables you to guide it along its route rather than exerting more effort with a walk-behind mower. Its also worth noting that most cordless lawnmowers are not suitable for professional but this is one model that is but the warranty for professional use is limited to 1 year but for home use, you do get a very impressive 5 years.

The battery that powers this lawn mower, supplied with the mower, is a 7.5Ah 56V battery that is compatible with all other EGO-line products. The battery’s design has increased surface area to dissipate heat effectively. A single charge of the battery lasts for 50 minutes of mowing, not bad for a cordless lawn mower. It only takes one hour to charge and a rapid charger is supplied but you may want to invest in a couple of spares for commercial use. The motor has an automatic variable speed that gives the best possible cut for the situation. The mower automatically adjusts its speed in a range of 2.2kph to 5.0kph to suit the mowing conditions. This is something that is usually only found on high-end petrol models so its good to see this available on a cordless model.

The cutting deck is made from hardwearing plastic. Damp grass may get clogged up in the cutting deck, so you either have to brush the clinging grass away in wet weather or wait until a dry day to mow your lawn which is the only drawback. 

The EGO Power + LM2122E-SP has a cutting width of 52cm which is in the range of other professional lawn mowers for large areas. Choose from six cutting heights to suit the site and length of the grass. The heights range from 28mm for a very close cut to 94mm for longer grass which increase in steps.

Ergonomic features include a handle that’s user adjustable to one of three heights. The mower’s design also makes it easy to fold and store it in a small space. A neat feature is the headlights on the front of the mower. You no longer have to mow your lawn only during the day. The headlights let you mow at twilight and you won’t bother your neighbours, as this cordless mower is quiet.

The EGO Power + LM2122E-SP comes with a 5-year tool warranty for domestic use (but you have to register it) and a 3-year domestic use warranty on the battery (also when registered). For professional use, there’s a 1-year professional use guarantee on the mower and the battery which is what we did expect.

Our recommendation

The EGO Power + LM2122E-SP Cordless Self-Propelled Mower has two excellent features to recommend it. It’s cordless so doesn’t add to the emissions in the air around your home and it’s self-propelled which takes less effort to use than petrol mowers, even self-propelled models as they are often much heavier. Lifting the mower is easy if you use the front and rear bumpers.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to mow your lawn or want to change from petrol mowers to a cordless mower with just as much cutting power, the EGO Power + LM2122E-SP is worth considering.

5. Allett Buckingham 20H Semi-Pro Petrol Cylinder Mower

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Allett Buckingham 20H Semi-Pro Petrol Cylinder Mower

The Allett Buckingham 20H Semi-Pro Petrol Cylinder Mower is designed for professional use in mowing large formal lawns, parks lawn and bowling greens. This mower is for use by professionals and serious home gardeners and comes with the extra features that they need to cut large areas of lawn frequently. If your attention is for creating stripes lawns, then this is, without doubt, the best lawn mower for creating those stripes lawns.

The Allett Buckingham 20H has a powerful 196cc 4-strike engine from Honda. This is a high performance, easy to start mower whose fuel tank holds 3.1L of petrol. The mower comes with a free bottle of engine oil to get you started too when ordered from mowers-online. This is a self-propelled lawn mower so you just need to steer it on its way.

The cutting width of this lawn mower for large properties is 51cm which is in the standard range for these types of mowers. The cutting height is from 5mm for a very close cut to 35mm and gives you a wide range of grass lengths to deal with. Instead of pre-defined steps to move through the heights, the Allett Buckingham 20H mower lets you make micro-movements of the height control to adjust the height to whatever you want.

To assist with the cutting function, a depth adjustable turf rake is on the front of the mower. This removes moss and dead material and also lifts the blades of grass up before cutting. You’re left with a cleaner cut and a fresher-looking lawn. The collection bag holds an impressive 84L of grass cuttings. You definitely won’t have to make frequent trips to the compost bin to empty it.

To produce those desired stripes on the lawn, the Allett Buckingham 20H has two steel rollers, at the front and back of the mower. These not only give you the stripes in the direction you’re mowing but they also do it with greater definition than mowers with just one roller.

The handlebar is a single bale bar holding the throttle lever and handbrake. The handlebars are adjustable into various height positions to suit the height of the user which is useful. The domestic warranty is for two years parts and labour; the manufacturer’s website doesn’t give the professional warranty. If you really have a vast expanse of grass to cut, you might consider purchasing the Autosteer trailing seat as well. However, the Allett Buckingham 20H mower is the most expensive one in this review.

Our recommendation

The Allett Buckingham 20H Semi-Pro Petrol Cylinder Mower may be your choice of lawn mower if you’re a professional gardener or a serious home gardener. The powerful engine lets you cut grass efficiently and the two rollers produce the stripes that formal or good-looking lawns should have. Having the ability to freely adjust the cutting height to anywhere between 5mm to 35mm, you can have a cross-cropped lawn or one that’s a little more relaxed.

If you’re really do cut a great deal of lawn with a striped finish, consider the Allett Buckingham 20H Semi-Pro Petrol Cylinder Mower. Although it’s the most expensive premium lawn mower in our review, its power and extra features might make your mowing job easier and for a striped finish, no other models can even come close to the finish this type of lawn mower gives.

Buyer’s Guide For Professional Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers for professionals are also for serious gardeners, especially those with vast areas of lawn to look after. These mowers focus on effectiveness, speed and reducing weight. They’re designed to make mowing for a long time, even every day, as comfortable as possible. The demand for professional lawn mowers will increase with the opening of new parks and golf courses.

Here are the key features to consider before purchasing the best lawn mower for trade.

Walk-behind, self-propelled or ride on 

All the professional mowers in our review are walk-behind models. You guide these mowers across the lawns you want to mow. Some walk behind mowers in this review is self-propelled so you only have to guide them in the direction you want to go.  Alternatives are ride-on mowers that sometimes look like small tractors and stand on mowers where you stand on a small platform at the back of the mower. These are the types of lawn mowers councils and golf courses often use as well as very large parks.


Lawn mower engine being serviced

Four of the professional lawn mowers in this review are powered by petrol, while a battery powers the fifth. 

Generally, high quality and professional engines power petrol professional mowers. You may have the choice between a 2-stroke and a 4-stoke motor. Of interest is the size of the fuel tank which influences how long you can cut the grass for without refilling it. The fuel tank should also have a filter to clean the petrol. 

A 2-stroke engine has better performance on steep or extreme slopes without engine damage. Some lawn mowers are available with all-wheel drive that delivers maximum power.

One consideration when purchasing a battery-driven mower is the length of time (or area of the lawn) the battery lasts. In addition, the time the battery takes to recharge will affect the schedule of your workday. Cordless mowers are often expensive to start, especially if you buy are batteries but the saving on petrol can be huge making them much more affordable to run.

Cutting deck / chassis

Weibang Legacy 56 Pro 3 Speed Kaw Rear Roller Lawn Mower cutting deck

The cutting deck, also known as the chassis, of the professional mower takes the brunt of the wear and tear on the mower. The best lawn mowers for large properties have a cutting deck that’s cast in one piece that gives the optimal rigidity to the mower and increases its service life. Most cutting decks are made of metal (aluminium or steel) though some may be made of strong plastic to keep them lightweight. Keep your steel cutting deck free from rust by removing wet grass and drying the deck thoroughly after every use. Aluminium does not rust and usually has a longer service life and less maintenance.

Cutting and collecting

Many lawn mowers have functions that reduce the amount of work you need to do. Within cutting and collecting there are a few pieces of information to know.

Most mowers have a discharge function, either at the back of the mower or at the side. Sometimes a mower has both for you to select from. This directs the clipping on to the lawn.  

Cutting Width

Professional lawn mowers have a wider cutting width than regular mowers. This lets you do fewer passes of regular size lawns and speeds up your cutting time on large areas of grass. Mowers for large properties generally have a cutting width of 50cms to 76cms.

Cutting height

Professional lawn mower cutting grass and collecting

If you’re a professional gardener and cut different areas of grass, you need a wide range of cutting heights to accommodate the different lengths of the blades of grass. The best premium lawn mowers have a wide range of cutting heights, often adjusted by a single lever. The cutting height section on some mowers is in gradated steps while other mowers give you free rein to select any height (usually by turning a knob) within their range but this feature is usually on cylinder type mowers.


Collecting the grass clippings in an attached bag or box saves you time and effort in raking up the cuttings when you’ve finished mowing. The size of the collection bag/box is important as it determines how often you need to empty it. Some collection bags have an indicator to let you know when it’s full. In addition, look for a feature that collects the dust form the grass before as the mower collects it.


The mulching function you find on some lawn mowers chops the grass clippings into small pieces before discharging them on to the lawn. This creates grass mulch that fertilises the lawn and gives you greener grass and puts nutrients back onto the lawn.


A roller attached to the professional mower (usually at the back) creates the beautiful wide stripes found on many large lawns. As you mow, the roller tamps down the grass forming a strip that’s as wide as the cutting width. Changing the direction of mowing changes how the stripe looks. With mowers with this feature, you don’t have to come back with a heavy roller after cutting for to make these envy-producing strips.


We can’t talk about professional lawn mowers without addressing some safety issues.

Most premium lawn mowers have a brake feature that lets you stop the blades safely and quickly without having to turn the engine off. This is convenient when you need to turn the mower around, empty the collection bag, or move across non-grass areas. You also won’t have to start the mower again. For safety, this lets you stop cutting if you run over something other than grass and still move the mower out of the way.

A safety brake is also important. With this feature, the parking brake kicks in as soon as you release the blade clutch latch. The mower stops immediately, even if you’re on a slope.

Sometimes professional mowers have a front steel protection bar. You won’t bump the mower into objects in your path as the bumper touches them first.

The speed of the mower also relates to safety. It should be slow enough that you can control the equipment but fast enough that you don’t become bored and drift off into a daydream. Mowers with variable speeds are the best bet.

We also have to mention the use of protective clothing – googles, hard boots, gloves and ear protectors. Lawn mowers for professionals are large items of garden equipment with the potential to cause harm.


Whether you’re a series gardener with a large lawn or a professional with many lawns to mow, your comfort with the mower is a key factor in whether you ache at the end of a day of mowing.

Look for mowers with thick and strong handlebars so you won’t be gripping a thin bar of metal all day. Grips on the handle soften the vibrations on your hands and up your arms. And check out the vibration level of each mower you research; some have lower vibrations than others for less strain on you.

Petrol Lawnmowers for professionals are usually noisy so wear ear protectors to preserve your hearing.

Final Conclusion

Lawn mower for gardeners

By now you know if a lawn mower for professionals is what you need for your mowing tasks or job. The choice between petrol and battery mowers depends, in part, on how much grass you have to cut and whether there’s somewhere close to recharge the battery. In addition, petrol mowers have more power than cordless ones and can be refuelled quickly.

The products in this review come with a variety of functions and features. Do you need a mulching facility or are you OK to just cut the grass? How enthusiastic are you about having directed stripes on your lawn? Working out what you need from your premium lawn mower helps to narrow down the choices.

Our selection for Best Pick of lawn mowers for large properties is the Weibang Legacy 56 Pro 3 Speed Kaw Rear Roller Lawn Mower. This is a petrol mower with a powerful Kawaskai 4-stroke engine. This mower has a rear roller to make stripes in your lawn.

The Runner-up is the Hyundai HYM510SPE 4-Stroke Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower. This self-propelled mower takes less effort to operate than many others, especially petrol mowers. You can cut and mulch with this mower and it’s great for anyone on a budget.

The Best Cordless Mower for large properties is the EGO Power + LM2122E-SP Cordless Self-Propelled Mower. Powered by a battery that lasts up to 50 minutes, this mower has headlights so you can cut your grass in low light conditions.

If, after careful consideration, you decide that a professional lawn mower is too large for you, read our other lawn mower reviews: Best Cordless Lawn Mowers, Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers and Best Petrol Mowers.

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