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4 Best Stove Gloves – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Last updated on November 10th, 2021

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Choosing the best log burner gloves & buyer’s guide

There could be various reasons as to why you are using a stove. Whatever the reason, you never want to experience the pain that comes with touching a hot stove. Even if it is by mistake, it can be excruciating. Wearing stove gloves can prevent these accidental burns. When you wear these, you can put logs into the fire without the risk of burning your hands. Even if a log rolls out of the fire when stoking it, you can put it back because you have heat resistant gloves. They are also great for opening the stove as it can get very hot, especially the handle and from the heat when you open the door.

Protection from fire is no joke and that is why you can only rely on the best stove gloves. Whether you want them up to your elbow or wrist, heat-resistant gloves will keep you from getting burnt. We review some of the best wood burner gloves that will offer the best heat resistance so you can load your log burner with confidence.

Here is a bit of information that may help you find the best log burner gloves. To get you started, check out our ‘Best Pick’ the Stovax Black Heat Resistant Leather Gloves below, we think these are probably the best choice for the majority of people as they are comfortable to wear and offer excellent heat resistance. If you are looking for a pair with longer cuffs they also make a long-sleeved pair (which we also review further down), both are great choices.

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Stovax Black Heat Resistant 100% Leather Gloves
These gloves are made from high-quality leather and are bound to last longer compared to the average pairs. They are long and thus give you more protection compared to cheaper, standard-sized gloves. An excellent pair of heat-resistant stove gloves that will let you load your stove with confidence.

Our top 5 stove gloves for log burners that have been included in our review

  1. Stovax Black Heat Resistant 100% Leather Gloves – BEST PICK
  2. Ecolighters Premium 100% Leather Stove Gloves – RUNNER UP
  3. Stovax Leather Extra Long Heat-Resistant Stove Gloves – BEST LONG LENGTH PICK
  4. De Vielle Heritage Leather Stove Gloves
  5. Valiant Fireside Heat-Resistant Elbow Length Kevlar Stove Gloves


Ecolighters Premium Leather Stove Gloves
The exterior is heat-resistant to protect your hands from the heat emitted from a stove, while the fleece lining on these gloves makes them super comfy. These are perfect for stoves, BBQs, fireplaces and wood burners. They are all about comfort, versatility and durability at a great price. They are large fitting so perfect for larger hands.


Stovax Leather Extra Long Heat-Resistant Stove Gloves
Made from 100% genuine leather, these gloves provide enhanced protection around the hands, wrists and forearms. They are heat-resistant and an ideal selection for carrying logs, woods and other demanding jobs. If you do have the money, feel free to go for this top-rated pair. They are also great if you need to reach into the fire for any reason thanks to the extra protection around the arms.

The Top 5 Stove Glove Reviews

The products featured below happen to be some of the best stove gloves available. They are of good quality and you will find them highly dependable. Read through to grasp what each pair has to offer.

1. Stovax Black Heat Resistant Leather Gloves


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Stovax Black Heat Resistant 100% Leather Gloves

The Stovax Heat Resistant Leather Gloves are the perfect companion for any stove owner. You can open the stove door without burning your fingers. The black heat resistant gloves are created from pure leather to make sure that they can survive constant use. The gloves are 34cm long and they give adequate space for hand movements and are also suitable for people of larger hands. They are comfortable to wear and can cater to other activities such as welding if you choose to do so. The quality is good and the price is even better.


  • Perfect for protecting your hands when opening and fuelling a log burner. 
  • Made of 100% genuine leather for maximum durability. 
  • Includes useful loops for storage. 
  • The gloves have a comfy fit thanks to the fleece lining. 


  • No size information to help you choose your ideal size, that being said they fit most peoples hands.

Our recommendation

The Stovax Black Heat Resistant Leather Gloves are not the most heat resistant gloves you can find on the market but they get the work done, if you touch hot metal for too long they smell a little but it doesn’t seem to damage the gloves.

Touching a stove’s door will be possible as the gloves protect your fingers. It is not only an affordable pair but an attractive one that you can buy as a gift.

Overall they’re very comfortable and look like they will last you a few years. Very well made and offer more than enough protection. If you are looking for a pair with slightly longer cuffs for even more protection, Stovax also does another pair we also review.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

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2. Stovax Leather Extra Long Heat-Resistant Stove Gloves


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Fires NEW Stovax Leather Extra Long Heat Resistant Stove Gloves/Gauntlets 17

The Stovax Leather Extra Long Heat Resistant Stove Gloves give you more protection around your lower arms which is their main selling point. Being that they are 43cm long, you can wear them to cover all the way to your elbow. If you have had hair singed by wayward flames, you need to get this pair. They are also of great help when you are carrying a pile of wood to stoke the fire. They cushion the weight and protect your skin from splinters. The gloves are made of 100% genuine leather and are durable enough not to wear down after a few uses so should last for a few years easily. Whether it is a barbecue or just stocking logs, the gloves perform beautifully and probably offer the most protection of any of the gloves in this review. 


  • Made from high-quality leather that is heat resistant.
  • Feature a long gauntlet to give better arm protection.
  • Comfortable to wear with fleece lining.


  • A bit pricey.

Our recommendation

The Stovax Extra Long Heat Resistant Stove Gloves are actually probably a close second to our ‘Best Pick’ which isn’t surprising as they are made by the same company. The only reason we did not give this pair the ‘Best Pick’ badge of honour is that they are more expensive.

They can do so much more in helping you around the house though. You can carry logs without grazing your skin or move hot items from one side to another. Yes, the price is a bit more compared to the others but the quality will last for longer than the other pairs we looked at. People worry that they may be bulky but they are manageable. Overall, a great pair of gloves with extra protection for your arms.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

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3. Ecolighters Premium Leather Stove Gloves


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Premium 100% Leather Gloves - Lined Welders Gauntlets - Heat Resistant & Flame Retardant - Supple Lined Leather- BBQ, Stove, woodburning Gloves Welding - 1 Pair in Gift Box (Red)

The Ecolighters Leather Stove Gloves will protect your hands from fire and keep them comfortable. They are stylish and comfortable to wear. These soft gloves are made from 100% supple leather. The leather enforces durability whilst the fleece lining keeps your hands comfortable. The 36cm long gloves can be used for open and closing log burners, barbecues, welding or any activity that requires heat resistance. The gloves fit both men and women which is convenient. The gloves come with a hanging loop and the loop can be used to hang the gloves after you are done. Finally, they are presented in a nice gift box making them a great gift idea.


  • Made from 100% leather and thus are long-lasting.
  • They can be used in different activities from putting logs into your log burner to welding in the workshop.
  • They come with a loop for hanging.
  • Very affordable and stylish pair.
  • Comfortable to work with thanks to the fleece lining.


  • None found.

Our recommendation

The Ecolighters Premium Stove Gloves are a good pair to invest in and come at a great price and offer more than enough protection. The seams appear to be well constructed and the material used is of good quality. They are stylish leather gloves that will offer you comfort. If you can get your size, do yourself a great favour and buy them. Another great pair of gloves worth considering.

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4. De Vielle Heritage Leather Stove Gloves

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De Vielle Heritage Leather Stove Gloves, Metal, Black, 2 Count (Pack of 1)

The De Vielle Heritage Leather Stove Gloves are an excellent pair of gloves created by the De Vielle Company. These black heat resistant gloves are made of heavy-duty leather. They will last longer than the average ones that people often get for cheap prices. They are designed to fit both male and female hands but maybe a little too larger for ladies with small hands. It is a one size fits all kind of glove. The gloves have undergone testing to prove that they are fit for use.

They have passed the EN388 standards specification that guarantees to you that they are dependable.


  • Made from heavy duty leather for maxium protection.
  • Can be used to attend to other activities such as BBQs and chimineas.
  • Offer a good value for money.
  • They have met required safety standards according to EN388.
  • One-size fits all design so perfect if a few people need to use them around the stove.


  • Too big for women with smaller hands. 

Our recommendation

This pair of gloves is a good example of quality work. The De Vielle Heritage Leather Stove Gloves will protect you from the heat effectively. You can use them around the house for heat-related processes. It all depends on exactly what you need them for. The price is good and the quality you get is even better. Women with small hands may find them a bit too large though. Another great pair. 

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Stove Gloves Buyer’s Guide

A lot of people get nervous when bombarded with too many choices at once. To calm the nervousness, one needs to understand what they are looking for in a pair of stove gloves. With a bit of information, we are sure you can get the best woodburner gloves that money can buy. We found that most gloves are either poorly made and don’t last very long or simply too bulky and a bad fit. After comparing over 20 pairs, we found 5 pairs that stood out from the rest. Below is the information we think you will find valuable and our top picks. Before we get into our reviews and recommendations feel free to read our buyer’s guide below to learn what to look for in a good pair of stove gloves.

Consider the stove glove fabric

The material used is very important. It determines the level of heat resistance you will experience. Some materials are better than others but they tend to cost a bit more. Let us look at some of these materials and what they offer.

Leather gives a good performance when used as a material for gloves of any kind. The material is durable and has a high puncture resistance. There are many kinds of leather that are used but cowhide takes the crown on this one. This is simply because it features respectable heat resistance. Most stove gloves are made from leather.

Kevlar is another material that is often used, either blended with another fabric or pure. The material is heat-resistant and does not ignite. It is cut-resistant and offers a good grip. They also happen to be easy to wash. Some stove gloves are made from this but not many.

Nomex is another heat-resistant material that is used for gloves. The material is not as strong as the kevlar structure wise but offers excellent heat, chemical and radiation resistance. In most cases, you find that this fabric is blended with other materials to make it stronger.

Carbon fibre has a very high heat resistance and will not melt. This is usually perfect for industrial environments. They are quite costly particularly if the quality is high.  But they can withstand high temperatures past 2000°F which is a bonus. We don’t review these types here as they are for professional use.

Polybenzimidazole is a dependable fabric that features a high melting point. It can take high temperatures without melting or dripping. It is can take 1000°F without flinching. These too, are for professional use. It is often used in fire fighting clothing and even spacesuits.

Level of heat resistance

Before getting yourself a pair of heat-resistant gloves, it is good to establish what they will be doing. If they are just for stoking the fire then they do not have to be too heavy. Light heat-resistant gloves are appropriate for light jobs. Otherwise, you will find that the gloves heat up to excruciating levels. Activities that produce a lot of heat need heavy-duty heat-resistant gloves. Check for the material used too to understand how the material reacts to high temperatures.

Strive for a correct fit and comfort

Stove gloves can come long or short in length. The short one ends a few centimetres after the wrist while the longer ones can go up to the elbow. Whatever length you need make sure that the gloves feel comfortable. You can always buy the one size fits all, but that doesn’t work all the time. If your hands are large or extra small, look for brands that offer the appropriate size for you. Whether you are male or female, it is crucial that you have a grip when grabbing onto things. If the glove sits well and lets you spread your fingers, it is a good one.

Pay attention to a few extras

Little features make the biggest difference sometimes. They lower the frustration levels you would face if those features were not there. Look for gloves that have an inner lining. They increase the level of comfort and absorb sweat if needed. The lining materials will differ depending on the quality and function of the gloves. Some use polyester, some use fleece, some wool and others a blend of different fabrics. All that matters is that the glove is comfortable, even when in close proximity to the heat.

Loops are convenient for storage. They present the opportunity to store your gloves where you can always find them. You just hang them and walk away. Keep them away from dust and clean them according to their material. If you do this, they may last longer and serve you diligently. Usually, a good brush is enough to clean them off.

How much should you pay?

Expect to pay anywhere from £10 to £30 depending on the brand. You want to get your product from reputable distributors. This is so as to avoid acquiring fake products and wasting your money. Heavy-duty stove gloves will cost more than the light versions. If you are not sure whether the product is worth the price check the reviews. We won’t stop emphasising the fact that sometimes customer reviews offer more insight into the product. It is recommended to invest in a high-quality product that will last longer and provide service for the money you paid. Of course, we have done research on all our recommendations so you don’t have to.

Quick user tips

  • It is always good to measure the temperatures of the stove while in high heat. This will give you an idea of the kind of gloves to get so as to match the temperatures exuded.
  • Always confirm how long the material takes to disintegrate in high temperatures. This will indicate how much time you have before the inside material is exposed.
  • It is good to see to it that the material used is cut proof. This is just in case the glove gets snagged and tears.
  • Clean the fabrics according to their types. We would not recommend soaking pure leather gloves.
  • Check often to see if all the seams are reinforced.

Final Conclusion

There are stove gloves that are not able to handle a lot of heat for long. Be careful with such gloves and avoid cheaper gloves as it’s not worth the risk. If you know that you will be around high levels of heat, which you obviously will be if you have a log burner, then it is better to get heavy-duty heat—resistant gloves and not just normal leather gloves. They might be a bit heavy but at least you are assured that your fingers are protected. People who possess dainty hands or extra-large hands should seek brands that provide size options. There are so many products out there, don’t be too quick to pick the first pair you see. 


We hope you have found our reviews helpful.

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