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6 Best Outdoor Fireplaces That Keep You Warm and Create a Real Talking Point In Your Garden

Last updated on June 8th, 2022

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There’s nothing better than late on a cool summer evening sitting in your garden with a cold beverage (or hot) around a warm fire, perhaps barbequing your dinner on its grill.  Whether you want an outside fire for heat, to melt marshmallows for smores or to create a romantic ambience, being around an outdoor fireplace makes you nicely sleepy and not necessarily smoky. Outdoor fireplaces are often multi-functional giving you grilling space along with a place to put beer bottles and wine glasses. This review presents a selection of functionalities and styles of outdoor fireplaces.

For each of the items in this Best Outdoor Fireplaces review, we list their pros and cons and discuss the benefits of some of their features. We highlight our top picks below. Our Buyer’s Guide addresses the main issues to consider when choosing which outdoor fireplace best fits into your lifestyle and outdoor space.

Our selection for the Best Outdoor Fireplace is the Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill. This is a fireplace that serves as both a fire pit and cooking grill. And you will be pleased to know you can use both these features at the same time.

Our Runner-up is the La Hacienda Stonehurst Steel Outdoor Fireplace. This high-quality steel fireplace is open on both sides helps airflow and also looks amazing, creating a real focal point on your patio.


Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill
If you dream of gathering your friends and family around your garden 360-degree fireplace on cool evenings and grilling them some hot dogs at the same time, the Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill is the fireplace to choose. This stylish circular fireplace has mesh walls on all “sides’ so everyone gets their own share of the warmth and there’s no jostling for the best seat. Plus everyone’s protected from flying sparks. They can all watch the food cooking on the grill and decide when their sausages or steak is done. Don’t worry about continually putting logs on the fire as large pieces of wood fit through the large screen door. Plus clean-up the next day is easy – just remove the ash pan and empty it.

The Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill is for you if you want to be warmed by and cook your dinner on the same stylish open fire. Overall it's very well made, looks great and will last for many many years thanks to the cast iron design


La Hacienda Stonehurst Steel Outdoor Fireplace
If you have a space to heat, consider this La Hacienda Stonehurst Steel Outdoor Fireplace. A high quality steel bronze structure shaped like an open fire with storage for logs. The lower section of this fireplace is for storing wood and the upper section holds the fire log grate. Open on both sides, this is perfect as a centrepiece.

6 Best Outdoor Fireplaces Reviews

1. Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill


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Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill

The Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill is an easy to light fireplace with a 360° degree all-round view and is a substantial piece of kit. Gather all your friends and family around this fireplace and they will each have their own front-row seat – and the accompanying warmth.

The Rustic Outdoor Fireplace is made from solid steel that is painted with black heat-resistant paint in an antique finish. Yet, its round structure looks sleek and contemporary. This fireplace fits into any garden décor – vintage or modern. The 360° degree black metal mesh walls prevent any sparks from the fire from flying out. The solid roof and chimney hold the heat in to help direct the heat outwards. 

The screen door opens easily and is extra wide so you can pile large logs onto the grate at the bottom of the fire pit. Stirring and prodding the logs to encourage a roaring fire is easy with the included steel fire poker. Ashes fall beneath the grate to the ash pan which is removable (when cooled) for easy cleaning.

Cook your dinner or a late night snack on the cast iron food grill. Swing out the grill, put your meat or veg on it and swing it back into position. It’s as simple as that. The cooking pit is 75cm in diameter and 1.24m high which is much larger than the fire pits you usually see for sale. The Rustic Outdoor Fireplace weighs a hefty 32kg, so place it where you know you want to keep it.


  • Firepit and barbeque grill, so stay warm and cook dinner at the same time.
  • Round, solid steel construction for sturdy function and contemporary style.
  • Antique black finish but with a sleek contemporary style for all garden designs.
  • The cast-iron food grill swings out and has three positions for the best food cooking placement.
  • Metal mesh guard on all sides and on the chimney protects everyone from sparks from the fire.
  • The extra-wide screened door opens easily to put logs on the fire safely.
  • Ashpan is removable for easy cleaning.
  • The steel fire poker is included to stir the ashes and poke the flames.
  • Use on hard non-flammable surfaces such as bricks, paving stones or concrete.
  • Dimensions of cooking pit: 75cm (diameter); 1.24m (high).
  • Weighs a hefty 32 kgs.

Our recommendation

The Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill is a fireplace in which you can grill food at the same time you’re staying warm. Its circular shape is covered on all sides with a black metal mesh so everyone gets their own view and share of the fire and the sizzling food. The large screened door lets you place sizeable logs on the fire so you’re not having to constantly tend to it and worry about it going out. The ash pan collects the ashes and the leftover wooden bits that fall through the grate. This pan is easily removable for cleaning when everything’s cooled down.

We like the Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill for its sleek yet vintage appearance, its 360° openness for viewing and warmth and its grilling rack for barbequing. This is our choice for the Best Outdoor Fireplace and in terms of build quality, most models don’t even compare but this does come at a price. However, for the price, it has a lot to offer, making it excellent value for money.

The Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill is the best choice if you want a stylish and functional fireplace and grill that’s sure to impress your family, friends and neighbours.

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2. La Hacienda Stonehurst Steel Outdoor Fireplace


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La Hacienda Stonehurst Steel Outdoor Fireplace

The La Hacienda Stonehurst Steel Outdoor Fireplace is an outdoor fireplace that’s open on both sides and is another fairly large model to consider. It makes a great centrepiece when it is placed in the centre of a patio.

The fireplace is divided horizontally into two sections: the bottom section is designed as a wood storage locker and the top part is where you make the fire.


  • A wood burning fireplace that works well as a centrepiece because it’s open on both sides.
  • Steel exterior with a distressed rust finish for a vintage and rustic look.
  • Two sections: store logs on the lower one and makes the fire on the upper one.
  • Dimensions: 83cm (width); 45cm (depth); and 90cm (height).
  • Not too heavy weighing 15kg so easy enough to move if needed.


  • As with most chimineas and firepits, it will eventually start to rust.

Our recommendation

We like the La Hacienda Stonehurst Steel Outdoor Fireplace for its open design and its rustic finish. This is the Runner-up in our collection of the Best Outdoor Fireplace and it’s ideal for anyone who is looking to create a focal point in the garden.

3. Go Garden Wakehurst Premium Rust Finish Fireplace

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Go Garden Wakehurst Premium Rust Finish Fireplace

The Go Garden Wakehurst Premium Fireplace looks like a piece of rusted metal furniture that has been in your family for years. It’s made of sheet steel that’s good for retaining heat as well as emitting it out to you. 

This is in the style of a locker, or country kitchen cupboard, and has mesh inserts in its double front doors. These offer a view of the fire within and protect you from flying sparks. The steel has been artificially rusted to give a vintage distressed look to the piece. There’s a meshed flue on the top of the unit with a solid steel cap. The fireplace stands on four shaped feet, also rusted, that contribute to the overall look and also raise it above the ground.

You have a choice of wood or charcoal as the fuel to use. The inner fire bowl is 58cm by 30cm, which is enough space to build a significant size fire. This unit comes with a grate to fit the fire bowl on which you place the solid fuel.

Any ash and burned bits of fuel fall through the grate to the (included) ash pan below. Remove the ash pan when everything has cooled for the easy dispersal of its contents.


  • Locker-style fireplace in a rustic style to look as if it’s always been in your garden.
  • Sheet steel (1.2mm) construction retains heat.
  • Use logs or charcoal in the inner fire bowl of 58cm by 30cm.
  • Four legs raise the fireplace above ground level to help the heat circulate.
  • The two cabinet front doors are gridded and offer a view of the fire within.
  • The flue on top of the unit has gridded wire and a roof to prevent sparks from flying out.
  • Comes with a grate and removable ash pan so you can use the unit straight away.
  • Dimensions: 66cm (width); 38cm (depth); and 100cm (height).
  • Weighs 25kg.

Our recommendation

The Go Garden Wakehurst Premium Fireplace provides the ambience of a vintage piece of furniture that’s been in your garden for aeons. Gather around this fireplace and tell family stories of days gone by as you keep warm in cooler hours. With a choice of wood or charcoal as fuel, the fire bowl is large enough to hold a sizeable fire that everyone can see from their seat around the front of the fireplace. As the fireplace is raised above the ground, consider using it on your hard surface patio or terrace for a cosy and relaxing space. Again, this model is not cheap but how amazing does it look?!

4. DAWOO 3 in 1 Fire Pit

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DAWOO Large 3 in 1 Fire Pit

While the DAWOO 3 in 1 Fire Pit is not strictly a fireplace, is a great alternative and can always be the life and soul of any party. Need a fire to gather around? Need barbequed ribs? Need cold beverages? This fire pit can provide all this – but not all at the same time!

The DAWOO 3 in 1 Fire Pit has a high-quality steel frame that’s durable and rust-resistant. It’s also obviously heatproof. However, some online reviewers state that the paint came off the metal quickly and that rust appeared soon after. Unfortunately, this is something that is common with most models, even chimineas and other firepits.

The fire bowl has a safety mesh lid that keeps the flames and any flying sparks inside when it’s in place. Completely surrounding the fire pit is a shelf to hold glasses, bottles (beverages and condiments), utensils and anything else you want. However, some online reviewers state that the shelf is not wide enough to hold plates so bear this in mind.

You can have the fire going and barbeque at the same time. To barbeque food (meat, veg, fruit etc.), just place the food-grade stainless steel grill over the fire in the fire pit. Although this unit comes with a poker to move the wood around in the fire, you do have to provide your own cooking utensils. 

Whenever you make a fire, be aware that your purchase of this fire pit doesn’t include an ash pan. All the ashes and burned debris fall through holes in the fire pit down onto the ground below. This is both unsafe and messy. However, you can remedy this by remembering to place an old baking tray under the fire bowl.

However, to keep your beverages cool, you have to forgo the fire features of this fire pit. Into a completely clean, dry and cold fire pit, place ice (bags full) and your cans and bottles, or any drinks of choice. The manufacturer recommends that you line the fire pit with plastic first so that it doesn’t leak but you can always keep topping up the ice.

However, if you use the fire pit you can make it more stable. Each leg has a triangular hole in the foot through which you can insert a ground nail and hammer it into the ground which we think is a great feature.


  • Multi-purpose fire pit useful as a fire pit, BBQ or ice pit.
  • The high-quality steel frame is heatproof, rust-resistant and durable.
  • The stainless steel BBQ grill is food grade and easy to scrub clean.
  • The firepit section is surrounded by a shelf to place food, drinks, utensils etc. on.
  • Safety-mesh lid stops any sparks and debris from flying out of the fire.
  • Includes a waterproof cover for weather protection when not in use.
  • Dimensions: external: 81cm (width); 81cm (depth); and 36.5cm (height); fire pit 57cm by 57cm.
  • Weighs 12.5kg.
  • Two-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • No ash pan.

Our recommendation

The DAWOO Large 3 in 1 Fire Pit is a combination fire pit and grill that can alternatively be used as a large ice bucket. It has a large fire bowl/grilling space of 57cm by 57cm (just under 2ft x 2ft) that fits 25 12cm burgers comfortably. The shelf surrounding the fire bowl conveniently holds drinks, bottles of burger condiments, utensils and so on. The metal mesh lid that fits over the fire and barbeque grill saves you and your guests from being hit by any flying sparks or exploding hotdogs.

This DAWOO 3 in 1 Fire Pit is a good choice if you entertain often and want to cook on an open wood fire for your guests. It’s with noting that there are many copies of this product, some good, some bad, however, we think this model by Femor is probably one of the best, if not the best version of it.

5. Gardenmaxx Pinacate Steel Outdoor Fireplace

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Gardenmaxx Pinacate Steel Outdoor Fireplace

The Gardenmaxx Pinacate Black Steel Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace looks like an elegant fireplace that you expect to find in a sleek, minimalist, contemporary home in an urban setting. It shouts “an investment piece” even before you look at the price tag.

This Gardenmaxx Outdoor Fireplace doesn’t look like a regular chiminea which usually has a tall and narrow chimney perched on top of a shorter geometric structure. In this Gardenmaxx outdoor fireplace, the chimney is hidden within the fireplace to produce a smooth rectangular all-enclosed design. The fireplace is finished with a black heat-resistant paint that adds to the minimalist appearance.

The fireplace is constructed from raw heavy-gauge 1.6mm steel. The steel is hand-welded just enough to show that it’s not mass-produced but not enough to have a homemade look to it. The fire zone is double walled to stop any heat from escaping unnecessarily.

The smoke is drawn up the chimney and released through the flue at the top. The whole unit is on wheels so you can roll it easily around the hard surfaces in your garden. Perhaps place it in the dining area of your patio during a meal and then wheel it across to your outdoor living area for dessert and coffee.

Choose from wood or another solid fuel to burn in this fireplace. Your purchase includes a poker, a grate to place the fuel on and a removable ash box.


  • Sleek contemporary design made from heavy gauge 1.6mm steel.
  • The finish is black heat-resistant paint that goes with any garden décor style.
  • Has wheels so you can move it around easily on a smooth surface.
  • Includes a grid to put the solid fuel on and a removable ash box.
  • Dimensions: 90cm (width);  47cm (depth); and 150cm (height).
  • Weighs 100kg is certainly classed as heavy duty.

Our recommendation

The Gardenmaxx Pinacate Steel Outdoor Fireplace can’t be ignored wherever you place it in your garden. And you can easily move it from spot to spot as it’s on wheels. This fireplace is made of heavier gauge steel than the other fireplaces in our review, 1.6mm compared to 1.2mm.

The chimney of this chiminea is enclosed within the structure rather than on the outside and contributes to the minimal and contemporary look. This is definitely an investment piece as it’s the most expensive fireplace in our review. It’s for those people whose outdoor living spaces are truly an extension of their indoor environment.

6. Blumfeldt Loreo Fire Pit

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Blumfeldt Loreo Fire Pit

The Blumfeldt Loreo Fire Pit is in the shape of an old-fashioned lantern and will make a quiet statement in your garden. It’s made of burnished steel with a vintage appearance. It’s lightweight yet looks as if it’s as heavy as a cast-iron lantern.

Standing on four decorative legs, this square fire pit has a domed, closed roof with a flue on top. Its walls are made of a metal mesh that prevents sparks from leaving the fire pit while allowing a full view of the fire blazing within.

Its doors are lockable so kids or pets can’t get in to get messy from any leftover burnt logs and ashes. 

The fire pit works from solid fuel such as wood and charcoal. Place the fuel on the (included) grate and let the ashes and burned residue fall below to the removable ash box (also included). Clean up is as easy as emptying the ash box when everything has cooled off.


  • A lantern-shaped fire pit that stands sturdily and decoratively in your garden.
  • Burnished steel construction has a closed hood with a smoke vent at the top to safely keep sparks in.
  • Includes grate to place logs or charcoal on, an ash pan and a poker.
  • The front door is lockable so kids and pets can’t play with the wood and ashes. 
  • Dimensions: 60cm (width); 60cm (depth); and 115cm (height).
  • Weighs 14kg so not too heavy while still being substantial.


  • Steel is a little thin and flimsier than you might expect.

Our recommendation

The Loreo Fire Pit is a traditional lantern design and will suit a classic garden scheme. It’s lightweight and made of burnished steel yet looks as if it could be a heavier material, such as cast iron.

This fireplace has a vintage finish and mesh walls, allowing for a full view of the fire within. The structure is compact at 60cm by 60cm and so is suitable for small gardens and patios.

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing an outdoor fireplace, you need to make only a few decisions. In our Buyer’s Guide, we identify the most common issues to think about.


Are you allowed to have an outdoor fireplace in your garden? Your county or district council may have rules about this. If you are allowed, do you need to get special permission? Are there restrictions as to what size of fireplace you can have or the kind of fuel you can burn?

Find out what you can and can’t do concerning an outdoor fireplace before you invest money in buying one. For most people, there will be no issues as long as you stick to burning logs and coal.


Beyond wanting it to have a fire, is there anything else that you want from your fire pit?

Here are some ideas:

  • Provides warmth, even when there’s snow on the ground.
  • Cook food / barbeque.
  • A place to gather around.
  • Table to eat on / put drinks on / etc.
  • Be stylish and decorative and fit in with your other garden furniture.
  • Make your neighbours envious.
  • Heat your hard-roof gazebo.
  • Warm people when they’re seated.


Thinking about where you’re going to situate your outdoor fireplace covers quite a few items.


Are you putting the fire pit on grass or on a hard surface such as concrete or paving stones? Will you need to have legs on the fire pit to raise it from the ground? What are the safety issues with the surface? Do you need to anchor the fireplace to the ground for safety and stability?


What size outdoor fireplace can the location handle if you want to have people sitting around it? And have the fire away from any other structures, buildings and trees? 


If you’re placing your fireplace near your other outdoor furniture does it have to coordinate in colour and style? Or perhaps it should match the design of your garden? Vintage, rustic, contemporary, minimalist or maybe just jaw-dropping stylish?

Permanent or mobile?

Do you intend to keep your outdoor fireplace in one spot or do you want to move it around, perhaps between the outdoor dining area and the middle of your lawn for a large party? If so, look for one with wheels or one that’s fairly lightweight.

Chiminea or not?

Chimineas are growing in popularity as outdoor fireplaces. These are open-fronted fireplaces/fire pits that are topped with tall, narrow chimneys. The heat is released through the front opening and the smoke is drawn up the chimney and sent out through a vent at the top. People gather around them become warm but not smoked out.

See our reviews on some of the best chimineas


As always with anything to do with fire, flame and heat – indoors or out – take all the necessary safety precautions, and more. Always have something nearby – perhaps a bucket of sand – to douse the flames with if they get out of hand.

Final Conclusion

This review has explored the different options you have for staying warm in your garden with a fireplace that burns wood or charcoal. From fire pits on which you cook your dinner to ones that direct the smoke away, your choice centres around the style and size which best suits your garden or patio design and décor. Whichever one you end up choosing, be mindful of your local regulations concerning fire pits, and put safety measures in place.

The Rustic Outdoor Fireplace with Cooking Grill is the Best Outdoor Fireplace in our review. It’s also the best outdoor fireplace with a chimney that we found. This combination of fire pit and barbeque lets all your guests have their own view of the fire and the sizzling food through its 360° mesh walls.

Our Runner-up is the Pearmain Wood Burning Chiminea Fireplace. This outdoor fireplace has just one open side through which to attend to and watch the fire. The smoke is directed up the chimney to be diffused through a vent at the top, away from the people standing around to be warmed up. 

If you decide that wood- or charcoal-burning fireplace isn’t for you but you still want to stay outside in the cooler evenings, read our Best Table Top Heaters, Best Wall Mounted Garden Heaters, Best Electric Patio Heaters, Best Gas Patio Heaters and Best Patio Heater reviews.

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