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Tested and Reviewed: Top 5 Best Wall Mounted Oil Filled Radiators

Last updated on December 20th, 2022

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Oil filled radiators function better now, more than ever, thanks to advances in technology. These types of heaters are lightweight and more energy-efficient than their predecessors. You can mount an oil filled radiator and still experience the same warming effects from a freestanding model. Some ultra-slim models take up less space and offer more power so you are spoilt for choice.

We have researched what is available in the market and we have come up with five reliable oil filled radiators that can be mounted to your wall. These radiators are of good quality and they differ in price range and power output. Take in all the information presented in the detailed product reviews and the buyer’s guide to make an informed purchase.

Before we get to the detailed reviews take a look at our best pick the Futura 600w Oil Filled Electric Radiator and our runner up the more affordable Celsius 1000w Oil Filled Panel Radiator. These models have proved to be reliable and they offer good value for money.


Futura Oil Filled Wall Mounted Electric Radiator
Enjoy the quality service of the Futura Oil Filled Electric Radiator at a reasonable price. These robust radiators warm areas of up to 7.5m2 with the 600w model and 20m2 with the larger 1800w model. They all have a slimline design that looks good. This radiator comes with all the basic features like a thermostat and a timer for the perfect temperature settings.

Out of the models presented in this post, this range by Futura bears the most positive reviews indicating that the customers find it agreeable. Overall we think its the best choice for most people and its got all the features you need and a quality build to match all backed by a 2-year guarantee


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Top 5 best wall mounted oil filled heater reviews

1. Futura Oil Filled Wall Mounted Electric Radiator

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Futura Oil Filled Wall Mounted Electric Radiator

The Futura Oil Filled Wall Mounted Electric Radiator model has a slimline design that looks good in the home or the office. The smaller 600w model heats areas of up to 7.5m2 while the 1500w model heats up to 18.5m2 and the largest 1800w model heats up to a very impressive 20m2.

They all come with three heat settings too. You can go from the lowest heat setting to the high heat setting without waiting a long time. The thermal fluid used is effective because it retains heat, even when the radiator has been switched off. This becomes more noticeable when comparing them against convector heaters.

This model comes with an LCD display where you can adjust the timer and choose a temperature reading between 5°C and 35°C. The keypad of the display is lockable to keep children from messing with the programmed settings which is a nice feature. If you want to change your settings at night there is no problem because the display is backlit. You can access the three modes provided which include the anti-frost, Eco, and comfort mode through the same display.

The radiator comes with mounting brackets to secure the model to the wall. The small 600w model measures 49cm(W) x 59cm(H) x 8cm(D) while the larger 1800w version measures 89cm(W) x 59cm(H) x 8cm(D). All models have an open window detection feature that saves energy. The wall-mounted radiator comes with a 2-year warranty to assure you of its quality.


  • Robust 600W model filled with thermal liquid with nice heat conductivity.
  • Has a slimline design that looks good.
  • Covers an area of 7.5m2.
  • Features three heat settings for temperature regulation.
  • Comes with a 24/7 timer.
  • Shuts down once the radiator senses an open window.
  • Possesses a backlit LCD display.
  • Lot 20 compliant product/
  • Accompanied by a 2-year warranty.

Our recommendation

The Futura Oil Filled Wall Mounted Electric Radiator is a very effective heater and its price is not out of reach either. The 600W model is perfect for heating up smaller rooms whether in the office or at home, while the 1800w model is perfect for those large rooms. It has a simple and relatable design that can easily fit in the décor. The radiator comes with a mounting bracket that can be pivoted to direct the heat to where it is needed most.

It has all the features that you require from a radiator to make the experience fluid. It is a safe model to use and the keypad is lockable to keep curious children at bay. This model would be suitable for those in search of a radiator for everyday use. The well-performing heater is Lot 20 compliant which assures you that the product is safe to use and energy-efficient.

2. Celsius 1000w Oil Filled Panel Radiator

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The Celsius 1000w Oil Filled Panel Radiator sports a low profile design and it utilises both radiant and convection heat systems. This radiator has been given a durable white finish that is easy to keep clean. The model comes with a 24/7 timer that offers four modes to work with that include, user, home, office, and the anti-frost mode.

To find your preferred temperature setting you will need to adjust the digital thermostat. The radiator offers overheating protection and it has a waterproof rating of IP20. Because the radiator has a low waterproof rating it is not suitable for places with high humidity like the bathroom. For those who suffer from allergies, this radiator is convenient because it doesn’t strip moisture from the air.

The 120 x 59 x 2cm model is super slim and comes with an easy-to-use digital control. The control system has a lit screen to make using the radiator at night easy. You have the choice to use the model as a freestanding model or mount it to the wall which is what we recommend. The manufacturer provides both feet and mounting brackets so there are no extra costs to be incurred. This good looking radiator warms up rooms of up to 12m2 and it is covered with a 2-year warranty.


  • Slim low profile radiator that works efficiently and doesn’t strip the air of moisture.
  • Comes with an easy-to-use digital control.
  • It has a waterproof rating of IP20 to prevent damage to the electrical components.
  • Can be used as a freestanding model or mounted on the wall.
  • Possesses a thermostat and 24/7 timer.
  • Ideal for rooms up to 12m2.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Accompanied by a 2-year warranty.


  • Needs clearer instructions on how to set the timer.
  • The digital control could have been located higher for easier access.

Our recommendation

The Celsius 1000w Oil Filled Panel Radiator is suitable for those looking for the ultimate slim radiator available on the market. With a depth of just 2cm, this model won’t get in the way of human traffic and it looks good, whether freestanding or mounted. It is a robust model that operates silently so there isn’t much noise disturbance to be experienced.

Price-wise, you do get excellent value for money. The model covers a considerably decent area which makes it perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. Setting the timer may be frustrating because of the instructions provided and the location of the digital control, but, it is not so bad. Apart from those small flaws, the heater does what it is designed to do by providing heat to make those cold days bearable. If you also already have traditional radiators, this model should blend in seamlessly.

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3. Sol Aire Huber Oil Filled Wall Mounted Electric Radiator – available in 500w / 700w / 1000w

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Sol Aire Huber Oil Filled Wall Mounted Electric Radiator

The Sol*Aire Huber Electric Radiator combines both convection and radiant heat to warm rooms of up to 6m2 with the smaller 600w model while the larger 1000w version can warm rooms up to 12.5m2. This radiator runs efficiently saving energy therefore, your bills will not be astronomical. It is a Lot 20 compliant product hence rest easy because the product is safe for use around your family. The radiator is suitable to be used in home or office surroundings comfortably without looking out of place.

This traditional-looking model comes with an electronic thermostat that automatically switches off when the required temperature is reached. It also has overheating protection to avoid any damage to the heater and prevent electrical fires. If you leave a window open, the sensors in the heater will identify the drop in temperature and switch off to save energy.

Set your 24/7 timer through the wireless digital control provided. The wireless control centre can be mounted or left freestanding on a table to make access easier. If you don’t want someone messing with the controls, the wireless control can be locked to prevent access. 

It is supplied as a single or double panel model depending on your mounting preference. It comes with a mounting bracket and a 2-year warranty that caters to any problems that arise with the product.


  • Combines radiant and convection heat systems for optimal heat dispersion.
  • Comes with a wireless thermostat and a 24/7 timer.
  • It meets Lot 20 regulations therefore it is safe for use.
  • Supplied as a double or single panel depending on the user’s preference.
  • The control centre can be locked to prevent unwanted access.
  • Possesses sensors that identify an open window.
  • Warms up rooms of up to 6m2.
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty for quality assurance.


  • It is pricey.

Our recommendation

For those looking for a premium wall-mounted radiator that blends in well with other standard radiators, the Sol*Aire Huber Electric Radiator would be suitable. The simple and classic looking radiator provides consistent performance without running up the electric bill. This model would also be suitable for those looking for something a bit different from the conventional models. The wireless control feature makes it stand out from the rest.

If the 600W model is too small for you, you can check out the larger models presented in the same range. You are at least guaranteed that you are purchasing a quality heater that will last for decades if serviced occasionally.

4. WarmeHaus 1200W Wall Mounted Oil Filled Electric Radiator

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WarmeHaus 1200W Wall Mounted Oil Filled Electric Radiator

Presenting the WarmeHaus 1200W Oil Filled Electric Radiator that features a contemporary slimline design that not only looks good but it’s also durable. The 1200W model features 8 fins that are responsible for distributing the heat. Once on, this radiator comfortably warms up small to medium-sized rooms.

Among the features presented are 5 heating modes that you can choose from. There is a thermostat so you can get an accurate temperature reading. Additionally, the 24/7 timer can be programmed to have the radiator running when you need it to. These controls are accessible through the LCD display that is provided. We like that you look down on the controls and LCD school which makes it easier to use and set up.

This radiator is protected from moisture damage because of its waterproof rating of IP24. The 15kg model measures 57.7 x 69.9cm and it is supplied with a mounting bracket for easy installation. It is recommended that you get a professional electrician to help you install this radiator to avoid any problems in the future.


  • Durable aluminium heater with 5 heating modes.
  • Comes with an accurate thermostat that ranges from 7°C to 35°C.
  • Features an easy-to-use LCD control panel.
  • It has a waterproof rating of IP24.
  • Possesses a 24/7 programmable timer.
  • Comes with an aesthetic slimline design.
  • Provides an anti-frost function.
  • Accompanied by a 2 Year “Fit and Forget” warranty.


  • Requires professional help to install correctly if you’re not competent because it is supplied with just a wire and no plug. It needs to be wired into a fused spur.

Our recommendation

The WarmeHaus 1200W Oil Filled Electric Radiator is a high-performance model that requires little maintenance. The radiator has a slimline design that takes up little space compared to a freestanding heater. It possesses five heating modes and an accurate thermostat so that you get your preferred temperature.

This model would be suitable for those who want a heavy-duty radiator. The radiator requires professional installation if you’re not competent at attaching a plug or wiring into a fused spur and this will end up costing you more money. If you are a DIY enthusiast make sure you read the instructions well to avoid any mishaps in the future. It is not the most impressive wall-mounted radiator in terms of design but at least it gets the work done perfectly.

Check out the other models in this range if you require a larger power output.

5. Electriq Ultraslim 800W Wall Mountable Oil Filled Radiator

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Electriq Ultraslim 800W Wall Mountable Oil Filled Radiator

The Electriq Ultraslim 800W Oil Filled Radiator can be used as a freestanding model or be mounted on a wall, the latter being what we would personally recommend. The 6cm slim radiator provides maximum heat distribution while still managing to be energy efficient. It comes with an adjustable thermostat to provide the perfect temperature depending on the season.

Furthermore, this model is equipped with a 24/7 timer where you can program when the radiator is active. The timer is easy to set so you won’t be frustrated every time you come to use it. If you choose to ventilate the room, the sensor inside the radiator will notice the temperature change and shut down to conserve energy. All these features can be accessed through the LCD display which is lockable to avoid access by children.

This model is suitable to be used in the bathroom unlike most other models because it has a water resistance rating of IP22. It weighs 8.5kgs and it measures H55cm x W95cm x D6cm which makes it simple to install. Both the feet and the mounting bracket are supplied so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.


  • Robust 800W radiator for small to medium-sized rooms.
  • Can be mounted or left freestanding.
  • Comes with an open-window sensor.
  • Possesses a thermostat and 24/7 timer for better control.
  • Features an easy-to-use control panel with an LCD display.
  • It has a child lock feature and an anti-frost feature.
  • Provides good value for money
  • Operates silently.


  • Programming the timer may be a bit fiddly.

Our recommendation

The Electriq 800W Oil Filled Radiator is the other ultra-slim radiator in our review. This affordable model is perfect for daily use whether at home or in the office and don’t forget it’s even rated for use in a bathroom.

It has the basic features that you need which include a thermostat and a 24/7 timer. We like this model because it is comparatively easier to use than some of the models featured here.

It does not have a high energy output to be suitable for large rooms therefore it mostly caters to small rooms. The only grapple we have is that the timer is a bit fiddly but the good news is that it is not too complicated. With this model, you are assured that you are getting value for money.

Buyer’s Guide

This section is dedicated to helping you understand what to look for in the best oil filled wall heater. By the time you are done reading this, you will have a good grasp of what your ideal model looks like.

Power settings

The amount of power output will determine the best wall mounted, oil filled radiator you can get for your space. If you have a small space then a model between 500-1000W is ideal while a larger space will require more power. There are models that offer various power settings and one that provides a constant power setting. It is easier to work with a radiator that offers different power settings if you want a model that can adapt to the seasons of the year.

Functions available

Different functions give the user more options to find the perfect temperature settings while saving energy. There are radiators that come with an ECO function that lets the heater save energy by adjusting the temperature according to the surrounding environment.

Others have inbuilt sensors that pick up on the temperature change when a window is open. There are also radiators that offer a user function that lets you program your own custom settings. Note the functions provided to see whether it matches your requirements for occasional or frequent use.

Thermostat settings

A thermostat is a common feature in heating equipment for domestic and commercial use. The quality of the thermostat determines the accuracy of the temperature readings you get. Buy a radiator that has a good thermostat that can be easily adjusted. A faulty thermostat is a common reason why heaters fail to work after some time.

Safety features 

To overlook safety is to put many lives in danger. It is required for all heating appliances to have a safety feature to avoid accidents. Common safety features in wall-mounted radiators include the overheating protection and the automatic on/off feature. Both serve as a way of protecting the electric circuit from surges or melting the radiator cover off.

Another safety feature is the child lock feature. That is why a child safety lock is important to keep the children from messing with the controls and overriding already pre-set programs.

Waterproof rating 

Some of these wall-mounted radiators are designed to be mounted in areas where there is a lot of humidity. Places like bathrooms and kitchens tend to have water that can be splashed and steam that may cause damage to the electric components of the heater. That is why the waterproof rating of a product is important. 

Products that have a high waterproof rating can survive being used in bathrooms. Those that have a lower waterproof rating of say IP20 should be kept away from such areas otherwise they will not work for long, or worse, catch fire. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure you don’t install the radiator in the wrong place.

Programmable timer

The best oil filled panel heaters on the market come with a 24/7 timer. Having a programmable timer is convenient when you want to arrive home to a warm house. You can set the radiator to come on 20 minutes before you get home so that when you get inside you can just kick back.

The more detailed a timer is the better, but setup might be a challenge. We recommend that you look through the comment section of the wall-mounted radiator you want to buy to see if there are any issues with setting the timer. Some models don’t have a memory feature hence all the settings disappear once the radiator is switched off. If you require a model with a memory function then confirm with the supplier before making a purchase.

Easy installation

The point of getting the best oil filled wall heater that can be mounted is to save on floor space while still benefiting from the heat produced. There are models like the Celsius 1000w Oil Filled Panel Radiator that come with the option of being mounted or left freestanding. The manufacturer should provide both the mounting bracket kit and the feet for making installation a straightforward process. 

Setting up a heater can be a problem, especially if there are many functions involved and the instructions are limited. As always, we advise that you go through the customer reviews to find possible issues with the installation process. If professional help is required to install the heater, like in the case of the WarmeHaus 1200W Oil Filled Electric Radiator, please follow the instructions. This will prevent any problems with the product in the long run.


How much are you willing to spend and how often will you be using the heater? These are questions that you should ask before spending your money. If you seek a model for occasional use then you need not spend as much. Radiators designed for daily use will cost you more because the quality of the features has to keep up with daily wear and tear. Factor in all the costs including the electrician’s fee if you need one to see if it is a manageable sum for you.

Final Conclusion

Now that you have all the information you need it is time to make up your mind as to which is the best wall mounted oil filled radiator. There are many models on the market so do not feel like you are restricted to these six wall-mounted radiators. What is important is that you have the information required to navigate the market with ease.

With that being said, remember that our best pick the Futura Oil Filled Wall Mounted Electric Radiator has proven to be popular because of the wide range of features offered. It also goes a long way in terms of consistent performance.

Our runner up the Celsius 1000w Oil Filled Panel Radiator takes the title of best oil filled panel heater. The super-slim panel heater is not only affordable but it comes with all the essential features required to heat a 12m2 room effectively.

Check out our articles on wall mounted garden heaters and convector heaters, we have also reviewed some more oil filled heaters in this review.

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