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5 Best Long Reach Pole Chainsaws – Cut High Branches Safely

Last updated on May 5th, 2022

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I have used my fair share of long reach pole chainsaws over the years so I like to think I know a thing or two about them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Ryobi brushless chainsaw as well as my Husqvarna 236 14 inch Petrol Chainsaw for general tree work pruning on the ground and logging as shown in the picture below.

My two favourite chainsaws for logging and ground work
My two favourite chainsaws for logging and ground work

For tree work at height, I’m thinking of general lopping in my case the trees around the paddock and nursery that surround the perimeter as shown in the picture below.

My BUKO pole chainsaw thats comes with 3 extensions and is part of my garden multi tool setup
My BUKO pole chainsaw thats comes with 3 extensions and is part of my garden multi tool setup

Best Pick

BUKO Pole Chainsaw, Part of The Garden Multi Tool
Now this is my long reach pole chainsaw of choice, the one I find myself reaching for the most. Its actually part of a multi tool kit so it also comes with a hedge trimmer which can be used at height but you also get the attachements for a strimmer and brush cutter which can come in handy. I probably use the hedge trimmer and pole chainsaw the most as I have alturnative strimmers which I prefer. That being said, for the price I paid, I think the chainsaw attachment is well worth the price on its own. It can reach about 3.4 meters high so good reach and its powered by a 3hp 52cc engine so it has plenty of power too. The only downside is that is a little heavy but I would day its never really an issue if you only use it occassionaly and the chainsaw attachment is actually quite light weight itself. I have also found it easy to start and use. Overall, if you're happy around petrol engines, its a model well worth considering.

Best Cordless Pick

Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Pole Chainsaw
The Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Multifunctional Garden Tool consists of a pole chainsaw and a hedge trimmer; the two tools that most gardeners need for hedges and tree pruning. The attachments are interchangeable on the telescopic handle that you can set to any length between 82cm up to 182cm so its ideal for tall branches. Everything is adjustable and tiltable on this tool just like my prevous models. The main handle tilts to four settings, the auxiliary handle adjusts to your best-supporting position, the motor head adjusts to seven settings and the cutting attachments pivot 90° for safe horizontal cutting. So unlike my prevous models, this one is powered by an 18V lithium battery (included) that also fits any of the Power X-Change series of tools and supported by a high-charge battery charger (one hour charging time). Overall if you prefer cordless garden tools and even I have taken a liking to them for convience, then this model is a great cordless long reach pole chainsaw and is well worth considering.

When I need that extra reach, I never did like using a standard chainsaw above head height, I always turn to one of my long reach pole chainsaws. These days, there are lots of fancy cordless models some of which I review below but I really like my BUKO Petrol Pole Chainsaw which is part of my garden multi tool setup, this gives me the best reach for really tall trees as you can see above.

My STIHL pole pruner long reach petrol chainsaw
My Stihl petrol pole chainsaw

Then my Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner is also an amazing piece of kit as shown in the picture above and below on the right. It doesn’t quite have the same reach as my BUKO model but it’s more than tall enough for most tree work and much lighter too, handy for jobs that take much longer. If I’m honest, the Stihl model is also much better quality but this is expected as it is a Stihl pole chainsaw and was much more expensive than any of the other models I have had.

best telescopic tree pruners. Compare 5 long reach tree pruners and see which is the best. Its difficult as there all good but some are better than others, Find out which comes out on top.

From memory, it could even be 4 times more expensive than my BUKO long reach pole chainsaw and that included several other garden tools that work with the motor unit including a hedge trimmer. In the image above I have been comparing my Stihl pole chainsaw with my Fiskars telescopic tree pruner which I have been reviewing here, spoiler alert, the Fiskars pruner is a brilliant tool for general lopping for smaller branches although it’s not comparable to a chainsaw pruner for obvious reasons.

The BUKO Long reach pole pruner chainsaw which is part of my garden multi tool setup and one of the best long reach pole chainsaws

To sum up, if you’re after an affordable long reach pole chainsaw, the one that comes with this BUKO Garden Multi Tool is well worth considering if you can make use of the extra tools. Even if you can’t I think it still offers excellent value for money and maybe more importantly has the best reach.

My Stihl long reach pole chainsaw which is probably one of the best long reach pole chainsaw for professional use

If you need something thats made to last, maybe a professional piece of equipment then this Stihl long reach pole chainsaw simply beats them all, except for price, it’s expensive.

Now, I have not mentioned cordless pole chainsaws yet, so, what I like about these new cordless models is that there fairly maintenance free, there’s no engine to service, no oil and petrol to mix and once the battery is charged, it’s ready to use and much quieter than any petrol alternative. I do like the Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Pole Chainsaw and it comes with the battery and charger so this is well worth considering if you like the cordless alternatives and it may actually be the best option for most people with a little pruning to do.

Best Long Reach Pole Chainsaws Reviews

1. BUKO Petrol Long Reach Pole Pruner, Part of The Multi Tool Kit


BUKO Garden Multi Tool which comes with the long reach pole chainsaw attachment is my best pick.

So this BUKO Long reach pole chainsaw is actually part of the BUKO 52cc garden multi tool set and is actually the model I seem to always use the most. And don’t forget, I also have the Stihl pole chainsaw which was around 4 times the cost and yet I still find myself getting the BUKO model out of the garage when I have some tree pruning to attachment to.

Chainsaw on BUKO long reach chainsaw

When I think of why I do this, I think it’s because it has the best reach and it’s just a joy to use. I must admit it’s a little on the heavy side but if I’m just pruning branches occasionally for shorter periods of time, I don’t really notice the weight. It also comes with a harness so that also helps. It’s also handy as it also comes with a hedge trimmer attachment as shown below which also helps and comes in handy for taller hedges.

Long reach cordless hedge trimmer with comes with the chainsaw attachment

It’s powered by a 52cc 2-stroke 3HP petrol engine that provides more than enough power, it is perhaps even a little overkill but I find more power is better than not having enough power and this has plenty.

It’s always easy to start and never lets me down, what I will say is that it’s best to use the choke, pull the cord and it usually tries to start but doesn’t. I then move the choke lever half open and pull the cord again and it always fires up, let it run for a few seconds and then turn the choke lever off and it’s usually ready to use.

Long reach pole chainsaw being tested on tall trees

So as previously mentioned a couple of times, it’s actually not just a pole pruner chainsaw and also includes attachments for a hedge trimmer, strimmer and brushcutter as shown in the picture below. I won’t go into detail about these extra attachments here but I have covered them in my other review here on the BUKO Multi Tool. What I will say is that they are all very good tools and work well, I have found the strimmer and brush cutter very good.

My recommendation

I really like BUKO Garden Multi Tool and have found the chainsaw attachment it comes with to be very effective. The overall quality is maybe, just a little plasticky but it does the job and is more than good enough. The overall build quality I would say is good, especially for the price. I’ve actually been really impressed with it which is why I recommend it here and still own it myself.

The main issue I think some people may have is the fact it does comes with attachments you might not need. Even I don’t use all of the attachments as I have so much choice when it comes to strimmers and hedge trimmers. The thing is, the price most other models cost just for the chainsaw pole pruner is not much less than this model, some are even more expensive for less. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable long reach pole chainsaw, this model is well worth considering. If you need a professional petrol model, I would go with the Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner

2. Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Pole Chainsaw and hedge trimmer


Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Multifunctional Garden Tool With Battery and Fast Charger | 2-in-1 High Reach Hedge Trimmer And Chainsaw | Pole Mounted Cutting Tool

The Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Multi-functional Garden Tool comes with a chainsaw plus a hedge trimmer attachment. This is part of the Einhell Power X-change series of power tools so any battery that you have from tools in this series also fits in here. This is a very similar multi tool setup as my best pick except is battery powered and only comes with the pole chainsaw and hedge trimmer, the other attachments are sold separately.

But it does come one 18V 3.0Ah, Lithium-ion battery so it’s good to go out of the box, some cordless models just include the bare tool some this is something to just be aware of. You also get the battery charger (one hour fast charging) and the battery has three indicator lights to let you know whether it needs charging which is handy, simular to that on my Bosch cordless tools. Consider buying the 18V pole chainsaw 2-in-one tool without the battery if you already have a shed full of compatible batteries. This tool is also available with a more powerful 4.0Ah battery and charger which I recommend as it last longer, probably more useful if you intend to use the hedge trimmer attachment on larger hedges.

Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Multifunctional Garden Tool With Battery and Fast Charger | 2-in-1 High Reach Hedge Trimmer And Chainsaw | Pole Mounted Cutting Tool

The telescopic handle extends continuously from 88cm to 182cm so it got a decent reach. You set it to whatever length you like as there are no pre-set extension stages to fit into. The handle adjusts into four different positions which makes it even more versatile. There’s an additional adjustable handle so your non-operating hand can help to support the weight of the tool when you’re using it. The stability of the chainsaw is also enhanced if you wear the shoulder strap that’s included.

As for the hedge trimmer attachment attachment itself, the blade is made from laser-cut, diamond-ground steel. This is both cleanly cut and sharp enough for most tough hedges. As for teh chainsaw, it’s actually fitted with an Oregon quality blade and Oregon chain which is what many premium brands use as they are top quality and very sharp. I always replace my chainsaws with Oregon chains as they are just such good quality.

You can get just the right angle for the best cut as the motor head tilts into seven pre-defined positions. This lets you reach into even the smallest and hardest to reach places. And then the cutting attachment swivels another 90° so you can cut at even a horizontal angle. It sounds a little tricky but these adjustable parts provide you with a wide range of cutting angles.

Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Multifunctional Garden Tool With Battery and Fast Charger | 2-in-1 High Reach Hedge Trimmer And Chainsaw | Pole Mounted Cutting Tool

If you need to adjust or change the chainsaw chain, you do so without the need for any tools. You don’t need to root around in your toolbox for just the right spanner or screwdriver. This is a system that my Ryobi chainsaw also uses, much better than the alternatives on some of the petrol chainsaws I use. The chainsaw is automatically lubricated from the oil tank that you do need to keep filled with oil, this goes for all chainsaws so nothing special there. As with all other pole chainsaws, you need to provide the oil yourself, so don’t forget to order some when you order this two-in-one tool. I actually picked my latest batch up from B&Q.


  • Cordless two-in-one pole chainsaw and hedge trimmer.
  • Telescopic handle extends from 88cm to 182cm continuously.
  • Blade constructed from diamond-ground and laser-cut steel.
  • Motor head tilts into seven positions.
  • Cutting attachment swivels 90°.
  • Chain tensioned and changed without tools.
  • Part of the Einhell Power X-change family of power tools.
  • One 18V Lithium-ion battery (3.0Ah) included with battery charger.
  • Three charge indicator lights on the battery.
  • Main handle adjusts into four different positions.
  • Additional handle for non-operating hand.
  • Cutter guard for safe storage and transportation.
  • Comes with strap to wear with the multi-tool.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • A bit top heavy.

My recommendation

The Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Multi functional Garden Tool is both a hedge trimmer and a pole chainsaw. As part of the Power X-Change series of power tools from the manufacturer, you can use batteries from other tools in the range, though you do receive one 18V 3.0Ah lithium battery and a high-powered battery charger with the model I link to below. Something else I do like about this model is that it has a metal gearbox that provides a long service life.

I’ve made this The Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Multi-functional Garden Tool the Best Pick for long reach pole chainsaws that are cordless.

3. eSkde LPCS1 Telescopic Long Reach Pole Chainsaw


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eSkde Electric Long Reach Telescopic Pole Chain Saw Pruner 12' Multi Angle Blade 600W

The eSkde LPCS1 Telescopic Long Reach Pole Chainsaw is an electric chainsaw operated by a 600W motor. If the tree you’re cutting is more than 10m away from your outside plug in, you need an extension cord. To me this is a good choice for small gardens and being corded it’s also more affordable.

eSkde Electric Long Reach Telescopic Pole Chain Saw Pruner 12' Multi Angle Blade 600W

This electric pole chainsaw has a pole that extends out to an impressive 290cm length. However, the shortest length is 230cm, so this model is best for reaching way up into the tree rather than for close-up cutting. The cutting length of the blade is 25cm which is pretty standard and this is set on a 30cm Oregon bar and chain – that’s standard for pole chainsaws. And speaking of the chain, you only have to worry about keeping the oil tank full as the chain is automatically lubricated as it’s in use, again now a common feature on most models as it makes them more convenient to use. As always, remember to order the oil when you buy this chainsaw as it’s not included in your purchase.

eSkde Electric Long Reach Telescopic Pole Chain Saw Pruner 12' Multi Angle Blade 600W

The cutting head is adjustable so you set it the best angle to reach whatever branches you’re removing. The (included) shoulder strap lets you balance the chainsaw against your body as you use it for better control and stability. This is a good idea as online reviewers report that the motor in this electric pole chainsaw makes it quite heavy to hold.


  • Electric pole chainsaw with a 600W motor.
  • Oregon 30cm bar and chain.
  • Telescopic length is from 230cm to 290cm.
  • Cutting length is 25cm.
  • Cutting head has an adjustable angle.
  • Chain is automatically lubricated.
  • Power cord is 10m long.
  • Comes with shoulder strap.


  • Heavy to use.
  • Uses a lot of oil.
  • Chainsaw oil not included

My recommendation

As just a pole chainsaw, the eSkde LPCS1 Telescopic Long Reach Pole Chainsaw focuses on that one task well. Its 290cm extension on the telescopic pole makes it best for branches that most pole chainsaws can’t reach. The 25cm cutting length is a good size to control and to make a difference to the look of your ungainly tree.

The eSkde LPCS1 Telescopic Long Reach Pole Chainsaw is my choice for Best Pick – Chainsaw alone in this review.

4. Greenworks G-24 24V Cordless Pole Pruner

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Greenworks Battery Tall Probe G24PS20K2 (Li-Ion 24V 20cm Sword Length 6,7m/s Chain Speed Up to 280cm Aluminium Bar 3-piece Including 2Ah Battery and Charger)

The Greenworks G-24 24V Cordless Pole Pruner is a battery-powered (cordless) long reach chainsaw. Although it comes with a 24V, 2Ah Lithium-ion battery, it’s part of the Greenworks series of power tools so can take their batteries as well and with Ryobi being a very popular brand, many people might already have batteries for this model.

If you already have invested in other tools in this series, you may want to charge up their batteries to use in your chainsaw when the first battery uses all its charge. Though you won’t have to wait long for your battery to recharge as it charges 80% in 20 minutes from fully empty which is pretty impressive.

Greenworks Battery Tall Probe G24PS20K2 (Li-Ion 24V 20cm Sword Length 6,7m/s Chain Speed Up to 280cm Aluminium Bar 3-piece Including 2Ah Battery and Charger)

The only function of this tool is the pole chainsaw. The chainsaw bar and blade are rather short at 20cm, so don’t expect to tackle really thick branches with this model although 20cm is probably still plenty big enough for most branches. However, the extendable pole goes from  out to 244cm from 150cm in three pieces so you can get at middle distance and high parts of the tree with ease. The quick release system lets you easily take the cutting blade out when necessary.

The handle of this long reach chainsaw is ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on your body, though cordless pole tools are the lightest of the ones we review. This model has a soft support for your forearm to rest upon to take some of the pressure off. The (included) shoulder harness is another way to spread the weight around.


  • Battery powered (cordless) long reach chainsaw that’s part of the Greenworks series of power tools.
  • Comes with an 24V, 2Ah, Lithium-ion battery and charger.
  • Battery charges 80% in 20 minutes and 100% in 45 minutes, both from no charge.
  • Motor strategically placed for clear view of what you’re cutting.
  • Telescopic pole from 150cm out to 244cm.
  • Easily adjustable chain for correct tension.
  • Chainsaw blade and bar are 20cm.
  • Quick release shaft joints to put the chainsaw in.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with a soft forearm support.
  • Comes with shoulder harness
  • Weighs 4.8kg.


  • Chainsaw blade on the short side.
  • Head is fixed in position.

My recommendation

The Greenworks G-24 24V Cordless Pole Pruner provides a basic cordless (battery) chainsaw whose battery is interchangeable with the other power tools in the Greenworks family of power tools. The ergonomically designed handle and arm rest give you support and comfort while you use this, relatively, lightweight chainsaw. It’s basically because the cutting blade is a little shorter than usual and the cutting head isn’t adjustable. But it gets the job done, safely.

5. Fuxtec Petrol 4 in 1 Multi Tool

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Fuxtec Petrol 4in1 Multi Tool – brush cutter, grass trimmer, pole hedge trimmer, high-level pruner chainsaw – multi functional garden power tool 52cc 2-stroke FX-MT152

The Fuxtec Petrol 4 in 1 Multi Tool has a chainsaw along with three other tools that are immensely useful in a large garden or smallholding – a hedge trimmer, brush cutter and a grass trimmer. Just change the attachment and you have a completely different tool.

Powered by petrol, the 55cc engine produces 3hp and is air cooled. Petrol garden tools are more powerful than their cordless or electric counterparts and this multi-tool is no exception.  Ignition is contactless and the starter is easy to use, just pull the cable. You don’t need tools to get into the carburettor and air filter when you’re doing your regular maintenance on this unit.

The variable speed controller lets you choose whichever speed you want the unit to operate at. Just choose one at which you’re comfortably in control of the chainsaw. And if things do get a bit out of hand, quickly use the emergency stop button to close down this multi-tool.

The chainsaw attachment plus the base pole is 215cm long. The blade is 30cm in length which adds a bit more length/height to the tool. Plus, although the pole is not telescopic, you can optionally buy a 1m extension section to increase its reach.

The handle is of a unique design, called an all-round handle, and has a branch deflector. The design lets you work in confined spaces and also in places that are difficult to access. The petrol tank has a safety bar around it to make it secure to hold the 1:40 petrol mix the manufacturer recommends you use. (But check this directly in the instructions you receive with your purchase.)


  • Four-in-one petrol powered pole multi-tool, including a chainsaw.
  • Engine is 52cc, 2-stroke, 2.95hp and air cooled.
  • Easy and reliable starter.
  • Contactless ignition that’s maintenance free.
  • Easy access to carburettor and air filter without tools.
  • Emergency stop switch.
  • Speed is continuously adjustable.
  • Unique all-round handle.
  • Safety bar around the petrol tank.
  • Comes with a carrying strap.
  • Chainsaw blade and chain are 30cm long.
  • Changing attachments is quick and easy.
  • Tank holds 1.2L fuel.


  • No telescoping extension pole.

 My recommendation

The Fuxtec Petrol 4 in 1 Multi Tool gives you a brush cutter, a grass trimmer, a hedge trimmer along with the chainsaw. Everything is long reach, and the chainsaw overall length is 245cm (including the blade). Just switch the attachments to have a completely new garden tool. The pole of this model doesn’t extend, but there’s an optional 1m section of pole to buy.

The Fuxtec Petrol 4 in 1 Multi Tool is worth taking a good look at if you’re in the market for several garden tools and like the power of petrol-driven units.

6. NETTA 2 in 1 Pole Long Reach Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw

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NETTA 2 in 1 Pole Long Reach Hedge Timmer and Chainsaw 710W with Extendable 2.7m, Diamond-Ground Blade, 2-Way Safety Switch, Adjustable Head and 10m Cable

The NETTA 2 in 1 Pole Long Reach Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw is an electric model with a 750W motor. You receive two tools to keep your garden tidy, both of which have diamond-ground blades for sharpness and durability. The two-way On switch avoids accidental  start-up, just in case kids are around.

The long reach pole starts out at 2.2m long when closed and telescopes open to a useful 2.7m. Of this, the chainsaw is 2.5cm when extended and 2.2m closed. This is a good chainsaw to reach the high points of your trees and bushes. And you can also cut tree and hedge limbs that are at awkward angles as the cutting heads of the chainsaw and hedge trimmer both adjust to a variety of angles simply at the push of a button. But note that at 25cm, the blade on this chainsaw is slightly shorter than the usual 30cm blade on some of our other models.

While the weight of the motor on this electric model does make it a bit heavier than a cordless unit, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so your shoulders and back can take some of the weight. The extra handle (with a soft grip) – for your non-operating hand – also gives you another way to defray how you balance the weight of this multi-tool.


  • Two-in-one electric (750W motor) long reach hedge trimmer and chainsaw.
  • Telescopic pole extends out to 2.7m from 2.2m closed.
  • Chainsaw and trimmer blades are diamond ground.
  • Chainsaw bar and blade is a 25cm Oregon model.
  • Chainsaw is 250cm extended and 200cm closed.
  • Two-way safety switch to avoid accidental start up.
  • Chainsaw and trimmer heads are adjustable to different angles.
  • Auxiliary handle has a soft grip for comfort and stability.
  • Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • 10m power cord is included.
  • Weighs 5.8kg.
  • One-year warranty.


  • Shorter blade than other chainsaws.
  • Instructions not easy to understand.
  • Chainsaw oil not supplied.

Our recommedations

If the trees you need to chainsaw are somewhat sizeable, the NETTA 2 in 1 Pole Long Reach Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw can deal with them for you. More powerful, in general, than a cordless model, this multi-functional tool also lets you trim your hedges easily and neatly. The safety switch on this unit is a welcome precaution.

Trimming trees and hedges seem to go hand-in-hand and the NETTA 2 in 1 Pole Long Reach Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw provides you with electric garden tools to do both tasks efficiently.

Buyer’s Guide for Long Reach Pole Chainsaws

What is a long reach pole chainsaw?

Showing what a pole saw can be used for and why you might need one. Excellent for cutting large diameter branches up high a standard long reach pruner cannot cut through
Using my Buko Pole chainsaw that is part of the garden multi tool set I have

Put simply, this tool is a chainsaw on a stick. It consists of a small chainsaw blade that’s (safely) mounted on a pole so you can reach up higher or further than with a hand-held saw. Most times, the pole is adjustable lengthways to a maximum length. This may be done by snapping different sections together or by a telescopic mechanism.

Most sales blurbs for these products give you the minimum length of the pole (when it’s closed up) and the maximum, fully extended length. This length plus the length of the chainsaw blade plus your height and the length of your arm is how high you can now reach from the ground.

Many times, the chainsaw comes as part of a multi-functional tools that usually includes at least a hedge trimmer as well.

Four things to decide about your new long reach chainsaw


The 52cc engine that powers my BUKO garden multi tool which also includes a chainsaw pole pruner
The 52cc engine that powers my BUKO garden multi tool which also includes a chainsaw pole pruner

The chainsaw may be powered by something other than your own energy. There are manually operated pole chainsaws in which you pull a cord to operate the saw, but most of the models are either cordless (battery powered), electric or fuelled by petrol. In all cases, you need chainsaw oil (usually not included in your purchase) to lubricate the blade.

Pole length

STIHL pole pruner long reach petrol chainsaw
My Stihl pole pruner also has a hedge trimmer attachment and has a good reach

The pole length indicated how much reach you have to get to the branches up in your trees or high bushes. The formula in the introduction to this section is a quick way to work this out approximately.

It’s worth noting here that many online reviewers report that a long reach chainsaw, of any type, is difficult to manage when it’s fully extended. You may want to make your calculations based on the pole being out to 75% of so of its maximum length for your comfort of use and your safety.

Blade size

This is my Stihl petrol pole chainsaw that has a 20cm bar and chain, excellent for cutting thicker branches
This is my Stihl petrol pole chainsaw that has a 20cm bar and chain, excellent for cutting thicker branches

The size of the chainsaw blades in this review range from 20cm to 30cm. You need to choose a blade size that you feel you can manage, given the weight (see below) of the pole chainsaw. The blade size also factors into how high you can reach up.

Along with the blade size, look for adjustable heads for the saw. This lets you position the saw blade at different angles when you’re cutting awkwardly shaped or sizes branches. This gives you more leverage and traction and may let you get to the really problematic branches.


The weight of the long reach chainsaw is a significant consideration. Even if you don’t intend to chainsaw for extended periods of time, it quickly gets heavy according to online reviewers. The most common complaint we saw online about any pole chainsaw was how heavy it was, regardless of how much it actually weighs. Be realistic about how much weight you can hold for a length of time.

Most models come with a strap for you to wear around your shoulders to bear the weight of the unit. Another way to offset the weight is to balance the pole (and attached saw) around its centre of gravity. Many models have ergonomically designed handles so you don’t have to clench your hands to hold on to them. And yet others have extra handles so your non-operating hand can help to hold the weight up.

Remember that electric and manual pole saws are the lightest while cordless and petrol driven ones also have a motor or engine attached.

Final Conclusion

While it comes with its own safety concerns, a long reach pole chainsaw is a much safer way to remove high branches and dead tree limbs than balancing on a ladder waving a hand-held chainsaw around. The models in this review are powered by a variety of methods – battery, electric and petrol – and some come as part of a multi-tool, often alongside a pole hedge trimmer. Just be careful using them and take all possible safety precautions.

My Best Pick is the Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Pole Chainsaw. This model has two tools – a chainsaw and a hedge trimmer – and the handle, auxiliary handle, motor head and cutting head are all angle adjustable.

The Runner-up is the eSkde LPCS1 Telescopic Long Reach Pole Chainsaw. This is a cordless model with a telescopic pole that opens out to an impressive 2.9m.

For your own safety, please read my recommendations about the safety gear you need to use a chainsaw of any type: The Best Chainsaw Safety Helmet & Our 5 Top Picks, The Best Chainsaw Safety Helmet & Our 5 Top Picks and Top 4 best chainsaw boots for tree Surgeons and ground use.

If you decide that a long reach chainsaw is not for you, after all, head over to my other chainsaw reviews. Visit Top 6 Best Chainsaws With Detailed Reviews, Top 5 Best Cordless Chainsaws – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews, Top 5 Best petrol chainsaws for tree felling, making firewood and general garden maintenance, and The Best Electric Chainsaw – Put To The Test.

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