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6 Best Lawn Mowers – Testing cordless, petrol and push mowers

Last updated on March 30th, 2023

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I have been a professional gardener for over 20 years and, in that time, have seen the quality and affordability of lawnmowers really up their game. Many models are now much more affordable whilst still having premium features, and the build quality of many brands is now much better, with brands like Hyundai (pictured below), Bosch and Worx really upping their game.

However, where lawn mowers have really advanced is with cordless lawn mowers with their lithium-ion batteries, which give longer run times and faster charge times than they did only 10 years ago. The two cordless mowers below are some of my recent test mowers.

Testing the Bosch 370Li against the more affordable WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower
Testing the Bosch 370Li against the more affordable WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower

For example, for the last 3 years, I have been testing this Bosch Cordless Lawnmower EasyRotak 36-550 pictured below. It has proven to be a great lawn mower and never misses a beat.

Mowing the lawn with the Bosch 370Li which have proven to be super reliable and well built
Mowing the lawn with the Bosch 370Li, which has proven to be super reliable and well built

Cordless lawnmowers, in the main, are quite expensive unless you get a non-branded cheap mower, but I’d be careful doing this. I recommend sticking to the known brands with years of experience building garden tools. That being said, there are some deals to be had which is why I also more recently tested the more affordable WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower, which I picked up on a Black Friday deal. What is amazing about this mower is that even without the deal, you can pick one of these up for a little over £200, which is an absolute bargain.

My WORX WG730E 20V Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower

Now the Worx 36-550 is maybe half the price of many other mowers, and it’s a great mower for small lawns. I even talked about this model in my cordless lawn mower guide. It has everything you need from a good little mower. It’s cordless and gives a run time of about 30 minutes which is plenty for a small lawn. Its cuts to the edges of the wheels means less strimming. It gives a nice clean cut, has a decent collection box, multi-height adjustments.

Mowing lawn with the WORX WG730E 20V Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower

The quality is great; it really feels and looks more expensive than it is. Something that really stood out about this Worx mower, though, is that it has a brushless mower. Now, this is usually only really found on more expensive mowers, and they’re much more reliable and last much longer.

Bosch 370li lawn mower is without a doubt one of the best and even has a great roller to create a striped lawn (on level lawns)

Now my Bosch Cordless Lawnmower EasyRotak 36-550 is an amazing mower. Now for full transparency, I have the old bosch 37Li model as pictured above. It’s the same mower, just improved slightly, although I don’t think anything really needed improving. They changed the position of the height adjustment lever. It has the same 37cm cutting width, great for medium or even larger gardens. It has five different height settings from 25mm to 70mm, which are easy to adjust in seconds. It has grass collection combs on the side, a large collection box, it folds down compact, the build quality is great and it has large 36v Battery, mine actaully came with 2 batteries. It literally has everything. This mower is probably my favourite for personal use, and I’ve been using it for maybe 4-5 years now.

My friends EGO Power LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower

If you need a professional grade cordless mower, then the EGO Power+ LM2135SP Self-propelled 21-Inch Lawn Mower is what you need. Now I used this for my professional lawn mower business, and a friend of mine has 2 for his gardening business. It was expensive. However, they last. They really are unbelievable, unmatched my most mowers and a real competitor to petrol alternatives as they have the raw power too.

Powerful 56v 7.5ah powered EGO Power LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower

It cuts and collects, mulches and returns the clippings. It has an amazing self-propelled system 3-speed system, as well as a really good running time thanks to the 56v 7.5ah battery pack that powers it. Other things that come to mind are the Xcut system, which has two blades one for lifting the grass and one for cutting. You can switch the cutting height between six positions, between 28mm for a close cut to 94mm for tackling longer grass. The list goes on!

This is probably the best cordless lawnmower available and its professional grade too, it even comes with commercial warranty. If your looking for the best, this is simply it!

So what about petrol lawnmowers? Well, I’ve used lots of different petrol lawns over the years, think Honda, Mountfield, Hayter. These are all expensive but reliable mowers but there super expensive for most people just mowing their own large garden. However, I have also been testing this Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self Propelled Lawn Mower pictured above for the last 2 years now and what a mower.

The 4 self propelled speeds and red push start button
The 4 self-propelled speeds and red push-start button

Honestly, this has all the kit found on the £1000+ models but at half the price. Lets’s start with the build quality. It’s amazing; it’s well built, metal pan, and good quality plastic parts, it’s sturdy, and it really feels like a premium mower. Moving into the features, it self-propelled with 4 speeds, has an electric start at the push of a button, 4-in-1 discharge option, cut and collect, mulching, side dispatch and rear dispatch. It has 6 different positions ranging from 25mm to 75mm. Finally, it’s powered by a OHV 196cc 4-stroke Euro 2 engine so there is no oil to mix as it’s separate.

My Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self Propelled Lawn Mower
My Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self Propelled Lawn Mower

I really have enjoyed using this mower, and I think it offers excellent value for money and if you have a large garden and want to go the petrol route, it’s a great option.

Choosing the best lawn mower for you

So which lawn mower is best for you will depend on a few factors. Do you like a striped lawn, so require a mower with a roller attached? How big is your garden, do you need a petrol self propelled lawnmower for a huge lawn like the Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self Propelled Lawn Mower. Maybe you have a responsible-sized garden and you want the freedom to go cordless so maybe a cordless lawn mower is right for you? All 3 cordles mowers mentioned above from Bosch, Worx and even EGO if you have the budget.

Maybe you even want to take advantage of the newest robot technology and install a robot lawn mower, now that next-level hands-off mowing. It all depends on what you need. I actually have reviews on both the best robot lawn mower for large gardens here and the best robot lawn mowers for smaller lawn here.

Two excellent lawn mowers worth considering

So for me, if you have a large garden and are looking for a high spec petrol mower which self-propulsion. You really can go wrong with the Hyundai HYM510SPE 196cc Self Propelled Lawn Mower which I have testing for 2 years now. I can tell you it’s easily as good as most competitors mowers. Thinking of going cordless, I really like my Bosch Cordless Lawnmower EasyRotak 36-550, which is good for both smaller and medium-sized lawns and has some great features. Only got a small lawn? then the WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower is an amazing mower with everything you need.

Lawn Mower Reviews

1. Bosch Cordless Lawnmower EasyRotak 36-550

Best mower for medium to larger-sized gardens

My Bosch Cordless Lawnmower EasyRotak 36-550
My Bosch Cordless Lawnmower EasyRotak 36-550

First thing first, this model have now been replaced with a new model called the Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 Cordless Lawnmower so I will link to that in this review.

So what’s changed? Well, it’s technically the same lawn mower, the same motor powered by a 36v battery, the same cutting width at 37cm, and still has the same number of cutting heights from a low 25mm for a close really cut to a much higher 75mm cutting height to deal with tall grass.

Now I will start by saying I have tested the original 37li for over 5 years now, and it’s been a very impressive piece of kit, it still cuts as good now as it did when it was new. It’s a great mower for medium or larger lawns.

The height adjustment lever is different on the new model
The height adjustment lever is different on the new model

Now, what they have changed is the colour scheme to match their new branding of dark green, and they made a small adjustment to the lever you use to adjust the cutting heights. It’s now on the front wheel instead of between the front and back wheels. Did it need changing, probably not but it doesn’t matter; it’s still easy enough to adjust the cutting height in seconds.

So I’ve already talked about the build quality is excellent earlier in this review, nothing ever broke on it in 5 years. It’s simply very well put together. With this in mind, I’ll talk a little more about the specifications.

Using the Bosch Cordless Lawnmower EasyRotak 36-550, which gives a good even cut
Using the Bosch Cordless Lawnmower EasyRotak 36-550, which gives a good even cut

So it’s powered by a powerful 36v lithium-ion battery, and it comes with a fast charger. I usually takes around 90 minutes to recharge from almost flat, but you can charge it to about 80% in around 45 minutes. The battery does have a battery level indicator on it, which is handy too. From a full charge, I usually get around 35 minutes of consistent running time which is plenty even for a large garden.

My lawn doesn't show how effect the roller is as its uneven but it can leave distinctive stripes on a level lawn
My lawn doesn’t show how effective the roller is as its uneven but it can leave distinctive stripes on a level lawn

It has a wide 37cm cutting width, this is ideal for most garden sizes as it’s still small enough to mow smaller lawns and get into tight spaces but also wide enough for larger lawns.

As already mentions, it’s easy to adjust the cutting heights with the single lever. Now, something to be aware of is that is has a rear roller that can create stripes. To get the striped lawn effect, you really need a lever lawn. If it’s uneven, it’s not very effective. Also, mine came with the roller, and I know if you buy it with the batteries included, it comes with the roller. Now for some reason, no idea why, if you but it as just the bare tool, so without the battery or charger, it sometimes does come with a roller. If you order one, I would double-check with the seller that it has a rear roller fitted.

Close up of the cutting finish using the Bosch cordless mower
Close up of the cutting finish using the Bosch cordless mower

Other useful features include the grass combs that allows it to mow right up to the edge of walls and fences. It just means it gives a tidier finish and less strimming to do afterwards. If you are thinking of getting a cordless, I’ve also reviewed the best cordless strimmer here.

It also has a key you can use to make sure it cannot be accidentally started by children, for example. It also has a fairly large 40L collection box which collects the grass well and compacts it nicely. In terms of power, it’s got plenty. It slows slightly on long grass, but so do most mowers I’ve tested.


  • A great cordless mower for smaller and medium sized lawns.
  • Offers the best value for money without compromising on quality and performance.
  • Power by a 36V lithium-ion battery for longer run times.
  • Fast charge time – 80% charged in only 45 mins, fully charged in only 90 minutes.
  • Ideal for lawns up to 550m².
  • Grass combs to allow you to mow right up to the edge of walls and fences.
  • Rear roller, which creates the perfect must-have stripes on level lawns.
  • A simple lever design so you can easily change between the 5 cutting height from 25 for a close cut to 75mm.
  • Large 40 Litre collection box, more mowing less emptying.
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty, which can be extended to 3 years if registered online.
The Bosch cordless lawn mowers all have fold down handles for easier storage
The Bosch cordless lawn mowers all have fold down handles for easier storage

my recommendation

Overall, the Bosch Cordless EasyRotak 36-550 Lawn mower is a great choice for smaller and medium-sized gardens. If you got a really large lawn, you might want to consider something bigger, maybe the EGO Power+ LM2135SP Self-propelled 21-Inch Lawn Mower. The same goes for if you have a really small lawn, you would be better looking at the WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower for half the price.

It has all the features you need from a good lawn mower. Just keep in mind that I’ve actually tested the older 37li mower, and that is now replaced with the Bosch EasyRotak 36-550 Cordless Lawnmower, which I have linked to below.

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the cordless mowers which Bosch manufacture. I’ve been trying to think of some downsides, but I really can’t fault it.

2. WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower

Best mower for smaller lawn

WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower being tested and reviewed
WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower

I have been testing this WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless Mower for over 2 years now, and I have to admit, it’s been a great little mower. I first got this purely as a test product as I wanted to see if the more affordable cordless lawns mower where even worth considering.

I’m talking around £200. When it come up in a black Friday Amazon offer I had to jump on it. Now a cordless mower at this price? I don’t think it’s even worth considering corded electric models anymore. I would never buy a corded mower again!

So the first thing I noticed was how well-built this mower is. Overall, the quality is good. It’s mostly plastic but not cheap plastic like you see with some mowers from DIY stores. It’s incredibly well built, especially when you consider the price this thing retails at.

Mowing small lawn using WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower
WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower with the 30cm cutting width

So, where I think Worx have done a fantastic job with this mower is by concentrating on what really matters, thats cutting grass. No fancy features on this mower. However, what they have done is fitted it with a Brushless motor. This is something usually found on more expensive mowers, and they are much more reliable. Overall they created a a great little mower that will stand the test of time.

The 20v Max 4Ah battery and fast charger that came with the WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower
The 20v Max 4Ah battery and fast charger that came with the WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower

When it comes to battery and charger, it comes with a 18v (20v max) 4Ah battery. Now again, this is something to take note off. Most cordless mowers in the price range come with 2Ah batteries, which means they don’t last as long from a single charge. This mower gives me about 30 minutes of non-stop mowing. To give you an idea, I’ve been testing it on my small lawn, and it is about 8m x 8m, so relatively small at about 64 square meters, and I can mow it at least twice before the battery needs charging again. The charger is also a fast charger and takes only 60 minutes to recharge.

The 30 litre collection box is small but still large enough for smaller lawns

This mower has a cutting width of 30cm so quite narrow, this is why I recommend only buying this mower for small lawn but it does have a smallish collection box at 30 litres. Again though, this is perfectly fine for small lawns. It’s also great for mowing narrow strips.

When it comes to cutting, it does a great job, it doesn’t quite mow as close as my Bosch 37Li, but it still gives a nice close cut.

Let’s get to what I think some people might not like – that is the way you change the cutting height. You have 3 cutting heights between 30mm and 70mm which is great, close enough for a close but and a high cut for tackling longer grass.

You have to change the cutting height my manually moving the axle into one of the three slots
You have to change the cutting height my manually moving the axle into one of the three slots

Now the downside is that there is no height adjustment lever. You have to turn the mower on its size, move the axle manual into one of the 3 slots as shown above and then it set. This means it is not really something you can do on the fly. That being said, how often do you really change the cutting height? Most people usually set the cutting height, and it is good to go for the whole mowing season. You may mow higher for the first cut if the grass is particularly long. For me, it’s not been a problem but something I didn’t realise when I ordered.

Metal cutting blade on the Worx 30cm cordless lawn mower


  • Probably the best mower for small lawns within its price point.
  • Cordless convenience: 20V Lithium-ion 4.0Ah battery provides 30 minutes of grass cutting time and fully charges in 120 minutes.
  • Compact design: 30cm cutting width and fold-down design, perfect for small lawns and tight corners.
  • Adjustable cutting: 3 cutting heights from 30mm to 70mm, allowing for a range of lawn styles.
  • Large grass collector: 30L capacity with a full indicator flap
  • Easy assembly: Comes almost ready to use, a couple of minutes and it’s ready to mow
  • Durable: Sturdy and well-built, with a 3-year warranty (with registration)

Final conclusion

I’ve really enjoyed using this WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower, and for the price, it offers excellent value. I can’t really believe you can get a cordless lawnmower for this price. And when you think about how well-built this mower is, the fact that it has a brushless motor, a 20V 4Ah capacity battery and 60 minutes to recharge, it really is a great little mower. This is perfect for small lawns, the only real downside is the way you have to adjust the cutting height. However, this is a small price to pay for such a good little mower from a respected brand.

3. Hyundai Self Propelled 196cc 20-Inch Petrol Lawnmower

Best lawn mower for large gardens

My Hyundai Self Propelled 196cc 20-Inch Petrol Lawnmower
Hyundai Self Propelled 196cc 20-Inch Petrol Lawnmower

I’ve been using this Hyundai 196cc 20-inch lawn mower for over 2 years now, and all I can say is what a machine. It’s a beast of a mower, and it’s heavy but for large lawns, its a real workhorse at pony prices. However, it is not really any heavier than other large petrol mowers I have used over the years including Honda and Hayter. This thing is packed with features, and there is nothing it doesn’t have. I have been using this on my parent’s lawns as they have very large lawns. They have a small holding, and it’s perfect for them. For the money I don’t think anyone beats Hyundai on quality and affordability.

The 4-speed setting for the self-propulsion
The 4-speed setting for the self-propulsion

I absolutely love the self-propelled feature on this lawn mower! As someone who has a large lawn to maintain, the 4 speed options have been a lifesaver. I can start off at a slow walk to easily maneuver around any obstacles such as the climbing frame and swings, and then crank it up to the highest setting for a brisk pace when covering larger open areas of lawn. It feels like the mower is doing all the work.

The push start button thats a game changer
The push start button thats a game changer

Something I do hate about petrol mowers is the pull cord, but not with the Hyundai HYM510SPE! I just love the convenience of the electric push-button start button. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it’s also a feature that’s usually only found on expensive models.

The rechargeable battery that powers the start button, simply plug in the power lead to recharge
The rechargeable battery that powers the start button, simply plug in the power lead to recharge

The electric start button is powered by a small rechargeable battery but it must of lasted at least 50-60 starts before needing to be recharged.

But the best part? It also has a recoil start option as a backup, so you’ll never be left stranded if the electric start fails. I’ve used many lawn mowers in the past, and most of them only have a recoil pull start, which can be difficult for some people, especially for older people like my mum and dad. But the push-button option on this model makes starting it a breeze. It’s a feature that I actually use and appreciate, and it makes a real difference in my lawn care experience.

One of my favourite features is the 4-in-1 discharge option. I like the convenience of having multiple ways to dispose of the grass clippings. You can collect them like most mowers do, rear discharge which im not a fan of, side discharge as shown above, and even mulch the clippings back onto the lawn, which I use often. This last option is great for adding nutrients back into the lawn and it’s as simple as just inserting the mulching plug as shown below.

The mulching plug allows you to return the clipping back to the lawn
The mulching plug allows you to return the clipping back to the lawn

I love having the option to choose how I want to handle the grass clippings, it gives me total control over my mowing.

Now, when it comes to collecting the clipping, it has a very large 70-litre grass bag. Trust me, it’s really large! Its large capacity means that I spend more time mowing and less time stopping to empty the bag.

Easily change the cutting height by using the lever
Easily change the cutting height by using the lever

When it comes to height setting it has 6 adjustable cutting height positions, ranging from 25mm for a close cut to 75mm for tacking extra long grass, which is does really well, even when wet. Whether you want a short or longer cut, it’s easy to make the adjustment with a simple lever. Unlike some other models I have used in the past, adjusting the cutting height on this mower is a breeze, even on such a large machine.

Integrated 196cc OHV 4-stroke Euro 2 engine
Integrated 196cc OHV 4-stroke Euro 2 engine

The construction quality of this mower is outstanding, made from only the highest quality components. One of the standout features is the integrated 196cc OHV 4-stroke Euro 2 engine. Not only does it offer low emissions, low maintenance, and economical operation, but it packs a powerful punch without being too loud.

This mower is built to withstand the test of time, and you’ll be able to enjoy a durable and efficient mowing experience for years to come. Its worth noting this is also backed by a 5 year guarantee too.

You use the left lever to set the choke for starting
You use the left lever to set the choke for starting

This Hyundai HYM510SPE has also been designed with convenience in mind. The foldable handles make it easy to store it away in a shed or garage. What I really love is the added bonus of a bottle holder on the handlebars – no more stopping to grab a drink, you can stay hydrated while you mow.

My Hyundai mower with the handles folded down
My Hyundai mower with the handles folded down

Let’s quickly talk safety. The innovative OPC lever ensures that the engine won’t run when you let go of the handle, a feature that you see on nearly all self-propelled models now. But, from my personal experience, the execution of this feature on the HYM510SPE is flawless. It’s easy to use and makes mowing a lot safer. This lawnmower is designed to make your mowing experience as smooth and safe as possible.

I’ll be the first to admit, manoeuvring a big heavy lawnmower around tight corners and flowerbeds can be a hassle, but not with the Hyundai HYM510SPE. The clever design of bigger rear wheels compared to the front wheels makes manoeuvring so much easier. I’ve found myself effortlessly gliding around obstacles that used to be a headache with some of the other petrol mowers I’ve used.

Mowing the front lawn, the smallest lawn on the properly
Mowing the front lawn, the smallest lawn on the properly

But that’s not all, the wash port hose connector is a game changer when it comes to cleaning the mower. It’s as easy as attaching a garden hose and letting the water run through the underside. No more struggling to clean those hard to reach spots.

And let’s not forget about the warranty, with a 3-year platinum warranty or 1 year warranty for commercial use, you can have confidence in your purchase.


  • Self-propelled, rear-wheel drive mower, perfect for medium to large gardens
  • 4-speed setting to match the user’s speed, powered by a reliable 196cc Hyundai 4-stroke engine
  • Push-button electric start with pull cord backup for easy starting
  • High-quality, durable components for a long-lasting mower
  • Safety features include Operator Presence Control and large 70-litre grass collector for less frequent emptying
  • Adjust the cutting height with a single lever, 6 settings from 25mm to 75mm
  • Foldable handles for easy storage and transport
  • 3-year warranty with online registration for added peace of mind


The Hyundai HYM510SPE is a fantastic lawnmower for those with large gardens, and I’ve really enjoyed using it. The self-propelled feature is a game changer, making it easy to navigate around obstacles and tackle large lawns efficiently. The 4-in-1 discharge option gives you total control over your mowing, and the large 70-litre grass bag ensures you spend less time emptying and more time mowing.

Overall, I highly recommend the Hyundai HYM510SPE for anyone in need of a powerful and efficient lawnmower for their large garden. This is easily as good as some of the mowers I have used over the years that were twice the price, and then some.

4. Greenworks 35cm G40LM35K Cordless Mower

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Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawnmower for Lawns up to 200m², 35cm Cutting Width, 40L Bag PLUS 40V 2Ah Battery & Charger, 3 Year Guarantee-G40LM35K2, Green, Black, Grey

If you are someone who was looking for my first cordless mower, I found this model to be a great alternative to the WORX WG730E Brushless Cordless 30cm Lawn Mower if you need something with a wider cutting width and more affordable and not quite as big as the Bosch model I reviewed earlier.

Powered by a G-Max Lithium-ion battery, this mower gives me around 35 minutes of consistent use and can be fully charged in only 60 minutes. And if I need a quick charge, it can be 80% charged in just 35 minutes.

The cutting width of 35cm (14 inches) is perfect for my small to medium sized garden and the single lever makes it easy to adjust the cutting height between 20mm and 80mm, giving me the precise cut that I want.

One of my favorite features is the 2-in-1 functionality, as it not only mows and collects the grass clippings, but also has the option to mulch which most cordless models don’t. This is great because it cuts the grass clippings into small pieces and dispatches them evenly over the lawn, which puts important nutrients back into my lawn, resulting in a much healthier lawn.


I wanted to recommend another alternative to the Worx mower and to stay within the £200 price range and this mower is well worth considering. It was easy to assemble, easy to use, and does an excellent job of cutting lawns. Changing the height levels was a breeze compared the the Worx so it has this advatange. More importantly it gives the perfect low cut most people will want. It provided enough charge for my medium-sized lawn, and the battery was easy to remove and replace.

The only downside I can think of is that it may be a bit heavy for some people, especially older people, to lift and maneuver. Although I managed just fine, it could be a challenge for others.

Overall, I feel that this product is an excellent value for the money and is the best alternative to the Worx 20vMax mower. I highly recommend it.

5. Brill Razorcut Cylinder Push Mower

Brill RazorCut Premium 38 Cylinder Push Lawn Mower

This ‘Brill RazorCut Premium Push Lawn Mower’ is one of the best cylinder push mowers available. The cylinder cutting blade is made from superior hardened steel and is precision sharpened to a hundredth of a millimetre to give the finest cut possible. This combined with the bottom blade work like similar to scissors and uses a ‘contact free cutting technique’ which makes the cutting performance near perfect as well as very quiet when in use.

After getting it out of the box, it only takes around 5 minutes to assemble before you are ready to test it out. The ergonomic foam handle makes using the mower an enjoyable and comfortable experience, whilst the fold down handle makes it much easier to store when not in use.

Overall, a very sturdy design with large wheels makes pushing this mower effortless and a joy. It also incorporates a roller to leave stripes on the lawn.

The cutting height can be set between 14mm and 45mm to give your desired finish and it is very easy to adjust using the height adjustment lever.


This Brill RazorCut push mower is easily one of the best push mowers we have ever reviewed, if not the best. It isn’t cheap, but with this mower, you are buying a quality piece of gardening eqipment that will stand the test of time and will provide the very best mowing experience for many years to come.

6. Flymo EasiGlide 300 Hover Mower


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Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower - 1300W, 30cm Cutting Width, 20L Grass Box, Foldable Handles, Fully Assembled

I don’t really use flymo hover mowers but I know several people who do and they love them. At the end of the day there a cheap mower and the main seller of hover mowers. They are a little plastic but thats expected for the price.

If you want to learn more about flymo hover mowers, check this review of the best flymo mowers here. If I had to recommend just one, it would be this Flymo EasiGlide 300 Hover Mower. Its collects well, has a decent1300w motor and is a great choice for small gardens. Oh and there super light an compact.

  • Glides across the lawn, cutting and collecting into an easy to empty collection box.
  • Powerful 1300 watt motor.
  • 4 cutting heights (12 – 32mm). 
  • 30cm metal cutting blade, ideal for small and medium-sized gardens.
  • Collects and compacts the grass into the 20-litre collection box.
  • Weighing in at only 8.8kg it is very easy to carry and store.

Lawn mower buyers guide

What you can learn from my lawnmower guide?- I will go into more detail about the different types of lawnmowers, these include petrol lawnmowers, electric lawnmowers (including cordless), push mowers, hover mowers, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric Lawnmowers

There are now many electric lawnmowers available that range from cheaper corded mowers starting at approximately £80 and for this price point, you can expect to get a good all-round mower that is ideal for smaller gardens.

testing cordless electtric mower
Cordless electric lawn mower are my personal mower of choice

Then there are the more expensive cordless electric lawnmowers, some of which are now comparable to petrol lawnmowers in terms of power and performance. This was once the downside of cordless lawnmowers but with new lithium-ion batteries, they now offer great performance and much longer run times.

The obvious difference between corded and cordless mowers is that you have the cord to contend with, but corded models are often much cheaper when compared to similar models that are cordless and powered by lithium-ion batteries.

That being said, you can now get cordless mowers at very affordable prices which now makes them a viable option for more gardeners. The big disadvantage of corded models as well as the cable getting in the way, is that you are restricted by the length of the cable, which makes them only really suitable for smaller gardens.


  • Low maintenance – Electric lawnmowers are extremely low maintenance, especially when compared to petrol lawnmowers. Simply brush off after every use and give a more thorough clean at the end of the season. No oil changes, no fuel filters to change, no spark plug to clean or change.
  • All you need to do is sharpen the blade once on a while and that’s about it. If you have a cordless model, you will need to charge the battery which only takes around 60 minutes and should give you around 30-45 minutes run time, which is plenty for most small and medium-sized gardens. You can of course have two batteries to increase the run time and one battery can be on charge while you are mowing.
  • Compact, light weight and easy to store – Most models are very lightweight and even the largest cordless lawnmower usually weighs less than the smallest petrol lawnmower. The usually have clever little features, so that the handles fold down to make them compact.
  • Quiet and no fumes – Electric lawnmowers are extremely quiet and do not emit fumes.

Petrol Lawnmowers

Petrol lawnmowers come in all sizes and have been around for a long time. They are now very affordable with a good all-around, no-frills model, available for around £120. More expensive models will cost well over £600, however, you can get a good petrol lawnmower fitted with the latest features that are ideal for medium and larger sized gardens for between £200 and £300.

Petrol lawn mowers are a great choice for very large gardens

The main disadvantages of petrol lawnmowers over electric are that they are much heavier, small models weigh around 17kg which is not too bad, but larger mowers can weigh up to 40kg, not a problem if you wheel it straight to the lawn, but can be a little awkward if you need to lift it up steps or into a car etc. They are also noisy compared to electric mowers, although petrol modern mowers are now much quieter than they used to be. There is also the maintenance to think about, you need to change the oil every season, as well as air filters, not to mention store petrol and oil for the mower. 

If you are happy about doing the maintenance yourself or happy to take your mower to be serviced by a specialist, they offer some advantages over electric mowers.


  • Lots of cutting power – Most petrol lawnmowers are fitted with powerful 4-stroke engines that produce plenty of power to cut even the most demanding lawns. Even most lower-priced, smaller mowers have a good cutting performance.
  • Portable and freedom – Petrol lawnmowers offer the freedom to mow anywhere without being restricted by a cord or battery run time. Simply refuel with petrol and you are off mowing again, no waiting for batteries to charge or getting extension leads out. 
  • 4 in 1 mower – Most petrol models are 4 in 1. This means they can cut and leave the clipping, cut and collect just like any other mower, many petrol models also have a mulching feature that cuts the clipping into tiny pieces before dispensing them back onto the lawn. This helps put nutrients back into the lawn and is useful if you have a particularly dry lawn. Finally, some petrol models have ‘side dispatch’, which cuts the lawn and dispatched the grass through a side shoot, back onto the lawn, this is useful for mowing long grass.
  • Self-propelled – Some petrol models are self-propelled which makes cutting the lawn much easier, some models even have a speed controller so you can mow at your own pace. This feature makes mowing effortless, especially on the larger lawn.

Push cylinder Lawnmowers

Not much to explain here, push mowers (also known as cylinder mowers after the cylinder cutting blade) are great for small and medium-sized lawns and usually have five very sharp rotating blades. You simply push the mower along the lawn and as the wheels turn, it, in turn, turns the blades around. They work very well, but the lawn needs to be flat for it to work effectively. However, they do an excellent job at cutting the lawn and most have a roller at the back that leaves a stripe on the lawn. 


  • Low maintenance – Very low maintenance, sharpen the blades when needed, clean it down with a simple brush. No oil or petrol to worry about and no batteries to charge or power cords.
  • Portable – They are very portable and lightweight and can be taken anywhere easily. Very easy to push with little effort. Prices range from £30 to around £180. A good model will set you back around £50.

Hover Lawnmowers

Hover mowers are like no other type of mower, they work by floating on a cushion of air, as they are lightweight this makes them very easy to manoeuvre around the lawn. They are especially good in small, awkward areas and often used on grass slopes. The biggest manufacture of hover mowers is ‘Flymo’, famous for their orange mowers. They manufacture a large range of electric hover mowers as well as one petrol hover mower. They are extremely popular and great for small gardens due to their ease of use.

You can read our extensive flymo review guide here which compares the latest models.


  • Low maintenance – Very low maintenance, simply clean off with a brush, fold the handles down and it is ready to be stored away.
  • Easy to use – Very easy to use and manoeuvre thanks to their light weight design and their ability to float on a cushion of air

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