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8 Best Raised Bed Kit For Growing Plants and Vegetables Plus Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on November 29th, 2022

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Purchasing a raised garden bed gives you the opportunity to grow different types of plants without many limitations. Your soil may not be the most fertile, but if you use a raised bed with the right soil you can easily plant things that you would not previously have been able to manage.

Raised beds also go a long way in keeping unwanted animals and pests from attacking your plants and they can look amazing as well as make gardening much easier when compared to traditional flowerbeds and borders in the ground. Some are supplied with covers to make this protective feature more effective as well as double up as a cold frame, but usually at an additional cost.

In this guide, we compare different raised beds with their pros and cons. We have spent time looking for quality raised beds that are reliable and offer value for money. Look through the different models to get an idea of what is available on the market. By doing this, we are sure that purchasing the best-raised bed kits will be straightforward.

Be sure to check out our best pick the TecTake Raised vegetable garden bed which is easily stackable for convenience and comes ready to use with no building required. 

Our runner up, the Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kit, will surprise you with its amazing features that serious gardeners will appreciate. It truly is a work of art and very innovative.


TecTake Raised Vegetable Garden Bed
The TecTake Raised Vegetable Garden Bed is simple in structure therefore working with it should not be a problem. This raised bed is made from quality wood hence its ability to put up with the elements but we do recommend treating it with something like decking paint to give it extra protection. What is great about this model is that it offers good value for money through durability and its stackable feature which means you can increase the height.

Whether you choose to plants vegetables, fruit bushes or herbs or simply want an ornamental flower bed, you will have adequate space to do so. Overall, it is robust and easily collapsible for storage and comes ready to use with no building required. You can keep it in use for years.


Vegepod Large Raised Garden Bed Kit
The Vegepod Large Raised Garden Bed Kit is the perfect model for those who want to take their gardening seriously and like innovative products. This model comes with a self-watering system that allows the plants to keep hydrated even in hot conditions. It additionally has a mist spraying system that can be attached to the protective cover to provide moisture even in harsh weather. It is a bit pricey but the features you get for this model are worth the price for those looking for something that's more than just a simple raised box.

8 of the best raised beds that we have included in our review

  1. TecTake Raised Vegetable Garden Bed – BEST PICK
  2. Vegepod Large Raised Garden Bed Kit – RUNNER-UP
  3. VegTrug Raised Bed Planter
  4. Kyler Wooden Raised Flower Bed
  5. Selections Metal Raised Vegetable Bed
  6. GardenSkill Raised Bed
  7. Vegtrug RP6001N Raised Planter
  8. Made to Measure Raised Bed by WoodBlocx

Top 8 Raised Bed Kit Reviews

1. TecTake Raised Vegetable Garden Bed


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TecTake Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

The TecTake Raised vegetable garden bed is an affordable way to grow your plants and vegetables in a raised bed. The garden bed is stackable allowing the user to plant at the height that they want, so you can opt for a lower down design or build them up to a more manageable height depending on your preference. These stackable garden beds allow the plants to grow without interference from snails and other animals because it makes it that little more difficult to get to than if you are growing plants at ground level.

This garden bed is made of pinewood and it is held together with durable steel hinges, we do recommend treating the wood with a wood preservative such as a decking protector, and even lining the inside with plastic can help prevent them from rotting.

The steel hinges enable the garden box to be collapsed easily for storage which is a great feature, this also allows you to manipulate the shape a little too. This collapsible feature allows you to engage in seasonal planting without having to dispose of the boxes, this also means you can store them over winter when not in use. It is important to note that the pine will need to be treated in order to survive the outdoors for longer.

One raised garden bed measures 120cm x 80cm x 19cm and weighs 8.5kgs. You can stack up as many beds as you want and the structure will maintain its stability. The garden bed comes already assembled therefore making it easy to begin work straight away.


  • Made from durable pine wood.
  • The garden bed is stackable to achieve your preferred working height.
  • Comes already assembled.
  • It is stable and robust.
  • Can be collapsed for storage when not in use.


  • Wood is untreated and susceptible to damage caused by the elements so needs treating.

Our recommendation 

If you need a simple and affordable garden bed then the TecTake Raised vegetable garden bed would be a good consideration. It comes already assembled and all you have to do is stack them to the height that you want. 

We love the fact that the garden bed is can maintain stability when stacked high. The only thing that we would recommend is to treat the wood before use to guarantee the durability of the pine. Other than that, this garden bed has no glaring flaws, it is easy to use as well as easy to store. Overall for the price, they offer excellent value for money.

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2. Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kit (3 sizes available)


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Vegepod Large Raised Garden Bed Kit

The Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kit offers adequate space to grow your plants and provides good overall protection, reducing the frequent need for weeding and watering at the same time. This raised garden bed is made of plastic supported by a metal frame to facilitate stability, although it is important to note that the metal frame is optional and comes at an extra cost, you can place it on a table or make a frame yourself too.

The larger model which we reviewed measures 100cm x 200cm x 80cm but it does also come in two smaller and more affordable sizes too, this model is ideally raised providing the user with a comfortable position to work. This is important for those who are already suffering from back or knee problems where working at ground level has become difficult.

Among the interesting features provided by this garden bed is the self-watering system. This system allows the plants to get water from the reservoir, therefore, preventing the plants from drying out. This reservoir depending on what you are planting can supply water for up to 3 weeks. The reservoir can be refilled by connecting a hose from the tap. If you have no hose nearby, you can just water the plants manually. Overall the watering system is a very good design and works well.

Something it does come with to keep your plants shaded from the hot sun and various pests is the protective cover. This provides a shading rate of 17% which is enough to ensure the plants still get enough light.

A feature we do like that works well is the PVC protective cover has a spraying mist system running through it that can be used to water the plants. This system requires you to connect a hose with a Hozelock style connector to provide the water used for spraying.

This model comes with a 2-year warranty and it is easy to assemble but does come in sections, the nuts and bolts are plastic so will not rust but just be careful not to overtighten them upon assembly. The raised bed kit can be used with or without a stand depending on your requirements. The stand is sold separately, as is the winter cover for added protection in the winter.


  • Offers a large space to plant various types of vegetables/plants/herbs.
  • Primarily made from durable, high-density plastic and optional steel frame.
  • Available in 3 sizes to meet your personal gardening needs.
  • The raised bed features a frame to help the user work at a comfortable height.
  • Comes with a reservoir that facilitates a self-watering system.
  • Features a protective cover to keep the plants from harsh weather conditions which also protects the plants from pests.
  • Offers a mist watering system to keep the plants hydrated.
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • It is expensive compared to most other raised beds.

Our recommendation

The Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kit is a good product, however, the price is at the top end of the market, although it does offer a lot more and is not really just a raised bed. Considering that some features like the frame are sold separately, this hikes the price considerably but you can place it on a table or make up a stand yourself. If money is not the problem then you have nothing to worry about. You can purchase the entire kit and experience the awesomeness that it has to offer. 

We love the design of the garden kit because it provides adequate depth to sow plants with longer roots such as carrots too. It has a self-watering system that will keep your plants hydrated, even when you are not there to do it manually. The protective cover is also convenient, especially in the winter when greenhouse conditions are valued. 

In conclusion, yes the product is expensive but in the long run, you get value for money. It is durable and is likely to last you for years.

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3. VegTrug Raised Bed Planter

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VegTrug Raised Bed Planter

Another fantastic product on this list is the VegTrug Raised Bed Planter. This raised bed is made entirely of wood, which not only blends into the environment, but it is durable too. It does need treating so we strongly recommend doing this before building. The manufacturer chose to use fir wood that has been grown in a sustainable environment and whose quality can be guaranteed. Quality-wise it’s not bad but could be better but for the price, it offers excellent value once built

The V structure of the raised bed gives enough room to hold 420 litres of compost, that’s around 7 standard 60-litre bags of compost. While we are on the subject of compost, we would recommend filling with 4 or 5 bags of compost and mixing in 3 to 4 bags of farm manure to add goodness. For people looking to plant various vegetables, fruits and herbs, there is enough space for the roots to travel so they have adequate growing space. 

The raised bed sits on a frame that raises it to a suitable height for everyone. People trying to avoid crouching or bending due to various reasons will find this model friendly for their needs.

Measuring 180.3cm x 78.7cm x 76.2cm (around 6ft long) this raised bed can fit into smaller places transforming them into a beautiful environment and even those with patio areas can now grow vegetables.

The legs of the frame have rubber stoppers that protect them from contact with the moist ground which is a nice feature. Additionally, to give the raised bed increased durability, the wood is treated with an organic preservative that will keep rot and pests at bay, however, we still recommend treating again with another wood preservative too.

This model comes flat packed and assembly is required, the good news is that assembly is not challenging at all. What we will say is to check all parts for damage before building because you may need to return the whole product should anything be broken and we have seen several reports online where this was the case.


  • Made from sustainable and durable fir that has been pressure treated.
  • The shape of the raised bed allows the growth of deep roots.
  • Comes with a liner for compost keeping.
  • The frame raises the garden bed to a comfortable working height.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers a protective cover (sold separately).


  • The wood splits easily for such an expensive raised bed so screw carefully and check all parts before building.

Our recommendation

The VegTrug Raised Bed Planter looks good and offers the adequate capacity to hold up to 420 litres of compost. For those looking for something with depth that will allow your plants to grow deep roots, then this model is suitable and, at around 6ft long, it has plenty of growing space. We love that it is made of treated wood, so it blends into the environment easily.

It is not the cheapest raised bed on the market as the protective cover is sold separately should you want one, however, if you can afford it why not. It is good to point out that the wood is a bit flimsy thus care is required during assembly so that the wood does not split. If the wood arrives already split then return the package or get your DIY kit and fix it yourself to save time. Overall, if well assembled and well maintained, this model will last for years.

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4. Kyler Wooden Raised Flower Bed

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Kyler Wooden Raised Flower Bed

Made in the UK, the Kyler Wooden Raised Flower Bed will hold various types of vegetables and fruits and is available in 3 sizes, all of which are 6ft long but the height and width vary. The raised bed is made of pressure-treated wood that has been grown in a sustainable environment. You can be sure that you are purchasing a product that is environmentally friendly and that is durable. What is a little strange is that a minimum of 70% of the timber is from managed forests so where is the other 30% from? We, unfortunately, don’t really have the answer for this, but at least the majority of the raised bed is being built with environmental factors being a consideration.

This raised bed comes with no base which means it really needs to be placed onto soil or you could construct a base and drill holes in for sitting on a patio area.

The raised bed we reviewed measures 45cm H x 180cm W x 90cm D and it does not weigh too much to make moving it impossible. As mentioned, you can install a base if you do not want your raised bed to be hollow. Having a base also helps if you want to move your plants from one location to the next, although moving it when full would be near impossible so probably not practical anyway. This model comes flat packed hence it requires assembly before use.


  • Made from sustainable durable wood.
  • Can house a wide range of vegetables/fruits.
  • The wood is pressure treated to keep pests from damaging the wood.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Sold at an affordable price for its size.


  • Lacks a bottom which could be an issue if you want to set it directly on a patio.

Our recommendation

Are you looking for a simple raised bed without a bottom? Why not consider the Kyler Wooden Raised Flower Bed from Wayfair? This model is as simple as it can be design-wise but it is very robust. Once assembled, you can put soil in the raised bed and proceed with planting. We would recommend this model to those who need a large raised bed to plant flowers or vegetables in the garden separately from the other plants.

5. Selections Metal Raised Vegetable Bed

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Selections Metal Raised Vegetable Bed

Introducing the Selections Metal Raised Vegetable Bed that is durable and easy to assemble. The raised bed is made of powder-coated steel that allows the bed to survive the outdoors without rusting because they are treated but don’t forget all metal will start to rust eventually.

At 100cm x 100cm x 30cm, this model can be dug further into the ground to provide the user’s required working height. If the working height is okay then the raised bed can just be placed on the ground. They may seem a little flimsy at first but once filled they will be very stable.

As simple as it is to assemble, it is just as simple to take it apart for storage if need be. All you need is a pair of pliers and a screwdriver to get the work done. This green coloured raised bed is simple and it will easily fit into your lush surroundings.


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Low maintenance, no treating like you do with wooden raised beds.
  • Made from alloy steel that has been powder-coated for durability.
  • Provides a large space to grow varied vegetables and plants.
  • Sold at an affordable price.


  • Some may find them a little shallow for their needs.

Our recommendation

The Selections Metal Raised Vegetable Bed is shallow and wide enough to plant what you want. It is made from 2mm thick steel that allows the raised bed to be durable and lightweight. The protective powder coating applied on the metal will prevent it from rusting even when left outdoors all year round, but even this will start to rust eventually. We love the subtle green colour that easily matches the colours in the garden. 

For those looking for a metallic raised bed, this option is well within reach because the price is affordable. It will not rust easily, therefore, maintaining its appearance all through the year. All in all, we can say that this product provides good value for money.

6. GardenSkill Raised Bed

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GardenSkill Raised Bed

The GardenSkill Raised Bed is perfect for growing your own lettuce, onions, and strawberries. It is a great alternative to the Selections Metal Raised Vegetable Bed and being plastic, it will never rust.

Its twin walls offer protection from harsh weather by insulating the soil to prevent the plants from damaging cold. The raised bed is made of uPVC plastic that is weatherproof, meaning you are guaranteed durability. It will not succumb to rot or rust so it will require little maintenance which will save you time and money.

This 1m x 1m x 150mm high raised bed can be extended to suit your needs as it’s available in many different sizes. These extension kits are available at affordable prices so it shouldn’t be too costly to make your raised bed larger. Whether you choose to place this raised bed on the patio or the garden it doesn’t matter, it will still look good. You may have to get a base if you don’t want to place the compost directly on the ground but if you plan on placing them directly on a flowerbed it should be a problem.

Assembling this raised bed is easy thanks to the instructions provided. Even without the instructions, it is still pretty easy to assemble. You will find all the tools you need for assembly already provided.


  • Created from weatherproof uPVC plastic that is durable.
  • Can be extended in any direction using extension kits that are sold separately.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers a large space to grow varied plants.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • The quality of the assembly rods could be stronger to give better durability.

Our recommendation 

For those looking for a raised bed that can be extended in any direction, look no further than the GardenSkill Raised Bed. This raised bed is made from a durable and robust plastic that can easily survive the outdoor weather and best of all, it requires no maintenance. It is also easy to assemble making it user-friendly. We also like the way it can insulate the soil and protect plants from cold. 

Because it has no base, there is no limit to the vegetables/fruits you can grow. The roots can go as deep as they want, hence the growth of healthy plants. It also helps that the raised bed is not that expensive so you can easily purchase it.

7. Vegtrug RP6001N Raised Planter

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Vegtrug RP6001N Raised Planter

Designed to fit easily in small spaces, the Vegtrug RP6001N Raised Planter is a good affordable alternative to some of the more expensive trug-designed beds available. This wooden planter not only looks good but also provides a good working height.

Because the raised bed is made of wood, it has to be treated to give it some form of protection from the elements but we recommend giving it a second coat too. The cedar wood used to make this raised bed is from an FSC plantation and no harmful chemicals have been used, which is useful to know, especially as you will likely be growing vegetables.

This raised bed measures 78cm x 58cm x 80cm and weighs about 8kgs when fully assembled. It has a bottom shelf that you can use to store garden tools that you need nearby. To protect the wood further, this raised bed does have a black liner already provided. There is space between the wooden slats that can act as drainage. All things considered, it is a neat wooden raised planter that is pretty to look at and enjoyable to use.


  • Constructed from durable FCS cedarwood.
  • Comes with a bottom shelf to hold various garden items.
  • Provides a comfortable working height for different users.
  • Features a black liner to protect the wood.
  • The wood contains no harmful chemicals.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Sold at an affordable price.


  • The drainage could be placed in one direction to prevent unwanted dirt on the bottom shelf.

Our recommendation

Wood seems to be a popular material when it comes to raised beds and the Vegtrug RP6001N Raised Planter continues to show us why. This good-looking raised bed can be easily regarded as one of the best-raised beds around for the price. It is easy to assemble and the wood used to construct it can survive the outdoors and has been treated plus it comes with a plastic liner. It is the only model in this review that comes with a bottom shelf for additional storage.

We would recommend this raised bed to anyone who wants to plant flowers or vegetables on the balcony/patio. It is a neat model that you can place in small areas to brighten up the environment without looking out of place. The price is affordable so if you need to buy two raised beds or more, the budget won’t be out of this world.

8. Made to Measure Raised Bed by WoodBlocx

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For those who enjoy more customised options, the Made to Measure Raised Bed by Wood Blocx is one to look out for. With this model, you can choose the shape and the overall dimensions of the raised bed that you desire.

They also do some predesigned sizes but you can use their online calculator which is the part we tested out when we ordered the kit recently. Simply choose your shape. Standard Rectangular which we chose but you also have the option of Standard Circular and Standard Octangular. Next enter your dimensions, length, wide, and height for example for your desired shape.

Finally, add your shipping details, and choose your delivery date, although our order did arrive a few days early than the date we chose, not a big issue because the driver left it on the drive for us.

They also email your build instructions for your design which are straightforward to follow.

The lovely thing about this raised bed is that it is very easy to assemble. You need no power tools or detailed manual to put it together. It is pretty simple using dowels as the wooden sleepers are predrilled and a metal plate helps strengthen the corners.

Woodblocx guarantees that this product will last 15 years at a minimum, so only time will tell, but they look good enough. This is because the raised bed is made of sustainable and durable wood that has been organically treated to facilitate longevity. You can plant anything you want and rest easy knowing that the raised bed will hold for as long as you need it.


  • The dimensions and size of the raised bed are customisable to suit the user’s needs.
  • Made from durable and sustainable wood.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • They offer fast and convenient delivery.
  • Offers a minimum guarantee of 15-years.


  • Some users found the instructions wanting because of lack of detail but we personally found them straightforward.

Our recommendation 

Escape regular limitations by purchasing a Made to Measure Raised Bed by WoodBlocx. They will be able to customise the raised bed according to your specifications which is what we think makes them stand out from the competition.

You can choose from their pre-designed kits to save time if you are in a hurry or just need a standard size. So far we would rate this among the best-raised bed kits around because of its durability. 

The fact that there is a minimum guarantee of 15-years should attest to the awesome quality of this product. We would recommend this to those who want to customise their raised bed according to the layout of their property.

Buyer’s Guide

Raising healthy plants is no small feat thus you need all the best equipment that you can get. If you get the right raised bed then you can easily plant anything of your choice and it just makes growing plants that much easier from a raised level.

When looking for the best raised beds the market has to offer, there are a few considerations to make before settling on a purchase. Read through these points below before finally settling for any raised bed kit.

Size and location

What are you looking to plant and how much space do you have to spare? These are important questions before you start looking through different raised bed models. There are plants with shallow roots and then there are those that form deep roots over time. Depending on what you want to plant, you may need to select a shallow or a deep raised bed. 

Where you place the raised bed is important if you want your plants to get some light. If you do not have much space to spare you can always purchase a raised bed with a frame so that the plants are within reach. If you have space to spare then you can customise the type of raised bed that you want. A good example is the Made to Measure Raised Bed by Wood Blocx.

Amount of soil depth required

As said above, what you want to plant will affect the kind of raised bed that you require. Most raised beds offer 6-24 inches of manageable soil depth.

There are raised beds that come with extension kits like the GardenSkill Raised Bed. These extendible features give the user wiggle room to plant what they want according to the season. These types of raised beds are easily dismantled for storage giving you room to engage in different planning seasons.

Construction materials

Raised beds can be made from metal, wood, or plastic. It all boils down to personal preference and budgetary concerns. 

  • Wooden raised beds are preferred because they blend in with the surroundings whether they are placed in the garden or on the patio. Wooden raised beds can be durable if the manufacturer did not take any shortcuts. It is important to buy wooden raised beds that have been treated to avoid damage from the elements. They also need treating at least every few years to keep them looking good.
  • Metal raised beds are durable and they remain unaffected by the elements for longer. Most metallic raised beds are made from steel and aluminium that have been given a protective finish. Metal raised beds are perfect if you are just trying to have different allotments. The metal raised bed kits for allotments make it easier to separate incompatible plants.
  • Plastic raised beds can be friendly to the pocket because they are very low maintenance. They insulate the soil allowing plants to retain their heat during cold days. Plastic raised beds may become brittle over time, especially with the UV rays of the sun so look for models that are treated for UV resistance.

Watering plants

How do you plan on hydrating your plants? If you plan on watering your plants manually then this should not be of concern. For plants that require constant hydration then you may look for models like the Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kit. Raised beds with self-irrigation systems will keep your plants healthy even when you are gone for a long time. You can even look at systems that come with a timer to dispense water when you want them to.

User comfort

Working at a comfortable height is nice, to say the least. You do not have to keep bending or crouching for long periods at a time. Many raised beds come with a frame that lifts the bed from the ground creating a better working height. If you have injuries then you might want to seek a model like the VegTrug Raised Bed Planter. You can even place it near the window so that you can afford easy reach.

Added features

Some additional features that are attached to raised beds include:

  • Separators are convenient when you want to separate plants inside the raised beds.
  • Shelves give the user additional space to hold potted plants or working tools. 
  • Frames lift the raised bed from the ground providing a better working height and they go a long way in keeping unwanted animals from accessing the plants.
  • Covers, whether made from PVC or fabric mesh, protect the plants from the elements and animals. 
  • Liners for compost making are provided by some manufacturers. These liners create a barrier to prevent the compost from damaging the raised bed.

Some useful planting tips

If this is your first time using a raised bed then here are a few basic tips:

  • Think about how you are placing the plants to avoid overcrowding which leads to competition for nutrients. Taller plants should be at the centre to give room for the smaller plants to get some sun.
  • Depending on the type of plants you want to grow you have to consider the planting season. This is so that you do not make the allotment too late or too early.
  • Use mulch as a way of keeping weeds at bay.
  • Fertiliser goes a long way in ensuring that the plants get the required nutrients.

Final Conclusion

As you can see, selecting a raised bed for allotments isn’t that difficult. If you keep in mind all the information presented in our buyer’s guide, you are sure to select the right model. Always think about whether you need the raised beds for temporary or permanent planting reasons. In so doing, you will select a model that suits your budget and general convenience.

The winner of our Best Pick is the TecTake Raised vegetable garden bed. The simple wooden raised bed can be stacked easily to the desired height and it provides good value for money thanks to its durable construction.

Our second recommendation is the Vegepod Large Raised Garden Bed Kits. This model provides everything you need to grow plants seriously, with its self-watering system being the major selling point. 

That is all we have for now, but we wish you all the best in your search for the best raised bed kit. Leave a comment below if you have any queries or concerns.

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