Best Pressure Washer For Patio – Top 6 models compared and reviewed

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Best Pressure Washer For Patio – Top 6 models compared and reviewed

Best Pressure Washer For Patio – Top 6 models compared and reviewed

Patio Pressure Washer Reviews

A clean patio is just a great welcoming trait for family, friends and unexpected guests. A pressure washer is the perfect equipment for the job. This machine makes use of high pressure water in order to clean patios, driveways, vehicles, garage floors and walls, and other objects from grime, dust, mould, mud and all sorts of dirt.

We spent over 48 hours researching different kinds of pressure washers and found that power, flow rate and pressure were the vital considerations when looking for the best pressure washer for patio cleaning. The Karcher K5 Full Control pressure washer scored high marks in major categories and is our top pick, and probably the best Karcher pressure washer for patios. You can get a slightly more affordable K4 but we think its worth paying the extra for the K5 for the extra flow rate, pressure and extra hose length.

For those looking for a petrol model to get a little more flow rate or perhaps you want something for more professional use, then the Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer is a great choice and will even cover you for professional use.

If you are in a hurry we have highlighted our 'Best Pick' model which we awarded to the Karcher K5 Pressure Washer Home kit below:


Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer Review
  • Features LED display on trigger gun, which guides you to the right pressure for the surface you want to clean.
  • Supplied with a powerful 1L stone and façade detergent with 3-in-1 formula for maximum cleaning performance so your ready to go straight out of the box.
  • Comes with a 8m hose, which is more than average ( only the K7 has a longer hose), and ideal for cleaning wider areas without having to move with the unit more often.
  • Has an extendable aluminium handle which makes moving the unit easy as well as providing a neat storage.
  • Has a stability foot at the base for ensuring maximum stability when working with the machine and a new lower hose guide system reduces the risk of it toppling over.
  • Comes with 5 years warranty for full peace of mind.


Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer

Many features in the Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer would suit those in commercial settings. For one, it is powered by a reliable 196cc engine and it has a large 3.6 Litre tank to ensure consistent working without interruptions. 

Secondly, it comes with all the cleaning nozzles you need to get the job done. Last but not least, the pressure washer has a long 10 meter  (30ft) hose for easy reach, thats 2 meters more than over best pick.

All these things come together to create a fluid working environment for many professionals in the field or for home use. Overall, it is a premium quality model that is guaranteed to provide optimal service.

Below are what we found to be the best pressure washers for cleaning patios which are included in our review:

  1.  Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

  2. Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer

  3. Kärcher K2 Premium Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer

  4. Nilfisk C120 7-6 Patio and Brush Pressure Washer

  5. Bosch AQT 37-13 Plus High Pressure Washer

  6. Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer

  7. Wilks Genuine USA TX625 Petrol Pressure Washer

Below you will find our reviews for the Top 6 pressure washers perfectly designed for cleaning patios which we would highly recommend. After this we have a buyers guide to help you understand the different features and what the specification means as well as our final conclusion and why the  Karcher K5 was awarded our 'Best Pick'


 Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer Review


Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer ReviewKarcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

The Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer is the simplest K5 model in the Full Control range as there is a more expensive premium Karcher K5 which has an integrated hose reel on the back but we felt the extra expense (which was about £100 at the time of this review) was a lot for this added hose reel feature.

Back to this version, It offers an incredible 2100 watts of power, generated from a superior water-cooled motor. The reason this is important is that it is a patented cooling system which minimises wear and maximises the life of the unit which is also why Karcher are able to offer a longer then usual 5 year warranty.

This model packs some features that increase convenience when in use. There’s a LED display on the Full Control spray gun which we have never seen before and is handy but not really essential, this feature allows you to keep an eye on the selected power level. In addition, the power gun and connected lance can be kept conveniently on the machine during breaks in cleaning. A Plug and Clean Detergent system makes for quick and simple replacement with one easy move. The Karcher K5 Full Control pressure washer is also incredibly stable due to an increased foot plate, a re-designed hose guidance system when you compare it to the older model and it also has a low centre of gravity. All this helps reduce the risk of you pulling the machine over when in use

The package includes a rotating jet for blasting away stubborn dirt from weathered surfaces, we found this attachment is great for removing moss from driveways and paths. The water pressure can be regulated from low to high pressure jet by an easy twist of a Vario Spray Lance which is nothing new but has been refined and improved on the Karcher range as it works perfectly. Another included accessory which is what makes it do good for cleaning patio areas is the included T350 T Racer Surface Cleaner intended for cleaning various exterior surfaces in a spray free and efficient manner. Designed with built-in storage, you can be sure that essential accessories are within easy reach.

What makes this surface cleaner different from those found on cheaper models is there’s also an integrated handle for cleaning vertical surfaces like garage doors which is somewhat unique as most do not have handles and are not designed for this.

To get you started on cleaning, the machine arrives with a 1L stone detergent with 3-in-1 formula for maximum cleaning performance. It is suitable for facades, walls and stone patios. This model comes with an 8m hose which is longer than most other models with only the Karcher K7 having a longer hose at 10 meters but the ample 8 meter hose on this model provides enough length for covering wide areas.

  • Offers convenient on-board storage for gun, lances and hose, therefore, there’s no need to disconnect everything and fit them back next time.
  • Easy to manoeuvre on the job due to a convenient pulling handle and wheels. Handle is also retractable for convenient storage.
  • Features a patented cooling system for increasing the life of the motor.
  • Has LED display for checking the selected power level.
  • Good hose length, which makes it ideal for cleaning wider areas and means you don't need to move the pressure washer unit around as much.
  • Easy replacement of detergent due to a simple click and clean design and larger topup bottles can be purchased saving you money.
  • 5 year warranty for full peace of mind.
  • No problems found with this model, well designed and very reliable. We tried very hard to find something we didn't like but it simply is very well designed.

Final Conclusion

Anyone in need of a heavy duty model can rely on the Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer. This model has a lot to distinct features on offer, from a 2100W motor to excellent cooling system, LED display trigger gun to extendable aluminium handle, and 1L stone and façade cleaner.

What even beats most competitor models is the hose length of 8m which is plenty of hose and this is where most models fall short. The model is easy to set up and store away and even provides on-board storage for the accompanying accessories which makes like a ?lot easier.

We didn’t find any major issues with the K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer which is very unusal as we usually fins something we don't like but it seems Karcher has done wonders with this model

After comparing all the models and taking price into consideration, we think it’s the best Karcher pressure washer for patios.

There is a more expensive model called the Karcher K5 Premium which has all the same features and specifications such as the same hose length, same motor, same power and it even looks the same. The only difference is it has the integrated hose reel on the back. Now if you have the extra budget this extra feature is worth having to make winding the hose in much easier but its not essential and is more of a make life a little easier kind of feature. We think its over prices but its worth checking out if this is a feature you really want.

Overall though we think the standard K5 is just fine and offers excellent value for money.

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 Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer Review


Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer

If you need a heavy-duty pressure washer, the Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer would be among the top six models to consider and is one of two petrol models that made in onto this review. The pressure washer is powered by a powerful 196cc engine with a 3.6 Litre fuel tank. It generates enough power to work on different surfaces without taking up too much fuel. For those working with a tight fuel budget, this energy-conscious machine is well worth considering, especially for professional use.

The maximum pressure that is produced by this cold water model is 3000psi but the regular operating pressure is 2750psi. The high pressure is perfect for dislodging dirt from the patio or stonework around your property. It comes with five cleaning nozzles that are easily interchangeable for seamless cleaning depending on the level of dirt and the surface you are cleaning, these are all neatly stored on the handle.

For a machine to be durable it needs to be made of quality material. This model has a powder-coated frame that is strong and can maintain its appearance for years. The long 10 meter which is around 30ft is a steel braided hose which will give the user adequate reach when working on tight or far-out areas. The hose does not kink or twist easily which is a common problem with pressure washer hoses.

There are other features like a detergent dispenser and folding handles that make the machine more user-friendly and easily transportable. This pressure washer comes with 10” pneumatic tyres that make moving the model around possible, even on uneven ground.

The easy-to-start and operate pressure washer is accompanied by a 90-day commercial warranty which is the only downside, would have liked to seen a 1 year warranty but at least you do get a one year domestic warranty for home use.

  • Perfect for professional cleaning or patios, cars, walls, building etc.
  • Offers a reliable 196cc petrol engine to handle both light and heavy-duty work.
  • Features a 0.5L tank for fewer refill trips.
  • Comes with 5 interchangeable cleaning attachments.
  •  It has folding handles for a smaller footprint in storage.
  • Provides a soap dispenser for effective cleaning.
  •  Comes with large air tires for easy manoeuvrability over different surfaces.
  •   It has a long 10m hose to permit easy reach.
  • Covered by a 90-day commercial and 1-year domestic warranty.
  • Being petrol it is a little noisy compared to electric models.

Final Conclusion

The Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer is a premium heavy-duty machine that is perfect for the most demanding cleaning jobs. The high water pressure is adequate to remove dirt from different surfaces and is a great choice for professionals. We like that it is a compact machine with pneumatic tires that allow for easy movement too.

other advantages we like is the long hose, 2 meters longer than our best pick. We would recommend this model for heavy-duty commercial or domestic cleaning.

Kärcher K2 Air-Cooled Pressure Washer Review

Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer Review

The Karcher K2 Home Pressure Washer is a compact, lightweight yet powerful patio cleaner and is one of several K2 models Karcher manufacture and we think it is the best K2 model they sell. To begin with, the model has an upright posture with a long handle and smooth running wheels, which make it easy to use and ensure great mobility. It’s equipped with an Air-cooled 1400W motor featuring an automatic start/stop function, which ensures the unit doesn’t run continuously during cleaning application.

There’s a built-in water filter, which prevents debris from getting to the pump and probably causing damage. This is something you may not think about that much, but if you are drawing water from an underground source or water but, then the filter can help prolong the life of your pressure washer. The machine draws the detergent through one hose when the unit is drawing water at low pressure.

As you would expect, the Karcher K2 model comes with accessories designed for various cleaning tasks. First is the T150 patio cleaner, which performs splash-free cleaning on even grounds such as patios and decking. It has two rotating flat jet nozzles which ensure increased cleaning power.

For dealing with stubborn dirt on weathered surfaces, you have the Dirtblaster at your disposal. This powerful rotary nozzle has a rotating pencil jet which offers up to 50% more cleaning power than a typical high pressure lance. Another included accessory is a Vario Lance, which comes in handy when you need to adjust between low-pressure and high-pressure jet. Simply twist the spray lance and you can achieve a desired jet. It has a bayonet design which makes it easy to connect to your trigger gun.

The package additionally contains a 500ml of detergent concentrate. By adding water to the concentrate, you can make up to 5 litres of detergent to use on patio and deck cleaning. It can help in removing oil, grease, dirt caused by emissions, moss from balconies, and terraces made from wood and stone.
As a user, you can benefit from onboard storage solutions for the Dirtblaster, Vario Lance and electrical cable.

Finally a 2-year warranty offered on this product also gives good value for your money and peace of mind.

  • Comes with a 500ml bottle of detergent concentrate to get you started; you can make up to 5 litres of detergent.
  • Perfectly designed for small driveways and patio areas as well as paths, walls and even furniture.
  • Comes with a T150 patio cleaner, which performs splash-free cleaning on even grounds such as patios and decking
  • One of the lightweight models on the market weighing only 8kg, thus easy to move around.
  • Provides on-board storage for the range of accessories supplied with the model – Vario Lance, Dirtblaster, 6m hose and electric cable.
  • 2 year warranty included for full peace of mind.
  • Not suitable for cleaning larger areas as the hose length of 6 meters is a little restricting.

Final Conclusion

This is one of the cheapest models in our lineup but it comes with some amazing accessories to help in patio cleaning tasks. Not just that, its services extends to removing dirt from cars, bicycles, garden furniture and other external items. The inclusion of a detergent concentrate is a major benefit and the result is 5 litres of detergent to use on cleaning patio and deck.

With all the nice accessories accompanying this model, it’s a disappointment that it does not come with a longer hose but we do understand that this would increase the cost. As such, we think it’s an ideal model for occasional use or can be a nice pick if you are on a power budget but want to get the best model possible within your budget.

Overall this is a great choice for cleaning smaller patio areas and maybe using it to clean your car once in a while.

Something to note is that this premium model comes with a 6 meter hose, some of the cheaper standard Karcher k4 models only comes with a 4 meter hose so make sure you buy the Karcher Premium or you will be disappointed with the hose length.

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 Nilfisk C120 7-6 Patio and Brush Pressure Washer Review

Nilfisk C120 7-6 Patio and Brush Pressure Washer Review

Nilfisk C120 7-6 Patio and Brush Pressure Washer

The Nilfisk C120 7-6 Patio and Brush Pressure Washer is another compact patio cleaning tool which is comparable to the Karcher K2 and also comes with a range of accessories that make for cleaning and maintenance tasks around the home. Like the title suggests, this model gives a maximum pressure of 120 Bar and an impressive flow rate of 440l/h, making it perfect for jobs like of flagstones, paths, patios, drives, bikes and vehicles.

To complement the handy size of this pressure washer, the model weighs around 10kg and it’s fitted with wheels that make it easy to transport or even move within the work area.

The C120 7-6 comes with a range of standard accessories and even provides on-board storage for some supplied add-ons such as gun, extension lance, nozzles and electrical cable. 

Other attachments include: 1 x 6m high pressure nozzle, click and clean foam sprayer nozzle and bottle, 1 x 5m mains supply cable, 1 nozzle jet cleaning tool, and 1 hose connector.

There are also two dedicated attachments, one being a Click and Clean compact patio cleaner for paths, patios, drives, decks and other large areas. The other one is a Click and Clean soft bristled brush for cleaning cars, caravans, conservatories and greenhouses.

The nozzles have a click and clean system, which usually makes nozzle changing quick and easy, whilst an integrated swivel function assists in quick connection of the hose. The machine also uses a standard Nlifisk bayonet coupling, which guarantees compatibility to all Nlifisk range of consumer accessories.

This pressure washer comes with a dependable and long lasting 1400W Air-cooled universal motor which is comparable to the K2. It also features an auto start/stop function, which ensures the unit only operates when needed. One major benefit of this unit is that it can also be operated from a standing water source.

  • Quite lightweight – at under 10kg, it’s one of the lightest models available on the market.
  • Fitted with wheels and fully movable handle for easy movement around the job area.
  • Supplied with a range of attachments which are intended for various cleaning applications. You get use the proper attachment for the right task.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Nlifisk accessories.
  • 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.
  • The patio cleaner attachment not that  effective when it comes to deep cleaning.

Final Conclusion

This unit has a great design and we especially love it because of its little weight and quality sturdy build. We like the fact that it offers a patio cleaner and a soft bristled brush to tackle different spaces.

However, we found that you’ll greatly benefit from the brush than the patio cleaner. It still does the job anyway. You’ll also appreciate the on-board storage for keeping a few accessories. With that said, the Nilfisk C120 7-6 Patio and Brush Pressure Washer is a fairly priced pressure washer ideal for cleaning outdoor items with a fair amount of dirt or mess.

We feel this model is on par with the Karcher K2 Premium and has very similar performance in terms of power and effectiveness. One difference between the two models which we feel is more of a personal preference is that the Karcher has an integrated detergent tank which you fill up while the Nilfisk comes with a foam bottle attachment which you fill with detergent and attach to the lance. Both ways work great so we feel this is a personal choice.

Overall a great little pressure washer and a great alternative to the Karcher K2.

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 Bosch AQT 37-13 Plus High Pressure Washer Review

Bosch AQT 37-13 Plus High Pressure Washer Review

Bosch AQT 37-13 Plus High Pressure Washer

The Bosch AQT 37-13 Plus High Pressure Washer is a powerful cleaning tool and is a middle of the range model from the Bosch pressure washer range, this 37-13 model is fitted with a powerful 1700W motor. It boasts a flow rate of 370 litres per hour and a maximum pressure of 130 bar, making it efficient for day to day cleaning tasks. This machine comes with a 2-year warranty and the period can be extended to 3 years by registering the tool on the manufacturer’s site (MyBosch-Tools). The included attachments are perfect for removing dirt from cars, garden furniture, patio cleaning and more.

To increase efficiency and longevity of the machine, the pump features an auto-stop system which automatically halts operation when not in use, delivering power only when needed.

One very useful feature of this pressure washer features is the ‘click and go’ system, which makes for easy setup and lets you use the machine straight out of the box. Quick and easy connect fittings mean minimal assembly is required.

A range of accessories accompany this pressure washer and they are meant for particular applications. There’s a 3-in-1 nozzle which offers a high pressure fan for general cleaning and a patio cleaner intended for cleaning driveways and patios.

As you would expect for the perfect patio cleaner it also has a patio cleaner attachment which does a great job at bring up your patio like new. 

A very useful 90-degree nozzle helps in removing dirt from wheel arches or roof gutters without uncomfortable stretching or bending, whilst a detergent nozzle allows easy application of detergent. The package also includes a wash brush for cleaning vehicles, a drain cleaner nozzle and a suction nozzle. An integrated accessory storage is available for packing the essentials neatly when out of use.

At 6.5kg, this machine is very lightweight for its size and power, yet compact, making it easy to transport and store away. It has an adjustable handle which makes it ideal for users of any height, thus reducing strain on your back and arms. In addition, it has wheels for easy maneuvering within the work area.

  • Easy to transport and store due to its lightweight and compact design – weighs only 6.5kg.
  • Requires little assembly because the fittings are set up through an easy ‘click and go’ system.
  • Has wheels for easy manoeuvring within the job location.
  • Can be handled with users of different heights thanks to an adjustable handle.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty and the period can be extended to 3 years by registering the tool on the manufacturer’s site (MyBosch-Tools)
  • For the price the hose length is a bit limiting in some situations since its only 6m which is what the smaller K2 and Nilfisk come with.

Final Conclusion

The Bosch AQT 37-13 Plus High Pressure Washer is such a neat product with a great design and compact dimensions. You’ll find it incredibly easy to store away after every use, also thanks to its low weight. Furthermore, the tool provides compartments for storing some vital accessories, so there’s little that gets on the way which is a great design.

The performance is great due to a powerful motor (1700W), 130 bar pressure and impressive flow rate figure (370l/hr). Set up is super easy as everything just clicks into place out of the box. However, we feel the hose would’ve been a little longer because as it stands, you’ll be forced to move with the machine when cleaning large areas specially driveways.

Nonetheless, the Bosch AQT 37-13+ offers an all-in-one solution to most outdoor cleaning challenges. We think its a great choice for someone looking for a little more power than the small Karcher K2 offers but without the expensive of the more expensive K5 which is our 'Best Pick'. Now this model is not as powerful as our 'Best Pick' and has a shorter hose length not to mention it does not have an integrated detergent tank you have to use the tube which you place into a bottle of detergent but it is less than has the price of our 'Best Pick' making it a much more affordable option.

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 Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer Review

Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer Review

Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer

The Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer is similar to the Karcher K5 model in terms of design and appearance. However, the K7 model is a heavyweight pressure model capable of washing any patio, decking, garden furniture, stonework, cars, and other surfaces in record time. This machine has probably the highest pressure washing levels of up 160 bars plus a maximum flow rate of 600 litres per hour which is 100 litres more per hour more than our 'Best Pick', the Karcher K5. This means it is capable of tackling the toughest cleaning jobs that you can throw at it and is the best choice for someone looking for a serous machine to tackle the largest of patios and driveways.

At 20.8kgs, of course, it’s a heavier model than most others but then it certainly outweighs many on performance. Even with the hefty weight, this model is easy to move thanks to two highly robust wheels and a convenient adjustable handle for easy pulling. Combined with a 10m hose which is 2 meters longer than our 'best pick', you can tow this unit anywhere you need it.

Like all Karcher pressure washers, the K7 is accompanied with a range of accessories for special purposes. It comes with a Dirtblaster nozzle which produces a powerful rotating point jet for blasting away stubborn dirt.

You can regulate the water pressure from a fine spray to a high pressure jet using a Vario Lance, while a T450 T Racer Surface Cleaner helps in cleaning walls, garage doors and any other vertical surfaces. To ensure high cleaning performance, the product includes 1L stone and façade detergent with 3-in-1 formula. This unit also offers on-board storage for the accessories, including a place to keep the power gun during cleaning breaks.

The Full Control spray gun features LED display which lets you check the power you’ve selected for a particular task. For information, this machine generates 2800 watts of power. A patented cooling system increases the life of the motor.

The K7 also comes with a suction hose to ensure that you can use the washer from a harvested source or a static source such as a water tank or butt. This product comes with a 5-year warranty, which in some way justifies its quality.

  • Delivers unmatched performance due to an extremely powerful 2800W motor, maximum pressure of 160 bar and maximum flowrate of 600l/hr.
  • Has LED display on Full Control spray gun for checking the selected power level.
  • Can be easily moved to wherever it’s needed because it’s fitted with wheels.
  • Has an incredible hose length – 10m – allowing you to cover larger areas in a short time.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty – a lot more than other models.
  • It’s incredibly heavy.
  • It’s expensive.

Final Conclusion

Well, if you think the Karcher K5 Full Control lacks teh power and size needed to tackle your cleaning jobs, then the Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer is the perfect upgrade and probably the best model you will find.

One such aspect you might benefit from the K7 is the hose length, which is 2m longer than the K5’s. Of course, the K7 power is unrivalled and so is the flow rate and maximum pressure. With LED display on spray gun, you can easily select the ideal power level for gentle car washing or removing dirt on stubborn surfaces.

Overall, this pressure wash is a diverse powerhouse ideal for cleaning tasks on large patios, decking or car wash and with 5 years warranty you have full peace of mind.

One feature we nearly forgot to mention is that this model also comes with the integrated hose reel on the back which makes backing the hose away super easy.

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 Wilks Genuine USA TX625 Petrol Pressure Washer Review

Wilks Genuine USA TX625 Petrol Pressure Washer

The Wilks Genuine USA TX625 Petrol Pressure Washer is an excellent choice if you're looking for a petrol pressure washer that is powerful but affordable. There are two obvious things about this model that instantly stand out; it has a 7HP 210cc petrol driven engine and the vigorous steel frame, which is unlike your standard streamlined, user-friendly patio pressure washer.

The use of petrol is one of the reasons to purchase this model since it offers a different approach and maximum power but at the cost of your average electric pressure washer but the performance of the top end electric models which cost nearly three times as much as this Wilks Petrol Model which means you get more power at a lot less cost.

This machine gives a pressure of 272 bar (3950psi) when it’s operating at maximum power. There are several power settings, which you can select differently to match the application. The pressure range is perfect for tough domestic tasks such as removing tough stains from garage doors or preparing an outdoor wall for painting or simply cleaning a large driveway or patio.

It has a flow rate of 720l/hr, which is very good. This ensures there’s plenty of water for cleaning as well as washing away removed dirt. The 7HP engine complements the flow rate and pressure very well and keeps the pressure working at full power on the toughest tasks.

Also featured on this machine is a detergent suction tube, which allows the pressure washer to give out detergent before you deal with dirt with clean water. This is very useful when cleaning cars, motor cycles, bikes and anything that needs application of detergent first. The detergent suction tube can also be used for cleaning of grease stains on garage floors and driveways, and cleaning plastic furniture.

The machine is supplied with 5 quick fit nozzle attachments designed to give different kinds of sprays. The pencil spray is the strongest spray and narrows the water flow into a small area, while the jet spray is lighter and ideal for larger areas. The fan spray is soft and ideal for larger delicate areas and the detergent spray lets you spray detergent before cleaning. It also includes a straight lance, curved gutter lance, nozzles, turbo nozzle and self propelled drain cleaner, something most models don't.

For mobility around the job, the Wolf pressure washer has large all terrain wheels and they are perfect on most terrains. The machine weighs 32kg so is certainly not light and has a 8 meter high pressure hose but it also included an additional 12 meter hose too. It goes without saying that the model is easy to set up and initial setup especially takes little time even for those who have no experience of setting up a petrol pressure washer.

Simply fuel up, add the oil, set the choke and pull the cord, once the engine starts turn the choke off and you're good to go. 

  • More powerfull than most electric pressure washers since it has a maximum pressure of 272 bars.
  • Comes with 5 nozzle attachments to help tackle various jobs.
  • Includes a straight lance, curved gutter lance, nozzles, turbo nozzle and self propelled drain cleaner.
  • Mounted with wheels for easy mobility around the job area or even moving from job to job.
  • Includes a low level shut down, which lets you know when the oil level gets too low.
  • Easy to set up even for inexperienced people.
  • Fairly loud machine because of the petrol motor and more maintenance needed to maintain the engine.

Final Conclusion

The Wilks Genuine USA TX625 Petrol Pressure Washer offers great value for money at a fraction of the price or a comparable electric model such as the Karcher K7 or a professional grade petrol model like we reviewed earlier.

It has an excellent mix of pressure and flow rate, enough for tackling most domestic jobs with ease. You’ll benefit greatly from the 5 different nozzles in jobs such as washing cars, removing stubborn grease from garage doors and cleaning patios.

As expected, petrol machines are a lot louder compared to electric ones, so the noise might be disturbing if you are noise sensitive. With that said, this Wilks petrol model is quite a versatile solution to cleaning challenges at home and is a great affordable option for anyone looking for a powerful jet wash at an obtainable price.

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The first decision you must make in your search for a pressure washer is whether you want an electric model or petrol pressure washer.

  • Electric pressure washers -  Electric models are perfect for home cleaning jobs such as cleaning garden furniture, cleaning patios, bikes, cars, paths, walls, the list goes on. An electric pressure washer starts by a simple flip of a switch and are generally maintaince free and easy to use.

    Some cords, however, are quite short and you might need to use an extension cord but be sure to buy a water proof extension cord. These models are also lightweight, quiet and generally run clean due to the lack petrol engines. They can even be used in ventilated areas such as basements and garages.

    The major downsides of electric pressure washers is that they need to be near a power source and they have slightly low power compared to petrol models. However you can get some powerful models now such as the Karcher K7, which is on par with even petrol pressure washers now.
  • Petrol pressure washers - These models are ideal for small or larger cleaning jobs such as cleaning external walls of buildings, agricultural machinery, garage floors, large patios and large drives. Petrol pressure washers offer greater mobility options due to the fact there are no power cords involved. These units are usually started with a manual pull cord, some models have an electric on/off switch for easier starting but are usually fitted to more expensive models.

    Like you’d expect, petrol engines are quite noisy and heavier. They also emit fumes, thus only suitable in well ventilated areas, and they require frequent maintenance such as checking air filters, oil and refueling. They do however offer extra power at a lower cost. For example a good petrol pressure washer costs around £240 and produces 200 bar of pressure while a similar electric model would cost double this at over £400.

Things to consider

  • Power output – this is an important part of the machine, especially with electric models. Generally, the more powerful the motor, the higher the pressure and flow rate. Most machines range from 900W to 2800W. If you have larger areas to cover or plan to use the machine on a frequent basis, going for higher power will the best option. If you only need to use a pressure washer once a while or for smaller jobs, then a 1400W unit or slightly above is just ideal with a 900w model be suitable for smaller patios.
  • Maximum pressure – usually measured in bar, this refers to the pressure of water from the unit. A higher pressure means easy removal of stubborn stains. The maximum pressure usually ranges from 110 bar to 180, depending on the model. Entry level pressure washers will have 110 bar to 130 bar, making them ideal for lighter jobs such as cleaning cars or bikes. If you want to clean patios and driveways, anything from 140 bar and above will go a long way towards a making a major difference.
  • Flow rate – refers to the speed of cleaning an area with the pressure washer and is usually measured in litres power hour. A higher flow rate will translate to using more water, allowing you to cover greater areas quickly. Most budget models have a flow rate of around 350l/hr, mid-range machines around 420l/hr and high-end units will range from 500 to 600l/hr. For covering large areas of patio or driveways, a mid-range to high-end model will make the job quite easy.
  • Weight – pressure washers differ considerably in weight, beginning at reasonable 4kg up to a hefty 20kg. Most machines come with wheels but keep in mind that some budget models do not have wheels and might need to be carried or left stationary if required.
  • Attachments – pay attention to the attachments you truly need. Pressure washers with many accessories may be enticing, however, would you able to justify the additional cost versus how frequently you will utilise them? If need be, you can always purchase extra accessories later since most parts are easily interchangeable for each particular brand. For patio cleaning, the major accessory you should consider is a dedicated patio cleaner. It can save a considerable amount of time on larger patios compared to using a conventional lance.
  • Price – when looking for a pressure washer, the prices can vary significantly. As such, it’s important to consider the features and specifications that you really need in order to get the best value pressure washer. Look for a model that meets your needs regardless of the price, while emphasizing on how often you’ll be using the machine and for what duties. Like we said, some attachments can be bought later when needed. With that in mind, you may realise even some cheap models can be quite as good.
  • Warranty - warranty gives peace of mind should anything go wrong or should it become faulty. In generally a good model should come with at least a 2 year warranty with more expensive models coming with 3 and 5 year warranties. If a model only has 1 year warranty ask yourself why?, and the answer with probably be because the manufacture does not think it will last much longer.

Final Conclusion

This guide covers everything you need to know in order to buy the best pressure washer for patio cleaning, and ultimately you can use the machine you purchase for other cleaning jobs at home.

Buy a pressure washer now and watch grime and stubborn dirt wash away with minimal effort, eliminating the hard work out of cleaning patio, decking, car, driveway, garden furniture, and more.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our reviews and once again, here’s the best pressure washer we think would be the best choice for most home owners as it offers, performance, reliability and affordability and comes with a impressive 5 year warranty.

Our Best Pick

Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer Review

The Karcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer is the best pressure washer for patio cleaning. It has all the accessories you need to handle various domestic jobs such as cleaning patio, decking, cars, garage doors, walls, garden furniture, and other outdoor items. It even offers convenient on-board storage for the supplied accessories.

Mounted wheels and pulling handle makes it easy to move the tool wherever you need while LED display on spray gun allows viewing of selected power level. The provided 8m pressure hose is far much useful than most models with hoses averaging 6 metres in length.

With a maximum pressure of 150 bar and flow rate of 500l/hr, this pressure washer will ensure that you get through all sorts of cleaning tasks within the shortest time possible and finally it comes with a 5 year warranty for full peace of mind.

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