6 Best Professional Pressure Washers for you and your Business

Last updated on March 30th, 2023

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Most people don’t want to invest in a pressure washer for the occasional cleaning of their home or commercial outside spaces. That’s where you come in – with your own professional power washer.

Whether you choose a lighter weight electric model or a more powerful petrol one, all the models we review here clean efficiently. We list each one’s pros and cons and best features and give our recommendations. Our Buyer’s Guide describes why you might choose one type over another and explains how to determine how powerful each model is.

Choosing a professional grade pressure washer designed to last


Wilks-USA RX550i High Power Pressure Washer
This electric pressure washer has all the features needed to tackle professional cleaning jobs – plus the power. With a maximum pressure of 3800 psi, the RX550i rates up there with petrol-driven models. The copper-wound brushless motor is efficient as well as small, helping to make this pressure washer a compact size. You receive five different nozzles with your purchase plus two brushes, a patio cleaner and a lance for cleaning gutters. It’s easy to transport the washer as everything, all the accessories and cable, fit into their assigned storage spaces on-board. And that includes the 18m of hose plus an extra 8m. You don’t have to work closely tethered to a water source with this washer. The Wilks-USA RX550i High Power Pressure Washer delivers the power and features to make the most of your cleaning time.

Best Petrol Pick

Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer
This petrol pressure washer (190cc engine) has all the power and features of a professional power washer. In addition, it considers the comfort and convenience of the person who uses it for long stretches at a time and transports it between work sites. Four nozzles offer you the choice of a pinpoint water stream, two widths of fan sprays, and using detergent in your cleaning. One downside is the short 9m hose which keeps you closer to your water source (tap or water butt) than some other power washers. Everything is stored on the washer itself and the handle folds down to make it easy to store and transport. This is a pressure washer you can spend all day with.

Best Professional Pressure Washers reviews

1. Wilks-USA RX550i High Power Pressure Washer

Best Pick – Electric

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Wilks-USA RX550i Electric Pressure Washer 3800 PSI with Patio Cleaner, Rotary Brush, Triangular Brush & Gutter Lance With 26m Extension Hose & 5 Multi-Function Nozzles

The Wilks-USA RX550i High Power Pressure Washer is an electric motor with the advantages of a copper wound brushless motor – less heat generation and a smaller size. This helps with the production of an impressive maximum 3800 psi of water pressure, putting this washer on a par with some petrol models. Along with the moderate 510 l/h water flow, this adds up to significant cleaning power.

The Click and Go system of this washer makes assembling it a breeze. All the five nozzles attach to the lance in a matter of seconds and then you’re ready to work. The nozzles are for blasting; stripping; cleaning; washing; and detergent.

As well as the ultra-high pressure vari-turbo gun, you receive a turbo wand, two brushes (fixed and rotary) and a patio cleaner. There’s also a lance made especially for cleaning gutters. All these cleaning options should handle most professional cleaning jobs.

Another significant feature is the long hose that you store over the inbuilt hose reel. The first part of the hose is an impressive 18m long, but then there’s the additional section of 8m. In combination, this lets you work 26m away from your water source. The large wheels on this pressure washer allow you to take the unit to bumpy, off-road places.

All the accessories, the hose and even the power cord have their own storage spaces on the power washer body. And don’t forget the integral detergent tank and the water temperature of up to 50°C that let you tackle even the grimiest places.


  • Electric commercial pressure washer with copper wound motor (air cooled) for 3000W of power.
  • Motor has an automatic stop/start that only runs when the water is flowing.
  • Integral 1L detergent tank is built into the washer body.
  • Can take water up to 50°C.
  • Comes with spray gun and lance, five nozzles, rotary brush, fixed brush and patio cleaner.
  • Click-and-go assembly for effortless set up and working.
  • Auto shut off when you stop pulling the trigger.
  • Trolley with large wheels for mobility.
  • The 26m (18m + 8m) hose, the 5m power cable and all the accessories have their own on-board storage places.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Specs: max pressure: 262 bar / 3800 psi; general pressure: 155 bar / 2250 psi; max flow rate: 510 l/h.


  • No room for longer hose on hose reel.

Our recommendation

The Wilks-USA RX550i High Power Pressure Washer has the power and the features that a professional cleaner needs. This electric power washer operates at a maximum of 3800 psi which is up in the level of petrol power washers. This model comes with a wide selection of nozzles and other accessories to tackle a broad variety of cleaning jobs. The long (26m) hose lets you operate at a distance from your water source.

The Wilks-USA RX550i High Power Pressure Washer is our Best Pick – Electric of the pressure washers here. It has everything that a professional cleaner needs and it’s from a highly regarded company.

2. Briggs & Stratton ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer

Best Pick – Petrol

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Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer with Quiet Sense Technology 3200 max PSI/220 Bar - 875EXi Series 190 cc Engine

The Briggs & Stratton ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer comes from a company renowned for the engines that they make. And the 190cc motor in this pressure washer is from their well-respected 875Exi series. This powerful motor produces maximum water pressure of 3190 psi, But the ELITE 3200Q moves beyond the usual specs of a power washer to also consider the comfort and convenience of the user.

The Quiet Sense feature automatically idles the engine when you release the trigger on the spray gun (that is, you stop spraying). Other pressure washers do this, but Quiet Technology reduces the noise by 40%. This is significant if you’re on a client’s job site and are cleaning when they’re around. Plus it’s also good to spare your own hearing any loud noise that you can.

A really convenient feature is Ready Start. With this proprietary technology, you don’t need to prime the engine or adjust the choke. Just pull the recoil start and the motor fires up, and you and the washer are ready to work. Those who aren’t familiar with starting up petrol appliances won’t be intimidated by this.

You have the choice of four nozzles for your cleaning tasks. Three are fan sprays – 0° (straight stream), 15° and 40°; the fourth nozzle is for when you use detergent from the injection soap tank. Compared to other pressure washers we review the water hose is short at 9m, but you can always get an extension hose if needed or even replace the hose entirely. But remember that a longer hose affects the water pressure within its length.

Everything is stored on the (steel) body of the power washer. It’s easy to transport the washer with its two large wheels and the front stand makes it stable when you use it.

And as for water, you can use pretty much any source. Tap water is standard, but consider open sources of water such as water butts and ponds. This will help both the environment and your (or your clients’) water bills.


  • Ideal for professional and domestic use.
  • Reliable Briggs and Stratton 875EXi series engine with 190cc of high-quality power.
  • Steel frame and integrated wheels for durability and strength
  • Proprietary technology for quieter operation when the spray gun trigger is not in use.
  • Easy starting with ReadyStart means you don’t need to manually prime the engine before pulling the recoil cord.
  • Maximum water pressure of 3,190 psi 
  • Four quick-connect nozzles give three angles from pin point to a wide fan of precise cleaning, and a soap application option.
  • Store unused connectors on body of washer for convenience and so you won’t lose them.
  • The pressure hose is 9m and you can use water from the tap, barrel or pool.
  • Weighs 29.1kg.
  • Briggs and Stratton two-year warranty for full peace of mind.


The Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure Washer has all the power and features needed for a professional petrol power washer. Plus comfort and convenient for those who use it every day. The 190cc Briggs and Stratton engine is reliable and supports the 3200 psi maximum water pressure. Four nozzles offer you a choice of cleaning spray and proprietary technology make the washer easy to start, as well as set it to idle when it’s turned on and you’re not actually spraying.

The Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure is our choice for Best Pick – Petrol Pressure Washer. Although it’s one of the most expensive power washers in our review, we feel that it’s a worthwhile investment for your cleaning business.

3. DEWALT DXPW003E High Pressure Washer

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DEWALT DXPW003E High Pressure Washer (2900 W, 160 bar, 630 l/h)

The DEWALT DXPW003E High-Pressure Washer has both the power needed for a professional pressure washer and the high-quality construction and features. This electric washer operates at a maximum of 2320 psi with a high maximum water flow rate (630 l/h). This washer is self-priming so you can use standing water, from a water butt or a pond, as your water source. Along with this is the variable water pressure feature that lets you adjust the water flow depending on the water source or the cleaning task you need to do.

For really heavy cleaning, take advantage of the detergent suction function. Using a cleaning fluid often makes the difference between leaving a surface clean or leaving marks behind. However, you can’t adjust the ratio of water to detergent, so you need to buy the appropriate cleaning fluid for the best results.

Another way to influence how this DeWalt pressure washer operates is to use the best spray stream from the adjustable jet nozzle. By turning the nozzle you can move from a gentle fan spray of water all the way up to a powerful jet stream. The nozzle fits onto the high/low-pressure lance and a reinforced 8m pressure hose.

Unlike most other pressure washers that can only handle water up to a heat of 40°C, the DeWalt DXPW003E can use 60°C water. The advantage of warmer water is that it works better to loosen or dissolve ingrained dirt and chemicals on the surface you’re cleaning.

As with most pressure washers, on this one, you find the Total Stop System. This switches off the high-pressure washer when you release the spray gun trigger. This reduces wear and tear on the washer as well as saves you on your electricity bill. And don’t forget the anti-vibration system which saves wear and tear on your muscles.


  • Heavy-duty electric pressure washer with a motor of 2900W for high power.
  • Pump-motor unit built of quality materials for reliable and long-term use.
  • Large (20cm) wheels are stable on most uneven terrains.
  • Variable water pressure adjustment for use with non-pressured water sources.
  • Uses water to a temperature of 60°C.
  • Ergonomic metal handle is height adjustable and folds down for compact storage.
  • Pressure hose is 8m long and reinforced.
  • Total Stop System switches off the washer when the trigger is released.
  • Comes with a high/low pressure lance and a jet nozzle.
  • Power cable compartment and integral accessories holder.
  • Weighs 24kg.
  • Specs: max pressure: 160 bar / 2320 psi; general pressure : 130 bar / 1900 psi; max flow rate: 630 l/h.
  • Two-year warranty


  • Can’t change detergent to water mix ratio. 

Our recommendation

The DEWALT DXPW003E High-Pressure Washer is suitable for light professional cleaning. This washer only comes with one nozzle but it’s adjustable. The adjustable pressure feature gives you further control over its power along with the adjustment of the spray pattern. Being able to use warmer water (60°C) and detergent gives you the ability to tackle the tougher cleaning jobs.

4. Bosch Professional GHP 5-65 High Pressure Washer  

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Bosch Professional GHP 5-65X High Pressure Washer

The Bosch Professional GHP 5-65 High-Pressure Washer has the power, features and quality that qualify it as a commercial power washer. This electric washer produces 2320 psi of water pressure with a moderate flow rate of 520 l/h. With the usual high quality of Bosch power appliances, especially the anodised aluminium and stainless steel of the pump, this washer can support your new cleaning business well.

A significant advantage of this Bosch washer over the other models we review is that it works in two orientations. You can hold the wand either horizontally or vertically, whatever’s best to reach the area to be cleaned. This is a useful feature if you need to clean somewhere with many corners and nooks.

The pressure hose is 10m and you can hook it up to a tap or a source of standing water. The washer is self-priming so you can recycle water from a water butt or a pond or another stationary source. Two nozzles come with your purchase to cover all the cleaning tasks you may encounter. The vario fan jet lance lets you adjust the spray from 0° to a 40° fan shape, while the roto nozzle lance produces a rotating narrow high-speed jet of water. Both lances are angled to reach under objects and they screw easily onto the gun body. This selection of sprays should cover most of the jobs you face in your business.

Releasing the trigger on the spray gun, Auto Stop technology immediately stops the motor and the pump. This saves you water and electricity and protects the washer.


  • Electric pressure washer with space saving features including telescopic metal handle and integral hose reel.
  • Motor (2400W) and pump stop automatically when washer is not in use.
  • Pump is made of anodised aluminium and stainless steel for durability and strength.
  • Works in both horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • Comes with one lance and two nozzles – vario fan jet and a roto nozzle.
  • Can draw water from an external water source – self-priming.
  • Large rubber wheels make this washer easy to move around.
  • Hose is 10m long.
  • Weighs 28kg with accessories.
  • Specs: max pressure: 160 bar / 2320 psi; general pressure : 130 bar / 1900 psi; max flow rate: 520 l/h.
  • One-year warranty that you can extend to three years.


  • Need to register online for the three-year warranty.
  • No detergent tank.

Our recommendation

The Bosch Professional GHP 5-65 High-Pressure Washer is a high-quality power washer with everything you need for professional use. The quality materials support the power produced by the motor and the pump. Being able to use the washer either horizontally or vertically lets you clean any surface and, between them, the two nozzles and lances give you a wide variety of spray patterns and strengths.

5. Wilks-USA TX750i Petrol Power Pressure Washer

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Wilks-USA TX750i Petrol Power Pressure Washer 8.0HP 4 Stroke Engine 3950 psi / 272 Bar Pump Jet Wash for Patio Car Driveway & Garden with 5 Quick Connect Nozzles

The Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer is a powerful pressure washer for all cleaning tasks. Just pull the recoil cord to start the 210cc four-stroke engine, but you do have to reach a bit for the cord. The motor supports a maximum water pressure of 3750 psi that tackles the most stubborn stains.

There are several ways to adjust the power of the TX750i washer. The high-pressure spray gun has a variable flow adjustment so you can change the force of the water flow there. Use high pressure for brickwork and lower pressure for windows. Each of the five nozzles that come with your purchase puts out a different spray pattern with its own strength – red is for blasting, green for cleaning, yellow for stripping, white for washing and black for detergent application (from a 6L tank). The nozzles are colour coded to match the appropriate entry point on the washer body, and they just snap in there. It’s really that straightforward.

You also receive other cleaning tools of two brushes, a patio cleaner and a lance to clean all the debris out of your gutters.

You have a remarkable 30m of hose with which to work, so you don’t need to be close to your water source. And that water source can be a tap or a stationary source such as a pond or your water butt. We encourage you to recycle water wherever possible for your cleaning tasks. The washer has an inbuilt filter to screen out all the bits and pieces that might be in the recycled water before the water enters the power washer system.

The hose comes in the base length of 20m plus a 10m extension. Use the shortest length you can to preserve the water pressure in the hose.

When you’re not using a particular nozzle or accessory, store it onboard the washer. Everything has its own storage space but ensure that you press each item in firmly as they are sometimes shaken loose by the vibration of the washer.

Note: The Wilks-USA TX750 model in this series appears to be the same power washer with a 10m hose instead of a 30m hose. But it’s less expensive.


  • Petrol pressure washer with a 210cc 8hp four-stroke engine and a recoil start.
  • Tough steel frame adds to the 30kg weight but it’s strong and long-lasting.
  • Five colour-coded nozzles snap in to the washer body for different cleaning functions.
  • Built-in detergent tank holds 6L of cleaning fluid.
  • Ultra-high pressure spray gun has variable flow
  • Hose of length 20m goes on the hose reel but there’s an extra 10m hose to reach far flung places.
  • Comes with straight lance and a gutter lance, five nozzles plus a turbo nozzle, and a self-propelled drain cleaner.
  • Takes in water from almost anywhere, including pressureless sources.
  • Robust wheels for easy mobility.
  • Weighs 40kg.
  • One year warranty and free phone help line.
  • Specs: Specs: max pressure: 272 bar / 3950 psi; general pressure : 130 bar / 1900 psi; max flow rate: 520 l/h.


  • Difficult to reach recoil starter.
  • Storage spaces for accessories aren’t too secure.

Our recommendation

The Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer has all the power and cleaning features to establish you in your professional cleaning business. The 30m (20m plus 10m) long hose complements the freedom of having a petrol washer and lets you wander quite far from your water source, from the tap or pond. There are enough cleaning tools to cover most tasks, even the dirtiest ones and those in hard to reach places.

This is a great petrol pressure washer to start your own cleaning business with.

6. Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer

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Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer

Please find the details about the Danau 3000A Petrol Pressure Washer in our Best Pressure Washers for Patios review where it earns our Best Pick for Professional Cleaning recommendation.

Buyer’s Guide

Our Buyer’s Guide for professional power washers focuses on the idea of how to find a powerful washer. If you’re making a living from power washing then you need a power washer that cleans effectively and efficiently. You don’t have time to redo the same space over again to get it as clean as your clients want. Here are some issues to consider.

Residential vs Professional models

In our research, we encountered two schools of thought about what makes a power washer suitable for professional use. On one side of the argument, experts say that it’s not the amount of power that counts, but how high the quality of the components and features of the washer are. You want a washer that is reliable and lasts a long time.

Domestic pressure washers vs professional pressure washer

The other side argues that that is well and good but you really need a powerful machine. It’s no good having a long-lasting power washer if you have to clean the same area over and over again.

For our review, we balanced these two viewpoints. We chose power washers from reputable and highly regarded brands that also produce enough power for a good cleaning session.

Electric vs petrol driven

As with any power tool or appliance, petrol power models are considered to be more powerful than electric ones. However, electric washers are catching up in how quickly and thoroughly they can clean an area. We talk about how to measure their power in the section below, but here’s a brief overview of the pluses and minuses of each type.


Electric tools and appliances are generally less heavy than their petrol counterparts – they don’t have a motor after all. They’re easier to look after as they need no regular maintenance and have less complex machinery. You just plug them in and go, but you do need to stay within the power cable’s length of a power outlet.  Even with an extension cord, you can’t travel freely.


Petrol power washers depend on their motors for their capabilities, so choose one with an engine from a reputable manufacturer. The washers in our review have motors of about 200cc. You have to worry about the size of the fuel tank; if it’s too small you’ll be stopping and topping up the fuel often.

Petrol Pressure washer for professional use

These machines also need regular maintenance and oil checks and they’re heavier than electric ones to transport. But for all this bother, you have a power washer that really performs and puts out a powerful water stream to quickly remove tough stains and marks.

Measuring these washers’ power

There’s also a discussion about how to measure how powerful a pressure washer is. The usual way is to measure how much water pressure it produces. This is given in bars or pounds per square inch (psi). A domestic pressure washer produces 1000 psi to 2000 psi and a professional one comes in above this, but preferably 3000 psi and higher.

Make sure to really look at these numbers though. There’s the maximum pressure that the washer produces (a high number) when you first squeeze the trigger and then there’s the continuous pressure (usually lower) that the washer runs at when it settles down. It’s the maximum number that’s usually upfront in the sales pitch.

comparing pressure washer power

Another form of measurement is the cleaning power of the washer. This method stems from the argument that a high-pressure water stream is of no use if you only get a thin stream of water out. This is where the water flow comes into play. Multiplying how much water comes out from the washer every hour by the pressure gives you the cleaning power.

As manufacturers of these power washers mix and match their imperial (psi, gallon) and metric (bar, litres per hour) measurements, you may have to do some conversions between them.

But be aware that you can always change the nozzle of your power washer to make the water stream more powerful. And several of the models we review also have an adjustable water pressure feature.

Final Conclusion

Perhaps you need a professional pressure washer for your own home use or for your new business venture. All the models in our review produce more water pressure than regular home models. Many have additional features that make your cleaning chores easier, such as taking water in from open sources such as ponds and water butts. The pros and cons of electric vs petrol models are basically the same as with any other power tool and appliance. Your choice comes down to the depth of cleaning you need and what suits your (work) lifestyle best.

Our Best Pick of Electric Pressure Washers is the Wilks-USA RX550i High Power Pressure Washer. This model has all the power and cleaning accessories that you need to do a good job professionally.

The Briggs & Stratton 020739 ELITE 3200Q Petrol Pressure is our choice for Best Petrol Power Washer. Although this is a premium petrol washer (i.e. not inexpensive), it has the power and features plus comfort and convenience for all-day use that a professional cleaner wants.

If you’ve now decided that a domestic pressure washer is enough for you, we have much information to help you make your decision. Our Best Pressure Washers and Best Pressure Washer For Patios & Driveways reviews deal with washers for the more popular outside tasks.

If you don’t like to be tethered by an electric cable when cleaning outside, we can help there too. Check out the Best Cordless Pressure Washers, Best Portable Pressure Washers and Best Petrol Pressure Washers for Domestic and Professionals articles as well.

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