5 Best Cordless Lawnmowers – Reviewed & Tested 2017

5 Best Cordless Lawnmowers – Reviewed & Tested 2017

5 Best Cordless Lawnmowers – Reviewed & Tested 2017

Bosch Rotak 32 Li Ergoflex cordless lawnmower review


2016 & 2017 & Now 2018

Bosch Rotak 32 LI Cordless Mower

This Bosch Rotak 32 LI cordless mower offers the best value for money without compromising on quality and proformance.

With a fast charge time of only 45 mins and innovative features which include grass heels and grass combs. These ensure a close premium cut at the edge of lawns, against walls and fences.

The mower comes with a 2 year manufactures warranty for extra peace of mind.

Newest Review

Gtech Cordless Mower 

The New Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower is the new kid on the block and is designed right here in the UK. It's incredibly light weight and has a wide cutting width of 43cm with a run time of around 40 minutes. It has some great features such as the ability to change the cutting height in seconds and cuts right to the edge of the lawn. Very impressed, read our full review by clicking the button below.


Cordless lawn mowers have been around for the last 30 years, but with recent advances in battery technology, including the recent introduction of powerful, lithium-Ion batteries, there has never been a better time to consider investing in a cordless electric lawnmower.

The problem with older models is that they used the old 'lead acid batteries' which is less than perfect. The old cordless lawnmowers had poor running times as the batteries drained down quickly as well as taking a long time to re-charge. The batteries also needed to be fully drained, before charging, as it can damage the batteries if not charged correctly .

Advantages of the new cordless mowers that use lithium-ion batteries

So what makes the new lithium Ion batteries better, the two main advantages are that they have much longer run times which gives you more cutting time per charge. The lithium Ion batteries can also be fully charged in around 60-90 minutes from flat, which means you spend less time waiting for batteries to charge and more time mowing. Most models will mow for 30-45 minutes between charges, which is more than enough time to mow small and medium sized gardens. 

Other advantages of the best cordless mowers

  • Light weight, making them easy to lift, carry and push around corners and into tight spaces.
  • Most models are compact, incorporating folding handles for easy storage.
  • No harmful fumes and extremely quiet when in operation compared to petrol models.
  • They provide 30-60 minutes of mowing and fully charged again in as little as 60 minutes.
  • Maintenance free, no fuel filters to change, oil changes or messy fuel to worry about.
  • Having no cord trailing behind you means they can be used without having to worry about extension leads, avoiding obstacles and where there nearest plug socket is, pure freedom to mow any where.
  • Simply plug the lithium ion battery into the mower and your ready to mow
Greenworks cordless mower review, best budget cordless mower


This Greenworks cordless mower is the cheapest model available but some how Greenworks have managed not to hinder the quality or performance of this model, while still offering the best value for money of any mower

Powered by a G-Max Lithium-ion battery, which can be charged within 60 minutes and has a unbeatable run time of 35 minutes.

Comes with 2 year domestic warranty for full peace of mind

Choosing the best cordless lawnmower thats right for you

There are lots of different models available of different sizes, with various features and specifications so here are a few things to consider before purchasing a cordless electric lawnmower.

  • Mower size - Most cordless lawnmowers vary in size and most models have a cutting width of between 32cm and 40cm wide, for narrow gardens think about choosing a smaller cutting width as larger mowers can be difficult to turn in tight spaces. For large lawns, consider larger models as they can mow for longer and cover more area before needing to empty the collection box. The last thing you want to be doing is emptying the collection box every couple of minutes.
  • Run Time - Some models have longer run times as they have better quality batteries and some model use two batteries which helps increase how long they can mow for on a full charge. Usually the more expensive the mower the better the quality of batteries and the long the run time will be, 30 minutes is good and 60 minutes is very good.
  • Garden size - Consider how many square meters your lawn is, most cheaper mowers will only mow up to 150 square meters from one full charge while other models will cover as much as 400 square off a single charge.
  • Extra features - Some models have extra features such as grass combs, these ensure you can mow right up to the edge of your lawn and against a fence or wall while still doing a good neat job, this means less time spent with a edging tool, tidying up around the edges if the lawn.
  • Charge time - The best batteries are lithium-Ion batteries which are more reliable and have longer cutting times as well as faster changing time. Some batteries can be charged within an hour while other can take as long as 5 hours. 
  • Quality - The best models are made from the best materials, better materials will usually last longer and less likely to get damaged during normal use.
  • Spares & backup - Its important that you can get replacements parts, at least for major parts such as blades and batteries. Batteries will eventfully need replacing as they don't last for ever. Its worth taking into consideration how much replacement batteries cost as they can range from £35 to over £100 and some mowers have two. 
  • Warranty & Guarantees - Is this important to you? if you plan on purchasing an expensive mower then it should be. Most models come with some sort of warranty, most models include at least 2-3 years warranty, with the exception of some models that come with only 1 years warranty, remember this only covers one season of mowing so ideally you want at least 2 years warranty. Also some warranties do not include batteries, the expensive part.


Ryobi One+ RLM18X40H240 Cordless Mower

Powered by two powerful 18V Li-Ion batteries, it will mow up to 600 square metres of lawn with one single charge, which is around two tennis courts and has a large 50 litre collection box.

It has a wide 40cm cutting width and a innovative grass combs to ensure you can mow right up to the edge of lawns.

This is a model that is truly comparable to petrol models.

Ryobi Cordless Fusion Lawnmower




Bosch Rotak 32 Li Ergoflex cordless lawnmower review

This Bosch Rotak 32 Li Ergoflex cordless lawnmower is powered by a innovative 36 V lithium-ion battery to ensure maxim consistent power to the Bosch 'powerdrive motor'. 

Designed for cutting small and medium sized lawns up to 300m²,  it features ergonomically designed handles that are adjustable which helps improve body posture, which means less strain on your arms and back when mowing.

Another cleaver little it incorporates are heels and grass combs, what this does is ensure that grass, right up to the edge of the lawn, against a wall or fence, gets cut which means less trimming around the edges. This doubled with the 32cm steel roller which creates perfect, must have stripes on the lawn for a more refined finish.

It has an adjustable cutting height setting, which is controlled by a simple lever so you can easily change the cutting height between 30-60mm.

This model also has the 'Bosch Syneon Chip' installed, this chip intelligently controls the energy and power required at all times and delivers optimum power and maximum endurance at all times during mowing.


This Bosch Rotak 32 Li Ergoflex cordless lawnmower is one of 3 similar cordless models Bosch manufacture. This is actually the smallest of the 3 with a 32cm cutting width, they are all but identical with the exception of the cutting width, height setting and collection box size.

This model is great for smaller lawns and will push to slighter larger lawns if needed but bare in mind it designed with lawns up to 300m².

At 10.2kg it's light weight and it has carry handles which make it easy to carry and move around. It does take 90 minutes to fully charge the battery but you can charge it for only 45 minutes for a 80% charge which is actually enough for most smaller lawns.

Now for the negatives aspects, all mowers have some - Bosch recommend this mower for lawns up to 300m², however this seems a little too large for this little mower and I would only recommend using it on lawns up to, around 150m².

If your lawn is any bigger then 150m² we would recommend the larger Rotak 36 LI which is ideal for medium sized lawns up to 400m² and has a cutting width of 36cm. There is even the Rotak 42 LI which is for even larger lawns up to 600m² with a cutting width of 42cm. The two larger mowers also have a closer cut of 20-70cm but it takes slightly longer to charge the batteries.

Overall we would have no problems recommend any of the Bosch cordless mowers which is why we gave it out 'Top Pick'. They also have a steel roller on the back which create them stripes everybody admires and not many electric mowers seem to have a roller fitted so this is a bonus for the Bosch mowers.



Greenworks cordless mower review, best budget cordless mower

This Greenworks cordless mower, offers the best value for money and is one of the cheapest cordless models available.

Greenworks are known for there quality high performance tools and this mower is a great example of a quality mower without the expensive price tag.

It uses their innovative G-MAX 2Ah, 40V lithium-ion battery technology which provides constant power to the motor without any loss of power and gives a full charge every time.

Charging only takes around 60 minutes for a full charge which gives you a running time of around 35 minutes, which is more than enough for most small or medium sized lawns. It will also charge 80% of the battery in only 35 minutes if needed.

It has a cutting width of 35cm (14”) and an adjustable cutting height between 20mm and 80mm to give you a close cut which can be easily adjusted between 5 levels using a single lever handle.

Another feature this model incorporates, is the 2-in-1 functionality which enables you to set the mower to mulch, which deposits the grass cutting back onto the lawn. This is ideal when you have shorter grass and helps put nutrients back into the lawn resulting in a healthier lawn.


This Greensworks cordless electric mower is the cheapest mower to make it onto our list and includes a battery and charger. This is an important as Greenworks also manufacture several slightly larger models, with the 40cm cutting width model selling for slightly less. However this larger model does not include the battery or charger which will cost you around another £100, making it much more expensive than it appears, not a major problem but we just wanted to point this out.

Greensworks produce some of the best power tools available and are relatively new to the uk market, but they are well established in the United States and have a brilliant track record for quality tools that provide great performance. Their wireless mowers and tools are all powered by their powerful G-MAX 40 V Lithium Ion Battery technology and are one of the first mowers which are comparable to petrol powered tools.

It without doubt provides the best value for money of any cordless mower and has one of the fastest charge times and mowing time of any cordless mower.

We also like that it comes with 2 year domestic manufactures warranty for extra peace of mind.



Powered by two 18v batteries

Ryobi Cordless Fusion Lawnmower

This Ryobi One+ Fusion Lawnmower is powered using two 18v batteries which gives it enough power to mow an impressive 600 square meters of lawn from just one charge.

It has an impressive 40cm cutting width which provides more coverage when mowing and the height can be altered between 20mm and 70mm using a simple lever to set the cut height.

The large 50 litre collection ensures you can mow more and empty the clipping less, ensuring you mow the lawn in the least time possible.

The aerodynamically optimised cutting deck and 40cm blade ensure the best mowing performance and another clever features includes the Vertebrae™ handle design for extended fatigue-free use for extra comfort.

Another useful feature is the EasyEdge™ combs, this ensure you can mow up to the edge of lawns and fences while still maintaining and exceptional cutting performance and neat job.


This Ryobi One+ Fusion Lawnmower is one of the most expensive models available but you are buying supreme performance and quality from a brand you can trust.

The unique two battery system does give you the extra power needed for those larger lawns, it will mow up to 600 square meters from one charge which most other mowers do not even come close to.

It can be up and running out of the box within around 5 minutes and when you have finished the handle folds back and the large 50 litre collection box folds down flat so the whole mower can be stored easy without taking up too much space.

If you have a larger lawn, this model is worth considering and you will not be disappointed. The only negative point is that the batteries takes around 4 and 1/2 to fully charge which is nearly double that of the larger Bosch Rotak model which has similar performance.

Another good budget model


Evopower EVO1536Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower Review

This Evopower EVO1536 Li lawnmower is new to the uk and is powered by a 36v 2.6amp Rechargeable Li-Ion battery which will give you around 30 minutes of mowing under normal mowing conditions and takes around 5 hours to recharge the battery.

It has an impressive cutting width of 15 inches (38cm) which is wider than any other mower in the same price range and has 6 cutting adjustment height levels up to 75mm, which can be be easily adjusted in seconds using the handle. The 40 litre collection box is large enough to ensure you have to stop less to empty the grass clipping.

Weighing only 16kg its light weight and easy to push and manoeuvre around corners etc. The handles fold down for easy storage.

?Comes with 1 years warranty which cover all parts and labour.


This Evopower EVO1536 Li lawnmower is a good alternative to someone considering the Greenworks cordless mower. 

A great budget mower that will not disappoint and it does have lots of positive customer reviews on Amazon with very few negative comments.

The only issue we found, is that it takes 5 hours to charge the battery fully, this is a good length of time when you take into account that some of the other models including the Greenworks mower will charge the battery within 60-90 minutes, so you can get back to mowing within an hour if the battery runs flat.

Another great model for under £300


Einhell GE-CM 36 Li Power X-Change 36V Lithium Cordless Ion Lawnmower Review

This Einhell GE-CM Li Power X-Change 36v Lithium Lawnmower is ideal for small and medium sized gardens. This cordless mower has an impressive cutting width of 36cm and a 6 level cutting height which can be set between 25mm-75mm. It will mow up to 300 square meters of lawn from one full charge making ideal for even medium sized lawns.

The fast charging batteries (It has two), can be fully charged within 60 minutes which is one of the fastest charge times of any cordless lawnmower available.

It incorporates a large 40 litre collection box that has a 'full indicator' fitted, so you all ways know when the grass clipping needs emptying.

It comes with 2 years manufacture warranty for peace of mind and Einhell spare parts are readily available should you need them.


If your looking for a reliable, high quality cordless mower and have a budget of around £300, then this Einhell GE-CM Li Power X-Change Lawn mower is worth considering.

This cordless mower is manufactured to a very high standard as you would expect from the German manufacture 'Einhell'. It is reasonably quiet when mowing and will easily mow a medium sized lawn up to 300 square meters from just one charge, this will give you around 40 minutes of consistent mowing.

One advantage this mower others is that the batteries can be charged in around 60 minutes and it comes with 2 years warranty for extra peace of mind.

Einhell also have a full spares backup service, so you can get replacement parts if needed very easily without much trouble.

Another positive point, is that the Power X-Change 36v Lithium batteries, can be used in other 'Einhell' power X-Change tools'. This could save you some of your hard earned cash if you plan on investing in some other power tool  as they are  much cheaper when purchased without batteries.

Overall, a very good mower, nice clean cut, easy to use and worth the extra cost when compared to other cheaper models.



Black + Decker STC1820CM-GB 18V Lithium Strimmer with Lawm Mower Deck Attachment Review

A true unique multi lawn tool, this Black + Decker 18v Lithium Strimmer with lawnmower attachment is a 3 in 1 garden tool. The strimmer attachment simply clips into the wheeled lawn mower deck, this means you can mow the lawn before using the strimmer for cutting down long grass and trimming the edges of your lawn.

The little string strimmer is powered by a 18V 2.0Ah Lithium battery which gives you around 30 minutes of mowing and strimming, plenty of time to mow and strim a small garden.

Its designed with small gardens and steep gardens in mind.

The mower attachment is designed so the strimmer can be clicked straight into place and the cutting height can be simply adjusted between 40mm and 60 mm.

It has a 28cm cutting width which Black + Decker discribe as 'swathe'

Black + Decker attachment

The strimmer which technicaly does all the work is powered by Black + Deckers 'E-Drive', which is a high torque gear system with a 550w motor. The strimmer also incorporates a clever little wheel guide which helps turn the strimmer into a edger making it easier to edge of your lawn accurately.

The complete set is small, light and compact, which means it easy to store in a very small space such as a cupboard.


We really like the Black + Decker Strimmer with its lawnmower attachment as it is perfect for small gardens and steep slopes, the 'power selection' feature is brilliant and means you can use more power for harder strimming task and less power for easier strimming such as mowing grass that not too long. The feature helps save battery power and increase its usage time.

The 'lawn cut' could be better and is not the best but the strimmer is fantastic, if your in need of a
muti-purpose tool for mowing, strimming, edging and have a very small garden or sleep slopes to mow, then this could be ideal, specially for mowing steep slopes that can be dangerous with a normal mower. 

If your just in need of a lawnmower for a small or medium sized garden then we recommend one of the other mowers we have reviewed as they do a much neater job as they are designed specifically for mowing lawns.

This Black + Decker lawnmower, does have lots of good customer reviews on Amazon which are worth reading to see what other gardeners thoughts are on this mower.

Bosch Rotak 32 Li Ergoflex cordless lawnmower review

Bosch Rotak 32 LI Cordless Mower

This Bosch Rotak 32 LI cordless mower offers the best value for money without compromising on quality and proformance.

With a fast charge time of only 45 mins and features which include a grass heels & combs which ensure a close premium cut at the edge of lawns and against walls.

The mower comes with a 2 year manufactures warranty for extra peace of mind.

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