Top 5 Best Sack Trucks Reviewed

Last updated on July 13th, 2023

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You have landed on this hand truck guide presumably looking for a good sack truck, probably for a specific task such as climbing stairs, compact folding model that’s easy to store in your van or a heavy-duty truck made from tubular steel for moving very heavy loads.

We have done hours of research looking for the best sack trucks available in the market and we have found what we consider to be 5 of the very best models from their own category type.

sack truck being used on stairs

there are many models to choose from, we have narrowed down the selection to reduce confusion and make choosing the right model much easier. All our select models are of good quality, and when compared to over alternatives, have exceeded our expectations.

For example, our Best Pick, the G-Rack Steel Sack Truck, supports a very impressive 325kgs comfortably, and to make it better, it is affordable and backed by a 5 year warranty.

Next, we have our Runner-up, the Stanley SXWTD-FT58 5 Hand Truck, which supports less weight but is perfect for carrying around due to its compact size and lightweight design. 

This short description is just the tip of the iceberg; read through the reviews and discover what the five sack trucks have to offer and why we choose them to be recommended over all other models, and there was a lot of them. Don’t forget to go through the buying guide for more clues on what to look for in a quality hand truck as it includes some handy tips to help you choose the right model for you.


G-Rack Steel Sack Truck with Anti Puncture Tyres
The G-Rack Steel Sack Truck is our top model because it has won many consumers' hearts and it is affordable which makes it a great choice for home use as well as professional everyday use in warehouses when moving heavy loads. This robust model is made of powder-coated steel, which is guaranteed to prevent rust and corrosion. It can support a considerable amount of weight, up to 325kg and move through different surfaces using its anti-puncture tires which are great for both smooth, uneven surfaces as well as getting up and over steps too. Overall, it is a product that provides good value for money because it's designed to last and also is backed with a 5 year warranty.


Stanley SXWTD Hand Truck Utility Cart
For those who are looking for something smaller and a little more versatile, look no further than the Stanley Hand Truck. This small model has a durable frame that can be folded into a compact size for storage and mobility making it perfect for putting in the back of a van or even car. It is easy to use because it arrives already assembled out the box. One feature we do like is that it can also be converted into a flatbed utitlty truck with a weight capacity of 137KG as well as an upright sack truck. This model is ideal for those with little space to spare and those who want a small sack truck to carry in the car or work van.

Top 5 Sack Truck Reviews

1. G-Rack Steel Sack Truck with Anti Puncture Tyres – 325KG Capacity


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G-Rack Steel Sack Truck with Anti Puncture Tyres

Kicking off our list is the G-Rack Steel Sack Truck which supports a maximum weight of 325kgs which is very impressive and way above most alternatives models we also considered. This sack truck is made from tubular steel with a powder-coated finish for protection against rust and corrosion which is a must for steel trucks.

The easy-to-assemble model features comfortable plastic-coated handles to facilitate user comfort while transporting heavy loads and it’s incredibly well balanced with heavy loads to make it easy to move around with its big chunky rubber tires which we get onto in a second.

What we do like is that you do not need a toolbox to assemble this model either; you can easily use your hands to get it done which is a big plus for more domestic users or even warehouse use for that matter. It’s also worth noting that it’s very easy to assemble too, just attach the wheels insert the pins and it’s ready to use and it only takes a few minutes.

This durable model also features anti-puncture hard-wearing rubber tyres that manoeuvre through different terrains without considerable wear and tear. Because this truck does use wider rubber all-terrain tires it’s also easy to move up and down steps and curbs or move over grass or gravel when compared to small hard rubber tires than sink into soft terrain.

Maybe not quite as important, but something worth noting is the wheel guards, this is great for protecting the load from rubbing against the wheels and while this is a simple feature, it’s one that many models simply don’t have which can lead to damages boxes.

This 9kg sack truck is perhaps a little lighter than we imagined being a heavy-duty steel truck. In terms of measurements, the width including the wheels is around 21 inch (53cm) but the plate is 13.8″ x 7.9″ (35 x 20cm) and the overall height is 45.5″ (116cm).

Finally, to finish this truck off and provide peace of mine, its also accompanied by a 5-year warranty.


  • Made from robust tubular powder coated stainless steel frame.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 325kgs.
  • Comes with durable anti-puncture rubber tyres which are ideal for all terrains.
  • Easy to assemble without tools, simply attach the wheels and washer and insert the pins.
  • Feature comfortable plastic handles for use.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Maybe a little heavy and not a portable as the more compact and foldable models.

Our recommendation 

The G-Rack Steel Sack Truck is reasonably priced, and it can support a substantially heavy load which is where it really excels when compared to most other models. This affordable item is robust and easy to assemble, making it a convenient model for those who are not very handy, simply attach the wheels, washers and pin threads and it’s ready to use, it doesn’t get much easier than that.

It is essential to exercise patience while reading the assembly instructions as they are a bit unclear but it’s simple enough, just remember to put one washer on the outside of the tire and one on the inside, 4 washers, 2 for each tire and then put the wheels on. So overall if you don’t need a trolley that folders down flat this is a great choice, ideal for heavy loads and those puncture-proof tires will make life much easier which are just some of the reasons we think its deserved to be named our Best Pick.

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2. Stanley Hand Truck SXWTD-FT585 – 80KG Capacity


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Stanley Hand Truck SXWTD-FT585

This Stanley Hand Truck which is more of a utility truck as it can be used as a flatbed truck or sack truck has an edgy design that will catch your attention from afar and is more designed for lighter use making it ideal for domestic use. That being said, it’s also ideal for professional since it’s so compact and lightweight as long as it’s not used for very heavy loads or uneven ground.

First off, tt comes already assembled which is a plus, so there is no need for tools and you can use it straight away. In a matter of seconds, the hand truck can be folded or opened with ease by using just one button. Its compact design makes it easy to move around with or store in areas with small spaces so whether you need it to put in the car, using for delivering boxes or need it for moving plant pots around the patio, it does it all.

The hand truck’s entire structure is made from robust steel with some sections featuring nylon and polypropylene. These nylon stress points face wear and tear fast, and that is why the material has to be flexible and durable so nylon was a good choice for this while the polypropylene is only used on parts that don’t have to deal with any stress.

Now, what we really liked about this utility truck is that is can be operated as a hand truck or sack truck as we call them or platform cart that uses 4 wheels. This is great for larger loads, we also like that you can have the footplate up or down when used in platform mode, handy for securing items against it or having it folded down for oversized item. It’s worth noting though that when used in the 4 wheel platform mode it has a load capacity of 137KG, however, this drop to 80KG when used in the two-wheel sack tuck mode.

You can also manoeuvre with the load safely as the truck comes with a bungee cord to secure the load from falling over, this is sometimes good for light boxes that may blow or bounce off as well as holding awkwardly shaped items on.

Finally, this model also offers a comfortable bungee TPR handle and a TPR grip handle to be interchanged as the user sees fit. In terms of load space in the 4 wheel design, its got around Length 12″ x 15″ (55cm x 38.5cm) of loading area and the footplate size, when used in sack truck mode, the Footplate is 15”x11” (38cm x 28cm).


  • Can be used as a platform truck with 4 wheels or upright as a sacktruck.
  • Lightweight and robust hand truck with a loading weight of 137KG in platform mode and 80KG in sack truck model.
  • Comes already assembled and ready to use.
  • It has a comfortable bungee handle and TPR grip handle.
  • Can be folded down for easy storage and transport.
  • Provides good value for money.


  • Maybe a litter smaller than you might expect, double check you understand the dimentions.

Our recommendation

The Stanley Hand Truck is a bit pricey, however, it’s not overpriced and comes from a well-respected brand and is well-constructed. We like that the hand truck comes already assembled and that it can be used for two purposes; a platform cart and a sack truck which makes it very versatile in terms of what it can be used to carry.

This model would be useful to those looking to transport lighter loads and certainly not ideal for industrial use, however for lighter loads it’s perfect. It is also convenient for those who are tied down for space, and they need a light model that can be folded and hang on the wall. This is one of those products you wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner once you get yourself one as there useful for so many things which is why we named it our Runner-up.

Stanley Hand Truck SXWTD-FT585
See availability from the best retailers

3. Ollies Heavy Duty Sack Truck – 300KG Capacity

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Ollies Heavy Duty Sack Truck

Next comes the Ollies Heavy Duty Sack Truck, which has a good rapport with customers as there have been no reported failures in over 6000 sales according to Ollies, and although this is probably true we do notice the red plastic handle covers can come off when in use. We this in mind either remove them before use or glue them on before using.

This robust model is a good alturnative to our Best Pick with a similar weight capacity and is made from heavy gauge welded steel, and it is sizeable enough with a 25mm diameter axle which is probably one of the largest for sack trucks if not the largest fitted to any model, so much in fact that it can support 300-450kg loads depending on the tires. With this in mind though, it has a capacity of 300kg while the included solid runner tires.

It has twin splayed handles with rubber grips to provide grip and reduce the user’s discomfort when transporting tall heavy loads.

One feature we do really like and could benefit some users is that you can choose to extend the loading plate to 77cm by folding it down or simply fold back the large loading plate to accommodate different load sizes with the standard smaller loading plate. The extendible plate also makes it easy to store as it takes up less space when folded.

This 18kg heavy-weight model has overall dimensions of 1160 x 480 x 430cm, and it comes with large rubber wheels for easier manoeuvrability as already mentioned. The hand truck comes already assembled, you just need to fit the wheels, and you are good to go.


  • Ideal for industrial and professional heavy daily use.
  • Heavy-duty sack truck supporting loads between 300 with folding large loading plate for larger loads.
  • It does not need tools for assembly, simply attach the wheels and insert the pins.
  • Comes with solid rubber wheels that don’t puncture and are hard-wearing.
  • Features an extendible load plate that can be folded for storage or when only the smaller load plate is needed.


  • Hand grips have been known to come off, we recommend removing before use or glueing on before first use.

Our recommendation

If you need a more heavy-duty industrial model to move heavy things around, then the Ollies Heavy Duty Sack Truck is well worth considering and is probably the most heavy-duty model currently available. This 18kg hand truck is double the weight of our best pick because its made from heavy gauge welded steel and is the real deal when it comes to heavy-duty sack trucks, a real workhorse.

As standard, it comes with solid tires which we prefer as there puncture proof but there not always the best in uneven surfaces like gravel or grass. However, they do sell pneumatic tyres that are better suited for uneven terrain but there prone to punctures so its a trade-off.

Overall pneumatic wheels are perfect for rough terrain, while the solid ones move on smooth surfaces easier. Remember to glue in the handles to prevent them from detaching while moving a load and end up causing an accident. Overall this is a great choice and we also like the larger fold-down loading plate which can come in handy.

Ollies Heavy Duty Sack Truck
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4. Stanley FT521 Steel Folding Hand Truck -120KG

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Stanley FT521 Steel Folding Hand Truck

We have also reviewed some more stair climbing trucks in this guide here

Another great product from the Stanley brand is the Stanley FT521 Steel Folding Hand Truck. With this pick, we wanted to find a model that could be used easily on stairs but it still has its faults so let’s get into it.

This model is larger than the SXWTD-FT585 model, and it can support a weight of up to 120kgs, not bad but its not what we would call a heavy load, that being said, I wouldn’t want to bring a heavier load that 120kg up or down stairs anyway.

What we like about this hand truck is that it features a unique design comprising three solid wheels on each side for easier manoeuvrability over different terrains including stairs, this it’s great for. What we will say is that with heavier loads its harder to get moving on flat ground but once it’s moving, it becomes much easier, this is of course compared to a 2 wheel sacktruck.

This model is not only easy to use (once it’s moving), but it is a breeze to store because it has a load plate that can be retracted, the only downside is it doesn’t clip in place and can fall back down, not a big issue but would be better if it clipped in place to keep it folded up.

The handles are also extendible which is a nice feature; thus, you can withdraw them to create an even more compact size during storage so this we like. These plastic handles provide adequate grip while keeping your knuckles from bruising during transportation thanks to the guards on the handles, again another useful feature.


  • Perfecting for using on stairs and other uneven hard surfaces that’s to the 3 wheel design.
  • Made from robust steel for extra durability.
  • Can easily support loads up to 120kgs.
  • Comes with a foldable load plate that takes up less space in storage.
  • Features retractable handles for user comfort and better storage options as it makes it more compact when not in use.
  • Arrives already assembled ready to use out the box.
  • Offers good value for money from a reputable brand.


  • The base plate cannot be clipped when folded away which means it can fall down when not in use.
  • 3 wheel design makes it slightly harder to get moving on flat ground.

Our recommendation

The Stanley FT521 Steel Folding Hand Truck is a good option for those looking for a model that they can use on stairs. This model has a larger capacity and a three-wheel design for easy manoeuvrability over smooth surfaces that are uneven but its a little harder to get moving on flat hard surfaces because of the 3 wheel design. This, however, is the trade-off for being able to use it on stairs more easily compared to the standard two-wheel model.

This model is comfortable to use if you are not using stairs, and it takes up little space during storage because of the fold-down handles which we like.

Overall, we find that this model is worth its price because it performs well with a few exceptions that can be managed. If you are a fan of the brand and need to move loads up and down stairs we think it’s well worth considering.

5. Deuba Folding Sack Truck – 200kg

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Deuba Folding Sack Truck

The Deuba Folding Sack Truck is another heavy-duty model fitted with pneumatic wheels for straightforward mobility but it has a smaller loading capacity than both our best pick and runner-up models.

This sack truck’s design supports a maximum weight of 200kgs comfortably, and it has wheel protectors that prevent the load from inhibiting the movement of the wheel or damage the load. The model has a foldable load plate that makes scooping the load easier and makes easy storage possible.

We do like is that it comes almost fully assembled, just attach the wheels; therefore, all you have to do is make sure that the wheels are well-fitted and start moving things. We also like the handle design with the protectors around your hands.


  • Semi heavy-duty model that supports 200kgs, ideal for domestic use or light industrial use.
  • Features pneumatic wheels for easy manoeuvrability over all terrains.
  • Comes with a foldable load plate for easier storage.
  • Offers comfortable handles with a firm grip and knuckle protectors.
  • Sold at an affordable price making it ideal for occasional use around the home and garden.


  • Not ideal for really heavy loads or heavy industrial use.

Our recommendation

If you are working with a smaller budget and just want a sacktruck of occasional use around the garden, then the Deuba Folding Sack Truck is a good fit. The affordable hand truck can support large loads if you are able to fit it on the loading plate.

It is a heavy-duty model compared to some models but its certainly not industrial standard but it should be able to handle a weight of up to 200kgs. Try and balance the large load and secure it with a strap to prevent it from tipping over. As mentioned, it’s is not an industrial class model, but it performs well for simple jobs, providing good value for money.

Deuba Folding Sack Truck
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Buyer’s Guide

Sack trucks began their career in the docks transporting goods between the ships and the warehouses. From the 11th century until today, these hand trucks have been used to ferry loads over short and long distances and the design have come along way since with some innovative designs but with this comes advantages and disadvantages such as the more folding parts a truck has, the more points in which it can break under loads.

Now that you are looking for the best sack truck, what do you consider? This is a question that we seek to answer in this section. Luckily, sack trucks do not have complicated features; hence they should not be hard to find the right model for you but you need to think about what you will be moving, what weight limit you need as well as the type of terrain you want to move the truck over most.

Below are some other things to think about before choosing one.


Steel vs Aluminium

Most of the hand trucks are made of steel that has a protective coating to avoid rust and corrosion. However, you will find sack trucks made from aluminium which is lightweight but usually not as heavy duty.

Models made from aluminium are usually lighter and intended to ferry light loads. The important thing in regards to the material is that it is strong and durable to serve for longer. Steek sack trucks are usually heavy-duty and ideal for much heavier loads.

sack ruck in tire warehouse


The size of a sack truck should correspond with the weight it will ferry which can be as little as 80kg and as much as 300kg or more. Small-sized sack trucks handle small loads better and are usually easy to store and transport, while large sack tracks handle large heavier loads better but are not usually as compact or as foldable.

Look at the measurements of the sack truck and compare them with the items you transport. The load plate’s size should cover more than ¾ of the base of what is being transported as a general rule.


If you are tied down for space, look for a model that offers a small footprint. This can be achieved by a collapsible load plate, extendible handles that can be retracted, and foldable frames. Some models are folded into a compact shape that hangs on the wall. An excellent example of an easy to store model is the Stanley Hand Truck SXWTD-FT585.

Those with adequate space are not restricted; they can buy a hand truck of any size because there is space also remember that the more foldable a model is, usually the less weight it can carry.

Sack truck with stair climbing wheels


Pneumatic tires vs solid rubber tires

Wheels are an integral part of the smooth movement of a hand truck but it’s important you choose the right type of wheels and tires for the terrain you need to use the truck on.

The types of wheels installed will affect how the truck moves through different surfaces. Pneumatic tires are preferred for rough and uneven surfaces because they absorb the impact. Solid rubber tires run better on smooth ground, and they are easy to maintain because they don’t get punctures but they are useless on terrain such as gravel and lawns as the tires sink into the ground.

Think of the surfaces that you will be navigating your sack track on and select the right wheels.

The last type of wheel design is on stair climbing sack trucks. these have 3 smaller wheels on each side and work well on stairs, however, on flat ground they can take more effort to get moving with heavy loads because of the extra traction.

Weight limit

How much does your load weigh? Is it within the recommended weight capacity? These are important questions because you do not want to purchase a hand truck that cannot support the load.

Most manufacturers specify the maximum load the truck can carry safely. As a general guide, smaller sack trucks tend to carry up to 80KG which includes most of the foldable models you can fit in the boot of a car.

Heavy duty sack trucks can carry between 200 -300KG and are ideal for much heavier loads but are usually much heavier and less compact as a result.

Comfortable handles

There are different kinds of handles you can find in a sack truck. Some have twin handles, and some have a p-handle which are designed to be pulled one-handed so you can use your other hand to hold the load on the truck. It all depends on which of these the user is comfortable with.

You might want to consider a truck with handles that feature knuckle protectors and some form of padding for grip, even on hot days where hands get sweaty. After assembly, secure loose handles with glue to avoid accidents while going downhill or lifting loads.

Ease of assembly

Assembly can be tasking, especially with vague instructions. After delivery, please read the instructions first, then assemble as it may save you some avoidable errors such as putting the spacers and washers in the wrong place. Some models come fully assembled but most just require the wheels be fitted before use.


A warranty is a sign of confidence from the product manufacturer that the product is reliable. We usually advice first-time buyers to get a sack truck with a warranty just in case it doesn’t meet their expectations. Some models come with warranties for as long as 5 years while others may only include a 1-year warranty.

Sack truck moving heavy rocks

Sack truck maintenance tips

  • Always check the state of the truck before use. This helps notice defects in the structure that might cause accidents like a loose wheel.
  • Once you see the metal rusting, clear the rust and re-apply a protective coat of paint to prevent further rust.
  • Conduct frequent repairs if you want the hand truck to last for long.
  • Handles and wheels tend to wear down after some time; contact your supplier and ask if they sell spare parts.
  • Store the sack track in a dry place to prevent moisture that causes rust.

Our Final Conclusion

Unless robots take over every single human task, there is a high chance that sack trucks will be here to stay. They are simple, reliable, and affordable for moving small loads and even large cumbersome objects like garden furniture and even fridges, washers etc. After reading the review, we hope that you have identified the best sack truck for what you need one for.

We will remind you that the G-Rack Steel Sack Truck is our best pick, is the best option you have to safely transport heavy loads at an affordable price. This model does not require assembly tools, and it comes with a 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

The second best option would be the Stanley Utility Truck, which arrives already assembled and has a small footprint for easy storage. With this one, you can comfortably transport a load up to 130KG in flatbed mode and 80kgs in sack truck mode, and because of its size, it is portable, you can carry it anywhere which makes it ideal for anyone on the move from delivery drivers to personal use.

Stanley Hand Truck SXWTD-FT585
See availability from the best retailers

That said, check out our review on wheelbarrows here; you never know when you might need one. In the meantime, let us know which model you picked in the comment section below.


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