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Top 8 Best Trough Planters To Brighten Up Your Garden

Last updated on June 9th, 2022

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Using trough planters, whether indoors or outdoors is a good way of enriching our surroundings with diverse plant life. Planters give a chance for people who lack garden space to grow different plants in their apartments too. Those with gardens can select planters of different colours and designs to complement the style of their garden. These planters can be mounted or left freestanding depending on the amount of space you have. Some are even self-watering.

If you are shopping to find the best trough planter, you have arrived at the right place. We have compiled several planters that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The planters are unique in their own way so we are sure one of them will catch your eye.

In the meantime, look at our best pick the Lechuza Balconera Self-Watering Planter Trough, which is popular with customers and is a real game-changer when it comes to plant care. The high-quality Adtrad Tanalised Wooden Planter Trough is more of a traditional trough and is our runner up. We will explain why below.


Lechuza Balconera Self-Watering Planter Trough
This trough planter is ideal because it can conform to both indoor and outdoor use. You have the choice whether to use it as a freestanding model or you mount it using brackets. The self-watering model features a reservoir that will keep your plants hydrated up to 12 weeks before requiring a refill, great if you're going on holiday or work random hours. For people with busy lives, this model is very convenient. You can trust that the product is worth your money from the positive reviews left behind by previous customers.


Adtrad Tanalised Wooden Planter Trough
Robust and durable, this wooden planter is not only spacious but it is treated to prevent rot, making it capable of lasting a long time. What is amazing about this planter is that you can contact the manufacturer to get a planter customised to your requirements too. This permits you to grow a myriad of plants without being limited to the manufacturer’s measurements. It comes already assembled thus you can start planting right away.

Best Trough Planter Reviews

1. Lechuza Balconera Self-Watering Planter Trough


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Lechuza Balconera Self-Watering Planter Trough

The Lechuza Balconera Self-Watering Planter Trough is an innovative way of keeping your plants hydrated. This planter comes with a removable liner, plant substrate and a water level indicator. The space between the planter and the liner creates a water reservoir that the plants can access through the roots for up to 12 weeks, no-drip systems are required.

Once you assemble the planter and fit in the plants, the idea is to water the plants for several weeks until the roots are long enough to reach the reservoir. Once this is done, you can fill up the reservoir using the water-level indicator as a guide.

The planter is made from good quality durable plastic so has no issues being used outdoors. There are several colours you can choose from to match your décor too.

If you decide to hang the planters outdoor using brackets, remember to remove the drain plug so that excess rainwater is dispensed to the ground. This model measures 78.74cm x 17.78cm x 17.78cm and it weighs 4kgs. Remember that the planter comes with a liner that might reduce the planting space available.


  • Made from impact-resistant and UV-stable plastic.
  • Features a reservoir to hydrate your plants for up to 12 weeks before refilling.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Easy to assemble and set up.
  • Possesses a water-level indicator for easy use.
  • Comes with a substrate that provides nutrients for the plants.


  • It is not ideal for large plants.

Our recommendation

If you want to plant gorgeous bedding plants or herbs, the Lechuza Balconera Self-Watering Planter Trough is well worth considering. The self-watering planter will keep your plants hydrated, even when you are not there, as long as there is water in the reservoir. 

Because the planter comes with a liner, there is maybe a little less space than you might think to plant. This is why this planter is suitable for small plants because even when the roots develop fully, there is still some space for the plants to reach their full height. 

You can be assured that the planter will serve you for a long time because it is made from durable plastic. If you want to use this model outdoors, you can buy brackets to help you mount the planter, however, these are sold separately.

Altogether, we find that this durable model is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, providing excellent value for money. It is much more affordable than you might expect.

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2. Adtrad Tanalised Hand Made Wooden Planter Trough


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Adtrad Tanalised Hand Made Wooden Planter Trough

Meet the Adtrad Tanalised Hand Made Wooden Planter Trough that can be customised to your needs (if you so wish) or you can simply choose one of the ready to ship sizes of which there are around 30 different ones available. This specific model we choose measures 90cm L x 20cm W x 17cm H, and it is made from pressure treated timber for durability. This allows the wood to survive different weather conditions without incurring damage, although we still recommend treating the wood once a year.

This trough comes already assembled to save you time and frustration. You can transfer your plants easily and place the spacious 15kg model exactly where you want it. The construction is robust so you will use it for a long time.


  • Made from robust tanalised timber.
  • Lots of sizes to choose from, including made to measure troughs.
  • It comes already assembled.
  • Offers good value for money because it is durable.


  • You may need to drill some holes for drainage.

Our recommendation 

The Adtrad Tanalised Wooden Planter Trough is simple in design and very robust. You can use this planter for many seasons without the wood rotting because it has been tanalised.

The planter can be customised to your preference, which makes this product very user-friendly, but they also have lots of sizes to choose from for immediate shipping. 

You can start planting immediately after the planter arrives because it is already assembled. Remember to drill some holes in the planter to release the excess water when it rains. Other than that, this product is ready for use.

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3. Stewart 3ft Gothic Trough

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The Stewart Gothic Trough presents a beautiful design in a white colour that would add some decoration to the garden. This durable UV treated plastic model is designed to look like it is made of white stone which is a nice effect. 

The trough measures 32cm x 90cm x 28cm and it only weighs 997g making it a lightweight trough while still being fairly robust and durable.

It is UV resistant, shockproof and frostproof. This permits it to survive the outdoors for longer. Furthermore, the planter features drainage holes to facilitate effective drainage.


  • Features an attractive light stone effect.
  • Made from durable weatherproof plastic.
  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • Provides pre-drilled drainage holes.


  • The colour may vary from the expected bright white colour.

Our recommendation

The Stewart Gothic Trough would be suitable for those who want a planter that looks like it is made of stone. This stone-effect planter will complete your garden theme without having to pay full price for an actual stone planter, which is also difficult to move if you can even get one delivered. 

We like that it is lightweight so you can move it around easily depending on the season of the year. Price-wise it is affordable and you can be sure you will use it long enough to get value for money.

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4. Ruddings 4ft Large Wooden Trough Planter

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Ruddings Wood 120cm Large Wooden Trough Planter

Another wooden planter is the Ruddings Wood 4ft Trough Planter which offers a rustic feel. This already assembled wooden planter is spacious and it will house several plants at any given time.

It is ideal for bedding plants as well as herbs because of its limited height. The 90cm x 22cm x 22cm planter is made from sustainable wood and it has been treated to prevent rot.

It also features raised feet that prevent the base from sitting in water when it rains. 


  • Ideal for growing herbs or bedding plants.
  • Comes already assembled.
  • Made from durable and sustainable wood.
  • The wood is treated to prevent rot.
  • It is affordable.


  • Lacks drainage holes so you will need to drill a few.

Our recommendation

The Ruddings 4ft Trough Planter is affordable and robust. It is a wooden planter that you will not regret purchasing because it is very well-made. You may have to drill some drainage holes but apart from that, there is nothing wrong with the planter. 

The wood used has been treated and it comes with raised feet thus you can guarantee that the planter will last for longer because the air can flow underneath it which helps prevent rot. You may want to give the wood protective coatings over the years to preserve their appearance.

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5. Fallen Fruits Old Zinc Long Oval Planter

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Fallen Fruits OZ38 Old Zinc Long Oval Planter

Are you looking for a metal planting trough? You are in luck because the Fallen Fruits OZ38 Old Zinc Long Oval Planter is worth considering. This model is made from thin zinc metal that is durable enough to survive the outdoors. 

The planter measures 59cm x 17cm x 12cm so is only around 2ft long and it weighs 880g. It features pine fitted handles to allow the user to move the trough comfortably, even with plants in it. You can plant anything you want in it as long as you create some drainage holes.


  • Made from thin but durable zinc.
  • It features pine wood fitted handles for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Offers a 7500 litre capacity for planting.
  • Provides good value for money.


  • No drainage holes so you will need to drill a few.

Our recommendation

Those who want to avoid wood and plastic planters can rely on the Fallen Fruits OZ38 Old Zinc Long Oval Planter. This zinc planter is long to accommodate several plants and it is easy to work with because it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

It does not have drainage holes but the metal is thin enough to make quick perforations using a metal drill bit.

The planter is maybe a little smaller than it looks in the picture, however, it is still sizeable for both indoor and outdoor use.

6. Gaspo Planter With Trellis Hellbrunn

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Gaspo planter with trellis Hellbrunn

The Gaspo Trellis Trough is beautiful by itself but it looks even more stunning with thriving climbing plants in it. This Austrian planter is honey coloured that is easy to blend into the décor.

The 29kg planter is made from PEFC and FSC certified sustainable wood that is treated to prevent rot. This L136cm x W37cm x H140cm model requires assembly before use but luckily, clear instructions are provided.


  • Ideal for climbing plants.
  • Looks attractive.
  • Made from certified and sustainable wood.
  • The wood is treated to provide durability.
  • Spacious with feet to raise the planter from the ground.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Trellis’s structure is a bit fiddly.

Our recommendation 

The Gaspo planter is suitable for climbing plants that need structural support such as sweet peas. This model looks good and with a bit of patience, you can assemble it with ease. 

We appreciate that it is spacious enough to hold many plants at any given time. The wood is treated but over the years, a little maintenance is required to keep the planter in good shape.

7. Deuba Poly Rattan Trough with 4 Inserts Planters

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Deuba Poly Rattan Flower Pot Hand-woven Weave Wicker with 4 Inserts Planters

Presenting the Deuba Poly Rattan Trough that is made from a durable alloy steel frame and synthetic rattan. This planter is designed to hold four inserts that you can use to hold different plants. You can be sure that the model is easy to use because it is weatherproof and straightforward to clean. 

The inserts are easily removable so you can switch plants according to their seasons. The entire structure measures 95cm x 27cm x 60cm.


  • The planter looks amazing with all the inserts occupied.
  • Made from durable steel and synthetic rattan that is easy to clean.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Sturdy and it offers good value for money.
  • Arrives already assembled.


  • Needs to be secured in areas with strong winds.

Our recommendation

The Deuba Poly Rattan Trough has a beautiful eye-catching design that will blend in well if you already have rattan furniture/décor. This model offers an organised way of caring for individual plants while still saving on space. 

We love the fact that the synthetic rattan is durable and that it will not fade in the sun. It is also awesome that the price is within reach because you cannot afford to miss out on this beautifully designed planter.

8. Stewart 70cm Versailles Trough Planter

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Stewart 5122031 70 Centimeter Versailles Trough Planter

Last on our list is the Stewart 70cm Versailles Trough Planter which is made from durable plastic that is shockproof and designed to bear a lead effect.

This model is not only UV-resistant but is also frostproof. You can leave it in the rain or the sun without much concern. The 2.56kg planter is lightweight thus, you can move it from one spot to another with ease.

It already possesses drainage holes to get rid of excessive water but depending on the soil you use, you may need to add more. This model measures 33cm tall by 32cm by 70cm wide and it offers a total capacity of 59 litres.


  • Offers a nice lead effect.
  • Made from durable recyclable plastic that is shockproof, UV-resistant, and frostproof.
  • Provides a manageable capacity of 59 litres.
  • Features drainage holes.
  • Lightweight thus easy to move around.


  • May need more drainage holes.

Our recommendation

The Stewart 70cm Versailles Trough Planter is a decent plastic model. It is lightweight so do not expect it to be as durable as a planter made from thicker plastic.

You can plant anything you want in the trough because it is spacious and it comes with drainage holes. The lead imitated design is pretty impressive because it gives the trough an interesting appearance. For its price and size, it offers good value for money.

Buyer’s Guide

Selecting a garden trough planter is a simple process if you already know what you want. In this section, we discuss some of the considerations to be made before settling on the best trough planter. It does not matter if you are in search of a long planter or the best window trough, what matters is that you have all the information to make navigating the market easier even in the future.


From the products presented above, we can see that planters are made from different materials. You can find wood, plastic, metal, and stone planters depending on your requirements.

What is essential is that the material used is durable and weatherproof. You want a planter that can be left outdoors without disintegrating quickly in a matter of months.


The plants you want to grow will determine the size of the planter you select. Small plants will do well with small planters because they do not require much room to grow.

Large plants will need a trough that is deeper and wide enough to contain the plant without harming its roots. Always look at the dimensions of the product before purchasing to see if the capacity is adequate for what you need to do.

Colours and effects

Troughs are available in many colours and designs. You can select a plastic model that imitates the look of stone/metal to match your garden theme. Do not limit yourself because you can find the exact design that you want because there are so many planter models on the market.


Troughs need to come with drainage holes because they are essential to the well-being of the plants and without them, most plants will simply drown.

Draining off the excess water prevents water from pooling around the plants unnecessarily creating conditions for mould too. It is important to note that some garden trough planter does not come with pre-drilled holes so you will have to do it yourself, always check before filling with compost.

Self-watering features

Some planters like our best pick come with self-watering features. These types of planters have a reservoir where the roots can reach to get some water.

The planters have a water level indicator that will notify you when it is time to refill the reservoir. You will find this feature very convenient if you have no time to constantly water your plants or you are away on holiday. You can rest easy knowing that your plants will be hydrated for the next couple of weeks. 

Handles and bases

Raised bases are essential because they allow for drainage instead of water pooling around the base, it also helps avoid the holes getting clogged up in the bottom.

Raised bases also make it easier to move the planter if it has no handle. You will be wise to select a planter with handles if you want easy manoeuvrability. There are also brackets being offered for long planters as well as short planters to make them easily mountable and save on floor space.

Quick user tips

  • Wipe the planter surface regularly if you want to prevent dirt build-up that would alter its appearance.
  • When drilling holes make sure they are well placed to ensure effective drainage of the entire planter.
  • Wooden planters require protective coatings to keep protecting the wood from the elements, even after many years of use.
  • Plastic planters can be recycled so make sure you dispose of them accordingly.
  • Lightweight planters should be weighed down to prevent them from being knocked over by the wind. You can use something like a brick before laying the soil to ensure that the planter is stable.
  • Metallic planters without drainage holes should not be left out in the open rain because the plants will be left sitting in a pool of water. Transfer them to the shade if it is possible.
  • Make sure the brackets you purchase are safely secured so that the planter does not fall and hurt someone or get damaged.

Final Conclusion

Planters can help you grow a myriad of vegetables, fruits, and plants among others without taking up too much space. The best trough planter will synchronise with your décor without sticking out like a sore thumb.

If you know of someone who is also shopping for a garden trough planter or the best window trough, you can suggest to them the Lechuza Balconera Self-Watering Planter Trough. This self-watering model is popular with customers because it removes the need for watering the plants daily.

Alternatively, the Adtrad Tanalised Wooden Planter Trough is available if they need something that is customised to their needs.

With that being said, leave us comments down below on which planters worked the best for you. We are excited to hear about your experience.

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