GTech HT20 Hedge Trimmer Review – Detailed Review for 2019

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GTech HT20 Hedge Trimmer Review – Detailed Review for 2019

GTech HT20 Hedge Trimmer Review – Detailed Review for 2019

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Gtech Hedge Trimmer Review - Does it really make the cut?

gtech hedge trimmer reviews

Gtech have now updated their cordless hedge trimmer and it now includes a thicker blade and overall is more robust plus it has a longer run time at 60 minutes. We have not reviewed the updated model in detail just yet but it looks like they have improved an already excellent hedge trimmer - See new model (Gtech HT3.0 Hedge Trimmer - click here)

Our Rating

The Gtech HT20 cordless hedge trimmer is a reliable hedge trimmer that you can depend on and simply put is one of the best cordless hedge trimmers we have ever reviewed. The cordless trimmer has all the features that you may need to keep your hedges in good shape. Whether you have short or tall hedges, this hedge trimmer will facilitate easy handling and is surprisingly light weight. To understand why the hedge trimmer is what you need, we have to look at the product specifications and why they matter when compared to other models. Once you understand the features pertaining to the model, it will be smooth sailing and you will be glad you considered this fantastic model.

Quick summary: 

This trimmer is incredibly lightweight at only 2.25kg, its easy to charge in only 4 hours and with 45 minutes running time from a single charge it will give you enough time to work even on larger hedges. It is easy to clean and highly versatile. We really like the additional branch butter for them thick branches but this is an addition cost. What more could you ask from a cordless hedge trimmer? To learn more and read our detailed review carry on reading.

Long reach Gtech hedge trimmer

Long reach Gtech hedge trimmer


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    It relies on Lithium-ion batteries, which is able to give the unit a running time of 45 minutes. This is enough time to get substantial work done and 15 minutes longer than many other similar models.
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    The batteries used can be interchanged with other compatible Gtech tools like the ST20 Gtech grass trimmer. This saves the user some money.
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    It is a cordless unit and therefore provides enough room for one to work without being limited by cords.
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    The cutting head is adjustable and can rotate up to 135º to allow the user to cut the tops of hedges without using ladders.
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    Designed to be lightweight at only 2.25kg and well balanced which puts less stain on your arms and back.
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    It is versatile as it can facilitate the attachment of other compatible cutting mechanisms such as a branch cutter for cutting thick branches easily.
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    Provides enough reach for long hedges. An extension tube can be bought in case one needs more reach at an addition cost.
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    Features a long double sided blade to effect clean cuts.


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    It is a small unit and thus will not be able to handle hedges which have not been cut for a year or so as the branches would be to thick unless you use the addition branch cutter.
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    Additional accessories that one may need are purchased independently such as the extendable tube and branch trimmer and thus raises the overall cost of the product 

Specifications, features & whats included when you buy the Gtech HT20 Hedge Trimmer

HT20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
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    Blade type - Dual steel blades
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    Blade length and spacing - 315mm long blade with 1.5cm teeth spacing.
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    Cutting head - adjustable to 135 degrees.
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    Running time - 45 minutes.
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    Charging time - 4 hours
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    Weight - 2.25kgs

Our Gtech HT20 Long Reach Hedge Review

18V Li-Ion CordLess Unit

The Gtech cordless hedge trimmer HT20 is a tool many of us need if we have tall hedges such as privet, leylandii, laurels or similar and want to avoid the cords and petrol motors associated with the alternative electric or heavy petrol models. The advantage with this unit is that it comes with all the features you might find in a petrol or corded electric based model. The unit obviously is cordless and thus will need reliable batteries of which Gtech seem to have put a-lot of thought into. The battery it comes with is a 18V Lithium-ion battery which is very compact and, they are able to store adequate charge to be used for longer periods of time, we could not verify what Amh the battery is but its fairly large as we know it has a longer running time than most other hedge trimmers we have reviewed in the past, which is usually around 30 minutes which is much less than what the Gtech models is capable of.

These batteries take up to 4 hours to charge so fairly fast but some models are now capable of charging batteries in 1 hour. However it is still short time compared to some models available in the market which take 6 hours. Once the unit is fully charged, there is an indicator that informs you that the process is completed. Once charged, the hedge trimmer will work for around 45 minutes giving plenty of time for most medium sized hedges.

Adjustable head

One of the more notable features is the adjustable head which we love and think is very useful. With many hedge cutters, angled cuts tend to be challenging. Instead of the user twisting their hands to get a good cutting angle, the head does this instead. Once you set the cutting head at the right angle, all you have to do is sweep the blade over the required area and voila!. simply a great feature which means no more getting to ladders to trim the top of the hedge.

Lightweight unit

As stated before, this is a lightweight unit. Weighing in at only 2.25kgs, it is rather easy to use the unit. A problem might arise if you choose to use the extendable pole. Due to the structure, some people may find the unit top heavy and thus cause some unwanted strain. This will probably not be a problem for most people but some users are sure to notice the extra weight on there arms. Personally we think its no more top heavy them most other models.

Gtech ht20 long reach

The hedge trimmer can be transformed into a branch cutter. The branch cutter and extendible pole are purchased independently, therefore, remember to add the numbers before purchasing. This versatile feature will save you time and the expense of getting individual trimming tools for your garden. The branch cutter is excellent for trimming those thicker branches and is much saver then using a chainsaw type head or bow saw.

Durable construction

Blades contributes a large factor as to the optimal performance of any hedge trimmer. Materials such as steel are popular for durability. The dual blade featured in this model is made of high-quality steel which in turn won’t bend or get blunt easily. The 31cm blade with 1.5cm tooth spacing can be replaced or sharpened with ease if needed but as long as you keep your hedge well trimmed regularly to avoid excessive stress on the blade because of thicker branches, this should not be a problem to most. 

Final Conclusion

The Gtech cordless hedge trimmer HT20 is not one of those frustrating models that take up your time with lack the power and is super heavy. This is the total opposite, plenty of power, lightweight and easy to use. Once the battery is fully charged, all you have to do is press a button and you are good to go. A waiting time of 4 hours is manageable for the price and the running time is more than sufficient at 40 minutes. If you have a small area to cover then this hedge trimmer will work perfectly but if you have a larger hedge it would be worth considering a spare battery.

Admittedly, if you want to buy the whole set plus accessories, it will cost you more. But, it is a worthy investment since you won’t have to buy other hedge trimming accessories and they do come in handy for them off thicker branches and extra reach if needed. This lightweight unit is effective and provides enough torque to deal with the new foliage in your garden.

We hope that the review has sufficiently indicated what to expect when you decide to purchase this model. What we would like to point out is that it will not cut a hedge that has not been cut for years, this model is designed to keep hedges trimmed regularly and will not cut though really thick branches on unmaintained hedges as the branches will be too thick. Our advice if you have a hedge which is really overgrown is to get a professional to trim the hedge and then you can trim the hedge every 3 or 4 weeks.

Do you think it makes a good addition to your landscaping tools? If so? What are you waiting for? Grab yourself the Gtech cordless hedge trimmer HT20 and get those hedges up to par. 

We hope you have found our Gtech hedge trimmer reviews helpful, That’s all for now, all the best and don't forget to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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