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8 Best Wellies For Dog Walking For Miles of Walking

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When it comes to walking, especially with the dog, I always wear a decent pair of wall-insulated wellies, especially in winter, rather than hiking boots (I wear them more in summer when it’s dry). My wife prefers Dublin River Boots, while my daughter loves her Moretta farm yard boots, both of which are excellent quality boots and, I’m told, very comfortable.

River boots and Jack Pyke wellies that are both excellent for dog walking
River boots and Jack Pyke wellies are both excellent for dog walking

I like my Jack Pyke Wellington boots; I love the neoprene rubber material, but more on this further down. I find that wellies and farm yard-style boots handle wet, muddy conditions much better, and you never know when you will find yourself being dragged through a wet, muddy field or flooded path when walking the dog.

I’m lucky that even at a young age, my parents took me, my two brothers, my sister and our dog on many trips to the Lake District (my favourite place), beautiful Scotland and even just local walks, as we live in a semi-rural location. Add on the fact that I also grew up around horses, and even now, my two daughters both ride and loan a horse, so we are never too far from the yard. So we appreciate a good pair of wellies or boots regardless of whether we are walking in the Lakes, doing yard work or on a walk with the dog around the woods.

Jack Pyke wellington boots that are perfect for winter and summer
Some of the boots my wife considered recently

Being an outdoorsy family, I can’t get enough of the outdoors, and between my wife, two daughters and me, we’ve had our fair share of different wellies over the years, from Mud Dogs Rutland Short Neoprene Wellington Boots and Aigle Parcours Boots to Muck Boots, and more recently my Jack Pyke wellies. With this in mind, I wanted to share what I think are some of the best wellies for dog walking or just wellies for walking in general. When it comes to wellies, you definitely get what you pay for, so I’ve always invested a little more to guarantee quality, comfort and basiclly wellies that last.

Dublin River Boots one of the best boots for walking
Dublin River Boots one of the best boots for walking as well as farm yard work

Before I get into my reviews and buyers guide, I want to share some wellies and knee boots that are well worth considering, starting with the Dublin River Boots. Now, my wife has had a few similar styles from various brands, including the Dubarry version, but she says these are favourites by far, and they are much more affordable. She thinks they look amazing and they are of great quality. She got the next size up and wore thick walking socks; she also commented on how they were very comfortable. She previously had the Dubarry boots, but they gave her blisters when doing longer walks. These River boots have been brilliant. Now they were not cheap, I think she paid around £170 in a sale, but her Dubarry was nearly double that so compared to them, they are a bargain. Honestly, these Dublin River boots are well worth considering.

River boots my daughter uses when we go walking, comfortable and waterproof
My daughters Moretta farm yard boots, comfortable and waterproof

My daughter prefers the Moretta farm yard boots picured above, so these could be worth looking into for those with younger daughters, and I think they were also more affordable.

Jack Pyke wellington boots that are perfect for winter and summer
Jack Pyke wellington boots that are perfect for winter and summer

Now, I’ve had a few pairs of wellingtons over the years for walking and fishing. I recently switched from wearing Parcours to Muck Boots and now to Jack Pyke Wellington Boots, the English Oak Version. Don’t get me wrong, the muck boots were fantastic and are great value, but their grip wasn’t brilliant. I’ve been more impressed with the Jack Pyke wellies, which are made from neoprene and rubber. Where they excel is keeping my feet warm, even in cold weather, and I’m talking minus -5c. The neoprene makes them retain the heat, but they are incredibly comfortable, too. I literally wear them all day, and even when fishing, I walk up shallow rivers in very cold water. I don’t feel the cold, and the water has been icy cold, too. If I’m walking in winter, these are what I wear — a brilliant pair of boots for the price!

My wifes Mud Dogs Wellington boots

I also want to mention the Mud Dogs Rutland Short Wellington boots. My wife also has a pair of these as she needed something she could slide on for shorter walks that were comfortable and ideal for walking around the field. However, she didn’t want full-length wellies (she already has the farmyard boots and a pair of Hunters, so these looked ideal. They are also made from neoprene fabric, like my Jack Pyke wellies, so they are warm and waterproof. She’s been very pleased with them so far; she noted that the first pair had to be returned as they were too small, so you might need to get the next size up.

One more pair of wellies, which are excellent, is the Aigle Unisex Parcours 2 Vario Wellingtons. It has been a few years since I’ve had these. However, I would definitely consider getting them again. They were very comfortable, well made, and definitely better than my wife’s Hunter’s wellies she had before getting the Dublin boots. Hunter wellies are overrated, but that’s just my opinion. These Aigle Parcours have a decent grip, especially compared to my old Muck boots and are very comfortable. They are also lightweight and quite flexible. A couple of things to note, you can only really slide them on with your hands; the material is quite flexible rather than stiff. I got the Jack Pyke wellies over the Parcours because I also used them for fishing and need a pair of wellies that keep my feet warm even when not walking. If I wanted a pair just for walking, I would get the Aigle Parcours; they are great wellies!

River boots my daughter uses when we go walking, comfortable and waterproof
River boots my daughter uses when we go walking, comfortable and waterproof

The best wellies for walking which I have included in tmy review are listed below:

  1. Jack Pyke Neoprene Wellington Boots English Oak Evolution – These are my current wellies I use for walking and fishing, very comfortable, warm, well made and affordable
  2. Dublin Waterproof River Boots – My wifes go to boots, not cheap but fit great, comfirtable and warm as well as fully waterproof
  3. Mud Dogs Rutland Short Neoprene Dog Walking Wellington Boots – A great all rounder for short walks with the dog, espcially on the muddy field in winter
  4. Aigle Unisex Adults Parcours 2 Vario Wellington Boots – One of my favourite pairs of wellies, very comfortable, plenty of grip and flexability
  5. Lakeland Active Women’s Rydal Neoprene Insulated Rubber Wellington Boots – A great budget pair of wellies for woman
  6. Muck Boots Arctic Sport Unisex Adults Wellies – A great pair of wellies, grip could be better but overall a great pair of wellies
  7. Mountain Warehouse Neoprene Mucker Casual Men’s Wellies – A good budget pair of wellies
  8. Lakeland Active Women’s Kentmere Neoprene Insulated Short Wellington Boots – Good wellies at a good price, a good alturnative to Mud Dog wellies

8 Best Wellies for Dog Walking

1. Jack Pyke Neoprene Wellington Boots English Oak Evolution

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My Jack Pyke Neoprene English Oak Evolution Wellington Boots which I think are one of the bbest wellies for dog walking

The Jack Pyke Neoprene Wellington Boots English Oak Evolution are a unisex Wellington boot that look good on anyone and there one of my favourites for sure. The English Oak pattern is just that – a view of English Oak leaves in autumn, I just think they look good.

These wellington boots are constructed of neoprene and rubber. The top part of the boot is of neoprene but they also runs right down to the soul inside. This is the material used in wet suits so it’s definitely waterproof and keeps you dry but also insulates the heat.

The lower part of the boot is made of black rubber. This serves again to keep your feet dry and warm. Together, these parts of the boot are fully waterproof. The boot is quite long and extends to your mid-calf, so most of your lower leg remains cosy and they fit nicely.

Neoprene lining on the Jack Pyke wellies I use for walking
Neoprene lining on the Jack Pyke wellies I use for walking

The neoprene lining throughout the full boot is 3mm thick neoprene. You stay warm and extra dry on chilly and wet days.

You won’t be slipping and sliding over muddy or uneven terrain with the thick rubber sole. The sole has a half tread that serves to grip any mud or wet ground.

Getting the boots on and off is not difficult. There’s a loop at the top back of the boots for you to tug on.  And when it’s time to take off the boot, use the lug built into the boot on the back to remove your foot gently.

Jack Pyke wellington boots that are perfect for winter and summer
Jack Pyke wellington boots that are perfect for winter and summer


  • Unisex neoprene and rubber wellie boots.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Neoprene top half in English Oak pattern.
  • Rubber bottom half in black.
  • Rubber sole with half grip.
  • Neoprene lining is 3mm thick.
  • Finger pull to help pull boots on.
  • Lug to help get boots off.
  • Height is to mid-calf.

My recommendation

If you want your dog walking boots to be warm and comfortable with just a little pizazz, the Jack Pyke Neoprene Wellington Boots are a good choice.

The thick sole has plenty of grip on all terrains – slippery or not. I actually also use them for fishing so are often on slipperly surfaces and they grip well.

The Jack Pyke boots are a good choice for stylish rural off-the-beaten path dog walking. One of my favourite pairs are very comfortable and warm even on the coldest morning

2. Dublin Waterproof River Boots


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Dublin River Boots one of the best boots for walking
Dublin River Boots one of the best boots for walking as well as farm yard work

The Dublin Waterproof River Boots are simple and straightforward, yet stylish enough to wear while out shopping or on the farm yard (My wife uses them for all three, walking, at he stables and even occassionaly shopping). Made from leather, these pair of boots keep you warm as you walk your dog every day. The boots are designed to also accommodate people with larger calves. The drawstring feature at the top of the wellies allows the opening to expand for wider legs and then close up which is somwthing my wife has has prevous issues with in the past.

Quality waterproof stitching on River boots
Quality waterproof stitching on River boots

However, if you have wide feet, you may struggle to get into the wellies the first couple of times because the ankles of the boots are a little snug. As with all leather boots, you have to break the wellies in at first. Wearing thick socks helps to do this quickly.

Dublin river boots I get for my wife and daughter

In addition to being very comfortable, these boots are waterproof, thanks to the waterproof membrane. The wellies also feature RSC tough-tech rubber soles to provide great traction and stability. This is useful in heavy rain and on frosty days and icy mornings. These slip-on wellies are both stylish and functional, just take care of them as you would any leather footwear.


  • Comfortable to wear, so long dog walks won’t give you blisters or tire your legs.
  • Waterproof, so no excuses for not taking your dog out on rainy days.
  • The drawstring expands the boot opening so larger calves can fit through.
  • Tough and durable soles let you take your dog “off-road”.
  • Extremely stylish with black/brown mottled surface which hides dirt and flacks of mud to some extent.


  • A little snug at the ankle until broken in.

My recommendation

Have you always wanted leather wellies? The Dublin Waterproof River Boots may be perfect for you. The design and colour are stylish, giving the wellies/boots an elegant appearance. These boots provide comfort even when you are trudging over rough terrain. In typical leather fashion, the retained heat keeps your feet warm. The price of these wellies is on the high side but I think there worth the extra cost and there still much cheaper than the Dubarry boots my wife had prevously.

My wife had been so impressed with the Dublin Waterproof River Boots that they are my top pick for ladies when walking your dog. Not only are they very functional for this task but you’ll look good doing it, and also anywhere else you choose to wear these boots.

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3. Mud Dogs Rutland Short Neoprene Dog Walking Wellington Boots

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Mud Dogs Rutland Short Neoprene Waterproof Dog Walking Wellington Boots

These Mud Dogs Rutland Short Dog Walking Wellington Boots are part of the Mud Dogs renowned line of boots and they are ideal for shorter walks, or at least thats what my wife uses them for. These boots are lightweight and comfortable.

As with most dog walking boots, these Mud Dogs are in two parts. The upper part, which bears the company logo, is made of neoprene in black. This material is 100% waterproof and keeps you warm.

The lower part of the boot is made of an synthetic material but I don’t think its rubber.  It’s in a different shade of black, giving the boot an attractive two-tone look. This material is also 100% waterproof.

These boots keep your feet warm as well as dry as they’re insulated with neoprene. As they’re short boots, just your feet and lower calf stay this way. But this style of boot is great for those people who don’t like to go walking with most of their lower legs encased in boots.

The soles of this Mud Digs short boots are worth a special mention. They’re thick with a proprietary zigzag sole pattern. The treads are deep and wide between the sets of zigzags. This leads to you having more traction on uneven, icy or slippery terrain, perhaps across fields as your dog explores wherever their nose takes them. The soles also soften with every step making them even more comfortable.

Even with a short boot you may need some help pulling them on. The large boot loop at the back of the boot makes this an easy task to do.


  • Unisex short boots in synthetic fabric.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Black neoprene top of boot and olive synthetic lower part of boot.
  • Mud Dogs logo on outside neoprene part.
  • Insulated with neoprene fabric.
  • Anti-slip rubber sole with specially designed zigzag sole pattern.
  • Rubber sole moulded and flexible.
  • Pull-up loop on back of boot.

My recommendation

If you like a short boots rather than a mid-calf length boots, the Mud Dogs Rutland Short Wellington Boots are a good choice. These are really lightweight boots made of neoprene so there warm even on frostly cold morning. The zigzag treads of the boots make them especially stable on icy and slippery ground. There’s a large loop to help you pull them on and off easily.

These Mud Dogs Rutland Short boots are a good choice if you don’t like to wear heavy boots when out with your dog.

4. Aigle Unisex Adults Parcours 2 Vario Wellington Boots


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Aigle Unisex Adults Parcours 2 Vario Wellington Boots

I had these Aigle Unisex Adults Parcours 2 Vario Wellingtons Boots a few years agi and they provided a great fit and durability. Featuring tri-density rubber soles, the slip-on pair provides comfort even when you take your dog on long walks. Pressure is taken off your feet by the damping cushions in the sole. This keeps your calves from aching and lets you walk further without tiring.

Speaking of calves, the wellies feature gussets and tabs that let people with all sizes and shapes of calves wear them comfortably. The gussets and tabs also make sure that the wellies are properly secured. If your foot gets stuck in the mud, you can wiggle out of the mud without losing a welly.

The exterior of the boots is made of rubber while the fast-drying linings are made of polyester. Rubber is a hard-wearing material suitable for tough terrains or for walking the dog every day. The polyester lining is sanitised to provide a healthy environment for your feet. The lining also retains some heat and keeps you warm.

Handmade by master craftspeople in France, it is easy to understand why the quality of these boots speaks for itself.


  • Can be adjusted to fit all shapes and sizes of calves snugly.
  • Made from hard-wearing rubber which gives good traction.
  • The anti-fatigue, shock absorbing sole makes these boots comfortable over long distances.
  • A waterproof gusset for use in wet weather keeps you dry.
  • Handmade in France by master craftspeople for an artisan quality.


  • No problems to report.

My recommendation

When you buy these wellies, you are buying comfort and quality. The Aigle Unisex Adults Parcours 2 Vario Wellingtons Boots are comfortable even after miles of walking. This pair of wellies will fit snugly to your legs if you adjust the gussets provided as well. These do not come cheap but you’re paying for handcrafted quality but there not expensive either, the wife paid alot more for bootd on the past!

The comfort of the wellies may draw you to wear them every day. It’s very unlikely but if they did spring a leak after a while, the warranty allows you to return them and get a new pair.

We’ve selected the Aigle Unisex Adults Parcours 2 Vario Wellingtons Boots as our Runner-up and as our Best Pick for Comfortable Wellies for walking your dog. If you are after handcrafted wellies from a well-established European firm noted for comfort and quality, we recommend these boots.

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5. Lakeland Active Women’s Rydal Neoprene Insulated Rubber Wellington Boots

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Lakeland Active Women's Rydal Neoprene Insulated Rubber Wellington Boots

These Lakeland Active Women’s Rydal Neoprene Insulated Rubber Wellington Boots are a calf length welly boot designed for women. They are actually what my mum has so I thought they deserved a mention here. They are one of the most affordable wellies too.

These are natural rubber and neoprene boots. The natural rubber at the bottom of the boot is matte in appearance and fully waterproof. The neoprene upper (the same material used for scuba suits) is also waterproof and also keeps you warm.

Add to this the full 5mm neoprene lining that’s good down to -20?C, and your legs and feet stay toasty warm in most inclement weather while your dog bounds along in front of you on their walk.

These Lakeland boots offer high traction for your increased stability on all terrain. The steel reinforcement in the sole keeps it stable. And the treads are nicely spread to grip the ground easily.

Although the boots don’t have a boot loop to pull to help you put them on, there is a kick rim to help you take them off. And just bear in mind that the outer side of the neoprene part of the boot contains a fairly large company logo which interrupts the sleek look of the boot. But it does show that you’ve bought an envied pair of Lakeland boots.


  • Black natural rubber and neoprene wellington boots for women.
  • Neoprene on the top half and rubber on the bottom half.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Calf-length.
  • Sole has steel reinforcement for high traction.
  • Neoprene lining is 5mm thick and good for down to -20?C.
  • Kick rim to easily remove the boots.
  • Lakeland logo in the top of the boots.
  • Tested in Cumbria.


  • Sizes do seem to be larger than expected.

My recommendation

Lakeland Active Women’s Rydal Neoprene Insulated Rubber Wellington Boots are calf length boots that keep your feet and legs warm and dry. The neoprene lining is thicker than in most other wellington boots and keeps you warm down to -20C. If it gets colder than that, you really should re-evaluate how much you and your dog need to go out for a walk. These boots are made and tested in the Lake District, UK, so you know that they’ve been exposed to really cold weather.

These Lakeland Active Women’s Rydal Neoprene  boots are a good choice if you and your dog go for long walks in cold weather.

6. Muck Boots Arctic Sport Unisex Wellies

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Muck Boots Arctic Sport Unisex Wellies

I’ve not has Muck Boots for about 6 years but at one time its what I always purchased for work on the nursery and fishing plus walking. This pair of boots is full-length which means that they keep dirt from staining your clothes and keep your feet dry when you track through muddy puddles with your dog at your side.

Created from rubber, the outer material of these boots is strong enough to withstand some wear and tear. The inner lining is mesh to foster breathability and keep your feet in a healthy environment. These pair of wellies contains 5mm CR flex-foam on the upper part and this facilitates comfort. The soles are made from unknown materials, but the manufacturer states that they are as durable as rubber.

These slip-on wellies have a heel height of 1.25 inches and are fully waterproof, as you would expect. You can walk your dog and have your feet stay dry even when there are puddles of water everywhere. However, the width of these boots is not adjustable and online reviewers state that those with larger calves may not be able to get them on.


  • Made from durable materials.
  • Soles are ridged to give great traction so that you don’t slip on damp grass or in mud.
  • Full length wellies that protect your legs from dirt and muddy water.
  • Retain heat to keep your feet warm in chilly weather.


  • May lose traction on slippery surfaces like a wet rocks.
  • A tight fit for people with large calves.

My recommendation

The Muck Boots Arctic Sport Unisex Adults Wellies are reliable but the grip could be better. They are well constructed to ensure that your feet stay dry and comfortable. Even on long walks, you won’t feel your muscles complain thanks to the well-structured soles. These boots aren’t the cheapest available, but they will last for a long time if you maintain them well.

If you’re looking for a “normal” but quality pair of wellies and don’t think your calves are any wider than anyone else’s, check out these Muck Boots Arctic Sport Unisex Adults Wellies.

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7. Lakeland Active Women’s Kentmere Neoprene Insulated Short Wellington Boots

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Lakeland Active Women's Kentmere Neoprene Insulated Short Wellington Boots

The Lakeland Active Women’s Kentmere Wellington Boots are similar to the longer Lakeland women’s boots also in the review. This time though, the model is a short, lower-calf-length boot.

As with most wellie boots, the top section of the boot is made of neoprene and the bottom part is of rubber. In this model, both parts are a black colour. What’s neat about these short boots is that you can wear the neoprene part fully extended or roll it down to create an ankle boot.

Both neoprene and rubber have insulating properties to keep you warm. But there’s also a full neoprene lining that’s 4mm thick. This can insulate you down to -10?C. If it gets colder than this, just throw on a thicker pair of wool socks. Plus the memory foam sole inside adds both warmth and comfort as it moulds to your feet.

I do have to mention the sole of the boots. They’re fairly thick but have an unusual crinkled pattern instead of the usual orderly lines of tread. These crinkles go in all directions and are designed for extra traction. This kind of tread is self-cleaning so you won’t be continuously brushing the bottom of your boot to get rid of mud, small stones and ice that have lodged there. However, some online reviewers complain that the soles and heels are rather thin and wear through in less than a year.


  • Black short rubber and neoprene women’s wellington boots.
  • Wear as short boots or roll the top down.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Neoprene on the top half and rubber on the bottom half.
  • Neoprene insulation that’s 4mm thick and good down to -10?C.
  • Heel tabs for ease of pulling on and off.
  • Memory foam sole inside.
  • Sole has multi-directional crinkled design for traction.
  • Sole ridges are self-cleaning.
  • Tested in the Lake District.


  • Soles and heels are rather thin.

My recommendation

You can wear the Lakeland Active Women’s Kentmere Neoprene Insulated Short Wellington Boots two ways. Wear the neoprene top part fully extended for a lower-calf-length boot. Or roll the neoprene down to form an ankle boot. Two styles within one boot.

These fully waterproof boots have an unusual multi-directional crinkled tread that grasps the ground in all directions, reducing your chance of slipping and sliding. And the full neoprene lining is good down to -10?C.

These Lakeland Active Women’s Kentmere are a good choice if you take your dog off the beaten path for their walks. And you like to have variety in your boot style.

8. Mountain Warehouse Neoprene Mucker Casual Men’s Wellies

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Mountain Warehouse Neoprene Mucker Casual Men’s Wellies

The Mountain Warehouse Neoprene Mucker Casual Men’s Wellies for Walking are affordable, yet still of excellent quality. These men’s wellies are comfortable and warm. They consist of a flexible neoprene upper that allows each boot to fit around your calf well.

When you get to the inside of the wellies, you will find a neoprene lining. This will keep your feet warm, even on the coldest days. The exterior is made of rubber which is durable, strong and easy to clean. This pair of boots is waterproof, a feature that’s essential on any dog walk.

For traction, the soles of the wellies feature deep lugs. These lugs will help you maintain your stability as much as you can on slippery grounds. These easy-to-clean wellies will allow you to walk for miles without developing sore muscles.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to walk in. 
  • Waterproof so you always have dry feet.
  • Provides enough traction for stability.
  • Neoprene lining keeps your feet warm in cold weather.
  • Affordable and suits most budgets.
  • Easy to clean just wipe or wash them down. 


  • Rough terrains can wear out the neoprene quickly.

My recommendation

The Mountain Warehouse Neoprene Mucker Casual Men’s Wellies are a good pair of affordable boots, although they may wear out quickly. If you don’t walk your dog every day for long distances, these light boots seem like the perfect choice, especially in urban areas. If you plan to use your wellies occasionally and you do not want to spend more money than necessary, these will do the job. If you live in the countryside where mud/stones are part of the landscape, then you want to find weightier wellies to wear.

These boots are a good option if you need a pair of lightweight and easy-to-look-after wellies for urban dog walks along streets and in the park.

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Buyer’s Guide

What to say about buying wellies, footwear that everyone who grew up in the UK is probably familiar with? In this review, we focus on wellies for dog walking. These wellies have to be waterproof, comfortable when walking distances and look good, especially for those of us who bump into our neighbours when out with our pets.

Here are some issues to consider when deciding which wellies are best for you and your dog.


When wellies first made their debut, leather was the material of choice. As years went by and new materials were discovered or invented, wellington boots evolved. Now you can purchase rubber wellies or buy them made from polyvinylchloride (PVC) and other synthetic materials.

Wellington boots being made from quality materies

Rubber wellies are often preferred over PVC wellies due to durability. When you compare PVC and rubber wellies by appearance, you might get confused as they look the same. The difference presents itself in touch and material rigidity. The PVC wellies are stiffer and light to touch. While PVC wellies don’t last as long, they are much more merciful to your budget.

Leather wellies are still available but they are preferred for winter days. People who work with horses gravitate toward leather wellies due to their comfort and durability. The most important thing is to pick wellies that match the task at hand. Light functions = light wellies, heavy functions = heavy wellies.

Lining Material

Most Wellington boots have a lining in them. The lining provides comfort against any rough edges in the inside seams of the boots. Some linings also provide insulation to keep your feet warm. When it comes to choices in lining material, there are various considerations.

The lining material used will determine the heat retained in the boots. There are some materials that retain more heat and thus cause your feet to be too warm. Warm feet in winter are appreciated but in summer that warmth can be too much.

Wellington lining being cut to size

Here are common lining materials that are used:

Leather – leather linings are perfect in cold conditions. They retain heat even in sub-zero temperatures. The lining is treated to keep water damage at bay and keep the leather limber.

Neoprene – neoprene linings are the type you need in extreme weather conditions. When the temperatures go below -5°C, you need neoprene lining. This is the same material used to make scuba diving suits. The thicker the material used, the more the wellies are able to retain heat in frigid temperatures.

Jersey – comprised of a polyester and cotton blend, jersey lining is appreciated in everyday-wear wellies. These linings are light and allow heat to escape, leaving your feet comfortable.

Fur – this kind of lining is preferred for chilly weather too. Just in case you are not a fan of either leather or neoprene, you can always pick fur. They may be a bit costly depending on the quality of the fur used.

Shoe size and boot length

Wearing boots too big or too small for you can result in blisters, corns or bunions. It’s uncomfortable and harmful. While you can always wear thick socks in boots that are too large, take some time to find the right size in the first place.

Comparing different sized wellies

As well as different shoe sizes, wellies come in different leg lengths as well. Some come up to your ankles or calves, and others up to your knees. Full-length wellies stop the most splashes and mud clumps from landing on your jeans, but ankle- or calf-length boots are sometimes easier to walk longer distances in.

Also be aware that wellies have different leg widths, both in the opening at the top and in the actual boot leg diameter itself. Some wellies have gussets that are open to accommodate those with wider calves, and others are quite slim fitting. You need to worry about both of these. Maybe the boot is wide enough to fit your leg, but can you get your foot through the narrow top opening?

Sole quality

Look for wellington boots with thick and sturdy soles. These may add to the weight of the boots but you won’t find yourself being pricked by brambles coming through the bottom of your boots. Holes in the soles suck up water when you walk through puddles or muddy patches, making your socks uncomfortably soggy.

Cracked wellington sole

The sole of the boot also needs to offer enough traction to avoid slippery situations. Rubber is often used to make soles because it is flexible and offers dependable footing. Look for deep ridges or other patterns on the underside of the sole as these indentations are what provide the traction.

Overall design

You are going to be seen in public when walking your dog so be honest with yourself about how important style is to you. Choose your wellies accordingly.

But never sacrifice style for function. We have two high-fashion boots in our review and both are very functional pairs of wellington boots. We didn’t include other stylish wellies (with great patterns and pictures on them) as they weren’t very good for dog walking. Your dog may not forgive you if you have to cut the walk short because your feet hurt!

Final Conclusion

Finding the best wellies for dog walking is quite a straightforward undertaking. The boots we reviewed range from a glamourous pair of leather boots that last for years of walking across fields and dales to some inexpensive pairs of lightweight wellies for short walks in town. The pair you select depends on your budget, where you walk, how fit your dog is, and, somewhat surprisingly, the size of your calves.

Now that you look good in your new pair of dog walking wellies, how about a new coat (for yourself) to complete the outfit. We have information and recommendations about this in our Best Coat for Dog Walking review.

Or if you become hooked on wellies as your footwear of choice, how about a pair to go to festivals in, a special pair for shooting and hunting, or another pair of wellies just for gardening?

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Welcome to my site, my name is John and I have been lucky enough to work in horticultural nurseries for over 15 years in the UK. As the founder and editor as well as researcher, I have a City & Guilds Horticultural Qualifications which I proudly display on our About us page. I now work full time on this website where I review the very best gardening products and tools and write reliable gardening guides. Behind this site is an actual real person who has worked and has experience with the types of products we review as well as years of knowledge on the topics we cover from actual experience. You can reach out to me at

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