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Without doubt, one of the best types of ladders for getting close to an object where there is no wall to lean against and they are very stable on uneven ground making them perfect for cutting hedges and other garden jobs.

A tripod ladder is an indispensable tool in any garden with tall hedges and trees that need seasonal maintenance. Unlike a traditional ladder that needs to lean against a wall, the tripod design allows for use in the open garden, getting you closer to the object you want to reach. Tripod ladders have this 'third leg' the creates a very stable structure for you to carry out tasks at height with total confidence. The best garden tripod ladder will also tend to have adjustable legs that allow easy set up on uneven terrain. 

Now, if you are looking for the best tripod ladder to use in your garden, there are certainly a few things to consider, height being the main thing and your budget determining what you can afford. There is more of this information in our brief buyers guide just below. 

We also review some outstanding tripod ladders currently on the market and which you can compare and maybe walk away with one.

From our research, the Hendon 3.6m (11.98ft) Tripod Ladder is certainly one of the best tripod ladder for hedge trimming. It stands very tall and will enable you to maintain high hedges and prune overgrown branches. The aluminium made frame is lightweight for easy moving in the garden and its wide base makes for a very stable structure. 

Best Pick

The best choice for keen gardeners, tree surgeons, and landscapers for cutting and trimming hedges, trees, and bushes.

The best choice for keen gardeners, tree surgeons, and landscapers for cutting and trimming hedges, trees, and bushes. 

  • Features a telescopic third leg that allows set-up of this ladder on uneven or sloping ground. 
  • Has clawed feet for gripping rough surfaces and also comes with a rubber cap for use on smooth ground.
  • Has an extended width that makes it much more stable than a step ladder.
  • Constructed from a lightweight aluminium welded frame for maximum strength. 

Buyers Guide

Do you really need a tripod ladder?

Many a time you'll try to balance at the top of a step ladder to trim the top of a hedge, but it is a strenuous and dangerous thing to do, specially as you are usually on uneven ground. A tripod ladder is a great solution and will save you from struggling to balance on an ordinary ladder.

It can be positioned by a hedge either by positioning the front leg into the hedge itself, something that is usually not possible with a normal step ladder as the two legs get in the way, or angle the tripod ladder alongside the hedge. These tools are extremely stable as well - a necessity when working at height. Obviously, anything that improves stability reduces the risk of accidents. Let's not forget that falls from height account of the majority of fatalities in the workplace, highlighting the need for ladder safety.

The significance of using the right ladder for the appropriate task cannot be overemphasized. And when it comes to the laborious task of tree pruning, hedge trimming, and fruit picking, a tripod ladder comes up trumps. 


With three fully adjustable legs, 7-inch deep rung platform for safety, wide clawed feet, and standing at 3.6m max, this could well be the ultimate best tripod ladder, but it's quite expensive.

Perfect for all garden maintenance tasks, super stable with 3 adjustable feet

With three fully adjustable legs, 7-inch deep rung platform for safety, wide clawed feet, and standing at 3.6m max, this could well be the ultimate best tripod ladder, but it's quite expensive.

Features of tripod ladders

As you would expect, a tripod ladder has three legs. This design not only creates a wider base but also ensures that all felt remain in solid contact with the surface, be it on level ground, slopes or steps. This extra level of stability is crucial particularly because most gardens are not completely level. 

Some models such as theHenrys Tripod Garden Ladders by Henchman include a grab rail at the peak of the ladder to provide extra support for leaning against or for hands-free working when is a huge bonus when using a chainsaw. Others have one or all adjustable legs, which means you can adapt them to match the job at hand. 

The best tripod ladder is made from high-grade aluminium that is both robust and incredibly lightweight. This offers the benefit a durable frame that does not rust, as well as ease of transport and storage. 

Factors to take into account when choosing a tripod ladder

First and foremost is the height you want to be working at. Maybe you have a very tall hedge to maintain regularly or you want to use the tripod ladder for other tasks such as painting walls. Basically, you just have to match your tripod ladder to the kind of tasks you'll be doing. You will most likely want to use your tripod ladder for various jobs once you have invested in one, in which you must think about the highest you're going to work at. 

The ability to adjust your tripod ladder is also important. At least all tripod ladders have a telescopic third leg that can be adjusted to attain stability on uneven ground. As for the price, it will usually go hand in hand with the quality, as well as things like height and brand. 

That said, a good tripod ladder for you is one that matches your needs and below we have a 5 models that are well worth considering. 

Top 5 Tripod Ladder Reviews

Hendon 3.6m (11.98ft) Tripod Ladder

Hendon Standard Tripod Ladder GMF360, 3.6m (11.8ft), 12 Tread, Aluminium Lightweight Frame, 1 x Adjustable Leg, Tested to EN131


  • Has a telescopic 3rd leg that makes for easy set up on almost any surface. 
  • Lightweight, welded aluminium construction ensures easy shifting from tree to tree. 
  • Broad double rung threads provides better grip in all weather.
  • Decent load capacity - 100kg.
  • Has an extra wide base for increased stability. 

The Hendon 3.6m (11.98ft) Tripod Ladder offers a great solution for gardening and landscaping on slopes and uneven grounds, not to mention it being a very stable structure on level surfaces. Whether you are a garden maintenance person trimming hedges or a tree surgeon cutting down trees, the 3.6m tripod allows you to go as high as possible with little worry of falling over, thanks to its triangular footprint, it goes without saying though, care must be taken at all times on any ladder.

Its third leg is adjustable by about 73cm in 15 increments. You can simply stretch this telescopic leg and straighten the ladder to get a comfortable working position. The ladder features a lightweight yet solid aluminium frame that can hold up a weight of up to 100kg and still allow painless moving from tree to tree. 

An optional protective rubber cap comes in handy when using the ladder on smooth floors such as concrete paths, whilst its clawed feet make it possible to work on rough ground as it grips the ground firmly. When you want to get close to your working area, as you can with all tripod ladders, you can use it its third telescopic leg by pushing it towards the hedge. It can easily manoeuvre low fences, along side walls and garden boarders when pruning. If harvesting fruits, there is a flat top step where you can place your basket or even your tools making it one of the best tripod orchard ladders. 

Overall, the Hendon 3.6m is hands down one of the best garden tripod ladder because of its unmatched height. We also like that the angle of the tripod leg can be altered to suit various degrees of slope. Absolutely awesome for the price, you can get models with 3 adjustable legs but these will set you back another £80-100.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Estate to Garden 3m Tripod Ladder

Estate to Garden Tripod Ladder 3m Aluminium Arborist 1 adjustable leg


  • Comes with an adjustable third leg that allows for stable positioning on uneven ground.
  • Features wide clawed feet that firmly grabs soft ground to prevent any movement sliding.
  • Ultra-lightweight aluminium construction at around 11kg for ease of carriage and storage. 
  • Rust and corrosion resistant frame. 

The Estate to Garden 3m Tripod Ladder is popular for heavy duty jobs such as trimming high hedges and pruning overgrown trees branches. Thanks to a lightweight aluminium construction, the tripod ladder is super-easy to move around the job area and back into the shed after you're done. Its third leg nicknamed the "milking stool" is pretty flexible allowing you to set it up well on both even and sloping terrain. It also makes it impossible to wobble or topple, so you can rest assured of your safety whilst standing on the ladder. 

Working with this tool assures you of support. You'll be able to tuck your legs and gain extra support against your thighs. and without hitting shins on the rung above which is a common problem with most other types of ladders. Its top rail allows for one-handed working but we like that you can lean against it for added support when using both hands which comes in handy when using cordless hedge trimmers or other power tools.

This tripod ladder features wide clawed, friction resistant feet that prevent sliding and sinking into soft ground. The inverted cup design of the feet grips the ground really well and the wide width spreads weight for excellent balance. Better still, each leg is adjustable by 18 inches, making it easy to level the platform of the ladder on more tricky terrains such as embankments.

The adjustable design of this tripod ladder makes it the perfect tool for getting into those hard-to-reach spaces, like when you need to carry out topiary work or pick fruit if you're lucky enough to have your own orchard. The robust aluminium frame is rust and corrosion resistant so you can be sure of years of reliability.

At 3 meters tall, this ladders gives you enough reach to easily trim hedges that are 10-12ft and at the price, its also one of the more affordable options making it a great choice for general garden use.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Niwaki 8' 2.4m Tripod Ladder

Niwaki 8' Tripod Ladder


  • Designed to be lightweight for ease of use and movement.
  • Adjustable rear leg for slopes and steps. 
  • Stable and safe for hedging, pruning, topiary and general garden DIY jobs. 

Gardening guru Monty Don described this tripod ladder as one of his favourite gardening tools in the Telegraph, and we couldn't agree more. Indeed, the Niwaki 8' 2.4m Tripod Ladder is perfect for a range of tasks in the garden jus like any other model on our list. In a densely vegetated area, the back leg can be placed deep into the crown of a tree for easy access of hard to reach spaces which many will appreciate. 

You can choose to work on it on either face on where the third leg is poked into the hedge, great for getting right up close to the hedge when trimming the tops of hedges or sideways when the ladder is parallel to the hedge which is great for trimming the side. It may be worth mentioning that a long reach hedge trimmer is also ideal when used for really tall hedges. The ladder is highly adaptable due to its three leg design which increases stability. Its double rungs means you can take your time performing tasks knowing that your feet are standing on a strong platform.

While carrying out your work, you can lean over the top for that extra support that traditional A-designed ladders deprive you of. The flat top also offers a decent place to for a basket particularly when picking fruits. Its wide base improves stability and it has been made from stronger material that weatherproof and exceptionally lightweight for ease of transport. Optional rubber feet are also available for use on hard surfaces. 

All in all, this tripod ladder is well made and very safe to use at heights. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Henrys 3 - 3.6m Tripod Garden Ladders with built-in Platform by Henchman - Our Runner-up Model

Henrys Tripod Garden Ladders with built-in Platform by Henchman - 3.00m -3.6m. 10' Ladder. All 3 Legs Fully Adjustable. Lightweight aluminium garden maintenance, hedge cutting, tree pruning, fruit picking, topiary ladder.


  • All its three legs are adjustable, which allows for easy set up on any garden terrain, especially slopes. 
  • Has wide, clawed feet that improved stability on soft ground.
  • Good load support of up to 100kg.
  • Narrow top and 3rd leg enhance access to awkward spaces. 
  • Lightweight construction, which makes for ease of transportation and storage. 
  • 3-year warranty for full peace of mind.

This Henrys Tripod Garden Ladders features a built-in Platform is manufactured by Henchman, it will make you feel safe and stable when working at height or rugged terrain and is probably the best out of all the ladders we reviewed but the extra features such as the adjustable height and legs. All its three legs are adjustable so you can find the perfect balance on uneven surfaces. It is therefore impossible to have one leg hanging, which makes it different from other models with fixed designs, having 3 adjustable legs instead of just one like on some models is a big advantage and well worth paying extra for.

It also has a wide foot print enhances stability and prevents wobbling, giving you the confidence to work at height especially if you are not used to. You can also tuck your legs in to gain added support against the ladders verticals, which makes you even more comfortable. 

Even on soft ground, this ladder is incredibly reliable thanks to its wide, clawed feet that are designed to grip soft surfaces without slipping or sinking. There is a decent width between the main legs and the tripod and this helps in spreading the weight of the load. If you need to use it for slippery floors, then you will need to use its optional anti-slip "rubber shoes", which will also prevent scratching the floor. 

The tripod design is obviously crucial for gaining easy to access hard-to-reach areas, whilst the maximum load support of 100kg means even the biggest grown adults can stand on it without having to worry. For a ladder weighing only 10kg, its capability and a 3-year warranty, it's really worth to have in your garden, though the price is a bit exaggerated we think it well worth the extra cost, especially if your in the trade and can get better value for money out of it.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Workware Platform 1.8m Garden Tripod Ladders

Hendon Platform Tripod Ladder, GWF180, 1.8m (5.9ft), 3 Tread, Aluminium Lightweight Frame, 1 x Adjustable Leg, Tested to EN131


  • Designed with a deep platform that offers a better place stand on. 
  • Comes with protective rubber caps for use on smooth ground.
  • Includes a flat top step for resting tools or baskets.
  • Constructed from lightweight aluminium welded frame for great strength. 

The Workware 1.8m Garden Tripod Ladder is the more affordable option on the market but that's because it's only 1.8 metres tall but this would be perfect for anyone with a smaller hedge, say around 6ft. Probably one you would consider for trimming your garden hedge a few times a year. A standout feature of this tripod ladder is the 175mm deep top tread, which is more comfortable and assuring to stand on every time you are tending to your garden.

Uneven ground is no stumbling block to getting your job done, this model only features one telescopic back leg that you simply need to extend to a stable position and work away. You will also find it easy to move the ladder from one spot to anther since it's made from lightweight aluminium. For strength, you can can trust the welded frame which we think is much better that riveted frames. 

Its clawed feet are perfect for rough ground and there's an optional rubber cap that can be fitted to the legs for use on smooth surfaces. This will protect against slipping. The extended width of the tripod ladder is another thing that promotes stability, whilst you can always get deep into the hedge you're cutting by pushing the back leg into the hedge. 

The top portion of this tripod ladder is a bit narrower and that's a good thing because it won't get in the way of you moving your tool around to trim hedges. Strong and lightweight, the ladder is made from welded aluminium extrusions and can support up to 100kg. 

All things considered, this is a great budget pick and for anyone who doesn't need to climb that high making it a great choice for average sized hedges. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Our Final Conclusion

Clearly, the challenge with jobs done at height is that you can never really feel safe on a ladder that has to lean against a structure. There is the worry about losing balance or the ladder falling backward. A tripod ladder, however, is free-standing and can be positioned anywhere due to its adjustable legs. You will also feel more secure and grounded. 

We hope this brief guide was helpful to you finding the best garden tripod ladder. Which model impressed you the most? We would like to know. 

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