Top 5 Best Work Platforms for Working Safely

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

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When it comes to accessing heights, work platforms are as useful as stepladders. They may not send you to scaling heights but they certainly give the boost necessary to tackle jobs such as ceiling cleaning, wall decorating, and other home maintenance tasks.

Most of them are capable of handling as much weight as 150kg and they also help ensure you can work safely when working from low-level heights. As always, choosing the best work platform is critical, but we’ve offered some great solutions in this post that you can consider. These include simple work platforms to scaffolding tower designs that often give you that extra reach.


Youngman Low-Level Professional Work Platform
Our number one choice is the Youngman Low-Level Professional Work Platform. It suits almost any kind of trade where stable height is needed, a great choice for painters and decorators. Its broad base with splayed legs offer a stable platform to stand on and the surface has treads that prevent against slipping. The platform is made to be easy to use and store as it can fold down to a compact size. With an overwhelming number of reviews backing its quality and reliability, there’s no doubt the low-level platform is worth every penny.


Stilliac 3m Aluminium Mini Scaffold Tower Ladder
If you want to reach even higher than what the Youngman model is capable, go for the Stilliac 3m Aluminium Mini Scaffold Tower Ladder. This will let you comfortably carry out ceiling maintenance and paint high around walls. Getting on the platform is via a side-step ladder and it can hold up to 150kg load. The foldable platform is easy to transport in a van and its swivel caster wheels allow convenient movement around the job site.

That aside, let’s look at the features to consider when choosing the best scaffold platform and then delve into the reviews of our five selected models.

Work Platform Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best work platform for DIY projects

Work platforms are really simple tools that you don’t need to overthink which one to choose.


The choice is between aluminium and steel frames. Both are generally excellent materials in terms of strength, durability and resistance to wear. Aluminium is a bit lighter than steel though and would be the best if you want a portable platform.

Work height

Look at the maximum height you can reach with a given work platform. For instance, the Youngman Low-Level platform offers just a 51cm height off the ground whilst the Top tower Classic offers 1.8 metres. If the scaffold cannot reach the height required to do a job, then there’s no reason to buy that model.

Load capacity

Think about the maximum load the platform can handle because sometimes you may also need it to hold heavy tools and accessories that you’ll be working with. For easy jobs such as changing bulbs, a basic work platform that can hold up to 100kg should suffice. If there needs to be two of you on a scaffold at the same time to perform a task, then go for larger models to accommodate this.


Some models are more than just work platforms. They can double up as ladders, step ladders or extension ladders, allowing you to do more using a single piece of equipment. A good example is the Abbey 5 Way Multi-Purpose Platform and Scaffold Combination Ladder. So check your needs first then buy accordingly.

Top 5 Work Platform Reviews

1. Youngman Low-Level Professional Work Platform


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Youngman 312898 Odd Job Large Low Level Professional Work Platform

The Youngman Low-Level Professional Work Platform has been designed to offer a solid, stable work height to painters and decorators. It has a broad base with splayed legs for increased stability, combined with tough over boots and locking legs that offer a secure footing. Made from aluminium, this work platform is lightweight and easy to handle, whilst its ribbed platform and treads allow comfortable working without any slip-ups.

The dimensions of this platform are an impressive 60cm x 60cm (2ft x 2ft), large enough for stepping on when tackling overhead tasks like painting ceilings and changing lightbulbs. The overall length at ground level (with the legs in the open position) is about a metre and the platform height is 51cm. When folded up, the dimensions are 60cm x 60cm x 20cm, so it doesn’t take up too much storage space when travelling from job to job.


  • High quality work platform for professional use.
  • Large enough to work on when you just need a little more height.
  • Sturdy and very stable for a secure footing.
  • Has slip-resistant treads to prevent slipping.

Overall, this work platform is a great alternative to cumbersome ladders and people love them because they are amazingly stable and of very high quality. It’s the best portable work platform in our opinion, and with over 300 reviews on Amazon alone, it’s easy to see we’re not alone with our thoughts, we particularly like the wide platform so you don’t need to be extra cautious of where you are placing your feet all the time.

2. Stilliac 3m Aluminium Mini Scaffold Tower Ladder


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PLATFORM Aluminium Working Platform Mini Scaffold Tower LADDER- 3m working height Foldable Platform -Step up Ladder -up 150 kg -weights only 16 kg

This Stilliac 3 metre Aluminium Mini Scaffold Tower Ladder is a really good platform for both indoor and outdoor use. For a maximum working height of 3 metres, you can paint ceilings or relatively high walls without strain. Please note that the platform height itself is about 1 metre high, so the additional 2m provides plenty of room, even enough for the tallest of people.

This lightweight aluminium frame is easy to carry and the addition of swivel caster wheels makes the scaffold easy to manoeuver around the worksite. These wheels are also lockable when the platform is in use to ensure a solid fix. It can actually carry a maximum load capacity of 150kg, in other words, that’s you plus the items you want to have to hand. After use, the scaffold folds away nicely for discreet storage at home or compact transportation in your vehicle.

A great addition to this folding scaffold tower is the 3-step ladder for easy access. There’s also an umbrella mechanism that lets the entire thing open and close in a snap. Assembly is said to be a breeze for this 60cm x 20cm x 160cm work platform, and the only downside is that its height is fixed. The platform is still extremely useful for a lot of maintenance and cleaning jobs.


  • Perfect for those looking for a platform/scaffold to give you plenty of reach where a standard platform is no use.
  • Lightweight aluminium frame that’s easy to manoeuver.
  • Easy to assemble, put up and take down as needed.
  • Folds down for easy storage and transportation.
  • A great load capacity of 150kg.

It’s the ideal partner for all manner of DIY projects and loads easily into a van when needed elsewhere for business. We did feel that the 3-metre statement in the product title is a little misleading because the platform is actually 1 metre in height to the actual platform level. That being said, it’s still worth every penny and the fact it has been made to a high standard is very useful.

3. Abbey 5 Way Multi-Purpose Platform and Scaffold Combination Ladder

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Abbey 5 Way Multi Purpose Platform And Scaffold Combination Ladder

Another great work platform is the Abbey 5 Way Multi-Purpose Platform and Scaffold Combination Ladder. This one works perfectly for both indoor and outdoor applications because it’s a platform and ladder combo, allowing you to target hard-to-reach areas. It actually has five modes which include a work platform, step ladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder and 2 x single ladders. So no matter the job you need to do, this versatile product is ready to go.

The ladder itself weighs 16kg and can support a maximum weight of 150kg. It claims to be easy to assemble, however, some users reported the lack of instructions meant it took them a while to get the hang of using them. When it’s ready to use it provides a stable, non-slip platform with handrails that ensure enhanced safety. Moreover, security is guaranteed thanks to the locking mechanism, so you can work worry-free. Another thing we love is that you can vary the height of the platform to around 95cm.


  • Easy enough to set up even though there are only diagrams on the instructions to follow.
  • Variable platform height to suits the needs of many.
  • Very stable, a non-slip platform for maximum safety.
  • Can be used on stairs.
  • Versatile work platform with five different modes of work such as extension ladder, step ladder and work platform.

All things considered, this is certainly what you need for working on stairs, cleaning a motorhome, and doing all kinds of jobs around your home.

4. VonHaus Large Low-Level Work Platform

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Step up to the task with this VonHaus Large Low-Level Work Platform. With its 0.5m elevation, this platform is perfect for all those odd jobs such as carrying out home maintenance where you need access to the harder-to-reach areas. The base measures 95cm x 70cm when the legs are apart and importantly, the platform’s legs lock solidly into place to offer stable support. The standing surface itself measures 60cm x 60cm so this is a great alternative to our best pick, and is more budget-friendly.

The platform weighs just 5.3kg and that’s considerably lighter than the Abbey 5 model above, for example, making it a breeze to shift between locations. Also, with its folding design, you’ll find it very convenient to store and transport. When it comes to construction, this one is made from durable aluminium and offers reliable support for loads weighing up to 150kg.

It’s important to mention that this platform meets EN 14183 safety standards. The Large Low-Level Work Platform comes with a 2-year warranty and is among a few models that offer this.


  • Constructed from durable aluminium.
  • Large surface area of 60cm x 60cm which provides enough room to stand on.
  • Great load capacity of 150kg.
  • Folds down to a compact size for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

For cleaning, painting, and general home maintenance tasks, you can’t go wrong with this platform. Moreover, it’s a lot more affordable in comparison to other models in our review.

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5. Top Tower Classic 3.8m Galvanised Scaffold Tower & Boards

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Toptower Classic 3.8m (Working Height) DIY Galvanised Scaffold Tower with Platform Boards (4' x 2'6' Base)

If you are looking for a platform that offers support at heights more commonly accessed in industrial setups, this Top Tower Classic 3.8m Galvanised Scaffold Tower & Boards is an excellent choice. The tower is a 4 x 2’6 basic kit that comes with a set of platform boards. It has a working height of 3.8m and a platform height of 1.8m. The latter is the distance your feet will be from the ground whilst the former is the extra 6ft approximate based on the height of an average person.

Probably because of its size and where you’ll be off the ground, the manufacturer recommends that the tower must be firmly tied into the building. It comes with base plates and base rails, allowing you to spec the tower to your requirements. There are many other optional accessories available for this tower, including adjustable castors or adjustable bases that can be effective on sloping or uneven ground. Standard castors (which are an optional extra too) can enable easy movement on flat surfaces. For enhanced safety, you can add internal ladders, trapdoor platforms, stabiliser and a tower stand-off.

This tower can solve many access problems around the home or for tradesmen, be it internal or external decorating, gutter cleaning, or even tree and hedge trimming. Made from strong pre-galvanised steel, the exceptional finish offers excellent resistance to corrosion so the product can last for several years. In addition, the product carries a 10-year guarantee so there’s no doubt about the quality.


  • Great working height of 3.8m, ideal for targeting hard-to-reach areas like gutters.
  • Constructed from pre-galvanised steel that is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Compatible with a host of accessories that can increase usability.
  • Made of lightweight yet strong components that are also easy to assemble.
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee for lifetime peace of mind.

The various components of this scaffold tower are lightweight but made to be very strong and easy to assemble. The product is even marketed as a safer alternative to a ladder thanks to the handrail all around the work platform.

Final Conclusion

A work platform is one of the most crucial investments that you can make when it comes to easily accessing various heights. It’s almost a must-have piece of equipment because home maintenance is a must on a regular basis, be it adding new decorations or trimming a hedge. Obviously, there are many options available for different working conditions and requirements, but we hope one of our top five recommendations should meet your needs.


Youngman Low-Level Professional Work Platform
Our number one choice is the Youngman Low-Level Professional Work Platform. It suits almost any kind of trade where stable height is needed, a great choice for painters and decorators. Its broad base with splayed legs offer a stable platform to stand on and the surface has treads that prevent against slipping. The platform is made to be easy to use and store as it can fold down to a compact size. With an overwhelming number of reviews backing its quality and reliability, there’s no doubt the low-level platform is worth every penny.

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