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5 Best Electric Fly Killers – For Indoor & Outdoor

Last updated on October 11th, 2021

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Electric fly killers are the answer when the flies are taunting you by walking and flying around the sticky fly paper traps you’ve put out or you simply don’t like the idea of having sticky fly paper up everywhere. These electric traps use a particular wavelength of UV light to attract the flies and then zap them with a shot of high voltage electricity to kill them.

We present a variety of fly killer units in this review, giving the pros, cons and features of each before our recommendation. Our Buyer’s Guide informs you of what to look for and expect from electric fly killers.


Sahara Sailor Mosquito Killer Lamp
This electric fly killer is made of black ABS plastic and styled as a rectangular lantern. You can hang it from a hook using the loop at the top of its peaked top or stand it on a flat surface, such as your patio table. This is an indoors and outdoors fly killer that’s water-resistant (IPX4). Operating at flies’ favourite 365nm wavelength, the 18W bulb attracts the insects within a 90m2 area then gives them a 4000V electric shot. The bodies fall to the easily removable tray at the bottom of the unit. Your purchase comes with two replacement bulbs. Sahara Sailor Mosquito Killer Lamp is a stylish and powerful electric fly killer.


Concise Home and Insect Killer
This electric fly killer has two 20W UV-light tubes operating at the popular (to flies) 365nm wavelength. The light tubes are within an aluminium alloy and plastic structure with metal mesh grids on the front and back. The light shines out of the grid and the insects enter through it. Once inside the unit, the electric grid transmits 2100V of electricity into the flies’ bodies, killing them. The dead bodies fall down to the tray at the bottom of the unit; it’s easy to remove the tray, shake off the dead bits of flies and then wash the tray before replacing it. Hang up this fly killer or place it on a flat surface, indoors or outside. The Concise Home and Insect Killer 40W is a good choice if you prefer a lower voltage fly trap.

Best Electric Fly Killers reviews

1. Sahara Sailor Mosquito Killer Lamp

Best Pick

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Sahara Sailor Mosquito Killer Lamp, 4000V Powerful Bug Zapper Indoor, Silent and Safe Outdoor Fly Killer, Waterproof Electric Mosquito Killer for Indoor and Outdoor

The Sahara Sailor Mosquito Killer Lamp has one of the most powerful zapping capabilities of all the fly killer units in our review. At 4000V, no fly will remain alive after it’s been attracted by the 18W 365nm wavelength UV light. The dead bugs fall down to the tray at the bottom of the unit which is easily removed for disposal and clean-up.

Everything is housed in a rectangular lantern-shaped unit made of black ABS plastic which is resistant to splashing water (IPX4 rating). The peaked design of the top of the lantern lets rainwater run off easily and stops it from going into the inner workings of the unit. The metal grid all around the lantern stops pets and kids from touching the bulb and electric bits inside. However, online reviewers report that the gaps in the grid are large enough to let moths in, where they also die.

Use this Sahara Sailor insect killer both indoors or outdoors and any flying insect within 90m2 is fair game. This fly killer comes with a metal chain for hanging it from a hook or, alternatively, you can place it on a flat surface such as your coffee table. You also receive two replacement bulbs so you don’t have to frantically run to the shop on fly-heavy nights if one light burns out.

A standard 150cm electric cord lets you plug this model into a convenient plug socket.

There’s a similar model with a cylinder lantern shape instead of this rectangular one.


  • Outdoor and indoor electric insect killer in the style of a lantern with a protective metal grid on all sides.
  • Ultraviolet light is 18V to attract flying insects.
  • Zaps insects with a 4000V shot from the electric grid inside.
  • Attracts insects within a 90m2 range.
  • Made of durable and waterproof high-temp ABS plastic in black.
  • Design of the top lets the rain run off.
  • Hang from hook on top or place on a table.
  • Removable basket at the base collects the dead bugs and is easily cleaned.
  • Comes with 1.5m electric cable.
  • Comes with metal hanging chain and two replacement light bulbs.


  • Holes in the grill large are enough to let moths through.
  • No On/Off switch.

Our recommendation

The Sahara Sailor Mosquito Killer Lamp has the capability to attract and kill all but the most stubborn flies and mosquitoes. The 18W lamp draws in the flying insects from a 90m2 area and then the 4000V shot of electricity ends their lives. The removable fly body catcher tray is easy to clean.

The Sahara Sailor Mosquito Killer Lamp is a good choice of a fly killer if its style fits your outdoor or indoor décor and you have quite a plague of flies around. The two replacement bulbs are a handy bonus.

We’ve made the Sahara Sailor Mosquito Killer Lamp our Best Pick of all the electric fly killers in our review.

2. Concise Home and Insect Killer 40W


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Concise Home and Insect Killer 20w/30w/40w Light UV Attract to Zap Flying Insects Silver, with 2 Gift Tubes (40w)

The Concise Home and Insect Killer 40W is a long and flat electric unit. Two 20W UV tube lights run horizontally within an aluminium alloy and plastic structure. The protective and strong mesh grid on the front and back of the unit is made of metal; the bars of this are spaced fairly closely together keeping out inquisitive fingers. Our review looks at the 40W model but there’s also the choice of a 12W model and a 30W model, all with the same features but in different sizes. All UV wavelengths are the standard 365nm that flies can’t resist.

Bugs within a 90m2 area are susceptible to the light emitted. When they arrive at the shining glow, they’re greeted by a 2100V jolt of electricity. Their bodies fall in bits down to the collecting tray that runs the length of the unit. It’s easy to remove the tray to dispose of the dead flies and to clean the tray before replacing it.

There’s an On/Off switch with this Concise fly killer, so leave it plugged in if you want (with all the usual precautions for electric devices). You can hang the unit from the wall or stand it upright on a horizontal surface such as a table. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use but keep it 0.3m away from a wall. The manufacturer advises that the best height to place this unit is from 1.8m to 2.2m above the ground.


  • Electric insect zapper in the form of two long ultraviolet light tubes arranged horizontally.
  • Lights enclosed in an strong iron mesh grid for safety.
  • Light holders made of ABS plastic.
  • Lamp supports made of aluminium alloy that are easy to wipe down.
  • Attracts flying insects from within a 90m2 area.
  • Base is a removable plate that holds the dead flies and is easily cleaned out.
  • On/off switch so you can leave this unit plugged in (if it’s safe to do so).
  • Hang from a hook on the wall or ceiling or stand it on a table or desk.
  • Zapping voltage is 2100V.
  • Comes with two replacement tube lights.


  • Large unit, so check size before buying.

Our recommendation

The Concise Home and Insect Killer 40W is a bar unit with two UV tube lamps operating at the standard 365nm wavelength. While the zapping power of 2100V is half of that found in lantern-style fly killers, it holds its own against similar bar models. We like that this is a unit for both indoors and outdoors (according to the sales photos), that it’s also available with lower wattage bulbs, and that it comes with two replacement tube lights.

The Concise Home and Insect Killer 40W is the Runner-up in our review of the Best Electric Fly Killers.

If zapping flies and other flying bugs is not your style, head over to our How do you stop flies coming into the house and conservatory? article for some less violent ways to deter and kill flies.

3. Palone Electric Bug Zapper

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PALONE Bug Zapper, High-performance 4300V, 20W UV 2 in 1 Indoor and Outdoor Multifunctional Mosquito Killer Lamp, IPX4 High-grade Waterproof, Mosquito Killer for Mosquitoes, Wasps, House Flies

The PALONE Bug Zapper, High-performance, provides the ultimate fly killing prowess in our review. The bright 20W UV light attracts flies from within a 100m2 area and then hits them with a 4300V charge of electricity. No insect should get up again after being electrocuted like that.

This fly killer looks like a rectangular lantern with a domed roof. The bars around all sides of the unit let flies, mosquitoes and other flying bugs in from all sides as they’re drawn to the light. The weatherproof and water-resistant cover (IPX4) is made from black ABS plastic for durability. The hook at the top of the dome lets you hang the unit up, although a hanging chain isn’t included. The unit’s design also allows you to place it on a flat surface such as a retaining wall around your patio.

The round fly collection tray at the bottom is easily removed. Brush out the dead flies with the included brush and then wash out the tray with soapy water. A power cord is included but, at 1.2m long, it’s relatively short and online reviewers complain that they have to use an extension cord to plug the unit in.


  • Electric 20W mosquito zapper for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Zaps with 4300V to kill trapped insects and bugs.
  • Open on all sides so 360° zone of attraction.
  • ABS plastic (black) shell that’s water resistant (IPX4 standard).
  • Protective grid is too small for children to poke their fingers through.
  • Hook at top lets you hang up this unit or stand it on a table.
  • Attracts flies and other bugs from within a 100m2 zone.
  • Power cable is 1.2m long.
  • Round insect collection tray at the bottom is easily removed for cleaning.


  • Power cable is too short.
  • No On/Off switch.

Our recommendation

The PALONE Bug Zapper, High-performance indeed has a bright UV light to attract flies and mosquitoes plus a powerful 4300V zap to kill them when they’re enticed in. The black plastic body of this lantern-shaped unit is durable and easy to wipe down, and the safety bars all around it are spaced safely and closely together.

If you’re plagued by a great many flies or your flying pests seem to be indestructible, the PALONE Bug Zapper, High-performance is a good choice.

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4. ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer 20W

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ASPECTEK - Fly and Insect Killer 20W UV light Attract to Zap Flying Insects Playing Excellent Role as Bug Zapper, Insect Killer, Fly Zapper, Fly Killer, Fly Swatter, Wasp Killer

The ASPECTEK – Fly and Insect Killer 20W is an electric unit with two 10W UV lights. These lights operate at the popular 365nm wavelength to attract flies from up to 24m away. When they arrive, they’re zapped with 2800V of electricity on the electric grid. This 20W Aspectek unit can give you a 452m2 fly-free zone.

This fly and insect killer looks like an old-time bathroom bar heater. The two tube lights are horizontal within a white and black metal and plastic frame. The front and back of the unit are protected by an open metal grid with bars that are quite close together. The bars don’t bend in to touch the tubes or electric element and small fingers shouldn’t fit between them.

The tray at the bottom of the unit collects the dead flies and is easily removed. Shake off the flies, give the tray a wash with soapy water and replace it. The grid at the front of the unit unlatches and swings down if you need to clean inside – except for the electric grid which is self-cleaning. But, be careful to discharge any resident electricity from the grid before you touch it.

This ASPECTEK – Fly and Insect Killer stands nicely on its own feet on a flat surface or you can hang it up with the (included) chain. This is a fly killer for indoor use only.

We review the 20W Aspectek fly killer. It’s also available as a 30W with the same features.


  • Electric 20W fly killer with two UV bar light tubes, works indoors.
  • Attracts flying bugs from up to 24m away within a 452m2 zone.
  • Delivers a 2800V shock to the trapped bugs.
  • Can stand on a table or hung with the (included) chain.
  • Tray at the bottom collects the dead bugs and is removable and washable.
  • Proactive steel grid is easily removed to clean it if necessary.
  • Dimensions: 38.5cm (width); 27cm (height) and 8cm (depth).


  • No On/Off switch
  • Not waterproof or water resistant.
  • Electric cord is short.

Our recommendation

The ASPECTEK – Fly and Insect Killer 20W is another bar light unit but with two 10W UV bulbs for a total of 20W. It doesn’t have as much light output as our Runner-up choice but it produces more voltage at 2800V for killing flies. The Aspectek range of fly killers (there’s also a 30W model) is only for use indoors as they’re not water-resistant.

The ASPECTEK – Fly and Insect Killer 20W is our choice of this type of fly killer for those wanting to get rid of flies indoors.

5. FENUN Mosquito Killer Lamp

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FENUN Mosquito Killer Lamp, Insect Zapper Killer Trap for Fruit Flies and Flying Gnats, Non-Radiation Fly Killer Lamp for Bedroom Kitchen Office Home Kitchen Use (Black)

The FENUN Mosquito Killer Lamp is for you if the ‘crack’ sound of flies being electrocuted disturbs you or your sleep. After attracting the flies, this unit uses an anti-escape fan to draw them further down into the unit where they’re trapped by a sticky pad and held there until they die. The tray holding the sticky pad at the bottom of the unit is easily removed for replacing the pad and cleaning. You receive 10 sticky pads with your purchase. However long they last depends upon how many flies succumb to the trap.

This Fenun unit is different in some additional ways from the other models in our review. First up, it doesn’t have a standard plug – you run it through a USB interface. But don’t worry, this fly catcher comes with a 1.3m USB cable and also the adapter to let you plug it into the wall. Or you could run it from your laptop if you’re out camping.

Secondly, while the UV-light operates at the standard 360nm to attract flies, you have the option of automatically cycling through another six wavelengths up to 400nm (the wavelength changes every 15 minutes). This takes into account that not all flies have 360nm light as their favourite wavelength. You should catch a wider variety of flying bugs this way. There’s a separate button to the On/Off switch to turn the automatic cycling on, although online reviewers report that neither button is labelled.

Thirdly, this is a unit that’s only for indoor use.


  • Rechargeable fly catcher and killer that’s for indoor use only.
  • Charged via USB connection with an (included) 1.3m USB cord.
  • On and off switch to operate the unit.
  • Optional cycle through seven wavelengths (360nm to 400nm) to catch a variety of flying insects.
  • Warms up to human body temperature to further entice the flies in.
  • Sticky pad in the bottom of the unit traps the flies when they’re drawn in, and they expire naturally.
  • Removable tray in the bottom of the unit lets you replace the sticky pad.
  • Very quiet.


  • Flies have to be drawn down through the fan to be trapped.
  • Fan is not very powerful.
  • Poor instructions and the buttons on top aren’t labelled.


Our recommendation

The FENUN Mosquito Killer Lamp is a good choice if you’re looking for a quiet fly killer and you don’t have many flying insects to trap. Some online reviewers report that the fan is not very powerful and that sometimes flies are able to evade being drawn down into the unit. That said, the wider range of UV wavelengths can attract more kinds of insects and reports say that the unit is especially deadly to fruit flies.

Buyer’s Guide

When doing our research for this review, time and again we came across online reviews and postings from purchasers who expressed surprise at the same few things about electric fly killers. In this Buyer’s Guide, we present what to look for and expect from these fly destroying products.

Electric power doesn’t necessarily mean three-pin plugs

While all of the models in our review are powered by mains electricity, one doesn’t have a three-pin plug. The FENUN Mosquito Killer Lamp works through a USB interface. The unit comes with a USB connector on a cable and a USB adapter. The connector plugs into the fly killer and the other end into the adapter which has a regular plug on the other end to plug into the wall.  This feature is useful if you’re going to be outdoors as you can plug the USB cable directly into your laptop and run it off that.

mains powered electric fly killer zapper

Electric fly killers make a loud noise when killing insects

Once again, this isn’t always true. The above-mentioned Fenun unit traps the flies on a sticky pad where they die of thirst and starvation. However, all the other models we review deliver a zap of electricity (2100V to 4300V) to the flies to kill them. This jolt comes with a loud crack – the more volts, the louder the bang. Some reviewers report that the sound is loud enough to startle and even frighten dogs, cats and other pets in the home.

Look for fly killer units that report a low decibel (dB) level.

Not every unit has an On/Off switch

You have to turn on some units by plugging them into the wall and unplug them to turn them off. If you’re particular about always unplugging your electric appliances when they’re not in use, this isn’t a deal-breaker. But it could get bothersome if you have to do it a lot.

Power choices

Choose the size and power of your electric fly killer according to your needs. Bigger and more powerful isn’t necessarily better if you only have a few flies around. On the other hand, if your flies seem aggressive and determined to make your life a misery, certainly look at the lantern-style models we review as they have more powerful electric units for higher voltage jolts.

Note that the units with bar lights we present have low voltage zaps than those of the lantern style.

Indoors and/or outdoors

Electric fly killer that can be used outdoors as it rated IPX4

Not all the units we review are suitable for inside your house and also outside in the garden or on the patio. The key feature to look for here is the IPX rating that identifies how much water the product can withstand. The most water-resistant units here are rated IPX4 which indicates that they can safely handle water splashes – but not a downpour. Look also at the design of the fly killer. Does it have a lid/top that lets the water run off safely away from the inside of the unit?

Final conclusion

Electric fly killers are the most powerful fly destroyers available. Running thousands of volts of electricity through an insect is a sure-fire way to kill it, and using its favourite UV wavelength to attract it seals the deal. We include a variety of types of electric fly killers in our review so you can select one that’s the right style, size and power for you. There’s even one that traps the insects on a sticky pad rather than electrocuting them.

Our Best Pick is the Sahara Sailor Mosquito Killer Lamp. This lantern-style lamp, for use indoors and outside, attracts the bugs with 18W of UV light and then zaps them with 4000V of power.

The Concise Home and Insect Killer 40W is our Runner-up selection. This model has two tubes 20W UV-lights and 2100V of electricity to kill flies.

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