Top 5 White Climbing Roses – Compare fragrance, disease resistance and more

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Top 5 White Climbing Roses – Compare fragrance, disease resistance and more

Top 5 White Climbing Roses – Compare fragrance, disease resistance and more

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Whether your looking for a climbing rose to climb up a tree, for a shaded north facing wall or for climbing up a pillar there are many white climbing roses to choose from. All though generally put into there own group rambling roses are also a good choice and can compliment climbing varieties if planted next to each other.

Difference between Climbing roses and Rambling roses

Climbing roses usually flower for longer periods of time and many varieties can even flower twice and year, where as rambling roses generally produce one fantastic display which is usually around June for most ramblers. Climbing roses also usually produce more large flowers where as ramblers usually produce clusters of smaller flowers. Both can produce a spectacular show.

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Top 5 White Climbing / Rambling roses

Climbing Rose ‘Iceberg’

This stunning rose produces pure white to cream flowers and is one of the most popular roses available. With a moderate scent and average disease resistance this rose ticks all the boxes. Growing to 500cm tall this rose is perfect for growing up a wall or pergola and will flower from around June and will even keep flowering well into September.

Iceberg white climbing rose


Climbing rose ‘Madame Alfred Carriere’

Another absolutely stunning rose which produces blush-tinted creamy white flowers which has been awarded a ‘RHS Award of Garden Merit’. This white rose produces highly scented large flowers which are up to 10cm across from July and will flower into September. This nearly thornless variety grows to around 300cm and is perfect nearly door ways because of its thornless nature.

Madame Alfred Carriere white climbing rose

Climbing rose ‘White Cockade’

White Cockade is a modern variety of climbing rose and produces pure fragrant double-white flowers and will also grow in a little shade where other roses may not grow, With an eventual height of around 250cm its perfect for climbing up a wall or fence and will flower into October.

White cockade climbing rose


Rambling rose ‘Rambling Rector’

This rambling rose is perfect for rambling up and over pergolas, arches and pillars and produces scented blooms of semi-double white flowers. This rose will flower for a slightly longer period than some other white ramblers available and will flower from July to September. The flowers have the added bonus of being scented and has an average disease resistance, grows to around 600cm and is an excellent rose for cut flowers.


Rambling Rector white rambling rose ideal for climbing up walls and fences, is also good for cut flowers and has average disease resistance.


Rambling rose ‘Wedding Day’

This rose makes an excellent gift idea for a wedding as the name suggest, this large rambler which will grows to 800cm and produces masses of creamy white flowers with yellow centers. This rose is also fragrant and grows best in a sunny part of the garden in well drained soil.

Wwedding Day white climbing rose is fragrant and grows very large to around 8 meters.

Top tips to help when planting climbing roses

  • Plant roses approximately 30cm (12′) away from the wall and angle towards the wall. The soil near a wall tends to be dry so planting away helps the rose establish quicker.
  • Before planting add well-rotted farm manure to the soil as roses are very hungry plants.
  • Most roses prefer a sunny site so look for roses known to grow in shady areas if you planting area is shaded in an area such as a north facing wall.
  • Climbing roses need a support to climb up so ensure you have a support frame to fasten the rose too before planting.
  • Even roses with good disease resistance as prone to black spot, rust and mildew so spray with a fungicide in spring with a quality garden sprayer as the new shoots appear. Prevention is better than cure.

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