When to plant climbing roses for a stronger growing rose

Last updated on January 22nd, 2020

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When to plant climbing roses

Climbing roses are available in many varieties from large thornless growing cultivars, such as the Zephirine Droughin that can grow to over 300cm (10ft) which is ideal for covering larger areas to smaller growing miniature climbing roses that only grow to around 200cm (6.5ft) such as the Love Knot.

How can roses be purchased

Roses can be purchased either bare root, usually between the months of October and March when they are dormant. Bare roots roses are rose plants that have been dug up (also known as lifted) from the ground and dispatched with no soil around their roots. These types of roses are usually purchased mail order and are slightly cheaper making them good value for money and usually excellent quality.

Roses can also be purchased potted throughout the year from garden centres and nurseries, which is how roses are purchased in summer as bare root roses are out of season and cannot be lifted.

when to plant a climbing rose
Blue Moon Climbing Rose

The best time to plant climbing roses

Climbing roses as with all roses are best planted when they have gone dormant and dropped all of its leaves for the winter. This is usually around October and November. They can also be planted between February and March when the worst of the winter weather has passed but before they start to actively grow again in the Spring.

What we are trying to avoid is planting roses when the ground is frozen as it is obviously to hard to dig. By planting them in Autumn or late winter the ground is warmer enabling the roots to start growing, giving the newly planted rose the best chance for success.

During milder winters or in certain locations, it may be possible to plant roses any time from October to March.

During December and January should the ground condition allow, you can plant roses but they probably will not root until late February when the ground starts to warm which encourages the roots to start actively growing.

when to plant climbing rose


Important points to consider when planting climbing roses

  • Try to plant either October – November or February – March when the ground is not frozen and the ground is warmer
  • Plant approximately 30cm (12″) away from a wall or fence as the soil is usually dry right against a wall
  • Roses need a frame or trellis to grow up as they are not self clinging
  • Dig in plenty of farm manure when planting as roses are hungry plants
  • Soak roses for 2-3 hours before planting to ensure they are not dehydrated
  • Try to avoid planting in pots but if you do, choose the largest pot size possible.
  • At the first signs of growth spray with a fungicide to help prevent disease.

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