Best Bosch garden shredder – Choosing the right model for you

Best Bosch garden shredder – Choosing the right model for you

Best Bosch garden shredder – Choosing the right model for you

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Bosch Shredder Review

Bosch have without doubt, over the last 10 years, designed and manufactured some of the best garden shredders. They have a fantastic and trusted name for quality garden products, so its no surprise that thousands of enthusiastic gardeners choose to buy a Bosch garden shredders every year.

There are 3 great models to choose from which include the AXT 2200 Rapid Shredder, the AXT 25D Quiet Drum shredder and their all singing, all dancing AXT Turbine cut shredder.

Each model has its own unique cutting system and each is designed for shredding different types of garden waste but more on this further down our guide.

Use our ‘Comparison table’ below to instantly compare all 3 models and check the latest prices on Amazon.


AXT Rapid 2200 Shredder

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AXT 25 D Quiet Shredder

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AXT 25 TC Quite Shredder

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Ideal for shreddingDesigned for shredding green garden waste such shrubs, foliage plants and smaller branches.Designed for shredding wood materials such as hedges, trees, woody shrubs and hard woodA true mutl-purpose shredder ideal for shredding green garden waste and wood materials such as old hedges and trees.
Cutter typeCutting bladeDrum CutTurbine cut
Motor2200W / 230 V2500W / 230 V2500W / 230 V
Cutting Capacity40mm40mm45mm
Material Throughput -Rate/Torqueapprox. 90 kg/h / 14 Nmapprox. 175 kg/h / 650 Nmapprox. 230 kg/h / 650 Nm
Auto FeedNoYesYes
Collection BoxNo (Collection bag needed)Yes (53 Litre)Yes (53 Litre)
Cable length4 meters4.5 meters4.5 meters
Extra featuresPlunger to aid shreddingPlunger and removable hopper for easy storagePlunger and removable hopper for easy storage

The table above only gives basic information so we have reviewed all 3 models in more detail below where we explain which materials each model is designed for shredding as well as lots of other useful information to help you decide which model is best for you.

Its important to remember that all garden shredders are not all suited to shred the same types of garden waste, with the exception of the Bosch AXT TC  quiet shredder which is designed with all types of garden waste in mind, but at around £378.00, one of the cheaper models might be ideal for what you plan on shredding and could save you a ton of your hard earned cash.


Bosch AXT Rapid Shredder REVIEW


  • Voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
  • Motor size: 2200 watt
  • Cutting design: Blade chopper cutting system
  • Max cutting diameter: 40mm
  • Material throughout: approx 90kg/h
  • Cutting speed: 3650 rpm
  • Garden shredder size: 76 x 44.5 x 36.5 cm
  • Cable length: 4 meters
  • Weight: 12kg

The Bosch Rapid 2200 garden shredder is the cheapest and most popular garden shredder Bosch manufacture and it has a laser cut blade which is made from harden steel to ensure it shreds garden waste with minimal effort, all this means it has 7 times more cutting power than conventional blades. The blade is also double sided, which basically means that the blade can be turned around when worn so you get more use out of each blade.

The shredding blade is powered by a 2200 watt powerdrive motor which means it has an impressive cutting speed of 3650 rpm for a smooth, fast shredding experience.

The fast feed hopper speeds up shredding and has an impressive material output of approximately 90kg of material an hour. All thought it does not has a automatic feed that pulls the material through on its own, it does have a large capacity hopper with rollers which also helps speed up shredding.

Finally is easy to move around and has two large wheels to make moving it around the garden easy and at only 12kg its light weight when compared to other garden shredders.

What can it shred

It had been designed for shredding soft green leafy material such as foliage plants, hedge trimming, shrubs and well as smaller branches. It will shred branches up to 40mm in diameter but can sometimes struggle with thicker, denser branches.

What you may struggle to shred

Thinner soft green material such as grass and some thinner foliage plants may not shred very well. It also not suited for very thick branches.


It does not have many downsides but there are a few points we think you need to consider before buying one.

  • At 76cm tall its not particularly tall but it still needs considering when thinking about where you are going to store it. The other two models Bosch manufacture have a removable hopper which helps save space and make storing much easier.
  • It can struggle to shred thinner soft green material
  • Does not include a collection box so this is an added cost unless you find something to put under it to collect the shredding. You can pick up a Bosch collection bag on Amazon for around £8.00.

Important Information

You may read reviews online about the blades becoming warn very quickly, you can purchase new blades for around £19.25, however they should last quite a long time before they actually need changing.

The main cause of the blade becoming blunt is when you get grit or soil inside the shredder, this usually happens it is picked up with the material you are shedding.

Be very careful not to get grit, stones or soil inside the shredder, this will very quickly blunt the blades of any shredder and can be avoided.




Bosch AXT 25d shredder review


  • Voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
  • Motor size: 2500 watt
  • Cutting design: Drum cutting system
  • Reverse function which helps remove any unfortunate jams.
  • Max cutting diameter: 40mm
  • Material throughout: approx 175kg/h
  • Cutting speed: 41 rpm
  • Garden shredder size: 76 x 44.5 x 36.5 cm
  • Cable length: 4.5 meters
  • Weight: 31.3kg

The Bosch AXT 25 Quiet drum shredder is powered by a powerful electric, 2500 watt powerdrive motor which powers the drum cutting system. This is what makes it so effective at cutting woody branches, old hedges and shrubs.

Good points

Storing this shredder is made easier with it’s well designed removable hopper (which is stored in the collection box) which means it stands only 67cm tall when not in use, this means it takes up 30% less space than if it had to be stored complete.

It also has a built in collection box which makes collecting and emptying the shredding in the box easy and it ensures it collects every little bit of shredded material keeping the area neat and tidy.

Other features include the automatic feed system which speeds up shredding enabling it to shred approximately 175kg of material an hour, that’s almost twice as much as the Bosch Rapid Shredder throughput.

Finally as it is a quiet shredder, it is a low noise shredder making it pleasant to work with and won’t have the neighbors complaining.

Bad points

There are only two negative points to speak of, firstly at over 30kg it is not lite, which could be an issue for some gardeners, it does have large transport wheels which help make  moving it around the garden much easier, that being said if you need to carry it down steps it could be too heavy for some people to move easily.

Being designed to shred woody material as with nearly all drum type shredders, it will not shred soft thin green waste and leafy material very well.

For this the cheaper Bosch 2200 Rapid shredder (for leafy material) or multi-purpose turbine cut shredder reviewed below would be better suited.




Bosch AXT 25tc shredder REVIEW


  • Voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
  • Motor size: 2500 watt
  • Cutting design: Innovative Turbine Cut system
  • Reverse function which helps remove any unfortunate jams.
  • Max cutting diameter: 45mm
  • Material throughout: approx 230kg/h
  • Cutting speed: 41 rpm
  • Cable length: 4.5 meters
  • Weight: 30.5kg

The Bosch AXT Turbine cut quiet shredder is the by far the best model manufactured by Bosch, at first glance it looks nearly identical to the Bosch AXT Drum shredder reviewed above.

The one main difference is has is an ‘Innovative Turbine Cut system’, this is what separates this model from nearly all other garden shredders available.

The new cutting system is designed to shred both hardwood materials such as hedging, trees, shrubs as well as soft green material. Most other shredders are unable to do this which makes this model a true multi-purpose shredder which can be used for a large range of garden waste.

Why its so good

As well as having the advantage of being able to shred nearly all types of garden waste it guarantees extremely fast material throughput, at a rate of 230kg an hour which is an impressive 55kg more per hour that the Bosch AXT 25 drum model. It does all this while avoiding any blockages.

Others features include

  • Removable hopper for easy storage which means it takes up 30% less room. (the hopper fits inside the collection box when stored)
  • Automatic feed which makes shredding easier and saves time, also includes a practical plunger to help feed garden waste into the shredder.
  • Removable 53 litre collection box which also acts as a safety device as the shredder will not start unless the collection box is fitted.
  • It has a larger cutting capacity of 45mm (5mm more) compared to both other Bosch models.
  • Low noise levels makes it pleasant to work with.


Which Bosch shredder is right for you?

The answer depends on what you mainly want to shred, all 3 Bosch models are great quality models and all have lots of positive reviews on Amazon which back this up. Amazon is a great place to read reviews and see what other users think about the shredder they purchased.

The most popular model, is the Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid shredder and it has an impressive 600+ feedback rating on Amazon with the large majority of them being very positive with excellent feedback.

It’s easy to see why it so popular, it offers the best value for money and is a very good shredder.

Is the “Bosch 2200 Rapid shredder” right for you?

If you shred lots of green leafy garden waste this this is your best option, it will also shred thicker woody branches if needed up to 40mm but it is better for green leafy garden waste. Is this sound like what you need to shred I think this would be the ideal shredder for you and for a great price.

Find latest price on Amazon – click here

Is the “Bosch AXT 25 Drum quiet shredder” right for you?

Do you shred lots of woody material such as hedges, shrubs, trees, if you do then this is going to be the best shredder for you. It makes light work of woody material and also has a automatic feed and collection box included.

Find latest price on Amazon – click here

Is the “Bosch AXT 25 Turbine Cut shredder” right for you?


If you shred large amounts of both soft green leafy material and woody materials then you would probably be best investing in this super model. Its more expensive than the other two models but is a true multi-purpose shredder that will deal with any kind of garden waste you put in it.

Find latest price on Amazon – click here


Still not sure if a Bosch shredder is right for you?

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