The Best Wellies For Festivals and Top Standout Picks For Men and Women

Last updated on November 4th, 2021

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If you are going to a festival to have some fun, don’t forget to pack your groovy wellingtons, check out our top picks!

Wearing wellies to festivals not only keeps your feet dry but it saves you from ruining a good pair of shoes in the mud. With the festival season around the corner, you will want to make sure you enjoy the festivities despite the weather conditions. Wellies were previously associated with farm work, but now they can be used as proper footwear for other activities like hiking or walking the dog. Wellington boots have come a long way in terms of style and design, you can always find a pair that suits your taste. 

Fetching the best wellies for festivals requires some form of basic knowledge about which characteristics make a good pair of wellies. There are many brands on the market offering dependable wellies but only a few really stand the test of time. Depending on whether you want long term or short term wellies, the price you pay for them should make sense.

Today we present eight wellington boots that would suit the festival season. These boots are flexible and they are able to handle a buzz of activity. Read the ensuing detailed reviews of the product and pick a pair that will match your festival mood. Then, take a look at the buying guide and discover some of the factors to consider before making a purchase. First things first, below is the winner of our best pick for the ladies.

The Joules Women’s Molly Welly Wellington Boots offer good value for money, especially to festival-goers who don’t want to spend a lot. The wellies are available in multiple colours to fit anyone’s style and they are comfortable to wear. These boots are easy to clean and come with rubber soles to provide adequate grip whilst walking. You can fetch them at an attainable price and also expect them to last longer than the cheaper subpar wellies sold in shops and online. 


Joules Women's Molly Welly Wellington Boots
The best choice for ladies overall, they appeal to your personality by offering various colours and designs. Affordable, well-fitted and comfortable these are perfect for any festivities outdoors. These wellies have a flat heel that you will find comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They are also highly waterproof, so they are ideal for keeping your feet nice and dry.


Dunlop Unisex Blizzard Fleece Lined Insulated Wellington
These fit both men and women perfectly. The affordable boots are created of synthetic rubber with a fleece lining and therefore, they are guaranteed to keep you warm. The block heel wellington boots are insulated against temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius. They come with a padded collar and a drawstring so you can be sure that they will fit as they should. They are affordable and they offer good value for money, they are available in green, black or blue so there is some choice available.

Top 8 Festival Wellies Reviews

Find the best wellies for an upcoming festival among this selection of good quality products. Whether you are on a budget or looking for premium products, we are sure you will find a pair that matches your personality.

Women’s Festival Wellies

1. Joules Women’s Molly Welly Wellington Boots


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Joules Women's Molly Welly Wellington Boots, Blue Multi Florals, 3 UK

The Joules Women’s Molly Welly Wellington Boots are designed in various sizes and they are available in a very impressive 25 different colours. The mid-high boots are made from a rubber material to offer flexibility and durability. On the inside, the boots are lined with textile to keep your feet warm and comfortable while still having space for thicker socks if needed. The slip-on boots come with a side strap and buckle that have been put there to help you find the right fit. The strap and the buckle also introduce additional style to the look of the boots.

Created to provide comforts for all kinds of feet, these boots have flat heels. This makes them appropriate for everyday wear without fail and for wearing for longer periods of time which makes them a good choice for festivals where you are on your feet all day. Additionally, the soles are made of rubber that provides the user with comfortability when walking on different surfaces. The rubber sole also provides durability and good traction in mud and on grass. These boots would be perfect for festival-goers who want affordable branded boots that come in a wide range of colours.


  • These boots are available in a multitude of colours, making them a great choice for festival goers looking for a stylish pair of wellingtons.
  • They feature a rubber exterior and comfortable textile lining to make being on your feet all day comfortable.
  • They are fully waterproof.
  • Come with durable rubber soles that have good traction.
  • They feature a flat heel to accommodate comfortable daily use.
  • Sold at an affordable price offering excellent value for money for those who will perhaps only where them a couple of times of the year.

Our recommendation

Overall for the ladies, this has got to be one of the best choices. On Amazon alone, they have over 7000 reviews that are well worth reading and will give you a good indication of what size you might need.

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2. Dunlop Unisex Blizzard Fleece Lined Insulated Wellington Boots


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DUNLOP Unisex Fully Insulated Winter Wellington Boots, Tested to -15c

The Unisex Dunlop Wellington boots come in sizes 3-13 and they are available in black, green and blue. They might not be the most crazy when it comes to designs but they are very comfortable, making them a great choice for festivals, especially for both men or women who want a good pair of wellingtons that are super comfortable. As mentioned these boots are designed to fit both men and women catering to both comfort and function.

The boots are created of synthetic rubber on the exterior and the interior is lined with fleece to keep your feet warm. Fitted with a drawstring closing, these boots are perfect for the outdoors even in winter conditions. The boots have been tested and they have proven to survive temperatures up to -15 degrees Celsius, although we doubt anyone will be attending a festival where this can be tested out.

These slip-on boots have gum rubber soles that provide good traction in mud. The gum rubber soles also prove durable over time giving you excellent value for money. The wellington boots are designed with a block heel that is 3cm in height which provides a bit of a lift for those who don’t want flat wellies. Some individuals will find this design a little more comfortable.


  • Perfect for both men and women looking for a quality pair of wellies that are comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.
  • The sole is made of quality gum rubber providing longevity which means they are designed to last.
  • Come with a padded collar secured with a drawstring for a good fit.
  • The interior is lined with fleece, therefore, insulating you against temperatures up to -15 degrees Celsius.
  • They are fully waterproof and capable of withstanding whatever the weather throws your way.
  • Feature a 3cm block heel for those who prefer the style.
  • Available in 3 colours including green, black and blue.
  • Offer good value for money.

Our recommendation

Waterproof and affordable, these are the kind of boots that can accompany you in a myriad of activities including attending festivals and working around the farm or even walking your dog.

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If you are looking for a good pair of wellington boots for walking your dog, then we recently reviewed some wellies with dog walking in mind that you can read in this guide here.

3. Hunter Original Tall Women’s Wellingtons

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Hunter Women Low Wellington Boots, Green (Dark Green/Dov), 3 UK (35/36 EU)

Introducing the flat-heeled Hunter Original Tall Women’s Wellies that are of premium quality but also have a premium price tag to match. These wellington boots are stylish and would definitely suit festival vibes, especially when paired with the right outfit. Available in navy blue and black, the boots are made of vulcanised rubber and a nylon lining which makes removing the boots quite easily compared to some cheaper wellies.

The sole of the boot is made of natural rubber that is known to be long-lasting compared to plastic soles. Fitted with a padded insole, you will find that the boots offer a comfortable fit all round. They even have adjustable buckles on the calf of the legs to ensure that you as the wearer, find your perfect fit.

The boots feature a 2.5cm heel height and happen to be adequately lightweight to walk around in.


  • Made from vulcanised rubber to provide longevity for many years.
  • Comes with a nylon lining to keep you dry and facilitate easy removal of the boots.
  • The soles are made of natural rubber that is flexible and durable.
  • Fitted with side buckles to provide a comfortable fit.
  • The insole is cushioned to offer comfortable base for the wearer.
  • They feel lightweight and are good for walking in for hours at a time.

Our recommendation

Perfect for those who need premium boots, the Hunter Original Tall Boots will not leave you disappointed but the extra quality and comfort comes at a price.

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4. Muck Boots Arctic Adventure Women’s Rain Boots

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Muck Boots Women's Arctic Adventure Fleece Lined Waterproof Pull on Boot, Black, 3

The Muck Boots Arctic Adventure Women’s Rain Boots come in a range of 8 colours and are probably one of the best pairs of wellies for women, they have well over 1900 reviews on Amazon alone, mostly positive. These boots are designed to suit winter conditions and they are made up of two sections. The lower section comprises a flexible waterproof material and the upper part has neoprene insulation that offers warmth. On the inside of the boots resides a fleece lining that is responsible for keeping you warm and providing adequate ventilation. The soles are made of durable material that offers a good grip on slippery surfaces.

Appropriate for both warm and cold climates, the boots are comfortable to wear between -30 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius. These boots also feature Achilles reinforcements and a midsole that is added for comfort. The wellies are designed to give a taller and more slimming look for those who prefer this style.


  • Premium wellies designed perfectly to fit women’s feet and are very comfortable to wear.
  • Features a 5mm Neoprene Bootie that is waterproof.
  • Comes in various colours and sizes from pink, red, purple to blue and everything in between.
  • It has a fleece lining that offers warmth in colder temperatures.
  • The light grip rubber soles provide good traction in muddy wet weather.
  • Comes with achilles reinforcements and midsole for comfort.
  • They offer a tall slimming look that is stylish.

Our recommendation

These flat-heeled boots are a bit on the high-end price-wise, but nonetheless, worth the effort. Worth every penny and definitely worth considering if you like the style.

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5. Spy Love Buy Women’s Igloo Adjustable Buckle Flat Festival Wellies

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SPYLOVEBUY Adjustable Buckle Flat Festival Wellies Rain Boots Blue Sheep Sz 4

Colourful and stylish, the Spy Love Buy festival wellies are affordable and fun to wear. They come in a staggering 22 colours ready for your choosing. They have fun designs and colours that are hard to miss and they introduce a funky vibe to your style.

These stylish boots are made of a rubber exterior and a synthetic interior. They are designed to offer comfort and keep your feet dry as you have fun outdoors. The slip-on boots have a quality sole with a nice tread pattern that will keep you stable on slippery surfaces.


  • They come in stylish and vibrant colours with lots of choice for festival goers.
  • Come with a side buckle to provide a good fit.
  • Feature a good grip sole made of synthetic materials.
  • They are lightweight and easy to wear.
  • They are waterproof thus appropriate for many outdoor activities.
  • Sold at an affordable price.

Our recommendation

We would recommend these boots for those looking for inexpensive but quality wellies for a festival that will only be worn a couple of times a year. 

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Men’s Festival Wellies

6. Hunter Men’s MFT9000RMA-BLK Boots

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Hunter Men's Rain Boot, Dark Olive, 7 UK

The Hunter Men’s MFT9000RMA Boots are slip-on wellingtons that are perfect for those looking for a more premium pair of boots for going to a festival. These boots are made specifically for men and therefore they offer larger sizes compared to the women’s version of these boots. The boots are made of rubber that allows the textile interior to keep your feet dry and allows air circulation. To fit the wearer’s calf well, the boots are fitted with a buckle that can be adjusted.

Supplied in 6 colours, these flat-heeled boots have gum rubber soles that offer firm grip while dealing with slippery surfaces. The waterproof boots would do well for many activities such as dog walking and festivals amongst others. They are light on the feet and are very easy to keep clean.


  • Available in multiple colours so you can choose a favourite.
  • Offer a stylish and lightweight feel for outdoor activities.
  • Feature of a natural rubber exterior and gum rubber soles for durability.
  • They have a textile lining that offers comfort and keeps the feet dry.
  • Come with a buckle that can be adjusted to offer the right fit.
  • They are waterproof and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Our recommendation

For men who need good quality wellies for a premium price, these boots will perform very well. Be sure to purchase these from authorised sellers to avoid counterfeits though, Amazon is a good place to start and they have over 200 reviews and have an excellent returns policy should there be a problem.

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7. Mountain Warehouse Neoprene Mucker Mens Wellies

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Mountain Warehouse Mucker Mens Waterproof Boots - Neoprene Upper Hiking Shoes, Sturdy Grip Footwear Footwear, Easy to Clean - Best for Camping, Outdoors, Travelling Khaki 6 UK

The Mountain Warehouse Neoprene Mucker Casual Men’s Wellies are an affordable pair of boots that are made from good materials and ideal for wearing occasionally, which again, makes them a great choice for festivals. The waterproof wellies have a synthetic lower section and an upper section that is made of neoprene. The neoprene sections allow for comfortability, flexibility and protection from the cold. These boots have a synthetic fabric interior and thick insole to provide the wearer with comfort as you manoeuvre through different terrains.

Good traction is important and that is why these boots have gum rubber soles, perfect for wet muddy field type areas. The gum rubber soles are durable and therefore not likely to fall apart easily. The slip-on boots have a 1cm heel height and they are very easy to clean. One just needs to give the boots a good wipe and they are ready for their next adventure. These boots are available in two colours and they come with a 12-month guarantee for a little extra peace of mind.


  • Made of durable, waterproof materials, perfect for going outdoors.
  • Feature neoprene that offers flexibility and easy movement.
  • Comes with a gum rubber sole that won’t deteriorate quickly.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Accompanied by a 12-month warranty.
  • Sold at an affordable price.

Our recommendation

If you need just a quick pair for occasional use, these boots would suit the purpose well and come at a very affordable price, making them a great choice for the occasional festival.

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8. Aigle Men’s Benyl M Wellington Boots

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Aigle Mens Benyl M Wellington Boots, Green Kaki 001, 4 UK

Manufactured by skilled hands in France, the Aigle Men’s Benyl Wellington Boots are of premium quality and a good alternative to hunter wellies that sell at a similar price. These boots are made from rubber which is known to provide longevity compared to other cheaper synthetic materials. The lining of the boots is made of polyamide that is durable and flexible.

When you look at the soles of the boots, you will notice the good tread pattern that is availed for stability. The gum rubber soles are guaranteed not to wear out quickly or detach easily. Available in 4 colours, these boots promise a good fit and comfortability whether you are doing farm work, walking the dog or of course, going to a party festival.

With a heel height of 1.25cm, these boots come with a buckle for the perfect fit.


  • Premium pair of wellies that will last for years.
  • Made of a rubber exterior and polyamide lining for durability purposes.
  • Features gum rubber soles that offer good traction and longevity.
  • Available in various colours.
  • Comes with a buckle that can be adjusted for comfort.
  • They are waterproof and easy to keep clean.
  • Provide good value for money.

Our recommendation

We would recommend these boots for those who need multi-purpose wellies that look good while having fun at the festival or when out walking.

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Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Best Festival Wellies

Wearing wellingtons for a festival is always a good idea, especially if you expect it to rain or the terrain is muddy, which unfortunately it nearly always is. Wellies for festivals cannot be as heavy as some winter boots because festivals require a lot of movement and it is often hard to stay in the same spot for too long. Finding the best festival wellies will ensure you have fun without a care in the world. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best wellies for your upcoming festival.

Factors to consider in choosing the best festival wellies

Exterior construction

Wearing heavy boots for a festival would not make sense unless the festivities are in a cold area. Rubber wellies are preferred because they are lightweight and with the right lining they can be effectively warm. They are also popular for their flexibility whilst walking around. Depending on the brand you select you may end up with durable rubber wellies or synthetic material wellies that get damaged quite easily.

Interior lining

The interior lining serves the purpose of keeping your feet comfortable and dry. A good lining allows your feet to be warm without sweating too much. Some form of air circulation is important to keep odours from accumulating and therefore, pay attention to the lining material used. 

Neoprene is a common lining material that provides good insulation and durability. This material does well in boots created for both cold and warm weather conditions. Possessing waterproof abilities, this material serves well in chilly conditions. A good example would be the Muck Boots Arctic Adventure Women’s Rain Boots.

Fleece lining happens to be favourable too in cold condition wellingtons. The fleece traps heat keeping the feet warm. This material is lightweight and dries quickly in case your feet get wet accidentally.

Perfect fit

Getting a pair of well-fitting wellington boots will not only complement your legs but will feel comfortable. Look at the boots’ dimensions to see if it is the right fit for you. It is important that the wellingtons fit the calf size, length and width of your feet. If you are blessed with large calves, check the diameter of the boot opening to see if it will fit. Customer reviews offer great insight into the fit of the boots. The length of the boots will be affected by personal preference, you can get boots that fall just below the knee or shorter ones without problems.

Sole quality

Cheap soles do not last very long, especially ones that are made from low-quality synthetic materials. Soles that are made from gum rubber are preferred for festival wellies because the soles are flexible and comfortable. The soles’ flexibility gives the wearer a lightweight feel while walking around and therefore reduces exhaustion. Vibram soles are popular all over the world for their flexibility and durability. If you spot a pair with Vibram soles you can trust that you have not wasted your money.

Ease of use

Are the wellingtons you want easy to clean? Are they easy to slide on or take them off? If not, you may have a slight problem on your hands. You want to purchase festival wellies that will be a breeze to clean and store when you get home. Choose wellington boots with easy to clean surfaces as they will help maintain their appearance.

Colour and style choice

You are the wearer and therefore when it comes to style and colour, the choice is utterly yours. You can choose bright colours or go for the standard dark colours. Whether you prefer a block heel over a flat heel, the point is that you feel comfortable. There are so many colours to choose from you can easily colour coordinate them to your outfit for the festival.


There are brands that offer warranties when it comes to wellington boots and others that do not. If you don’t trust the quality of the boots, it is better to purchase wellies with a warranty like the Mountain Warehouse Neoprene Mucker Casual Men’s Wellies. If you trust the brand you can take a risk and purchase wellies without a warranty.

Final Conclusion

Festivals are a good way to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Wading through mud and puddles without getting wet is a simple pleasure we all enjoy. Purchase a pair of the best festival wellies and enjoy precious time with your friends/family. When the day comes to an end, you can pull off your wellies and enjoy the sight of clean dry feet. Clean them and store them ready for another day when the fun comes calling.

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