Best Coats for Dog Walking & Top Picks for Men and Women

Last updated on April 5th, 2022

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The only downside of walking your dog is that you have to venture outside whatever the weather. To save you discomfort in rain, wind, snow and the cold, we review which jackets make the best dog walking coats. We list the pros and cons of each coat and detail the features that back our recommendation. Our Buyer’s Guide gives more information about your choices in selecting the best dog walking coat so you are always as happy as your canine companion for your expedition.

Our Best Pick for Men is the Berghaus Waterproof Long Cornice Men’s Outdoor Hooded Jacket. This is a mid-price coat that’s waterproof and fully breathable, with plenty of pockets for your phone and your dog’s walk toys.

Our Best Pick for Women is the Regatta Women’s Romina Waterproof and Breathable Insulated Hooded Jacket. This high-performance coat is also waterproof and breathable with great insulation for the colder days, as well as having a stylish faux fur trim on the hood for style.

Best Pick For Men

Berghaus Waterproof Long Cornice Men's Outdoor Hooded Jacket
Comfortably walk your dog in any weather in this forest green polyester coat. This longer-length, mid-price coat is waterproof and windproof while being breathable so you stay dry from all directions. The detachable hood means you don’t have to have it hanging around your neck at all times. Custom-fit this coat with the adjustable wrists and the drawstring hem. If you’re worried about staying warm, purchase the optional inner fleece layer for those low winter temperatures. The Berghaus Waterproof Long Cornice Men's Outdoor Hooded Jacket is a high-quality coat that will be with you (and your dog) all year long for many years.

Best Pick for Women

Regatta Women's Romina Waterproof and Breathable Insulated Hooded Jacket
This hooded jacket has the necessary waterproof, windproof and breathable features for a top pick. It’s also water repellent so the water just flows off the outside and the coat doesn’t get water logged – an important consideration when you’re walking fast after your dog. The faux fur trim makes the coat look as warm as the Thermoguard lining keeps you. The curved seams are shaped for a woman’s body and the waist and hood drawstring further allow you to custom shape the coat. With its choice of colours, the Regatta Women's Romina Waterproof Insulated Hooded Jacket is both a stylish and extremely functional jacket for walking the dog in.

Top Coats for Dog Walking Reviews

Best Men’s Waterproof Jackets for Dog Walking

1. Berghaus Men’s Waterproof Long Cornice Jacket


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Berghaus Waterproof Long Cornice Men's Outdoor Hooded Jacket

The Berghaus Men’s Waterproof Long Cornice Jacket is an extended-length version of the Berghaus classic. The design is well thought out and the forest green colour is a standard neutral colour for the outdoors. The fact that the manufacturer guarantees the jacket to be waterproof makes it even more reliable and useful to have. This is part of what makes the Berghaus jacket such as good choice for dog walking, along with it being a fairly lightweight coat too, which you need when you are out walking.

On the centre-front zip, a double storm flap helps to protect you from water seeping through the zip teeth. The polyester material of the coat gives it a high level of waterproofness while also keeping the fabric breathable for the user. You won’t feel the moisture building up inside the jacket, from any source. Two zip pockets at the front provide you with enough space to keep small essentials such as your mobile phone, keys and even a small LED torch.

This jacket also has elasticated cuffs that you can adjust to fit the size of your wrists. The coat’s dual drawcord hem also pulls up to fit snugly around your legs. The coat is the long cornice iii (1A), which means that you can zip a fleece into the jacket during very cold weather in winter. The long cornice design is what we really like because it offers a little more protection again the rain, especially if you don’t have waterproof trousers on if you’re just nipping out.


  • Polyester and hydroshell fabric are highly waterproof and breathable so you’re always warm and dry.
  • Double storm flap design on the centre-front zip keeps you protected in wind and rain.
  • Adjustable cuffs and dual drawcord hem so you can change the fit to suit your own shape.
  • Plenty of storage in pockets for things like mobile phones, a torch and dog toys.
  • The mid-price range within a top known brand.
  • Option to put in a fleece layer when the weather turns cold, especially in the early mornings.

Our recommendation

The Berghaus Men’s Waterproof Long Cornice Jacket saves you from also wearing waterproof trousers on milder and dry days. You can adjust the fit around the wrists and the bottom of the coat to keep the cold wind and wet weather out. Waterproof and breathable Gor-TEex fabric means that you never feel soggy in this jacket. And if you add in an optional fleece layer, you stay warm even on the coldest days.

The Berghaus Men’s Waterproof Long Cornice Jacket is our Best Pick for Men for dog walking coats. It’s a high quality, year-round walking coat at an affordable price from a trusted brand.

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2. R Runvel Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket


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R Runvel Men's Waterproof Mountain Jacket

The R Runvel Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket is a comfortable jacket and a more affordable alternative to our Best Pick, the Berghaus Men’s Waterproof Long Cornice Jacket. It also provides breathable and waterproof protection, thanks to its two-layer performance shell. This jacket not only features a soft fleece lining but also keeps you warm and dry in rain showers, no matter how bad or cold the weather gets.

Another great thing about the jacket is that it’s made from polyester and doesn’t tear easily. Its flexibility also lets you easily adjust the hood drawstring and the bottom one without much strain. The hem cinch helps to provide the perfect fit and ensures you stay warm in cold weather and keeps the rain out.

When it comes to storage, this R Runvel jacket has zipper pockets on either side. It also has additional storage with two inner pockets. What looks like a pocket close to the front centre zip is actually fake.

Finally, the interior features a thick warm fleece that is perfect for chilly weather. It also looks the part and will certainly last. With sizes ranging from medium to 4XL, you are sure to find one that fits. The coat does have a removable hood too, which is handy for the clear but cold days in the depths of winter.


  • Tough polyester construction featuring two-layer performance shell for improved resistance to tearing as well as comfort. 
  • Adjustable and detachable hood to keep you protected from the rain. 
  • Adjustable cuffs and collar, which effectively keeps the wind out.
  • Two side pockets and other inner pockets for storing essentials.

Our recommendation

The R Runvel Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket is a more affordable jacket than our Best Pick. However, it’s made of polyester instead of Gore-Tex and doesn’t have the same quality features. It is still both waterproof and breathable and has a fleece lining for colder days. And you can take off the hood on nicer days. The outer pockets have useful zips to keep all your belongings from falling out when chasing after your dog.

This is a good choice of dog walking jacket if you’re looking for good quality and lightweight jacket on a budget.

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3. The North Face Waterproof Mcmurdo Version 2 Men’s Outdoor Jacket

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The North Face Waterproof Mcmurdo Version 2 Men's Outdoor Jacket

The comfort provided by this North Face Waterproof Mcmurdo Men’s Outdoor Hooded Jacket is quite incredible. The first thing you notice is that it is extremely high quality. The jacket is well designed and is constructed from synthetic material. The outer shell is nylon and the lining is made from recycled taffeta. It’s machine washable so you don’t have to worry about trampling through muddy fields with your dog. The hood can be fully removed or you can just take off the fur section if that’s not your style.

This North Face jacket has plenty of pockets for storing your belongings. Most of the outer pockets are closed by hook-and-loop fastenings and just behind the two lower outer pockets are ‘handwarmer’ pockets. These are to slip your hands in if your gloves aren’t keeping you warm enough. You can also use them for things you want to access easily, such as tissues.

North Face is known for providing a wide range of waterproof garments. They use their waterproof fabric technology DryVent to make this happen. Fabrics made out of DryVent are high-quality and reliable because they are fully windproof, waterproof and breathable.

If you’re willing to pay premium prices for the top brands and quality, this North Face jacket is well worth a look.


  • An extremely high-quality coat that is fully waterproof and very warm, perfect for venturing outdoors in all seasons.
  • Warm and windproof because it’s made up of fibres that are tightly woven.
  • The DryVent technology protects against the elements, especially rain and wind chill.
  • Breathable jacket, thus ideal for use in mild weather as well as freezing temperatures. 
  • Water repellent exterior, so you stay warm and dry in wet weather.

Our recommendation

The North Face Waterproof Mcmurdo Men’s Outdoor Hooded Jacket is a premium jacket that’s perfect for dog walking. Made of the brand’s proprietary multi-layered DryVent fabric, the coat wicks away moisture in all weathers. The many well-fastened pockets allow you to leave home with all the things you need for an extended time walking your dog. This is a high quality and practical jacket made by a company well-known for making clothing for all seasons, but especially winter.

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4. Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Midlayer Waterproof Jacket

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Helly Hansen Men's Crew Midlayer Waterproof Jacket

The Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Midlayer Waterproof Jacket lets you experience comfort when outdoors walking with your dog. Helly Hansen is a famous brand that is known to produce quality coats and they’ve rarely disappointed. The jacket is water repellent and will stand up incredibly well to rain, while its thick fabric protects well against the wind. It also features two-ply fabric construction for added toughness.

Made from 100% polyester, the jacket is high-quality and very durable. Being an optimal three-layered jacket, it provides both protection and comfort. The breathability is on point, so you remain cool in warm conditions. There is a one-hand hem that you can easily adjust to get a snug fit, along with flexible cuffs.

If you like a jacket with large pockets, then you are in luck because this one contains handwarmer pockets that offer practical storage space for small items (or for your hands). The coat also benefits from the durable water repellency treatment (DWR) that helps to keep water off, keeping you dry. Sizes for this jacket range from small to extra-large.

Overall, this is a great jacket if you are looking for one that is waterproof that you can throw over the top of another layer if it gets really cold. However, this jacket does not have a hood, but some people do prefer to wear their own hat.


  • Features HELLY TECH protection for maximum reliability. 
  • Two-ply fabric construction for improved protection against elements. 
  • Made of breathable fabric, making it good for warm weather. 
  • Has adjustable cuffs that make it easy to find the perfect fit.
  • Quick-dry lining just in case it gets wet.
  • Includes handwarmer pockets that also offer storage space. 

Our recommendation

The Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Midlayer Waterproof Jacket is a rain jacket that you can carry with you and put on if the weather suddenly turns cooler or it starts to rain. It fits well over a sweater or sweatshirt though it doesn’t add much warmth by itself. It’s stylish with a minimal design in black with the only splash of colour being the red zip pulls and the white writing.

If you’re looking for a lighter weight rain jacket that you can put on over other layers when the weather cools, the Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Midlayer Waterproof Jacket is a good choice.

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Best Women’s Waterproof Jackets for Dog Walking

5. Regatta Women’s Romina Waterproof Insulated Hooded Jacket


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Regatta Women's Romina Waterproof Insulated Hooded Jacket

The Regatta Women’s Romina Waterproof and Breathable Insulated Hooded Jacket offer extraordinary comfort at an affordable price. The jacket is water repellent and will protect well against rain and wind.  The coat is made of breathable and waterproof Isotex 5000 quality performance fabric with thermoguard insulation to keep you warm and dry. It’s stylish and practical at the same time, especially for venturing out into the rain on a cold day.

When it comes to length, this jacket reaches the mid-thigh so it covers all your bottom. It also has curved seams to fit a woman’s shape. On the left sleeve is the Regatta logo. The fibres and threads in the jacket are the latest technology to provide you with the best performance and comfort. The material also contains active stretch and moisture-wicking properties, making it suitable for all weather. This is what the best dog walking coats should have.

The jacket’s ThermoGuard insulation traps the air and keeps you warm in cold weather, plus the jacket dries quite quickly. This Romina jacket has faux fur trims on the wrists and the hood so you can be extra stylish at the dog park or in town. This style is available in a wide variety of colours from neutrals to neons, so make a splash or stay unobtrusive on your dog walking trips.

Other notable features of this Regatta Women’s Romina is its hood, though it’s not detachable and the two-way zipper. You may also like that you can throw the jacket into the washing machine when it becomes grubby.


  • Waterproof and breathable polyester materials to ensure maximum comfort. 
  • Finished with long-lasting water repellent for improved protection. 
  • Proprietary ThermoGuard insulation to keep you warm in cold conditions. 
  • Luxurious faux fur lining inside hood, cuffs and facing.
  • Two lower patch pockets for keeping essentials secure, with handwarmer pockets behind.
  • Available in a wide variety of neutral and brighter colours. 

Our recommendation

The Regatta Women’s Romina Waterproof and Breathable Insulated Hooded Jacket offer almost everything that you need to look stylish and keep warm on your dog walking duties. Made from lightweight, durable and easy to maintain polyester, this thigh-length jacket is both waterproof and breathable. Plenty of pockets let you take your valuables and your dog’s essentials with you. The wide range of colours lets you match your jacket to your dog or to their own walking jacket.

This Regatta Women’s Romina Waterproof and Breathable Insulated Hooded Jacket is our choice for Best Dog Walking Jacket for Women. It’s both stylish and practical and will look after you in any weather or dog walking conditions.

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6. The North Face Women Resolve Jacket

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The North Face Women Resolve Jacket

The North Face Women’s Resolve Jacket is another top choice for women, though it is the most expensive women’s jacket in our review (at March 2021). The jacket is made of North Face’s proprietary DryVent fabric which we saw earlier with the men’s version from North Face. This jacket is designed to keep water and wind out while being breathable at the same time. A good jacket is one that keeps you comfortable and is suitable to walk around in and this one certainly is. It also benefits from a water repellent finish that lets water flow off effectively without the fabric feeling wet.

The design of this women’s version includes a chin guard lining, a brushed knit back neck and a fastening zipper. These features keep you comfortable and secure inside the coat. The material is 100% polyester, a material that does well as far as durability is concerned. There are also two hand pockets with secure zippers. The cuffs are elastic, which allows them to fit anyone’s wrist size. The jacket is suitable for activities that involve high energy and additional protection is provided by its hood.

The fabric is also highly resistant to abrasion and fully seam-sealed just as with every DryVent clothing product. This coat comes in sizes XS to XL, making it suitable for most women.


  • Made of DryVent fabric, which is fully waterproof, windproof and breathable. 
  • Features a water repellent finish that prevents the surface from staying wet in rainy weather. 
  • Comes with two secure-zip hand pockets where you can keep some items.
  • Insulated for consistent warmth in cold conditions.
  • Includes elasticated cuffs to easily fit any hand and wrist, whether large or small.

Our recommendation

The North Face Women’s Resolve Jacket continues the company’s high-quality reputation and its use of the unique DryVent technology. Not only is the polyester fabric used waterproof and breathable (so you stay warm and dry in wet weather) it’s also water repellent. The fabric wicks away moisture so the outside of your coat doesn’t remain soggy and you don’t walk around dripping raindrops. This is a premium walking jacket from a company that really understands how to keep you warm and dry.

If your dog walking times involve lots of early mornings and late nights, this North Face jacket will be a good investment.

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7. Regatta Women’s Basilia Waterproof Hooded Outdoor Jacket

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Regatta Women's Basilia Waterproof Hooded Outdoor Jacket

The Regatta Women’s Basilia Waterproof and Breathable Hooded Outdoor Jacket is exactly what you need when taking your dog out for a walk and are in need of a more lightweight coat. The jacket is made from a soft touch breathable and waterproof Isotex 5000 polyester with a water repellent finish and sealed seams that are quite durable. The style of the jacket is that of the classic sailor coat with a storm flap fastening, zip, peppered cuffs and dual-entry pockets which are of decent size. The side seams are cut in a curvy manner and lined fully to provide maximum comfort.

It is suitable for wet weather and the Isotex 5000 stretch fabric allows inner moisture to pass through, thereby keeping you dry and comfortable in summer as well as winter when worn with an extra layer underneath. Movement is also made easier thanks to an active fit stretch.

The jacket is available in a range of sizes, so will fit perfectly depending on the size you select. It does help to provide more confidence and allows for a lot of activities when walking your dog. You can move freely when walking or running because it is well-fitting and comfortable and you can breathe well when wearing this jacket. Even if it’s windy, you stay warm because the coat is also wind-resistant, which is just as important as being waterproof.


  • Lightweight waterproof coat with plenty of room underneath for a fleece or thick jumper in winter.
  • Made of Isotex 5000 coated polyester fabric that is breathable and waterproof.
  • Long-lasting water repellent finish so water flows over the outside of the coat. 
  • Available in a range of colours and prints for a neutral or a lively look. 
  • Dual-entry pockets are large enough for the basic items for a walk – phone, tissues, dog treats etc.

Our recommendation

The Regatta Women’s Basilia Waterproof Hooded Outdoor Jacket is a lightweight rain jacket that won’t weigh you down. It comes in a range of fun colours and patterns so you may attract attention when out walking your dog, and it definitely brightens up dull days. This Regatta jacket is waterproof and breathable so you are comfortable. Plus it’s water repellent so the outside doesn’t get waterlogged. This is a shell jacket that goes on easily over your regular clothes and fits within most rainwear budgets.

If you want your outdoor gear to match the joy of your dog walks, this Regatta Women’s Basilia jacket is both fun and functional.

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Buyer’s Guide

A coat for dog walking needn’t necessarily be a one-function jacket. If you consider carefully the features of the coat, you can use it for any outdoor expedition as well as some outdoor activities and sports. Our Buyer’s Guide helps you to make the most suitable selection of the best coat for your lifestyle, including dog walking.



The best dog walking coats have these properties.

You need the coat to be completely waterproof. It’s no good having a water-resistant coat because some of the water will get through the shell to the inside during a heavy rainstorm and you will get wet. The fabric the coat is made of must be waterproof. But the seams can also leak they’re not sealed properly, or double-stitched at least.

You’ll also become moist if the fabric is not breathable but from the inside this time. Breathable fabric lets any sweat wick through the fabric from the inside to the outside, keeping the inside environment (and you) dry. This lets you wear the coat on hot days and still remain cool and dry.

Choosing a coat for dog walking

Windproof fabric is always a good choice. Insulation in the jacket or a thick jumper can only do so much if a cold, sharp wind is howling through your coat. Look for coats that explicitly state that the fabric has this quality and you will remain warm.

It’s not completely necessary that the fabric on the outside of the coat is water repellent but it’s definitely more comfortable for you. A water repellent coating lets water flow off the coat. This means that rain just washes away leaving the outside of the coat dry. You won’t keep dripping little raindrops as you walk along and the outside of your coat doesn’t stay soggy.

Another nice-to-have-but-not-necessary property is that the fabric is machine washable. Dog walking coats do become grubby, especially if you walk across muddy fields or your dog becomes excited and jumps up and slobbers all over you. Being able to just throw the coat in with your washing machine easily lets you keep the coat looking presentable.


Best materials for walking coats

Many of the coats in our review are made of polyester. This is a lightweight synthetic fabric that is strong, durable and easy to wash. It’s waterproof and breathable and comes in different weights. The heavier the weight, the better lasting the fabric is.

Gore-Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric and is a registered and patented fabric. It’s waterproof and breathable as well and was designed for all-weather use. It has an excellent reputation for quality and durability.

Nylon is also a choice for dog walking coats. Nylon is similar to polyester but it’s softer, stretchier and stronger. Nylon is slower to dry and is not as resistant to abrasion.


Some coats are made larger than the named size may suggest. Check whether there’s a sizing chart (with cm per size number) with the product and measure your important parts to see how they stack up to the chart (and be honest; it’s uncomfortable to walk in a coat that is too small). A good example is the North Face Waterproof Mcmurdo Men’s Outdoor Hooded Jacket. The company recommends going a size smaller for this jacket.

On the other hand, not all of the jackets in our review come with a fleece lining or other form of insulation. You have to wear your own thick jumper or sweatshirt underneath at colder times. So you may want to order a size larger than normal to accommodate this extra bulk.

Experiment by trying on the coats you already have, with and without jumpers, to see what sizes fit you and that you can walk comfortably for long distances in.


The main question to ask here is how long you want your coat to be. A good idea is to have them come down to at least mid-thigh to cover your bottom. If you’re caught in the rain, at least you won’t get a wet bum.

Another question concerns having a hood. Some styles have a fixed hood that’s always attached to your jacket. If you don’t like things hanging around your neck, look instead for a style with a detachable hood. Or even a coat without a hood so you can wear your own hat.

And some coats, both in men’s and women’s styles, have faux fur trim around the wrists and hood edge. This may or may not be detachable, so check this out if your favourite jacket has this feature and it’s just not your fashion style.

Another important style feature has to do with how you can shape the coat around your body. Some models have drawstrings at the neck, waist, and hem. You can pull these up or let them out to mould the coat as close as you like to your body. You adjust them according to the weather – perhaps closer to you to keep the wind and rain out – and loosen them for more room to move if your dog is walking at a fast pace.

As with any item of clothing, dog walking coats, whatever you use them for, are a fashion statement. And some of the styles in our review – particularly the Regatta Women’s Basilia Waterproof Hooded Outdoor Jacket – take this seriously and offer you a selection of colours and patterns with which you can make a statement when dog walking.

Final Conclusion

A good dog walking coat should merge style and functionality, keeping you warm/cool and dry in your treks around town or through the woods with your canine friend. All the coats in our review are waterproof and breathable, making them suitable for all-season use. Some of them have fleece linings (sometimes removable) and others need you to put on a thick jumper first. Each coat we review has its own style but your dog will be proud to be seen with you whichever one you choose.

Our Best Pick for Men is the Berghaus Waterproof Long Cornice Men’s Outdoor Hooded Jacket. This is a long-line Gore-Tex jacket in deep forest green with an amazing amount of storage pockets for all your dog walking essentials.

Our Best Pick for Women is the Regatta Women’s Romina Waterproof and Breathable Insulated Hooded Jacket. Made from waterproof and breathable Isotex 5000 performance fabric, this coat also has insulation that keeps you comfortable in very low temperatures.

It’s one thing to have a good dog walking coat, but how about some good walking boots to walk the many miles that your pet may insist on. And if you and your dog explore the countryside frequently, you may need some dog walking wellies to keep your feet warm and dry as well.

And it’s not all about you! Make sure your dog is proud to be seen in public by brushing them on one of our recommendations for the best pet grooming table. And let them come home and rest from their efforts in their outdoor kennel from our review.

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