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Top 8 Best Bird Baths with some of our favourite picks

Last updated on June 9th, 2022

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Is there anything more exciting to a gardener than garden accessories that add both style and function? Especially when they support an important part of our wildlife – birds. Bird baths are an inexpensive way to add vertical visual interest to your outdoor landscape while providing a place for birds to drink, take a bath and rest.

Functionality is key to the best bird baths as you need to attract the birds and provide them with a safe environment during their stay. That being said, we include bird baths of different styles in our review to show that, however, your garden looks, there’s a bird bath to fit in.  

Our Top 8 Best Bird Baths review covers a wide range of models, listing the pros and cons of each, along with a discussion of their features. We give our recommendations as to who and where each bird bath is best for. Our Buyer’s Guide addresses the bird bath ideas that go into the best bird baths.

Our Best Pick is the Garden Studia Bronze Effect Double Bird Bath. This is a resin bird bath in an unusual oval shape with two bird figurines that may attract other birds. Its bronze-effect finish gives it an elegant appearance that works well in a more classical or formal garden.

The Runner-up selection is the Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath. This is a two-part bird bath made of natural terracotta, hi-fired into a strong ceramic. Each part can be used separately giving a high bird bath and a low one, or combined for a standing structure.


Garden Studia Bronze Effect Double Bird Bath
This Bronze Effect Double Bird Bath is a great example of a bird bath that successfully combines form and function. The oval bowl contains a variety of water heights to suit birds of different species and sizes. The inside of the bowl is ridged so that the birds’ feet don’t slip and slide when they’re enjoying their water activities. Made of resin, this bird bath is easy to clean. Its bronze-effect finish and two bird figurines give it an elegant appearance that suits both classic and modern gardens. If you’re looking for a bird bath that makes an artistic statement in its own right as well as provides recreation for birds, the Bronze Effect Double Bird Bath could be the one for you.


Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath with Stand
The Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath is an eye-catching addition to a garden with a natural landscape. Made of natural terracotta and cast into a hi-fired ceramic, this brown bird bath has a mottled green glaze that complements any flowerbed or plant corner. The bird bath comes in two pieces that can be used together, or separately to give you a ground level bird bath (the larger bowl) and a taller one (the stand with a built-in smaller bird bath on its top). This bird bath is heavier than many others even though the stand is hollow. As terracotta is a natural material, take care with cleaning it and look after it carefully. If a back-to-nature philosophy is behind your garden design, the Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath with Stand could be for your birds.

Best Bird Bath Reviews

1. Garden Studio Bronze Effect Double Bird Bath


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Bronze Effect Double Bird Bath

The Garden Studio Bronze Effect Double Bird Bath has an elegant appeal with its bronze colour and oval shape. The inside of the bowl has similar ridges to those that you would find in a seashell. Adding to the decorative appeal are two bird figurines perched on top of the bowl. Birds can perch on the raised middle of the bowl for a drink or use the deeper water at the sides of the bowl for a refreshing bath.

This bird bath is relatively tall standing at 79cm (which is a little under 3ft) and ending in a circular base patterned in an airy filigree. Don’t be put off by having to keep clean the seemingly metal construction of this bird bath – it’s actually constructed of resin/plastic but it doesn’t look like it. This makes it light to move and easy to clean with a soapy rag or even with a light wipe down with (animal-friendly) disinfectant.

Keeping the bird bath free from algae in the water and any mould is key to keeping your feathered visitors safe and returning. Three pegs hold your base in your lawn, though online reviewers state that these are not enough to keep the bird bath upright in windy weather, it’s that light so maybe a sheltered position would be best. It works well though in a sheltered area, which is best for birds anyway.

The bird bath comes in three parts and is easy to assemble, however, one potential issue to note is that the photo on the sales website says “for illustration purposes only” and some online users say that they received the bird bath in colours other than the advertised bronze. With this in mind, it might be wise just to double-check before ordering.


  • The oval bowl has a shell-like appearance and two bird figurines for added visual interest.
  • The base is an open ornate filigree design that softens the heavy-looking vertical stand.
  • Bronze effect finish for an elegant addition to your garden décor.
  • The bowl holds a variety of water depths for drinking and bathing birds of different sizes.
  • The ridged bowl allows the birds to stand safely and with stability when they’re in there.
  • Easy and to assemble so anyone can put it together.
  • Dimensions: 79cm (height).


  • Bird figures might not fit well into holes but a dab of super glue in the hole will resolve this problem if it occurs.

Our recommendation

This Bronze Effect Double Bird Bath is an elegant art piece that gives your visiting birds a place to rest, relax and play in the water. It has many of the best bird bath ideas – various depths of water for drinking and bathing in, ridges in the bowl for safe and stable places to stand, and bird figurines for company.

Made of lightweight resin, this bird bath is easy to keep clean from mould and algae to provide hygienic fresh water that encourages birds to return time after time. For all these reasons, we’ve made the Bronze Effect Double Bird Bath our selection for Best Bird Bath. This is your choice if you want an elegant statement and functional garden piece for you and your birds.

2. Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath


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Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath with Stand

The Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath adds a point of interest to a back-to-nature garden. Made of natural terracotta, this hi-fired ceramic bird bath and stand is versatile. The product comes in two pieces that can be combined to create a tall and wide bird bath or used separately. When apart, you have a ground-level wide bird bowl and a smaller bird bath built into the top of the stand. Three mounting feet let you raise the wide bowl above the ground or above the stand, wherever you use it.

This bird bath is made of brown ceramic covered in a mottled green glaze that looks quite stunning. As with the best bird baths, the large bowl is patterned in ridges (circular, around the circumference) that lets the birds have a surface to grip when they’re in the bird bath. The ridges also capture the green glaze, allowing the colour to highlight the pattern. 

Another feature for both you and the birds is the wide ledge around the larger bird bath. A quote from William Blake is etched into it for your reading pleasure. The ledge and the etched surface also give the birds somewhere to stand to drink without having to get wet. The quote is: ‘To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.’

Keep in mind that, although the stand of the Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath is hollow, this is a heavy bird bath. Terracotta is a form of clay and is a substantial material. The bird bath weighs 2.25kg so, while it won’t blow over on a windy day, it may be difficult to move if you choose another site for it in your garden for some people. Also, remember that terracotta is a natural material and needs more care than a resin or metal bird bath. Just treat it how you treat your fired flowerpots, and maybe take it indoors in the cold and frosty season.


  • Made from hi-fired ceramic – a natural material.
  • Brown ceramic glazed in a mottled green glaze fits naturally into any garden foliage.
  • The circular bowl has a ridged pattern that is both attractive and stops the birds from sliding about.
  • Can use the bowl by itself, if you want a lower bird bath.
  • The stand is hollow and slightly tapered at the top into a second bird bath.
  • The ledge around the wide bird bowl has a quote from William Blake etched into it for visual interest and for the birds to stand on.
  • Dimensions: 37.5cm (height) and 32.5cm (diameter of bowl).
  • Weighs 2.25kg so won’t blow over in a strong wind or if a flock of birds lands on it.


  • Made from terracotta so is breakable and needs some care.
  • It is breakable and may not be resistant to hard frost so positioning it in a sheltered position may help protect it more over winter.

Our recommendation

The Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath, made of natural terracotta as a hi-fired ceramic, fits well into a natural landscape. Its colours of brown ceramic with a green mottled glaze blend into any flower or foliage background while still providing additional visual interest.

This bird bath comes in two pieces – a wide bowl and a stand whose top is an additional bird bath – that can be used together or separately. It also has many of the best bird bath ideas, including a standing ledge for drinking birds, ridges to stand on and varying depths of water.

We approve highly of all the features of the Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath with Stand, especially its natural material. It’s our Runner-up for Best Bird Bath and we think it looks stunningly beautiful. This is an excellent choice for a back-to-nature bird bath for your back garden haven.

3. MP Essentials Solar LED Light Owl Garden Patio Birdbath

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MP Essentials Solar LED Light Owl Garden Patio Birdbath

The MP Essentials Solar LED Light Owl Garden Birdbath is a whimsical bird bath that comes with a solar powered LED spotlight. Made of resin and cast to look like carved wood, this bird bath is both weatherproof and lightweight.

The entire birdbath (bowl, stand and base) looks like a carved tree trunk with two carved wooden owls standing guard. Some online reviewers report that it’s obvious that the bird bath is made of resin/plastic and not of wood; it’s just not realistic but it does look as pictured so you will know what to expect.

In addition, the resin is known for being lightweight. This is both a plus and a minus. It’s easy to move and clean but it can tend to blow around in windy weather conditions, so again, try to position it somewhere sheltered. 

While the bird bowl does have a lip for birds to safely stand, its straight sides provide only one depth of water. This limits the size of birds that can bathe there safely. (See our Buyer’s Guide for a quick fix for this.)

The solar powered spotlight is on the base of the bird bath and points upward past the owls to the underside of the bowl. The product website doesn’t say if the light can be repositioned. It also doesn’t show or say where the solar panel is. What’s also not clear is if the solar power is stored in a power collector for use when it’s cloudy overhead or at night-time. Online reviewers, however, report that the light is very bright so maybe the power is stored in the solar panel for later use. If so, position this bird bath in a place that looks good when illuminated.


  • Made of resin for water and weather resistance.
  • Designed as a carved tree trunk with two carved owls with huge eyes in attendance.
  • Solar powered LED light on the base shows off the bird bath.
  • Dimensions: 40cm (height) and 25cm (diameter).


  • Not realistic-looking wood.
  • Only one depth of water.

Our recommendation

The MP Essentials Solar LED Light Owl Birdbath adds a touch of whimsy to your garden or patio. The carved wood appearance and the owls evoke the feeling of woodlands and the visiting birds add to that. The solar powered spotlight on the base lets you appreciate the bird bath as a garden feature in the dusk.

If you like a touch of quirkiness in your garden, or have kids around who love wildlife, take a long look at the MP Essentials Solar LED Light Owl Birdbath.

4. Stone Cast Garden Bird Bath with Stunning Sunflower Design

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Stone Cast Garden Bird Bath with Stunning Sunflower Design

The Stone Cast Garden Bird Bath with Stunning Sunflower Design is an exceptionally well-decorated and solid bird bath. It’s a statement garden accessory that will make your neighbours and visitors go “wow”. This bird bath is handmade in the UK and the artisanship shows.

This bird bath is made from stone that’s been reconstituted (concrete) and cast in two pieces. It’s a solid piece, not hollow, and as such is heavy. And we really mean heavy – it weighs 65kg. Be sure that you place it in your garden exactly where you intend to situate it for a long time. It won’t blow over in a heavy storm or if a whole flock of birds tries to land on it. This is the tallest bird bath of all those in our review.

The sunflower design mentioned in the name of the bird bath is a modern take on designs from the arts and crafts movement. Although the flowers shown aren’t really sunflowers – they’re a stylised generic flowers but are still very attractive. The flower design is on the stand of the bird bath, with the basin and the base having a more geometric motif. All the designs are crisp and firm, not blurry and soft as sometimes happens with concrete casting.

The bird bowl is circular and has a wide edge for birds to safely land. However, the bowl has a steep slope on the inside and doesn’t provide much shallow water. It needs to be filled almost to the brim for birds to stand on the ledge and drink without having to get wet. The bowl is 5cm deep and smooth inside without much grip for birds’ feet. (See our Buyer’s Guide for easy ways to make this bird bath more comfortable for birds.)


  • Cast from reconstituted stone/concrete in a highly detailed design as a show-stopping addition to your garden décor.
  • “Sunflower” design is the central motif but other, more geometric, designs add complementary visual interest.
  • Comes in two pieces, basin and stand/base to make it a little easier to move.
  • Dimensions: 87cm (height); 40cm (diameter of basin).
  • Weighs 65kg.


  • Not much shallow depth of water for drinking.
  • Smooth bowl without much grip.

Our recommendation

The Stone Cast Garden Bird Bath adds both visual and literal weight as a functional accessory to your garden. Its stylised flower and geometric design draw your eye while its height and solidity establish firmly that you take looking after the birds seriously. The height of the bird bath gives small birds a 360° view of their surroundings as they relax.

The Stone Cast Garden Bird Bath with Stunning Sunflower is our choice for Best Stone Bird Bath. Whether your garden is of a classic or modern design, this is a highly decorative show-stopping bird bath that won’t be hidden away. 

5. Smart Garden Duck Family Umbrella Solar Water Feature Bird Bath

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Smart Garden Duck Family Umbrella Solar Water Feature Bird Bath

The Smart Garden Duck Family Umbrella Solar Water Feature Bird Bath is the model in our review that moves the most beyond being just a bird bath. It checks many of the boxes of best bird bath ideas while providing a whimsical scene for any garden or patio.

This garden accessory for the birds is a combination bird bath, fountain and decorative accessory, all powered by solar power. You won’t have any cables or wires trailing over the patio or lawn, so it’s tidy and safe as well. The two solar panels are in the bowl and are in full sight. One downside of solar power is that, without a solar power collector, you can only use the fountain when the sun is shining. 

The entire bird bath is made of lightweight resin, which is easy to move and clean. It’s finished to look like stone in a brown/bronze colour.

The scene in the bird bath is of a family of bright yellow ducks taking shelter under an umbrella. The fountain part of this structure comes from the umbrella. Water bubbles out of the top of the umbrella and streams down through its ribs. It flows over the ducks and down into the bird bath bowl and then returns, unseen, up through the handle of the umbrella. 

This continually flowing water is one of the best bird bath ideas we detail in our Buyer’s Guide. Birds are attached to moving water rather than to a still pool. Plus the continually streaming water slows the build-up of algae and mould in the bird bath, leaving the water cleaner for longer.

The bird bowl has several places for birds to sit in the dry and drink water. The lip that goes around the edge of the bowl provides such a space, the solar panels are set into a flat surface that is also suitable for birds to sit on. 


  • Combination bird bath and fountain powered by the sun.
  • Made from bronze/ brown-coloured resin with a stone finish for a natural look.
  • A family of yellow ducks stand under an umbrella and give the bird bath a whimsical feel.
  • Water comes down from the top of the umbrella into the bowl below in a constant movement.
  • Two solar panels in the bottom bowl provide places for the birds to sit as well as collect the sunlight.
  • The raised rim around the bowl also provides sitting places for the drinking birds.
  • Dimensions: 84cm (height); and 48cm (diameter).


  • Can’t regulate the speed of water flow.
  • Only works in direct sunlight.

Our recommendation

The Smart Garden Duck Family Umbrella Solar Water Feature Bird Bath includes a fountain as part of the bird bath. But no ordinary fountain – this one incorporates the umbrella under which a family of bright yellow ducks is sheltering.

And don’t worry about power cords or cables trailing everywhere, the fountain is solar powered, though, without a power collector, the fountain can only be used during sunny daylight hours. This bird bath includes a number of the best bath features we identify in our Buyer’s Guide.

For a humorous touch to your garden or patio, or to enchant kids, the Smart Garden Duck Family Umbrella Solar Water Feature Bird Bath is a great choice.

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6. Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath

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Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath

The Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath is another bird bath made of a natural material, but this time its metal. The metal has a bronze-green powder coating that is both functional and decorative. 

Functionally, the powder coating protects the metal from dings and dents and the elements of weather. It’s rust-proof, mould proof and weatherproof. However, if the paint comes off and the metal is exposed, make sure to repaint with either paint or varnish to recover the steel. Decoratively, the hammered bronze-green colour blends in with any plant colour scheme, fading into the background.

The minimal style of this bird bath also helps it to be unobtrusive. The bowl, stand and base are all simple shapes and the only decoration is the single vine of metal leaves twining around the length of the stand. Adding to the ease of this model, all three pieces fit together without needing tools for assembly. Just twist the parts together.

Larger birds may have a harder time using this bird bath though. The rim around the bird bowl is too narrow for them to stand on, though it is curved for their feet to grip. The inside of the bowl is fairly smooth so consider adding some rocks to provide a more textured surface for the birds to stand on.

Some online reviewers report that this Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath is relatively lightweight. The stand is a hollow pipe and bends quite easily. However, if you place this bird bath in a sheltered location and don’t encourage large crows to visit, it serves its purpose well.


  • Made of powder-coated metal (in bronze-green) for strength, durability and all-weather use.
  • Minimal design with a vine of decorative leaves twining around the stand.
  • Assembly is quick and easy and is done without tools.
  • Dimensions: 60cm (height); 40cm (diameter of bowl) and 37cm (diameter of base).
  • Weighs 1.8kg.


  • The stand is narrow and hollow piping.
  • No rim for birds to stand.

Our recommendation

The Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath has a minimal appearance that won’t take over your garden design. Made of metal, it will sit almost hidden from your sight until the birds appear. Its bronze-green colour suits any garden landscape and won’t disturb the birds. Weatherproof and rustproof, this is a durable garden accessory that handles most weathers.

The Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath is well suited to encourage birds to visit a garden with a laid-back ambience or a minimal landscape.

7. Christow Glass Bird Bath

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Christow Glass Bird Bath

The Christow Glass Bird Bath is definitely unmissable by birds and people in any garden. No matter if you have the bare minimum of flowers or plants or if your outdoor area resembles a fully grown forest, this bird bath draws attention. And made of glass and metal, it doesn’t take away from the naturalness of your landscape.

Simply explained, this bird bath is a removable glass bowl on a metal stand. But it’s much more than that. First of all, the steel stand has two curved sides, connected by cross braces. The steel is powder coated for durability and protection from rust and inclement weather. The base of the legs has moulded feet that give non-slip stability. 

And then, the real wow factor is in the glass bowl. It’s made of UV-resistant textured glass (which gives a good surface for birds to stand on) and is hand painted with a peacock. The main colour palette is cool shades of turquoise and blues but there is a good smattering of the warm colours of red, yellow and orange. When you fill the bowl with water it shimmers and sparkles in the sunlight and attracts the attention of birds.

You may need to be careful around this bird bath. Glass itself needs special care and can shatter if dropped or knocked over. Place this bird bath out of the way of energetic kids and pets to keep it safe.


  • A removable glass bowl on a powder-coated steel frame adds an instant art piece to your garden.
  • Bowl is of UV-resistant textured glass and features a colourful hand-painted peacock.
  • The steel stand has a sturdy metal frame and curved legs to support the bowl, and the moulded feet add more stability.
  • Folds flat for compact storage and easy transportation.
  • Dimensions: 50cm (height) and 35cm (diameter of bowl).


  • No rim for birds to drink and stay dry.

Our recommendation

The Christow Glass Bird Bath with Metal Stand is an art piece as well as a functional bird bath. You won’t want to hide this away deep in a flowerbed or a group of plants. On sunny days the bright colours covered with water shimmer and sparkle. Remember that glass is not as sturdy as other materials and treat it carefully.

The Christow Bird Bath is suited for an out-of-the-way-yet-visible site that attracts small birds.

8. Tiefes Handicraft Bird Bath

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Tiefes Handicraft Bird Bath

The Tiefes Handicraft Bird Bath is the only bird bath in our review to come without a stand. Use it on the ground or place it on a tabletop in your garden or on your patio. This bird bath is handcrafted from cast stone (concrete) in the shape of a shallow pool with a frog sitting on the edge of it. Surprisingly, this is comparable in size to many of the other models of bird baths we review, but without the stand.

Although this Tiefes bird bath is hand painted in what appears to be a solid grey colour, the differing textures over the stone reflect the grey in different shades. The design of this bath is fairly rough and rustic which emphasises its handmade quality. The wide rim around the bowl gives plenty of room for birds to perch safely and keep dry as they drink.

This bird bath’s natural material makes it weatherproof and frost resistant so don’t worry too much about leaving it out on colder days. Just make sure that the water doesn’t freeze for the birds, as the bowl is a shallow 1cm deep.


  • Tabletop/ground level bird bath made from solid cast stone that’s frost and weather proof for all-season use.
  • Hand painted in a slate grey colour that looks shaded due to the different textures in the stone.
  • Rustic design as a shallow pond with a frog perching at the end.
  • Dimensions: 34cm (long); 30cm (wide) and 8cm (height).
  • Weighs 4.5kg.


  • Shallow bowl at 1cm deep.

Our recommendation

The Tiefes Handicraft Bird Bath is a bird bath that truly reflects its handcrafted origins. Its rustic design and uneven texture emphasise that someone’s hands were directly involved in its production. The frog figurine on the edge of the pool doesn’t look threatening enough to frighten too many birds away.

The Tiefes Handicraft Bird Bath is a good choice if you want a bird bath to put on a table or on the ground. (But make sure that wandering pets can’t get at it.) 

Buyer’s Guide

You would think that buying a bird bath would be a simple and straightforward task. And it is to some extent. But if you’re going to all the effort of buying something special for your feathered visitors, here are some pointers as to what birds like as the best bird bath ideas.


We find ourselves repeating this warning in a review once again. Triple check the size of whatever you buy, especially these bird baths as they are going to be much smaller than you anticipate. The stands are relatively lower and the bowls/bases are not as large as they appear in the photos. That’s usually all right when you consider the actual size of birds. But doing this is going to save you the shock of opening the box and exclaiming, “It’s much smaller than I expected!”

Somewhere to stand safely

Whether they’re drinking, bathing, or just preening and showing off, birds like to stand in a safe place. The best bird baths have a raised edge around the rim of the bowl or basin as a stable surface for the birds to stand on and drink. As well, the floor of the bowl should have to be something that is easily gripped onto by the bird’s feet so they don’t slip and slide when they’re in deeper water to bathe. 

Not all the bird baths in our review provide these safe surfaces, but you can provide these yourself. Create a safe bathing surface by placing river rocks at the bottom of the bowl for the birds to stand on. Putting branches into the water and having them stick up above the water line lets birds drink without getting wet.

Moving water

Moving water attracts birds. Only the Smart Garden Duck Family Umbrella Solar Water Feature Bird Bath in this review provides an endless stream of water through its fountain component but only when the sun is out. 

However, some other bird baths we look at here have a deep enough basin for you to incorporate a separate fountain component. Alternatively, look also at including a mister, dripper, water spray or bubbler in your bird bath. These features need different levels of water to operate so you should find one suitable for your particular bird bath. 

As well as providing a constant stream of water to catch the birds’ eyes, moving water also slows the build-up of algae or mould in the bird bath. Along with regular cleaning, this helps to provide the clean water (see below), that birds prefer. It also stops mosquitos from breeding as they need calm water to multiply.

Close to the ground

Birds like water that’s close to the ground which is where they find it in nature. Many of the bird baths in our review seem as if they’re not very tall, for this reason. However, you have to balance this preference with the likelihood of your pet finding the relaxing, bathing birds and scaring them or attacking them. 

If you do have neighbourhood cats (or other wildlife) that are known to stalk birds, consider one of the taller birdbaths such as the Stone Cast Garden Bird Bath with Stunning Sunflower Design that we review. In addition, smaller birds prefer taller baths so they can still have a good view of their surroundings while they’re attending to their personal hygiene.

Clean and cool water

Where you place the bird bath helps greatly in keeping the water clean and cool. Place the bird bath in the shade but not under any tree or bush that sheds its leaves, flowers or fruit directly into the water. (Don’t put the bath near any dense greenery that could hide stealthy predators, either.) 

Establish a cleaning schedule for the bird bath to remove any algae build-up from the bowl and any rocks or other accessories you have in it. You also need to keep an eye on the evaporation rate of the water or how much the birds splash out of the bath in order to keep the water topped up.

Different depths of water

Most bird baths have sloped sides that provide a range of depths of water, from shallow at the sides to deep at the bottom of the bowl. However, the deepest water may be too much for the smaller birds that visit you. Placing rocks at some of the bottoms of the bowl allows the tinier birds to stand on them in just enough water for their bathing routine. Larger birds can indulge themselves in the deeper water on the other side of the basin.

Final Conclusion

Setting up a bird bath (or perhaps several) in your garden is a relatively inexpensive way to help the environment, provide a much-needed sanctuary for birds and for you to become knowledgeable about the habits of an essential part of our natural world. 

Why not set up a trail camera to record them? We reviewed some of the best models in this review here

From the most minimal birdbaths through to those that are pieces of art in their own right, finding a style to suit your garden landscape or patio décor is not a problem. Whichever species of birds already visit your outdoor haven, or those you want to attract will be grateful for a safe place to drink, wash up or just generally relax in their busy everyday lives.

Our Best Pick is the Bronze Effect Double Bird Bath. This elegant bronze-coloured resin bird bath is an oval shape with ridges like those of a sea shell. It’s decorated with two bird figurines and has an ornate filigree-like base.

The Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath with Stand is our Runner-up selection. Made from natural terracotta and cast into a hi-fired ceramic, this bird bath is versatile as the two parts (bowl and stand) can be combined or each used individually.

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