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6 Best Trellis Planters For Brightly Up Your Garden or Balcony

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Climbing plants present some of the best visuals in the garden, especially when they are thriving. To support these climbing plants, a supportive structure is needed, and that is why trellis planters are an excellent idea, especially if you don’t have much space in your garden where you can plant them in the ground.

Trellis planters come in a wide range of materials and sizes; therefore, you are not limited in choice. You have the option to select a size that suits your personal preferences, budget, and the type of climbing plants you want to grow. Sometimes shrubs can work well too and the trellis-work can be used as a screen backdrop.

Before crowning the best trellis planters, you want to explore the options available in garden centres, DIY stores and of course, online. We have compiled a list of eye-catching but high quyality trellis planters that would do well in most UK gardens considering the climate. 

These weather-protected trellis planters are durable, and they have received a good rating from customers too, such as our Best Pick, the VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Planter. This reasonably priced model is easy to assemble, and it has a sizeable capacity that works well with clematis.

Don’t forget to check out out guide of the best clematis for planters here

You can take it up a notch and go for our Runner-up the Gaspo Planter With Trellis Hellbrunn. This trellis planter is not cheap, but its design and robust nature make it all worth it. It’s also wide and taller than our best pick.

There are more trellis planters featured below, so read on to discover what each trellis planter has to offer you.


VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Planter With Trellis
The VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Planter is an affordable model that has won over customers including we can see why its a popular choice. It has a solid construction, galvanised hardware and the oiled finish looks amazing. This trellis planter features protected wood for durability, and it is easy to assemble, even for those who are not handy. We appreciate the planter's design as it can accommodate any types of plants, even fruits, depending on what you prefer but for me, its got to be a large-flowered clematis such as Nelly Moser to make it really stand out in your garden. While it is not too deep for plants with intricate roots, it will do well for small-medium-sized plants. Overall it has a width of 2ft and its 100cm tall including the trellis.


Gaspo Planter With Trellis Hellbrunn
The Gaspo planter with Trellis Hellbrunn is ideal if you looking for a slightly larger planter that's well built and at 140cm high by over 136 wide, it provides one of the best displays for your plants and is a substantial piece of kit. The broad planter is robust as it is made from treated pine, and it looks good enough to act as a focal point in any garden. It is more expensive than our Best Pick, but its durability is unmatched and it's a fair bit larger too both in width and height. If you take care of this trellis planter it will last for many years to come. Extremely well made and a great choice which is hard to beat when it comes to wooden trellis plants.

Top 6 Trellis Planters Reviews 

1. VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Planter


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vidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Raised Bed with Trellis Flower Raised Bed Pot

The VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Planter looks fantastic, and it is durable as it is made from acacia wood and finished in oil for extra protection.

The rectangular planter features a trellis that supports any climbing plants you have, including ornamental climbers such as clematis, climbing fruits and veggies such as beans, beans and even blackberries.

As mentioned, I do like that it has a light oil finish that prevents water from damaging the wood and it also makes it look much better than it would intreated. I do recommend giving it a new coat of oil every couple of years too just to keep it looking like new.

This planter requires some assembly, but it does not take too much time and is fairly simple, takes around 5 -10 minutes I would say. It does come with clear instructions and galvanized hardware to make assembly an easy process, basically pieces to bolt it together is galvanised which means it won’t rust.

Once assembled, the planter is around 60cm (2ft) long, 28cm wide (just under a foot), and 100cm high from the bottom of the planter to the top of the trellis. It weighs 15kgs which should not be challenging to move around if need be either or those it will weight much more once filled.


  • Robust acacia wood planter.
  • Features a protective oil finish.
  • Offers a sizeable trellis to give plants adequate room to grow climbering plants.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is affordable.


  • Lacks drainage holes or a lining. ( make sure you drill your own and maybe line with a plastic liner but don’t forget to make holes in the bottom of the liner too)

Our recommendation

The VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Planter is a medium-sized planter that you can get for your garden and I think it looks amazing. It has an attractive look, and the trellis provided is robust enough to provide support, even for plants with thick vines. 

You need to note that this model is not that deep; most of its height is taken up with the trellis, it’s actually around 22cm deep. It would be suitable for small plants rather than bigger plants with deeper roots. However, it is affordable, and it adds some décor to the garden. I recommend looking for some dwarf clematis but you could grow bedding plants, vegetables or something else and use the trellis more as a backdrop if you wanted. Sweat peas maybe? check out more about sweet peas in this guide.

2. Gaspo Planter With Trellis Hellbrunn


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Gaspo planter with trellis Hellbrunn | honey colour, made of solid wood | L 136 cm x W 37 cm x H 140 cm, planter for balcony and garden

If you are looking for a planter with a wide trellis and something a little more substantial than our Best Pick, you cannot go wrong with the Gaspo Trellis Planter. This planter is from Austria, and it features pine with a honey-coloured finish which looks nice. The planter has an attractive design that will stand out wherever you choose to put it. Overall is extremely well built compared to many of the other models we looked at.

This model comes flat packed, and therefore it requires assembly before use, this is pretty common for planters as it makes them easier to ship. Luckily, it does come with clear instructions to make the process simple, even if you are assembling it alone.

The planter is 136cm in wide, which is over 4ft by 32cm wide which is just over 1ft, and at 140cm high, around 4.5ft its a decent size and suitable for many types of planters.


  • Fairly large at 136cm wide x 140cm tall.
  • Features an attractive design.
  • Easy to assemble but instructions could be better.
  • Robust and durable pine planter.


  • You may have to drill other holes because the available ones may misalign.

Our recommendation

The Gaspo Planter With Trellis Hellbrunn is a lovely product that you can use to plant whatever you like from nice clematis, to some sweetpeas or even forget about climbers what about starting some veg in there.

We like this trellis because it has a beautiful design, it is relatively easy to put together, and the price is not so bad. More importantly, the quality of the wood is good as well as the size with a 32mm thickness. It’s a shame that people sometimes find the instructions useless, perhaps they could work on this. We would recommend this planter to those looking for a wide planter good quality planter and are not afraid of a little DIY.

3. Casaria Poly Rattan Planter Trellis

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CASARIA® Large Rattan Garden Trough Planter Flower Pots Planters With Trellis | Raised Bed | Growing Climbing Frame Support | Outdoor Garden Patio | Cream

Another fantastic planter is the Casaria Poly Rattan Planter offering divided sections for three pots. The rattan planter has a rattan trellis to support the plants as they grow, and it features handwoven poly rattan wickerwork that presents a neat and beautiful surface to match your décor. If you already have rattan furniture, this planter will fit right in.

The rattan used is synthetic; hence it is more durable than natural rattan. The weatherproof rattan does not fade in the sun because it’s also UV-proof which is important. You don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning it; a simple, thorough wipe will do wonders.

Each pot is 25cm high, 25cm long, and a little over 20cm wide so bear this in mind, that’s the size of each pot and there is 3 of them. Something I do like is that they have a re-sealable water drain, this is handy as you have the choice to have drainage holes or not. For outdoors you need drainage holes but if you want to use it indoors you probably wouldn’t, however, you need to watch you don’t overwater in this case.

The entire planter is not that big; it measures 146cm high from teh bottom of the planter to the top of the trellis, it’s 83cm in width. The planter section itself (not the plastic containers) is 59cm tall. You will find galvanized hardware that is durable to piece the planter together, ready for use. This basically means it won’t rust.


  • Made of durable and weatherproof poly rattan.
  • It is a handmade planter that can be decorative.
  • Comes with re-sealable drainage doe use indoors and outdoors.
  • The pots can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is affordable.


  • Pot sizes are a little small at 25 x 25 x 20 cm.

Our recommendation

For those seeking to purchase a dived planter for your garden, the Casaria Poly Rattan Planter Trellis is well worth considering and we couldn’t find any better options when it came to wicker planters with trellis.

It comes with dived sections and three pots to hold your plants which we like. It is important to note that the pots are not large; hence you can only grow plants that do not need a lot of room to thrive, they could do with been a little deeper really, a shame because there is room too.

This planter is available at an attainable price, and it would be a lovely addition if you already have light-coloured rattan furniture. It is neat and does not take up much space for those who have limited space to spare, it would work well as a divider in your garden too.

4. Bama 31982 Flower Box with Espalier

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Bama Flower Box with Espalier, 80 cm

Standing at 150cm tall is the Bama 31982 Flower Box; this rectangular planter is manufactured from durable plastic, so it should survive the outdoors well, it won’t rot like wooden alternatives and doesn’t need treating every couple of years either. If you need a large low maintenance trellis planter, this could be what your looking for

The plastic is UV treated the same way they do with plastic sheds so it doesn’t become brittle and start to fade in the sun. This is important as this is how many plastic troughs finally start to crack and fade badly as there not UV stable but this planter is.

It is a sizeable trellis planter with more than enough room to hold larger plants as it got plenty of space for compost which is where many other models fail. The planter, which is 80cm long and 42.5cm wide, offers a total capacity of 120 litres; therefore, there is room for plants with deep roots. The total height of the trellis is also 150cm (5ft) so it’s one of the tallest too.

The black planter comes flat packed for assembly, but luckily it is not a complex structure to put together, you simply slot the pieces together.

Bama the manufacture has been in the market for over three decades, so you can trust that the planter’s quality and it’s even backed up by a 3-year warranty.


  • It offers a large capacity of 120 litres of compost.
  • 5ft tall by 80cm wide.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble, just slots together.
  • The plastic used is shockproof and UV-stable.
  • Offers good value for money as it is durable.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • No problems to report.

Our recommendation 

The Bama 31982 Trellis Planter would do well for those who need a durable plastic planter with a large capacity. You can use this planter to grow your favourite plants or vegetables as it has a tall espalier (the trellis) that supports the plants so it’s also a great choice for climbers and they have plenty of room for the roots too at 120 litres. 

This lightweight planter doesn’t need much effort to assemble; in fact, it is one of the most straightforward models to assemble. You get a 3-year guarantee when you purchase this planter, and this is adequate time to use the planter severally and get value for your money. Overall this is a brilliant planter and super low maintenance.

5. Rowlinson Rectangular Planter and Lattice

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Rowlinson Rectangular Planter and Lattice 85L

The Rowlinson Rectangular Planter and Lattice is another attractive wooden model purchased at a premium price. You can make use of this model for many seasons because it made from pressure-treated wood to protect it against rot.

You can paint over the planter’s natural finish if you want to make it stand out more in the garden but we recommend giving it a coat of paint or oil every couple of years to keep it looking good.

This attractive planter sits raised from the ground for adequate drainage. It is only 138cm high, 91cm wide, and 42cm in length, so it only provides a maximum capacity of 85 litters. However, the lattice is robust and long enough to provide room for growth. The 15.2kg planter does not come already assembled; hence you have a bit of work to do, but it’s not too tasking as the instructions help a lot.


  • Made from pressure-treated wood that will not rot.
  • Robust and sturdy construction.
  • Holds 85 litres of compost.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Features a natural finish that can be painted over or stained.


  • Does not come with pre-drilled holes.

Our recommendation

The Rowlinson Rectangular Planter With Trellis boasts of robust and stable construction and is made from good quality timber. This good-looking planter can sit on the balcony or the garden without looking out of place. You have the option to paint it the colour you want to tie into your décor. Price-wise it is not cheap, but it is worth every penny because of its style and the fact that it made using treated timber so will last for many years if looked after and treated every couple of years.

6. Relaxdays Planter Box with Trellis

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Relaxdays Planter Box with Trellis, Weatherproof, Wooden, Balcony, Garden Bed, Wine, 147 cm Lattice, Wood, grey/silver/metallic, L

Last but not least, we have the Relaxdays Planter Box that comes with a trellis, probably the smallest of all the planters on this list. This planter is suitable for one or two plants because of its smaller capacity of 23. 5 x 31. 5 x 31. 5cm, thats the internal size of the planter box.

However, what it lacks in width and length, it makes up for it in height, measuring 147cm which is just under 5ft. The trellis itself takes up of the planter’s height, so there is room for tall plants like climbing roses and clematis to grow.

This wooden planter is made from fir, and the wood is treated to avoid rot. To maintain the planter’s durability, I highly recommend to re-apply a wood preservative yearly or at least every two years. This planter is not only robust, but it comes in a grey finish that permits it to sit pretty wherever you place it. The planter does not come with a base, but you can include it during assembly.

The planter arrives flat packed with instructions in tow for easy assembly, shouldn’t take most people to long to assemble. You can check out the other planter sizes available and select the size that suits the space that you have best.


  • It has an attractive design.
  • Made from robust and treated weatherproof fir.
  • Features a tall trellis at nearly 5ft for more support.
  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • Can be used without a base.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The wood is maybe a little more delicate than other planters in this round-up post.

Our recommendations

The Relaxdays Planter Box is affordable but do not expect it to be of the same quality as the more expensive models. This slated-design planter is made from treated fir, which is strong but be careful during assembly not to split the wood due to too much force.  

Once it is assembled, you will enjoy looking at this planter because it has an aesthetic design, especially when the plants are thriving and climbing up the trellis. For those looking for a planter that is pocket-friendly, this is well worth considering.

Buyer’s Guide

Regular planters work just fine for regular plants, but a planter with a trellis is much more convenient if you want to grow climbing plants or need some backdrop. In this section, there are a few pointers that make shopping for the best trellis planter an easy task. You need to consider the size and the capacity of the trellis planter, among other characteristics, to pick the best model within your price range.

Let us explore more considerations below:


The size of the trellis planter you get is affected by the plants you want to grow. If the plants are small in size, there is no need to buy a large trellis planter as that will be a waste of money. Consider the plant’s root system to pick a deep enough model to foster a healthy root system. Also, consider the size of the trellis itself because you don’t want to stifle the plant’s growth by limiting how high the climbing plants can grow.


When looking for trellis planters, the capacity of the planter is essential. You find that a model can have a larger trellis but a small capacity soil compartment. This is not bad if you want to grow smaller shallow-rooted plants, but larger plants need a sizeable soil compartment to ensure healthy growth. Always check the product description to find out how much capacity a trellis planter has; if that does not work, check the customer reviews for clues as they will often complain about shallow planters.


As always, the quality of the material affects the durability of the trellis planter. Quality planters made from strong materials will serve you for longer than those made from cheaper materials. You can find wooden, plastic, ceramic, and metal planters; it all depends on your budget and personal preference. A trellis planter that will last for many planting seasons will probably cost you more because the materials’ quality has to meet harsh outdoor conditions. Wood planters should be made from treated timber, plastic should be UV stable and of good quality, metal planters should be made from aluminium or painted to protect the steel from rust.

Outdoor Suitability

Planters spend most of their days outdoors so they can get damaged fast if the materials used to make the trellis planter are not protected from the elements. Whether it is wood, metal, or plastic, you should ensure that they feature protection from the elements; wood trellis planters are treated to keep rot and pests at bay, while plastic models should have UV protection. Many manufacturers state the planter’s suitability for outdoor use; therefore, it is important to read the product description for better information.

Another option is to buy a good wooden planter or trough planter and then buy from trellis separately. Don’t forget to check out our recommended plants for trellis in this guide.

You can also consider using a beautiful garden arch such as one of these.

If you just need some screening, we also did an article on the best screening ideas in this guide.

Ease of Assembly

Unlike a puzzle piece, trellis planters are easy to assemble, especially with proper instructions in tow but many instructions are not that clear, think Chinese instructions.

You may have to bring out some of your power tools if the assembly holes don’t align, but it is nothing unmanageable. Always read the instructions before doing anything so that you don’t end up getting frustrated for anything. If you dislike assembling things, ask a friend over to help to ease the process because it will take a shorter time. 

Fancy making your own trellis planters? one of my favourite YouTubers, Laura from Garden Answers did a video on how to make a trellis planter that’s worth watching


While not all trellis planters will come with warranties, there are some that will like the Bama 31982 Flower Box that has a long warranty. Select a model with a warranty if you are dealing with a new brand, and you are unsure of the quality. This way, if anything goes wrong with the trellis planter, your money will not go to waste.


What are some of the things to consider when choosing a trellis planter?

If the planter’s capacity is adequate, it is time to look if the size of the trellis is appropriate. As we stated above, the plants you want to grow will determine the size of the trellis planter. But, what other factors affect your selection of a trellis?

  • Stability

As the plants grow, they continue increasing in mass and weight. The trellis you select should be strong enough to support the climbing plants even when fully mature. You don’t want your trellis to break suddenly, leaving your plants unsupported.

  • Decorative Feature

Those looking for trellis planters to act as the focal point of their garden need a sizeable trellis. If you are planting flowers such as climbing roses, you want a wide and long trellis so that the display is neater. When the flowers are in full bloom, you can appreciate each flower without overcrowding or straining the vines.

  • Easy to Repair

You want to pick a trellis planter that you can repair quickly when it gets damaged. A ceramic planter, once broken, will be hard to fix compared to a wooden one. Check to see if you can get replacement materials locally before committing to buying a trellis planter or ask your supplier if they offer any replacement parts and at what cost. Most wooden planters can be easily repaired, most other types cannot and usually need replacing

Which is the Best Location for a Planter?

Are you buying the planter for aesthetic purposes, or are you just looking to grow something? Trellis planters for decorative purposes should be placed in a focal point but in a way that it won’t interrupt human traffic. You don’t want to bump your toe unnecessarily; thus, be mindful of this.

Furthermore, wherever you choose to place the trellis planter, whether in the garden or balcony, do not forget that some plants need plenty of sun to thrive. Place the trellis planter in an area where it is visible and gets plenty of sun.

If your planter has a delicate trellis, place the planter against the wall to offer extra support and avoid moving it too much.

Can you repair a broken trellis?

Yes, you can repair a broken trellis depending on the extent of the damage. Simply choose a replacement material, whether a wood or metal stake, measure it to fit the broken section, and start working. It is important to reinforce the frame where it is damaged to avoid further issues. 

Do not fix the trellis while it is upright; place it on the ground so that you can hammer the replacement spokes in peace. If the trellis planter is damaged and currently housing plants, try and repair the model without causing harm to the plants. You can use medium-gauge wires to fasten the stake to the frame for more support if you don’t have the right tools.

Final Conclusion

Selecting the best trellis planter is not hard; it like selecting a regular planter, but the only thing you have to keep in mind is the size of the trellis. You understand the plants you want to grow; hence you are in a better position to select an appropriate model. If you are still weighing on which planter to choose, take your time as you review some of our top trellis planters, such as our best pick.

The VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Planter is not only sizeable, but it is robust; therefore, it will offer long service. You will definitely get value for your money because it is more affordable than the other models in its size. 

VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Planter
The VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Planter is an affordable model that has won over customers globally because of its solid construction. This trellis planter features protected wood for durability, and it is easy to assemble, so it is convenient for most people, even those who are not handy. We appreciate the planter's design as it can accommodate fruits, vegetables, or flowers, depending on what you prefer. While it is not too deep for plants with intricate roots, it will do well for small-medium-sized plants.

Another great pick would be our Runner-up, the Gaspo Planter With Trellis Hellbrunn, a premium-priced model offering a sizeable soil capacity and a wide trellis for your plants. This wooden planter is aesthetically pleasing and would do well for those interested in growing flowers.

Before you go, check out our article on climbing plants and see if any of the plants would suit the trellis planter you just bought for future reference.


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