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9 of the Best Garden Rugs – Easy Comfort for Outdoors Living

Last updated on January 10th, 2022

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Colourful rugs add comfort to any room – including your outdoor living spaces. In this review, we look at garden rugs of various sizes, colours and styles that are suitable for your patio, deck or even around your hot tub. All these rugs are made of polypropylene, a plastic polymer that’s weather and mould resistant as well as being very easy to hose down and clean.

As the rugs differ mainly in their size and style, I’ve organized the review by size categories. I give a brief description of the pros and cons of each rug along with our recommendation. Please note that many of these rugs come in a range of sizes, so it’s worth looking at them all.

My Buyer’s Guide explains the terms in this review that may be unfamiliar so you can better make your purchase decision.

Best Pick – Basic

Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug (Round rugs available)
The Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug is a polypropylene garden rug that comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from runners through rectangular carpets to round rugs. The flatweave of this rug gives it its flatness that shows off the simple woven design – something like a traditional basket weave. This durable and easy to care for rug comes in an assortment of colours – mostly earth tones – and each rug is one of these solid colours. The Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug is a good choice for its ability to meet most people’s needs as to shape and size and for its colours to suit any outdoors décor.

Best Pick – Carpet Style (Round rugs available)

NOURISON Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Multicolour Area Rug (Round rugs availab
The NOURISON Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Multicolour Area Rug is an outdoor rug that looks like an indoors carpet – and a modern, stylish one at that. This stain-resistant polypropylene rug has an overall pattern of lotus flowers. It’s a comfortable rug to walk on as it has a plush 0.6cm pile. But the star feature is that the lotus flowers are raised and cut on a flat background, giving a textured and 3D finish to the rug. Despite its sophisticated appearance, this outdoors carpet, available in a variety of sizes and shapes, is still easy to care for – vacuum and/or hose it down. This is the carpet for you if your outdoor space really is an extension of your home.

Best Pick – Environmentally Friendly (Round rugs available)

FAB HAB Outdoor Rug Recycled Plastic (Round rugs available)
The FAB HAB Outdoor Rug -  Recycled Plastic helps our environment by recycling used single use plastic straws into polypropylene garden mats. All the rugs are handwoven (without any child labour) and so each is unique. This range of outdoors mats has the usual resistant properties of polypropylene (weather, UV-rays, mould) and ease of cleaning. There’s a wide variety of sizes, colours and designs for the mats in this series. As not all designs come in all sizes or colours, it's best to go and browse and just see what they have. The FAB HAB Outdoor Rug Recycled Plastic is for you if caring for the environment is important to you.

Best Garden Rugs Reviews

Approx 160cm by 230cm

1. NOURISON Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Multicolor Area Rug (Round rugs available)

Best Pick – Carpet Style

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NOURISON Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Floral Blue Multicolor 5'3' x 7'5' Area Rug (5'x8')


  • Polypropylene outdoor rug that looks like a real carpet.
  • Raised and cut patterns of lotus flowers on a flat weave gives texture.
  • Dimensions: 150cm x 240cm.
  • Stain-resistant polypropylene with a 0.6cm pile.
  • Suitable for high traffic areas.
  • Maintain by regular vacuuming and mopping up any spills immediately; can also hose down outside.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes from 60cm x 240cm (runner) to 240cm to 3.3m; includes some round shapes.
  • Comes in a variety of colours including Blue/Multicolour; Natural and Red/Multicolour.


  • No anti-slip coating on underside.
  • Difficult to lay flat initially.

The NOURISON Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Multicolour Area Rug is a rectangular polypropylene rug that looks just like a carpet. This is due in part to its overall design of lotus flowers in two different styles and in different colours. But mostly, the living room vibe comes from the raised and cut patterns of the pile, giving both texture and an interesting surface to walk on. Despite its sophisticated look, this is a rug that’s great for high traffic areas outdoors; pets and kids can run and play on it safely and comfortably. Just vacuum the rug or hose it down to clean it, then air dry it.

This lotus rug comes in a wide range of sizes and several other colourways. You can also buy it in a variety of round rug sizes. As with most garden rugs, you need to add your own anti-slip backing to this rug to make it safe for everyone.

The NOURISON Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Multicolour Area Rug is a great choice if you want to add sophistication and a real indoor feel to your outdoor living area. It’s our Best Pick – Carpet Style for garden rugs.

2. Well Woven Indoor/Outdoor Flat Weave Area Rug

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Well Woven Woden Blue Indoor/Outdoor Flat Weave Solid Border Area Rug 160 x 220 cm (5'3' x 7'3' ft.)


  • Synthetic material rectangular rug in a flat weave.
  • Dimensions: 150cm by 210cm.
  • Subtle colour stripes in the rug colour and beige in a centre panel.
  • Surrounded by a solid border in the rug colour.
  • Comes in blue (link above) or green.
  • Choice of other sizes are: 120cm x 160cm and 240cm by 300cm.


  • Thinner than you might expect.

The Well Woven Indoor/Outdoor Flat Weave Area Rug adds a subtle touch of traditional colour to your dining or eating garden areas. This polypropylene rectangular rug looks great under the dining table or couch. Just vacuum up any bits and pieces that fall on it.

The all-over design is fairly subtle stripes of the rug colour, woven in with a natural beige, parallel to the short end of the rug. The border around this centre block is woven in the main colour of the rug, giving a framed appearance. This rug also comes in green and in two other sizes.

This Well Woven Indoor/Outdoor Flat Weave Area Rug is for those who have a more traditional décor in their garden’s living space.

3. The Rug House Outdoor Garden Flatweave Rug

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Durable Soft Plastic Duck Egg Blue Outdoor Garden Flatweave Carpet Rug Weather Mould Resistant Washable Easy Clean Lawn Patio Decking Pergola Dining Non Shed Waterproof Floor Mat Rugs 160cm x 230cm


  • Polypropylene rectangular outdoor rug with a powerloom construction.
  • Dimensions: 160cm by 230cm.
  • Flatweave (no pile) all-over pattern of mottled colour in duck egg blue.  No borders
  • Weatherproof, UV-resistant, mould-resistant and waterproof.
  • Suitable for high traffic areas.
  • Wipe up spills and hose down occassionally.
  • Other sizes range from 120cm x 170cm to 200cm x 290cm.
  • Other colours include: charcoal, gold and russet.

The Rug House Outdoor Garden Flatweave Rug has a power loom construction that makes for a tight weave and a low to no pile. This rug is in a duck egg blue colour that looks attractively distressed. There is no border as the stitching on the edge of the rug keeps it all together. Made from polypropylene, this Rug House rug is weatherproof and resistant to mould. Hose it down to clean or vacuum it to pick up crumbs and bits of garden debris.

With its selection of plenty of other sizes and colours, this is a great rug if you’re looking for a solid colour to add to the floor of your outdoor space.

Approx 120cm by 160cm

4. Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug (Round rugs available)

Best Pick – Basic

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Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug, Terrace And Balcony, Weatherproof One Colour With Texture, Size:120x160 cm, Colour:Beige


  • Polypropylene rectangular rug in a solid beige colour.
  • Flatweave in a basket weave pattern for an even, all-over look.
  • Border around edge in the same colour, in a smaller weave.
  • Dimensions: 120cm by 160cm.
  • Also comes in black, denim blue, green, natural and rust.
  • Sizes range from 60cm x 100cm to 300cm by 400cm.
  • Available as a round rug in these colours in a variety of sizes as well.


  • No non-slip backing.

If you’re looking for a plain colour garden rug, the Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug could be the choice for you. Available in a selection of earthy colours, this no-pile rug is woven in a traditional weave that resembles a basket weave. The border all around the rug is in a smaller but matching weave, making for a simple but elegant appearance. This Paco Home rug visually blends, especially into wooden decks.

As with all polypropylene rugs, it’s easy to care for (vacuum or hose down) and resists the weather and any mould that tries to grow.

There’s a wide range of sizes to choose from as well as a variety of options for a round rug.

5. Well Woven Bubbles Bright Multi Circles Geometric Area Rug (Round rug available)

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Well Woven Woden Blue Indoor/Outdoor Flat Weave Solid Border Area Rug 160 x 220 cm (5'3' x 7'3' ft.)


  • Rectangular rug of powerloomed polypropylene in a contemporary colourful design called Bubble.
  • Bright multicolour design is of circles and curves in an abstract pattern; binding is a solid red colour.
  • Dimensions: 100cm by 150cm.
  • Plush 1cm pile gives a luxurious feel.
  • Backing is 100% jute.
  • Also comes in 160cm by 220cm.
  • Same colourway but other abstract designs are Aurora and Impasto.


  • Slips on wood and tiles even with the jute backing.
  • Thinner than expected.

The Well Woven Bubbles Bright Multi Circles Geometric Area Rug is another garden rug that looks like a carpet. This polypropylene rug has a 1cm pile for a plush feel on your bare feet and a vibrant look. And this rug is indeed colourful. The full rug has a very contemporary abstract pattern of circles and curves in bright yellow, red, blue, green, orange, pink, black and white.

It’s definitely eye-catching and won’t fade into the background of your patio or deck. You need to remember to vacuum it on a regular basis though, as the mottled colours and swirling pattern hide many things dropped on the rug. The backing of the rug is 100% jute. However, some online reviewers complain that the rug still slips (as most garden rugs do) and you need to put your own non-slip underlay underneath this rug for safety.

If you like the bright colours of this rug but circles aren’t your thing, check out the other two patterns available – Aurora and Impasto – in the same colour scheme.

Approx 60cm x180cm / 70cm by 300cm (Runners)

6. FAB HAB Outdoor Rug Recycled Plastic (Round rugs available)

Best Pick – Environmentally Friendly

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FAB HAB Outdoor Rug - Waterproof, Fade Resistant, Reversible - Premium Recycled Plastic - Striped - Garden, Deck, Patio, Hall, Balcony, Porch, Laundry Room - Cancun - Multicolor - 90 x 150 cm


  • Recycled plastic rug from single-use plastic straws made into polypropylene tubes and woven.
  • Multicoloured stripes across the width of the rug.
  • Dimensions: 90cm by 150cm (runner).
  • Free from latex and flame retardants.
  • UV resistant so won’t fade outdoors.
  • Warranty is one year.
  • Shake or hose off to clean.
  • Reversible as pattern shows on both sides.
  • Handwoven and child-labour free.
  • Range of sizes in different designs from 75cm by 240cm through to 240cm by 300cm.
  • Designs include flowers in black and cream; trellis in natural and black; and many more.

The FAB HAB outdoors rug helps out the environment by recycling used single-use plastic straws into plastic tubes. Any fire retardant chemicals and latex are removed from the plastic at this point. These tubes are then handwoven together into these reversible garden rugs. (No child labour is used to do this.) The rugs are reversible as the pattern appears slightly differently, both sides.

We review a long runner that comes in bright horizontal stripes. But there’s a wide variety of different sizes and shapes of these eco-friendly rugs. Not all sizes come in all the different patterns that include flowers, vines, diamonds and chevrons amongst others. There’s also a couple of round rugs as well. All these garden rugs come with a one-year warranty.

This FAB HAB Outdoor Rug – Recycled Plastic is for you if you are looking for a garden rug that is doing something to mitigate the damage we do to the environment. This rug is our Best Pick – Environmentally Friendly garden rug.

7. Unique Loom Outdoor Trellis Collection Runner Rug (Oval rug available)

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Unique Loom Outdoor Trellis Collection Area Rug (2' x 6' 1' Runner, Navy Blue/Ivory)


  • Polypropylene runner rug power-loomed for a very short pile of 0.4cm.
  • Curved trellis pattern repeated on a mottled blue background.
  • Dimensions are 60cm by 180cm.
  • Cleaning methods are vacuuming, wiping up spills or hosing down the rug.
  • Other colours include aquamarine, rust red, teal/grey and brown.
  • Sizes range (depending on colour) from 60cm x 180cm to 270cm to 360cm.


  • No backing.

Add a touch of Moroccan style to your outdoor relaxing spaces with this Unique Loom Outdoor Trellis Collection Runner Rug. Although the pattern of off-white on blue of this polypropylene rug does look like a trellis (as in its name), it’s also reminiscent of Moroccan tiles. This is a long runner rug with a short pile of 0.4cm, so you can just brush any fallen bits and pieces off it (crumbs, leaves etc.). It’s a good size to place in front of your outdoor settee.

The rug is woven so that the background colour looks a bit distressed or vintage. It’s also available in other colours such as teal or brown, which also suit this vintage look. If you have a large space to find rugs for, this one is a good choice as it comes in a wide range of other sizes. You can find all the sizes you need in this style and maybe mix and match the colours.

8. Safavieh Veranda Collection Area Rug (Round rugs available)

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Safavieh Veranda Collection VER099-3934 Ivory and Blue Runner (2'3' x 6') Area Rug, 2' 3' x 6'


  • Polypropylene long runner from stain-resistant fibres.
  • Pile is 0.6cm thick and doesn’t shed.
  • Dimensions are 70cm by 300cm.
  • Ivory and blue pattern is an concentric rectangular blocks with various diamond patterns.
  • Vacuum regularly and wipe/hose down with soapy water then air dry.
  • Suitable for high foot traffic areas (kids and pets welcome).
  • Other sizes range from 60cm x 180cm all the way up to 270cm x 360cm.
  • Colourways include: Ivory/Charcoal, Ivory/Slate, Red/Natural and Chocolate/Terracotta.


  • No non-slip backing.
  • Colour of rug is not true to the photo.

This Safavieh Veranda Collection Area Rug is a long polypropylene runner that has all the benefits of a plastic rug, including being stain resistant. Feel safe about putting this under your dining table or letting kids picnic on it.

This garden area rug has some pile at 0.6cm high so you need to vacuum it or use a broom on it to clean out all the bits and pieces that fall or drop on the surface.  Or you can just hose it down and then air dry it. This is really low maintenance.

This runner is blue and cream and has blocks within blocks of different diamond patterns that complement each other. This rug is suitable for high traffic areas, so you may choose one for outside the house leading to the back door and another one for inside. Mix and match the colours from a range of earthy and grey tones. Just be aware that some online reviewers report that the colour in the photo may not be exactly what you get.

The Safavieh Veranda Collection Area Rug is a good choice if you are looking for a long runner and some matching but different shaped or size garden rugs.

Approx 60cm by 90cm

9. Novogratz Villa Collection Umbria Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

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Novogratz by Momeni Villa Collection Umbria Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, Charcoal, 2'0' x 3'0' Size Mat for Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Nursery, Hallways, and Home Office


  • Polypropylene rectangular rug with no border.
  • Dimensions are: 60cm by 90cm.
  • All-over geometric pattern of light grey crosses on a black background (with some white flecks in it).
  • Stitched edging for a border.
  • Pile is a very low 0.25cm.
  • Also available in reverse colourway – light grey background and black crosses.
  • Other sizes are: 75cm by 225cm and 100cm by 150cm.


  • No anti-slip backing.

The Novogratz Villa Collection Umbria Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug is a small polypropylene rug for those who just need a bit of soft floor coverage in their outside area. It’s a good size to put by a deck chair or by the BBQ. If you decide to expand your rug area, it is easy to match these up as the rug doesn’t have a border – the pattern goes all over it with just a stitched border.

This rug has a very low pile of 0.25cm, resulting in an almost flat surface. This is easy to clean as you can just pick up this small rug and shake the bits off. The all-over design is of light grey crosses on a mottled black background. If you prefer, this rug is also available in the opposite colourway of black crosses on a light grey background.

You also have the choice of a longer length runner in this style or a more rectangular rug.

Buyer’s Guide for Garden and Outdoor Rugs

We’ve used some words that may be unfamiliar to you in our review of the Best Garden Rugs. Our Buyer’s Guide explains what they mean and how they factor into your purchase decision.


All the rugs we review are made of polypropylene. This material is a thermoplastic polymer that is made clear and can be coloured with dye. It is lightweight, waterproof, UV resistant, mould resistant, tough, flexible and durable. This makes it perfect for outdoor furniture, including garden rugs. It is easily cleaned by hosing it down or wiping it with a soapy rag.

Garden rug placed under swing chair on outdoor decking area


Flatweave is a weaving technique in which the resulting fabric (including polypropylene) doesn’t have a pile – it’s flat and has an even texture. Any pattern woven into the fabric is usually visible on the underside as well as long as a backing is not added. Flatwoven rugs are usually more durable than those with a high pile.


Any rug that’s power-loomed is made on an electrically driven machine. It has tight fibres that don’t stretch or pill and so the rug can handle heavy and dirty traffic. Rugs made in this way are easy to care for and to clean.

Outdoor rug/carpet used in garden

Making your purchase decision

Choosing a polypropylene garden rug that’s power-loomed with a flat weave gives you the most durable rug available.

Of course, these are not your only choices. We came across plenty of cotton rugs marked as suitable for the garden – and they are. Heavy cotton is a durable material and handles the weather well. However, you do have to wash it yourself, usually in a washing machine. That’s why we didn’t include any of them in our review.

 Final Conclusion

Any of the garden rugs in our review will brighten up your outdoor living spaces. They’re all weather and mould-resistant and easy to look after. Just store them away for the colder months if you’re not outdoors as much to keep them looking fresh. There is so much selection of shape, size, colour and pattern that you can easily buy a matching set of rugs for all your garden spaces or mix and match them for a more eclectic look.

My Best Pick – Basic is the Paco Home Indoor & Outdoor Rug (Round rugs available). This is a solid colour garden mat with an interesting weave pattern and is available in a variety of sizes and colours.

My Best Pick – Carpet Style is the NOURISON Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Floral. This multicolour lotus flower pattern rug has raised and cut patterns of these flowers for exciting texture and touch elements.

My Best Pick – Environmentally Friendly is the FAB HAB Outdoor Rug. Made from used single-use plastic straws, this rug is reversible as the pattern shows through on both sides.

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