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Top 6 best gazebos for hot tubs no matter what the weather brings

Last updated on May 26th, 2022

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Have you ever tried to have a relaxing or romantic evening in your outdoor hot tub while your neighbour is leaning over the garden fence going on about their difficult day? Or perhaps your hot tub is hidden away in a corner of your garden but leaves and berries from the trees that overhang it keep dropping into the water when you forget to put the cover back on. Housing your hot tub inside a gazebo or other type of outdoor structure gives you privacy, protects the tub, and shelters the people enjoying their spa experience.

Our review of the Best Gazebos and Shelters for Hot Tubs looks at both permanent and pop-up structures that make your outdoor bathing experience cosy, relaxed and private. We review the pros and cons of the best models and discuss their features. We also include a Buyer’s Guide that points out the details to consider in your purchase decisions.

Our choice for Best Permanent Gazebo for Hot Tubs is the Toolport Alu Deluxe 3m x 4m Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo. This is a deluxe and stylish gazebo that gives year-round weather protection and full privacy thanks to its solid fabric curtains. 

The All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 3m Waterproof Gazebo With Removable Sides is our Best Pop-up Gazebo for Hot Tubs. This gazebo is assembled easily in a matter of minutes.


Toolport Alu Deluxe 3m x 4m Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo
The Toolport Alu Deluxe 3m x 4m Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo is a deluxe pavilion with features that make it ideal as an elegant hot tub gazebo. Its powder-coated aluminium frame in an anthracite colour suits any garden while its style leans towards modern landscapes and décor. This gazebo protects you and your hot tub in all weathers, especially the ridged polycarbonate roof with a SPF of 50+ in summer and a snow load of 80kg/m2 in winter. The opaque curtains surround the interior and are zippered in the centre of each side to form entranceways on all sides. Pre-drilled holes and included tools make the assembly straightforward for two people. If you want to create a permanent elegant hot tub spa in your garden, start with this gazebo.


All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 3m Waterproof Gazebo With Removable Side
The All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 3m Waterproof Gazebo With Removable Sides provides temporary or seasonal housing for your garden hot tub. Assemble this gazebo in just a few minutes when rain threatens your hot tub relaxation or you find yourself getting sunburned in the water. Zips and Velcro hold the frame and cover together and you pin the entire structure down with sandbags or guy ropes, or both. Two of the side panels have windows in them to see out and one end panel has a roll-up door for further visibility and ventilation. Choose to use none through all of the four walls to customise your hot tub home. If your hot tub use is sporadic, even to the use of an inflatable hot tub, this pop-up gazebo is for you.

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Best Gazebo and Shelters for Hot Tubs Reviews

1. Toolport Alu Deluxe 3m x 4m Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo


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Toolport Alu Deluxe 3m x 4m Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo

The Toolport Alu Deluxe 3m x 4m Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo is subtitled the “Sunset Deluxe Garden Pavilion”. Its quality and its features certainly live up to that name. 

The modern, stylish structure of this gazebo is an anthracite colour that comes from the powder coating on the aluminium frame. As well as giving a neutral colour that works with any garden décor, the coating provides rust, weather and UV resistance to the gazebo. All the fittings are rustproof too. This is a gazebo in which to use and enjoy your hot tub all year round. 

The roof is made of ridged and opaque polycarbonate panels that are 8mm thick. The roof is thick enough to be 100% waterproof, to be shatterproof and resist UV rays up to an SPF 50+ rating. You stay dry (at least from the rain) and without any sunburn underneath this gazebo. The roof panels are also strong; they can handle up to 80kg/m2 of wet UK snow. When the roof isn’t covered in rain or snow, you can gaze upwards to the stars in the night sky.

All four sides of the gazebo have solid fabric curtains (included) on curtain hooks (also included) attached to the interior curtain rail. When pulled, these curtains give complete privacy. Or you can replace one or all of them with mosquito netting for more light while still keeping the bugs out. The curtains meet in the middle of each side and connect with a zipper. This creates four doorways into the gazebo, so you don’t have to worry about positioning any particular curtain on the side you want as the entranceway.

Securing the gazebo to the ground is easy with the eight ground anchors that are provided. Assembly is a little tricky, especially the roof panels, and the manufacturer’s estimate is that it takes two people about three hours, although we would personally recommend allowing a little more time. However, users online state that you need four people to put the roof beams on if you want to make life easier and cut out the swearing and about double the recommended time.


  • The permanent gazebo is matte-anthracite coloured metal and has a stylish design to fit any modern garden décor.
  • The powder-coated aluminium structure is rust, weather and UV resistant for year-round privacy and protection in your hot tub.
  • The corner posts are 9cm square and are also made from weather-resistant aluminium for further durability.
  • Polycarbonate panels that make up the roof are 8mm thick and can hold up to 80kg/m2 of snow so you can safely soak in the hot tub in the midst of a snow-filled winter.
  • All four sides have solid fabric curtains that give you that much-needed privacy – and keep flies out.
  • Integrated hook in the centre of the roof to hang ambient lighting or a basket of flowers for décor.
  • Dimensions are: 4m (exterior length), 3m (interior length); 3m (exterior width); and 1.9m (entrance height), 2.7m (external height).
  • Pre-drilled holes make the assembly straightforward for two people with the included assembly tools.


  • Assembly time may be longer than stated.
  • The roof is a little difficult to put together.

Our recommendation

The Toolport Alu Deluxe 3m x 4m Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo is a deluxe gazebo that will permanently house your outdoor hot tub in style. Its stylish dark grey powder-coated aluminium finish has a modern and elegant edge to it. The 8mm thick polycarbonate roof panels handle thunderstorms, intensely hot days and huge dumps of snow. The thick legs provide stability along with the ground anchors. Your privacy is assured with the provided curtains that pull all around the gazebo, or only partway if you want to lay back in the hot water and admire your garden.

We like the Toolport Alu Deluxe 3m x 4m Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo for its permanent elegance, its included curtains and hooks, and its four-season weather protection. This is our selection for Best Permanent Gazebo for Hot Tubs.

If you have an established hot tub (i.e. you’re not going to move it) and want to create your dream elegant outdoor spa room, the Toolport Alu Deluxe 3m x 4m Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo is a wonderful structure to base it on.

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2. All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 3m Waterproof Gazebo With Removable Sides


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All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 3m Waterproof Gazebo With Removable Side

The All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 3m Waterproof Gazebo With Removable Sides just screams “pop-up”. It fits into a bag that you wheel around and assembles in just a couple of minutes. Use it on just about any surface – grass, sand, decking – then you can use a heavyweight bag or pegs and guy ropes (all included) for tying it down.

The matt black frame of this gazebo for hot tubs is made from powder-coated steel. This metal stands up to the weather all year long. Made of polyester, PVS-coated for the roof and 210 denier PU coated for the walls, this gazebo cover is waterproof (roof) and water-resistant (walls). Some online reviewers state that the polyester is thin and flimsy and doesn’t stand up well on windy days so is better to avoid using it on windy days. The beige side panels zip together quickly and then connect to the roof with Velcro. Attaching the corners of the side panels to the poles with additional Velcro adds to the stability of the gazebo. 

Two of the side panels have windows in them, one is a solid panel for use as the back wall, and the front panel has a roll-up door. Choose how many panels and which ones you want to use, from none to all of them. Use no panels for a beach cabana look, one side panel as a windbreak or two side panels as a picnic shelter. The choice is yours. 

The ease of installation of this All Seasons gazebo lets you protect your guests from rainy weather before they become too wet or from hot days before they become too sunburnt. The gazebo has no wind bars but has 24 interconnected struts that open by expanding outwards. Just put the roof on the first time you use this structure; you can leave it on during storage after that. However, you do need to remove the side panels when you pack the gazebo away in its wheeled carry bag.


  • A pop-up gazebo made of beige waterproof synthetic material for an instant cover for your hot tub.
  • Rustproof steel powered-coated frame is both lightweight and durable.
  • The roof is 260gm/m2 PVS coated polyester to keep you dry in any rainstorm.
  • Zip-together walls are 210 PU coated polyester with large semi-opaque windows in the sidewalls for light.
  • The roll-up door in the front wall lets in more light and lets you see out in your chosen direction, perhaps towards your favourite flowerbeds.
  • No assembly is required; just pull the legs out and pop on the roof (just the first time, the roof can stay on after), and adjust the legs to the right height.
  • Stability is ensured by using heavy bags (weight bags included), and guy ropes with pegs (also included).
  • Dimensions: 3m (length and width); three height settings: max is 3.2m (external), and 2.05m (internal).
  • Use on grass, decking or sand; anywhere you can tie or weight the gazebo down.
  • Comes with its own wheeled carry bag for protection, storage and easy portability.
  • One-year warranty for the frame parts.


  • The side walls are thin and flimsy in wind.

Our recommendation

The All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 3m Waterproof Gazebo With Removable Sides gives your hot tub and guests protection from the weather at a moment’s notice and is ideal for those who have an inflatable hot tub you use now and again. Stored in a wheeled carry bag, it’s easy to take to where you need it and assembly only takes a few minutes. Tie this gazebo down with pegs and guy ropes or use weighted bags filled with water or sand. This is a great pop-up party gazebo – pair this with an inflatable hot tub for a spa party that’s quick to put together.

We like the All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 3m Waterproof Gazebo for its spontaneous functionality, its versatility and its mobility. This is our Best Pop-up Gazebo for Hot Tubs.

If you always like to be prepared for changes in weather, even though you like your hot tub to be in your open garden, keep the All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 3m Waterproof Gazebo With Removable Sides on hand.

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3. Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo

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The Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo is a permanent structure that’s built for year-round use in your garden. It’s made of powder-coated aluminium (in an anthracite colour) that’s heavily resistant to weather, mildew, rust and UV rays. The gazebo is wind resistant to 90kph and handles a snow load of up to 75kg/m2. Enjoy untold hours of year-round enjoyment relaxing in your hot tub under the protection of this gazebo.

The Milano gazebo has an unusual but very practical roof. It’s slanted slightly to allow the rain to run off during rain showers and storms. The built-in gutter system collects the water and delivers it to the corners of the roof where it drains down to the ground. The roof is made of bronze-tinted twin-wall polycarbonate (6mm thick) that gives a warm glow to the light coming through. The material doesn’t yellow over time or become brittle. This is a sturdy and secure roof that looks attractive and won’t let in any water.

The curtain rail travels around the interior edge of the gazebo and the curtain hooks themselves are permanently built in. However, you need to supply your own curtains and/or mosquito netting. But you can match them to your garden and patio décor. Assembly takes a while but is straightforward as all the holes are pre-drilled. 


  • The reinforced powder-coated aluminium gazebo is weather-resistant for year-round use.
  • The roof is slightly slanted to let the rain run off into the built-in gutters and out at the corner of the gazebo
  • The curtain rails go all around the structure and come with permanent hooks ready for your own curtains to suit your garden décor and privacy requirements.
  • The roof is made of bronze-tinted polycarbonate that lets a diffused warm glow of light through for a relaxing ambience.
  • Anchor to any surface using the included footpads and bolts for a stable structure.
  • Pre-drilled holes and included fittings make this easy to assemble with two or more people.
  • Dimensions: 3m (length and width); and 2.25m (height).


  • Doesn’t come with curtains or mosquito netting.

Our recommendation

The Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo adds an attractive permanent structure to your garden for your outdoor spa area. It’s extremely weather-resistant in all four seasons, and that includes handling winds up to 90kph.

Its powder-coated aluminium frame anchors to any surface using footpads and bolts that are included. What’s not included, however, are any curtains, but providing your own means that they are guaranteed to match your garden and patio décor scheme.

We like the Palram Milano Aluminium Gazebo for its sturdiness and its bronze-tinged roof, as well as its weather resistance. This could be the gazebo to house your hot tub if you want to develop a warm and cosy interior to your spa space.

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4. Sunmer 3m x 3m Pop-Up Gazebo

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Sunmer 3x3m Pop-Up Gazebo

The Sunmer 3m x 3m Pop-Up Gazebo is a temporary gazebo that has some style and flair. Stored in a heavy-duty carry bag on wheels, it’s easy to pull the bag using the double handles to where you want to put the gazebo up. This gazebo comes with everything you need to protect you, your guests and your hot tub from any external elements.

This pop-up gazebo is based on a rust-resistant steel frame. The cover is an ivory colour; the roof is made from 420 denier oxford cloth that is waterproof while the walls are from 210 denier polyester with a water-resistant PVC lining. The gazebo comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty in case something goes amiss.

You don’t feel restricted in this gazebo as each side wall has a long window, with three arched panes, to look through. The front and back walls each have a double door that zips closed with each half of the door opening independently to the side. Open one or both doors if you want more ventilation or just to see the view.

One of the reasons to have a pop-up gazebo is to be able to set it up quickly. You can do just that with this Sumner gazebo. You don’t need any tools, just open it up and put it where you want it. Extend the legs to whichever of the three heights you want and then attach the walls. That’s all there is to it. Plus you do have to stabilise it with either the sandbags or the pegs and guy ropes (or both).


  • The rust-resistant steel frame contributes to the weather resistance of this pop-up gazebo.
  • The roof is constructed of waterproof 420D Oxford OVC and the walls are from 210 denier polyester with a PVC lining.
  • Two sides walls with semi-transparent windows and two end walls with zippered double doors give you the choice of how much privacy to have.
  • Use on most surfaces including grass, concrete, wooden decking and sand, as long as you can stabilise it.
  • Comes with four 10kg sandbags, and tent pegs and guy ropes as stability options.
  • No-tool assembly for quick and easy installation at the start of rainstorms.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty carry bag on wheels for easy transporting.
  • Dimensions: 3m (length and width); three heights
  • One year warranty for your reassurance.


  • Sidewalls may be a little too long

Our recommendation

The Sunmer 3m x 3m Pop-Up Gazebo is a stylish pop-up gazebo that is one of the best temporary shelters for hot tubs. It’s easy and quick to assemble and comes with side walls with elegant windows, and a zippered door on each end wall. Use it on most surfaces as long as you can weight it down with sandbags or guy ropes. Its ivory-coloured polyester blends into any garden décor for a long time to come.

We like the Sunmer 3m x 3m Pop-Up Gazebo for its unobtrusive appearance and its walk-through function. If you’re looking for a temporary or seasonal structure for your hot tub to regularly put up and take down, this gazebo is a good choice.

5. Four Seasons 12ft x 12ft Solarium

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The Four Seasons 3.7m x 3.7m Solarium is more of a stylish outdoor room than a traditional gazebo. With permanent walls rather than curtains, this solarium feels like a room that’s been transported from within your home, although with somewhat see-through walls.

The aluminium frame of the Four Seasons solarium is powder-coated aluminium in an anthracite colour that seems to be the colour of choice for outdoor room structures. This coating serves to protect the metal from rust, UV rays and from water, both from outside (rain and hail) and from inside (steam and splashes). The solid roof is made of waterproof galvanised steel. Steel can withstand a build-up of snow, although it’s best to brush it away as soon as possible.

Two sliding doors allow entry into the solarium from different directions. Open them also if you need additional ventilation or want to feel more of a breeze while you’re in the hot tub. In addition, there’s one sliding window to open for a breath of cool air. 

The assembly of this solarium is somewhat involved. The manufacturer recommends that two people tackle this task and allow five hours to do it. However, some online reviewers note that this is an underestimation of the effort needed, so plan accordingly. An allen wrench is included as the only tool you need. In addition, although this solarium is heavy, be sure to secure the feet to the ground after ensuring that the ground is level.


  • A stylish outdoor room with metal mesh walls for semi-privacy. 
  • The aluminium frame is rustproof to withstand rain and snow from outside and inside from the steam of the hot tub.
  • The frame is powder-coated in an anthracite colour that looks good in any of the four seasons you can use the solarium in.
  • The roof is made of galvanised steel and can withstand an accumulation of snow, though brush it away as soon as possible.
  • Two sliding doors let you create a cross-breeze on, particularly warm days.
  • Assembly needs two people and five hours, so plan ahead.
  • Dimensions: 3.7m (length and width); 2.8m (external height); 1.9m (entry headroom).

Our recommendation

The Four Seasons 12ft x 12ft Solarium encloses you in a comfortable room with permanent walls in an outdoor setting as you lay back in your hot tub. The metal mesh walls give the feeling of being safe and securely indoors while the open mesh lets you look outside at the nature in your garden. With the two sliding mesh doors open, you can hear the birds singing and feel the cool breeze. This solarium is the best of both worlds.

We like the Four Seasons 12ft x 12ft Solarium for its hybrid nature of being indoors and outdoors. This is the best choice for you if you don’t want to feel exposed when outdoors in your hot tub and want the security of walls around you while being out in nature.

6. Checo Home & Garden 3.5m Wooden Gazebo

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Checo Home & Garden 3.5m Wooden Gazebo

The Checo Home & Garden 3.5m Wooden Gazebo is a gazebo that emphasises the back-to-nature excitement of lounging in your hot tub out in your garden. If full privacy isn’t necessary for you, this Checo gazebo gives you the feeling of being squarely in the middle of a forest.

This octagonal gazebo is made of pressure-treated spruce and pine. The wood may come with a greenish tinge as a result of the pressure treatment. This coating serves to protect the structure from water, UV rays, rot and mildew. The green tone fades to a warm brown over time. It may be worth treating the wood yourself with a further protective coating or staining it a different colour. 

The walls of this gazebo are of different but similar designs giving it a contemporary rustic style. Some wall panels are full length and other walls are made up of two half-length panels. Some panels give full privacy with slats and others afford semi-privacy by using diamond-shaped latticework. A few panels have either an open geometric design or a very open space with a small design at the top. The doorway is open and doesn’t have a panel.

By siting the gazebo carefully and strategically placing the panels you end up with privacy screens where your hot tub is overlooked and non-private screens in places where you want to see the view. This is a clever design that works well if your hot tub is not entirely overlooked to start with or if complete privacy is not necessary.

The roof of this Checo wooden gazebo comes in wooden panels. However, it comes without any shingles. The manufacturer recommends that you purchase felt shingles – you need 12m2 of these – and online reviewers agree that this stops the roof from leaking. 


  • Octagonal pressure-treated spruce/pine gazebo gives a rustic back to nature vibe to your outdoor spa.
  • Eleven wall panels are a mixture of solid and lattice panels in full and half wall sizes for varying degrees of privacy.
  • The doorway is open without any covering for an unobstructed view and full ventilation.
  • All posts, rafters, beams and struts are made from wood for durability and weather resistance.
  • Full wooden roof panels are included but they don’t come with shingles.
  • Dimensions: 3.5m (diameter); and 2.6m (height).


  • Roof shingles (felt) are not included.

Our recommendation

The Checo Home & Garden 3.5m Wooden Gazebo brings the natural environment even closer to your outdoor hot tub. Its octagonal shape adds interest to its design, as do the different styles and levels of privacy of the 11 panels in its 7 walls – the entranceway is open. The pressure-treated spruce and pine wood may come with a green tinge that fades over time. Feel free to stain the wood in the appropriate colour to match your garden decor.

We like the Checo Home & Garden 3.5m Wooden Gazebo for its modern rustic style and its mix-and-match panel designs. If complete privacy isn’t needed and you want to get back to nature without being fully exposed in your garden hot tub, this gazebo fits the bill.

Buyer’s Guide

Gazebos or other shelters for hot tubs come in various sizes and styles but they all put a roof over your outdoor hot tub. Maybe you want a wooden structure to just cover the tub to keep out leaves or perhaps a complete outdoor spa in which you include subdued lighting, a minibar and a stereo system for those romantic dates. Whatever you need or want, consider these three areas before you make your decision on what gazebo or shelter to buy.


A gazebo protects your hot tub from the weather and other outside elements. The size of the gazebo or other shelter depends mostly on how you want to use the space (see People section below) but also in part on the size of your hot tub itself. You need enough space to safely move around the hot tub and climb in and out. You also must be able to access the outlets you need to fill, drain and clean the tub on a regular basis. You need somewhere within easy reach to store the spa cover for retrieval if you don’t plan to use the tub for a period of time. At the very least you need somewhere to place towels and other basic self-care items that you use.

Consider whether the gazebo is to be permanent or pop-up. If your hot tub is well established, do you want a permanent structure for it? The gazebo becomes a long-time element of your garden design and fits in with whatever patio and garden furniture and structures you already have. If you use your hot tub only seasonally, consider a pop-up gazebo that sets up in a matter of minutes and is usually conveniently stored in a wheeled carry bag. If your outdoor hot tub experience is centred on an inflatable hot tub, the pop-up gazebo is the best option for you. 

All the gazebos and structures in this review are waterproof and/or water-resistant. The roofs are usually waterproof and the walls water-resistant. This is important to protect you in all weathers and ensure the long life of the structure if it’s permanently in your garden. Check also how much snow the roof can hold safely before you need to sweep it off in winter. 

If your idea of hot tub heaven is to lay back and gaze at the stars, ensure that the shelter you choose has a transparent or semi-opaque roof. This eliminates most wooden gazebos and metal ones with solid roofs. Look for polycarbonate roofs but make sure they’re not too thick to see through.


Your hot tub may be located in a private part of your garden, in full view at the edge of your patio or maybe in the middle of your lawn. Ask yourself two questions about the privacy of your hot tub excursions: how much privacy do you currently have; how much privacy do you want? 

In general, gazebos have the facility to hang curtains to gain privacy for you. Many gazebos even come with curtains and hooks to attach to the built-in hanging rail. Curtains made of opaque fabric give complete visual privacy (sound is another matter) and nettings are usually transparent and keep out the bugs. Other fabrics fall into this range of privacy settings. With wooden gazebos for hot tubs, the walls may be solid panels made of slats, semi-transparent ones made from latticework or perhaps even more open ones with just a few struts in a pattern. Metal solariums tend to have metal mesh walls that are semi-opaque.

Deciding on which levels of privacy you need guides you to the style and material of the best gazebo for hot tubs with sides. If privacy isn’t an issue and you just want a roof for your tub, your field of choices is open.

Along with the privacy issue goes the idea of an open or fully enclosed structure for your hot tub. A solarium gives you the enclosed feeling of a room in your home while a popup gazebo with removable walls may not feel as safe and secure. Aside from the level of privacy you need, ask yourself how protected you want to feel in order to become relaxed in your hot tub.


The basic questions concerning people are: what do you want to do in your hot tub and who do you want to do it with?

Is the space to be a relaxing solo retreat or an entertainment space for you and your friends? Is it a spa for adults or perhaps a waterpark for kids? Do you want to lay back and listen to the sounds of nature in your garden or chill out to the sounds of your favourite heavy rock band? Or is your hot tub to be all these things at different times?

Here are some things to consider including in your hot tub gazebo that affects both the size and the style of the one that you select:

  • Minibar and fridge for cold beverages and snacks.
  • Towel rail and storage for towels and dressing gowns.
  • Spa equipment for pedicures and manicures.
  • Seating for those who’ve had enough watery heat.
  • Lighting for nighttime gatherings or solo moments.
  • Stereo and speakers for just the right sounds.
  • Patio heater for the cooler nights for when you step out of the hot water.
  • Flowers and greenery bring the outside closer.
  • Storage box for kid’s water toys.

Final Conclusion

You never have to feel exposed again in your outdoor hot tub or worry about any part of you getting sunburned by UV rays refracted through the water in the tub. Having your hot tub inside a gazebo or other outdoor shelter gives you privacy, protects you from the sun and the wind and lets you set up an outdoor spa experience with the comforts and luxury of the indoors. Add ambient lighting for nighttime soothing sessions or maybe a mini bar for when you entertain in your hot tub. Bring out a stereo for the best music for whatever time of day you escape the daily grind.

The Toolport Alu Deluxe 3m x 4m Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo is our pick for the Best permanent Gazebo for Hot Tubs. This grey powder-coated aluminium structure handles the weather in all seasons to protect you and your hot tub from the rain and UV rays. Use the included solid fabric curtains for complete privacy or swap them out for mosquito netting for a semi-private retreat in which the bugs can’t reach you.

The All Seasons Gazebos 3m x 3m Waterproof Gazebo With Removable Sides is our choice for the Best Pop-up Gazebo for Hot Tubs. This is useful if you only want a cover for your hot tub if it starts to rain or on days of intense sunshine. It’s also the best gazebo for inflatable hot tubs. While a few of you are blowing up the hot tub, another couple can set up this gazebo to house it in just a few minutes.

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