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Best Gazebo Leg Weights For Stabilising Your Gazebo

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How many times have you watched your gazebo nearly be swept up by the wind or maybe your actually did go with the wind. Having to repair or replace a gazebo costs money, and to avoid this problem, gazebo leg weights are a great solution and some are so quick and easy to use. Regardless of whether you have a large or small gazebo in your garden that quickly pops up or a large market stall gazebo, there are plenty of suitable weights worth considering.

This review reveals some of the best gazebo leg weights currently available which are with using. These varied types of weights offer different characteristics that may appeal to you depending on your requirements. I have selected my favourite leg weights after hours of research to secure your gazebo. It’s worth noting that these leg weights are well worth using on hard surfaces where pegging it down is not an option and you don’t really want to secure the gazebo to your patio with bolts. 

Read on to identify these various leg weights and learn what they have to offer and who they might be suitable for. Before you get to the detailed reviews, check out my Best Pick the Crocodile Trading Cast Iron Weighted Feet below:


Crocodile Trading Cast Iron Weighted Feet
The Crocodile Trading Cast Iron Weighted Feet is one of the best weights you can get because they are durable and heavy enough for more heavy-duty market stall type gazebos too. These cast-iron weights are stackable and easy to transport from one location to the next making them perfect for pop up style gazebos. It's also worth noting that the leg weights have received lots of positive reviews from happy customers, and they offer the heaviest combined weight compared to the rest. If you want the best, these tick all the boxes although not the most aesthetically pleasing I must admit. For large gazebos you want find a better alternative but they may be a little overkill for smaller gazebos.


Kingfisher Gazebo Foot Anchor Weights
This are my Runner-up as they are perfect for most domestic style gazebos as well as much more affordable than my Best Pick. Weight-wise, each one weighs 6.5kg giving a total weight of 26kg which is enough for the average pop-up style gazebos and they will fit both round and circular legs as long as they not wider than 3.5cm. All you do is fill them with sand and they can be fixed to the legs very easily. Overall, if you have a standard pop-up gazebo you put up now and gain, these will probably be the best choice for you. There only plastic so not really heavy duty but there more than good enough for what there designed to do.

Gazebo Leg Weights Reviews

1. Crocodile Trading Cast Iron Weighted Feet

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Crocodile Trading Choose 2, 4 or 6 Set Cast Iron Weighted Feet for Heavy Duty Popup Gazebos, Market Stalls, Instant Shelters.Extra Wide Leg Diameters Upto 52mm! (4 Set)

The Crocodile Trading Gazebo legs weights come in a set of two, four, or six and they are about as heavy-duty as gazebo legs weights get and will outlast the gazebo. The cast-iron weights, weigh an impressive 13kgs each, so depending on the size of the gazebo, you can use as many as you like but even with just 4 this gives you 52kg of weight securing the gazebo.

These weights support wide-leg diameters of up to 52mm too and they possess eyelets to secure pegs for stability which is great for market stalls such as at those on fields at shows etc. The weights also come with a carry handle to make storage and transportation easier which I also like.


  • Ideal for large gazebos including heavy duty market stall gazebos.
  • Made from durable cast iron with an individual weight of 13kg.
  • Available in a set of two, four, or six so you can order as many as you need.
  • Feature a handy carry handle for easy portability.
  • Supports a maximum leg diameter of 52mm for gazebos with larger legs.
  • Fits hexagonal or square legs.
  • Offers good value for money as will last a lifetime.


  • Very heavy and may be overkill for smaller gazebos (see my next pick)

Our recommendation

The Crocodile Trading Cast Iron Gazebo weights are heavy, therefore; suitable for even the largest gazebos and stalls. Admittedly, the weights are pricy, but their durability makes them worthwhile and you won’t have to replace these.

These weights can support square or hexagonal legs, but they might not be compatible with round gazebo legs you just need to double-check the dimensions. Other than that, the weights are exceptionally good quality, and you can manoeuvre with them easily thanks to the carry handles fitted. I also like that they can be stacked when not in use safely as they are stackable and slot together. This is something many people overlook but it often important, especially if you have them in the back of a moving vehicle.

2. Kingfisher Gazebo Weights

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Kingfisher Gazebo Foot Leg Pole Anchor Weights (Pack of 4)

The Kingfisher Gazebo Weights come in a set of four to be filled with sand or water according to how much weight is needed. Each anchor weighs gives about 6.2kgs when containing water; so they will be heavier with sand. Even so with water, this gives you just over 24kg of weight to secure your gazebo which is enough for most smaller lightweight gazebos such as the MasterCanopy gazebo I reviewed here.

These plastic weights are also fairly durable, not quite as durable as the vast iron alternatives but there will still provide optimal service for years for most people with a gazebo in the garden or taking camping. The weights support gazebo legs with a maximum diameter of 35mm with is large enough for most models but what I also like is that they require no tools to assemble, making them easy to use.


  • Perfect for most pop up gazebos.
  • Fill the weights with sand to give 24kg of weight.
  • Needs no tools to assemble, quick and easy to install.
  • Made from weatherproof plastic.
  • Support poles with diameters up to 35mm.
  • Offer excellent value for money.


  • Not suitable for heavy duty market stall type gazebos.

Our recommendation

The Kingfisher Gazebo Leg Weights are perfect for securing smaller lightweight gazebos which cover most general domestic type gazebos, think pop up gazebos on Amazon in the £100-£200 bracket.

These weights can be filled with water or sand; but if you want to make them as heavy as possible, it is better to use sand but easier to fill with water. Supporting a maximum pole diameter of 35mm, these weights are suitable for small-medium-sized lightweight gazebos which again is the type of gazebos most people have. These plastic weights are affordable and easy to maintain in the long run and a great choice, they are also somewhat compact too which I like. Overall most people will find these gazebo leg weights more than good enough.

3. Sun Leisure 12kg Gazebo Steel Weights

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12kg Gazebo Steel Weights (One Pair), Professional H/D Commercial Weights for Gazebos Shelters Marquees Tents Pagodas

The Sun Leisure Steel Weights offers a set of two weights each offering a maximum of 12kgs and they are a great alternative to my best pick for those looking for a more affordable option as they are made from steel instead of cast iron. These heavy-duty weights (with an opening width of 55mm) are created from recycled steel which is also more environmentally friendly and are protected from the elements from a coat of paint.

Like our best pick, the weights do interlock and are stackable so you can use as many as you want to secure your structure according to its size. You can use the eyelets to peg the weights to the ground if necessary as briefly explained with the cast iron alturnative.


  • Made from durable recycled steel with a weight of 12kg each (48kg for a set of 4).
  • Offers an opening width of 55mm so suitable for most gazebos.
  • The weights interlock and can be stacked.
  • Features built-in grip for easier manoeuvrability.
  • Provides good value for money.


  • May rust of the paint come off so may need repainting to maintain them if damaged.

Our recommendation

The Sun Leisure 12kg Gazebo Steel Weights is a good option whether you have round or square gazebo legs and are a good alternative to my best pick and usually a little more affordable too.

These heavy-duty weights are of good quality and provide stability in strong winds depending on how many weights are stacked. The weights are weatherproof, so they will not rust easily unless left neglected outside year-round and the protective paint is damaged. If you are looking for durable steel weights, these will work perfectly.

4. Riogoo 4 Pack Gazebo Sand Weights

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RIOGOO 4 Pack Gazebo Sand Weights Industrial Grade Heavy Duty Double-Stitched Sand Weight Bags, Leg Weights for Pop up Canopy Tent Sun Shades, Umbrella, Trampolines Weighted Feet Bag

Another great product and an alternative to my Runner-up but with a totally different design is the Riogoo 4 Pack Gazebo Sand Weights that support poles of varying diameters.

These weights are made from 600D Oxford material bags that can be filled with sand or stone to provide stability. By using this material they have ben able to make them very affordable too. Each of the bags when filled with sand, weighs around 11-13kg, bringing the total weight to around 44-55kg which is plenty of weight around those legs to stabilise the gazebo. The design of the weight bags also provide balance and they feature Velcro seals so you can easily attach them to ensure they remain secured to the gazebo.


  • Easy to attach and supports standard-sized poles.
  • Made from 600D Oxford material that is very durable.
  • Feature Velcro straps to easily fasten them to the gazebo legs.
  • Can be filled with sand or stone.
  • Come with a handle for easy portability.

Our recommendation

The Riogoo 4 Pack Gazebo Sand Weights are a very affordable option for someone who wants temporary or occasional weights for use. These bags are made with PVC-coated oxford fabric which is very durable. This is the same material they use for premium furniture and BBQ covers.

The weights are easy to secure and can be filled with sand or stone for convenience. Overall these are a great affordable alturnative that can be easily stored as they fold down flat once empty.

5. Outsunny Set of 4 PCs Gazebo Sand Leg Weights

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Outsunny Set of 4 PCs Gazebo Sand Weight Bag Bags Leg Weights Marquee Party Tent Canopy 8.8KG

Lastly is the Outsunny Gazebo Leg Weights that offer a disc-shaped design that is easy to use and weigh a total of 8.8kg for a set of 4. These weights are only really suitable for square-shaped Gazebo legs.

The plastic weights support pole diameters between 20-30mm which most pop up gazebos you can buy have and they are fashioned from durable polyethylene to provide a long life. These weights are not heavy; therefore, they can only support a smaller gazebo and even though they are filled with concrete, they are probably one of the lightest weights in this guide.


  • Ideal for smaller gazebos.
  • Filled with cement to provide more anchoring weight.
  • Easy to use and transport.
  • Made from durable polyethylene with a concrete core.
  • For square-shaped gazebo legs.


  • May not be heavy enough for some larger gazebos.

Our recommendations

The Outsunny Set of 4 PCs Gazebo Sand Leg Weights are suitable for securing light gazebos in sheltered areas as they are not that heavy. They are too light to offer any resistance to strong winds which I recommend them only in sheltered areas.

These weights are already filled with cement which is a bonus over some of the other models as they don’t come filled with any material. I would recommend these to those with small lightweight square-shaped gazebo legs.

Buyer’s Guide

The best gazebo leg weights support the structure in at least lighter winds while maintaining durability over a long time. When looking for reliable gazebo leg weights you should consider the size and location of the gazebo among other factors that will be covered below.

Size of the Gazebo

Choosing the right weight for the gazebo size

You need to consider the size and weight of the gazebo so that you pick weights that are heavy enough to anchor it down. Lightweight gazebos work well with weights filled with water or sand, while heavier gazebos work well with metal weights such as market stalls. If you are unsure as to which weights are suitable for your gazebo, its better to go heavier than lighter.

Types of gazebo leg weights

Gazebo weights can be cast iron or steel, plastic, or be made of fabric such as 600D Oxford Fabric. Depending on the design of the weights, you may fill them with sand, water, or cement for optimal anchoring. There are also metal H-shaped gazebo weights that are ideal for joining two gazebos together. 

Look at the options that are within your price range, and choose wisely putting in mind how heavy your gazebo is.

Pole diameter and shape

The design of the leg weight matters because it should be compatible with the shape of the gazebo legs. Some weights can accommodate round, square, and hexagonal poles, while others just cater to one or two shapes. Most pop-up gazebos seem to have square legs and most leg weights are designed to fit these legs as shown below with my gazebo.

Choosing the right gazebo weights for gazebo leg shape
Square legs on my MasterCanopy which most gazebo leg weights are compatible with

Inspect the shape and diameter of your gazebo pole then pick compatible weights without compromising on quality.


Another factor to consider is the location of the gazebo, is it set up on grass or hard ground? Gazebos on soft grass can use fabric weights or water/sand weights well because they are easy to set up without damaging the grass.

Gazebos on hard ground, work well with heavy metallic or concrete weights because they offer added support against strong winds. This does not mean that the fabric/water/sand weights are not suitable for gazebos on hard ground, as long as they are heavy enough; they will work well. Don’t forget most gazebos on soft ground such as grass can also be anchored with pegs as well.

Weatherproof abilities

Regardless of if the leg weights are plastic or metal, the materials must be weatherproof because they spend the majority of the time outdoors. Fabric weights should be heavy duty to avoid ruining the fibres, while metal weights need a protective paint layer to prevent rusting. Plastic leg weights must be made of UV-protected materials to prevent easy discolouration and from deteriorating in the sun.


The budget is crucial because it indicates the leg weights you should consider. Cheaper weights do not last as long; therefore, if you are looking for durability, you need to spend more. Metal weights that are typically on the heavier end of the scale cost more due to the total weight supplied and durability.

How to care for gazebo leg weights

  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions to understand how to use and care for the product.
  • Fabric weights require occasional cleaning to maintain the quality of the material. Any tears should be repaired to avoid further damage.
  • Metal leg weights that have chipped paint need repainting. Leaving the weights to rust ends up destroying the appearance and you’ll need to replace them sooner.
  • Store the weights in a dry place to maintain durability.

Final Conclusion

Gazebo leg weights are things you will use for a long time; therefore, regardless of how expensive they might be, they give good value for money over time. As iterated above, there are various leg weights available in the market for accessible prices.

You can choose our best gazebo leg weights, the Crocodile Trading Cast Iron Gazebo leg weights that are durable and offer plenty of stability. These cast-iron weights are the heaviest in this review.

Our runner-up, the Kingfisher Gazebo Foot Anchor Weights are perfect for most smaller light weight gazebos that most people have. Their weight capacity is slightly lower, but they work perfectly. 

If the metallic weights didn’t do it for you, feel free to select the other weights in the review. You are assured of good quality products that will keep your gazebo stable in strong winds. Leave a comment below and let us know, which weights worked best for your budget and purpose.


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