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Top 5 Best Garden Picnic Tables and Bench Sets

Last updated on March 10th, 2021

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Picnic tables are a great way to make simple spaces into social areas where people can relax and have sun brunch or a weekend BBQ. You can now purchase a picnic table for your garden or patio at an affordable price and the right size to fit the space you have, most are treated and guaranteed for 10 years or more too. Picnic tables are available in a wide range of materials and sizes; hence, you are not limited to a model with a specific style.

We spent weeks scouring the market and researching to find picnic tables that were not only durable but have attractive appearances. Out of the many models that we came across, we selected our top five that we think would fit in most gardens and were designed to last. 

Best picnic table review

For example, the BrackenStyle Round Picnic Table, our Best Pick, offers a sizeable capacity to seat eight people, and its attractive design will add some decor to your outdoor space plus it has a life expectancy of over 10 years thanks to the dip treatment it goes through before fabrication.

Alternatively, the YEWS Garden Picnic Table and Benches Set makes an excellent choice for those with small gardens because they are affordable and with a minimalistic style. It’s also available in larger sizes too that’s can seat up to 10 people while the smaller 4ft model will comfortably seat 4 people and it also has an incredible 15-year guarantee.

Before we spill all the beans in this section, read on to find more information on all the models presented herein, and then pick the best garden picnic table of your choice.


BrackenStyle Round Picnic Table
The BrackenStyle Round Picnic Table is a premium-priced product that provides excellent value for money but it will take a good 45 minutes to assemble, maybe longer for some people. Its extremely good quality wood using 32mm timber and the attractive appearance make it a beneficial addition to any garden. This Scandinavian pine model is easy to assemble although the instructions are just simple drawing, it's easy enough. Admittedly, it does have a few flaws such as the hex spanner they send is not ideal, maybe a hex key and a drill will be a worthy investment. That being said, they don't outweigh the picnic table's superior construction and overall it's a fantastic piece of garden furniture. It's worth mentioning that's its professional quality which means its the sort of picnic bench you will see in pub gardens, basically designed to last, very durable and robust which is why we named it our Best Pick.


YEWS Garden Picnic Table and Benches Set
The YEWS Garden Picnic Table and Benches Set is a good alternative for those seeking a sizeable picnic table that seats several people and with this model you have a choice of several different sizes too. They have smaller 4ft and 5ft sizes that are ideal for those with small gardens while they also sell larger 7ft and 8ft benches for those looking for a larger picnic table in this design. It has garnered many customers' approval, and we do not oppose that the product gives good value for money. If you want a simplistic and maybe affordable model, depending on the size you choose, this model will do no wrong. It's worth noting that it also manufactured from thick, treated 38mm (2inch) thick timbers and comes with an incredible 15-year guarantee against rot and insect damage. We also love how the benches fit under the table when not in use.

Reviews of the Best Garden Picnic Tables 

1. BrackenStyle 8 Seater Round Picnic Table


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BrackenStyle 8 Seater Round Picnic Table

Beginning this review is the BrackenStyle Round Picnic Table that comfortably seats up to eight people, ideal for a larger family gathering. This model has an attractive design that would blend with the garden scenery perfectly. The natural wood design, combined with the substantial 32mm treated timber which is actually professional-grade, the sort of benches you see in pub gardens that have got to be durable and take anything you through at them.

With an overall width of 180cm which is 6ft and a large tabletop diameter of 110cm, just under 4ft wide, there plenty of space for food and drinks. In terms of the type of timber used, it actually made from Scandinavian pine which has been dip treated at the point of fabrication to protect it against rot and prolong the life span of the bench. While discussing lifespan its worth mentioning that it comes with a 10-year anti guarantee too.

The picnic table comes flat packed in 3 large boxes, but it is easy to assemble as the manufacturer provides straightforward instructions but they are simple, however, on Amazon, there is also a video showing how to build it too which will come in very handy.

It’s worth noting, this table is heavy at around 65kg so we recommend building it where you want it to stay as its very heavy to move around. Finally, we recommend treating it with a wood preservative such as oil or paint although this is optional as it already dip treated as mentioned earlier.


  • Beautiful round picnic bench manufactured from durable Scandinavian pine.
  • The wood is dip treated for durability and to protect it against rot and mould.
  • 40mm centre hole for a parasol which is generously chamfered to help protect against getting your fingers trapped.
  • Easy to assemble although instructions are simple, check out the video on Amazon.
  • Manufactured from thick 32mm timber that is designed to last.
  • Provides good value for money and a 10-year guarantee against rot.


  • Instructions are vague in some sections but the video really helps out.
  • Some of the assembly holes misalign, we recommend leaving them loose and tightening all bolts at the end.

Our recommendation

The BrackenStyle Round Picnic Table is affordable for its size as it can seat several people at once and we think is elegant, and it looks good wherever it is placed. You will meet a few assembly challenges, but nothing too challenging to make you superiorly agitated.

We like the natural colour of the table although we recommend giving it a coat of oil, this just darkens its appearance slightly and also protect the wood further. If you are looking for a sizeable table without completely breaking the bank, one that will stand the test of time, this model is well worth considering and don’t forget, your getting a bench manufactured to the same standard as the ones you see in the pub gardens but for your own garden which is why they are able to offer a 10-year guarantee.

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2. YEWS Garden Picnic Table and Benches Set By Arbor Garden Solutions


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YEWS Garden Picnic Table and Benches Set

Next, we have the more traditional YEWS Garden Picnic Table and Benches Set which is available in 5 different sizes from only 4ft, great for small gardens to 8ft for those with larger gardens and plenty of place.

The wooden set is handmade in the UK by Garden Arbor Solutions, and it uses pressure-treated timber to protect it against all the British weather can through at it. This model’s design comfortably seats anywhere from two to ten people depending on the size you order. What we like about this model us that its made from pressure treated 89mm x 38mm (4″ x 2″) timbers which means it comes with a 15 years guarantee.

As mentioned, this model is available in different lengths; therefore, select a model that will fit into the space you have. Once you order this item, it will arrive flat packed with all the things required for assembly but we recommend getting a hex key and use a drill or impact driver is possible, if not, manually with a socket set will get the job done. Luckily, this model is easy to assemble and maintain in the long run, just give it a coat or wood protector and it ready to use.

Don’t forget to check out the video below to see how easy this picnic bench is to build.


  • Made from pressure-treated 89mm x 38mm (4″ x 2″) timbers.
  • Available in 5 different sizes from a 2 seater bench to a larger 10 seater picnic table.
  •  It is easy to assemble, pre-assembled and just needs a socket set to finish it off.
  • Offers a Simplistic but elegant design.
  • Guarantees 15 years free of rot and fungus.


  • The finish could maybe be a little better.

Our recommendation

The YEWS Garden Picnic Table and Benches Set are durable and easy to assemble. First off there were some issues with quality but overall, a little sanding and it all good. In terms of the quality of the timber, the 89mm x 38mm (4″ x 2″) timber is very substantial, even thicker than our best pick which is 32mm.

Overall we think it looks absolutely fanatic when finished off with a coat of oil and with a 15-year guarantee, you can’t really go wrong. We like that the bench fits under the table, this is better for making more space when not sitting at the table and keeps everything nice and tidy. If you looking for a more rectangular bench as opposed to a round picnic table, this is one that’s well worth considering.

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3. Durham Heavy Duty Wooden A-Frame Picnic Table

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Durham Heavy Duty Wooden A-Frame Picnic Table

Introducing the BrackenStyle Durham Heavy Duty Wooden A-Frame Picnic Table, which is an attractive model that seats six individuals. Now, this more traditional picnic bench is made by the same company that makes our Best Pick but interestingly, it’s manufactured from different timber and it’s thicker as they decided to use 35mm extra thick Douglas Fir timbers instead.

The brown-coloured picnic table is suitable for small families with children as it comfortably seats four adults and two kids or 6 kids but its perhaps not quite strong enough for 6 adults. The sizeable picnic table top actually measures 150 x 57cm so there is plenty of room for food and drinks.

This model arrives flat packed in a single box so two people are needed to move it, the good news is that it is partly assembled so should only take around an hour to build.


  • Made from durable Douglas fir from thick 35mm timbers.
  • The wood is treated for durability.
  • Easy to assemble, already comes part assembled and take around 1 hour to finish off.
  • Seats 4 adults and 2 kids comfortably or 6 kids.


  • Not really any issues to report, off knots and cracks but not any worst than happens naturally with all other wooden benches.

Our recommendation

The Durham Heavy Duty Wooden A-Frame Picnic Table is a lovely rectangular model that you can place on the patio or in the garden. This model is easy to assemble with clear instructions provided, probably easy than the prevous too but that’s because there are fewer parts and angles to worry about.

Although the wood is treated, you may need to do some maintenance after some time to keep the picnic table in good shape, we recommend treating all wooden benches once a year anyway. Other than that, the model is worth every penny and is much better than the cheaper alternatives that start to bend under your weight, this will not as its very sturdy thanks to the thick 35mm timbers.

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4. BrackenStyle Premium 8 Seater Picnic Table

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BrackenStyle Premium 8 Seater Picnic Table

The BrackenStyle Premium 8 Seater Picnic Table looks very similar to our best pick with slight differences in the design, more notably the curves in the seats. What this really is, is a premium version of our Best Pick with thicker 38mm timbers, its slightly larger and generally, just a little more substantial.

The picnic table features arched seats that are decorative but also sizeable enough for eight people to sit. This large model has a 215cm diameter table to hold food and drinks which is also slightly wider than our best pick by just 10cm. It is made from pressure-treated thick Scandinavian pine for durability.

This picnic table diameter is also 215cm which is 25cm wider than our more affordable best pick. In terms of weight, it’s also heavier at 79kgs after assembly so don’t forget to assemble it in its permanent position as its not the easiest to move once assembled.

It comes with a 40mm parasol hole where you can fit a parasol to protect you from the sun. The table comes flat packed, and it needs two people to assemble it.


  • Durable Scandinavian pine picnic table that can be painted over or stained.
  • Suitable for up to 8 adults.
  • Features 38mm thick pressure-treated timber to withstand the elements.
  • Attractive rustic design.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • It is pricey.

Our recommendation

The BrackenStyle Premium 8 Seater Picnic Table is ideal for those seeking a large picnic table and like our best pick but is looking for something perhaps a little more substantial and slightly more spacious.

The attractive picnic table is decorative; thus it will add some style to the space. We like that you have the option to paint it or stain it to fit into your garden décor. The durable picnic table is made from timber that has been dip-treated wood but we still recommend giving it a coat of wood preservative once a year. Overall is a great alturnative to our best pick for those who can justify the budget.

5. ALDERS Wooden Garden Picnic Table and Benches with Back Rest

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ALDERS Wooden Garden Picnic Table and Benches with Back Rest

If you seek a picnic table with backrest, look no further than the Alders Wooden Garden Picnic Table and Bench. This set is handmade in the UK, and it maintains its natural colouring that you can paint over if you so wish. What we really like about this model as well as the excellent workmanship and quality 38mm timber, is that it has stable back support for those who enjoy sitting leisurely and those with back problems.

The set is somewhat similar to our Runner-up and that’s because its made by the same UK manufacture Arbor Garden Solutions. It’s made from pressure-treated 89mm x 38mm timber that guarantees service without rotting for at least 15-years.

Like most models, this picnic table comes flat packed, ready for assembly with two people working on it. Once it is constructed, you can fit your parasol through the hole in the middle of the table and enjoy time with friends and family.

Finally it does come in various lengths from 4ft to 8ft so your sure to find just the right size to fit your space.


  • Made from pressure-treated 38mm wood which is professional grade.
  • Offers a comfortable backrest.
  • It has a parasol hole to provide that much-needed shade in summer.
  • Seats 2-12 people depending on the size you choose from 2ft to 8ft.
  • Accompanied by a 15-year guarantee against rot and mould.


  • Quite heavy, not so easy to move around. 

Our recommendations

Like we stated above, the Alders Wooden Garden Picnic Table and Benches are suitable for those seeking a model that offers a backrest which is what we really like about this model. This combined with the pressure treated 38mm timbers make it a substantial piece of kit.

Overall, if your looking for a bench with a backrest, this is well worth considering.

Buyer’s Guide

Picnics are an excellent way for people to bond, whether it is for business or pleasure. The design of the picnic table draws people to the center for more engaging conversations.

Before you invest in a garden picnic table, there are a few things to be aware of to avoid buying a picnic table you’re disappointed with. Once you narrow down the features you need, then you can go ahead and pick the best garden picnic table your money can buy. What is really comes down to is the timber quality, how it’s been treated, the timber grade as well as treatment it has been through and the final overall build quality.

Quality materials

Picnic tables can be plastic, wooden, or metallic; what is important is that the material’s quality is excellent. Products made from good materials last for longer, and they maintain their appearance.

Garden picnic bench made from quality pressure treated timber

Wooden picnic tables tie into the garden surroundings well, and they are durable and we think there is no other material worth considering for a picnic table, with the exception of portable models.

If they are treated, they can survive the elements for much longer if not given an extra coat of oil or paint to add an extra layer of protection. That being said, we always recommend treating wooden benches with a wood preservative once a year or at least once every few years to keep them looking like new.

Number of people to be seated

If you are looking to seat a few people, the size of the picnic table needs to be taken into account and can vary from a smaller 2 seater to a larger 8 seaters and many do different sizes of each style.

Those with the habit of hosting large picnics should consider a model with a large seating capacity. If you are not sure how many people you will seat, buy a big model that fits into the space you have that’s within budget.

Backless or with a back rest?

This is more of what you would prefer because only you understand what is comfortable for you. Backless picnic tables give more room for manoeuvrability as someone can stand and cross the bench to leave the table. 

While picnic tables with backrest are suitable for those who prefer to lean back, they slightly constrict mobility. One would have to excuse themselves if they are sitting in the middle of the table and want to leave. Consider which style is more comfortable for you and select accordingly. Sometimes, benches with backrest are better for the elderly.

Parasol port

Garden picnic table with parasol in centre hole

You can choose to place your picnic table on the patio or in the garden, depending on the amount of space you have. If you place the table in the garden, you may want to pick a model with a parasol hole. The parasol hole is especially convenient on summer days when the sun is showing out its magnificent power. You can fit a parasol through and get shade from the sun or drizzle. Not all picnic tables have parasol holes predrilled so do check first.

Protection from the elements

As the name suggests, picnic tables are for picnics, which are typically outdoors. And because the picnic table will be sitting outdoors, it is crucial to protect them from the weather and in the UK, this means lots of rain. This means that wooden picnic tables should get treatment to avoid rot. Look for picnic tables that use treated timber, usually dip treated. As previously mentioned, we recommend also treating with a coat of wood preservative yourself too.

Ease of assembly

Most of the picnic tables come flat packed, ready for assembly. The assembly process can only be easy if the manufacturer provides clear instructions and the bench is well designed. It is crucial to read the instructions and separate all the parts to know which section goes where. There may be some alignment issues in the assembly holes, but you can solve them with a drill. A tip is to insert all bolt and screws and then tighten them up at the end once there all aligned up. This is where most people go wrong.


Even if you want to buy a premium-priced product, decide on a budget, then compare the prices in the market to get the best deal. There are affordable models out there that look good and don’t cost a fortune. Usually, if the price seems cheap there is a reason and the thing to look out for is that its treated timber and has uses thick timbers such as 34mm to 38mm. Also, look for stainless steel bolts.

Care tips

Painting garden bench with wood protector
  • Wooden picnic tables need maintenance to keep up the outdoors. Regular staining and application of protective coats will keep the picnic table in good shape.
  • Cover your picnic table during winter to prevent the wood or metal from being affected by prolonged exposure to moisture.
  • Retighten any loose bolts and screws as they may compromise the structural integrity of the table.
  • Sand down any rough bits of wood so that they don’t snag on your clothes or skin.
  • Always clean your table after use to remove any stains that might set on the surface.

Want to build your own picnic bench, check this video on how to build a basic good quality picnic table by This Old House.

Our Final Conclusion 

Wooden picnic tables are a sight to behold, especially if they have an interesting design and are well maintained. Some designs are eye-catching, which can be an ice breaker while hosting new people. If you have already spotted the best garden picnic table, take care of it so that it lasts for a long period. 

Before you leave us, here is a quick rundown of our top models just in case you are interested in acquiring another model in the future. The BrackenStyle Round Picnic Table is suitable for people with medium-large gardens. It is sizeable and has a robust construction that is guaranteed for at least 10 years, this is our favourite pick, we think it just looks so good and the quality is excellent. 

If you need something that costs less, our runner-up, the Yews Garden Picnic Table and Benches Set, is ideal as you can choose the smaller sizes from 4ft. This space-saving picnic table seats a maximum of ten people if you choose the larger 8ft model, and the manufacturer offers a guarantee that it will remain rot-free for at least 15 years.

They say all good things come to an end, and we bid you farewell with the utmost confidence that you know how to select a reliable picnic table. 


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