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Top 5 Best Hot Tub Surrounds For Your Inflatable Spa

Last updated on January 7th, 2022

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Getting a hot tub was on my wish list for a while and once I got it, I could not get enough of it. One day as I was perusing the internet for hot tub accessories I came across hot tub/spa surrounds. I took a gamble and ordered one and to this day, I do not regret it.

Hot tub surrounds are a kind of furniture for hot tubs. They can be semi-circle steps or an entire circular enclosure. If you purchase the circular enclosure, you get adequate storage and it acts as décor around your hot tub. Below, I have highlighted some of the best hot tub surrounds available in the UK market that includes both steps and the circular enclosure.

Some models are premium priced like the VidaXL Spa Surround—the best pick, that are durable and feature wooden steps. Alternatively, if you want a simple hot tub surround, the runner-up model — the VidaXL Spa Step is available. Read on to discover the reviewed products and indulge in the featured buying guide to assist you in selecting accordingly.


VidaXL Spa Surround
The VidaXL Spa Surround’s quality matches its price. The poly rattan model is available in two colours and looks attractive wherever installed. It features a strong steel frame, and it is spacious to house all the things you require nearby. Additionally, it is compatible with multiple hot tub brands, and customers seem to think highly of it, thus the good rating. You can expect this hot tub surround to last long because the materials used are weatherproof.


VidaXL Spa Step Poly Rattan
The VidaXL Spa Step Poly Rattan is well-designed featuring durable eucalyptus tropical hardwood with a nice appearance. The steps also feature UV-resistant poly rattan and strong steel so it can support different individual weights. The steps arrive already assembled; therefore, there is not much to worry about in terms of assembly.

Top 5 Best Hot tubs Surround Review

1. VidaXL Spa Surround Black Poly Rattan


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vidaXL Spa Surround Black Poly Rattan Modern Outdoor Garden Hot Tropical Tub

Made of durable synthetic rattan and available in two colours is the VidaXL Spa Surround. This sizeable spa surround comes with a powder-coated steel frame that will not rust and eucalyptus tropical hardwood steps. You are guaranteed durability because of the good quality of materials used. Additionally, the 283cm diameter model offers various storage compartments where you can store items such as towels.

The hot tub surround is compatible with multiple hot tubs available on the market as long as their size is within the internal 203cm diameter. This model arrives in separate boxes and the contents require assembly before use. Luckily, there are simple instructions provided to make this process straightforward.


  • Created from robust steel, PE rattan and eucalyptus tropical hardwood.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks good.
  • Offers storage compartments for different items.
  • Protected from the elements.
  • Available in two colours.


  • It is pricey.
  • Assembly takes time.

Our recommendation

The VidaXL Spa Surround is a considerably sizeable model made from quality materials that can contend with outdoor conditions. While it might be too big for some hot tubs, it fits models such as the Lazy Spa Miami well. Be sure to check the dimensions of your hot tub to determine if it will fit within the model’s internal diameter. This premium-priced hot tub surround needs two people to make assembly easier, but once assembled, it offers pleasing aesthetics.

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2. VidaXL Spa Step Poly Rattan


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vidaXL Spa Step in Black - PE Rattan and Eucalyptus Tropical Hardwood; Weatherproof, UV Resistant - 92cm x 45cm x 25cm

The VidaXL Spa Step is made from easy to clean poly rattan supported by an alloy steel frame. The 25cm high steps also feature eucalyptus tropical hardwood with an oil finish that can handle human traffic without wear and tear. This weatherproof structure sports aluminium stands at the back and the front to support the weight of the user without damaging the spa surround.

Furthermore, the 6.8kg model comes in two colours giving you the option to select one that matches your décor. You do not have to worry about assembly because the structure arrives already assembled.


  • Features strong poly rattan and an alloy steel frame.
  • Comes already assembled.
  • Possesses eucalyptus tropical hardwood given a natural finish to prevent rotting.
  • Offers aluminium stands in the back and front.
  • Available in two colours
  • Gives good value for money.


  • Pricey for some.

Our recommendation

The VidaXL Spa Step is an excellent choice if you have little space to spare for a full spa surround or you just need steps for the hot tub. The already assembled steps will fit any circular tub and provide easy access to the tub. While some consider the steps pricey, they provide good value in durability and aesthetics.

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3. BlueH Poly Rattan Spa Surround

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BlueH Poly Rattan Spa Surround Hot Tub Spa Outdoor Hardwood Wicker Furniture Garden Patio Grey

The BlueH Poly Rattan Spa Surround is a good-looking robust model available at an affordable price. This model (with an external diameter of 283cm) features UV-resistant PE rattan and powder-coated steel that will not corrode or rust. You will also find durable FSC eucalyptus tropical hardwood steps that support users of different weights without caving in.

Keep all your hot tub essentials nearby in the different compartments availed in the spa surround. You have more than enough space to place your drinks or foods as you relax in the hot tub. The hot tub surround, once assembled, offers a maximum height of 55cm and an internal diameter of 203cm. It arrives flat packed in three parcels with instructions for easy assembly.


  • Made from robust weatherproof materials.
  • Available in two colours.
  • Provides storage compartments for items you need.
  • Affordable.
  • Stylish in appearance.


  • Takes a long time to assemble.

Our recommendation

The BlueH Poly Rattan Spa Surround offers the same dimensions as our best pick but for a more affordable price. I find that this model is made of durable materials, but cannot be compared to the robustness of the best pick. The spa surround looks good, and apart from the fact that it takes a while to assemble, it is a well-designed structure. This model would be perfect for those who want a sizeable hot tub surround but do not want to spend too much.

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4. UK Leisure World Poly Rattan Spa Surround

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UK Leisure World New Black Poly Rattan Spa Surround Hot Tub Chic Modern Tropical Hardwood Outdoor (Grey)

Next is the UK Leisure World Spa Surround, which is a luxurious model offering durability and low maintenance. The spa surround is created from weather and fade-proof PVC rattan and strong steel that promise durability in outdoor conditions. This model has an external diameter of 263cm and an internal diameter of 203cm, which accommodates most of the domestic hot tub sizes on the market.

Its maximum height is 55cm and possesses adequate storage space to store your essentials. This spa surround requires a two-man assembly, which should take an estimated half-hour if everything goes well.


  • Features PVC rattan and a strong steel frame.
  • Comes with adequate storage space.
  • Looks appealing once assembled.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Gives good value for money.


  • Poor assembly instructions.

Our recommendation

If you want a simple rattan spa surround that looks good, the UK Leisure World model will not disappoint. The spa surround has a smaller external diameter than the rest, but the internal diameter remains the same at 203cm.  It is not the easiest spa surround to assemble due to the vague instructions, but with a little help, nothing is impossible. This model would be ideal for those who require a fully-rattan spa surround with no wooden bits.

5. Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Surround

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Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Surround

Finally, yet importantly, is the Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Surround made from TriTech material. This inflatable structure possesses a strong I-beam structure that permits the user to sit or lay on the spa surround without deflating. The spa surround is easily inflatable by an air pump; therefore, you can transport it with your inflatable hot tub. The 40cm high, 40cm wide, and 200cm long models are compatible with all Lay-Z-Spa models among other brands.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Features a strong I-beam structure and TriTech material for durability.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Portable and easy to store.
  • Relatively affordable.


  • Deflates after a while.

Our recommendation

If you are not looking for a permanent spa surround, the Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable model could be the one for you. This inflatable spa surround is easy to set up because it only takes a few minutes, and due to its structure, it supports users of different weights. The spa surround is made of good material and thus, it will serve you for long if well maintained. If you are on a budget or would like a spa surround to match your inflatable hot tub, this model does the job.

Choosing the Best Hot Tub Surround

Hot tub surrounds are growing in popularity because of their convenience. Currently, there aren’t many models available in the UK market but in the future, there is hope for more options. Finding the best hot tub surrounds is an easy task because they are simple structures. Some of the things you need to consider include:


The size of your hot tub will determine the size of your hot tub surround. It is also wise to consider the amount of space you have so that you don’t end up in a tight squeeze. To make sure that the size is suitable, you will have to compare your hot tub and spa surround diameters.

Most of the hot tub surrounds in the market are compatible with medium-sized hot tubs; therefore, if you are unsure, ask your supplier for recommendations.

Construction material

According to research, most of the spa surrounds available feature rattan or wood. Rattan models usually feature metallic frames for adequate support, and they are more affordable compared to models made entirely of wood.

The important thing to focus on is the quality of the material. The material in use needs to withstand outdoor conditions without fading. If wood is incorporated, it must be waterproof to prevent rot and pest attack. Metallic parts are usually made of steel or aluminium and painted or powder-coated for rust evasion.

Storage space

The neat thing about many hot tub surrounds, especially the rattan ones, is that they come with additional storage. They typically feature shelves and cabinets where you can place items you need close by. The top surface of the hot tub surround offers adequate space to store any drinks, food, or books you enjoy while relaxing.


As per usual, some products are easy to assemble and others not so much. Because you can’t test the product before purchase, you will have to rely on what previous customers say about the product. That way, you will have an idea of what to expect.

In most cases, rattan hot tub surrounds require two people for easier assembly, so ask a friend to help. You can also opt for inflatable hot tub surrounds such as the Lay-Z-Spa model featured above that requires less effort.


As much as we don’t particularly like it, your budget determines the hot tub surround you can access and the quality of materials used. There are affordable inflatable models but their durability is questionable after a while. If you want something more durable, you will have to spend more, especially for models that encompass the whole hot tub like our best pick.

Our Final Conclusion

While hot tub surrounds seem like a luxury, they are actually convenient. You don’t have to worry about where to place your drink and, you can store your robe nearby to avoid getting a chill whilst getting out of the hot tub.

Find yourself the best hot tub surround that fits your budget and see whether your hot tub experience will not improve. You may enjoy a full hot tub surround like our best pick the VidaXL Spa Surround Black Poly Rattan, or acquire some durable steps like the VidaXL Spa Steps that are much more affordable.

If you are looking for a spa surround you can collapse for storage, the Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Surround is accessible at an affordable price.

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