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Last updated on July 13th, 2023

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Selecting the best platform trolley and truck should not be daunting because it mostly comes down to build quality, wheel design, weight capacity and whether you need a folding or multi-use model. These types of trucks have minimal features to work with so once you have considered what you plan on using your truck for and where, ie uneven ground, level ground, for heavy loads, lighter loads, do you need it to be compact and fit into the back of a car. You get the idea.

In today’s review, we spent time looking through and researching various platform trolleys and trucks over several weeks to see which models stand out as well as what actually makes a good platform trolley. We selected the most reliable ones and presented them below along with detailed reviews, we have also included a handy buying guide too.

Before we dive in, here are our top 2 recommended models. For those looking to move lighter or heavy loads, our Best Pick, the Meister Platform Truck, would be more than ideal as it supports a total weight of 300kgs, which’s double that of some alternatives.

You can go a step further and pick a heavy-duty model such as the N&S Platform Truck, which is our Runner-up with a loading weight capacity of 350kg. This is about as heavy-duty as they get for a foldable model.

These are just the highlights of these great products, keep reading below and discover more.


Meister Platform Truck
The Meister Platform Truck is our Best Pick not only for its affordable price but also for its usability and features not found on many other alternatives. This steel-framed model is durable and supports up to 300kgs on solid wheels. What we really like about this platform truck is that it has features to help you secure your load, such as an anti-slip surface and eyelets you can use to strap your load or use bungee cords. Out of the models we found during our research, this really is our top recommended model as it has everything you need from a durable platform truck. It will serve you for many years because the quality is about as good as it gets. Cheaper models with much lower loading capacity simply don't compare. Don't forget, this model also folds down so it can be placed in the back of a car too.


N&S Heavy Duty Platform Truck
The N&S Heavy Duty Platform Truck is designed to move heavy loads with a maximum weight of 350kgs, not many foldable models are capable of this. This model, also made of steel, is extremely well made, the only thing it could do with is breaks, not a problem on level surfaces though, and some more anchor points for straps, aside from this it's perfect. It will not disappoint those who want to invest in a heavy-duty model for long-term use. You will find that this model is easy to assemble and store when folded. We also like the cushioned handles to and that you can fold it down with one hand.

Platform Trolley and Trucks Reviews

1. Meister Platform Truck – 300kg

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Meister Platform Truck

We start this list with our top recommended model, the Meister Platform Truck that features a foldable frame for easy storage, locking wheels and plenty of strapping points around the platform.

The platform truck is manufactured from high-quality steel, which is a durable metal that can resist impact and its been powder coated to protect it from rust. The product has a sizeable platform measuring just over 3ft long by around 2 ft wide but what really makes this model stand out is that it can carry a load of up to 300kgs. We also love that the platform’s surface has a PVC coating to prevent the load from slipping, it may seem simple but this feature is worth its weight in gold.

The platform truck has a loading height of around 19cm, most are around this sort of height which makes loading heavier items a little easier as you don’t have to lift them as high.

We also like that there are six eyelets available to secure straps through and secure your load, not all trucks have these strapping points so this is a feature that can come in very handy but often overlooked. If you don’t want to use traps, they are positioned in a way where they don’t get in the way or catch on boxes when loading. You can also use bungee cords on them too.

The platform has four plastic wheels with one pair swivelling for manoeuvrability over different surfaces. The steering wheels are the back wheels so it is sometimes easier to pull this trolley, rather than push it forward. Another feature not seen on all trucks is that you can park the truck easily on a slope by applying the installed parking brakes which can come in very handy.

Overall this truck measures 93 long by 62cm, and it weighs around 14kgs, which is easy enough to manage for most people. It needs a bit of assembly before use, but worry not, the platform truck comes with proper instructions, screwdrivers, and the right screws and you will have it up and running in no time.


  • Made from robust steel with a powder-coated finish.
  • A stable anti-slip platform that supports 300kgs, great for light and heavy loads.
  • Folds easily for storage so can be placed in the boot or a car or can.
  • Features eyelets to secure the load using straps of bungee cords.
  • features locking wheels, handy for use on sloped surfaces.
  • Easy to assemble, attach the wheels and it’s ready to use.


  • No issues found, maybe some foam around the handle if we want to get really picky.

Our recommendation

The Meister Platform Truck is a stable truck that offers good value for money and we think it has everything you need on a good quality foldable platform trolley. This sizeable model can support a considerable amount of weight, and it has a small footprint because it is foldable which makes it handy for putting in the back of car if needed too.

We like that it has well-positioned eyelets for load security and swivel wheels not forgetting those locking wheels can come in very handy. All the wheels could have all been swivel for easier manoeuvrability, but the two installed are manageable and it’s still easy to use.

Although this model is not of industrial-strength, for regular heavy work, it is more than adequate for most people and even in workplaces if not overloaded. Overall this is a great platform trolley with a good combination of maximum loading capacity, features and foldability so it really has everything you need in a good platform trolley.

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2. N&S Heavy Duty Platform Truck – 350kg

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N&S Heavy Duty Platform Truck

Looking good in black and yellow is the N&S Heavy Duty Platform Truck and this is maybe more heavy-duty that our prevous pick but it does lack a few features which is why its the Runner-up. This truck weighs 16.2kgs, which is heavier than our best pick, and it can support more weight so in terms of maximum loading weight it wins. The steel structure is robust, boasting a PVC coated loading platform that measures around 96cm long by 60cm wide so very similar to our best pick.

This model is easy to store because it has a foldable handle that reduces it to a compact size so it’s fairly portable too. Even though you are moving a heavy load, the truck will not squeak under the weight due to its mute rubber wheels. These rubber wheels have excellent traction, and they are highly resilient. However, what they don’t do which is a little disappointing is lock, not an issue on level ground but on sloped surfaces locking wheels would be handy to have.

Another feature to mark in this platform trolley is the comfortable handle with padding, this it gets bonus points for, more comfortable than cold steel handles. The padding provides a firm grip while keeping the hands from blistering when moving the load.

The platform has pre-drilled holes where you can weave through cord to secure the load. This model comes already assembled; you just need to fit the wheels in using the tools provided.


  • A heavy-duty platform that can support up to 350kgs.
  • Features muted wheels for silent mobility.
  • Comes with a comfortable padded handle.
  • Foldable for storage.
  • Has a sizeable anti-slip platform.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Lacks brakes.
  • Would benefit from a few more arching points for cords.

Our recommendations

For those who want a more heavy-duty model than the Meister Platform Truck, the N&S Heavy Duty Platform Truck is a good alternative, the only thing it lacks is locking wheels, if it did, it would be near perfect.

It can support 50 more Kgs than our best pick, and it looks good too. The platform is easy to store, and it moves silently thanks to its muted wheels too. We would also recommend this model to those who have a little bit more to spend on a premium quality platform truck for use on level surfaces.

3. Stanley PC527 Steel Platform Truck – 150KG

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Stanley PC527 Steel Platform Truck

The Stanley PC527 Steel Platform Truck comes in attractive yellow colour and small size to cater to small loads and is perfect for fitting into the boot of a car with its fold-down design. The steel platform is robust, supporting loads of up to 150kgs so much less compared to our prevous two picks. This model offers one of the most compact designs once folded, making it convenient for portability as briefly mentioned.

You will find that its wheels are easy to manoeuvre on level services but it does lack breaks, that’s being said with a load capacity of 150kg it’s probably not needed the same as those with heavier load capacities. The wheels fitted on this model are made of polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber which are quite durable and great on most hard surfaces too. In conjunction with the non-slip loading surface, the model’s good wheels create a platform truck that can be used indoors or outdoors so it really is a great multipurpose truck.

This model weighs about 7kgs so its one of the lightest models, maybe something to think about if your looking for a light weight model. In terms of loading space the deck is around 72.5cm long by around 47cm wide so not quite as much area as our prevous picks, howver for lighter loads we think this is enough space.


  • Easily foldable for portability purposes, easily fits in the back of a car boot.
  • Lightweight at only 7kg which means it easy to manoeuvre.
  • Features durable PP/TPR wheels which are great on hard surfaces.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Lacks eyelets for load security.
  • Challenging to move on rough terrain as are most trolleys with solid wheels.

Our recommendation

The Stanley PC527 Steel Platform Truck is ideal for moving light loads on even ground and is perfect if you’re looking for a lightweight truck you can quickly put in your car or store in the corner of a room.

The only downside is that this trolley does lack trolley eyelets to secure the load during movement, depending on the load this may not be an issue as well the lack of breaks as most smaller trucks don’t have breaks anyway.

If you are a fan of Stanley tools, this will not disappoint because it fits its purpose and does a great job at moving lighter loads, is compact and very portable. Overall, you can really go wrong with this truck if you’re looking for a small truck.

4. Meister Platform Truck “Cross-over” 300kg

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Meister Platform truck

Another reliable truck from Meister is the Meister Platform truck “cross-over” model, which can support a maximum load of 300kgs. This has everything our best pick has but with what you might call, off-road tires. This makes it perfect for uneven surfaces, over grass, gravel or any surface that standard hard rubber tires either sink into making it impossible to move or jar on small stones making it difficult to push.

The stainless steel platform is durable, and it has subtle colours of black and grey. This model is also slightly different from our best pick as it has open handles that make it easy to transport longer items.

The platform truck is fitted with a metal sill to prevent the load from slipping, and it has eyelets for straps or bungee cords, super useful on uneven ground where the truck may rock a little over uneven ground.

Whether you are using this for domestic or industrial purposes, you will discover that it is easy to move. This is all possible thanks to its four durable pneumatic wheels which we covered briefly, ie perfect for uneven or soft ground. Two of the wheels are fixed, and the other two swivel for steering. To of the wheels also have brakes, which are handy if you need to use the truck on sloped surfaces. There is nothing worst than trying to hold a trolley while unloading it to try and stop it from moving down the slope plus it can also be dangerous.

In terms of dimentions and sizes 94cm to the top of the handles by around 91cm long and 61cm wide, and it folds to make it easy to store too. At 21kgs, it’s a little heavier than our best pick but it does have a 300kg load capacity.


  • Perfect for uneven and soft terrain thanks to the pneumatic tires.
  • Features a solid steel frame with all-round impact protection.
  • It has a metal sill to prevent the load from slipping off.
  • Handle folds for storage. 
  • Features 6 eyelets for bungee cords or straps to tie down heavy loads.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It is heavy.

Our recommendation

If your looking for a trolley to use on uneven or rough terrain, the Meister Platform truck “cross-over” model is probably the only model worth considering. All the other models with solid rubber tires are designed for smooth surfaces which makes them very difficult to use on rough terrain.

We also like that it has cross handles that give you more room for manoeuvrability and a sill to prevent the load from slipping off, again perfect for uneven ground. We like the comfortable handles because they offer a firm grip and the pneumatic tires for good traction over different surfaces. This model costs a little bit more than our best pick, but it is not expensive considering the quality. The only downside to pneumatic tires if that they can get punctures so we recommend having a few spare innertubes if it becomes an issue.

Meister Platform truck
See availability from the best retailers

5. Stanley SXWTC-PC507 Platform Truck – 200kg

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Stanley SXWTC-PC507 Platform Truck

The Stanley Platform Truck comes fully assembled with the collapsible rubber wheels already fitted and fold down almost flat as the handles fold into the base. This convenient model has rubber wheels that fold in to make transportation and storage a straightforward process. The platform truck is made from durable aluminium for the frame with Stainless steel tubing, hence, you are guaranteed some durability. Something this model can do that the other model cannot is that you can use it as a dolly once you collapse the handle.

The platform truck is also a little more comfortable to use because it features a soft-grip handle which is a nice addition some models don’t have. The handle itself is made from aluminium, so it is lightweight, yet durable. So in terms of weight, at 11.9kg its no overall heavy and can comfortably support a maximum weight of 200kgs, and it measures 57 x 11 x 85.5cm so plenty of loading space too.


  • Made from steel and aluminium for strength and durability while being lightweight at just over 11kg.
  • Can be used as a dolly by folding the handles into the base.
  • Folds easily for storage.
  • Arrives already assembled with the wheels fitted ready to use.
  • Offers a comfortable handle with a firm grip.
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Gives good value for money.


  • A bit pricey.

Our Recommendation

The Stanley SXWTC-PC507 Platform Truck is ideal if you want a model that you can use as a dolly, as a truck and need a more compact model for smooth surfaces. This simple but heavy-duty model comes already assembled which is a plus as most require you to attach the wheels.

It has a sizeable platform that supports a considerable amount of weight, probably not what we might call a heavy-duty but still heavy duty enough for most loads. On top of that, it is easy to use as it collapses into a compact shape for storage or transporting in the car. It may be a bit pricey, but the construction guarantees that it will serve you for years to come.

Buyer’s Guide

Platform trolleys and trucks are indispensable in work environments like warehouses, and they come with an array of versatile features but there also great for personal use for moving thing from your car to the office or even around your patio.

If you are a first-time shopper, the many choices available in the market may make you a little anxious, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. We assembled this guide to help you on your way as you select the best platform trolley and truck for your situation so no truck is the right choice for everyone.

Size and weight restrictions

Every platform truck has a weight restriction and usually the heavier the load capacity the heavier the actual trolley. Small platform trolleys and trucks handle small loads as they are fitted with smaller platforms, manufactured from less durable materials, and are just generally less heavy-duty. Heavy-duty models are made from heavier gage steel, some have breaks, load eyelets and so on.

Large trolleys can handle more weight, but they are heavier compared to the smaller models.

If you are selecting a platform trolley for daily use, consider the size and type of loads moved. This will help you narrow down a suitable platform trolley. Two things to think about are the terrain, is it smooth so any model type would be ok or do you need a truck for uneven rough terrain, perhaps you need to use it on gravel paths or over even terrain or grass. If this is the case then you next all-terrain tires and not sold rubber tires.

Quality of materials

Many of the models in the market are made from steel because, industrially, steel is a sound material. The steel should be thick enough to resist impact but not too thick to make the entire structure heavy. The steel must get a protective coating to keep rust at bay, especially if the model is mostly outdoors.

Apart from steel, there are aluminium models that are lightweight to handle light jobs. These models are cheaper than the steel models, but they do not provide durability to last decades. There are more durable aluminium platform trolleys and trucks, but they may cost a little more than the average model. Some models combined streel and aluminium to give you the best of both worlds.

Platform trolley loaded with cardboard

Securing the load

When moving a light load on even ground, it is easy to control the truck’s movements to prevent the load from falling over. The challenges begin when the platform truck is at an incline, and there is nothing to secure the load. That is why platform trucks intended to move large loads always feature eyelets to secure the load with a bungee cord or straps.

Another common feature in platform trolleys and trucks is the non-slip surface coating. This PVC coating provides traction to prevent the load from moving around during transport. Manufacturers make moving the load stably possible by adding features like a sill that provide a physical barrier to the load which also helps prevent them from slipping off.

Ease of use

It doesn’t matter if you handle heavy or light loads; the handles should be comfortable to use. This means that the handle’s size should be suitable for users with different hand sizes and provide a firm grip. The handle’s height should not be too low as tall users will have a hard time bending low to move the load.

Some platform trucks come with brakes, and others don’t. If you don’t want your truck to move unnecessarily, look for models that have parking brakes.  Parking brakes are convenient, especially if the surface is at an incline and you don’t want the platform truck to roll off.


Assembling a platform truck or trolley should be a simple process because it comes mostly assembled; you just need to fix the wheels in some cases. In this case, the manufacturer provides all the necessary tools and instructions to complete the assembly successfully.

If you do not want to deal with any kind of assembly, you can purchase fully assembled models. These models come with the wheels fitted, but they are collapsible for easy storage and often has smaller wheels too. An excellent example of such a model is the Stanley SXWTC-PC507 Platform Truck.

The wheels

Good wheels are as crucial as a good frame. If the platform truck or trolley is fitted with durable wheels, you can easily manoeuvre around with it. There are two types of wheels used when it comes to platform trucks and trolleys: pneumatic tyres and the more popular choice, solid tyres.

Pneumatic tires are suitable for traversing different terrains because they absorb the impact from hitting obstacles. However, their downside is that they suffer punctures and need to be repaired or re-inflated. We have seen some services where you can get the tires filled with foam which makes them puncture-proof.

Solid tires glide over smooth surfaces with ease, and they typically last longer than pneumatic tires because they don’t get punctures. However, if the solid tires’ quality is low, you can expect rapid wear and tear in a span of short time.

Many of the platform trolley and trucks in the market have fixed wheels in combination with swivel wheels. Manufactures use this type of wheel combination to make manoeuvrability over different surfaces easier. Some models only have swivel wheels; full control over steering may be an issue when moving a heavy load; nonetheless, they work fine. If you are mostly using on hard surfaces we always recommend getting a trolley with solid rubber tires.


What are stair climber wheels?

If you know you will be dealing with stairs as part of transporting a load; maybe you should consider getting a model fitted with stair climber wheels. These are the type of wheels arranged in a triangular shape so that with every movement, there is a wheel in contact with the surface. The triangular-arranged wheels are easy to use on stairs, but they may be slightly challenging around corners. Now we have not seen any platform trucks with these wheels but some dacktrucks do and these can sometimes convert into flatbed trucks.

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Which is the best handle shape?

Unless you are transporting a long load, the standard loop handle is suitable. Platform trucks and trolleys with cross handles give more room for loads with a substantial length as they can sometimes fit between the handles.

Are there any extra features found in platform trucks?

Yes, there are; for example, some trucks are fitted with buffer strips to prevent them from scratching other surfaces like walls and doors. Another rare feature is platform tucks with reflective tape on the surface to make them visible at night. These types of platform trucks are mostly for outdoor use, whether day or night. 

Our Final Conclusion

Without the help of platform trucks, our days would be full of manual work that would leave us exhausted at the end of the day. At least with platform trucks, you can easily move heavy loads from different locations without spending too much time. 

From the models presented above, did you spot the best platform trolley and truck? If you did, we are excited for you, and we hope it serves you well and that you have found this guide helpful.

If you are still weighing your options, why not take a closer look at our Best Pick, the Meister Platform Truck. This affordable model has a high weight limit of 300kgs, and it folds easily into a compact shape for storage.

If our best pick falls short in the amount of weight it can support, there is always our Runner-up, the N&S Heavy Duty Platform Truck. This model supports 50kgs more than our best pick, and it is easy to use.


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