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Top 6 Best Fruit Pickers For Collecting and Harvesting Apples and Pears

Last updated on May 3rd, 2021

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Apples can be used in a wide variety of recipes and they are delicious on their own. If you love harvesting your own apples and usually use a ladder, it is time that you get a fruit picker. It will help you harvest your ripe fruits without bruising them or damaging the branches. If you must use a ladder than why not take a look at our Tripod ladder recommendations where are perfect for this very task and much safer.

Whether you have a single tree or several trees, a good fruit picker can get that process done faster. It doesn’t matter if the apples are too high up because some fruit pickers come with extendable or telescopic handles. In order to help you purchase the best fruit picker for harvesting apples, we have prepared this review comprising of the 6 high-quality fruit pickers on the UK market. 

If you’re on a rush and want to cut a long story short, the Darlac Telescopic Easy Reach Fruit Picker is the real deal. It offers a decent 3m reach and its soft fingers with internal padding provide just the perfect gentleness to your fruit until it comes down. Second to it is the Gardena Combisystem Fruit Collector buyt this is better for collecting fallen fruit although they also make a model for picking fruit from the tree too. 

Check out more details of these two below before moving on to compare other models. There’s also a buyer’s guide further down with crucial information on how to select a good sturdy but light weight fruit picker. 

Best Pick

Darlac Telescopic Easy Reach Large Fruit Picker
This Darlac model has a large picker that can not only harvest apples but also larger fruits such as pears. It comes with a telescopic handle that extends from 1.8m to an impressive 3m for those taller trees. Since the handle is made from aluminium, it's fairly lightweight so that you won’t feel strain whilst reaching out to fruits high up a tree. The tool is easy to use; simply grab a fruit with its large soft fingers and twist to harvest. The only thing is, the fruit picker is quite expensive, but it’s certainly worth the price.


Gardena Combisystem Fruit Collector
The ‘Combisystem’ implied by the title of this fruit picker can be used with an aluminium or wood handle but this needs to be purchased separately.

The fruit picker itself is perfect for gathering windfall fruit from the ground thanks to its spacious collector and once attached to a long handle, which ever you choose it puts much less pressure on your back when collecting fruit. Any fruit measuring 4cm to 9cm in diameter is easily swallowed by this picker. It also empties your harvest easily through a side opening. The combination makes a good alternative to our best pick above if you prefer to collect your fruit once it's fallen.

Fruit Picker Reviews

1. Darlac Telescopic Easy Reach Apple Picker


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Darlac Telescopic Easy Reach Apple Picker

First on our list is the Darlac Telescopic Easy Reach Fruit Picker. As the title suggests, it has an extendable handle to work at different lengths ranging from 1.8 metres to a very impressive 3 metres for those taller apple trees. You shouldn’t not need a ladder with the functionality of this tool and its much safer than using a ladder too. 

The fruit picker is capable of harvesting pears, apples, and other large fruits. Moreover, it has soft grip fingers that ensure it doesn’t bruise fruits whilst picking and bringing them down gently, this is important as some cheaper models, usually poorer quality don’t have this incorporated into the design but it can lead to damage fruit. Overall it is made from aluminium, making it lightweight and perfect for functioning in hard to reach spaces. It is also strong that heavier fruits such as Bramley Apples shouldn’t bend it, and it should not rust either. 

To harvest a fruit, simply pick your target, gently squeeze the trigger to grab the fruit and then twist to get it. Be sure to keep hold of the trigger until the fruit reaches the ground, otherwise, it might fall. The only thing it cannot do is collect many apples at once like some of the larger basket models.


  • Harvests a variety of fruits including apples, pears and more. 
  • Extendable from 1.8 to a very impressive 3 metres. 
  • Lightweight aluminium construction, thus lightweight and strong. 
  • Padded so as not to bruise fruits.


  • Quite pricey. 
  • Only picks an apple at a time.

Our recommendation

The Darlac Telescopic Fruit Picker is a great piece of kit that’s perfect for picking fruits high up a tree. It’s so easy to use especially because it’s pretty lightweight for even the elderly and children to manoeuvre it. It provides a decent reach to fruits hidden between the branches and it’s generally a better option than balancing precariously on a step ladder or using a larger basket cradle type that can get stuck in branches more easily. 

This product is probably the most expensive fruit picker on the market, but it’s definitely one of the best, particularly because it never bruises fruit and is from what we have seen, very well made. If you need the very best apple picker and don’t mind collecting apples one at a time, we highly recommend this model. 

2. Gardena Combisystem Fruit Collector


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Gardena Combisystem Fruit Collector

This fruit collecter which is just the collector so this is important to note, can be used with any Gardena combisystem handle of which there is a choice of aluminium or wood to pick fallen fruits from your garden or orchard effortlessly and without having to bend over. The flexible plastic struts grab fruit of between around 4 and 9cm in diameter, and all you need is to roll them over and they’ll land in the collecting container. 

The fruit picker simply plugs into the handle and screws tight for a wobble-free connection, which ensures that you work comfortably. There are three handles available for the fruit picker and that’s a 130cm long, 150cm and a 180cm long option. No worry if a single one won’t be enough as these handles allow individual extension of attachments, meaning you can get even additional reach. The handles are also non-slip for enhanced convenience during use. 

Another thing with the handle is that it’s made of premium ashwood which is harvested from sustainably managed forests. Then they have special elasticity to help reduce vibrations. 

Moving on to the fruit basket which is what we really wanted to review, it has a side opening that simultaneously allows emptying without having to bend down. It also has a shovel function that makes it easy to pick fruits in hard-to-reach areas such as near tree trunks. Last but not least, the product comes with a 25-year warranty for total peace of mind. In terms of quality, Gardena only makes the very best garden tools do this is no different.


  • Provides convenient gathering of windfall fruits from the ground.
  • Easily collects fruits from hard-to-reach areas.
  • Simple emptying without bending down. 
  • The fruit collector fits all Gardena handles. 
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty for full peace if mind. 


  • Fruit picker and handle are sold separately making it quite expensive. 

Our recommendation

The Gardena Combisystem Fruit Collector makes it easy to collect fruits that have already fallen without breaking your back. With its flexible plastic struts, the fruit basket can gather fruits measuring up to 9cm in diameter and you simply have to roll it over fruits to fetch them. It is also easy to empty the basket thanks to a side window. 

The handles are to be bought separately, but we really like their non-slip and lightweight construction, as well as how easy they are to connect to the fruit collector so you just need to choose the handle length and type your prefer.

Finally, the 25-year warranty of this product means it’s one of the most reliable out there and will probably last a lifetime if looked after. Now if you have a couple of tree fruits in your garden and fruits tend to fall from time to time, this piece of kit is a must-have.

3. MaidMAX Fruit Picker

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MaidMAX Fruit Picker

The MaidMAX Fruit Pickerwith its 4-meter stainless steel pole is the jack of all trades when it comes to picking fruits. It collects virtually any kind of fruits, from oranges to peach, pears, lemon, lime, kiwi, grapefruit, plums, and many more. And thanks to its internal foam pad, the fruits come down clean with no bruises or cuts and it has an amazingly long reach. The fruit picker weighs just 1.23kg and that the whole kit, basket and pole, giving you a less-fatiguing picking experience. 

This tool has been designed with convenience and flexibility in mind. It allows you to adjust the length by adding or removing extension poles (41.5cm each) to provide a maximum reach of 4m. The poles are made from 4mm rolled stainless steel to ensure that the tool is generally light.

As you would expect, the handle and fruit basket come in different packaging, meaning you have to assemble them first. The task, however, is so easy with no tools required. You just have to tight the basket around one end of the handle by hand. Also, the tool is easy to store and transport because the poles are detachable and even the basket splits into two for more compact and easier storage.


  • Provides up to 4m reach, which is a lot more than many other fruit pickers. 
  • Comes with a multi-multifunctional handle to use on fruit picker and other household devices. 
  • Lightweight construction for labour-saving fruit picking. 
  • Fruit picker features foam pads to ensure fruits won’t get cuts or bruises. 
  • Easy, tool-less assembly. 
  • Ideal for harvesting all kinds of fruits. 


  • Some people have commented online that it can be a little difficult to use on its longest extension at 4 meters.

Our recommendation

Whereas some fruit pickers are limited to some fruits, this MaidMAX Fruit Picker is what you need to harvest virtually any kind of fruits. It comes as a fruit basket with extension poles that can be joined together to reach up to 4 metres, which is impressive, though some users reported difficulty when using its full length. That being said, easy fruit picker extended to 4 meter starts to become more difficult to use as do most long reach tools such as hedge trimmers for example.

It does come at a very fair price, and we think it’s the best low-cost fruit picker you can get. So if affordability plus ability to collect all sorts of fruits is what you’re after, look no further than the MaidMAX Fruit Picker.

4. Kent & Stowe Telescopic Fruit Picker

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Kent & Stowe Telescopic Fruit Picker

The Kent & Stowe Telescopic Fruit Picker is a simple fruit picker that will go around with its business with little effort from you but it does have limited reach compacted to some of our previous models. It’s made up of a conical shaped head with soft padding at the bottom where fruits land gently after they’ve been cut from the tree. 

The total telescopic length of this tool is 2.4m and it can be adjusted to the required height. The picker is also lightweight and should be easy to lift and use and we think its better suited for those who perhaps have smaller trees and you don’t need an extra-long reach some of the other models offer. It should work for picking apples, peaches, and any other fruit trees that don’t grow too tall. 


  • Lightweight and easy to use up high. 
  • Picker basket has a foam cushion to gently support apples. 
  • Comes with a telescopic handle that is adjustable to certain lengths. 


  • Some may find it somewhat difficult to manoeuvre its spikes and cut the stem of a fruit.

Our recommendation

Like we said earlier, this Kent & Stowe Telescopic Fruit Picker is pretty simple and easy to use. Its adjustable handle offers a decent reach of 2.4m and the picker’s foam cushion does a great job of preventing fruits from getting bruised during the picking process. It will need some time to get used to and once that happens, you’ll find it a very valuable asset. Another great option to consider on a budget but also from what some may consider a bit of a premium brand that’s is Kent & Stowe.

5. Fiskars Fruit Picker

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Fiskars Fruit Picker

This is another product whereby the fruit picker basket and handle are sold separately but this may come in handy if you already have other Fiskars tools that use a removable handle.

Well, Fiskars decided to create a universal handle that is not only compatible with their fruit picker, but also with a range of other garden tools such as pruning saws, gutter cleaners, as well as those from other brands when used with QuikFit Adapter. 

The fruit picker itself is designed for harvesting apples, and it does so without leaving markings on the fruits thanks to the cotton bag. As mentioned, the collection bag is made of cotton and glass-fibre reinforced material for high durability. 

The simple locking of any tool head with this handle as well as robust connection between handle and attachment ensures hassle-free working, ease of use and good grip due to non-slip surface. The aluminium handle is pretty lightweight for effortless working in an upright position and this can help reduce shoulder and back muscles. It also has a hanging loop for space-saving storage. 

The handle we’re talking about measures 84cm in length, but they also have the 156cm version which can significantly increase the reach. Another thing with the aluminium pole is that it is hardened for increased durability and it’s also easy to wipe clean. 


  • Combined glass-fibre reinforced material and soft cotton bag make collect fruit enjoyable and stress free.
  • Features a hanging loop for space-saving storage. 
  • Fruit picker features cotton on the inside for gentle harvesting of fruit.
  • Durable construction for both fruit picker basket.


  • Handle and fruit picker are sold separately. 
  • Non-telescopic handle, meaning the length is not extendable. 

Our recommendation

This product does what is says. The handle which you need to but separately is lightweight, easy to use and sturdy, whilst the fruit picker has been cleverly designed to collect apples without leaving bruises or cuts. The best part is that the handle can be used with other tools such as a rake, broom and pruning saw. This versatility makes it a good value for investment if you already have or plan to but other tools to use with the handel. 

But the problem is, the handles are only available in specific sizes (24cm, 84cm and 150cm), and these are all relatively short and can’t help with reaching fruits in taller trees. So only buy one of these if you have a good idea of how high you need to reach. For instance, if you grow the dwarf variety apple trees, then the 150cm handle would do the job. However, it won’t help for tall old fashioned apple trees. 

6. WOLF-Garten RGM Multi-Change Adjustable Fruit Picker

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WOLF-Garten RGM Multi-Change Adjustable Fruit Picker

WOLF also makes individual fruit picker heads and separate handles so users can match each depending on their needs. In this regard, we have the WOLF-Garten RGM Multi-Change Adjustable Fruit Picker and the Wolf Garten ZMV4 Multi-Change Telescopic Handle which we think make a good pair. 

Let’s start with the fruit picker. It is adjustable and perfect for picking fruits whilst keeping your feet on the ground. The fruit basket is made of a hand-like plastic end that’s attached to a strong collection bag. To harvest a fruit, you just have to press and pull the plastic end and it will grasp a fruit and let it drop into the bag. 

Moving on to the handle although there are several to choose from, it is telescopic with its length ranging from 220 to 400cm. As part of the brand’s multi-change click system, this handle is compatible with up to 50 tool heads, including the fruit picker in question. Attaching the handle and head takes mere seconds and when locked together, you can be sure of a secure tool that provides outstanding performance. 

To remove the tool head, simply press a red release button found on the upper part of the telescopic handle and then probably swap it for any other tool head. This means one handle will allow you to switch from collecting fruits to cleaning windows to pruning branches. It also helps you save storage space that would otherwise be taken by multiple tools with individual handles. The handle has a 10-year guarantee whereas the fruit picker has a 35-year guarantee so both should outlast most of us. 


  • One handle is compatible with a range of WOLF’s tool heads. 
  • A choice of handles to purchase separately, one which is a telescopic handle with a reach of 5.7m. 
  • Well-built fruit picker and handle with extended warranties. 
  • Easy to use – simply grasp and pull fruit into the collection bag. 


  • A bit expensive compared to other models.

Our recommendation

The WOLF-Garten RGM Multi-Change Adjustable Fruit Picker is one of the best long-reach tools with an extension of up to 4 metres. The strong collection bag will gather fruit for many years to come and the handle is pretty solid too but remember this is sold separately. However, it’s you pay to get that extended reach, making it ideal for reaching high branches without using a ladder which some of the previous models cannot as the reach is a little restricted. 

Buyer’s Guide

If you look online and in garden centres, you will find that there are many decent fruit pickers on the market. The challenge comes in finding the best fruit picker that will meet your exact needs. In this section, there are points of consideration that will narrow down your search. The difference between a good and great product is very little, hence be careful not to settle for less than you require. 

Below are the factors to consider:

Lightweight body

A comfortable fruit picker is easy to handle meaning that you can use it for a long time without any problems. Many models feature lightweight bodies made from durable materials like aluminum and fiberglass. These materials are naturally light hence; the whole structure of the fruit picker is maneuverable. 

Picking apples from tree with long handled fruit picker

Check the weight of the assembled picker and consider the number of hours you will be working. If you think that the weight is manageable when working for long periods, then you can obviously consider the fruit picker.

Comfortable handle

The handle is very important in regards to user comfortability and reach. Tall apple trees will work best with extendible handles as they provide easy reach. You want a telescopic handle that maintains its stability even when full extended. 

If you do not need the additional reach, settle for a fixed height pole that is stable even when tugging on those hard to reach fruits. Overall, the longer the handle when extended the less stable they become.


Unless you need a fruit picker for a specific fruit, you can go ahead to select a fruit picker that can harvest a wide range of fruits. This is especially for those who have different fruit trees in their property. As long as the capacity of the picker can contain both large and small fruits, you are good to go.


When you are done picking fruits for the day, it is preferable if you store your fruit picker in a safe place rather than letting it sleep in the field. When you look at most fruit pickers, you will realize that they come with a loop at the end of the handle. That loop permits you to hang your tool safely away from human traffic to avoid any accidents. If you need a compact model, look for models that have telescopic handles and on some models, even the basket section splits into two.


Apple picker which can hold a lot of apples in one go

Some fruit pickers can hold many fruits at a given time and others can only pick a fruit at a time. People usually prefer models with a large capacity because they save time. Those that pick a fruit at a time are suitable for small-sized harvests while the large capacity models serve large-scale harvests best such as larger orchards.


A warranty speaks for the longevity of a product. As a consumer, you are safe purchasing a product with a warranty just in case something goes amiss.  When it comes to fruit pickers, different parts may possess different warranty periods. For example, the WOLF-Garten RGM model offers a 35-year warranty for the fruit picker and a 10-year warranty for the pole. In general, we found the longer the warranty, the better the tools seem to be in terms of quality.

Extra accessories

Some of the additional accessories that some pickers possess include a harvesting bag that can be used in place of the basket. The harvesting bag is larger and therefore, it can hold more fruit for those carrying out commercial harvesting.

Another feature is a padded collection basket using cotton or foam. The padding helps prevent the fruits from bruising unnecessarily especially when ripe.


Do the Metal poles rust when left outdoors?

This solely depends on the metal that the manufacturer used and the protective coatings applied. Some models feature metal alloys that keep rust at bay while others are powder-coated to provide durability in the long run. Try to avoid leaving your fruit picker outside for prolonged periods especially if the metal is unprotected from the elements. We recommend cleaning down metal poles with WD40.

How do I make sure the handle’s extension will be adequate?

Look at your tallest tree and estimate the length required to reach the highest fruit. Compare the measurements with the fruit picker’s dimensions. Remember to consider the length of your hands fully stretched out as it adds to the total reach you can access.

Are fruit pickers with wooden poles any good in the long term?

Many prefer metal poles because they are more durable but wooden poles can be as effective too. It all depends on the type of wood used. There are fruit pickers that are made of wood that tend to breaks easy. They are affordable but they don’t have longevity. If you can lay your hands on a fruit picker with a hardwood handle, you can be assured of durability as long as the wood is treated with the right oils. Wooden handles can also be more comfortable and warm in your hands as well as more traditional than cold steel.

Final Conclusion

That said, don’t let your fruits go waste – get the best fruit picker and harvest a handful for your family and friends. When you are all gathered to enjoy the delicious fruits, you will be glad you fetched a reliable fruit picker. 

Just to summarize this review, the Darlac Telescopic Easy Reach Fruit Picker is the overall best in our opinion. This is largely due to its telescopic handle and a large picker that will allow you to harvest relatively large fruits.

The Gardena Combisystem Fruit Collector is a good one too, with a massively roomy picker to collect windfall apples from the ground with ease and fast. It’s also very durable and exceptionally well made. 

That’s it for today and hopefully we served you what you wanted.

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