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Best Shed Heaters – Top 5 Electric and Gas Models plus Reviews

Last updated on November 4th, 2021

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Winter is no doubt a harsh period and it comes with an unforgiving cold that can freeze items stored in a garden shed or make it near impossible to work in. Sometimes you may even want to set a home workstation in your shed and that means you’ll want the environment to be conductive. In this case, a shed heater is a godsend product that can keep off the chill and ensure plants, tools and paint stay in top-notch condition throughout the cold season. 

So we compared around 20 top-rated shed heaters on the market and listed the best five you can buy right now. We dove into the depths of online reviews and it became clear what to consider when choosing the best shed heater. Among them include safety, products with features such as tip-over protection, overheating protection and auto-shutoff function leading the ratings. Then there is the choice between electric and gas-powered heaters. With that in mind, this post provides the essential information you need to buy the best garden shed heater that suits your needs. 

Before we get into our detailed buyer’s guide and reviews, we present our ‘Best Pick’, the Benross 3000w Industrial Fan Space Heater. It’s probably one of the most powerful electric heaters on the market compared to many other models that offer between 1000 – 2000 watts of power. With two heat settings, dual overheat protection and a fully tilting design, this heater is as convenient to use as it is safe. It also comes fully assembled so you can use it right away.


Benross 42450 3000W Industrial Fan Heater
The Benross 3000w Industrial Fan Space Heater is probably one of the most powerful electric heaters on the market compared to many other models that offer between 1000 - 2000 watts of power. With two heat settings, dual overheat protection and a fully tilting design, this heater is as convenient to use as it is safe.


Garden mile 10Kw Industrial Gas Space Heater
With 10,000 watts of power, this gas heater is perfect for heating up relatively large sheds a lot quicker than any electric model would manage. It runs on either LPG or propane gas that you can easily fetch from a local petrol station. Fuel consumption is at a mere 0.75kg/h and the machine comes with a gas regulator and 1.5m hose. Also integral to this heater is an automatic overheat protection system plus the fact that it is CE certified means you can run this machine with total peace of mind.

Top 5 Shed Heater Reviews

1. Benross 3000w Industrial Fan Space Heater


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Benross 42450 3000W Industrial Fan Heater/Adjustable Thermostatic Control/Cool Air Setting/Tilting Design/Portable With Carry Handle / IPX4 Waterproof, Yellow

This Benross 3000W Industrial Fan Space Heater is such a powerful thing that makes a great choice for not only heating up a shed area but also spaces such as home office setups, workshops, gyms and garages. The heater arrives fully assembled, meaning you can start using it out of the box, simply plug it in, select the correct heat setting and it will warm up an area very quickly. 

The major selling point here is that there are two heat settings in the form of 3000W or 1500W. This allows you to easily select your optimum temperature depending on how chilly it is. Ideally, the lower setting is perfect when it’s not that cold or you want to run it as energy efficient as possible and lower the running costs. 

On top of that, there is a cold air mode, something that functions as a fan during the hot summer days. Thanks to a built-in carry handle, this heater is incredibly easy to move, while an all-round metal casing makes it safe and secure to use and perfect for workshop type environments. When it comes to safety, a dual overheat protection feature also adds to the safety of this heater. 

We love the fact that it can be tilted to any angle, allowing you to have direct heat exactly where you want. Its IPX4 waterproof rating means there is less to worry about if you are considering using it in a damp shed as it is designed to be safe to use and will keep moisture out, making it generally more suitable for sheds that are often damp. Keep in mind that Benross backs this product with a 2-year warranty too. As this is an electric heater, it comes with a 1.5m cable, which is of a decent length. 


  • Suitable for small and medium-sized sheds, although you may need two for a very large shed.
  • Arrives fully assembled to start using straight away. 
  • Portable with a well-worked design and insulated carry handle. 
  • 2 heat settings – 1500W to save energy and ensure a lower running cost, 3000W for getting lots of instant heat and finally a fan only function using the low 45w fan only option for summer. 
  • Features dual overheat protection, making it pretty safe to use.
  • Full metal casing for increased safety and durability in a robust workshop type environment. 
  • IPX4 waterproof rated for maximum protection against moisture, damp and splashes of water.
  • 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.

Our recommendation

Overall, this model would function well on its own, provided your space isn’t too big and is probably one of the best heaters suitable for use in a shed. At 3000W, you won’t find a more powerful model that you can plug directly into a normal plug socket. If you are looking for an electric model, this is well worth considering. If you think you need something a little more powerful, then the next best option is a gas heater and the models we look at below could be a better choice.

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2. Garden mile 10Kw Gas Space Heater


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Garden Mile Electric Industrial Heater LPG Portable Gas Heater - Powerful Space Heater Black Fan Heater Propane Indoor Heater for Workshop, Garages, Office and Large Room Heater - 10KW

The Garden mile 10Kw Industrial Gas Space Heater is a larger model that is ideal for larger spaces including large sheds, garages and other large rooms. With an air output of 320m3, this can heat a space of around 200m2 in no time thanks to its incredible power and combination of gas to produce the heat and the electric fan to disperse the heat quickly. The design is fantastic and includes a built-in carry handle for easy portability. 

This impressive heater can run on both LPG, butane and propane and the best part is that it consumes very little fuel at just 0.73kg per hour. When compared to most other gas space heaters (many of which are much larger than this model) it’s very efficient and helps to keep the cost down. In addition, it comes with a 1.5m long hose, giving more than enough reach to a standard gas bottle, along with a gas regulator. 

Safety has also been thought about as this heater includes an automatic overheat protection system plus it is CE certified, indicating conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards. 

Perhaps the only negative thing is the lack of a thermostat, meaning you can’t set it to a certain temperature. This means you have to manually turn it on and off if it gets too warm or cold. Apart from that, this 10kW heater is perfect for warming large areas.


  • Perfect for large sheds, workshops and garages, heats the space up very quickly with its instant heat output.
  • Economic to run as it only consumes a mere 0.73kg per hour making it fairly efficient for the heat it produces.
  • Massive heating area of up to 200m2 (Not suitable for small sheds).
  • Uses gas to produce the heat and an electric fan to quickly dispense the heat into open spaces.
  • Comes with regulator and 1.5m hose, all you need to do is order a gas bottle.
  • Can run on propane gas, butane and LPG available at most garden centres, petrol stations and DIY stores. 
  • CE certified and includes automatic overheat protection for safety. 

Our recommendation

When it is compared to the electric models on the market, in terms of heat output, no electric heater even comes close, it is simply in its own league. Be warned, this heater is far too big for small sheds and it is to be used in a workshop type environment in a large shed or garage.

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3. Honeywell 2.5Kw Heavy Duty Electric Heater

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Honeywell CZ2104EV1 Heavy Duty Heater


  • Suitable for both small and large sheds thanks to thermostatic control that will control the temperature.
  • Comes with an automatic frost watch function that starts when the temperature falls below 5 degrees Celcius making it perfect for keeping your shed frost free.
  • Powerful 2.5Kw heating element with fan for dispersing the heat quickly.
  • A wide dispersion heater makes it possible for Honeywell to heat a large shed of up to 30 square metres.
  • Has a cooling fan to use in summer.
  • Includes overheat protection and a tip-over protection as enhanced safety features.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty for full peace of mind.

The Honeywell 2.5 Kw Heavy Duty Heater is also another notable machine you need to consider and is actually one of three models they sell. This one, however, has the frost watch feature which the other two don’t. It features a 2.5kW power output that is not quite as powerful as our ‘best pick’ by Benross, and this heater also includes a frost watch function (as already mentioned) as well as a full metal housing that makes it quite convenient and just as robust.

Similar to the other heaters we’ve discussed above, the Honeywell heavy-duty heater is suitable for sheds, workshops and garages. However, the ideal space to use with this heater is a maximum of 30 m2. The advantage of this heater is that it warms up an area quickly, in just a few minutes but bear in mind it will take longer on most sheds as they are not always insulated.

You don’t need ample storage space for this heater. It is effortless to tuck away in a suitable place, on a shelf or even in a corner. The reason why it’s easy to store this heater is that it features a slimline design and this is what also makes it portable and a little more compact. Therefore, it eliminates the stress and the requirement to have ample space.

Another fascinating feature found in the Honeywell heavy-duty heater is that the frost function is automatic and immediately starts the heater once the temperature in the room drops below 5 degrees Celsius. This is a great feature if you want to keep your shed frost free and help reduce moisture and rot as well as protect temperature sensitive items.

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4. Hylite Slimline Eco 750mm 90w Tubular Heater

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Hylite Slimline Ecoheater Tube Heater with Thermostat White 750mm 90W

One fascinating fact about the Hylite Slimline Eco 750mm 90w Tubular Heater is that it is the only heater that you can use wall-mounted or freestanding, with brackets supplied to facilitate either use. It is also the only heater on the market that includes a built-in thermostat that is patented and best of all, this heater costs pennies to run as it’s only 90w, less than a 100w light bulb. The thermostat helps to minimise energy usage, therefore, making the heater quite convenient and very economical.

This heater also helps to prevent any mould, dampness, condensation, mildew or even freezing, which is what this heater is really about if you use it in a shed, as it is probably not powerful enough to heat a room up to a significant temperature unless you have a well-insulated shed.

It features an IP44 weatherproof rating that means it is safe to use even if sprays of water land on it and being used in a shed this is important as they tend to be damp environments with condensation.


  • Perfect for keeping a shed above freezing and helps to prevent damp, mould and rot.
  • Features an attractive design that is compact, sleek and modern.
  • Its simplistic design makes it suitable for use anywhere, from your home to your workplace and of course your shed. 
  • Has a built-in thermostat that helps to minimise heating and energy use.
  • Supplied with wall brackets for wall-mounting or freestanding use.
  • The heater is quite easy to clean due to its white enamel finish and seamless tube.
  • It is fitted with a heat-sensitive cut-out that is automatic.
  • Very efficient to use and costs pennies to run.

Our recommendation

If you are looking for a simplistic design to keep your shed above freezing for the whole of winter, this Slimline Eco heater is an excellent choice. We would also advise investing in an RCD to cut the power off if there was ever a fault for the sake of a few extra pounds.

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5. Benross 2000W Industrial Fan Space Heater

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Benross 42440 2000W Industrial Fan Heater / Adjustable Thermostatic Control / Cool Air Setting / Dual Overheat Protection / Portable With Carry Handle / Low Noise

Another slightly less powerful model from Benross, this 2000 watt Industrial Fan Space Heater features a powerful ceramic heating element that you also need to consider if you want to purchase the best garden shed heater. The heater is suitable during cold seasons and perfect for warming up small and medium-sized sheds when working out of them.

Another notable factor about this heater is that it comes fully assembled ready to use, with no awkward handles to fit that some similar models do require. Therefore, it eliminates the stress of having to assemble the whole thing once you buy it. When you purchase it, you can start using it immediately. It also features 2 heat settings 1000w, perfect for keeping a room above freeing and 2000w to really get the room warmed up for working in. Not only is this fan space heater suitable to use during cold seasons, but you can also use it during summer as well as you can use the fan without heat if you wanted to. 

Safety is at the core of this heater thanks to the inclusion of a dual overheat protection feature, this simply means that should it get too hot or tip over, the heater will automatically turn off, it just gives a little more peace of mind. There is an option to select your preferred temperature through the thermostat control feature, like most models it doesn’t show the temperature in precise temperatures, such as 20c, but you can keep turning it up until it reaches the desired temperature, then you simply leave it to run and it will maintain this temperature, and by temperature we mean when you think it feels warm enough. The heater is also energy-efficient and doesn’t emit a lot of noise which is also a bonus. What’s more, the heater is quite portable and includes a built-in carry handle.


  • Perfect for smaller and medium-sized sheds and garages.
  • 2 heat settings, 1000w and 2000w with built-in thermostat to automatically control the temperature.
  • Easy to set up as it comes fully assembled and ready to use, simply plug it in, choose your heat setting and you are done.
  • Features a cool air setting – 25w – for use during the summer.
  • Supplied with a 1.3m cord giving just over 4ft of reach. 
  • Quiet operation, thus good when you need to work in your shed.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Our recommendation

Overall, a great option for anyone on a budget looking for a good heater for small to medium-sized sheds. 

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Shed Heater Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best garden shed heater, there are certain factors you have to consider. It is imperative you get value for money. Therefore, to make sure you get the perfect heater, we’ll point out some features and factors to keep an eye on. Mainly to help you purchase a high-quality heater that will serve you perfectly for a long time.

Types of shed heaters

There are many types of shed heaters, but for the purpose of this review, we look at electric and gas heaters. 

Needless to say, electric heaters need to be plugged into a socket to work, so you have to make sure there is one in your garden shed.  Most of them include a fan that spreads warm air throughout the room which is essential as most sheds are not insulated too well, if at all. This provides fast and even heating. A decent electric shed heater weighs around 4kg, making them easy to transport. In addition, they tend to feature carry handles. 

On the other hand, gas models use natural gas, usually propane or butane as the energy source. All these can be easily fetched from a local petrol station, garden centre and DIY stores. Because of emissions, gas heaters are typically designed for outdoor use where there is proper ventilation, so keep in mind that most models should be near an open door when in use. They are usually very powerful and offer quick, intense heat, making them ideal for large sheds, workshops and even garages. The Garden mile 10Kw Industrial Gas Space Heater is a perfect example in this respect, suitable for heating up to 200 square metres of space.

Factors to consider before purchasing a shed heater

Heat output

Heaters output is measured in watts or kilowatts. Models ranging from 2000W to 3000W are suitable for average-sized sheds, while you may want a model such as the Garden mile 10Kw Industrial Gas Space Heater to heat up a larger space such as a large work shed or even a garage.


Most people won’t like an annoyingly loud heater, but the noise shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t intend to ever spend time in the shed. Then again, some folks enjoy the little white noise certain fans tend to give off. It’s all about personal preference. If the heater you choose has a fan it will likely produce a little noise.


Most heaters feature built-in carry handles to help with transportation. But that’s not all, the size and bulkiness of the heater also determine how easy it will be to lift (some models may require an extra hand). Consider the availability of wheels of the heater is quite large.

Safety features

Running a heater is relatively safe but it can be dangerous especially gas models, which means there is no room for mistakes. The device may be knocked over and cause a serious accident or even overheat if it is left to run for too long. As such, you must consider models that have been carefully designed to mitigate risks.

Look for tip-over protection so that if your heater falls down, it will stop running immediately to prevent potential danger. Overheat protection is another one to prevent the device from overheating and potentially starting a fire. Also, pay attention to whether the heater remains cool to the touch when running. Most models should have all these features but ensure you buy from a reputable supplier as there are heaters out there that simply should not be for sale. You know the type, cheap Chinese models that are sometimes sold on market stalls.

Extra features

This is where you go for the niceties that appeal to you. A worthy mention is the frost watch function, which is a useful feature for sheds, as it means you can use the device there and it will operate at a minimal level. Outputting just enough heat to keep the temperature at a reasonable level is great if you store temperature-sensitive items like paint or simply keep moisture and rot at bay.

A cooling fan is another great addition, allowing the machine to cool the space during hot weather, yes even in the UK, we sometimes get a warm sweltering day. Some models even have a timer to turn them on at specific times of day and off after a certain interval. Have pesky kids around? Here’s one for you, the Honeywell Heavy Duty Heater – it has a child safeguard switch.


Always check on the sustainability of a shed heater before making a purchase. By going through some shed heater reviews, you will be able to tell whether a specific heater can last for a long time or not. It would be awful to purchase a heater then end up losing your money quickly because of its low quality. Therefore, always check on the features, specifications as well as warranty to make your decision. With shed heaters, you really do tend to get what you pay for as with most things in life.

Warranty or money-back guarantee

Every manufacturer strives to provide the best customer satisfaction to maintain an excellent reputation for its brand. When searching for your dream shed heater, we highly recommend you check information regarding warranties and money-back guarantees. For instance, most of the heaters that we have discussed here come with warranties and money-back guarantees. However, there are terms and conditions regarding such issues that you must make sure that you understand before making a purchase.

Final Conclusion

We can all agree that heat is very useful in your garden shed, especially if you want to keep it frost-free or you work inside it as a workshop type shed. However, when it comes to choosing the best garden shed heater, we may have different opinions of what we think is worth the money. There are three key things that matter most the most; efficiency, effectiveness and safety. The Benross 3000W Industrial Fan Space Heater is our best pick because it boasts dual overheat protection, dual heat settings plus a stellar tilting design for efficient heating and a durable metal casing. More importantly, it is the most powerful electric model on our list.

There are many other great heaters in the market and they come in all shapes and sizes. At least in our shed heater reviews, we listed electric heaters, a gas model and even had a tubular design, just to show the options you’ve got. Now go ahead and choose the best shed heater that suits your needs.

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