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Choosing The Best Bird Table & 6 Amazing Designs To Consider

Last updated on September 16th, 2021

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How to encourage birds into your garden with the best bird table

If you are a nature lover, there is a high chance that birds are on top of your watch list. They are graceful and remind you of how delicate nature can be. If you have the pleasure of having a garden, there are ways that you can invite birds into your garden and watch them from the comfort of your home.

One easy way to do this is by installing bird tables. Bird tables allow birds, to eat, drink and rest as they go about their business and are a great way to allow you to watch them in one spot. There is a wide range of bird tables that you can select from. To find the best bird tables there are a few points to remember so as to get the best value for your money. The main difference between a good bird table and a bad bird table is the build quality, which is mostly determined by the type of wood used to build the bird table.

Before we get into our buyers guide and top six models, we would like to bring your attention to our ‘Best Pick’ the Everything Wildlife Bempton Bird Table. We think it is a stunning bird table, well built and designed to be fitted to the wall making it ideal for most people as you could also fix it to a fence. The only downside is that it does not come with a stand but fear not, we also have other stunning bird tables to show you, all of which are very good quality and built to last.


Everything Wildlife Large Olive Green Bempton Bird Table
The Everything Wildlife Bempton Bird Table is beautifully designed and will make a gorgeous addition to your garden that both yourself and the birds can appreciate. It is a space-saving bird table as it can be mounted on a wall, making it perfect for those who don't have the biggest garden but still want to provide a haven for our feathery friends. Features a verdigris copper roof which will help to protect the contents on the bird table as well as a removable tray to aid you in easy cleaning of the tray when necessary.

The 6 best bird tables that we have included in our review are listed below:

  1. Everything Wildlife Large Olive Green Bempton Bird Table – BEST PICK
  2. Riverside Woodcraft Triple Platform Bird Table – BEST ACCOMODATING PICK
  3. Riverside Verwood Bird Table
  4. Fordwich Rare Bird Table Retreat
  5. RSPB Gothic Bird Table
  6. RSPB Gallery Bird Table


Riverside Woodcraft Triple Platform Bird Table
For those who wish to attract a variety of different birds into their garden, the Riverside Woodcraft Triple Platform Bird Table would be perfect. We also think that this is probably the best-made bird table we have reviewed and come across. It provides enough room for different birds and it is supported by a strong base. It has enough room to house substantial amounts of bird food but is a little expensive, but is still worth every penny. For the all-around enthusiastic observer, this makes a good playground for all birds and is a substantial piece of kit.

Our Top 6 Best Bird Feeder Table Reviews

Below you will find bird tables of various designs that may suit your garden. The best bird table design depends on your personal preference. Go through the reviews and discover what these bird tables have to offer.

Hopefully, your dream bird table is just within reach. And if you are an avid bird watcher, birding binoculars will also come in handy. You can check out the best birding binoculars here; BEST BINOCULARS FOR BIRD WATCHING & BUYING GUIDE.

Let’s dive into the bird tables:

1. Everything Wildlife Large Olive Green Bempton Bird Table


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Large Olive Green Bempton Bird Table

The Everything Wildlife Large Olive Green Bempton Bird Table almost looks like a Gazebo but for the birds in your garden. Well designed with unmissable colours, this model can house a number of small birds at any given time.

It consists of a roof made from Verdigris copper, which is durable and adds an aesthetic appeal, this feature is definitely is appreciated. The rest of the table’s body is made of wood that has been FSC Certified meaning you’re doing your bit to help preserve the planet. The intricate woodwork also adds to the elegant appeal of your garden.

This unit does not have a pole and instead needs to be mounted using the bracket, which is included. The bracket used for mounting means that the bird table can easily be taken down for cleaning purposes with ease.

The unit measures 37x29x29cm and features a removable tray for easy cleaning. The easy to clean and use feature makes it very convenient for all bird lovers.


  • Designed beautifully so as to add beauty to your garden.
  • Features a removable tray for effective cleaning.
  • Can be mounted on a wall making it a space saving model.
  • Features a roof so the contents of the bird table are protected.
  • Sizeable to contain a number of birds at once.


  • Needs a bit more varnish to add a layer of protection from the elements.
  • Does not come with a pole to make it free standing.

Our recommendation

The Everything Wildlife Large Olive Green Bempton Bird Table is a very elegant piece, to say the least. We appreciate the Verdigris copper roof as it gives it an extra vintage grace to the model.

Since it is a mountable bird table, you will be able to position it where you want to and away from the reach of predators. The unit is sizeable and therefore will be able to accommodate the birds.

Those in search of a decorative but functional mounted bird table will love this model. The only real downside is that it does not come with a pole, although this does mean it can be fastened pretty much anywhere, on a tree, on a wall or fence, the side of your shed. This is what makes this model a great choice along with the build quality. 

For both large or small gardens it fits in perfectly and it is a great bird table for any garden in any setting and is also one of the most affordable models.

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2. Riverside Woodcraft Triple Platform Bird Table


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Triple Platform Bird Table With Anti Bacteria Coating

The Riverside Woodcraft Triple Platform Bird Table will provide different types of birds with enough room to relax and eat/drink. The bird table comprises three platforms and a thick 3-inch pole. There is the main platform and two further side platforms where a variety of small to medium-sized birds can enjoy some rest or food.

The table is made from redwood and has been treated to protect it from the weather elements. As it has been built using wood, you will need to top up the protective coats over time so as to maintain their appearance. The pole is supported by a heavy stable base ensuring that it is not easily knocked over by the wind or other animals.

As for the size of the unit, it measures 58cm x 48cm with a total height of just under 6ft.


  • Fashioned from treated wood and thus blends well into the natural surroundings and will last for many years.
  • Offers enough room for varied sizes of birds to perch on.
  • It features a heavy base for stable support.
  • Easy to assemble and keep clean.
  • Comes partly assembled and takes only 10 minutes to fully build.


  • No problems to report with this table, excellent overall with no flaws except that it requires a little construction.

Our recommendation

The Riverside Woodcraft Triple Platform Bird Table is an appropriate choice if you are trying to attract an assortment of birds and looking for a very high quality, well-built model. It is a stable structure with a heavy base and three feeding platforms which makes it a sizeable unit.

Made from durable wood, it will last many years if cared for correctly as with all wooden bird tables. Remember to apply a coat or two every couple of years for longer durability.

We would recommend this for someone with a sizeable garden and a rich bird population so as to get the best out of it. If you need a one-for-all bird table, this would be perfect. It may be one of the most expensive bird tables we have seen but it’s certainly one of the best and will last for many years.

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3. Riverside Verwood Bird Table

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Riverside Woodcraft Verwood Slate Roof Bird Table With Anti Bacteria Coating

The Riverside Verwood Bird Table is another quality bird table by Riverside Woodcraft and it is a lovely looking bird table that you can enjoy with an innovative built-in bird feeder. Made of redwood, it can survive the rainy British weather conditions. The wood has been given a coating of protection and thus can promise durability and is designed to last with the right care.

Featuring a roof made from lightweight tiles made from Kaolin clay and recycled materials, (which is basically plastic) the unit is less susceptible to damage even if it falls over. The lightweight roof ensures the top is lighter to reduce the chances of it tipping over. The perching platform sits on top of a thick pole that is supported by a heavy base for extra support.

It measures 38 x 32 x 32cm and has a 72 x 72cm base. The total height of the bird table is 156cm and the unit weighs around 8kgs. Stable and well built, it is hard for birds to ignore this bird table. Depending on the treats your table welds, you never know who will come flying in. The built-in feeder is sure to be a big hit with the birds.


  • Features an inbuilt bird feeder which saves you additional costs.
  • Uses recycled material making it eco-friendly.
  • It is supported by a heavy base to prevent the unit tipping over.
  • Blends nicely with the surrounding.
  • The wood used is protected from weather damage and thus will last longer than cheaper alternatives.


  • Better instructions and screw alignment are needed to make assembly easier.

Our recommendation

The Riverside Verwood Bird Table is a strong and well-designed model whilst still being a fairly simple design. For a model that is fetched at an affordable price, it has all the makings of a good bird table and best of all it has been treated and designed to last.

It has an integrated bird feeding system which is handy for a first time user, and not many bird tables have this feature, so this is sure to help encourage birds onto the table and keep them there for longer.

The overall quality of the wood and the construction is of high quality so that you can watch birds in your garden for many years to come and it also comes at an amazing price.

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4. Fordwich Rare Bird Table Retreat

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The Hutch Company Fully Assembled Fordwich Rare Bird Table Retreat

The Fordwich Rare Bird Table Retreat is what you need if you are looking to spot and encourage small birds. Due to its size, only birds of a certain size can fit through easily. Pigeons and cats are not welcome and it is designed to try and deter them.

Reinforced by a strong base, the bird table will remain in position even in windy weather. The good thing about this model is that it is designed to certain height requirements. The purpose of the design is to make it easy for people who are sitting down to view bird activities. This is especially convenient for the elderly as they can watch the birds whilst sitting out in the garden.

The 8kg unit comes in two parts that can be easily assembled. It will not take much of your time to set it up. Measuring 43.2 x 43.2 x 30 cm it is not too tall at around 4.5.ft and is designed to be 100% windproof.


  • Built to attract small birds and keep cats and larger birds at bay.
  • Built closer to the ground to allow seated observers a good view.
  • Designed 100% windproof, therefore, not easily knocked over.
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • Some birds, like magpies, are likely to still get through.

Our recommendation

The Fordwich Rare Bird Table Retreat is good for its price and is one of the more affordable models. It is easy to set up and blends into the environment well. We love that the product has considered seated observers but this can sometimes be a disadvantage, especially if you have a determined cat.

We like that it is windproof especially for those stormy days but I’m not sure it would really be the 100% windproof it has been described as. 

We would recommend a few more protective coats over time to maintain the appearance. Readily affordable and easy to construct. Starlings and other feathery friends may soon join you for a lovely time in the garden. Overall a great bird table for those looking for a model that is not too tall.

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5. RSPB Gothic Bird Table

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RSPB Wild Bird Gothic Style Garden Bird Table, Freestanding, ideal for RSPB Table Mix, Seed, Peanuts, Mealworm, Sunflower, Nyjer & more, FSC Timber, Pressure Treated, Supporting the RSPB Charity

The RSPB Gothic Bird Table is both environmentally conscious, affordable and helps you do your part to help wildlife as all profits go back into the RSPB. Made from FSC certified timber, its carbon footprint is smaller and therefore better for the environment. Another thing that we appreciate that is connected to this model is the fact that it utilises recyclable materials.

The removable feeding tray (made from recyclable plastic) makes it even simpler for you as the user to keep the bird table clean.

It will be good for you to understand where your money goes. As previously mentioned, all of the profits made from the sale of these models is forwarded to wildlife and bird conservation. This means that by purchasing the product, you are doing something good for the animals.

It is not a large unit so it won’t take up too much space. The overall height of the unit is 167cm keeping cats away so that your birds feel safe.


  • Features a removable tray for easy cleaning.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Profits perceived are geared to wildlife and bird conservation.


  • Assembly may require some effort, but it isn’t too difficult.

Our recommendation

The RSPB Gothic Bird Table is simple and effective. The design allows birds to perch and leave at their own pleasure. It is not a large unit and therefore you shouldn’t expect to find many large birds perch on it.

The simple unit is situated high from the ground so that the cats don’t have an easy time getting to the birds. It is easy to clean thanks to the removable plastic tray, which is a feature all bird tables should have, and it doesn’t take up too much time to maintain it over time.

Overall you get a well-built bird table at a great price and you can feel happy that you have helped give back, as the profits go back to the wildlife and bird conservation, who are doing great work to protect local wildlife which is a great reason to consider this model.

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6. RSPB Gallery Bird Table

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RSPB Gallery Bird Table

The RSPB Gallery Bird Table is another reliable product from the RSPB Company. Also made from FSC certified timber, you will be doing your part environmentally by reducing the carbon footprint produced by wood.

It features a removable feeding tray for better cleaning, just like the previous model we reviewed, but you’ll have to screw loose some of the screws holding it in place. The feeding tray is made from plastic and thus can last longer and is very easy to remove and clean.

Just like the Gothic model, in the quest to protect wildlife, all the profits made from this product will be directed to the proper institutions involved. You will use the manual to assemble the unit, you should expect an overall height of 160cm. From the ground, the feeding platform is 130cm away supported by a stable base and this also helps stop cats from getting on the table.


  • Environmentally friendly through the use of certified timber and recyclable materials.
  • Supported by a strong base and thus proves stable.
  • The wood is treated to prevent weather damage.
  • Profit proceeds are directed at saving animals.
  • It is affordable.


  • The tray does not slip out it has to be unscrewed thus time-consuming.

Our recommendation

The RSPB Gallery Bird Table is exactly what you pay for. It is simple to use and proves to be a good perching ground for birds. There are a few minor issues here and there with regards to crafty predators, but all in all, it is effective.

We would recommend this unit for those who don’t wish to spend a lot of money and require occasional bird sitting. In areas with very strong winds, you may need some reinforcements to keep the unit from tipping over. The quality could also be better but the price is probably acceptable, although there are better bird tables such as the Fordwich Rare Bird Table Retreat.

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Our Buyer’s Guide

With a wide variety of products on the market, it is easy to lose track of what may seem to be the best products. To narrow down your search you need to understand what kind of features are common in all bird tables. That way, whenever you meet a brand you haven’t heard of, you can look at the product specifications and decide if it fits the purpose.

Some of these factors include:

Size of bird table

How much space do you actually have that can house a bird table comfortably. If indeed you have enough space, buy a unit that is big enough to house a number of birds at any given time. If you live in an area where there is a large population of birds, buy a sizeable table so that the birds don’t flock and fight over food.

If you have a small garden then a small unit will serve you better. Some models can be mounted on trees (which includes our best pick) so as to save on space. Select depending on what you feel is suitable for the size of your garden and the number of birds you want to attract.


The last thing anyone would want is to hurt the birds that come to the table. Structural issues such as protruding nails and sharp edges are to be avoided. Inspect the structural design of the product if possible to ensure that the size of the table is spacious enough. Even when birds flock at the table, there won’t be any injuries.

Construction materials

The type of material used will affect long-term durability and how effectively you clean the unit. Materials such as wood remain a favourite due to their aesthetic appeal and overall low maintenance. You should look for treated wood, sometimes referred to as pressure-treated wood, as it will last for many years. Cheaper bird tables are made from lower-quality materials and will last a couple of seasons at the most. We think wood is the better material for a bird table, but some models do incorporate metals such as copper.

Whilst metal may prove problematic in terms of maintaining the original appearance, they are the most durable by far. Plastic bird tables are cheaper and easy to clean in the long run but fade over time in the sun. These plastic models do not possess a natural look but they are easily attainable.

At the end of the day, it will boil down to what seems functional and attractive to you. We only really recommend wooden bird tables as they are appealing to the majority of people and a good one will last for many years.


It is rather important that feeding tables have drainage. If you have an open bird table and it rains, you need a drainage system that will make cleaning easier. These drainage ports are especially important if your bird table is transfixed to the ground. Since you can’t tilt the bird table to the side, the drainage ports come to the rescue.

Even if you own a thatched bird table, drainage is still important in order to maintain proper hygiene levels. You would be amazed by the number of models we found where the water collects and cannot drain away, this is obviously a really bad design.

Adjustable tables

Life would be boring if we all did exactly the same things. In the same spirit, adjustable features are provided to add a bit more pizzazz and function to the model. There are models on the market that have the capability to adjust the feeding platform or the height of the bird table from the ground. If you need to attract a certain type of bird size, these adjustment mechanisms will help you filter out the birds. If you want free for all models then adjustable features are not a necessity. The ideal size you are looking for to help to prevent larger birds like pigeons from being able to land on the bird table and feed on all the birdseed before smaller birds arrive to try and get a look in. But in reality, they always seem to find a way around this.

Post conditions

Many bird tables have a post that holds the table up from the ground. These posts can be made of different materials but it is recommended that the pole has a smooth finish. If the pole has a smooth finish, then predators can be kept at bay. Many bird-watching enthusiasts prefer metal poles as they are slippery and give animals such as squirrels or cats a hard time getting to the birds. Wooden poles will work well as long as they have a protective and smooth finish.

In the case that you don’t have an issue with predatory animals then the bird table post will not be a major issue. Remember to secure the bird table to the ground to avoid larger animals knocking it over.

Ease of Use

There are some features that are not present in all bird tables but they make usage better. Things such as removable trays are essential when cleaning, especially because this is something that needs to be done frequently. These trays need to be of quality material and easily replaceable to keep up with constant pecking.

Another thing you may need is a place to hang your bird feeder, in case you don’t want to keep cleaning the unit. These attachments can be inbuilt or can be added on later. If you think you need a bird feeder attachment, make certain that it is secure. 

Final Conclusion

Think of the area that you live in and the kind of birds you want to see and then purchase a size appropriate bird table. Remember to use wood preservatives on all the wooden parts so that they last longer to get the most out of your bird table. 

Other than that, selecting a bird table is really simple. It just needs a bit of logic and you are good to go.

Below is a quick roundup of our two favourite models.


We chose the Everything Wildlife Large Olive Green Bempton Bird Table to be the best choice for most people, as long as you don’t need a free-standing model, if you do then we recommend the Riverside Woodcraft Triple Platform Bird Table as an alternative.

The reasons were simple because it can be mounted so it can be kept in areas where cats are unable to access it, and we feel that the design and build quality are worth shouting about. It also features an easily removable tray for hygiene purposes. Weather protected and also aesthetically pleasing, we think it can be a lovely addition to both country and urban gardens. The price is not too bad either and is actually one of the more affordable models.


For those who wish to attract a number of different birds into the garden, the Riverside Woodcraft Triple Platform Bird Table would be perfect and this is probably the best-made bird table we have reviewed and come across.

It provides enough room for different birds and it is supported by a strong base. It has enough room to house substantial amounts of bird food, it is a little expensive but is still worth every penny.

For the all-around enthusiastic observer, this makes a good playing ground and is a substantial piece of kit.

As we have proven, bird tables are attainable and it is up to you to select the best bird tables for your use. You don’t have to have one, you can have more and attract even more birds. That’s it for now, catch you next time!

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