The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders – Which do actually work! & 2019 Update

The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders – Which do actually work! & 2019 Update

The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders – Which do actually work! & 2019 Update

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Best Anti-Squirrel Bird Feeder

Waking up to glorious sounds from birds chirping has to be nature’s best alarm clock. Maybe you live near forested areas or have a beautiful garden that attracts birds. This can be a plus if you enjoy watching nature take its course. Bird watchers recognise and respect the beauty of birds assembling. If you want to attract or take care of your birds, you definitely need to employ the use of a good bird feeder. While it is good to feed your birds you might not appreciate spending money, feeding other animals like squirrels or even starlings and blackbirds.

Squirrels are very smart animals and usually result to unusual methods of collecting food. Many manufacturers have tried designing bird feeders with the ability to keep squirrels at bay. The more squirrels and other animals you feed, the more you spend on bird feed. Animals like squirrels can be a little vicious, resulting in breaking or tearing apart bird feeders, all in a ploy to get food. All these minor costs end up eating into a considerable amount of money as well as leaving smaller birds with no food.

The market is drowning in various bird feeders. Some that you can keep predators like squirrels at bay and still allow for the birds to feed easily. Among this sea of variety, be sure to select best anti-squirrel bird feeder available to you. You should make this selection backed by relevant information and mindful tips. Below you can find all the information to guide you in selecting the best one for your garden.

Squirrel Buster Mini Bird Feeder Review

After a rigorous and exhaustive analysis of some of the best anti-squirrel bird feeders on the market, we finally pointed out that the Squirrel Buster- Mini Bird Feeder is probably one of the best anti-squirrel bird feeders from our squirrel proof bird feeder reviews. We are in favour of its simple interface that makes it easy to use and still manages to frustrate the squirrels’ plots.

  • Innovative design.
  • Compact size and wire mesh for extra perching.
  • Constructed from polycarbonate and aluminium to ensure its chew proof to prevent squirrels damaging the feeder and getting to the food.
  • Includes a 2 year warranty for squirrel vandalism for exta peace of mind.

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Buyers Guide

If you are in the market looking for a bird feeder that will keep those pesky predators away, you are better off understanding a few factors about bird feeders. By doing this, you make the selection process even easier for yourself. Below, are some on the main variables you need to be aware of.

Factors to consider when selecting anti-squirrel bird feeders

When looking to buy a bird feeder, look out for:

Type of feeders

Below is a summary of the most common feeder types associated with this specific topic. According to the kind of birds you want to attract, you can select either of these feeders.

  • Suet Feeders: Suet generally refers to the food source birds like which is obtained from animal fat. It has a high source of calories which is important in maintaining avian metabolism. Suet feeders, count as among the simplest in design and usage. The suet can be bought from your local store, online or created at home.
  • Seed feeders - Characterised by the popular tube design, the tube allows for direct deposits of the seeds to the feeders so that the birds can access food. The tube allows the feeder to store different types of seed sizes; therefore you can mix it up to feed a wide variety of birds.
  • Fruit feeders - Fruit feeders aka tray feeders provide a wide range of birds and animals with food especially food and nuts. The tray is laid out in the open perched on top of a structure. Though it cannot keep away the squirrels, it’s just an ordinary feeder.
  • Size - Feeder sizes may vary according to the kind of birds you want to lure in. if you are looking to attract larger birds, you need to look out for feeders with wider feeding ports. This is unlike the smaller birds that require smaller feeding ports. Also you need to decide how much food you want to be supplying. If you are busy and are keen to avoid refills, it is better you get feeders with larger capacities. The more birds you want to attract the more ports and feed you need.
  • Cost - Seeing that your spending power will affect the kind of feeder you get, you’ll need to work within a budget. Most of the bird feeders available in the market will range from maybe $20-$100 for a decent one, cheaper feeders want last 2 minutes. You can easily find one that suites your home. Top of the range bird feeders, may cost you extra especially if it is loaded with anti-predator features.
  • Durability & finish - As mentioned earlier squirrels can be smart and devious creatures. A feeder made with strong resilient materials will be able to wear off the squirrel’s antics. Some feeders fall victim to the dexterity that squirrel jaws can have.

    The overall finish matters too. If they are pieces that can harm you or the bird when manoeuvring, this is a cause for concern. All the parts should be firmly fixed and function-able, cheaper imported feeders usually have these problems.
  • Ease of use - Feeders are meant to be convenient. The assembly and installation of the feeder should not be marred by complexity. The instructions should be simple enough. They may provide instructions on the best possible care for the feeder. Some feeders are dishwasher compatible and some are not, depending on the ease of installation, use, and maintenance. You will be able to pick the one that makes it simpler for you. Some feeders come with spare parts. This is more convenient than replacing whole structures, specially if you have purchased an expensive feeder.
  • Weather protection - Bird feeders remain outdoors most of the time. The feeder will be exposed to the weather elements and they have to be durable. You should make sure the metal is rust free, and that the feeder can keep the food dry during rainy conditions. Weather protection features increase your feeder’s shelf life
  • Secure mounting - The components that are used to fasten the feeder while hanging need to be strong. You want a hanging feature that can support the overall weight of the feeder and the birds perched on it. Otherwise you are liable to keep replacing broken parts or acquiring a new feeder. This will prove frustrating and costly in the long run.
  • Reputable brands - For a first time shopper the market can be overwhelming. To simplify this, you can trust in popular brands in the market. The great thing about reputable brands is that they offer warranties, some even comes with 2 years guarantee against squirrel damage. Another thing is that you can easily find rates and reviews of products from these brands and make a choice.

Our Top 7 Recommended Anti-Squirrel Bird Feeders

Squirrel Buster Mini Bird Feeder Review


Squirrel Buster Mini Bird Feeder Review
  • Guaranteed to stop squirrels feeding as the ports shut off by the squirrels weight.
  • Compact size with a generous seed capacity of 750g
  • 100% Chew Proof to stop squirrels damaging and breaking into the feeder.
  • Wire mesh for extra perching
  • Enables Seed tube ventilation to keep seed fresh and allow moisture to escape.
  • Includes a 2 year warranty for squirrel vandalism.

The mechanics of this product are simple but yet very efficient. For birds to access the feed inside the squirrel buster mini, the openings within the wire shroud, need to position themselves in alignment with the seed ports. When the squirrels come around and put their weight on the feeder, the feeding ports don’t open. Why? The feeding ports can only respond to a certain weight. The weight required limits even certain birds from getting to the food.

This is very appealing especially in areas where the squirrels have not adapted to dealing with foreign structures.

Its compact size provides for easy installation and dismantling. It’s made of durable material that can withstand constant chewing and hitting. The feeder has wire mesh that provides extra perching sites. More perching sites provide more room to attract more birds. What also keeps the birds around is the tube design that allows the seeds to ventilate. Ventilated seeds maintain freshness, and this is a plus where birds are concerned.

The feeder has a 750ml capacity. If you are feeding a small number of birds, it will be sufficient for a couple of days without refills. The manufacturer is very sure on the products ability to perform. That is why they give you extra assurance by offering you a unheard of 2 year warranty. That is only, if anything is to happen within the warranty period due to squirrel interference. The manufacture is liable to fix it. I bet that makes you feel slightly better about the product.

Possible concerns

  • The shroud trigger weight is none adjustable. Some birds still get a free pass to get food and the others too underweight to trigger a reaction that can open the pores.
  • Another thing is that in some areas where squirrels have adapted to dealing with complex structures. These squirrels hang upside down and trick the feeder to release grain. This seems rare but has been known to happen. It also should not be considered dish washer safe.

Would we recommend

The squirrel buster mini bird feeder is very cost effective. Apart for those living with smart squirrels, this product is very effective at keeping squirrels at bay from eating your feed.

It is durable and can offer you amazing service with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Overall one of the best options available and a very impressive design that seems to work very well, you will struggle to find a better feeder. Brilliant little feeder.

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The Squirrel Buster Review

**Guaranteed 100% Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder**

The Squirrel Buster Review
  • As well as stopping squirrels feeding it also adjusts easily to stop larger birds like pigeons feeding
  • Weather resistant so will not rust and chew resistant to stop squirrels breaking into the feeder to access food. 
  • Generous perching grounds provided by the wire mesh
  • Generous capacity of 750ml which can be filled with seeds and blends.
  • Offers 100% guarantee against squirrel damage and a 2 year replacement warranty against damage caused by squirrels.

In as much as we cannot stand the devious way of the squirrel, we still can’t go around shooting them. The squirrel buster provides you with a gentle and humane way of keeping squirrels at a distance. Immediately the feeder picks up weight associated with a squirrel, it closes the feeding pores. It can comfortably ward off larger birds like pigeons and let the intended smaller birds feed. The durable construction materials maintain the feeder’s structure. We all know squirrels can be tiny vandals, so it is better to be protected. The feeders can withstand harsh weather conditions without dilapidating quickly.

Its tube like design negotiates fresh air through the seeds with every opening and closing of the feeding ports. The air ensures that the seeds stay crunchy and fresh for the birds to enjoy. The provision of fresh food will also require enough perching surfaces. The more birds you attract, the bigger and sturdier perching material you need. The feeder can hold 750ml of feed which is quite substantial. If you have a busy schedule, at least you will be sure that your birds have food when you are away.

To inject some realism into this matter, no feeder in the market can boast of 100% success rate. This is however not the manufactures fault. Since, some factors like how animals adapt to their environments cannot be controlled. The manufacturer however will provide you with 2 years’ warranty against damage caused by squirrels.

Possible concerns

  • Smart squirrels can bypass the weight trigger if they hang upside down. In addition, birds like magpies and larger birds have formed a knock and retrieve method. Since the feeding ports are weight triggered. The birds just slam against the feeder and seed falls to the ground. Overall though at least they cannot eat all the seed.

Would we recommend

?The 'Squirrel Buster' is obviously made by the same manufacture as our 'Best Pick' but has the added feature of the weight adjuster.

This feeder is the better option if you also, want to prevent larger birds such as pigeons from feeding as well as squirrels.

Just like our 'Best Pick' The Squirrel Buster Mini, this model is also very effective and one of the best options available, its slightly more expensive but we like the added bonus of stopping larger birds feeding if this is something you wanted to do.

This model is also one of the most popular squirrel proof bird feeders on with other 300 reviews.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

The Nuttery Squirrel and Predator Proof Original Nut Feeder


The Nuttery Squirrel and Predator Proof Original Nut Feeder Review
  • Easy assembly, strong and efficient construction that is beautifully made.
  • Also keeps out big birds, cats as well as pesky squirrel.
  • Great for feeding all year round.
  • Manufactured from steel and polycarbonate.
  • Attracts all kinds of small birds while keeping keeping big birds out.
  • Capacity: 315ml
  • Weight:1.5kg

Since the unveiling of the Nuttery Squirrel and Predator Proof Bird Feeder, it has been a success. Many squirrel proof bird feeder reviews have glowing reviews for its sturdy structure. The strong structure can comfortably support the weight and the birds perched on them. The steel wire mesh provides ample perching area for birds to comfortably feed. The materials used in construction are of high quality. Thus, they are able to withstand abrasive weather conditions all year round. The hanging/support structures are weighty/sturdy enough to support the feeder.

The classic shape and steel construction that surrounds the UV protected tools prevent the squirrels and larger birds from accessing food. The extra pounds you spend to acquire this feeder will be worthwhile. The tubular design makes it simpler for the birds to conveniently locate food through the different ports. Birds with longer and wider beaks are completely unable to bypass the tiny cage spaces.

The product has a friendly interface that is easy to work around. You can easy transport it to another location and install it. This is because the feeder does not have complex installation or dismantling processes. This means that it makes it easier to clean and maintain. The feeder’s capacity is small enough to feed the birds for a day or two.

Possible concerns

  • The capacity is quite small. If you have a large population of birds, it will require you to keep on refilling. These redundant actions can be time consuming and annoying.

Would we recommend

The price of this product is a bit more expensive than the others. That said, they are worth every penny. The Nuttery Squirrel and Predator Proof Bird Feeder is a product that you can rely to keep those predators at bay and feed your birds hopefully for many more years to come.

It's the best choice for feeding nuts to birds and does a fantastic job as keeping squirrels off. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to feed peanuts to your local birds. Overall great design which is simple, yet very effective.

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Roamwild Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder by PestOff


Roamwild Pestoff squirrel proof bird feeder Review
  • ?100% squirrel proof for peace of mind.
  • Individual spring triggered ports.
  • Rain guard to prevent feed from clogging.
  • Easy installation and maintainable.
  • Attracts a variety of the most beautiful birds and wood pecker friendly.
  • Protects against a variety of predators. (pigeons, squirrels, magpies, rats)
  • Large 1.5 Litre capacity which means you spend less time filling more time enjoying watching the birds.

The amazing thing about this feeder it operates on a very simple principle. The feeder uses mechanisms that are triggered by weight to open or shut the feeding ports. If a large bird or any other creature lands on the feeder, the ports close up. The culprits are therefore unable to access the feed. The springs start relaxing once the weight has been lifted. It truly does not need any adjustments. The manufacturer already took care of that for you. Now all you have to do is mix up some delicious feed and watch your garden glow with different kinds of song birds.

The Roamwild squirrel Proof feeder has a considerably large capacity. Its 1.5L capacity is very convenient when attending to large bird populations or if you don’t want to keep constantly keep refilling the feeder. Saves you time you could use for other things. The feeder is also equipped with a sturdy metallic structure that is impermeable to the vandalism that squirrels cause. The design also features a weather protection. When it rains, the feeder is protected. That way, the food remains fresh and dry in the UV PC protected tube.

The feeder can easily be taken apart and cleaned. You don’t need to call for help trying to figure out how to dismantle and assemble the feeder after cleaning. It is rather easy to do. Be sure to clean without using harsh chemicals. Small traces of these chemicals, can find their way inside the feed. These chemicals can be harmful to the birds.

Possible concerns

  • The larger animals have realised that knocking the feeder without mounting it will release seed to the ground. That means that they can still steal your feed by knocking some sense into your feeder. Not a big problem but something to be aware of.

Would we recommend - The Roamwild Bird Feeder is efficient despite its few flaws. All though more expensive than both the 'The Squirrel Bust' and 'Squirrel Buster Mini', its worth the extra investment if your looking for a bigger feeder with a larger capacity with similar features.

Overall, another innovative bird feeder which has proven very successful and popular with bird lovers.

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Natures Market Squirrel Guard Fat Ball Feeder


BF007FB Kingfisher Squirrel Guard Fat Ball Feeder
  • Keeps squirrels at bay but can feed large birds.
  • Fat ball feeder with squirrel guard.
  • Inexpensive option offering excellent value for money

The Natures Market bird feeder has a durable metallic structure that be used for long periods of time without noticeable wear and tear. The structure is made of high quality metal that is rust free. These weather protection measures are enforced to ensure that your bird feeder can survive the different environmental elements.

The structure is also designed to make it hard for the squirrels to get the fat balls, and in some cases this is efficient. Some of the larger birds can use their beaks to push around some fat balls into their mouths. The handle is strong and centralised to offer proper balance and support when hanging. You can be sure that it won’t fall off after some weight has been added.

If your aim is not to selectively attract small birds, you can employ these feeders to attract larger species like pigeons and sterling’s. This feeder is not exactly created to house the regular birds. The smaller birds can just weave their way through the bars and get to the fat balls. If you don’t have the extra money to spend, the Kingfisher BF007FB is very affordable. You can enjoy watching the birds feed as you appreciate the beauty in Mother Nature.

Possible concerns

  • The short distance between the cages allow determined squirrel or large to just stretch out and get a fat ball. The spacing between the bars is too wide to deter the squirrels.
  • It cannot be easily dismantled for cleaning which can affect the overall hygiene of the bird feed you are providing.
  • Some users have said how the birds seem find its boundaries too limiting. When a bird senses danger, they will not be able to move as fast as required due to the tiny compartments. Therefore, some birds just choose to stay away from the feeder. This beats the purpose of the feeder.

Would we recommend

Ultimately the Natures Market bird feeder is not the most proficient bird feeder in the market but, in some cases it works really well. You won’t spend much money to acquire it which is a bonus.

Overall, I would say it limits the squirrels access to food rather than being squirrel proof as they can obviously reach in, just enough to get at some food, this is evident from some of the other customer reviews online.

Overall it's not a bad feeder, specially when you consider its much cheaper than most other feeders. At under £10 it offers great value for money but it is at the lower end of the market.

3 Pack feeder deal for under £20!

If your looking for extra value for money you can buy a set of 3 feeders, a nut feeder, a seed feeder and a fatball feeder, all for, a little under £20 - You can you view the 3 pack deal here.

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Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Bird Feeder


Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Bird Feeder
  • Keeps large birds and squirrels away.
  • Easy to clean and refill.
  • Heavy duty feeder with a robust construction and weather protection.
  • Large 500 grams capacity.
  • Features Feed-safe coating which is a biocidal coating which kills bacteria on contact.
  • Feeder weight - 880gms.

The Gardman heavy duty feeder is maybe among the best way you can keep larger birds and squirrels far from your precious feed. The feeder is made from high quality material that can be able to adapt to different weather conditions. This is especially brilliant since you don’t want birds dying of hunger during winter.

The feeder can be securely hanged from any vantage point without dropping to the ground. Its structure is designed to only house the smaller feeding birds who can easily get through. Squirrels and larger birds can only observe the grain from a far.

The other advantage lies in its biocidal coating. This coating kills most of the germs you are exposed to when coming into contact with the feeder. This is reassuring since people nowadays contact strange illnesses from birds. When you buy this feeder you can be sure that, it is convenient. Due to its lightweight, it is easily taken apart cleaned and put together.

The bird feeder can house half a kilogram of feed at any given time. Putting in mind that this feeder is only accessible to small birds, the feed capacity can support the birds for some days. This saves you money that you constantly use to refill a feeder that is squirrel ridden. The food remains aerated and fresh in the plastic container until it is ready for consumption.

Possible concerns

  • Squirrels have been known shake the feeder to release the food instead of bothering to get on it. 
  • Some consumers pointed out that the products at times had ill fitting lids.
  • The feeding ports were to wide to be compatible with small seeded feed. If poured into the feeder, the small seeds just seep through to the floor.

Would we recommend

If you are looking for an affordable bird feeder that can house regular sized seed grain, the Gardman heavy duty squirrel proof bird feeder might make a good selection. It is a proficient product for its price range.

Its also one of the best selling bird feeders on Amazon but it does get mixed reviews online but there are well over 1200+ reviews on Amazon alone which are worth a read.

Overall it offers great value for money and should work well for most home owners.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Squirrel Proof Hanging Dome Bird Feeder

**Unique Design**

Squirrel Proof Hanging Dome Bird Feeder Review
  • The polycarbonate dome keeps bird food dry.
  • Choose which size birds you want to feed but using the fully adjustable dome slide.
  • Can dispense a variety of food so your not stuck with just one type.
  • Stong metal support
  • Measurements - Dome diameter 30 x 10cm. Base diameter 20 x 4cm deep. Pole 27cm

The dome shaped feeder is a welcome treat for our eyes. The different design is unique, unlike the major variety of bird feeders out there. This design acts as a protective casing from weather elements such as rain. This in turn, makes certain that the food is kept dry for the birds. The materials used in creating this feeder provide for easy cleaning. The hygiene of the food you provide for these creatures is important. You do not want your yard looking like the apocalypse of the birds. If regularly maintained, the feeders can maintain their glow.

Another notably brilliant feature is that the feeder is adjustable. You can select the kind of bird you want to feed and adjust the features accordingly. This is an effort for the manufacturer to give you more options in selecting the birds you want to feed. With every season of the year you can pick different birds to feed. Sounds fun. You can choose what kind of feed you want them to have whether it frits, seeds or fat balls and juts place it there. Only the bird that can fit the opening gets to munch on something.

Possible concerns

  • When overexposed to the elements and left unclean. The joints get rusty and the glass attains a tarnished look. This can be aesthetically displeasing when you have guests around. Other flaws that surfaces were its fragile state, which makes it easily breakable by squirrels when they throw stones. Even when it’s windy, the feeder might fall and break.

Would we recommend

Apart from the commendable design, Hanging dome bird feeder may prove to be a liability for some. However, there are people who it has worked out for successfully.

You might be one of them. If you think you can manage it, then you can go for it. Overall a great design and not a bad feeder, just a shame its a little fragile. If you looking for a feeder to take all sorts of feed then this is worth a try. 

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Final thoughts

The best squirrel proof bird feeder is not hard to find. Once you grab the basics on the important considerations, you’ll be ready to shop and pick the best product. 

Below is a quick summary of our Top 3 recommended bird feeders.

Our Best Pick

The Squirrel Buster Mini remains our favourite. Its simple mechanisms and ease of use will be of benefit when installing and cleaning the feeder. The feeder has enough mesh to house a number of birds during feeding times and is strong enough to weather out the environmental conditions.

The tube keeps the food ventilated so that the birds can have fresh food. What is there not to love? It is durable and we can always find ways of being smarter than squirrels.

Our best large feeder pick

There those of us who study birds maybe for work or pleasure reasons. There is a very gratifying feeling of seeing a flock of birds simply congregate and socialise. That is why the Roamwild Squirrel Proof feeder is our pick for this category. Its design keeps the larger birds from stealing food making it among the best squirrel proof bird feeder. You have the pleasure of watching the birds without constant disruption of having to refill the feeder. The 1.5L capacity is capable of supporting a number of birds for a long period of time.

Best feeder for small birds 

For those looking to only feed the small song birds, you have to select one that has enough perching ground and seed protection. We chose the Nuttery Squirrel Proof Original Feeder. This easy to assemble feeder is efficient in feeding small birds. The design incorporates small feeder ports that can only be accessed by the smaller birds. The larger birds are unable fit through the beaks or bodies to get to the food. It would make a lovely addition to a small garden.

Squirrel Buster Mini Bird Feeder Review

After a rigorous and exhaustive analysis of some of the best anti-squirrel bird feeders on the market, we finally pointed out that the Squirrel Buster- Mini Bird Feeder is probably one of the best anti-squirrel bird feeders from our squirrel proof bird feeder reviews. We are in favour of its simple interface that makes it easy to use and still manages to frustrate the squirrels’ plots.

  • Innovative design.
  • Compact size and wire mesh for extra perching.
  • Constructed from polycarbonate and aluminium to ensure its chew proof to prevent squirrels damaging the feeder and getting to the food.
  • Includes a 2 year warranty for squirrel vandalism for exta peace of mind.

Let us know your success stories in our comments section below.

Response to "The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders – Which do actually work! & 2019 Update"

  • Had mine for nine months worked well until recently…going Rusty and the feeder keeps sticking blocking access…the jackdaws bomb it to knock food out. expensive product

  • Mine was the same as Patricia’s, but lasted longer before going rusty and sticking shut. We also fight the Jackdaws, & found the only way to beat them was to put the feeders under the eves, which then allowed the squirrels more chance for working them out! Its other weak point is the blocking up of the drainage holes. By default pecking birds create tiny particles of seed which quickly block up the holes, the rain then wets the seeds, even under the eves, the particles solidify and the feeding tray fills with water. You only realise when the seeds are not going down and the bird life has suddenly disappeared. Its an expensive item if it only lasts a year or two.

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