6 Amazing Solar Powered Water Features For Small Gardens

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6 Amazing Solar Powered Water Features For Small Gardens

6 Amazing Solar Powered Water Features For Small Gardens

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Beautiful Solar Water Features For Small Gardens

Water features are one of the best ways to create a focal point in your garden but one of the issues is getting a long wire to a plug socket which is often just not possible. However, thanks to advances in solar power people can enjoy solar-powered water features for small gardens. These solar-powered units are environmentally friendly and much easier to install compared to electric water features.

If you were in search of a good solar powered water feature then you have come to the right place. In this review, you will get to understand what features to look for and some of the products currently available and there some amazing designs. Whether you are in search of a simplistic or complex design, the marketplace has everything that you might need.

Our Best Pick

Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Garden Water Feature / Bird Bath
This water feature will amuse both children and adults due to their whimsical nature. It also doubles as a bird bath. If you have a large population of birds in the area this unit would be great for bird watching. The cute ducks sheltering under the umbrella are unbelievably cute. The water feature in its entirety is quite simple but elegant.


Blumfeldt Acrylic Solar Fountain

Taking the runner up title is the Blumfeldt Acrylic Solar Fountain thanks to its long-running time of 8 hours which is impressive for a solar-powered model. Our best pick offers a decent running time but that cannot compare to this model. 

Additionally, it is well designed and it comes with an in-built LED light for illumination in case you decide to run the fountain at night. It also helps that the model can be used as a fountain or as a pond independently.

6 best solar powered water features

  1. Solaray Real Terracotta Solar 4 Tier Cascade Water Feature
  2. Blumfeldt Acrylic Solar Fountain
  3. Pizzaro Solar Bird Bath Water Feature with LED Lights
  4. Corona Solar Powered Stainless Steel & Resin Water Feature
  5. Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Garden Water Feature
  6. Solar Powered Wishing Well Water Feature by Solaray
  7. Howden Solar Cascading Water Feature
  8. Granit Pills & Bowls Solar Garden Fountain

Elegantly beautiful

Smart Solar Ornamental Umbrella Fountain Water Feature
  • Patented underwater integral solar panel and pump system Fountain creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, or on your patio or balcony
  • Easy to assemble - no more than 10 minutes once taken out of the box
  • Grey weathered stone finished resin construction, Creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, patio or balcony
  • Fountain is powered by an integrated solar panel and low voltage pump system, with filter, Operates in direct sunlight, Constantly recycles water from the hidden reservoir
  • No wiring, just install and enjoy! No running costs! Low maintenance, just simply top up with water as and when needed

Solar Powered Water Feaure Buyer Guide

What do you look for when in search of a solar powered water feature ideas for your garden? There are a few simple factors that you need to consider. Whether you want a conversation piece or you want to enjoy the relaxing sound of trickling water, here are the main things you need to know:

Space and location

The amount of space that you have in your garden will affect the size of water feature you decide to get. You want to place your water feature where it can be easily seen. If the water feature is hidden from sight, it misses the whole point of purchasing one. Secure your water feature and enjoy its amazing qualities.

Simply stunning

Personal taste and design

One cannot say that they haven’t discovered a water feature that suits them. There are so many designs in the market that will suit your personal tastes. You can select to have a sculpture, table top, tiered, birdbath and more. Just make sure that the design you get doesn’t splatter water unnecessarily and that the pump is fully functional and easy to replace just in case.

Pump and power

The pump in use determines how fluidly water moves through the water feature. Many of the models that are available in the market come with their own pumps. These water features may sport various sizes of pumps depending on the size of the water feature. The size of the solar panel will affect how much energy is used to pump water. Large units will need larger solar panels and pumps to keep the water flowing. You can check the litres per hour rating to determine how powerful the pump is. We recommend choosing models where the pump is not sealed in and can be replaced if needed and more importantly cleaned.

Also great

Granit Pills & Bowls Solar Garden Fountain
The Granit Pills & Bowls Solar Garden Fountain is a great model that is worth the mention. It is aesthetically pleasing and it offers the trickling sound of water we all enjoy. The model can stand on its own freely meaning you can position it anywhere. If you buy a pump that is connected to the mains, you can even place this solar fountain indoors. For those who do not want to spend too much, this is well worth considering and looks amazing.

Solar panel and backup batteries

Being that these kinds of models depend on solar panels the size and the location of the panels is important. The larger the surface area covered by solar panels the more energy is amassed. If you want a large amount of water to be circulated at a once then the solar panel has to keep up. It is advised that the amount of power generated by the solar panel be compatible with the pumps on specifications. To avoid this, many manufacturers provide the water feature with a compatible pump.

For those who want to enjoy the water feature despite the time and day need to purchase units with battery packs. Whether inbuilt or attached to the panel, the batteries are a life saver. Depending on the capacity and the quality of the batteries, the water feature can run for a few hours optimally. Decide if it is a feature you must have and purchase accordingly.

LED Lights

Do you need some kind of illumination as you enjoy the night away? You are lucky! Manufacturers have found a way to incorporate lights and sound to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Even though there are lights installed it does not mean that the unit will use up more energy. If you have a dependable battery pack, you and your partner can sit outside and enjoy the relaxing ambience created.

Water splashing and evaporation

Due to the rate of sun exposure in some areas, high rates of evaporation may be experienced. This means that after a while, you will have to refill the water used. If you live in hot areas, you can select a water feature that has less surface area of water exposed at a time. The less water exposed, the lower the rate of evaporation.

Different designs call for water to flow in a certain manner. There are models that trickle water and others splash water into a basin. If you a model that resembles a fountain then there is likely to be some loss of water to the ground around. This means that you will have to refill the reservoir more often.

Smart Solar Wychwood Falls Water Feature
  • A classic for your garden – quick and simple assembly.
  • Size: 45 cm (Height) x 60 cm (Width) x 45 cm (Depth).
  • Hand painted – designed to last and to be weather resistant. To be used all year round.
  • Decoration for your outdoor spaces – activation of the water feature by exposure to the sun.
  • Integrated solar panel in the centre of the pond – Easy installation.

Installation and maintenance

Wires and skimpy instructions can make the process of installation frustrating. Look for models that promise easy assembly or come already assembled. If it is simple to install then it should be easy to maintain.

The material used should be of good quality to avoid immature damage. Whether it is steel, resin or terracotta, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the feature is able to withstand the elements and maintain its appearance which means it should be UV protected. Water features that have paint coatings should be retouched after some time to maintain its appearance.

Budgetary constrictions

Look at how much you are willing to spend and stick to that budget. Do not overspend and regret later. Remember that cheaper is not necessarily better, therefore, look for the best deal out there that doesn’t compromise quality.

Solar Powered Water Feature Reviews

1. Solaray Real Terracotta Solar 4 Tier Cascade Water Feature


Solaray Real Terracotta Solar 4 Tier Cascade Light Brown Water Feature with Battery Backup and LED Lights Review.

Quick summary: This product is made from real terracotta, is durable and decorative. It features LED lights which give an amazing show in the evening an included a solar pack and backup battery for use.

The Solaray Real Terracotta Solar 4 Tier Cascade Water Feature with Battery Backup and LED Lights is a genuine product that is built on high standards. Built from terracotta, the unit is not likely to chip or fade easily. The durable material is affordable and you can get it in a range of different colours.

Being that it uses solar energy, you will find that utility bills will be lower. The solar pack provided comes with batteries that can be used when the sun is not out which is often in the UK. The battery pack is convenient especially for those who live in cloudy areas and get a bit of sun.

The unit comprises of four containers that are supported by a stable wire frame. The pump will pump water from the reservoir and keep the flow going. It features LED lights that provide a relaxing and beautiful ambience in your garden. At night or during the day the water feature is just beautiful.

The unit measures 51.99 x 51.99 x 56.01cm and weighs around 5kgs so isn’t to heavy. It is easy to install and requires low maintenance. This saves the user a lot of energy and time.


  • It is affordable and easy to assemble.
  • Fashioned of terracotta the unit proves durable.
  • Features LED lights to create the right ambience.
  • Comes with a suitable metal frame that does not rust.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Comes with backup battery for emergencies.


  • Instructions are a bit vague.
  • The bowls need to be secured to prevent accidental knock-overs.

Thoughts and recommendations

For those looking for an affordable water feature for their garden, the Solaray Real Terracotta Solar 4 Tier Cascade Water Feature with Battery Backup and LED Lights will do just fine. It is created from high-quality materials that you can trust to last a long time.

The assembly is easy to deal with and the photovoltaic solar cell technology works optimally. This unit is affordable, small enough to fit in your garden, and comes with a backup battery pack that gives around 4 hours run time, just enough for the evening when it goes dark. It is simple to use despite its flaws here and there.

Overall, its a very good water feature and with real terracotta pots it looks amazing and even comes in 6 different colours giving you plenty of choice. A little smaller than its looks but still worth every penny.

2. Blumfeldt Acrylic Solar Fountain with LED Light


Buy from Wayfair.co.uk

Blumfeldt Acrylic Solar Fountain with Light

The Blumfeldt Acrylic Solar Fountain relies on the sun for energy, overall the solar panel seems to be good quality as you would expect for the price because with some cheaper models this is where they save money to help reduce cost with poorly manufactured solar panels but with this model, they have gone for quality over affordability. The 6V model is designed to be used as a fountain and looks amazing, however, some people might perhaps looks a little more expensive than it is. It has a water reservoir at the base so it self contained and it possesses a water pump whose capacity can be adjusted to find the perfect effect.

Once the battery is full, you can expect up to eight hours of running time which is actually decent compared to cheaper brands in the market. It weighs 7.4 kgs so not too heavy to move into position and it measures 88.5cm H x 34.5cm W x 34.5cm D, thus assembly should not be an issue as it is not that large.

Additionally, the fountain has an in-built LED light that provides a decorative feature whilst illuminating the area which is another great feature as it looks amazing in the dark too. You will find that the fountain will maintain its appearance thanks to the weatherproof acrylic material. This model would fit into contemporary gardens thanks to its edgy style. If you are looking for a unique fountain, this one would fare on well.


  • Made with premium quality materials for durability.
  • Offers up to 8 hours of running time when fully charged.
  • Offers a contemporary style that is appealing to the eye.
  • Comes with its own pump whose capacity is adjustable.
  • Features an LED light for illumination.
  • Easy to maintain thanks to weather-resistant construction.


  • A bit pricey but we think it’s still worth every penny.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Blumfeldt Acrylic Solar Fountain is beautiful in its simple but edgy design. It can fit small gardens well thanks to its manageable size, and it won’t look out of place. It only comes in black and so if you prefer something with colour choices, you may have to settle for another model. 

Other than that, the solar fountain does not have any major issues but it may look a little lost if placed in a large open space. However, It’s is well designed and it would suit those who can pay a premium price for a premium product.

Granit Pills & Bowls Solar Water Feature

Buy from Amazon.co.uk

Granit Pills & Bowls Solar Water Feature

Enjoy the beauty of the Granit Pills & Bowls Solar Garden Fountain as it graces your garden with its presence. At 8kg this model is fairly heavy compared to many other cheap alternatives, this garden fountain has a cascading flow that creates the wonderful water sound effects we enjoy. It relies on the latest lithium-ion battery to power the brushless motor, this is important as brushless motors are much more reliable than the brushed alternative and the chances of having an issue are substantially reduced.

The 2W solar fountain is equipped with LED Lights to add an aesthetic effect and illuminate the area at night. It additionally comes with a pump which we have already mentioned, but it also has a filter which keeps dirt from penetrating the motor and causing damage.

The model’s frame is made from aluminium and its weight allows it to stand freely without any support. It measures H/68cm – W/34cm – D/31cm so is a decent size and it can withstand the outdoors thanks to the weatherproof polyresin that covers the aluminium frame. Whether you place it in the middle of the garden, terrace or patio you can expect this model to be an icebreaker to any conversation.


  • It has an eye-catching design.
  • Features the latest lithium-ion battery that offers a long running time.
  • Features LED lights that come on automatically at dusk.
  • Long-lasting brushless pump with a filter to protect the motor from damage.
  • It is break-proof and weatherproof thanks to the aluminium frame and polyresin cover.
  • Comes ready to use.


  • Perhaps a little smaller than it looks in the picture.

Thoughts and recommendations

Because of its design, the Granit Pills & Bowls Solar Water Feature simply looks amazing. It can easily be a conversation piece when people come to your house. This solar fountain is compact and stable therefore, it is not easy to knock it over. We love the LED lights that automatically come on at night therefore, you don’t have to do it manually. For those who need a solar fountain with a bit of pizzazz, this model would be perfect.

3. Howden Solar Cascading Water Feature

Howden Solar Cascading Water Feature
Quick summary: This is a lightweight, cascading water feature that requires low maintenance and even easier set-up.

The Howden Solar Cascading Water Feature has a beautiful design. The flowers give the water unit good aesthetic value as it is able to blend into the garden. The cascading unit is created from metal and polyresin so is also frost resistant. Both materials are known to be strong and can survive the elements considering that the unit mostly sits outside.

You will notice that there are pebbles on the top of the pot. These pebbles are just meant to inspire more beauty and give the water feature a natural feel. Assembly of the unit is straightforward so it won’t take much of your energy or time so you can have it setup within minutes.

The unit is powered by solar power which means there are no bills to be incurred afterwards and therefore making it a low maintenance unit. The unit stands at 66cm tall and weighs 2.2kgs so is lightweight so can easily be moved around in the garden for convenience.


  • A beautiful cascading water feature that adds art to your garden.
  • Easy to put together and position in the garden.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Affordable product that is within the budget of many.
  • Made of durable materials that can withstand the weather elements.


  • Lacks a battery pack that saves energy to be used when the sunlight is limited.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Howden Solar Cascading Water Feature is a beautiful set that you can purchase for your garden. The cascading water releases beautiful sounds that help the user relax.

The unit is not that expensive and thus makes it attainable for many. We like how the unit looks in general and how light it is. If you have a small garden and you have been looking for a lightweight water feature, this unit would fit in just fine.

It doesn’t have a battery pack so be sure that if there is no sunshine, there will be no cascading water. Other than that it is a delightful piece to purchase for your garden and if you spend most of your time in the garden on sunny days this will work just fine.

4. Solaray Pizzaro Solar Bird Bath Water Feature with LED Lights

Solaray Pizzaro Solar Bird Bath Water Feature with LED Lights

Quick summary: This product features LED lights, different water jet setting, a working battery pack to ensure it runs on overcast days and offers a vintage aesthetic to the garden.

The Pizzaro Solar Bird Bath Water Feature with LED Lights takes you back to the days people had fountains and we think it looks really authentic. This feature measuring height 80cm x width: 47cm x depth 47cm and it is hard to miss and makes a great central feature. Made from polyresin, the unit is excellent for outdoor use and requires little maintenance.

Same as the other product in this review, the unit relies on a solar pack to work which is why it obviously considered for our review. The solar pack features a battery pack. The aim of including the battery pack is to save energy so that the water feature can be in use even when the sun is not shinning on more overcast days.

You can select the amount of water jets that work in a given time. This selection tool will let you enjoy the 7, 12, 13 water jets provided. As the jets do their work, there are LED lights that will be of help when you want to see your feature at night. The LED lights create a romantic ambience in your garden that you can take pleasure in.


  • Adds an aesthetic value to your garden.
  • Low maintenance unit and easily assembled.
  • Features LED lights to create a better ambience.
  • The user can select the amount of jets in operation at once.
  • Includes a battery pack that can be used when sunshine is limited.


  • The water splashes out quite a bit and therefore the water needs refilling to keep it topped up.

Thoughts and recommendations

If you are in search of a unit that reminds you of a real fountain then the Pizzaro Solar Bird Bath Water Feature with its LED Lights is perfect and really does look like stone.

It is a low maintenance unit that is easy to set up in your garden. This water feature combines the regal beauty of the olden days and throws in modern effects like the LED lights.

We like that you can select the number of jets to use at a given time and we think it might use less power form the battery pack when only using 7 water jets and not the full 12 sets. If you like how it looks and it is within your budget, we don’t see any reason not to purchase this water feature but just remember it might need topping up now and again as the water does splash out a little.

5. Corona Solar Powered Stainless Steel & Resin Water Feature

Corona Solar Powered Stainless Steel & Resin Water Feature

Quick summary: An edgy stainless steel water feature which is durable, low maintenance, and comes with an inbuilt battery pack that provides up to 6 hours running time and includes a telephone support hotline.

The Corona Solar Powered Stainless Steel & Resin Water Feature looks like something that is from the future. The metallic look of the whole set adds an edge to the garden that cannot be explained. The sphere is created from polished stainless steel which is the real standout feature.

To make sure that the product is able to keep up with the weather, high grade 304 steel was used. The steel ball sits on a bowl of resin which holds the ball steady. It is a solar based unit and therefore it will be reliant on a 3V solar panel.

For effective energy use, this water feature has a built-in lithium-ion battery pack. The batteries are there to allow the unit to run even on a cloudy day /night. On days that the sun is hidden the water feature will optimally run for a maximum of 6 hours.

This unit happens to be very easy to set up and it has a ground spike for secure positioning. You will find a full set of instructions and contacts where you can get reliable customer service which is something most water features do not include. This unit weighs 10kgs and measures height 46cm, depth: 45cm and Sphere diameter 30cm.


  • Created from high-quality materials that are able to withstand harsh weather.
  • Features an inbuilt battery pack that allows the unit to run for up to 6 hours on cloudy days when the sun is not out or at night.
  • Adds a futuristic aesthetic to the garden.
  • Easy to set up and requires low maintenance.


  • Does not come with the polished pebbles shown in the pictures but you can purchase them separately or simply choose your own stones to use.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Corona Solar Powered Stainless Steel & Resin Water Feature would make a lovely addition to any garden. It is easy to set up and honestly it is hard to ignore. Its metallic appearance reflects the environment providing a relaxing visual.

This is the type of product you buy when you need a little edge in your garden. It is a high-quality product that you can trust and it’s not easy for the kids to topple it over. 

The only downside is that it does not include the stones in the picture but this is not a deal breaker as you can simply order your own at the same time. It worth noting that the water is not a fountain and trickles out , however it still looks amazing but is a little expensive.

6. Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Garden Water Feature Fountain Bird Bath

Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Garden Water Feature Fountain Bird Bath
Quick summary: This is an entertaining whimsical piece that can act as a conversation piece. It is also easy to put together and maintain but only works in the sunshine as it has no back up battery.

The Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Water Feature is a whimsical piece and is a real talking point. It features a mother duck and her ducklings sheltering under an umbrella which looks so cute. The bronze finish gives it an endearing appearance. It is a great piece if you have children who are fascinated by animals.

As durable water features go, the resin is always somewhere in the features. This unit is constructed of resin and therefore is able to withstand sun /moisture damage as well as been UV and frost resistant. The slow trickle of water provides relaxing sounds that the whole family can enjoy.

The unit is easy to install featuring the wire free solar panels. The solar panels are sizeable and will affect motion as long as there is direct sunlight. It is not a light unit and thus is unlikely to topple over. This unit weighs 10kgs and measures 48 x 48 x 84 cm so will fit in any smaller garden or yard.


  • Adds a whimsical and decorative feel to the garden.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Made from high-quality materials, therefore, durable.


  • Lacks a battery pack and thus will only work in direct sunlight.

Thoughts and recommendations

Let us say you want a simple piece that adds a decorative function to your garden and can keep your children entertained. What kind of model do you get? The Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Fountain Bird Bath.

Although it does not have LED lights or an emergency battery pack, it makes a good companion when the sun is out. The water flows from the top of the umbrella and falls off the sides without fail.  

If you live in windy areas, you want to secure the base but for most people this will not be a problem. Top up the bronze paint once in a while to maintain the water features appearance. Other than that, enjoy!

7. Solar Powered Wishing Well Water Feature by Solaray

Solar Powered Wishing Well Water Feature by Solaray
Quick summary: The product is simple but pleasing to the eye and looks amazing. 

The 74cm Solar Powered Wishing Well Water Feature by Solaray is a wishing well that you want to own.  The picture that it paints in your garden is nothing short of beautiful. The structure stands strong made from reliable resin. The resin material will deter harmful UV rays or moisture damage that is experienced by other materials.

The unit needs no time or energy to install but the instructions could be better and some may find them difficult to understand. The solar panels are integrated into the roof and thus you will not need to connect wires. The unit is simple and affordable for everyone to enjoy. The unit weighs 5kg so is not too heavy and measures 31.5 x 31.5 x 73.9cm. The stone and wood look will take you back to the days you made wishes at the well.


  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Made of durable resin.
  • Sold at affordable prices.
  • Adds a decorative function to the garden.


  • Instructions could be hard to follow for some.
  • You may need to refill water in the feature after a while.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Solar Powered Wishing Well Water Feature by Solaray is affordable and light enough to be moved around in the garden.  

It looks just like a well with a tiny bird trying to get some water. This is a very easy to assemble unit but be careful not to use too much force as the bucket gets damaged easily. It lacks a battery pack but it will work as long as there is direct sunlight.

If you need a water feature that resembles a well and produces tricking sounds then this will work well. We noticed that there were a few issues with the beak getting damaged while being delivered so be sure to check for damage as soon as it arrived.

Final Conclusion

Bees, birds, plants or wishing wells, there is no lack of imagination when it comes to the world of water features that will look at home in any small garden. The thing you need is good taste and to understand the kind of size that would fit your garden perfectly.

The rest is easy as a walk in the park. For the sake of your neighbours try and select a unit that mitigates outside noise but is not too loud to keep the neighbours angry. From there you are free to enjoy your garden and the focal water feature for years to come.

Remember not all features include a battery pack to power the water feature on cloudy days so to look for this feature if you want to still have a working water feature on cloudy days. 

We hope we have helped you find the best water feature for your small garden and below is a quick overview of our ‘Best Pick’.

Our Best Pick

Solaray Real Terracotta Solar 4 Tier Cascade Water Feature

Solaray Real Terracotta Solar 4 Tier Cascade Water Feature

This product is of high quality, features LED lights, a reliable battery pack and it is affordable. It takes a short time to assemble and can be used when the sun is not shining.

  • It is affordable and easy to assemble.
  • Fashioned of terracotta, the unit proves durable.
  • Features LED lights to create the right ambience.
  • Comes with a suitable metal frame that does not rust.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Features backup battery.

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