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The Top 6 Best Log Splitting Axes For Logs or Kindle – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on November 10th, 2021

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The Best Log Splitting Axe For Cutting Firewood And Making Kindle

Splitting firewood is not the most glamorous job on the planet. To be honest it can be a bit tedious. To make sure that you are getting all the help you need, the axe that you use needs to be of good quality. There are many brands and models of axes that are available on the market. It may be a struggle to pick from the millions of models the best splitting axe for your requirement. But, with a few nuggets of knowledge here and there, we believe selection will be easier.

There are factors that you need to consider before picking out the axe. We will explore these factors better below. Before we do, we would like to bring your attention to our ‘Best Pick Winner’ which is the Draper Expert 09944 Log Splitting Maul. We came to the conclusion was probably one of the best, if not the best, log splitting maul for most people who are splitting logs and making firewood. It is however not the best axe for making kindle wood as it is too large for this.


Draper Expert 09944 Log Splitting Maul
The Draper Expert log splitting maul will make light work of logs you want to cut thanks to its fine grain, carbon steel weighted, carbon splitting head. It also comes with a fibreglass handle to increase durability and the insulated handles provide not only an easy grip but also helps to absorb the blow as you chop your logs.

The best log splitting axes and mauls that we have included in our review

  1. Draper Expert 09944 Log Splitting Maul – BEST PICK
  2. Spear & Jackson – Razorsharp 6.5lb Log Splitting Maul – BEST BUDGET PICK
  3. Bahco SUS20800 SUS-2.0-800 Splitting Axe
  4. Fiskars 122440 X11 Small Splitting Axe – RUNNER UP
  5. Draper 28756 1.25lb Hand Axe
  6. Am-tech A2985 1kg Splitting Axe

Log Splitting Axe / Maul Buyer’s Guide

The need for the axe is undeniable. This is because they are quintessential to yard work and preparing firewood for those log burning stoves and chimineas. There are various designs and finishing that manufacturers use to make axes look like they are the real deal. But do not be fooled by how an axe looks with its shiny blade and polished shaft, the features are what determine their worth and at first, some models looking amazing and prove useless whilst others look cheap and simple and are actually very well made and more importantly much better at chopping wood. First look at the amount of work that needs to be done and make an informed decision.

Below are the factors that you need to keep in mind when shopping for a log splitting axe or splitting maul.

Amount of work that needs to be done

The axe you wish to purchase will depend on the amount of work you want to carry out. If you are dealing with large chunks of wood, you will need an axe with a heavier head or a longer handle. When the load is light you can settle for an axe that has a lighter head and a lighter handle. If you can handle a heavier head, then go for it. If you are splitting kindle then you need to choose a small axe that is much better suited than larger models.


Fiskars 122440 X11 Small Splitting Axe
For axes with limited reach, we think that the Fiskars 122440 X11 Small Splitting Axe is the best axe for cutting small logs and making kindling. It is made into a compact unit that delivers compact force. Mostly suited for small amounts of work, the axe provides excellent service. The is strong enough to withstand various hits on soft / hardwood. This product fetches a good price and if put to good use, you will never have to worry about inadequacies and making kindle becomes more fun rather than a chore. Overall a great little axe.

Consider the handle length

The handle will affect the delivery of the blow. A handle that is long will serve to increase the amount of pressure that is delivered. For people with longer limbs, a long axe will serve much better when splitting larger logs. For shorter people, an axe with a long handle will be very hard to control and make splitting logs more difficult. The shorter axe is preferred for small jobs that involve smaller pieces of wood. If you have a heavy hand, you can try looking for an axe that has a longer handle for better control.

Quality of the materials

The handle and the head are made from different materials. You will find that most axe heads are fashioned from a carbon steel material or wrought iron depending on the model you are working with. The cutting edge has to be made of carbon steel as it is easier to sharpen and maintain. The handle can be made from fibreglass, wood or other forms of metal. Look for the finish and material that pleases you most. Remember that if you select a heavy material you may have difficulty controlling the axe. Most times you find the axes fitted with insulation to provide a firm grip and comfort to your hands as they absorb the vibrations.

Look at the price and accessories offered

The price of the axe will obviously determine if you can afford it or not. If you are indeed working on a budget, you may try to seek out an axe within the price range. Look at the materials that constitute the axe to find out if it is a worthy investment. There are those manufacturers that offer accessories that you can use. With axes, you will find axe head covers are provided. This to keep the blade from harming anyone when it is not in use and to keep the blade sharp. The extra cover provided costs you nothing but still provides a credible function. We found that if you budget around £40 this would enable you to buy a very good axe made from quality materials.

You can learn more about what moisture content firewood should be as well as how to season and store firewood here

The Top 6 Log Splitting Axe/Maul Reviews

1. Draper Expert 09944 Log Splitting Maul


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Draper Expert 09944 Log Splitting Maul with 2.7 kg Fibreglass Shaft

The Draper Expert 2.7KG 09944 Log Splitting Maul features a lightweight fibreglass shaft that is extremely strong and designed to handle the pressures of a modern axe. Its lightness makes it more manoeuvrable and gives the handler an easy time splitting the wood and logs even when larger in diameter.

The head is the heart of the axe. If the material used is of a lesser quality the blade may bend or break mid-action. Also, you will find that the blade can go blunt quickly if not manufactured from quality metal. The blade on this one is made of tempered carbon steel. It’s very easy to sharpen the blade and will make light work of splitting logs.

A rubber insulated handle has been fitted to provide you comfort despite the size of your hands, it also acts as a shock absorber which further adds to the comfort when using this axe for prolonged periods of time.

The dimensions of this splitting maul are 93.3 x 22.4 x 5.5cm which is perfect for most people.


  • Easily splits large logs with its fine grain carbon steel weighted carbon splitting head.
  • Lightweight strong construction, thus easy to handle for most people.
  • Fibreglass handle for durability meaning shaft is unlikely to break.
  • Comes with a blade cover to protect the blade when not in use.
  • Affordable price


  • Not ideal for large logs.

Our recommendation

The Draper Expert 09944 Log Splitting Maul with its fibreglass shaft is an easy-going tool and fairly lightweight. Even though it is light, it does have enough weight to slice through larger logs. Ideally, it is for small jobs rather than big jobs so is perfect for the home user and professional lumberjacks would be better investing more.

We like the business end of the axe which is the blade as it is made from treated carbon steel making sure that it is durable and effectively sharp and easy to sharpen. You have to consider that the unit is not entirely as large as you would expect, but it is adequate for most home users, it looks a little bigger than it actually is we thought.

The price you pay for the fibreglass handle and the carbon steel head is very fair making it an excellent choice. 

After taking everything into consideration, such as the manufacturing quality we felt that this model was one of the best we had come across during our research. It was so good and came at such a good price we thought it only right to name this axe our ‘Best Pick Winner’ We also noticed that on it has many reviews most of which are very positive further confirming how good and reliable this axe really is.

If we were to buy only one axe this would have to be it, it really is that good and comes at a great price.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

2. Spear & Jackson – Razorsharp 6.5lb Log Splitting Maul


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Spear & Jackson 3765LM - Razorsharp 6.5 lb Log Splitting Maul Hickory Shaft Carbon Steel Head, Multicoloured

The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Log Splitting Maul is another lovely axe that comes at an amazing price which makes it great for anyone buying their first axe. The axe weighs approximately 6.5lbs so it has plenty of weight to help split through the wood. As you can see, it is indeed a fairly heavy splitting maul that should be handled with care. If you look closely you can spot a hooked head. This is just to facilitate easy perforation of the wood. The blade is a wedge to provide easy penetration and splitting of your logs. The wider edge can be manipulated to open up the wood further which is a great feature.

The head is made from carbon steel which makes it durable and very strong. Carbon steel (as said before) is easy to manage and sharpen. It will last for a long time if properly taken care of.

The handle is made out of hickory wood which is known for its hardness and shock-absorbent qualities. No matter how hard you swing and slam the axe, the handle will remain solid and stable without a scratch (within reason as all wood shafts can break).

The dimensions of this axe are 8h x 89l x 21cm.


  • Hooked wedged blade for easy splitting which is made from drop forged carbon and tempered.
  • Other weights available, 1.5lbs, 2.5lbs, 4.5lbs
  • The Hickory handle is strong and resilient to reduce the chances of the shaft snapping during use.
  • Excellent choice for anyone on a budget looking for a first-time axe.


  • Quite heavy (largest model)
  • The blade needs sharpening regularly.
  • The handle may snap if too much force is used.

Our recommendation

The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp 6.5 lb Log Splitting Maul is a great choice for anyone looking for either their first axe or looking to buy one of the cheaper models without buying something that is inadequate. We like the hickory wood which gives it a rustic feel and more importantly is very strong, especially when compared to cheaper axes that skimp on the shaft quality.

We love that the blade is hooked so as to facilitate easy splitting and is made from drop forged carbon steel, this is very strong and is probably the most important part of the axe.

This axe is not for the faint-hearted, it needs some gusto to move around. You can split wood with one easy move but be careful. The hickory wood can only take so much pressure before splitting which is the only real flaw we came across. If not for a few flaws it could be named best log splitting maul especially when you take the price into consideration.

The price is very fair so there is value for money offered along with quality. If you think it’s an axe worth being called your own, then we suggest that you go for it. If our best pick is a little out of budget this is a great alternative but the shaft is not as reliable on this axe. Again though during our research we noticed on Amazon had over 280 reviews, most of which has glowing comments.

Looking for an affordable axe, this model is worth considering, personally, we would spend a little more and get a carbon handle but we understand that people have budgets that are important to also take into consideration.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

3. Bahco SUS20800 SUS-2.0-800 4.1 / 4lb Splitting Axe

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Bahco SUS20800 SUS-2.0-800 Splitting Axe 4.1/4lb

The Bahco SUS20800 SUS-2.0-800 Splitting Axe is dependable and looks amazing, it is a good axe but it does have its faults. The axe looks attractive with its vibrant colours and curved wooden handle. The axe weighing in at 2.4kgs will make sure that the wood is easily split (due to its design) of which it does a great job at. However, for those who are small-bodied, this unit may prove difficult to handle.

The handle is made of ash wood which is known to be smooth and durable. With the curved handle, the axe will be easier to grip and split the piece of wood. It has a hole bored in and this will aid you with hanging the axe between uses, which is a great idea that other models should take note of. We like the carbon steel wedged blade as it makes penetration of the wood even less challenging.

If you have a lot of wood to work on, you might want to consider this unit. The dimensions of the unit are 0.7 x 2 x 8cm. The handle is long enough to provide easy handling for people with long limbs which is what we think this log splitter is best suited for.


  • Cuts log with ease.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, meaning it looks amazing.
  • Comes with an attractive ash wood handle.
  • Can be suspended.
  • Affordable price.


  • Shaft may split if overpowered.
  • Cannot be used on big logs.

Our recommendation

The Bahco SUS20800 SUS-2.0-800 Splitting Axe is not so bad. It can deliver smooth cuts if working on smaller logs. If you try to use the axe on a bigger piece of wood, you will end up disappointed. The handle is not made of metal or carbon fibre which gives us the impression that if overpowered it will shatter and snap which is the only real downfall.

 The axe has a few flaws that can be worked around. This axe is best suited for those who engage in hefty work once in a while. Remember that the wood pieces have to be of a smaller size and don’t overdo it as the shaft will snap.

The price is a tad higher than others, but that is what you get for a good looking axe that has been made to such a high standard which we would expect from any Bahco tools as they are designed with professionals in mind.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

4. Fiskars 122440 X11 Small Splitting Axe


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Fiskars 122440 X11 Small Splitting Axe - 44cm - Old Model

The Fiskars 122440 X11 Small Splitting Axe may be small but it is still powerful and cuts through logs amazingly well. The lightweight unit can handle wood splitting with effect. The handle is made from fibre comp and given a coating of fibreglass. The good thing about fibreglass is its durability even with constant use. The handle is designed for a firm grip and also fitted with a hole that you can use to store the axe when you are done.

Whether you are dealing with hardwoods or softwoods, this axe can easily split them. The blade can be easily sharpened and it has been coated with a non-rust and non-stick material which makes splitting logs that bit easier as it helps prevent the blade from getting jammed in the wood.

This little axe can do wonders despite its small size. The dimensions of the unit are 49 x 20 x 3cm. It is perfect for cutting small logs and making kindle due to its small compact size.


  • Ideal for splitting smaller logs and making kindle.
  • A sharp non-stick blade that is rust-resistant.
  • Fibercomp handle with reinforced fibreglass construction which means it is almost unbreakable.
  • Vibrant colours making it easy to see.


  • Not suitable for larger logs.

Our recommendation

The Fiskars 122440 X11 Small Splitting Axe is another dependable axe that is perfect for splitting smaller log diameters and is perfect for making kindle.

The axe is lightweight meaning that dealing with heavy logs will be a challenge so we recommend using it only on smaller logs and making kindle of which it makes very light work, it is perfect in this regard.

The model comes with an easy to manoeuvre handle that has been designed for easy gripping and it is very comfortable to hold.

What we really like about this axe is its small compact design and the fact that it is incredibly strong and very unlikely to break. As it is very well balanced, if you are cutting smaller logs and making kindle wood, this is probably one of the best axes to choose and it looks amazing to finish it off. Not the cheapest axe available but great quality and worth every penny.

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5. Draper 28756 1.25lb Hand Axe

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Draper 28756 560g 1.25lb Hand Axe with Steel Shaft

The Draper 28756 1.25lb Hand Axe is another short-handed axe that is perfect for making kindle and we also know a few wild campers who use this axe which is what brought it to our attention. It comes at a fantastic price and is the cheapest axe on our review.

The blade is fashioned from carbon steel which has been treated and lacquered to make it more durable. With carbon steel, you will never have to worry about the corrosion that is caused by rust and moisture which is a huge bonus.

This model features a hardened and tapered wedged blade. The blade will make the splitting wood easier since the sharp end is thinner and can penetrate easily which makes it perfect for making kindle.

The metallic tubular steel handle will provide protection from breakages or bending. We have seen the wooden axes tend to snap easily when too much force is applied. The metal handle also has a rubber cover to ensure that your hands do not slip no matter how sweaty they get. It also provides a layer of comfort to prevent calluses on your hands. The dimensions are 36.7 x 15.3 x 4.2cm which means it is small and compact making it easy to carry around and store.


  • Perfect for making kindle and chopping small logs.
  • Super sharp blade.
  • Metal handle for durability and prevent the shaft from snapping.
  • Protective blade casing provided.


  • Not suitable for larger logs.
  • Needs constant sharpening.

Our recommendation

The Draper 28756 Hand Axe is handy for quickly making kindle to get the fire going. It will cater to small pieces of wood but will fail you when it comes to large pieces of wood as it’s simply not designed for this. We like the steel handle and carbon steel blades as they will serve you well without bending or snapping, unlike some wood shafts.

It is rather inexpensive therefore does well for the occasional small-time user and is great for someone looking for an axe especially for splitting log pieces into kindle. Overall, a great little axe that anyone who has a wood-burning stove shouldn’t be without, it also makes an affordable backup axe.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

6. Am-tech 1.5kg Splitting Axe

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Am-Tech 4lb Felling Axe Fibreglass Handle

The Am-tech 1.5 kg Splitting Axe is hard to miss. Same as most axes, the model comes with tapered carbon steel blades to help split logs. The blades can easily be sharpened and maintained and the blade will not rust or snap unexpectedly. This lightweight model comes with these dimensions: 36 x 14cm meaning it’s a small compact axe for cutting smaller logs and kindling.

The fibreglass handle will handle the pressure of constant use with unbelievable ease. It is important that the material of the handle be durable, it has rubber fitted all around to provide a much-needed grip and comfort. To make the deal even sweeter, a blade cover has been provided. Therefore, you can keep the blade sharp and away from children.


  • Perfect for kindle and small logs.
  • Attractive visible colour.
  • Well-constructed and durable.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Only suitable for small logs for jobs such as making kindling.

Our recommendation

The Am-tech A2985 Splitting Axe is a great small axe for chopping kindling. This short-handed axe can perform very well for small pieces of wood. 

The unit does have a fibreglass shaft which prevents the axe from breaking during use which is much better than wooden shafts.

The fair price of the axe offers more value for money. The brightly coloured axe is a keeper. Apart from constant sharpening, the unit can withstand constant use too. A great little axe.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below


Can you use an axe to make kindling?

You can make kindling using an axe but you need to choose a smaller compact model that is around 1 to 1.5lbs which has a smaller handle around 14 to 20 inches long which can be used with one hand.

What makes good kindling?

The best types of kindling are always smaller slim pieces that are dry and promote good burning.

What is the best time to split wood?

The best time to split wood is usually late winter or early spring because this allows the most time for the wood to naturally dry out over summer ready for the following winter.

Which is easier to split, dry wood or wet wood?

Dry wood is usually easier to split but wet wood is usually when most people split wood as it is easier to dry once split. You can make this process easier by using a log splitter instead of an axe.

Our Final Conclusion

As you can see, axes do not have much to them. They are great at cutting wood as long as the size of the axe correlates with the work. We have seen that the shorter the handle the more limiting it can be for some users. If you have longer limbs we suggest an axe with an adequate handle. The provision of blade covers makes the money we spend on the axe more valuable. If taken care of right, axes can last for many decades with many people having an axe for over 30 years. 

After careful and considerate discussions, we came to the collective decision. We decided that the Draper Expert 09944 Log Splitting Maul with its Fibreglass Shaft is the best log splitting axe for most people.

For axes with limited reach, we think that the Fiskars 122440 X11 Small Splitting Axe is the best axe for cutting small logs and making kindling. It is made into a compact unit that delivers compact force. Mostly suited for small amounts of work, the axe provides excellent service. The is strong enough to withstand various hits on soft / hardwood.  This product fetches a good price and if put to good use, you will never have to worry about inadequacies and making kindle becomes more like fun than a chore. Overall a great little axe.

This honour of our Runner Up award goes to the Spear & Jackson – Razorsharp 6.5 lb Log Splitting Maul with its hickory shaft and carbon steel Head. This is because the blade is well made with a hook to ensure that splitting the wood is an easy task. The hook penetrates the wood as the rest of that blade is wiggled to create the split. The fact that it is using hickory wood makes it more special as the shaft is much stronger than standard cheaper shafts fitted to cheaper axes.

This axe is for smaller jobs such as splitting a few logs for your own log fire. If pushed to the edge the hickory handle may snap with more intensive use despite it being one of the better wooden shards we have looked at. Overall a great choice for someone new to chopping there own firewood or someone looking for a more affordable option without compromising on quality.

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