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EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus Review After 12 Months

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If like me you want to maintain a healthy lawn then one of the best ways is by investing in a good lawn spreader. By having one of these subperb machines you can easily apply lawn feed, seed as well as other products onto your lawn accuratly and easily. All these treatments if done by hand can give less than ideal results such as over-applying fertiliser and burning your lawn or sowing seed that’s patchy at best.

After trying a few models over the years the EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus has become one of my favourite models so I have decided to review this model in more detail so you can decide, whether it’s a good model for you. It does lack one feature I wish it had but the other features more than makeup for this, more on this further down.

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus after testing with grass seed
EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus as a decent spreading width

Quick summary

My overall rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

To quickly sum the EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus, I think for the price, its one of the best models currently available and one thing I do like about this model is that it is a drop spreader, which means it’s very accurate and perfect for applying lawn products right to the edge of the lawn with no overspill. It’s also 53cm (21in) wide which means it also covers more lawn from each pass so it’s perfect for medium and even larger lawns and gets the job done faster. Finally, I like that it all breaks down to be compact and easy to store too. Overall, I think it’s a fantastic lawn spreader and would highly recommend it.

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Out the box and assembly

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus build instructions

When it first arrives, there is some minimal assembly to do. There are instructions but as I always do, I placed them to one side and set about putting it together. Simply attach wheels which quickly click on. There is a small stand that keeps the spreader upright so this just clips into place, easy enough. Finally, just attach the 3 parts that make up the handle together and slide the two bars that make up the handle into the lawn spreader hopper as shown below. That’s it, it’s ready to use in less than a minute.

My thought on the build quality

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus inside hopper

So in terms of build quality, I use to be a professional gardener so when compared to professional models I used to use, it’s not even close but that’s ok as this is more of a domestic model designed to be used a handful of time a year.

However, for this model, I wanted an affordable model that I could use 2 to 3 times a year for applying lawn, weed and feed, treating moss and finally for overseeding my lawn which I do every year.

I have 2 kids who love to be outside in the garden so I will never have the perfect lawn but I like to keep it well maintained with lawn, weed and feed, giving it a good overseed. I even get my verticutter out which I have also reviewed here to remove any moss and thatch and help aerate the soil.

Overall, I like to keep it looking as good as it can and stop it from being a right mess which it does get over winter. A small lawn and 2 kids, it’s unavoidable. But spring does give me a chance to get it looking good again for the summer ahead and I couldn’t do this without the Evergreen Easy Spreader Plus.

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus back view

The overall quality I would describe as pretty good for a domestic model, the build quality of the hopper and wheels is good and seems to be good quality plastic. The only part that feels a little flimsy is the yellow lever that you slide along to adjust the application rate between 0 and 9. However, up to now it’s not broken and is obviously strong enough.

How easy is it to use

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus being tested

So what you probably really want to know is how easy is it to use and does it do a decent job at applying fertilisers and grass seed. First off, I would say that it works well, one of the wheels turns the plastic spiral that spreads the fertiliser or grass seed. It’s nice and smooth as you push the lawn spreader and it spreader the product nice and evenly. I never had any issues with it becoming jammed or blocking up.

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus application rate guide

Now, this model comes with a leaflet with the correct setting to use with Evergreen products. I can tell you now that it works with any brand, you just have to use the right setting. For me, I used a different brand of lawn, weed and feed and it applied it fine when set to 4.5 and for grass seed which I buy loose so no idea of the brand, I select 9 as advised on the application rate guide for grass seed.

EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus application rate slider handle

I have tried it with lawn weed, feed and moss killer a handful of times and also to overseed my lawn as previously mentioned. I have had no issues whatsoever but there is one feature some alternative models have that this doesn’t and I wish it did.

The yellow handle you slide to turn the hopper off, which you have to do after each run before you come back the other way or pull the lawn spreader backwards. This handle is built into the hopper as shown above so you have to bend down and turn it off quickly to avoid leaving piles of fertiliser or grass seed as shown in the video below.

On some other models (see my review here if other models compared), this handle to turn the hopper off is located on the handle so it’s much easier to turn off. It just makes life easier. So why not choose one of those models you ask? – Well there either broadcast spreaders which are not ideal for what I need or their spreading with is much less.

Watch my video below of me spreading lawn seed

However, I have found that the big plus is the spreading width, the alternative model with the application rate handle on the main handle is much narrower so takes longer to apply. This model has a wider 53cm (21in) which I think is a better advantage than having easy access to the handle. It also folds down more compact as explained below.


EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus broken down ready for storage

When it comes to storage, the handle can be easily removed and separated into 3 individual pieces and the stand can be removed too. It then becomes compact and easy enough to store on my garage racking.

My only gripe is that the wheels are not easy to remove, in fact, I leave the two wheels on as I am worried I will break the clips that hold the wheels in place. The problem with leaving the wheels on is that it won’t fit back into the box it came in. Just something to keep in mind.


EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus review

As previously mentioned, I’ve used a lot of lawn spreaders over the years and when it comes to domestic models, one that is affordable, I think this is one of the best currently available.

It’s a shame it doesn’t have the lever to adjust the application rate and turn the dispenser off on the main handle. However, the quality is good, it spreads lawn products well and it’s affordable. If you’re looking for a decent lawn spreader, especially a drop spreader, then I can’t recommend this model highly enough.

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