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Best gloves for roses and brambles - We compare 5 great pairs and what to look for before buying

Best Gloves for Pruning Roses – 5 Top Pairs Compared

Best Thorn Proof Gloves, How to Choose, and Top 5 Rose Gloves Caring for roses is a rewarding job as they produce the most stunning blooms and some even have

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How to take rose cutting – Step by step guide

How to take a rose cutting Rose cuttings are very easy to take but there are a few things you should know first. Most roses you buy from garden centres

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different types of roses

Types of roses – Learn about the different roses available

Types Of Roses Rose plants are the most popular of all types of plants available and can be used in many situations, from climbing up an old tree to forming a

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Top 10 Best climbing roses

Top 10 Best Climbing Roses For Your Garden

We reveal 10 of our favourite climbing roses, 6 of which will grow in semi-shady spots of the garden If you are looking for the best climbing rose, that will climb

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Top 5 white climbing roses

Top 5 White Climbing Roses – Compare fragrance, disease resistance and more

Whether your looking for a climbing rose to climb up a tree, for a shaded north facing wall or for climbing up a pillar there are many white climbing roses to

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when to plant climbing roses

When to plant climbing roses for a stronger growing rose

When to plant climbing roses Climbing roses are available in many varieties from large thornless growing cultivars, such as the Zephirine Droughin that can grow to over 300cm (10ft) which is

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