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Best Gloves for Pruning Roses & The Top 5 Pairs Compared

Last updated on September 24th, 2021

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Best Thorn Proof Gloves, How to Choose and The Top 5 Rose Gloves

Caring for roses is a rewarding job as they produce the most stunning blooms and some even have the most amazing scents. If you happen to be a lover of roses, whether your pruning climbing roses or cutting back your hybrid teas ready for the following season, then you understand the work that comes with them. They need tending to regularly and many varieties are very thorny, usually requiring a good pair of thornproof gardening gloves. The gloves come in handy when manoeuvring around the thorns when pruning and deadheading the amazing flowers, or just when tending to the soil around the rose bushes.

There are various kinds of gardening gloves but not all of them are well-suited for roses. The best gloves for pruning roses will keep your hands clean and protect you well from the sharp thorns. Rose gloves are easy to select as long as you know how to narrow down the best gloves for roses, but not all so-called thornproof gloves are actually thornproof. Find out what to look for by reading our buyer’s guide and finish off by reading our rose glove review section to learn which gloves are worth considering.

After much debate and comparing the best gloves, we’ve made our ultimate pick, the Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves, and you can check them out briefly below. The one difference between these and most other gloves is that they are made from premium goatskin leather, which amazingly makes all the difference.


Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves
These gloves provide a great deal of puncture resistance compared to other products we have reviewed. They are made of layers of goatskin put together to provide strength and puncture resistance. The price is affordable, very comfortable to wear and offer more protection up the arm as the sleeves are longer and this is great for reaching into roses.

Our top 5 gloves that offer the best protection for pruning roses

  1. Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves – BEST PICK
  2. Hense Rose Pruning Thornproof Gloves
  3. Town & Country TGL109M Deluxe Premium Leather Gaunlet Ladies Gloves – BEST BUDGET PICK
  4. Bionic Men’s Rose Gardening Gloves
  5. NoCry Thornproof Long Leather Gardening Gloves


Town & Country TGL109M Deluxe Premium Leather Gauntlet Ladies Gloves
The fit is excellent which is a factor that most ladies look for in gloves. They are comfortable to wear and feature protection for your arms. They offer good puncture resistance and the price is more affordable than our Best Pick. The only real downside is less protection on the arms. Overall though, great gloves.

Top 5 Rose Gloves Reviews

Below are 5 pairs of gloves that can fit what you are looking for. Go through the reviews and select the best gloves for roses for your needs. We start with our ‘Best Pick’ by Exemplary Gardens which if we’re honest, are the only pair you probably need but we like to give alternatives to give you a wider choice.

1. Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves


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Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women - Thorn Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves with Gauntlet (Extra Small, Brown)

The Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves are made from goatskin leather which is what separates these from most other pairs, they provide good resistance against sharp thorns and are made to a very high standard. The 100% goatskin gloves feature an extra-long gauntlet to prevent your forearms from scratches, this is a big problem that anyone who deals with roses will all be aware of. The split suede cuffs will allow you to extend your arms further into roses bushes when pruning without getting pricked.

The gloves themselves are flexible so that you can get a good grip on things without straining. When working, the ergonomically designed gloves offer enough space for the thumb to properly get a grip on things. This goes for people with medical problems like arthritis too.


  • Comfortable to use and extremely thorn resistant.
  • Features a gauntlet for protection to help protect your arms.
  • Uses 100% goatskin for durability and puncture resistance.
  • Ergonomic design with a good grip.
  • They come at a decent price and in many sizes to suit all, as well as different colours.


  • Amazingly none found. 

Our recommendation

The Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves are simple yet stylish and most importantly extremely good at stopping thorns from getting through. The goatskin leather is what really makes these stand out, they certainly provide adequate protection and comfort.

This pair of gloves fits both men and women which is a bonus, especially for the fact that they are available in a range of sizes and colours for everybody’s taste. It is hard to point a finger at any drawback regarding these gloves and even the price is just right. No wonder these gloves have over 1,000 very positive reviews on which only further confirms their quality and functionality. 

If we had to only recommend one pair of gloves for pruning roses, then these gloves would have to be them. The only reason we recommend an alternative is if you wanted a pair that didn’t have long cuffs and were a little less bulky around the arms.

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2. Town & Country TGL109M Deluxe Premium Leather Gauntlet Ladies Gloves


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Town & Country 0 Town Country TGL109M Deluxe Premium Leather Gauntlet Ladies Gloves, 0, M Pack of 2 UK

The Town & Country TGL109M Deluxe Premium Leather Gauntlet Ladies Gloves are made of 100% leather. They even have a gauntlet to protect your arms while dealing with prickly tasks such as cutting back brambles. The gauntlet has a suede cuff to provide adequate support and comfort as you work and gives a little more protection around the wrists.

These gloves are for the ladies, meaning that the fit is smaller in comparison to the men’s sizes. They provide adequate space for grabbing things without straining the seams. 


  • Specially made for ladies hands so have a smaller fit.
  • The fabric used is strong to provide durability.
  • Comfortable and well fitted.
  • Features a long gauntlet to protect the wrist area from cuts.
  • Seams have double stitching to add strength.
  • Very affordable.


  • Fit may be tight for ladies with slightly larger hands
  • The odd thorn sometimes does get through.

Our recommendation

Are you looking to get tough gloves at a good price? The Town & Country TGL109M Deluxe Premium Leather Gauntlet Ladies Gloves are a good choice. The gloves are well designed to fit ladies hands but some may find the fit a little tight.

We like that they can handle tough jobs without tearing or getting significant damage. The price is more affordable than most making them a great choice. Overall, they offer lots of protection but somehow you may find the odd thorn might get through. That being said, they still make dealing with brambles and roses much easier, maybe just not quite as thornproof as our ‘Best Pick’.

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3. NoCry Thornproof Long Leather Gardening Gloves

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NoCry Long Leather Gardening Gloves - Puncture Resistant with Extra Long Forearm Protection and Reinforced Palms and Fingertips, Size Medium

The NoCry Thornproof Long Leather Gardening Gloves are puncture-resistant gloves that are made from both goatskin leather for the fingers and hands, then cow split leather for the gauntlet cuffs. NoCry claims they offer up to twice the resistance of other gloves which stands to show its durability and they are probably not telling any tales. The gloves are made of two layers of goatskin to make sure they last longer and are more thorn resistant

They are long sleeve gloves and therefore your forearms are protected which we like and look for in a good pair of rose pruning gloves. Even though it is pure goatskin leather, there is enough space for finger movement. They fit both men and women equally which is good. If you are not satisfied you can use the NoCry guarantee to get the gloves replaced or your money back.


  • Made from both goatskin and cowhide leather.
  • Offers twice the resistance against thorns and other prickly plants than standard leather gloves.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Your arms are protected from accidents.
  • Comes with a NoCry guarantee.
  • Durable with spacious hand movements.


  • The dye may stain your hands.

Our recommendation

The NoCry Thornproof Long Leather Gardening Gloves are well worth your while if you are looking for a good pair of thorn-resistant gloves at an affordable price.

What we like is that these gloves are made of both goatskin and cowhide leather and thus you can attest to their strength. We think this is probably how they have kept the price more affordable. Goatskin seems to be perfect for the hand area as it’s more supple whilst cowhide leather is stiffer and is perfect for the cuffs as you don’t need the same movement around that area, just protection for your arms.

Whether you are dealing with brambles or roses. These seem to do the job perfectly. These are probably a very good alternative to our ‘Best Pick’ but I don’t think they will last quite as long. However, for the price, they are a brilliant buy.

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4. Bionic Rose Gardening Gloves

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BIONIC Rose Gardening Gloves, Womens Small (Pair), Black,ROSWS

The Bionic Rose Gardening Gloves are expensive and look a little futuristic. They do look bionic, like a scene from a movie. These gloves are created of 100% leather all the way through, from the palm to the gauntlet. This will keep your arms protected as you work with different plants in your garden. These iconic gloves fit well ensuring that the wrist is secure. They offer adequate space for easy movement and grasping. You can pick things from your pocket with ease. They can be able to handle tough work without tearing and perform very well when dealing with thorny plants. 


  • Good quality gardening gloves which are thornproof.
  • Protects your forearms.
  • Fits well and feels comfortable in hand.
  • They can handle heavy garden work.
  • Made of durable material.


  • The fit is a little tight, best to order a size up. If you usually wear small buy a medium, and if you usually wear medium buy a large.

Our recommendation

The Bionic Gardening Gloves can be a valued addition to your gardening kit. They are strong and fit very comfortably but the fit can be a little tight, maybe too tight really. The way around this is to order a size one larger than you usually wear.

You can reach into thick bushes and prune effectively as they do have long sleeves. They are certainly thick enough to keep thorns from pricking your skin whilst still being durable. The price is a tad higher compared to the others but all in all, it is worth the price.

Make sure that you measure your hands before purchase because they might be too tight if you have thick hands. They also do sizes for both men and women so make sure you are buying the right ones as they look identical.

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5. Hense Rose Pruning Thornproof Gloves

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Rose Pruning Thorn Proof Gloves For Men and Women, Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves Gauntlet Cactus Gloves Blackberry Gloves To Protect Your Arms Until The Elbow HCT05-01

The Hense Rose Pruning Thornproof Gloves are well designed and fit within most gardener’s budgets. Like the Exemplary Garden gloves, these are also made of goatskin. They feature a gauntlet that is also made of goatskin. The glove fits well and protects your arm from various thorny tasks.

There is enough space for you to move and afford breathability and they are available in small and medium sizes and they are a good fit.

It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a size guide so that you can measure your hand.


  • Comfortable to wear and fairly thorn resistant (not fully thornproof though).
  • Has a gauntlet to prevent scratches and pricks to your arms.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Great for all gardening jobs.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • The dye seems to run when they get wet.
  • Not 100% thornproof.

Our recommendation

These gloves are quite comfortable to use and in most cases with stop thorns from penetrating through. The Hense Rose Pruning Thornproof Gloves are a good choice for domestic gardening. They are of good quality and will hold their own, be careful not to grip thorns with too much force though as there not quite as thornproof as they should be.

However, they are good quality gloves but they are not the best when compared to some other gloves. What you pay for is what you get in this case, however, for general gardening tasks and cutting back the odd rose or weeding nettles, they are up to the job. A shame they are not 100% thornproof as we had high hopes for these.

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Rose Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Gardening gloves for roses cannot be flimsy or otherwise, the thorns will keep digging into your skin, which not only hurts but also can become infected. Well-designed gloves with the right fit are what you should be looking for. Below are other characteristics that will affect your purchase.

Longevity in service

Depending on how often you tend to your roses you should be able to get a pair that can serve you for many years. For these gloves to last, their construction materials have to be durable. You find that in cases of roses the more popular materials used are synthetic leather but we found goatskin was probably the best choice, but these are sometimes more expensive.

Goatskin is used because of its durability. It offers puncture resistance that is valuable when working with prickly plants. These kinds of gloves can be heavy depending on the purpose intended. They can also be a tad costly but they will last longer compared to cheaper alternatives.

Synthetic leather gloves are available but won’t last as long as natural leather. The good thing about such gloves is that they can be machine washed and they do well with light-handed work. If tasked with heavy work, they usually disintegrate quite quickly.

Pure nitrile gloves or nitrile coated fabrics are good for light-handed pruning and general garden tasks. They are light, offer waterproof abilities but they will not provide 100% puncture resistance. Their price is within reach compared to natural leather gloves. Full nitrile gloves will prove problematic if you happen to have sweaty hands.


Strong seams are important in holding the glove pieces together. If the seams are weak, the stitches will unravel and leave holes. This, in turn, leaves your naked hand susceptible to cuts, especially when dealing with roses. It is better if you look for gloves with double stitching on the seams. This reinforces the seams making them stronger. Even when you are tugging at plants, you can be sure that your hands are secure. Repair broken seems ahead of time before irreparable damage occurs.

Reinforced tips

Finding the best gloves for pruning roses means finding protection. There are plants other than roses that possess some particularly hard thorns. To deal with plants such as brambles, you need gardening gloves with reinforcements. The areas around the fingers and palm are where most reinforcements are found. Sometimes these reinforcements will cause the gloves to be heavy. Make sure that the stitching on the reinforcements allow the gloves to lie flat. If the reinforcements are bulky, they can be less versatile with less durability, a bit like wearing thick heavy-duty builders gloves.

Gauntlet or no?

The gauntlet protects your arms from harm and provides comfort. When you want to reach shrubs that are further into the flowerbeds you need gloves that stretch out towards your elbow to protect your arms. The material used to create this protective sleeve has to be durable so as to offer adequate puncture resistance. The gauntlet should be able to provide a comfortable fit. If you will not be working with thick bushes then normal gardening gloves that cover you up to the wrist are fine. Decide whether you need to protect your forearms or not. The choice is entirely up to you.

Fit and flexibility

Men and women have different hand sizes most of the time. You want to purchase the best gloves for pruning roses that fit just right. No strained fingers or wrists poking outside. Not too big to fall out and not too small to choke breathability. To do this, you need to measure your hand and compare it to the dimensions guide provided if you are buying online. Many sites provide a hand size guide and instructions on how to measure your hand. All in all, make sure that the size correlates with the size of your hands. If you have thick hands, see to it that you take up a larger size. It will afford you an adequate grip and good breathability.

Rose Gloves price

When it comes to gloves, what you pay for is what you get. If you buy the cheap ones do not expect them to last for long. If you have a tight budget, you can always wait for better deals and promotions to come through. If you want to use your gardening gloves for many years then you will have to spend a bit. 

Warranty is another thing to check. A warranty guarantees you as a customer that you will be able to return the product or get it exchanged if you have problems with it. We found you can consider gloves with no warranty as long as previous customers give them good reviews. However, if you buy from trusted brands most will replace the gloves if the stitching comes loose etc.

Important care tips when working with your gloves

  • Put some lotion on your hands to keep them from drying. This is before you put on the gloves.
  • After a long day, take off your gloves and shake off the loose dirt.
  • Take a damp cloth and wipe the dirt off of your gloves especially if leather is involved.
  • Always check to see if your gloves are washing machine friendly before tossing them in there for cleaning. Some gloves are hand clean only.
  • Use leather wax to maintain the appearance and waterproofness of your leather gloves.
  • Hang your gloves on a peg to allow fresh air into the gloves. This will go a long way in keeping odours at bay.
  • Repair seam breaks before the seam opens up into a hole.

Final Conclusion

Finding the best gloves for pruning roses should be devoid of confusion. Confusion will make the process frustrating when it shouldn’t be. Know the size of your hands and the functions the gloves will be performing. Once you do this, you can pick gardening gloves intended for light or heavy-handed duties. It is that simple, do not let brand names blind you too much.


We hope that in the midst of all this information you have found the best gloves for roses. If not, at least you will have an easier time shopping for a pair the next time you require some. You now know what to look for and what to ignore. 

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