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Top 5 Best Electric Weed Burners For Killing Weeds

Last updated on June 13th, 2022

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Weeds are very resilient and sometimes we have to seek brutish ways to get rid of them. Fire consumes everything it comes in contact with and weeds are not immune to this.

Gas weed burners have been dominating the scene for years but now electric weed burners are making a statement. They are comfortable to use, simply plug them into a power outlet and they come with well-designed cone nozzles to direct high heat at those stubborn weeds.

Below are five of the best electric weed burner models that you can find. We have gone through the trouble of assembling this review to help you choose the right model, most are very similar but some have some small differences.

We will say that these electric weed burners are best used on small weeds on paths, driveways, patios, and even in your beds and borders. If you have lots of weeds we still recommend spraying with weedkillers or removing by hand, on lawns we recommend using a weed puller for large weeds.


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ToolTronix 2000W Electric Weed Burner
The ToolTronix 2000W Electric Weed Burner is perfect for dealing with small weeds and is probably on par with our best pick. It offers a maximum temperature of 600 degrees Celsius and a comfortable detachable handle for use. This model is within the same price range as our best pick only that its maximum temperature is not quite as high. The weed burner has garnered positive reviews as well but they cannot be compared to the number of reviews our best pick has. what we do like about this model is you can use it without the full handle making it ideal in situations where you don't need a long handle such as lighting a BBQ which they are also great for.

Best Electric Weed Burner Reviews

1. Nasum 2000w Electric Weed Burner


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First on our list is the Nasum 2000w Electric Weed Burner which incinerates the weeds in a matter of minutes. This powerful weed burner can attain temperatures of up to 650°C on its highest setting, perfect for killing weeds, but also lighting BBQs and firepits so it does have a couple more uses than just killing weeds.

It comes with a 1.8m cable, so just like most other models, you will probably need an extension lead to move freely around your garden without being restricted by a short cable.

It is equipped with an insulated ergonomic long handle that you can use so you don’t need to bend down constantly. This helps put less stress on your back, especially if you use it for a longer period of time in one go.

The weed burner features different nozzles that you can interchange depending on the weeds you are dealing with. These nozzles require no tools to install them so you can switch them on when you want, just don’t do it when it’s super hot. 

The electric weed burner weighs 1.14kgs, meaning it is fairly lightweight. It measures 101cm x 8cm x 10cm, again, you should be able to burn weeds without bending over too much.

It has a detachable handle and nozzles to make storage possible even in small spaces.


  • Perfect for killing weeds as well as lighting BBQs and fire pits.
  • Features two interchangeable heat settings to a maximum temperature of 650°C.
  • Comes with a 1.8m cable for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Comes with two durable nozzles.
  • Comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic handle.
  • Can be disassembled for storage in a small space, such as a drawer.

Our recommendation

The Nasum 2000w Electric Weed Burner is an affordable model that is well suited to tending to small gardens with a small number of weeds. It’s probably the best model when it comes to effectiveness and build quality.

Just be careful not to scorch the surface trying to reduce the plant matter to ashes. Overall, the two heat settings, many positive reviews and effectiveness make this our best pick.

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2. ToolTronix 2000W Electric Weed Burner


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ToolTronix 2000W Electric Weed Burner

The ToolTronix 2000W Electric Weed Burner attains temperatures of up to 600°C to burn off weeds in seconds, although it does take around a minute to heat up to full temperature and work effectively.

If you need a model that you can use with a shorter handle, then this may be a better choice for you.

This model features just a cone nozzle that directs the heat at the weeds to kill them off. It comes with two heat settings of 50°C and 600°C, with the highest temperature being slightly less than our best pick, both operating at an airflow rate of 500l/m. 

The weed burner is fitted with a comfortable handle that permits you to work in a comfortable position. This handle can be removed to make the weed burner easy to store, but you can also use it without the extension handle which can be handy.

It is lightweight, weighing in at 1.24kgs, and it comes with a 5ft cable for easy manoeuvrability, although you might need an extension lead if you have a large garden.


  • Features a conical nozzle to direct heat where it is needed.
  • Heats up to 600°C operating at an airflow rate of 500l/m. 
  • Comes with two interchangeable heat settings.
  • Can be used with a shorter handle which is ideal if you want to light a BBQ.
  • Fitted with a detachable handle for easy storage.
  • Offers good value for money.

Our recommendation

For younger weeds or grass, the ToolTronix 2000W Electric Weed Burner is suitable and a great alternative to our best pick. It comes with two heat settings to burn the plants off and a comfortable handle for use.

A feature we do really like is that you can use it with a shorter handle, which can be very handy.

Those with large areas to cover will require an extension lead for easier manoeuvrability. Other than that, we find that is model is robust and worth the price.

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3. Parkland 2000W Electric Weed Burner

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Parkland 2000W Electric Weed Burner

The Parkland 2000W Electric Weed Burner is another model equipped with two heat settings, a conical nozzle for weeds and a different nozzle ideal for lighting BBQs and fire pits.

The weed burner can reach temperatures of up to 600°C to kill off small weeds without scorching the surface below. You will find that it is comfortable to use because it comes with an ergonomic handle just like our two previous models. 

This model measures 45.8cm x 20.7cm x 9cm and it weighs 1.51kgs, which is slightly heavier than the previous models. It comes with an inbuilt stand for convenience which makes it a little unique and it is easy to store thanks to the detachable handle.


  • Comes with two heat settings from 50°C on setting one and 600°C on setting two.
  • Fitted with a conical nozzle to pass direct heat to the plants and a second nozzle for lighting BBQs.
  • The handle is detachable for easy storage.
  • Heats up quickly.


  • The handle could be longer to suit taller users.

Our recommendation

The Parkland 2000W Electric Weed Burner is another affordable model suited for small weeds worth considering. It’s a bit heavier than the others, but it is still manageable to work with for long periods. 

Overall, we are confident in its performance and it’s well worth considering. We also like that it has a retractable stand and two nozzles.

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4. Garden Gear Electric Weed Killer Burner

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Garden Gear Electric Weed Killer Burner

Next, we have the Garden Gear Electric Weed Burner which offers a power output of 1980W and two heat settings. Unlike the other models that offer a low heat setting of 50-60°C, this model’s lowest heat setting is 640°C. It hits a maximum of 660°C and that is guaranteed to incinerate the weeds.

What this model does offer that the previous models do not is a longer cable you can actually use. At 5 metres (16ft) it is much longer than the previous model, you might not actually need an extension lead with this model.

This weed burner is fitted with a conical nozzle to direct the heat at the plants. It also features a comfortable detachable handle for storage purposes. You do not have to worry about working in an uncomfortable position because the model has a long handle for better manoeuvrability and less strain on your back. The 1.4kg weed burner is accompanied by a 2-year guarantee for full peace of mind.


  • Comes with two heat settings (640-660°C)
  • Fitted with a comfortable long handle.
  • Fitted with a long 5 metre cable and an inbuilt-stand.
  • Accompanied by a 2 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • A little heavy for some to handle over long periods.

Our recommendation

If you want a model that operates on high heat settings all the time and comes with a power cable that actually has a reasonable reach, then the Garden Gear Electric Weed Killer Burner is the one you need.

This model’s lowest setting is 640°C, which means you can burn off small weeds with ease. It has a relatively long handle, therefore, taller individuals can use it without needing to bend down too low. 

We like that it is a well designed model that performs as advertised and it is durable giving value for money.

5. Easylife Lifestyle Solutions Eco Weed Burner

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Easylife Lifestyle Solutions Eco Weed Burner

The Easylife Lifestyle Solutions Eco Weed Burner is a lightweight model weighing in at 1.21kgs. This model features two heat settings to decimate weeds from the leaves to the roots. Its lowest setting is 60°C while its highest setting is 650°C, which is on par with our best pick.

The 2000W model has a long comfortable handle so that you work in a comfortable position. It comes with a 1.58m cable which is a little short so you may need an extension lead if you have a large garden. The handle is detachable for storage like all other models and it is fitted with a conical nozzle to direct the heat to the plants.


  • Features a conical nozzle to direct heat.
  • Comes with two heat settings.
  • Offers a comfortable detachable handle.
  • Easy to use.

Our recommendation

The Easylife Lifestyle Solutions Eco Weed Burner does the same job as the other models above but costs slightly more with no obvious advantages.

However, this model is well made and it is durable, therefore, in the long run, you will get value for money. It is a lightweight model hence you can maneuver it easily around a small garden. There is nothing extraordinary about the model, it performs as it should and is worth considering.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you go torching your weeds down, here are a few things to need to consider when looking for the best electric weed burner.

You will find that electric weed burners are easy to shop for because they do not possess complex features and they are also pretty much the same with similar heat settings.

Power settings

How many power settings are available? Do you want to have a variation or would you just work with one high-temperature model? Most of the models on the market come with two heat settings. 

The lowest setting is reserved for dealing with the smallest of weeds while the highest temperature deals with the stubborn weeds. Make sure that the temperature settings availed will be enough to kill the specific weeds you are dealing with. We recommend just using the high heat setting all the time.

The handle

Stooping does not only affect your posture but it drains your energy. You want to work with a weed burner whose handle is comfortable to use and of the right length. Always look at the product specifications to estimate the length of the handle and then compare it with your own height. If you find that the handle might be too short, then look for another model as opposed to working in an uncomfortable position. Some models, like our Runner-up, can be used without the extension handle which can be handy for lighting BBQs.

Cable length

The cable length is important for easy reach. If you have a small garden to cover you are not limited compared to people with larger spaces. Those covering large areas should look at the length of the cable to see if it will facilitate easy coverage.

If the cable is too short, then you will have to depend on an extension lead. Make sure that the extension cable is fused to meet the electrical specifications of the weed burner. Models, for some reason, do come with short cables, probably to keep the cost of the product lower but some models do have longer cables.


Are electric weed burners better than the gas models?

In some aspects, yes, electric burners are better than gas models. They pollute the environment less and they run more quietly. Depending on the design they are also cost-effective in the long run. However, they can never compare to the sheer heat that gas weed burners produce to incinerate plant matter.

Do the weeds grow back?

It depends on the root system that the scorched plant had in place. There are weeds with extensive roots that can be accessed using chemicals. Such weeds are hard to kill off and require some patience to execute.

Are extension cords safe to use with electric weed burners?

In general, all models need to be used with extension leads because the cable is simply too short. Read the manufacturer’s instructions in regards to the safety of the model. Remember that the extension cord has to have a capable fuse to use with a 2000w weed burner.

Final Conclusion

If we had it our way, weeds would never exist but nature has its own way. We have done our best to give you valid information in your search for the best electric weed burner. Now that you know exactly what model you want, it is time to exterminate those weeds! 

If you have a neighbour, looking for a dependable model you can suggest the Nasum 2000w Electric Weed Burner or the ToolTronix 2000W Electric Weed Burner. From the votes of confidence, we are sure that they will not be regrettable purchases.

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