Top 6 Best Wall Mounted Garage Storage Organiser Racks

Last updated on August 11th, 2021

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Small tools like screws and bolts get lost easily, especially when you are assembling or disassembling something. If like me you keep all your bits and pieces, such as screws and nuts and bolts stored in drawers and compartment storage organiser cases, then finding what you need can sometimes be a pain. To make life easier, and to prevent these small accessories, screws etc from getting lost, then investing in a storage organizer rack that fastens directly to your wall is probably the answer. Organiser racks feature different compartments to house different types of tiny tools and take up less floor and shelf space. For anyone who has a workshop they really are a game-changer.

You can easily purchase the best wall mounted garage storage organiser racks at an affordable price. In this review, I disclose some storage organiser racks I have come across that provide a sizeable capacity and are easy to install. 

To be clear, some of these models are perfect for the average DIY enthusiast. However, this means they are affordable but for professionals, I recommend investing in a metal alternative or maybe even make your own if you have the skills.

Models such as the VonHaus 44 Pcs Bin Panel Rack, (my Best Pick) takes up little space whilst maximizing the number of tools and accessories it can hold. The VonHaus Bin Panel Rack is not the largest as we still have the KCT 72 Pcs Organiser Storage Rack with a considerably larger capacity. Please read on to uncover more on these products below;


VonHaus 44 Pcs Bin Panel Rack
The VonHaus 44 Pcs Bin Panel Rack is perfect for the average home DIY enthusiast, as it can hold both accessories and some tools but I wouldn't put any heavy tools on there. For screwdrivers, pliers etc it's more than good enough plus you have got the 44 bins for storage. This model by VonHaus offers good value for money as it is durable and easy to maintain. You can reorganize the bins to suit your organizational preferences, or stack them if needed. For most people this is a great choice, if you need something a little larger, my Runner-up by KCT below might be a better alternative. For the average guy though, I think this is the best choice when it comes to quality, storage and affordability. The only thing it doesn't come with is screws to fix it to the wall so make sure you have around 8 screws handy.


KCT 72 Pcs Organiser Storage Rack
The KCT 72 Pcs Organiser Storage Rack is more expensive than my Best Pick, but it has a large capacity so is still what I would consider affordable for its size. Again, this is best for the occasional DIY'er due to the plastic nature of the design. However, for those with many tools, this more than adequate space to contain workshop or garage tools. The model is easy to assemble and with proper care, it can last regardless of the fact that the plastic could do with being a little thicker. What I do like is that it comes in 6 sections which means it's flexible in how you can have it set up on the wall. For example, you could set it up 2 sections wide and 3 sections tall or just 1 or 2 sections tall and then 3 to 6 sections wide.

Garage Storage Organiser Racks Reviews

1. VonHaus 44 Pcs Wall Mount Storage Organiser Bin Panel Rack


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VonHaus 44 Piece Wall Mounted Pegboard Hook, Storage Bins and Panel Set - DIY Garage Storage Wall Mount System with Rack and Bin Accessories - Tool, Parts and Craft Organizer

Starting the review is the VonHaus 44 Pcs Bin Panel Rack. Created from impact-resistant plastic to guarantee durability but first off, take note that it is not for professional or heavy use, but is perfect for the general home DIY’er who wants to neatly organise some tools and small parts such as, screws, washers, nuts, bolts, nails, clips. This is why it’s my Best Pick, it is also affordable too.

With that out the way, the storage rack makes it easy to organize small tools whether in your home, garage or small workshop (remember for light use, it is plastic after all) and it is wall-mounted; hence, it saves floor and shelf space that is best used for much heavier tools. 

This model actually has 44 pieces of which four bins are large, 12 are medium-sized (probably the most useful) and another 12 smaller sized bins are perfect for washers, small screws, things like that. These storage bins are removable and stackable; therefore, you can organize your tools as you please.

The organizer bin also offers 14 tool storage accessories to store small tools that can be hang. I wouldn’t recommend putting anything too heavy on these but for most screwdrivers, pliers, spanner etc, it’s more than up to the job.

This wall-mounted model is about 54cm high, 48cm wide, and 22cm deep, and it is easy to install but it doesn’t come with the screws so make sure you have some handy. It will need around 8 screws to safely secure it to the wall. A little tip is to attach the panels to OSB or ply first, this makes it easier to install and more secure too.

Finally, it does comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Features four large bins measuring 213 x 103 x 72 mm, 12 medium bins measuring 163 x 103 x 72 mm, 12 small bins measuring 117 x 103 x 71 mm plus 14 tool storage accessories.
  • Easy to install ( I recommend fixing the panels to OSB or ply first) and clip the bins to the backing.
  • Offers removable and stackable bins.
  • Comes with tool storage accessories for hanging tools.
  • Accompanied by a 2-year warranty.


  • Like all plastic models, the plastic is a little flimsy to support heavy tools.
  • Not suitable for a professional workshop which gets heavy use.

Our recommendation

The VonHaus 44 Pcs Bin Panel Rack is perfect for the average DIY’er with a few tools and bits and pieces to store. However, it’s obviously more suitable for those with lightweight tools to store and not the best choice for heavier use. The plastic used is impact-resistant; however, it is a little light for professional use.

What I do like is that this easy to install model offers the adequate capacity to organise your small tools like screws and it is relatively affordable. The storage bin rack gives good value for money considering its capacity and features presented backed by a 2-year warranty. Overall for the overage person, this is a great model to consider, just don’t expect professional quality for the price.

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2. KCT 72 Pcs Wall Mounted Hand Tool Organiser Storage Rack


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KCT 72 Pcs Wall Mount Hand Tool Organiser Storage Rack Hangers Panel Shelves

If you are searching for a model with a larger capacity than my Best Pick and perhaps a little more flexible in setup, then the KCT 72 Pcs Organiser Storage Rack is a good alternative worth considering.

This model offers 72 pieces to organize the various tools that you have as well as those all-important bins for storing those small bits and pieces. The storage rack has 28 large-sized black storage bins, 24 smaller sized red storage bins. You also get 10 storage hooks, two eight-tier hanging racks, one small and medium-sized attachable tool holder. All this fixes to the six mountable panels which is something I really like. Because it’s made up of 6 panels, you can organise these as you wish in terms of how wide or high you want your storage rack to be.

The organizer storage rack’s overall size is large; therefore, it offers more than enough space to neatly arrange your tools. This 5.2kg model is made from durable plastic that can support a considerable amount of weight whether it is in the workshop or your garage. Again this is suitable for the average DIY person and not really professional use though is probably better than my best pick, it’s was also more expensive when I did the comparison too.


  • Offers a large 72-piece capacity made up of 28 large-sized black storage bins, 24 smaller sized red storage bins. You also get 10 storage hooks, two eight-tier hanging racks, one small and medium-sized attachable tool holder.
  • Easy to install and includes all fixtures needed.
  • Durable and stable design.
  • Comes with removable trays for ease of use.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • The plastic used could be thicker (but then it would be less affordable).

Our recommendation

The KCT 72 Pcs Organiser Storage Rack is clearly a large capacity model designed to house many tools and more importantly for this review as it’s more of a storage organiser rack review rather than a tool rack review. It has lots of storage for all those screws, washers, nuts, bolts, wire clips, and whatever else you have that is small.

If you have a wide array of small tools and accessories in your garage, this model makes it easier to organise them all. Although it is more expensive than our best pick (when I did this review), this model presents a large capacity to utilize.

It is easy to install, and although the bins might be a little hard to attach or detach to the backing, a common complaint with most wall mounted storage organisers, it’s extremely versatile. Overall, if you need a larger storage organiser rack, this is worth considering.

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3. VonHaus 30 Pcs Wall Mounted Storage Organiser Bin Panel Rack

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VonHaus Workshop Storage - 30pcs Wall Mount Storage Organiser Bin for Tool Shed, Garage and Workshop - Wall Storage Organiser Storage Bins

This is another VonHaus model I have included if you like my best pick but only want the storage organiser bin and not the tool storage option. This model offers a smaller capacity of 30 pieces, featuring 12 large-sized bins and 18 smaller bins to organize various small fittings and spare parts. As with all models, you can remove the bins, which are stackable to organize your tools as you see fit.

This storage rack is durable as it is created from strong plastic that is easy to keep clean. Overall, the whole setup is just over 2ft wide at 64cm and 38 cm high; therefore, it won’t take much space while mounted either.

Offering a sum capacity of 36kgs, this model is also backed by a 2-year warranty, which guarantees durability. What I will say again, this is more than good enough for the average DIY’er but for heavy use, this is not the best choice but when you consider the price and how useful these storage bins are, it well with consideration for the average person who can use it in there shed or garage.


  • Offers a 30pc capacity which is made up of 12 large-sized bins and 18 smaller bins.
  • Made from durable plastic.
  • Easy to install. (doesn’t include the screws needed)
  • Bins can also be stacked.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty for full peace of mind.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Some may find it’s a little smaller than expected so take note of the dimensions.

Our recommendation

If you liked the design of the 44-piece VonHaus model but you don’t want such a large capacity model or want to store the tools themselves, the VonHaus 30 Pcs Bin Panel Rack is available at around the same price and you can make use of all those storage bins.

This bin panel rack does not offer the option to hang tools, however, you can use the various bins to store small items like screws that don’t take up much space. The plastic is a tad flimsy but still durable; therefore, take care not to overload the bins so as not to strain the backing.

4. EAZYGOODS 65pc Wall Mounted Storage Bin Rack


65pc Wall Mount DIY Panel Garage Shelving Storage Bin Rack Set Organiser

Another fantastic product that I think is affordable is the EAZYGOODS 65pc Storage Bin Rack and it’s a great alternative to my Best Pick if you want a storage rack that’s slightly larger at a very competitive price and great for storing away all that clutter you might have.

This 65pc model presents 52 differently coloured bins to store the small tools and 13 spaces to hang hand tools like spanners, hammers, files and screwdrivers.

The storage bin rack is easy to assemble, and the bins can be removed and attached to the backboards with ease. You can stack the bins if you so wish, and they are easy to keep clean thanks to the quality of plastic used which is also fairly well made and durable for what it is.


  • Has a large 65pc capacity with 52 storage boxes and 13 hooks for your tools.
  • Bins are removable and stackable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Affordable and offers good value for money.


  • Storage boxes are fairly close so if you have large hands you need to be careful not to knock the box above it off when reaching into the box below.

Our recommendation

The EAZYGOODS 65pc Storage Bin Rack is probably one of the most affordable options for those who have a limited budget but still want a reasonably quality storage rack.

It has a large capacity to hold different tools but I also like that the storage boxes come in two different colours making organizing even better.

Admittedly, due to the price range, the quality of the plastic is not the absolute best but it’s more than good enough for putting in your shed or garage at home. This makes this model appropriate for light tools especially for DIY enthusiasts or those who need occasional storage for tools. 

5. EGT 44 Pcs Wall Mountable Organiser DIY Storage Bins & Racks

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44 Pcs Wall Mountable Tools, Screws & Bits Organiser DIY Storage Bins & Racks

The EGT 44 Pcs Storage Bins & Rack is another affordable option offering adequate storage for many tools as well as all your bits and bobs. The model features eight medium bins, four large bins, 16 small bins, two wall panels, 10 hooks and four hangers.  Its bins are removable and can be stacked to allow you to organize the tools accordingly.

The structure is made from impact-resistant plastic and from what I can tell the plastic board is much thicker than most people probably expected. With this in mind, I usually recommend fitting it to some sort of backboard first to strengthen it up but it’s probably not needed for this model.

Each bin size has a different capacity, but the whole structure which is 54cm high and 96cm wide can support a maximum of 50kgs which is probably suitable for most people’s tools.


  • Offers a large capacity with eight medium bins, four large bins, 16 small bins, two wall panels, 10 hooks and four hangers.
  • Made from durable impact-resistant plastic with a thick plastic back.
  • Supports a maximum of 50kgs.
  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • Easy to install as it can be screwed directly to the wall.

Our recommendation

The EGT 44 Pcs Storage Bins & Rack is perfect for lightweight tools and is probably as good as any other model in this review. You are guaranteed some durability as the model is created from impact-resistant plastic and from what other people have said it seems they have been happy with the quality so it’s probably well worth considering.

Factors to Consider When Buying

Organising the tools in your garage has never been easier because of wall mounted storage organiser racks and how affordable they now are. The best garage storage organiser offers adequate capacity, and its material should be strong enough to support the weight of the tools.

Other factors considerations include:

Weight capacity

While the size of the garage storage organiser racks is important, is also crucial for the model to support the weight of the tools. That is why manufacturers specify the weight capacity of every bin size and the overall weight the structure can support. Loading the organiser racks past the permitted capacity will only weigh down the structure, which will cause damage.

Quality material

Most of the models on the market are made of plastic, and the quality of the plastic affects overall durability. Flimsy plastic will not last as long compared to thick impact-resistant material. I found that most models, including the ones in this review, are perfect for the home DIY’er but they are not up to the job for a professional workshop where they get heavy use.

Most professional tradespeople would be best making their own as most probably have the skills needed, or if that’s not an option, investing in a more expensive metal storage rack solution.

Ease of use

The bins, regardless of the size, should be easy to remove and put back. Having to use a lot of force to remove or place the bins back can be frustrating and often just lead to broken clips. Look for a model that is easy to assemble and disassemble when needed. 

Backing-metal or plastic

The backing which holds the bins in place can be made of plastic or metal. While plastic is common, there are models that integrate a metal backing for added durability. The metal backing is suitable when the structure is holding heavy items that need strong structural support. Plastic backings do the job but tend to wear down after some time, especially if the material is weak. Most models with plastic backing are for occasional use by the average person who just wants to store a few bits and pieces in their garage or shed. Something I do recommend is fixing the plastic backing to a timber board first.


How much storage do you need, and how much are you willing to pay for it? This is important so that you can find the best option within your price range. There are large capacity models that are affordable, but if you want something to last you decades, you will need to spend more.

Final Conclusion

There are many ways of organizing your garage, and storage organiser racks have proven to be effective. You can trace all your small tools without wasting time or pulling your hair out due to frustration. The good news is that you have many options like the VonHaus 44 Pcs Bin Panel Rack, our Best Pick, that offers a sizeable capacity at an affordable price.

If you have a lot of clutter to store, look no further than the KCT 72 Pcs Organiser Storage Rack, our Runner-up. With this 72pc organiser, you can categorise all your small bits and pieces down to their particular size.

Once you get your garage in order, you will always walk into the space proud of how neat it is and how simple it is to locate things. If you don’t believe me, just try it, and see it for yourself!

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