Top 5 Best Wall Mounted Tool Racks – No More Rumiging In The Toolbox

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When you walk into the garage, does the mess get to you? Keeping the garage clean is one of the biggest hassles, especially if you have a wide array of tools. Ensuring that your tools are organised allows you to free up more space, and you can locate them easily when you need them. There are many ways to keep your garage organised, and one of them is relying on wall mounted tool racks. Just like the garage wall mounted organiser boxes I have reviewed, these wall-mounted tools racks for everything else can be a game-changer.

These tool racks, also known as pegboards are easy to install and they offer adequate space to hold as many tools as possible if the size of the model can accommodate them. I have researched the best wall-mounted tool racks on the market because my garage needed better organisation and as a result, I ran into a few models you might appreciate.

A perfect example of a tool rack designed to store different sized tools is the VonHaus Garage Pegboard + Shelf Tool Organiser kit. This model is easy to use and its 50 hooks give varied organisational options. This is not the only reliable tool rack you can get; I have reviewed other tool racks below including some metal alternatives, so let us begin:


VonHaus Garage Pegboard + Shelf Tool Organiser
The VonHaus Garage Pegboard + Shelf Tool Organiser has good ratings from customers online because of its durability so it quickly got my attention and in the end, is the model I would recommend to most people despite it being plastic. I like that this model also comes with two tool shelves which are handy and something that most models don't include and 50 hooks of varying types that attach to the pegboard so that you can easily locate your tools when you want. Its impact-resistant plastic structure is durable, and although being plastic it seems good quality and strong. Overall there are a lot of opportunities to extend this set which is not always the case with some other models. Overall I think this is a great choice for most people, especially the casual DIY'er looking for a way to easily display their tools and not having to have them all crammed into a toolbox.


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Wall Mounted Tool Racks Reviews

1. VonHaus Garage Wall Tool Rack Pegboard + Shelf Tool Organiser


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VonHaus Garage Tool Storage with Shelf & Pegboard For Multiple Tools, Garden Tool Rack for Easy Access to 50+ Tools and Accessories, Tool Board For All You Need For Gardening & DIY

The VonHaus Garage Pegboard + Shelf Tool Organiser comes with two shelves and a 50pc pegboard to arrange and make your various tools easily accessible. What I also like about this model is that it can easily be extended to include storage boxes, VonHaus also sell other sets too. In fact, their wall mounted storage organiser rack in this review here and we think that it would make a good companion to this tool organiser.

This wall tool rack, which is actually a pegboard design, is created from durable and impact-resistant plastic that enables it to support a maximum weight of 36kgs so even though it’s plastic, it’s still very durable and up to the job.

Now unlike any other model in this review, this model also comes with two shelves that have a weight limit of 6kg and they are perfect for holding screwdrivers, sockets and other tools. You then also have the pegboard that comes with 50 assorted hooks you can use to organise the heavier tools too, just like on all other alternative models.

So it actually comes with two pegboards measuring an estimated 96cm (L) by 54cm(H), which is easy to install, and it comes with a 2-year warranty too. However, note that the fixing screws are not supplied and, therefore, you will need to source them independently, but it’s basically just some screws and most people probably already have what they will need.


  • Set includes 2 pegboards and 50 hooks as well as two tool shelves to also store tools.
  • Made from durable impact-resistant plastic.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 36kgs.
  • Comes with assorted hooks to hold various tools.
  • Easy to install.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • User instructions could be better but it’s simple enough.
  • Hard to source spare hooks only.

Our recommendation

The VonHaus Garage Pegboard + Shelf Tool Organiser is perfect for DIY enthusiasts with lightweight tools. I have said this before about these VonHaus pegboards and organisers, and I will happily say it again.

They’re great for the average DIY’er (like me) looking to organise their tools in the garage or shed but also for professionals where they will be heavily used, look for a metal alternative that is extra durable and designed with trade in mind. However, it is easy to install, and because it is made from durable plastic, you can get good use out of it. Overall for most people, this is probably one of the best choices currently available.

2. FIXKIT Metal Wall Tool Rack


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Next on my list is the FIXKIT Metal Wall Tool Rack made from, you guessed it, a durable metal and its quality is surprisingly good when you take the price into consideration.

Due to its construction, this model can support both heavy and light tools making it suitable for garages and workshops, the hangers are even strong enough for heavier power tools but this model does not come without its potential problems but more on that in a moment.

It comes with 17 accessories with different shapes that allow you to store different types of tools. It actually comes with 4 x 10cm hooks, 4 x 6cm hooks, 4 hammer holders, 2 x clips for a wrench (8 keys per bracket), 2 x universal and finally a drill holder. Now the problem is that the hooks are the most useful but they may not come supplied with enough for everything you want to store, depending on what tools you have. The issue is that the holes don’t seem to be standard so not all other hooks you can buy will fit. FIXKIT say they also have a ‘Fixkit Metal Hook Set 25 Piece’ which would solve this potential issue but I couldn’t seem to find it.

This wall tool rack that measures around 120cm(L) by 60cm(W) by 2cm(H) which is 4ft by 2ft. The 6kg model possesses three perforated panels that can be extended just in case you need more storage space in the future so this is a plus.


  • Offers 17 accessories that include hooks and a hammer holder, drill holder among others.
  • Made from durable metal that supports the weight of professional tools.
  • Features an attractive varnished colour that does not fade.
  • Gives good value for money.
  • It is infinitely expandable.
  • Easy to use.


  • Most other third party hooks do not fit.

Our recommendation

The FIXKIT Metal Wall Tool Rack is durable and would be ideal for those with heavy tools and looking for a model that is perhaps a little more durable. This model is designed for professional tools and whilst it does not have a lot of fittings, the few provided work well.

You will have to find more compatible hooks if you want to hang more tools and unfortunately, this does seem to be easy to do because the peg spacing is slightly different from the regular models. Regardless, I find that this model offers good value for money because it’s very durable and once assembled, it remains sturdy in supporting the tools. If only it was easier to find spare hooks, this would be the winner hands down, but Vonhaus beat it on flexibility as you can easily extend it and it comes with plenty of hooks.

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3. Storalex Garage Tool Rack/Organiser with 50 Hooks

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Storalex Garage Plastic Tool Rack/Organiser - Wall Mounted with 50 Hooks, Black

The Storalex Garage Tool Rack/Organiser is another great product that offers 50-hooks for use and is a great alternative to my best pick. It has a very similar design to the VonHaus including the tool shelves.

Like most models, this model is manufactured from polypropylene which is impact and moisture resistant, meaning it is durable. It features hooks to hang different tools and has pre-drilled holes for easy installation. As mentioned briefly, it also comes with two shelves that hold small tools like pliers or screwdrivers. This model with ridged openings weighs around 2.5kgs and it’s one of the more affordable options.


  • Made from moisture and impact-resistant plastic.
  • Offers 50 hooks and shelves for usage.
  • Easy to install thanks to the pre-drilled holes.
  • It is affordable.


  • Not all the hooks supplied are useable.

Our recommendation

Those looking for an affordable model that offers the same capacity as our best pick would be well worth taking the Storalex Garage Tool Rack/Organiser into consideration. This model is durable, but the hooks could be of better quality; therefore, you may need to source more hooks. However, the tool rack is easy to assemble and in comparison to our best pick, it is more affordable. If you have a few light tools to store, this model will more than suitable. If you do need more compatible hooks then if you search Sealy hook assortments, you should be able to find the right size hooks that are compatible with this pegboard.

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4. BiGDUG Garage Wall Tool Rack Organizer

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Garage Wall Tool Rack Storage Kit Tools Organizer Home Shelves Including 50 Hooks

For budget-conscious individuals, the BiGDUG Garage Wall Tool Rack is rather affordable and probably more durable than you might expect for the price. The multi-coloured model features 50 assorted hooks and a tool shelf to help you put your tools to order.

This wall tool rack is durable as it features tough polypropylene plastic to support the weight of the tools. It does come with 50 pegs; however, you have the choice to purchase a pack of more hooks if needed. In terms of size, it comes with two boards and each measures 50cm(H) by 50cm (W) so when both are installed together, it’s around 50cm by 100cm.


  • Store your tools with the 50 hooks and two shelves for tool storage.
  • Made from durable polypropylene.
  • Easy to assemble (2 pegboards, 4 screws in each corner of the pegboards hold it in place.
  • Very affordable.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Plastic hooks are not as durable as the board and shelves but they do sell spare hooks.

Our recommendations

The BiGDUG Garage Wall Tool Rack is budget-friendly, but do not expect the same quality you would have gotten from premium-priced models. This tool rack is made from durable plastic and the pegboard and shelves themselves are of good quality the but hooks are not to the same standard. However, you can easily buy new hooks which is a big plus as it can be hard to buy spares for other models. This tool rack would be suitable for storing small tools around the workshop or garage.

5. Janoon 3 Level 52 Pcs Wall Mounted Garage Tool Organiser

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3 Level 52 Pcs Wall Mounted Garage Tool Organiser Pegboard Shelf Tool Rack by Crystals®

Lastly, is the Janoon Garage Tool Organise that presents 52pc to assist you in organising your tools. This model features two peg boards and two shelves to house different tool sizes as well as 48 pegs.

The plastic tool rack is impact resistant and easy to install. You can place a wide array of tools and it’s a good model for a home garage or DIY shed.


  • Robust tool rack made from impact-resistant plastic.
  • Comes with 52-pieces and two shelves.
  • Easy to install.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • The quality of hooks could be better.

Our recommendation

For those looking for a large capacity, wall mounted tool rack at an affordable price, you cannot go wrong with the Janoon 3 Level 52 Pcs Tool Organise. This model is simple and well-constructed; therefore, you can use it to store numerous tools. The tool rack is easy to install as it comes with clear user instructions. Overall it’s another model that’s well worth considering.

Buyer Guide

Like everything else, one needs to stop and think if the product they are purchasing is worth the price and with wall mounted tool pegboards, it all about durability and the pegs they come with and whether you can buy spares easily as this is not the case with all models. To get the best wall-mounted pegboard, consider the following points;

Metal or plastic construction

Wall-mounted tool racks can either be made of plastic or metal. Each material offers different advantages therefore it depends on the tools that you have. Metal tool racks are ideal for holding heavy tools because they can support more weight. That is why models intended for professional are preferably metal but most are also usually very expensive compared to more budget-friendly plastic alternatives.

As just mentioned, plastic tool racks are more affordable, and they easily support light tools. They are ideal for high moisture environments compared to metal because they do not rust. Plastic models are usually more than good enough for the average DIY’er wanting to organise their tool shed or garage.


How much space is available? If you have little space, you can purchase a smaller sized model that fits the space you have and still provide adequate storage for your tools. If you have many tools to store, settle for a broader tool rack that will make use of the horizontal space available.

Best Wall Mount Garage Storage Organiser Rack - 6 models compared for quality, size and affordability


Depending on the tools you have, you can purchase tool racks with 17 hooks or 50 hooks. Professionals prefer tool racks with a large capacity because they offer space for expansion in case they acquire new tools. Regardless of the capacity, the model you purchase should be able to support the total weight of the tools.

Ease of installation

Wall-mounted tool racks are easy to install and most just require a few screws to fix the pegboards in place. I often recommend fixing the pegboard to a wood backing first to add a little more strength. It can also make installation a little easier too.


Regardless of whether you purchase a premium-priced or an affordable model, the quality must be dependable. Getting a model with a warranty is a good indication of a reliable product. Most good quality models come with around 2 years of warranty, such as the model by VonHaus.


If you are looking for a tool rack for professional use with a large capacity, you will end up spending more than when purchasing a model for DIY purposes. Consider the amount you can spend, the number of tools you have and find the best product to satisfy both factors. You can always save up to purchase your ideal tool rack as long as you find it suits your purpose.

Final Conclusion

It is indisputable that having a neat garage is the easiest way to locate the things that you need. The best wall mounted tool rack will take care of that while being reasonably priced. Easily, one of the best models you can get your hands on is the VonHaus Garage Pegboard + Shelf Tool Organiser. It has a large capacity and the quality is durable enough to be in use for years if you don’t overdo it and take a little care.

If you are looking for a more durable model, perhaps for more professional use, the FIXKIT Metal Wall Tool Rack is probably your best bet. The capacity is small, but you can get several units if you have many tools to store. I know the mess can be overwhelming if left lingering; therefore, try one of these products and create a tool haven in your garage that you will appreciate. Trust me, you will never look back once you install one of these.

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