Top 5 Best Power Tool Storage Organiser Racks Including Hardwood and Steel Designs

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While toolboxes are effective, they cannot house all the power tools you have in an organised and easily accessible manner like power tool organisers. Power tool organisers make it easy to charge and access your power tools in storage. You might be looking for a power tool organiser storage for your workshop or home garage. Once I discovered these even existed, I knew I had to feature them on this site as they are so useful. They free up so much space and make it so easy to access and store power tools so that I always have them to hand.

In my efforts to make my collection of power tools more organised, I took time to research what was available on the market. From those hours of research, I came across five power tool organisers that I think are well worth considering. These models vary in material though, for example, the Best Pick — the Sunix Power Tool Organizer is made from hardwood, offers a large capacity for tool storage, and is affordable. Attach a power bank to charge your tools and it becomes quite the setup.

I also liked the metal models like the JBI Cordless Drill Power Tool Organiser created from powder-coated steel to guarantee durability. It also offers additional shelves and compartments to house smaller tools you need within reach.


Sunix Power Tool Organizer
The Sunix Power Tool Organizer is durable, well made, looks good and maybe more importantly, actualy very useful. It provides adequate space for multiple power tools and it is easy to assemble. It is also an affordable model for those working with tight budgets but still want a durable power tool organiser. I just like the look for wooden products over metal and I think you would be hard pushed finding a better quality hardwood model. For most DIY'ers, this is probably the best option with the exception if maybe building your own custom designed oned of course.


JBI Cordless Drill Power Tool Organiser
The JBI Cordless Drill Power Tool Organiser is another great product with significant positive reviews on Amazon which us what made me take a second look into this model. The steel version model is made of durable steel, is easy to assemble, and offers good value for money overall. Its not quite as big as my hardwood best pick and it offers only 4 slots for for your drills. Overall, I don't think its as well made as the hardwood version but then it still does the job for those who would prefer a steel alturnative.

Power Tool Organiser Storage Reviews

1. Sunix Power Tool Organizer

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Sunix Power Tool Organizer, Power Tool Charging Station Drill Wall Holder Wall Mount Tools Garage Storage,Cordless Drill Battery Tool Rack Shelving Storage (Power Strip is Not Included)

The Sunix Hardwood Power Tool Organizer offers a simple design and ample space to store your power tools in an organised manner, this is the sort of thing you wish you had purchased sooner.

In terms of the quality of the build, it’s made from durable, high-quality hardwood and Sunix have obviously gone down the build a quality product route. So design-wise, you get five slots to hold your power tools and it will be compatible with pretty much any brand of tools, DeWalt, Makita, Ryobi, it will even fit the larger range such as the Milwaukee M12 FPD Combi drill.

Sunix Power Tool Organizer, Power Tool Charging Station Drill Wall Holder Wall Mount Tools Garage Storage,Cordless Drill Battery Tool Rack Shelving Storage (Power Strip is Not Included)

On top of this, you also have two shelves, great for storing pretty anything spare, such as batteries, screwdrivers, a small toolbox and other small items. What I would do is install a powerband on the top shelf and then line your charging station up on the top shelf to recharge your batteries easily. Weight-wise, it’s 5.3kg so you can tell it’s made using a decent hardwood just from the weight.

Sunix Power Tool Organizer, Power Tool Charging Station Drill Wall Holder Wall Mount Tools Garage Storage,Cordless Drill Battery Tool Rack Shelving Storage (Power Strip is Not Included)

Finally, it’s easy to assemble and has all pre-drilled holes too. It does come with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee too.


  • Quality piece of kit made from durable hardwood with Anti-oil & antifouling features.
  • Easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes and even easier to fix to the wall.
  • Holds 5 power tools plus has two shelves for all your bits and pieces.
  • Accompanied by a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Size:495mm x 210mm x 310mm/19.5″ x 8.3″ x 12.2″(L x W x H)


  • Not large enough to contain large power drills.

Our recommendation

If you have regular-sized power tools, the Sunix Power Tool Organizer would be ideal, as it is spacious and easy to assemble. It is also made of robust waterproof wood that repels insects and is oil resistant. This model is among the more affordable models in the market for those seeking a quality power tool organiser for an attainable price.

2. JBI Cordless Drill Power Tool Shelving Organiser

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JBI MegaMaxx Power Tool 2-Shelf Storage Unit & Charging Station for 4 Drills - Wall Mount Toolbox and Accessories Rack Cabinet for Workshop, Garage, Shed

So there is not much I can say about this steel model by JBL, it’s made from alloy steel and powder coated in black to finish it off. Quality-wise, most people will find it more than acceptable for what it is. Something that does stand out is that is manufactured right here in the UK so the quality is fairly good but the steel feels like what you might get purchasing one that has been made in China.

Being slightly smaller than my best pick, it only has four slots to insert your power tools, compare this to the 5 slots from my best pick. It also has two shelves to store tool batteries, chargers etc. I do like that it does also have a side compartment to hold drill bits which could be very handy for some people who have particular drill bits they use regularly.

JBI MegaMaxx Power Tool 2-Shelf Storage Unit & Charging Station for 4 Drills - Wall Mount Toolbox and Accessories Rack Cabinet for Workshop, Garage, Shed

In terms of size, overall it’s 43cm wide by around 30.5cm tall, and 23cm deep so there is plenty of space, the gap between the shelf is 13cm. Finally, I like that they have left a small cutout on either side for power cables so you can charge your tools easily.


  • Good quality steel power tool organiser.
  • Offers four power tool slots, two shelves and a side compartment for drill bits.
  • Powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Manufactured right here in the UK.
  • Easy to assemble in around 10 minutes.


  • Can be a little fiderly to build.

Our recommendation

The JBI Cordless Drill Power Tool Organiser is a well-designed product and although it is a little expensive, it offers good value for money and being made right here in the UK makes me feel like we are at least supporting UK companies.

The quality of the steel used together with the capacity offered will ensure your tools have adequate storage space for years.

3. JBL Yellow Drill Driver Battery Tool Rack Shelving Storage (DeWalt style)

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MegaMaxx Power Tool and Drill Storage Unit Charging Station for 4 Tools and 2 Shelf - Wall Mount Toolbox and Accessories Rack Cabinet for Workshop, Garage, Shed, Van, Drill Driver

First things first, this is not a genuine DeWalt product and I do wonder if they should be using the DeWalt name but that is not what this review is about. This is the same brand as my Runner-up JBI so I decided I would include this model too as it’s literally the same model.

So this model bears the well-known black and yellow colour associated with the reputable brand DeWalt which I know a lot of my readers buy into. With this in mind, I feel that despite this, being made using the DeWalt colour scheme, it might work well with those who have Dewalt tools and want to continue with the colour theme.

This power tool organiser offers four slots to hold your power tools, two sizeable shelves and a smaller compartment for drill bits, just like my Runner-up. The organiser measures 30.5cm tall and 43cm wide, this model is also made from alloy steel; therefore, durability is assured and again is actually manufactured in the UK.


  • Made from robust alloy steel which is powder coated.
  • Ideal for those who want to match the colours of their DeWalt power tools.
  • Provides four power tool slots, a side compartment and two shelves.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Provides good value for money.


  • Not a genuine DeWalt product although they use it in the product name. Should be more like DeWalt inspired.

Our recommendation

The JBI Drill Driver Shelving Storage which is designed in the colours of DeWalt is ideal for those who have genuine DeWalt tools and want a power tool organiser that matches the colour scheme of their DeWalt tools.

Even though I don’t think they should have called it DeWalt (I wonder if DeWalt knows), I can’t argue that this model is durable, easy to install, and made from heavy-duty steel; therefore, I do think it will last. I just don’t feel it’s quite as good as DeWalt would make if they made a genuine version of this. Then again it would probably be double the price too.

Overall though, it is well worth considering if you are looking for a power tool organiser unit for your DeWalt tools.

4. Sunix Power Tool Storage Organiser with Drawer

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Power Tool Storage Organiser, Cordless Drill Holder Charging Station, Wall Mounted Power Tool Storage Cabinet(with Drawer)

Now, this is made by Sunix the same company that makes my best pick but with a slightly different design in that the middle shelf is now a drawer.

It still offers five slots for your power tools, but now you have the drawer to hold smaller items, and a shelf, again I would add a power bank and use the top shelf for charging the batteries.

It’s still manufactured from the same high-quality hardwood to maintain its appearance as the hardwood is polished and painted thus ensuring that it is moisture-proof and that the wood is just protected overall.

Like all the models, this power tool organiser needs assembly before use and the instructions required are provided but most people will find it easy enough.


  • Premium hardwood power tool organiser with built-in drawer and shelf.
  • Holds up to 5 power tools of different sizes.
  • Made of durable moisture-proof hardwood.
  • Easy to assemble in around 20 minutes.
  • Gives good value for money.
  • Available in two colours.


  • Some may find it a little pricey.

Our recommendation

So if you liked my Best Pick then this could also be worth considering too, I like that it has the built-in drawer but it is worth noting that isn’t on runners and can be pulled right out.

Over its really good quality, great finish and being predrilled, it should be easy to put together for most people.

5. Sealey PTSR5 Power Tool Storage Rack

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Sealey PTSR5 Power Tool Storage Rack

Lastly is the Sealey PTSR5 Power Tool Storage Rack that is a genuine Sealy product and has four power tool storage slots for all your drivers and two shelves for your chargers and other items.

This simple model is made from durable powder-coated steel. The lightweight model is easy to assemble and is designed to be compatible with most of the power drills available on the market. This 3.5kg power tool organiser features a port on both sides to allow batteries to be charged while in storage for convenience.


  • Manufactured from durable powder-coated steel finised in black.
  • Offers a sizeable capacity of two shelves and five power tool slots that will fit most brands of power drivers.
  • Easy to assemble in around 10 minutes.
  • Extremly sturdy once fixed to the wall.
  • Offers good value for money.

Our recommendation

The Sealey PTSR5 Power Tool Storage Rack is suitable for those with power tools of different sizes and this one is manufactured by a reputable brand I have always liked the products from.

It is robust and quite easy to set up thanks to its design and once fixed to the wall it is really sturdy and a solid piece of kit. This model may seem simple in appearance, but it gets the job done. If you are looking for a lightweight but durable model, you cannot go wrong with this model by Sealey.

Power Tool Organiser Buyer’s Guide

When working on your projects, you do not want to waste time looking for tools and that is how these tool organisers come into play. Power tool organisers have simple features, therefore; shopping for them is a case of making sure they fit most power drivers, and more importantly, the models you have.

Here are some points worth considering before purchasing one:

How many power drills can they hold at once?

How many tools do you have? Knowing how many tools need to be stored helps you pick a structure of the right size and capacity. Some models offer five power tool slots while others have four and so on, select what is suitable for you. If you have a lot of power tools, you could always consider buying two or three of them.

Are they compatible with your brand and size of drills?

Another point to consider is the size of the slots because that will help you determine if the power tools will fit considering that different brands of power tools have different sizes. Now the models I recommend, I have made a point of checking that they fit most common drill sizes from most brands such as Makita, DeWalt, Ryobi and Milwaukee.

How easy are they to assemble?

Because power tool organisers are simple structures, assembly is usually fairly straightforward to a point where any DIY’er can probably assemble them without the instructions.

Most of the structures come flat packed with instructions for assembly; therefore, it should not take you long to put them together. Please note that not all brands offer mounting fixtures hence, you will need to source them independently.

What is the power tool storage organiser made from?

Power tool organisers are mostly steel which is powder-coated or hardwood or another type of wood but I feel hardwood is the best option when it comes to wooden models. Wooden power tool organisers are not too expensive and they are easy to maintain over time. Steel models come in different sizes and weight, thus, if have various heavy power drills to store, make sure the model can support the weight.

Regardless of whether the structure is metal or wooden, the material needs protection from the elements to keep it in good shape. Metal power tool organisers are usually powder-coated or painted to prevent rust, and wood models are treated and polished to prevent water damage.

Are they affordable?

While power tools themselves cost a substantial amount, power tool organisers, especially those available from third-party companies that are not as well known brands may not have such a high price point, but still, they are well-built quality products.

They are relatively affordable ranging from £30- £50 making them easily accessible to anyone, I doubt I could make one myself for much cheaper when also accounting for time. If you want a model that can support heavy tools, you will spend a little more compared to a lightweight model with a flimsy structure.

Final Conclusion

Organisation is essential in reducing clutter whether it is in a professional workshop or a home garage. Purchasing the best power tool organiser storage will ensure you can locate your tools easily while working to make your projects run smoothly.

In this review, which power tool organiser did you find one model more appealing? The Sunix Power Tool Organizer, the best pick, is simple, spacious, and quite affordable compared to the rest and I love the Hardwood design.

If the hardwood design is not for you, the JBI Cordless Drill Power Tool Organiser is well worth considering. This metal model with its powder-coated finish is robust and with four slots, there is space to load your power tools comfortably. You will spend a little more but at least you are assured of good quality.

If you are looking for more organised storage solutions for smaller tools, check out this review on wall mounted garage storage organiser racks and we have also reviewed some garage workbenches which also have storage.

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